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The harmony centre for your body and mind in the heart of Fiastra Abbey Nature Reserve

Armònia offers a completely personalized sensory experience which satisfies every single need and donates an extraordinary feeling of relaxation and integration with the nature and with everything it gives us. The relaxing techniques integrate with manual treatments to give you a wellness holistic experience which arises in your mind and arrives to the body liberating the energy flow and vital breath. Amònia offers splendid spaces and unique services: individual treatments, personalized meditation and stretching techniques, a gorgeous private Turkish bath with a wonderful view on the infinity, a finnish sauna and juniper tub aromatic and relaxing baths. Based on the length of your staying we will organise with you the best schedule of treatments and special services. The wellness centre Armònia is opened every day, Sunday and public holidays included, from 9.00 to 20.00.

ITINERARIES Suggested sensory itineraries conduct towards the profound relaxation and harmony between body and mind. Armテイnia guarantees the maximum flexibility and personalizations of different schedules and time you want to dedicate to yourselves. Listening to your needs, we will be able to advise different itineraries with medicinal herbs, manual massages and relaxation techniques.

SENSORY EVASION An extraordinary relaxing journey which awakes your senses. Dedicated to your face and body, a relaxing soft massage, brushing and sensory revitalization with brushes. A bath with rose petals will guide you towards an olfactory amber universe, thousands of kilometres away from your everyday life. We advise also the presence of Relax Personal Trainer who will help you to express your body freely. Duration 3 hours

Armテイnia offers the possibility to choose a Relax Personal Trainer and to participate in individual or group meetings with Yoga, Longevity, Pilates, Aikido, Meditation and Qi Gong. The holistic disciplines are pillar and completion of the relaxation of your body and mind, they complete sensory itineraries and give you harmony.

ARMテ誰IA FACE AND BODY RITUAL Sprouts in the warmth of a Turkish bath, a reinvigorating journey which unclenches the body and revitalises cutaneous functionality. A facial treatment of excellence which exfoliates and moisturises during the bath in juniper tub and completes with a revitalizing stretching massage. A unique and functional phytoaromatic ritual. We advise also the presence of Relax Personal Trainer of Yoga and Meditation. Duration half of the day

COCOON BIO For Relax Personal Trainer it is necessary to give an advance notice of 24 hours. We advise to come for the meeting 30 minutes before.

Immerse yourself in the nature and live it as an olfactory and epidermal experience. An imaginary journey along the paths of Fiastra Abbey Nature Reserve materializes in an itinerary which purifies and nourishes the body with warmth, hay baths, relaxing and draining massage with straws and horse-chestnuts, a moisturising and nourishing treatment with dog rose and blackthorn. Duration half of the day

TREATMENTS Armònia offers three lines of treatments studied and selected especially for you: KOKO biological, relaxing and beauty treatments use active ingredients from the area respecting the natural cycle of seasons; EPAFO fulfils the desire of relaxation and sensuousness; FLUCTUACTIONS biological treatments ameliorate the vitality rebalancing both body and mind. Our dedication and continuous research of wellness in beauty treatments and in natural therapies have brought us to creation of rituals and special relaxing massages in collaboration with Yonka Paris, Vitalis Dr. Joseph e Natrues. We offer a consultancy before choosing a specific treatment to satisfy every need. We recommend to give an advance notice for the consultancy 12 hours before.

KOKO Koko is the fruit of meticulous work of a local producer. It is the line of biological treatments with active ingredients which originate in our territory. Medicinal herbs growing spontaneously along the paths of Fiastra Abbey Nature Reserve animate the KOKO treatments and accomplish completely the concept of the harmony between man and nature.

KOKO KABLAUNA VISAGE Vivid marigolds blossom in April gardens like preludes of the sun. Tender orange textures exfoliate and soften the epiderm stressed after cold winter. Manual light massage stretches the facial muscles and leaves on your skin the aroma and the freshness of a delicate bouquet. Duration 85 minutes

KOKO VISAGE WITH REGAL-BIO MUSH Nutrition of excellence, fluid gold for the skin, the regal mush and the autumn fruit of our land blend in one of the most precious biological treatment for dehydrated and atonic skin. Duration 75 minutes

KOKO FACIAL ANTIOXIDANT Precious berries in fire-like colours beautify the epiderm through manual relaxing and reactivating massage. The facial treatment of excellence to lessen the signs of passing time using the fruit of nature. Duration 75 minutes

KOKO RELAXING BODY MASSAGE Exquisite body oils studied especially to give the profound sense of relaxation. Rhythmical and delicate movements help to eliminate stress, facilitate sleep and loosen the tension. Duration 60 minutes

EPAFO VISAGE MOISTURIZING An unforgettable treatment using warm volcanic stones which caress the skin. The sensuous path which relaxes face, body and mind leaving a pleasant memory of blooming lavender and luxuriant rosemary. Moisturising and toning treatment for your visage dedicated to all looking for harmony in beauty. Duration 80 minutes

KOKO BODY SMOOTHING TREATMENT A delicate herbal exfoliation which gently removes dead skin and facilitates its renewal, leaving the skin smooth and soft. Duration 60 minutes

EPAFO Epafo is a sensuous line of excellence, antique techniques, pleasant rituals and relaxing massages will offer you the treatments of an extraordinary efficacy which involve five senses.

EPAFO VISAGE STIMOLATING To all those who are looking for the real relaxation and want to discover pleasure of the massage stimulating nervous receptors. The visage toning treatment using essential oils of rosemary and sandalwood. Duration 60 minutes

EPAFO BODY MASSAGE A bath in precious milk and musk relaxing aromas in a juniper tub. A delicate and relaxing massage using soft and fluctuating moves which guide the mind towards gestational harmony when the body was caressed by water. Duration 90 minutes

EPAFO BODY EXFOLIATING TREATMENT Organic clothes massage the body making your skin soft as silk. Warm flows of vegetable butters envelop the body in the relaxing emotional massage. Duration 90 minutes

EPAFO BACK MASSAGE Abandon yourself in an extraordinary ritual which melts all the tensions, relaxes and revitalises the body. Embraced by the warmth and stimulated by ancient vibrations of ancestral sounds which the soul recognises. Duration 60 minutes

FLUCTUATIONS The vitality and olfactory awaking are the characteristics of the line of treatments Fluctuations. Biological plants typical for Marche hills and phyto-aromatic extracts stimulate the epiderm. Healthy baths and expert massages will donate you wellness and strength.

FLUCTUACTIONS FACE MOISTURIZING A deep cleaning of the epiderm and a specific balancing visage treatment suitable for all types of skin. Aromatic essences and delicate massage relax the body and guide your mind towards luxuriant fields caressed by the Sun. Duration 90 minutes

FLUCTUACTIONS FACE ANTIAGE Efficient anti-age face visage treatment that exfoliates the epiderm, reduces little wrinkles and stimulates the production of elastin. Glycollic acid, Q10 and essential oils are the characteristics of this revitalizing treatment. Duration 90 minutes

FLUCTUACTIONS BODY SCRUB Hay scrub enriched by pure pink salt crystals which cleanse your skin in depth and stimulate cells regeneration giving your skin luminosity and compactivity. Duration 40 minutes

FLUCTUACTIONS WELLNESS BATHS Immerse yourself in nature, wrapped in a steam bath with active aromatic ingredients letting you enjoy fully the benefits of the earth. • Invigorating, detoxifying and relaxing hay bath. • Detoxifying bath with wild thyme and Swiss pine. • Unclenching bath with mountain arnica and St John’s wort. • Invigorating mountain pine bath. • Nourishing bath with sea-buckthorns and grape seeds. • Regenerating bath with apple and dog rose. Duration 40 minutes

FLUCTUATIONS BODY INVIGORATING MASSAGES Relaxing massage with fine lotions which ease all the muscle tensions giving you vitality and strength. Duration 60 minutes

FLUCTUACTIONS FACE OXYGENATING A facial treatment which returns the oxygen and vitality to the epiderm to those living in a city or working in close environments; for those who feel tired and whose skin seems faded. The visage is brushed with precious argil and essential oils of lemon rediscovering its freshness and luminosity. Duration 70 minutes

FLUCTUATIONS BODY INVIGORATING MASSAGE Extracts of wild thyme and Swiss pine blend in an invigorating massage and stimulation of connective tissue. Duration 60 minutes

FLUCTUATIONS BODY UNCLENCHING MASSAGE It gives your articulations and tired muscles a new vitality by profound massage and stretching movements. Duration 60 minutes

FLUCTUATIONS BODY DRAINING MASSAGE An extraordinary relaxing massage which supports drainage of liquids. The lymph starts flowing fluidly giving your body lightness and vitality.

HOLISTIC TREATMENTS Ancient sciences from distant lands have reached even us, crossing the time and the distance. We have the same goal- the goal of the harmony between being and the universe, body and mind, man and Nature. Armònia avails itself of professional experts in different disciplines to offer you different approaches leading to the harmony.

Duration 60 minutes

FLUCTUATIONS NUTRITIOUS BODY TREATMENT A wrapping that donates tonicity and nutrition to your skin. A delicate massage with sweet green apple aromas stimulate the connective tissue. Duration 60 minutes

FLUCTUATIONS REINVIGORATING BODY MASSAGE Delicate grape seed and sea-buckthorns oils nourish profoundly the tired skin giving it tone, flexibility and softness. A fluctuating massage which relaxes body and mind. Duration 60 minutes

THAI MASSAGE To retrieve vital strength and recover the bio-energetic balance. A traditional Thai massage is a way to reach a state of lightness and emotional and spiritual elevation. Duration 60 minutes

SHIATSU MASSAGE Shiatsu is a manual technique which uses specific pressure of fingers and hands to ameliorate the energetic flow in a human being. Duration 60/90 minutes .

PLANTAR REFLEXOLOGY The massage and the touch in aching point are considered, since the ancient times, the most efficient forms of relief of pain. The plantar reflexology is an ancient technique which acts on causes of pain and balances individual. Duration 45 minutes AYURVEDIC TREATMENT The Ayurveda is a science of life which specializes in physical, mental and spiritual health. It is a holistic science which permits to unveil the real human nature and keeps the harmonious balance between man and the Universe. Duration 60/90 minutes AYURVEDIC DIAGNOSIS OF PULSE It is one of the most important diagnostic instruments for Vedic science. It permits to relieve the state of psychophysical health of an individual and disequilibriums before they manifest as an illness; it enables to turn on the interior intelligence of the organism. A detailed calendar is available to book in advance the Ayurvedic treatments and know all the events. Duration 30 minutes

NATUROPATHY It lets you to discover your own interior rhythm and follow it giving yourself some space dedicated to you. Relaxing techniques, Bach Flowers remedies and bioenergetic massages will harmonize your body, mind, spirit and nature.

SERVICES Armònia offers technical beauty services which complete KOKO, Epafo and Fluctuations treatments. To all those who love nature and look for wellness without giving up the technology. Radiofrequency of face and body, shock waves, laser. Manicure, pedicure, wax and biological depilation. There is a beauty medicine and plastic surgery ambulatory in our specialized medical centre.


Armònia is an exclusive wellness environment which offers you a lifestyle and a philosophy of the harmony between man and nature, body and mind, being and the universe.

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Armònia - Esperienza di benessere - english brochure  
Armònia - Esperienza di benessere - english brochure  

The brochure of Armònia, wellness centre. In this brochure you will find a presentation of the centre, with all the treatments and services...