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HAIGAZTAN UNIVERSITY WOMEil'S AUXILIARY ried and in Istanbul, without speaking


worcl ol Turkish. without contacts and with alrnost



On hel knees are Hasrnig's lortune teller's carcls that oren't smiling. Tliey draw cards seven tirnes befbre srniles appear on the f-aces of the three women. Hasmig will tind love in her 1il'e. a rich and radiant f uture. Azia. touched maybe by Rita. lrer blue eyes without hope, takes Rita under hel wing. They will be leaving the bus together in Istanbul.

Presents the West Coast Premiere of

Nouritza Matossian's


A very pretty 20-year'-old girl got off in Trabizon. Samo said. "plostitute." Two other older women got off in the same city. They admitted as much to Samo, who seems to question everyone and everyone seems to confide in him. They are prostitutes workin-g in this city for a f-ew years and they rely on an income of $600 a month.

IRIDAY Arrival in Istanbul at 9:00 arn lt's snowing or raining son'retl-ring in between. People exchange addresses. promisin-u to write. We hear "Brazil," "Greece," as linal destination points.


scene frurn Mayrig inspires the

memory of one passenger and he speaks with us tbur, Sarnri. Karen. Gago and me as we get off the bus. "Do you remember? When the father sees a friend on a hoat. and he is on the boardwalk in France and he cries out "where

are you going? The other

answers 'Venezuela'. But. why there'lAre you crazy?

'No, it's a nice name, like the name of a woman..." This emigr6, an en-Eineer by profession borrowed $2000 at the criminal rate

of l)Vc per

month. Of that amount. he had

already paid $1400 to a travel agency in Yerevan for a visa and transportation. A prohibitive amount that the agency justifies for its "facilities" in obtaining a visa and transportation. He drops the Schengen visa. He leaves for Spain, via Paris where he is obliged to stop. What we still don't know is hclw much this 'great escilpe' is part of his destiny, and ltow rnuch is econorttic 11.'L'grsity. My three cronies are now even more talk-

ative. We get

a room in a hotel,

the "Kumkapi". recommended by the lrostess on the bus. We are on the third lloor. My three

companions have little or no baggage, but Gago stops Samuel who is already up the stairs. "Wait. there's the elevator."

Samo responds. cynically. in Russian, "and it works?" It's a natural in this postSoviet world. in which not much works tainly not elevators.



Saturday, July 22r 2OAO SKIRBALL CULTURAL GENTER 2701 North Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Presentation 6:30pm sharp Dinner under the stars 8:00pm Nouritza Matossian's "Black Angel - The Life of Arshile Gorky" and "The Artist and His Mother" poster will be available for purchase

For information call 310.476.60'11 or 323,876.2668 Donation $1OO Arshile Gorky "TheArtist and His Mothel' 1926-29 @2000 Estate of Arshile Gorky/Mists Rights Society (ARS), NewYork

Profile for Armenian International Magazine

The Big Escape - June 2000  

Armenian International Magazine | The Big Escape - June 2000

The Big Escape - June 2000  

Armenian International Magazine | The Big Escape - June 2000