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january 20, 2014

student convention | quiz bee eliminations | stock trading game symposium | Idea generation symposium

february 3, 2014

debate eliminations | poster making contest | essay writing contest

february 10, 2014

Quiz Bee Finals | Debate semi-finals & Finals | Idea Generation presentation | Awarding ceremonies


I warmly welcome all the participants of Econno-mix 2014. It is such a great honor for me to lead my beloved organization in holding one of the biggest feats for high school student. Econ-no-mix is more than just an event that brings together top minds from all over the metro, it has also put a spot light on the different roles that economics plays in our society. As economists, we see the world a little different than how others see it - every thing comes in costs and benefits and of careful evaluation of every option and decision. And to be able to share this perspective with young people is truly one of the reasons why Econ-no-mix has successfully carried on for 12 years. As organizers, the greatest fulfillment we get from this is not from successfully holding the event but in the idea that we have shared what the UP School of Economics is teaching us and giving you young students a glimpse of what economics has to offer. With this, I congratulate each and every one of you for taking on the challenge of being part of this event.

angel elpidama VP for academics affairs up OBEM

Congratulations to the Econ-no-mix Team, to UP OBEM and to all the winners!

econ-no-mix 2014 | 5


I am pleased and honored to welcome you participants to Econ-No-Mix 2014 Mindset: Understanding the Influence of Media on Consumer Behavior. As a yearly feat, this event has truly touched on the issues and concepts that are greatly influenced by economic agents. Media is one of the strongest influencer of economic decisions. What we see, hear and read from print to electronic forms affect what we decide to buy and sell, or simply how we think. As economic agents, we take in a lot of information from external factors that affects the internal formation of decisions.

Dr. Ramon clarete college dean up school of economics

6 | souvenir program

I hope that this year’s Econ-no-Mix may be able to impart with you the important role that Media plays and how it affects us as economic agents. I wish you all good luck!


dr. stella quimbo faculty adviser up obem

I wish to extend a warm welcome to all the student and teacher participants of Econ-No-Mix 2014. Econ-no-mix occupies a special place in my heart, being an alumnus of UP OBEM and one of its winners many years ago. To date, this annual event has reached thousands of high school students, some of whom eventually became students of the UP School of Economics. As one of the biggest events of UP OBEM, Econ-no-mix has not only promoted economics education in the country but more importantly, provided the venue to better appreciate and understand economic issues of interest and importance. Kudos to the UP OBEM and congratulations in advance to all the winners!

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Twelve years ago when we conceptualized ECONNO-MIX, we wanted a contest that focused purely on Economics. During those days, there weren’t any competitions for Economics, so we wanted Economics to be seen as a field for academic excellence, with all its theories, applications, and relation to current economic issues and events. We believed that high school students were the perfect target participants since they were on their first stages of appreciating Economics, as a high school subject. We wanted to be a part of that growth and development. Hence, we launched ECON-NO-MIX, an NCR wide inter-high school essay writing, poster making and quiz show. Today, I am very proud and thankful to the UP Organization of Business Economics Majors (UP OBEM) because they have improved this project over the years, and continue to integrate it to the growing needs of the Filipino youth. Indeed, it is through this event that we have achieved our precepts of unity, service and excellence . To all the students, educators, coaches, representatives, and schools who are active participants this year, may we be able to impart and to promote the importance of Economics in our everyday life. Congratulations in advance to all the winners and congratulations most especially to UP OBEM! I also would like to thank Dean Ramon Clarete of UPSE for all his support. More importantly, I would like to thank and to congratulate the Project Coordinators, Executive Committee, and Members of UP OBEM for making Econ-No-Mix possible this year! 8 | souvenir program

jr bautista batch 2002 up obem academics chairperson 2001-2002 (foundation year of econ-no-mix)


what is ? Econ-No-Mix is an annual student convention organized by the UP Organization of Business Economics Majors (UP OBEM) to benefit high school students in understanding and appreciating Economics. Econ-No-Mix introduces the students to basic economic tools by means of friendly competition. The convention is integrated into 6 different subevents: quiz bee competition, essay writing contest, poster making contest, stock trading game, idea generation competition, and debate competition through which students showcase their knowlede of Economics and its applications to the real world. Thrice awarded by the Junior Philippine Economics Society as Best Organizational Activity nationwide, Econ-No-Mix continues to be one of the bigges Economics feat for high school student in Mega Manila


the foundation of econ-no-mix In 2002, UP Organization of Business Economics (UP OBEM), spearheaded by Academics Committee, created Econ-No-Mix. During that time, Quiz Bee Competitions were well known to high school students, however, these competitions only tackled subjects such as math, history, science, and english. Since economics was a subject also taught in high school, UP OBEM thought of creating a high school economics competition. January 2002 was the launch of the very first Econ-No-Mix (spearheaded by JR Bautista, Former Academics Committee Chairperson and his Project Coordinators Malou Sabundayo and Alexan Yebron). January 20, 2002, the final round of the quiz bee competition was held at the third floor of the School of Economics library with 15 participating schools. Teams were tied during the difficult round; after the clincher round Rizal High School (Main) bagged first place, Dr. Carlos Lanting High School for second place, and UP Integrated School for third place. UP OBEM was awarded the best organization nationwide for AY 2001-2002 by the Junior Philippine Economic Society because of Econ-No-Mix 2002 econ-no-mix 2014 | 9


in the recent years


Economics and the International Labor Market: Brain Drain or Economic Gain? January 26 & February 2, 2009

Tara na sa Nayon: Empowering the Regions Through Effective Leadership


February 8 & 10, 2010


Dismantling Corruption: Strengthening the Vigilance for Good Governance January 31 & February 7, 2011

10 | souvenir program


in the recent years


Greenovation: Catalyzing the Dawn for Sustainable Economic Development January 30 & February 6, 2012


Hyperlinked: Accelerating Economics through Information Technology

January 14, 28 & February 4, 2013

econ-no-mix 2014 | 11

econ-no-mix 2014

Now on its 12th year, Econ-No-Mix focuses on the topic Behavioral Economics in relation to media. It will be guided with the theme “Mindset: Understanding the Influence of Media on Consumer Behavior�. The theme aims to discuss the impacts of media on the choices consumers make by means of economic and analytical tools. The different competitions will tackle the influence of different forms of media on economic agents and how they shape the decisions of these economic agents.

12 | souvenir program



students' convention The student’s convention shall be a half-day event (9:00-12:00NN) on 20 January 2014, to be held at the UP School of Economics. Prominent people in the field of Economics, Psychology and Mass Communication will be invited to talk on the role and influence of media on consumer behavior. Discussions on the event’s theme by the invited speakers will help students understand and appreciate the application of various economic concepts and analytical tools in the context of and in relation to other fields; specifically, in this year’s Econ-No-Mix, in the field of media.

quiz bee competition One of the most awaited events of the year, the Quiz Bee Competition is set to be on 20 January 2014 for the elimination round, and on 10 February 2014 for the semifinal and final round. Students’ technical knowledge of various Economic concepts, models, and theories are put to the test as teams from different schools compete for the top spot.

essay-writing contest The Essay-Writing Contest lets students showcase their technical writing skills and incorporate Economic concepts in their essays while being guided by a specific theme related to the overall theme of Econ-No-Mix 2014. The contest proper will be on 3 February 2014 at the UP School of Economics.

poster-making contest The Poster-Making Contest creates an avenue for students to showcase their creativity and artistic skills, and express Economics through artworks while being guided by a specific theme related to the econ-no-mix 2014 | 13


subevents overall theme of Econ-No-Mix 2014. The contest proper will be on 3 February 2014 at the UP School of Economics.

debate competition The Debate Competition aims to let students develop their communication skills and critical thinking and will be in partnership with the UP Debate Society. The elimination and semifinal rounds are scheduled on 3 February 2014, while the final round is scheduled on 10 February 2014.

idea generation competition The Idea Generation Competition will be in partnership with a leading company in the media industry. The symposium, to be held on 20 January 2014 at the UP School of Economics, will be facilitated by the partner company and where students will be provided with information and tips in generating solutions to the problem assigned for the competition. The Idea Generation Competition will test the students’ creativity and critical thinking in coming up with innovative solutions to real world problems.

stock trading game The Stock Trading Game will be in partnership with the Philippine Stock Exchange and will start on 20 January 2014 until 10 February 2014. There will be a symposium, a crash course facilitated by the Philippine Stock Exchange, wherein students will learn the dynamics of the market and the basics of trading stocks. The symposium will be on 20 January 2014 at the UP School of Economics. This will increase the students’ awareness of the importance of the stock market in the economy and will help them appreciate this activity. 14 | souvenir program

program flow

program flow day 1

9 AM Students’ Convention - Speaker 1 - Speaker 2 - Student Activity - Speaker 3 12 NN Lunch Time 1 PM Quiz Bee Eliminations Idea Generation Symposium Stock Trading Game Symposium 4 PM Announcement of Finalists

GT Toyota Audi

SE Auditorium SE 114 SE 105

day 2

9 AM Debate Elimination SE 102, 103, 105 12 NN Lunch Time 1 PM Debate Semi-Finals SE 102, 103 Poster-Making Contest SE 105 Essay Writing Contest SE 123

day 3

9 AM Idea Generation Presentation SE 114 Debate Finals SE 105 12 NN Lunch Time 1 PM Quiz Bee Finals SE Auditorium Awarding Ceremonies SE Auditorium econ-no-mix 2014 | 15

area map

area map

School of economics (SE) If you need directions to places in UP Diliman, feel free to ask any ushers during the event or contact 0917.892.2523

16 | souvenir program

speakers & judges

Speakers & Judges

dr. Charles Yuji Horioka

Charles Yuji Horioka was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., on September 7, 1956, and received his B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard University. He taught at Stanford, Columbia, Kyoto, and Osaka Universities before assuming his present position as professor of economics at the School of Economics, University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus, Quezon City. He ranks first among economists in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia and in the top 2.7 percent in the world in terms of numbers of citations, according to RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), and he has more than 5000 Google Scholar citations. His specialties are macroeconomics, household economics, the Japanese economy, and Asian economies, and he has written well over a hundred scholarly articles on household saving, consumption, bequest, and co-residence behavior and parent-child relations. His path-breaking article on the so-called “Feldstein-Horioka paradox” (written jointly with Martin Feldstein) was published when he was only 23 and is one of the most widely cited papers in international finance. He discussed the standard economic model of how individuals make their consumption decisions and how the media can influence their consumption decisions for better or worse. He argued that the media can help consumers to make better informed decisions by providing them with more information, provided that the information they provide is accurate and unbiased, but that the media can also distort consumers’ preferences and lead them to make suboptimal consumption decisions. In this context, he briefly discussed the views of the well-known American economist John Kenneth Galbraith, who argued in his classic book “The Affluent Society,” that after the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter have been satisfied, companies advertise to “create” demand for new (luxury) products, thereby inducing further increases in consumption spending.

Danielle Ochoa is an Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines-Diliman Department of Psychology. Among her classes taught are General Psychology, Principles of Learning, and Developmental Psychology. She earned her BA Psychology degree in 2008 from UP Diliman, graduating magna cum laude, and her MA Psychology degree from the same institution in 2013, with Developmental Psychology as her area of specialization. She has had experience in different psychology-related fields as a qualitative consumer research executive at The Nielsen Company, and a teacher at Gymboree. Aside from teaching at UP Diliman, she is also working as a freelance qualitative market research consultant for both multinational agencies and independent researchers. We spend each day making decisions as consumers, and probably believe that we know the reasons behind why we buy. But do we really? Behavioral economics suggests that we are not as rational about the choices that we make, including those that involve our buying behaviors. By understanding the forces at work in our decisions, we can also be smarter and more responsible consumers.

Prof. Danielle Ochoa

econ-no-mix 2014 | 17

speakers & Judges

Speakers & Judges dr. teresa ho A professorial lecturer at the UP School of Economics. She obtained her Ph.D. in Food Research (Applied Economics) from Stanford University Food Research Institute. An Economist, human development specialist, and health specialist for 26 years at the World Bank.

dr. Sarah Lynne daway An assistant professor at the UP School of Economics. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Economics, graduated Summa cum laude, as well as her master’s degree in Economics at the UP School of Economics. She received her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, Riverside. Her research interest is macroeconomics.

dr. romeo matthew balanquit An assistant professor at the UP School of Economics. He obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India. His research interests include repeated games, self-fulfilling crisis, common p-belief, contract theory and auction theory.

Nathalie dagmang Nathalie D. Dagmang is a student from the UP College of Fine Arts (CFA), currently taking Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Sculpture. She participated in various art exhibits such as Reclaiming Innocence, East Avenue Medical Center, 2011, Ladders, Floors and Higher Grounds, Pinecrest Residences, 2012 and Pieces from the Masters, National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, 2013. She also attended several workshops and internship programs such as Wearable Portable Archiecture, Green Papaya Art Projects, 2012 and You Have Every Right artist-mentorship program, Ateneo Art Gallery, 2013.

prof. sofia guillermo Ms. Sofia G. Guillermo graduated from the University of the Philippines-Diliman with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Art Studies. Currently, she is an instructor the in College of Arts and Letters, Department of Art Studies in UP Diliman.

18 | souvenir program

speakers & judges

Speakers & Judges prof. jose Melchor silvestre Mr. Jose Melchor Ahorro Silvestre is a professor in the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts. He was the adviser of UP LUNAROCK – League of University Artists on Cartoons and Komiks for the year 2010 – and one of the people who facilitated the International Plastic Modeler’s Society Philippines’ Scale Model Competition or IPMS Nationals 2013.

jedo enriquez Mr. Jedo Enriquez is an Oblation Scholar currently taking BS Business Administration and Accountancy at the UP Virata School of Business. Currently, he serves as the president of UP Advertising Core and a Marketing Manager for F’7 Tomas Morato. He won 1st runner-up in Unilever Future Leader’s League in2013 and was declared champion in IMC Cup 2012: Ideas for Change in 2012.

prof. jasslyn tan Ms. Jasslyn Tan has an MBA degree from the UP Virata School of Business (formerly College of Business Administration). She is an entrepreneur and currently teaches BA 101 (Introduction to Business Management), BA 105 (Operations Management), and BA 175 (International Marketing) at the UP Virata School of Business.

prof. shirley guevarra Ms. Shirley Guevarra is an Associate Professor at the UP College of Home Economics. She obtained her master’s degree in Food Service from UP Diliman in 2000. She currently teaches HRIM 108 (Franchise Management in Hotels, Restaurants and Related Institutions).

nikko pascua Mr. Nikko Pascua is a student from the UP College of Fine Arts. In 2013, he served as the Vice President for Creatives of UP Advertising Core. He also became a student trainee in Publicis Jimenez Basic Stategy and Corporate Communications Intern at the Ayala Foundation, Inc. He won an Excellence Award for Bawas Bisyo Bill in the Student Quill Awards in 2013, and Best Print Ad for the UP Freshie Week 2012 in the Federation of Advertising Organizations Awards in 2013.

econ-no-mix 2014 | 19

speakers & judges

Speakers & Judges adelaide elpidama Adelaide S. Elpidama graduated Cum Laude from UP Diliman with an undergraduate degree in BA Psychology. She took her MA in Education, major in Basic Education Teaching Program (Non-thesis) at the Ateneo de Manila University. She is also a teaching fellow at Teach for the Philippines.

karen renz sena Karren Renz P. Se単a graduated Cum Laude from the University of Santo Tomas with an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts and Letters Major in Literature. She had her MA in Comparative Literature (Area of Concentration: Japanese Popular Literature) from UP Diliman. She was a college instructor, mainly English and Literature, at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran and at the University of Santo Tomas.

dr. jes villa Dr. Jes Villa earned his MBA in Corporate Finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently an instructor at the UP School of Economics and handles Econ 198Financialization and Distortions of the Real Economy.

dr. teresita isidro Terisita M. Isidro graduated from UP Diliman with a Doctorate Degree in English Studies. She is currently an assistant professor at the UP College of Arts and Letters under the Department of English and Comparative Literature. She teaches English 11(English Literature) and English 30 (English for Professionals).

dr. raymond tansengco Dr. Raymond Tansengco is an Associated Person (AP) for Tansengco & Company, Inc.

marvin germo Marvin Germo, RFP, ECE, is a Registered Financial Planner, book author, key note speaker and personal financial consultant who is among one of the most passionate personal finance experts in the land. His energy and zeal to educate the Filipino people has translated into transformed lives, financially free families and has transformed ordinary consumers into investors.

20 | souvenir program

partner orgs

partner organizations

Miriam college society of junior entrepreneurs partner for idea generation

up debate society partner for debate

up samahang linggwistika

UP association of visual communicators partner for poster making

partner for essay writing

upspeechand communicationassociation partner foressay writing

econ-no-mix 2014 | 21

organizing team

about up obem The UP Organization of Business Economics Majors (UP OBEM) is a duly recognized socio-academic organization in the University of the Philippines Diliman, School of Economics and an active member of the Junior Philippine Economics Society (JPES). Propelled by its core thrusts of unity, service, and excellence, the organization has been providing opportunitirs for the academic, social, and cultural growth of its members for the past 25 years.

22 | souvenir program

As catalysts of change, UP OBEM has organized immersions, medical missions, and outreach programs that have helped small communities in Payatas, and Bulacan. It has also organized contests to foster healthy competition among high school students and inculcate excellence through events like BEAT, a dance competition that seeks to raise funds for charity organizations, and Econ-No-Mix, a series of competitions and student convention grounded on Economics

organizing team

organizing team core team

Angel elpidama vp for academic affairs

ervin hilado

director for academic affairs

armon de la cruz director for externals

lichelle guinto econ-no-mix co-chair

zia cornejo director for logistics

macoy valdez econ-no-mix co-chair

aly angeles director for subevents

econ-no-mix 2014 | 23

organizing team externals team

kristine gloria

officer for publicity

vivien romo

officer for schools

yen cruz

officer for publicity

lem teh

officer for schools

migo piczon

marketing director

tiza bual

marketing officer

24 | souvenir program

angelica tan

marketing officer

armie bellen

officer for publicity

valerie calzado

officer for schools

george asuncion

officer for schools

jp delas nieves

asst. marketing director

coco valmorida

marketing officer

franco villanueva marketing officer

organizing team logistics team

Jen Peralta

officer for venue & materials

vincent pardilla officer for finance

kayleen calicdan officer for finance

elma laset

officer for finance

subevents team

francis jose

officer for quizbee

Marco Romero

officer for quizbee

victor marcelo officer for poster

elies cruz

officer for stock trading game

brian perez

officer for stock trading game

bernadette lee

charles salonga

allan sampang

ceejay hernandez

wigie paz

lorena cruz

officer for essay

officer for poster

officer for idea generation

officer for essay

officer for debate

liel villanueva

officer for debate

officer for idea generation

econ-no-mix 2014 | 25

MABUHAY!!!! It is our wish that UP OBEM continue its mission of educating and enhancing the talents of high school students who want to be the future economists and leader of our nation by way of conventions and seminars alike. It's not an easy task but with your perseverance, continued guidance and support, high school students who wish to become economists will be equipped with knowledge on how to help our country become economically progressive. With the help and guidance of our Lord, we wish you success in all your future activities that concerns our economy. God Bless and GOOD LUCK !!! From: The Punong Barangay, Office of the Sangguniang Barangay, Barangay Employees and Support Personnel. Hon. Restituto P. Reyes - Punong Barangay Hon. Leila F. Cruz - Barangay Kagawad Hon. Celia A. Fernando - Barangay Kagawad Hon. Narciso G. Silva - Barangay Kagawad Hon. Norberto C. Santos - Barangay Kagawad Hon. Arturo R. Signio Jr. - Barangay Kagawad Hon. Sabas M. Irangan - Barangay Kagawad

Hon. Pedro C. Reyes Jr. - Barangay Kagawad Miss Juanita L. Gaudia - Barangay Secretary Mrs. Marivel M. Dela Rosa - Barangay Treasurer Mr. Edilberto P. Cruz - Administrative Assistant


congratulations from

angeles family and more power to econ-no-mix 2014! 26 | souvenir program

congratulations from

victor marcelo and more power to econ-no-mix 2014!

congratulations from

ryan hilado

congratulations from

congratulations from

nena gamboa

emilio gamboa econ-no-mix 2014 | 27

congratulations from congratulations from

providencia development corp.

mr. & Mrs. emilio hilado III

congratulations from

congratulations from

marco romero

elies cruz

and more power to econ-no-mix 2014!

and more power to econ-no-mix 2014!

28 | souvenir program

congratulations from

sayuri goto and more power to econ-no-mix 2014!

congratulations from

benedict evangelista and more power to econ-no-mix 2014!

congratulations from congratulations from

mr. & mrs. calicdan and more power to econ-no-mix 2014!

FRANCis jose "Econ-No-Mix continues to unleash the uncurbed enthusiasm for economics within its participants. I'm proud to be a former participant and a current officer for this event. Congratulations to all who have been part of the biggest and the best economics event for high school students in the country!"

econ-no-mix 2014 | 29

congratulations from

glen coco and more power to econ-no-mix 2014!

congratulations econno-mix 2014! continue to inspire and empower the youth through the practical use of economics in our day-to-day lives! marvin marayag finance graduate trainee--pmftc, inc. up obem alumnus

congratulations from congratulations from

mr. LEOPOLDO B. LASET, JR. "Good job OBEM! Continue upholding unity, service and excellence in all of your endeavors."

30 | souvenir program

mrs. emma pardilla and more power to econ-no-mix 2014!

congratulations from

congratulations from

master armon

al and arvi de la cruz

and more power to econ-no-mix 2014!

and more power to econ-no-mix 2014!

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congratulations from

mr.& mrs. cornejo

art energy

and more power to econ-no-mix 2014!

congratulations from

allan sampang

econ-no-mix 2014 | 31

congratulations econ-no-mix 2014!!!

congratulations from

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pangilinan

congratulations from congratulations from

Negros GT Group, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Isidro Javier Jr.

congratulations from

congratulations from

Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Kilayko

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Wright

congratulations from

congratulations from

Mr. & Mrs. Marius Hechanova

Mr. & Dra. Enrique Alarcon

32 | souvenir program

congratulations from

congratulations from

USLS-IS Acolytes

Andrea Viguilla

special thanks to:

lotlot and friends angel elpidama ruben san diego

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Econ-No-Mix 2014 Souvenir Program