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pursue our aim of free elections," Ali Kerimov of the Popular Front told one crowd. Meanwhile, the Council of Europe, which

Volga, and Far East districts. All 89 presidential representatives in the regions were dis-

is considering Azerbaijan's full membership,

missed and new representatives, directly

may delay its decision until the November elections. This may mean that Armenia's accession, too, will be delayed, since the organization has made it clear that the two

accountable to the president appointed. Acknowledging that reorganization of the Russian Federation was long overdue, regional govemors and political parties, including the Communist Party, welcomed Putin's action.

alluding to US efforts to prevent han from becoming an energy tansit route. He called for "strong and inviolable pacts" among the five lit-

ffiddfnmend$ fts'uuiih

tfltiffal $tat.I5'Sti['

Iunkey Aften Bow 0ven lnmenian Genocide

Haggle 0ven the legal $tatus ol tne Gaspian

the five states scheduled to take place in Tehran last October was postponed, Moscow said "time is ripe" for the Special Working Group to meet


be admitted together.

Northwest, North Caucasus, Siberia, Urals,

energy developments, is not in any hurry to resolve the issue. "The Caspian Sea @low) belongs to the five counfries bordering it " said hanian President Mohammad Khatami, 'No foreign power must be permitted to enter the zone,"

toral states. While a meeting of representatives of

and 'provide impetus to working up


Caspian Sea's new status." Disagreements

Following the public statements lastApril

of two Israeli ministers affirming the Armenian Genocide - which outraged Turkey and caused strains in bilateral diplomatic rela-



Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy

(above), in a letter to his Turkish counterpart Ismail Cem, reiterated Israel's official policy that the issue of the Armenian Genocide should be left to historians to sort out. Levy added that the two ministers'views do not reflect his govemment's official position. Earlier, as Turkey was not satisfied by a

similar explanation provided by Israel's Embassy inAnkara, Turkish cabinet ministers and senior military officials boycotted Israel's

'National Day" reception at the embassy. Turkey told Israeli officials that it expects no further statements from Israeli ministers over the issue, which would damage the close relations between the two states.

The flve littoral states of the Caspian Sea Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan


continue to disagree on the issue

of determining the legal status of the resourcerich sea. Recently, Moscow called upon the Special Working Group, which is to define the sea's stahrs, to speed up the talks "in order to achieve a compromise." While regular bilateral


have been going on for some time, negoti-

ations among all five states as a group have been

Newly inaugurated Russian President Vladimir Putin placed Russia's 89 regions into seven administrative districts. The new configuration is comprised of the Central,

sporadic. The geosrategic and long-term impliofan agreement and the various interests


of each state currently collide, making a final agreement unlikely in tlrc near future. han, which has been kept at bay in regional



center on how the sea should be divided. Tehran has called for joint condominium-like use ofthe sea or dividing it into five equal 20 percent sectors. Moscow, on the other hand, has called for joint use of the sea's surface waters and depths, with figurative lines along

its floor. Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan reject both proposals, favoring a division of the sea into unequal, national sectors. But Russia rejects this idea. Nevertheless, while discussions continue and despite the absence of a final agreement, each littoral state has already started to explore and exploit resources within their "national sectors" and the Caspian has been, de facto, divided. 3l

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The Big Escape - June 2000  

Armenian International Magazine | The Big Escape - June 2000

The Big Escape - June 2000  

Armenian International Magazine | The Big Escape - June 2000