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Direct Receptionist Package A potential customer wanted to check voicemail from his American callers Challenge: A potential customer called with an antique furniture business, because he acquires antiques regularly from shops in Europe, and he had no way to get voicemail to these European shops. He said ‘Unfortunately Europeans simply don’t use voicemail, and it’s frustrating.’ He was calling Europe at all hours of the night trying to get his dealers to answer the phone live so he could explain what he needed for his clients. He had to have a way to allow clients call his main toll free number in the US and leave messages for his antique/furniture dealers in Europe. He had specific people in Europe specialize in specific antiques and he wanted them to be able to check voicemail from his American callers who were interested in the specific items. Solution:




customer up with a Direct Receptionist Package. His main greeting gave seven options of different types of antique furniture which customers could specifically choose, and leave their inquiry. The messages are then emailed to the European antique/furniture shop in wav.file format so that the respective shops can receive the messages directly from the client who is interested in their merchandise. The shops in Europe then email the AccessDirect customer in the United States and let him know whether they have the particular piece of furniture in stock. Results: This solution worked out perfectly for the customer’s business. He had a way for his customers to leave voicemails directly with his dealers, and so the ‘No European Voicemail’ problem was solved. The dealers are much faster with their responses and the AccessDirect customer doesn’t have to take messages and then call Europe at all odd hours to try to obtain pieces of furniture. $59.95 a

month saved this AccessDirect customer hundreds of hours of time and effort, and made his business more efficient and profitable. Contact US Call or Email Us - 877-599-6500 We want to talk with you! Our sales representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST to assist you in answering any questions you may have regarding our PBX phone services. Sales - Ext 12 - Customer Service - Ext 11 - Billing - Ext 16 - Website:

Direct Receptionist Package  

Direct Receptionist Package for a potential customer to check voicemail from his American callers. Voice to email feature. Send voicemail me...