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June 2018


CONTACT US Writers: Joseph Barclay Advertising: Nicole McDougall, Ashleigh Griffiths, Rachael Green, Jodie Williams, Debbie Phillips. Enquiries: Publisher’s Indemnity: Downs Style Magazine is published by Newscorp Australia. Those who make advertising placement and/or supply copy material or editorial submissions to style magazine, undertake to ensure that all such material does not infringe on copyright, trademark, defamation, libel, slander or title breach of confidence, does not contain anything obscene or indecent, or does not infringe the trade practices act or other laws, regulations or statutes. Further to the above-mentioned these persons agree to indemnity the publisher and/or its agents against any investigations, claims or judgements. Cover: Front page image was taken by Jodie Williams Photography Chinchilla. The striking image is of Jen Godfrey.



Facing up to winter NATALIE LEIS

Keep your skin hydrated as winter approaches.



With winter fast approaching and as temperatures start to drop, it’s time to re-evaluate our skincare routines. Just as our diet, lifestyles and wardrobes change, so should our skincare to compensate for the lack of moisture in the air, the harsh, cold environment we face daily, and the fact our skins are producing less natural oil. Ella Bachè Dalby has some tips to get you through winter to keep your skin looking fresh, hydrated, glowing and clear. 1/ Avoid extremely hot showers and baths, try to avoid using soaps and shower gels that can strip your skin, leaving it tight and itchy. Introduce a cleansing oil that leaves your skin comforted and silky smooth. We recommend our Floral Oil, a unique blend of fragrant oils and moisturising lanolin. 2/ Have a skin diagnosis by one of our professional Therapists. Our skin changes from season to season and our environment affects our oil flow and hydration. With thousands of skincare products on the market, it gets confusing, so take the guesswork out of it. Your skin is as individual as you are and what works for one person may not work for another. Your therapist will diagnose your skin and give you a complete understanding of what is happening and how to treat your concerns. 3/ Use the world’s No.1 anti-ageing product, sunscreen. Even though the skies are grey and dull, the UV rays are still ever present and just as damaging. We love Great 50+ Face Saver Lotion. 4/ Sloth away the dead cells. Our cellular metabolism can slow down through winter, which leads to a rough, scaly and dry or uneven skin tone that lacks lustre. Introduce a gentle exfoliant one to two times a week. Try our Refining Exfoliating Gel. With its cranberry seeds, it is the perfect gentle exfoliant for your face, neck and décolleté area. For the rest of your body try Loofah Earth Body Polisher. 5/ Introduce serums. They are little powerhouses of ingredients your skin will love. If incorporated daily under your facial moisturiser, they can deliver fast-acting results with little effort. You can’t go past Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum, an ultra-hydrating formula with hyaluronic acid and polarised thermal water liposomes to saturate dehydrated, dry, flaky skin. 6/ Don’t forget your poor hands and feet. They too suffer through winter due to the cold conditions. So keep a hand cream with you and apply after washing your hands. Also treat yourself to regular pedicures. Our crowd favourite is our Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, especially because it’s non-greasy. 7/ Water, water, water, you simply can’t replace it. With the colder days we are all more likely to choose a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate over water, but these can be dehydrating which then affects your skin.

ELLA BACHE DALBY Shop 4 The New St Centre, 22 New St Dalby 4405 Ph: (07) 4662 3321 June 2018

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BEAUTY FOR THE BUSY MUM Get organised so you don’t miss out CARMEN MILLER


E have all been there. After a hectic morning of achieving the near impossible (braiding hair while coercing a seven-year-old into eating their cereal or ironing school uniforms while packing school lunches) you strap the kids into the car, feeling mighty impressed with your efforts, only to catch a glimpse of your haggard and ungroomed self in the rear view mirror - ugh! Juggling the challenges of the breakfast rush hour is no easy feat, let alone when you throw a daily beauty routine into the mix. When you have children, staying on top of your appearance is pushed to the bottom of the priority list; however with a few, time-saving tips, you can achieve a beautiful start to every day with little effort. ■ Prep the day before A great time-saving tip is to get as much done as possible the night before. Once you have tucked the kids in, use that quiet time to iron tomorrow's outfit or wash and blow-dry your hair. ■ Stock up Keep a stash of beauty essentials in your car or handbag. Dry shampoo, lipstick and tinted moisturiser are three staples every mother should have. ■ Look well-rested Invest in a gel eye-mask. You know those women who look as though they have had eight hours sleep when you know full-well that is a foreign concept to mothers? Chances are they have stumbled across the gel mask of youth. Exercising these easy tips and tricks will help you to look just as you deserve to everyday - absolutely fabulous!

Midwifery Outreach Services for pregnancy, birth and post birth period

Have your own midwife in our Dalby or Chinchilla rooms Pregnancy, birth or post birth options. Home visiting available For Dalby and Chinchilla bookings please call the Toowoomba clinic. Medicare and health fund rebates (conditions apply). 331 Margaret St, Toowoomba | Phone: Toowoomba (07) 4642 2977 |Brisbane (07) 3118 5240 | Melbourne (08) 8388 87025


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June 2018


M O M E N T S & M U S I N G S


THE LAST TIME ... All good – and cool – things are coming to an end. I must not pie, sorry, cry.



his is my last school pie drive. It’s a year of lasts. My last year at junior footy. I say “my” because I embrace all my children’s activities with an overenthusiastic gusto that makes me feel like I’m the one participating. February saw my last primary school swimming carnival. The last time I would pace pool side slapping sausages on white bread with a squirt of sauce, screaming out “Keep kicking!” and "You can do it!" (and other less Pollyanna things like “watch the lane rope” and “that’s not butterfly!”), because once they get to high school, you can’t run along beside the pool. It’s not cool. Apparently. I know that now. When you’re finished child-bearing, you get used to “last times”. Some flash past without a checkered flag. There’s no fanfare for the last time you change your child’s nappy, the last time you tie their shoe or hold their toothbrush. Most of these happen without much thought. One minute you’re doing it and then you’re not. And you don’t remember when it actually stopped. But others are more ceremonious. I still remember the last time

I breastfed my youngest. We had been weaning. It was time. So I sat in the arm chair majestically, elevating this moment of mother-child bonding in my mind to some kind of peaceful finale that would out-zen the most revered yoga master. But the reality was nothing short of horrific. There was squirming, wriggling, and yes, biting. Frustrated by his lack of respect for my attempted ritualistic farewell, I shut the whole last-hurrah down with the same pomp and prestige as the full time hooter in Ladies C Grade social netball. Whatever. We’re done. Now here he is. From that once-fussy baby, has emerged a funny, kind, energetic and enthusiastic tween. When he walks across the stage at his primary graduation in six months’ time, I know there will be a little undefinable ache, a catching of the breath within a mother’s soul. So as I scribble down my pie order, contemplating its finality (and wondering just how many pies we’ve ordered and eaten in the 11 years we’ve had children at the school), I realise that “last times” don’t have to be sad. Last times represent new chapters filled with wonderment and anticipation. This is my last pie drive. And that’s ok.

Treat your home to beautiful décor, lighting or find the perfect gift... • Furniture offering all styles • Décor pieces or the perfect lamp • Wall decor & soft furnishing • Tableware & serving ware • Beautiful gifts for every occasion • Stunning jewellery ranges for all bud dgetts 6808827aa

Opening Hours: Wed - Mon - 9am - 5pm Shop 2 ‘The Village Green’ | 10475 New England Hwy | Highfields Q 4352 | Ph 07 4615 4480

June 2018

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Delivering all the style and comfort your child needs


arenthood comes with many challenges, whether it be what school to enrol your child in, the seemingly endless expenses, or even confusion over what swing to buy your child to ensure their safety and comfort. That’s where Sleepy Jays Swings comes into play, a business which provides home-made swings at a very affordable price, and one that has developed an extremely respectable reputation over more than a decade of trade. Starting from humble beginnings, Sleepy Jays Swings has established itself as one of the most reliable providers in the industry, something owner and operator Kerry Imrie is proud of. “I made my first swing for my grandchildren from off-cuts of canvas from my upholstery business in 2004,” Mrs Imrie said. “I made swings for my daughter’s friends and their friends until a family friend asked me to come with her to a local market and sell my swings there. “The name Sleepy Jays came about from when my grandson Jay fell asleep in his swing.”

Mrs Imrie said she never looked back from there, attending Baby Expos in Brisbane and Melbourne, participating in field days and even taking her swings to Hampton Court Palace in the UK. Sleepy Jays Swings’ business model is one that ensures a safe and long-lasting swing for little children, with her fabrics sourced from home and abroad. “Sleepy Jays is a safe colourful swing for children from six months to four years old, all handmade and all from canvas and sticks...” Mrs Imrie said. Situated in Central and north-west NSW, Sleepy Jays Swings has managed to develop a nation-wide consumer base, which has taken Mrs Imrie around the world and allowed her to test new markets. One such market she has made an immense mark in are daycare centres, and when considering Mrs Imrie’s work ethic and perseverance, it’s easy to why Sleepy Jays Swings has experienced such a fruitful existence for so many years.

s outdoor or a v n a c l fu r u lo o c a e ar 6mthsto 5yrs en r d il h c r fo g in w s r indoo

• They can be hung inside or out • Hang them on the clothesline while you hang out the washing or near the BBQ when you are entertaining

Prices starting from $100.

Can be made to order. 6

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June 2018


• They come in plain canvas or double fabric in your favourite colours




rom deliciously feminine pieces to structured and striking pant suits, if looking for high-style fashion this winter, you couldn’t have picked a better time. The 2018 winter season welcomes fashion that makes a dramatic statement and exudes sophistication. Glamorous lace numbers will return this season, but not as you know them. Playful colours and subtle accents of lace will reinvent this traditional trend, striking a perfect balance between a conservative and romantic look. One colour you may not have expected to see take centre stage this season is pink, and we aren’t talking the musky hue either. Bright pinks will feature everywhere, whether that be through

clutch bags, skivvys or bold, statement lipsticks. Elegance will take on new meaning thanks to the tuxedo-inspired style we can expect to see plenty of in high fashion. After all, nothing quite screams chic like a simple, yet head-turning, white suit. To emphasise this look opt for a classic closed-toe pump heel and swipe on a nude-toned lipstick. When it comes to the favourite winter trend of a trench coat, these will once again make a resurgence, and watch for a velvet version. Leopard print is another trend that rears its head every few winters or so and 2018 promises this fashion staple in spades.



IN TOOWOOMBA & WESTERN QUEENSLAND Independent Doyle’s Review has named Best Wilson Buckley Family Law as a leading family law firm in the region for the third consecutive year. Reagan Wilson and Kara Best are recognised as Preeminent Family Lawyers in Toowoomba & Western Queensland and Lynn Armstrong was named as a Recommended Family Lawyer in the region. Our team of family law experts in Toowoomba, Brisbane, Ipswich and North Lakes can assist you with your family law and divorce needs, call us now.

✔ Largest dedicated family law team in Queensland ✔ Four Accredited Family Law Specialists ✔ Property and parenting matters ✔ De facto and same sex relationships

135 Margaret Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350 | 07 4639 0000 |


June 2018

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COLD WAR Winter sniffles are inevitable, but fighting the good fight may just get you through flu season


tatistically, 2017 was the biggest year for catching colds in Australia since 2009. So, how do you protect yourself from the flu? Unfortunately, you can’t lock yourself away in your room, so here are a few ways to arm yourself against the dreaded bug. The most common method of protection is taking the flu shot. However, this popular injection can’t keep you safe from all strains of influenza due to its rapid mutation rate, but it will protect you from the common flu. If you’re afraid of needles, then Vitamin C might be for you. A group study showed that taking 200mg of Vitamin C per day reduces the risk and duration of flu symptoms by eight per cent (not much, but it might just be the edge you need). Even garlic is capable of fighting the flu.

Garlic contains allicin and other compounds that are released when the garlic is chewed and these compounds have been shown to boost the flu-combating response of white blood cells in the body, helping fight it off. However, the most efficient way of protecting yourself from flu is simply to wash your hands effectively as a good scrubbing will physically remove the viruses from your skin. The water doesn’t need to be hot or cold, just rubbing hard will do the trick and if soap and water is unavailable, using an alcohol-based sanitiser will suffice. Washing your hands regularly is shown to reduce the chance of catching flu by 45 per cent, making it the most effective way to fight those winter woes (as well as the easiest).

Highfields Pioneer Village Support our heritage & get into the Pioneering Spirit for a day. See what life was like for the pioneers of the Darling Downs, as you wander through faithfully restored buildings. View a large range of vintage and farm machinery. Children will love visiting the fire engine museum. The Highfields Pioneer Village covers an area of 20 acres of picturesque grounds with over 60 buildings, pleasant surroundings and picnic facilities.

Why Freeze?


Australia’s Leading Ugg Boot and Sheepskin Specialists

Skinnys has over 60 different styles of Ugg Boots and Slippers to keep you warm

Take a ride on Miniature Steam Train Myrtle May Sun 24 June 2018, 10:00am–2:30pm Sun 29 July 2018, 10:00am–2:30pm Sun 26 Aug 2018, 10:00am–2:30pm


• Sheepskin, Coats, Vests, Gloves and Hats • Long Wool, Baby, and Medical Rugs • Cowhides & Kangaroo Skins • Sheepskin Seat Covers, multi-fit or tailored • Huge range of Souvenirs

Open 10am to 4pm Daily Phone: (07) 4696 6309

73 Wirraglen Rd, Highfields QLD 4352 8

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June 2018


Bookings available for special charter hire.

200 Herries Street, Toowoomba • Phone (07) 4659 5500



“WET HAIR, DON’T CARE!” Remember being told to blowdry before bed? CARMEN MILLER


e’ve all been there … after a long, hard day at the office, we slump on the couch with an extra-large wine in hand, only to suddenly remember the looming reality that is not only washing our long locks, but blow-drying them out before bed. We then spend a good 15 minutes weighing up the chances anyone will notice the grease-filled bun atop our head, only to concede and begrudgingly make our way to the bathroom. Well, thankfully, the days of forcing ourselves to endure this unique kind of hell are LEFT: Having wet hair doesn't spell disaster after experts found it has some unique benefits.

over – with the experts kindly informing us that we can now adopt the catchphrase “wet hair, don’t care!” Contrary to the advice of our mothers’ and grandmothers’, who believed sleeping with wet hair would cause the ends to become damaged and break, it seems we can now pop in for a quick hair wash and return to our extra-large wine feeling guilt-free and fresh. Apparently recent findings suggest that going to bed with wet hair can actually offer some unique benefits. Wave patterns can be enhanced and a more natural and lived-in look is achieved through this process. The heat generated from blow-drying your hair removes the hair’s natural oils, so letting it dry naturally is a good decision when it comes to the overall health of your hair.

For all your Hair & Beauty needs!

Now Open in Chinchilla

❖ Hair ❖ Beauty ❖ Make-up ❖ Pampering

4669 1450

1/19 Bell Street, Chinchilla •


At Southern Star Academy of Dance your child will grow, learn and explore the magic of dance in a nurturing and encouraging environment.


Ages 2 years - Advance

WHITE LOTUS Hair & Beauty

Skin Care Range

0434 778 195 Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Acrobatics and Musical Theatre.

PURE FIJI is made of fresh and natural Fijian plant extracts. Soaps, Body Oils, Lotions and Scrubs.

Chinchilla Studio Uniting Church Hall 31 Middle Street Dalby Studio Bunya Business Park Cnr Irvingdale & Bunya Hwy 6810932aa


June 2018

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DALBY SNOW WHITE KINDERGARTEN Megann Rummell reads to the children at Snow White Kindergarten in Dalby.



he children at Dalby’s Snow White Kindergarten have a wonderful outdoor environment to play in, including cubby houses, veggie gardens, a bike path, and even a boat! While the focus is very much on play, Snow White Kindergarten director Megann Rummell explains there is a lot more to the kindergarten program than may appear to the casual observer. “We carefully plan our daily learning experiences around the needs, interests and abilities of each child, and support them in all areas of their development, including fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills as well as social and emotional awareness,” Megann said. Snow White Kindergarten, a division of the Kath Dickson Family Centre, has been a feature of the Dalby community for decades.

A rich history of teaching children in a fun and caring environment Through this time it is not only the buildings and resources that have extended but also the understanding of the developmental needs of children. “Our educators are all fully qualified, caring, passionate people who have been educating children for over 15 years each. “We understand that each child comes to us with their own experiences and knowledge and it is our role, as educators, to help them to explore their world, investigate and make new discoveries. “It is a responsibility we take very seriously…but fortunately it’s a role we absolutely love!” Snow White Kindergarten, located at 129 Bunya Street, Dalby is a division of Kath Dickson Family Centre and affiliated with the Creche and Kindergarten Association. Call 4662 1078 to inquire about enrolments for 2019.

Looking for a quality kindy program in Dalby? Discover the delightful Snow White Kindergarten! Snow White Kindergarten is a community kindergarten that has provided generations of Dalby’s children with the best start to their schooling life. Now a division of the Kath Dickson Family Centre, and affiliated with C&K, Snow White Kindergarten provides a child-centred environment where children feel accepted, happy, safe and nurtured, while developing the necessary skills for a lifetime of learning.

Drop in for a visit during our opening hours to see Snow White Kindergarten for yourself.

Snow White Kindergarten, 129 Bunya Street, Dalby 07 4662 1078 | | A DIVISION OF THE KATH DICKSON FAMILY CENTRE 10

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June 2018


Open Mondays - Fridays, 8.30am-2.45pm (school terms only, excluding public holidays)





or all of your home appliance needs with the hospitality to match, look no further than Betta Home Living Chinchilla. Betta Home Living Chinchilla, is a local, family owned business that has been in operation since 1964. The store prides itself on its community-minded focus and exceptional customer service. Sales manager Mark Blond, who has worked in the store for mote than 10 years, said its wide-ranging list of products and services coupled with local service was what set it apart from other companies in the region. “Our main areas of expertise are our furniture, electrical goods, installation and appliance sales,” Mr Blond said. “Furniture is something we’ve added in the past few years and that part of the business has quickly established itself as one of the main reasons customers keep returning to the store.” Servicing Chinchilla and surrounds, Betta Home Living

Chinchilla has made it a point of emphasis to go the extra mile. “Not only do we provide our services for customers in Chinchilla, but we also offer a delivery service that stretches to Miles, Wandoan and Taroom,” Mr Blond said. Betta Home Living Chinchilla also places a great deal of importance on energy efficiency, particularly during winter. Betta provides an in-home quote service for split-system airconditioners to ensure the product matches the situation. “It’s important to get the correct sized air-conditioner installed. If you undersize or oversize an air-conditioner there is a good chance that you will either not be heating or cooling the room efficiently and paying a lot more in your power bill,” Mr Blond said. So for all of your home living needs this winter, no matter how big or small, Betta Home Living Chinchilla has you covered.

“Panasonic Split System Air Conditioners are one of the most efficient heating solutions for the cold winter ahead”



Electrical lic: 4454 ARC Lic AU01744

June 2018

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BELLA & SPICE All season options for the family 1 - Arthur Ave 2 - Arthur Ave 3 - Arthur Ave 4 - Solito dress, Nicole Ritchie’s House of Harlow earrings 5 - Arthur Ave 6 - Totem dress, Peter Lang jewellery and Brave + True slides 7 - Totem dress, Peter Lang jewellery and Brave + True hat 8 - Thurley dress 9 - Coop by Trelise Cooper top, Jac + Mooki pants and Peter Lang jewellery 10 - Mesop jumper, skirt and jacket and Brave + True bag

4 1



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June 2018





7 6




June 2018

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Looking to buy into a lifestyle resort? You’ll be spoilt for choice at Living Gems Toowoomba, designed for active over 50s. Enjoy a personal guided tour of our multi-million dollar country club, view our 20 state-of-the-art recreational indoor & outdoor facilities. Inspect the affordable and uniquely designed homes on sale, or choose a vacant site to build your new home. This resort is now selling, with homes priced from $350,000.

Why not compare us with the rest? We think we are the best!




Call 1800 785 594 | | 500 South Street, Toowoomba


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June 2018



LIVING GEMS TOOWOOMBA You won’t regret the move to the perfect lifestyle in a beautiful part of the world


or Susan and Doug Searle, their move to Living Gems Toowoomba has been better than they could have imagined. Mr Searle said they moved there from a two-and-a-half-acre property and they haven’t missed it at all. “Now we are half the distance to the golf club!” Mr Searle said. “There is a strong sense of community; there is no such thing as going out for a half an hour walk,” Mrs Searle said. “You might get back home an hour and a half later because people are out talking and they’re really happy to have a chat. I love every bit of it,” Living Gems sales manager Shirley Ortez says the Toowoomba region has so much to offer in history, food, recreation, shopping and entertainment. “Not to mention the stunning landscapes of the Darling Downs

region and local attractions like the Cobb+Co Museum, Picnic Point Lookout and Queens Park,” she said. “It’s heaven on the range. “Nature has provided the surrounds; Living Gems creates the lifestyle. “We are always busy with new enquiries about our wonderful resort. “Now is a great time to call and make an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you to Living Gems Toowoomba.” All are welcome to attend the regular meet ‘n’ greet information sessions hosted at the country club, call 1800 348 977 or email at: to register your interest. More information call 1800 785 594 or visit

Coeducational Years K-12 | Boarding Years 7-12


Lapunyah Art Galler y is managed by volunteers with the support of


At Concordia Lutheran College in Toowoomba, we have created a welcoming boarding environment for students in Years 7 to 12. Contact us today to learn more about our new Learning in Residence program and other exciting developments taking place in Concordia boarding. ...because learning is at the heart of everything we do. 1800 CONCORDIA

Exhibition Showcases:• Local and national artists • Touring exhibitions Galler y Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm Saturdays 9am to 12 noon 80-86 Heeney Street Chinchilla.

Ph: 46689908



Western Downs Regional Council.

Email: June 2018

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NEW OB-GYN FOR TOOWOOMBA AND DARLING DOWNS Evolve Women’s Health aims to provide exceptional care to women in the region Dr David Chettle.



arling Down’s newest obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr David Chettle has opened his practice Evolve Women’s Health at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Toowoomba. Dr Chettle said that his goal in opening Evolve Women’s Health was to provide exceptional care to the women of Toowoomba and the greater Darling Downs region. “My wife and I have personally experienced the roller-coaster of having a baby and we understand how difficult it can be. Our hope in opening our practice is to offer excellent care in a warm and welcoming environment. “Our practice is a bit different from the usual, We’ve really thought about what our patients need, particularly our travelling patients who will be driving in from out of town. We’ve equipped the waiting room with a separate play area for the kids, dedicated kids’ TV; tea, coffee and cold water for our patients, as well as

snacks and poppers for the kids. Our hope is that our patients and mums-to-be feel considered and comfortable and are able to relax a little whilst visiting us,” he said. Dr Chettle recently moved to Toowoomba from Brisbane with his wife and three children. Dr Chettle said that the reason for the move was to provide a better lifestyle for his family with an improved work-life balance. “Toowoomba and the Darling Downs is such a beautiful area, you have everything you could possibly need here, without being amidst the traffic and noise of Brisbane. We are really enjoying all the beautiful parks and open spaces,” he said.

Pregnant or planning pregnancy? Want to discuss your birthing options including VBAC? Dr Chettle will listen to you.


Style |

June 2018

Want to know more? Find us on Facebook or call our office for an appointment. P: (07) 4688 5533 | St Vincent’s Private Hospital,Toowoomba


Specialist Obstetric and Gynaecology care. Caring for you before, during and after pregnancy.

Exci ng Back to the Bush Program! With a new look and a new name, Miles will be welcoming visitors to celebrate life in the bush with a huge program of events at Miles Back to the Bush Festival, from 6 to 9 September 2018. The Festival will be an eclectic mix of vintage and bush experiences, set to the backdrop of the beautiful spring wildflower season and the charm of the Miles Historical Village. A highlight will be the Festival Showgrounds Precinct opening on Saturday 8th for an action-packed afternoon and evening, featuring

the quirky Beard Appreciation Event, revved up tractors in the tractor pull, guest appearance by Josh Arnold performing the Festival Anthem, plus a stack of other entertainment culminating with live music (follow the Festival Facebook page for an exciting artist announcement soon!) Lovers of antiques and collectables are in for a treat, with local homes opened for the unique collections tour, plus an Antique & Collectables Expert in Residence at the Miles Historical Village– so bring along your interesting items for an ‘Antiques Roadshow’ style encounter. The Village will be host to a Dinner Under the Stars & Theatre Production, plus a Bush Poets Breakfast and heritage fun activities.

FEATURE EVENTS Official Opening, Art Exhibition Opening – 6th Sept Dinner Under the Stars & Theatre Production at the Village – 6th Sept Collections Tour (private vintage collections) – 7th Sept Gala Ball: Feedlot to Fork, with Celebrity Chef – 7th Sept Tough Bugger Challenge & Street Parade – 8th Sept FESTIVAL SHOWGROUNDS PRECINCT: Huge Program of Entertainment – 8th Sept Bush Poets Breakfast & Fun Day at Miles Historical Village – 9th Sept


There’s too much to list, so view the full program at www.backtothebushfes

June 2018

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B E E R & WI N E

PIRATE CREW CAPTURES QUALITY From the Barossa, you don’t even have to wait to breathe this one DANTE Gabriel 2015 Montepulciano by Pirate Crew wines Barossa Valley:

Hogshead 2016 Chardonnay Adelaide Hills:

PIRATE Crew wines are fiercely independent small-batch winemakers based in the Barossa Valley. Located in the sub-region of the Barossa Valley known as Vine Vale, the vineyard is situated beside a small grove of ancient gum trees. 2015 was an exceptional vintage for this late ripening variety, one of the last to be harvested in the valley. The wine was traditionally made in a Tuscan style, using whole berry press and extended time on skins during fermentation, then aged in seasoned oak barriques for approximately 18 months. This one is a crack and drink, needing no time to breathe and feeling supple and chewy from the first minute it’s opened. The nose shows spice with floral notes, then dark cherry, blackberry and plum explode on the palate with hints of wild herbs. Light to medium in body with a soft light finish, this is an ideal food wine, as it won’t overpower the dish. An ideal companion to Mediterranean dishes such as antipasto or pizza, it will also pair well with veal dishes and is a great BBQ wine.

Hogshead is a partnership between South Australian winegrowers Jim Zerella and Corey Ryan and is sourced from established vineyards in the Adelaide Hills at close to 600 metres altitude. The sheltered aspect and cold autumn nights, courtesy of these higher altitude sites, combine to ensure the retention of natural acidity in the elegant fruit harvested. Picked at night to retain maximum fruit freshness, the majority of the blend was made in stainless steel with about 20 per cent aged in medium toast two and three-year-old French oak barrels for four months to add complexity. This was a wild ride of a vintage with high temperature spikes, heavy rainfall and other wild weather. But most of the excitement occurred early in the season or was of little direct impact before an almost perfect autumn. In this classy little wine, peaches and rock melon abound with a back note of slate keeping the flavour profile steely and tight with vanillin oak from the French oak maturation. A buttery mid palate gives a full mouth feel and length you can still taste after five minutes. This is old school people!

BEER REVIEW: MOO BREW PILSNER Many of you will be aware that last month there was an international celebration of all things beef held in Rockhampton. In the spirit of beef discovery, I have searched high and low for a beer to review that has some connection to cattle, which in a rather circuitous way has brought us to this week’s tipple – the Moo Brew Pilsner. The Moo Brew brewery was established in Tasmania in 2005, which, in craft brewery terms, makes them a bit of a grandfather. They produce seasonal batches as well as a pilsner, a German-style Hefeweizen, a Belgian pale ale, an

American pale ale and an American dark ale. Hugh the neighbour and I sat down to try this on a Sunday afternoon. The beer was in a can, and poured a dark golden in the glass with a healthy white head. From the outset, you get a nose full of hops which is far fruitier than you might normally associate with a pilsner. It was quite bitter in the aftertaste, however not enough to be as mouth-puckering as some of the American pale ales, and delivered a sparkling hit to the palate. It certainly has a European taste to it. The Facts: 375ml cans; 5% ABV; $23.50 per six pack; $75 per carton of 24.

WINTER the perfect time to get your sun-damaged skin treated Bring the more RADIANT YOU back with Fraxel Laser resurfacing   

Smoother, fresher, younger looking skin Improved tone and texture Improves unwanted pigmentation Reduced fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes

Choose 18

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June 2018

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THE IDEAL BURGER It’s what’s between the buns that make it so perfect JOSEPH BARCLAY JOSEPH.BARCLAY@DALBYHERALD.COM.AU


O MATTER how mundane your life may be at any given time, there’s nothing quite like the experience of taking your first bite into a delicious burger. That got me thinking, what goes into making the perfect burger? There are a variety of factors that come into play, from the type of meat, the accompanying salads, sauces, buns and what you deem the ideal size to ensure your satisfaction. So in an attempt to determine what I would consider a flawless burger, subjectively of course, I broke down each section of the burger via a ranking system to allow for the most well-rounded analysis. Firstly, the meat, as much as I enjoy a rich pulled pork burger with coleslaw, or a freshly grilled chicken breast accompanied by avocado, I’m still firmly of the belief that red meat is in fact a burger’s supreme star. Whether you prefer a beef patty or rib fillet, I am adamant that both ground beef and steak require identical ingredients to maximise the diner’s enjoyment.

So now to the ingredients, first comes a nice leaf of iceberg lettuce with the red meat resting on top. Then comes the slice of melted swiss cheese to give it that buttery, nut-like flavour to soothe your palate. On top of the cheese are two thinly cut pieces of tomato, pickles, red onion, and finally topped off with arguably the second most important ingredient behind the meat, beetroot. The earthy, slightly bitter taste of the beetroot work in unison with the meat and cheese to perfection, so much so I all but refuse to eat a ground beef or steak burger without it; snob I know. In terms of the bun and sauces, there are so many viable options that you can be very creative with your combinations; that I am not too fussy about. But considering I am constructing the ideal burger, a nice seeded milk bun lathered in tomato sauce, yellow mustard and a small dollop of aioli is all you need. It is a pretty common and simple concoction of ingredients, and although it may not earn you a spot on My Kitchen Rules, when done right, it is a recipe that fails to disappoint.

IF YOUR CHILD STARTING PREP IN 2019 Shooting Stars Pre-Prep Program 2018

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June 2018

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National Hamburger Day Stellarossa Hamburger Delicious beef patty, crisp iceberg lettuce, juicy tomato and cheddar cheese with BBQ sauce on a fresh sesame bun.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Burger Crispier, succulent 100% Aussie chicken breast. With crispy bacon, spicy buffalo sauce and crunchy slaw. It’s crispy, juicy & deliciously spicy.

115a Cunningham Street, Dalby • Ph: 07 4662 3656

61 Condamine Street, Dalby • Ph: 07 4662 5366

Build Your Own Burger Juicy beef patty with cheddar cheese, crisp iceberg lettuce, beetroot and tomato topped with your choice of sauce. Add bacon, egg or any extras of your choice. Come to the Commercial Hotel and check out our great burger range or build your own! 124 Cunningham Street, Dalby • Ph 07 4662 3211

The “CRI” Burger A Wagyu beef patty, cos lettuce, tomato, red onion, swiss cheese, pineapple, bacon, egg, aioli & BBQ sauce on a brioche bun that’s topped with onion rings & served with seasoned potato wedges

Paddock Burger Short Rib beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar and seeded mustard & dill pickle aioli on a milk bun served with chips.

Urb an


138 Cunningham Street, Dalby • Ph: 07 4662 2628

The ANZAC Burger - just as the ANZACs made them.

Grilled bully beef patty made from fresh corned beef, bacon, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, sweet spiced pickles, beetroot, balsamic onions, aioli and bar-be-que sauce all on a toasted bun served with crispy chips.

Available daily from the Chinchilla RSL Bistro, Heeney Street, Chinchilla.

OPEN 7 DAYS - LUNCH 12-2PM & DINNER 6-8:30PM 77 DRAYTON ST, DALBY PH 4662 3303

The BACON JAM ANGUS If you are a Bacon lover - this burger is for you ....

Thicker, juicier 100% Angus beef, melted cheese and bacon jam.

AVAILABLE NOW at McDonalds Chinchilla

SHARPY'S WARREGO Rib fillet steak, lettuce, tomato, ROAD TRAIN cheese, onion rings, aioli, mayo, For a lengthy hunger ...

BBQ sauce on a toasted bun.

AVAILABLE at Sharpy's on the Warrego Highway just over the Bridge, Open 7 days.



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June 2018

Dr John Esler Queensland Fertility Group Toowoomba

Experience counts

Gynaecology & Fertility Specialist Toowoomba Specialist Centre Suite 15, 9 Scott St., Toowoomba QLD 4350

TEL: 07 4638 5533 For referrals please see your GP




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June 2018

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Jeff Hannaford Pty Ltd What can Jeff and his staff solve?? Anything!! Jeff Hannaford is a Community Chartered Accountant and Trouble Shooter who has been in business since 1978 when he opened up his first office in Inglewood. His business has now grown with another 2 offices in Texas and Millmerran. Jeff supports the AOOB Organisation because they are involved in charity and charity begins at home. Try Jeff and his staff’s experience in solving your Accountancy, Taxation and Financial worries Don’t delay, contact and enjoy the experience of good old fashioned service.

For a free insight into what changes you could make to your Business or life phone Jeff on 0429 894 937 or Millmerran 4695 1477 or Inglewood 4652 1106 or Texas 4653 1155

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