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TRUST IN THE EXPERTS THESE days, we have all gone a little DIY crazy. And why not? If you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty and want to be as involved in your home renovation project as possible, DIY-ing is something to be encouraged and celebrated and in a lot of instances, can save you some serious pennies. However, there are certain elements of your home renovation that one should not attempt to turn their hand to. Take your home’s plumbing for instance. If you are not a licensed or registered plumber it is illegal to carry out any plumbing work and more importantly, the ramifications of a botched plumbing job can be extremely serious. As many experts warn, people don’t realise the full ramifications of poor plumbing. Cross-linked water supplies can be a hazard to the entire community. If, for instance, there is a fertiliser injection in your garden hose that is cross-linked, it can make its way into the water supply of the town. And while serious issues such as this are extreme examples of why you should not complete your own plumbing — above all else, you cannot put a price on peace of mind when it comes to your family home. And while many home buyers don’t consider their plumbing circumstances until it comes time to renovate, experts strongly suggest having a proper

plumbing prior to the purchase of the property, stating it can save you a lot of money in the long run. If the house is on a concrete slab especially, it is highlt recommended to get the drains tested. Other points for home owners to consider when

purchasing older homes for renovation are things such as sewer access and the location of hot water systems, which can prove problematic if the plumbing needs to be upgraded. Most importantly, when it comes to renovations, you want your investment to pay dividends for

years to come, so entrusting the experience and workmanship of a qualified plumber could very well be one of the smartest decisions you ever make.

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LIVE PEST FREE HOUSEHOLD pests can include anything from annoying moths, filthy cockroaches and rodents to destructive termites. Living under the same roof as these pests can negatively impact your health and cause damage to your property. Pest inspections and ongoing pest management are therefore an important part of maintaining quality home living. Watch out for pests and make sure you get professional assistance before it takes a toll on your health and comfort levels. Pre-purchase inspections Hiring a building and pest inspection specialist to examine a new home is an important precaution for the prospective home owner. By being well aware of any defects in the building as well as current and past pest infestations, you can make a decision on whether to proceed with the purchase, and if you do proceed, you will be ready to tackle any identified

problems before they become too difficult to rectify. Destructive termites Often pests can be more destructive than imaginable. The white ant, or termite, is an example of how destructive pests can be. If termite damage is found in the home, do not take things into your own hands as this may exacerbate the problem. Termite infestations often require the help of a licensed termite exterminator. Protect your home Take charge and protect the health of your family and the value of your home from the outset by performing pest inspections both prior to purchasing your new home and at regular intervals after you move in. If you haven't already done so, it’s never too late to consult a specialist and get on the right path to healthier, pest-free living environment.



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Talk to Tanya & Jeremy TODAY for a tailored solution to your pest problem.



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RENO MUST-DOS Make a clear plan to avoid problems down the track BEFORE you start swinging a hammer at your walls there are some things to consider, whether you’re renovating to sell or renovating your dream house. It’s important to remember renovation is a long-term investment; your decisions will have important consequences down the line. If you don’t plan on selling you property straight away you are making a lifestyle investment rather than an investment for a profit. This means that instead of buying the cheapest bathroom taps or painting in neutral colours that potential buyers like, you are able to splurge on what you really love and what you know you will continue to love in 20 or 40 years. Your decisions will have important consequences down the line. Here are five things you should always

remember whether you’re renovating for profit or love. Have a clear strategy Plan ahead and set yourself targets. A timeline that you review at least every few days is a great way to stay on track. Don’t forget about the Council Getting council approval can take some time so it’s best to get a start on it early. Requirements differ from council to council but you will have to complete a formal development application for the property and you will also have to put forward proposals and building plans. After you’ve presented this to the council you have to wait for approval, so don’t spend too much money and get ahead of yourself before being sure you can proceed as planned.


Murweh Shire CounCil

DoINeeD aBuIlDINg PeRmIt? If you are proposing new building work or renovations you will need a building permit either from Council or a Private Certifier. An application form plus scaled plans of the proposed work will be required. The plans must include a site plan, floor plan, elevations and foundation details. You may require an owner builder’s approval from QBCC or your builder may be required to obtain QBCC insurance. Council building staff will be happy to assist and advise you on your individual application. Any electrical or plumbing work involved will need to be carried out by a licenced contractor.

N W Polglase


P.o. BoX 63 CHaRleVIlle 7026763ae




Be realistic about your budget Overspending is a real concern for renovators and I’m not going to lie, it’s easy to do, that’s why a budget is vital in your renovation planning. Make a list of all your needs & wants this should include everything from your door knobs to how much you are going to pay for your trades. It’s always a good idea to have a buffer in your budget and it should be at least 10% of the total budget from my experience.

Take the lead and save If you want to save a little bit of money you can be your own project manager, or have a go at completing some of the tasks yourself. Project managing means you will be organising and co-ordinate all the tradies and make sure everything goes as planned. However, it’s essential to be realistic about your skill level and the time you will be able to dedicate to the project, otherwise those savings will go out


the unfinished window. Compare Whether you’re just giving the lounge room a face lift with some paint, or kicking off a grand scale renovation, you should always compare quotes. Shop around and make sure you get the best and fairest deal. Don’t forget you are the boss so if you want to make sure you are hiring the best people for the job you can ask for referrals from previous clients

or to have a look through the contractor’s portfolio. Good planning can be the difference between a positive renovation experience and a negative one. If you do it right, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing home you love coming home to every day or a handsome profit on sale day


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STRIKING BATHROOM The bathroom may be small, but it is a complex space to navigate. Various skilled tradespeople must co-ordinate efficiently to get the job done, and mistakes and oversights can be costly. Planning correctly is crucial to keep you on budget. First, determine the new room dimensions and positions of existing doors, windows and skylights. These will affect your new floor plan and the positioning, shape and size of fixtures and fittings. Initial considerations can include: Will your bathroom be an ensuite or a self-contained space? Will you be restructuring the space? For example, altering the floor or ceiling, removing or adding internal walls, installing a sunken bath/spa/sauna or embedding fixtures into walls, floor or ceiling cavities? If so, be aware this will mean more labour, trickier finishes and will generally mean more

people, time and costs. Will you need to add laundry facilities? If so, you may require additional power and plumbing outlets. Assess the materials used in the existing bathroom, such as concrete, wood, tiles or plasterboard. All require different solutions. Determine how much cavity space there is to work with in the walls, ceiling and under-floor area. This may affect the type, configuration and positioning of pipes, wires and fittings. It’s an extra cost when you start thinking about moving your bathroom basics. Be sure to think these big things through. Moving plumbing requires a qualified plumber on an hourly rate. Do you really need to move the toilet or wash basin? Assess whether existing fixtures, fittings or finishes (floor or wall tiles, toilet suite, screens, mirrors) can be incorporated into the new design.

Renovating or building? If you are going to be doing new building work or renovations you will need a building permit either from Council or a Private Certifier.

An application form plus plans of the proposed work will be required. The plans must include a site plan, floorplan, elevations and foundation details. You may also require an owner-builder permit from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) or your builder may be required to have QBCC insurance. Any electrical or plumbing work involved in your project should be carried out by a licensed contractor. You can find contractors online at www.qbcc.qld.gov.au

DISCLAIMER: Images and photographs may depict fixtures, finishes and features either not supplied by G.J. Gardner Homes or not included in any price stated. For detailed home pricing or to discuss our building time program please talk to a New Homes Consultant. QBCC: 1221757



For more information about applications head to www.balonne.qld.gov.au/building or call our team on 07 4620 8888.


Council’s team are happy to help and advise you on your building application.


AVOID FAULTY WATERPROOFING Trust in the experts for waterproofing works Faulty waterproofing is one of the top three building defects across Australia. “It causes the most structural damage to a house alongside termites, and it also causes a lot of stress to homeowners,” says Nathanael Forster of the Australian Master Tilers Association (AMTA). Though organisations such as the AMTA are campaigning for greater regulation of the waterproofing industry, in some states waterproofers don’t need to be licensed. Waterproofing should be completed to the AS 3740-2010 Waterproofing of domestic wet areas standard. To make sure your waterproofing is done correctly always use an accredited and licensed tradesperson and get referrals. “Waterproofing membrane must be compatible with the substrate and the adhesive being used and waterproofing curing times differ from product to product,” says Forster. Inappropriate substrate preparation and lack of knowledge about tile joint contraction and expansion can cause tile failure. “All tilers must have a good knowledge of the Australian standards regarding the installation of tiling [AS 3958.1]. This includes the use of the appropriate sized notch trowel for the tile size in question, as per the standard, and a knowledge of substrates and membranes and the use of a completely compatible system,” says Forster. “Following manufacturer recommendations when using any type of materials, whether it be waterproofing membranes, adhesives, epoxy grouts etcetera means a full warranty of work can be given.”



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Don’t get caught out without the essentials mid-renovation

NOT ALL of us are blessed with the ability or know-how to get in the trenches and fix minor items around the house. But with these simple tips and a little bit of know-how, these common tools – most of which can be found at your local hardware store – might be able to save you some serious cash. A claw hammer is a genuine necessity for every home. Sometimes screws that don’t come out need a tap, or when deck nails work their way loose and need to be re-fixed, the claw hammer is the go-to option. The claw at the back will help you remove nails that are protruding and a danger to anyone walking around with no shoes on. Price-wise, the cordless drill is at the higher end of the DIY tree but they’ll save you time and troubles if you’re on the handier end of looking after things around the home. Go for a model with Philips and flat head extension bits–low speed should do the trick unless you need to drill holes in timber.

Fixing kitchen cupboards, removing doors, installing decking – you name it, a cordless drill is any tradie’s saviour. Stanley knives come in handy and would have to be one of the most-used tools.

Having one on-hand during the entire renovation is a must. An assortment of drill bits are very handy for so many DIY projects and go hand in hand with a cordless drill.

When selecting tools for you home improvement and renovation jobs, it is best to invest in something a little pricey to ensure the longevity of your equipment and quality of work.

THINKING ABOUT BUILDING OR RENOVATING? Maranoa Regional Council provides a Building Certification Service for all classes of buildings and all types of building work, including new work, additions and alterations.

PLUMBING DRAINAGE GAS General plumbing and gas fitting New homes Renovations Blocked drains Hot water installations, upgrades And more Call or email locals Dave and Katrina to arrange an obligation free quote today Servicing Charleville and surrounding areas Dave Lehmann dave@lehmannplumbingandgas.com ABN: 16892497512 Gas Licence #: L319809 QBCC Licence #: 1300182


Phone: 0427 390 156

If you wish to perform or coordinate building work on your own property, an owner-builder permit may be required from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) or your building contractor may be required to have QBCC insurance. If unsure whether your building work requires an approval or have other queries, please contact Council’s Building Team. 7026763al

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

A Building Approval is required before carrying out most types of building work. An application form and plans of the proposed work will need to be submitted for an approval. A building approval ensures the work will be structurally safe and appropriately located to meet the applicable laws and standards.

For more information about building applications, please visit www.maranoa.qld.gov.au or contact Council’s Building Team on 1300 007 662.


RENOVATING FOR SALE If selling your home after renovation is the plan, then there are a few extra elements to keep in mind when planning the overall exercise.

WHEN renovating for sale, there are a few key elements home owners must be aware of to ensure their home appeals to as many potential buyers as possible.

They create a nice ambiance in the room. Mirrors also reflect light and space in a room. If you have a nice outdoor aspect then position the mirror so it brings some of the outdoors inside.

KITCHEN AND BATHROOM There’s a saying that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, but this doesn’t always mean a full renovation. You can often get away with inexpensive changes like new handles, bench top, sink or taps, as well as covering old splashbacks with new surfaces.

DE-CLUTTER OR BE DOOMED You must de-clutter, and depending on how much stuff you have, this may mean taking up short-term storage for extra boxes, bikes or excess furniture. No one wants to see someone else’s mess so you really need to tidy up all surfaces and clean out your cupboards. People will open cupboards and look inside – storage spaces that are overflowing make it look like there isn’t enough storage.

LET THERE BE LIGHT Along with space, buyers like light so if you don’t have lots of natural light put a few lamps around and switch them on during the inspections.

Renovating your kitchen and bathroom on a budget?


Resurface instead and save up to 70% KITCHEN BEFORE



• Bath/Shower Tray Resurfacing • Vanity Resurfacing • Wall Tile/Melamine Resurfacing • Benchtop Resurfacing



• Cabinetry Resurfacing • Can retile over existing

floor tiles Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Renovations on a budget. Servicing the Darling Downs, Western Downs and Ipswich areas. Our Facebook page is Toowoomba Kitchen and Bathroom Resurfacing. • Attractive and Durable

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Why Resurfacing is better than a full renovation: • Greater Convenience • Lower Price • Faster Turnaround • Save the Environment


• Splash back Resurfacing





DECIDING on a builder or trade contractor is a big decision, and one only you can make. You may have heard horror stories about disputes and cost blowouts, but the truth is many of these issues can be easily avoided. Access to the right information will ensure you choose a builder you can trust. There are many great builders out there and the choice can often be a little overwhelming. When there is a lot of money involved, it’s only natural to become anxious. Before you resort to randomly picking a builder or tradesperson out of the phonebook, it is extremely important to do your homework. If you are at the quotation stage, the first tip to remember is to be as specific as possible with your plans and requirements. Ensure you are giving each contractor the same specifications, as this is the only way to accurately compare your quotes.

The more details you can provide them, the less chance there is of any misunderstandings in the future. Always talk through your quotes with the people providing them. Check all the details they give you, specifically references and credentials, as your builder needs to be someone who you genuinely trust and work well with. Ensure you ask any questions you have, no matter how silly you may think they are. Having doubts and being unsure about your quote or builder can only lead to problems. Seeking recommendations from family and friends who have had direct dealings with builders and tradespeople is also another great way to get the ball rolling. The importance of build quality cannot be overstated, and a builder’s credentials and professionalism should always be your first priority.

For All Your

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THERE are so many gidgets and gadgets in the market to help keep your home and family up-to-date with the latest technology. When renovating or improving your home it is important to consider how you will keep your house connected in terms of communications. One of the most critical rooms or areas to consider is the home office. The most important thing when setting up an office’s telecommunication system is the location of wall ports. These will need to be in a location close to where your modem is located, to ensure optimal speed and performance. If you don’t have any ports, you will need to find a registered electrician to have some installed. Also consider if you are going to run your main computer via Ethernet cable plugged directly into the router, or if it is Wi-Fi enabled. How many devices do you have that will require a wireless connection? If the answer is more than 5, then your next step is to get what’s known as a “central splitter” installed in your internal wiring. This is where your electrician becomes useful again. You will also need to consider if you will be connecting a home phone and where this will be connected. Have a chat with your electrician about the best ways to keep your house connected

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TOP KITCHEN RENOVATION TIPS Stamp your mark on the beating heart and hub of your home. A new kitchen can add unparalleled value to a home as well as potentially giving new life to the whole house. And these days it’s easier than ever to get the kitchen of your dreams without having to break the bank, or stick to an all-white colour scheme. 1. Modern Kitchen Whether you’re cooking with kids, your partner or entertaining guests, a kitchen layout that facilitates the way you use your kitchen – and the food you’re cooking in 2019 – is critical. When deciding on the layout of the space it’s best to keep in mind the way you want the room to be used. Are you an entertainer? Consider an island bench that people can gather around. If you need to maximise space then consider where cupboards are placed so that two or more people can cook in the kitchen together. 2. Open shelving Open shelving is a trend which started in recent years and it’s showing no signs of bowing out according to countless design blogs and magazines. This style of shelving is a great way to show off your most beautiful homewares, pretty plates and mugs, as well as any gorgeous decorations which make the space unique to you. 3. Matte black From fittings to surfaces, matte black is definitely still being embraced by the design community with gusto. With better quality materials coming on the CONTINUED ON PAGE 15


Charleville and surrounding areas warranty agent for servicing and repairs for most leading brands of residential and commercial units We are installers of all types of Air Conditioning units including Wall mounted and floor standing

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Split units, Ceiling Concealed, Multi Split, Evaporative, Ducted and Air Zoning solutions.



market all the time it’s still a great tone to consider for your kitchen. 4. Bright colours Textures and colours to deliver rich user experiences will ensure your kitchen becomes a ‘living space’ rather than just the room in which you prepare food. Show a little flair – textured timber finishes, crafted cladding, two-tone cabinetry and natural stone can all deliver a visual vibrancy missing from older style kitchens. 5. Hidden storage If you’ve Marie Kondo’d your life – or even if you haven’t – hidden storage will make your kitchen a much calmer space to be. Not seeing all that clutter is surely going to spark plenty of joy. In 2019 hidden storage is being considered even earlier in the design process, making the end result look much more seamless. 6. Integrated appliances The trend of the anti-kitchen is even stronger this year with butler’s pantries, integrated appliances and non-kitchen elements claiming the space as an entertainer’s area rather than purely a room for cooking. 7. Sustainability While sustainability is never just a trend, in 2019 kitchens will become more eco-friendly than ever before – everything from materials and appliances to layout and waste management will be considered. Sustainability has become an integral consideration for anyone looking to renovate their kitchen.

Insulated Panels Australian Made for an Australian Lifestyle Completely Fire Rated Product for Commercial & Residential Construction Use




INTERESTED IN FINDING OUT MORE? Technical Data Available to Anyone interested. Give us a call

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Roma Home Improvement has been locally owned and operated since 1985. Over the decades their long-serving local staff have honed their knowledge of all things DIY and home improvement to ensure their customers can get the job done right. Owner Tony Lambert spoke very highly of his dedicated and knowledgeable staff, who are available to aid any DIYer. "We’ve got very qualified long serving staff members who are very knowledgeable about all aspects of home improvement, renovations, alterations, whatever you want to do, right through to building brand new homes and commercial buildings," Mr Lambert said. In addition to top quality, knowledgeable staff, Roma Home Improvement has the benefit of big buying power which allows Mr Lambert and his team to pass on many benefits to their customers. "We carry and have access to a range of quality products from leading brands at competitive prices and the reason we’re able to do that is that we’re part of the Home Timber and Hardware


HELPING HAND: Roma Home Improvement owner Tony Lambert and his dedicated staff can offer a variety of help to keen DIYers.

Red Soil Constructions is a building company providing quality expertise that has been servicing the Surat Basin and South Burnett regions for 26 years. We offer no obligation free quotes, focussed on working with clients to best fit their needs, for residential and commercial jobs.

• Metal Reroofing/Cladding Replacement & Installation • Downpipe Installation & Replacement • Roof insulation and Ceiling Batts • Patio roofs/design and construct

For more information visit our website www.redsoil.com.au Email: estimator@redsoil.com.au or phone 0447 440 548 16


Contact us if you need a free quote on any of the following:



group," Mr Lambert said. "On the other side of that, getting into the bathroom and laundry area, we’re part of Plumbing Plus, which is the second largest plumbing supply group in the market in Australia. "So again, we have access to all your good quality brands and items that you need to upgrade your laundry, bathroom and kitchen as well." Renovation and DIY ideas don’t stop in the house, spring and summer can be a great time to revamp the garden and outdoor areas as well. Roma Home Improvement can help you out there too. "When you’re talking lawn and garden, we get into pavers and garden edgings and all those sorts of products," Mr Lambert said. "We’ve got a very extensive garden centre with a great range of plants; seedlings, succulents and cacti, natives, flower and veggie seedlings, with all the associated products like fertilisers, sugarcane mulches, and all the tools you need to maintain your garden, veggie patch and lawn. "One of our staff members is very knowledgeable in helping you design a pop-up system for your lawn so we have that to offer people." Saturday’s are the perfect time to pop down and have a look around the store and support the local community at the same time. Mr Lambert and his Roma Home Improvement Team donate BBQ equipment each Saturday for local groups and clubs to cook up a sausage sizzle to raise funds. So head on down, grab a snag and head in store to have a chat to the DYI specialists.


L Sa

45 Gregory Street




First Home Buyers Look Here! Cute cottage walking distance to town. 2 bedrooms, lounge room and an eat in kitchen/dining. Wall air -conditioner. Bathroom and kitchen are standard but very tidy. Garden sheds. 1265 square metre fully fenced block 2 blocks to town. Sale $150,000


Michelle Cloherty 0427 424 484


L Sa

144 Bourne Drive




Sale $425,000


Michelle Cloherty 0427 424 484


Family Home With So Much Space 3.8 acres with modern 3 bedroom home. All bitumen to front gate and gravel drive to house. All bedrooms have built in cupboards. Bathroom is modern with shower over bath and glass shower screen, vanity and separate toilet with new electric hot water system. Laundry, linen and broom cupboard in the hallway. Separate office. Vinyl flooring throughout the home making cleaning a breeze. Rear Porch with large concrete area leads into a double carport. 6m x 9m shed lock up shed with workshop area & parking. 3m lean to on east and north side of shed. 2 x 3m garden sheds. Security screens throughout the home on windows and doors. Ducted air conditioning, with 2 x split systems in 2 bedrooms. Town water. Established lawns (watered by rain water tank) and orchard with drippers. Shrubs are also established.



l Sa

15 Basset Court, Roma




Modern Investment Property 4 ample sized bedrooms. Main bedroom has a walk in robe and ensuite. Both bathrooms & laundry are tiled. Kitchen is ďŹ nished in a glossy white includes dishwasher, wall oven and loads of

cupboards. Double lock up garage attached to the home. 1231 square metre block surrounded by new homes.

Sale $375,000

Michelle Cloherty 0427 424 484




25 Charles Street, Roma




Walking Distance to Town This home is located in walking distance with a fully fenced yard and double bay garage to the rear of property. This home is fully air conditioned with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Large back

yard for activities and plenty of space for the dogs to run around.

Sale $175,000 Call to book your inspection today!

Michelle Cloherty 0427 424 484



l Sa

4 Howard Street, Roma

2 3


2 1

3 Bedroom Home - Close to Corner Store Set on a 744 sqm block and walking distance to corner store. 3 bedroom home, 1 with built-ins. Carpeted throughout with lino in the kitchen and dining room. Standard kitchen with built in pantry. Bathroom with shower over bath.

Reverse cycle air conditioning in the lounge room. Fenced four sides, single undercover carport and BBQ area at the rear of the home. Rain water tank and established lawns and gardens.

Sale $195,000

Michelle Cloherty 0427 424 484



l Sa

18 Beetson Drive, Roma

2 4

1 2

2 3

This beautifully presented home is situated in a new estate on 1001m2. 4 generous sized builtin, carpeted bedrooms, large ensuite with separate toilet and 2 way walk-in robe in main bedroom. Separate main bathroom, laundry, formal lounge, built-in ofďŹ ce, well appointed kitchen with dining

and lounge areas. Ideal for entertaining is the side deck area off living room with enough room for everyone. Manicured lawns and garden, 2 x bay carport at front of house and 1 x bay shed at rear. An amazing forever home

Sale Price Upon Application

Michelle Cloherty 0427 424 484

raywhiteroma.com.au 18


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Don’t despair, awkward floorplans can be fixed with helpful tips

If I’m ever planning a renovation and looking to change the internal floor plan, print off a copy of the existing plan and go old school – use liquid paper to erase the internal walls of the home so that you have a fresh set of eyes with which to see it. If on a budget, leave any structural walls that are too expensive to alter. Another important thing to look at when designing a floor plan are the home’s doors or openings.



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Brick and Tile Beauty • Well positioned three bedroom low-set brick home offers secluded living. • Spacious living areas featuring an enclosed pergola • For entertainers delight there is a separate generously sized rumpus room off the lounge. • Carpets in all bedrooms, the rest is quality tiled complete with reverse cycle air conditioning and ceiling fans. • One large bathroom with a shower, toilet, vanity and bath; there is also an ensuite off the main bedroom. • The sizeable bedrooms are fitted with built-in wardrobes. • More qualities of this home include a large laundry, fully fenced back yard, established lawns and gardens, and an open two-bay carport. Inspect today! Price: $350, 000

Often, by simply moving an opening or door, you can really change the way a home not only looks, but how it works too. Odd spaces From outside bathrooms (or even ones situated right at the very back of the home) to weird wall openings or rooms that are too large, there are so many encumbrances to efficient home layout. It’s a common misconception that bigger is better when it comes to room size, when it’s usually easier to work with a smaller room than

one that is too large. While the open-plan trend has been big for a while now, it’s important to have areas that can be closed off too. Open floor plans can make a space feel much larger, but our homes need private spaces too. A great compromise is a mix – a large open space that feeds into several smaller ones.

32-34 LINTON STREET (AKA 32-35 LINCOLN ROAD) ROMA • Situated on 1191 sqm corner allotment with two street access • Floor area of shed approx. 240 sqm • Mezzanine level • Metal construction with concrete floor • Separate lockable section • Security fenced • Double gate access • 3 phase power • Gravel hardstand AUCTION ON SITE 21 SEPTEMBER @10.30AM

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WITH property prices in Australia among some of the most expensive in the world, every square metre of the home is coming under scrutiny. An impractical floor plan doesn’t make for an enjoyable living experience and can be a massive deterrent to potential buyers. How will you use the space? When you’re looking to improve an awkward floor plan it’s imperative that you think about how you would ideally like to live in the home? Key considerations are whether you have a large family to accommodate, live alone or if you like to entertain. There’s no doubt that we’ve seen a massive push toward open-plan living in modern times – a direct response to the way that we live now (ie. the days of the formal dinner party are long gone as we favour more casual catch-ups). Ultimately, you want a floor plan that flows to make for an inviting and practical space. Map it out Take it back to basics and map out the house on graph paper – or at least the spaces you want to fix. For the tech-savvy, there are plenty of apps that will assist you in doing this digitally. Let’s say it’s the main living spaces that need redesigning – think kitchen, dining, formal living, formal dining and sitting area. Firstly, it’s important to map out that space with no internal walls and secondly, get someone to help you identify which walls are structural and thus probably worth keeping. Look at the space from the perspective of how you would use it with your existing furniture and make some little cut-out shapes of furniture, to-scale, and move them around until you figure out how to best maximise the space. Use your imagination More often than not, when standing in a home, people are greatly affected by its existing design. When considering which walls or doors to remove or create, we are far too influenced by what is already in front of us.


LET THERE BE LIGHT Consider various lighting options for your home

1. Task lighting Why not try lighting your living area solely with lamps? You can even choose lamps with interchangeable shades so you easily update your look and allow for winter and summer lighting. 2. Artwork features Make a feature of your artwork with rod lights. They come down from the ceiling and distribute an even light to the art work – much like in a gallery. 3. Down lights If you want to use down lights in your room remember that you’ll need to have the correct holes created to insert the light fitting. For this you need to have a hollow ceiling, an older property with concrete ceilings may not allow for this, so work with what you’ve got, and consider what’s needed before you fit your floors (where possible). 4. Entertaining areas Indoor/outdoor living has led to the integration of indoor/outdoor lighting. A flick of a switch will light

up a garden bed, water feature or a decked area, as well as the indoor eating area, forcing the fusion of indoors and outdoors. 5. Chandeliers Chandeliers are the perfect way to add a bit of glamour to your home. One thing to remember is that they are a feature art-piece rather than the sole light source. 6. Feature pendants Feature pendants are great because they are a good light source as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Aligning three in a row creates a focal point for the room and distributes decent light to all corners. 7. Light up your kitchen Fluorescent lighting is arguably making a comeback in the kitchen, replacing the popular cabinet lighting system. Lighting in a kitchen is about achieving the right brightness rather than creating a mood so fluorescents can sometimes be the perfect solution.


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STYLING YOUR SPACE HAVING just renovated your home, the question on everyones mind is: ‘how to furnish to achieve the look I want’. These days expectations are high due to our exposure to interior design through social media and TV. People who are confident in their style and how to access products won’t have any trouble creating fabulous interiors we all envy. The rest of us will agonize over each decision and often end up with furniture items that don’t suit, don’t fit or were an impulse buy at the local sales. An alternative is to hire an interior designer or decorator to put together a package of furniture appropriate to the requirements of the property and style of the homeowners. With a brief from the client a designer can deliver exactly the right thing for any space and apply the finishing touches that make all the difference to the final product such as art, rugs, soft furnishings and accessories. Designers have access to a huge selection of furniture and accessories at wholesale prices which they can pass onto their clients. Even with a design fee added, goods are often below retail pricing and chosen from a broad range of suppliers only available to professional designers. This way you end up loving your interiors and enjoying every moment in your space without all the hassle and heartache. There are also some retailers who offer an interior decorating service and will come into your home and make suggestions you might not have thought of. If you struggle with spending a large amount up front as most people do, have a concept in mind and stick to no matter what’s on special as you add to your interiors bit by bit. Also, many people are held back by pieces of furniture they currently own and are reluctant to part with. Pass it on to the charity shop where it can be loved by someone else and help our local charities help people in our community. This frees you up to move on with purchasing pieces you will really love and enjoy using for many years to come.

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