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AS YOU WANT. At Base Chinchilla you are welcome to enjoy our friendly service, restaurant quality food and comfortable accommodation for any length of time that suits you. It really is the perfect place to eat, sleep and relax. Each room has an ensuite, work station, access to Foxtel and a DVD player, free wiďŹ /ethernet and split system air conditioning. The rooms are well located near car parking, recreational facilities and our restaurant.


105 Windmill Road, Chinchilla, QLD 4413. For accommodation bookings or catering and events call 1300 415 667. bookings@basechinchilla.com.au | catering@basechinchilla.com.au | Find us on


INDUSTRIAL & MINING SERVICES • Mobile Cranes • Bulk Material Handling • Heavy Haulage & Transport • Mining Services • Maintenance Services • Labour Hire (07) 4668 9091 (local) 1300 554 458 (Free Call) BRISBANE - CHINCHILLA - ROMA - BLACKWATER - MIDDLEMOUNT -

www.lcrgroup.com.au 4

HEAD OFFICE P: (07) 3332 0000 511 Nudgee Road Hendra OLD 4011

CHINCHILLA DEPOT Ph: (07) 4668 9091 2 Malduff Street Chinchilla QLD 4413

ROMA DEPOT Ph: (07) 4624 1600 69 Beaumont Drive Roma QLD 445




www.suratbasin.com.au/industrialdirectory 5


• Servicing the engineering, construction & building industries • Products for all your drillings, cutting and grinding needs • Wide range of stock available: everything from power tools, laser levels and tractor parts to power transmission chain and trailer spares! • Bulk discounts available • Technical advice on hand

• Locally owned & operated

7 Loudoun Rd, Dalby (Moonie Highway) Proud member of 6

PH: 4669 9111 • W: www.nbfi.com.au 7095193ab


Western Downs Civil Pty Ltd 93-95 Chinchilla Street | P.O Box 824 Chinchilla, QLD 4413 www.wdcivil.com.au | P 07 4668 9685 admin@wdcivil.com.au


Western Downs Civil is a diversified civil infrastructure company based in Chinchilla in the heart of Queensland’s Surat Basin. We provide Civil Construction, Structural Concrete, Earthworks, Rehabilitation, Roadworks, Plant Hire and Technical Project Management services to the wider Surat Basin Region and beyond. Our highly mobile and experienced team specialises in remote projects within highly controlled work environments such as Gas and Power Transmission. With our extensive fleet of internal plant and equipment and our local direct workforce, WDC has the ability to respond to our clients’ needs at short notice and provides the certainty that a safe, high quality and professional standard will be provided at all times, regardless of the time frame or challenge presented. Western Downs Civil focuses on building long-term, high-trust relationships with our clients – so your business can rely on us to successfully deliver your project. Do it Once and Do It Right and get started today with Western Downs Civil.


Gaskets & PackinG Making the world safer and cleaner through engineered sealing solutions. At Seal Innovations we know that getting things fixed promptly is important! We identified the need to have an on the spot service in Chinchilla. Quick turnaround to minimise your downtime. No need to go to Brisbane! For the first time your Pump & Mechanical seals can be refurbished locally by local fitters. Nothing is to big or small. Drop in for free quotes. Encompassing 75 years of manufacturing experience in Australasia under license for Flexitallic, SiL is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of static sealing solutions, delivering high quality industrial gaskets. We strive to achieve by providing best-in-class sealing solutions that allow our customers to operate their plants, complete projects, and start up from turnarounds safely and efficiently. We aim to help customers achieve zero leaks on machine start-up and throughout the operating cycle.


BrisBane Manufacturing capaBility • 6 Spiral Winding Machines • Laser • Water jet • Knife cutter • CNC Machined Seal Lathe • 2 Kammprofile Machines • 3 Machined Metal Lathes • Mechanical Seal Lapping • Pump Repair • Welding Bay • Paint station • Automatic compression packing cutter • National warehouse for gaskets, seals and Mechanical seals.

SIL’s extensive range of 20 Gland Packing types with a vast variety of materials and constructions to suit a wide range of industry applications. All square-braided Gland Packing is made using advanced braiding machines and materials available to maximise packing service life and performance in pumps, valves and static applications.

METALLIC ring type JOint Ring Type Joints (RTJs) excel in high-pressure applications such as oil and gas exploration and production. RTJs are also used on valves and pipework assemblies in refineries and other process industries. Available in oval, octagonal profiles and standard style, RTJs are manufactured to meet both API 6A and ASME B16.20 sizes and ratings. Also available are Style RX ring type joints which energizes on assembly. This type is designed to fit the same groove as a style R, making them interchangeable. For very high pressures, often found in sub-sea wellheads and Christmas tree systems, the style BX is used. Sub-sea versions of all styles are available with pressure balance holes. SiL designs and manufactures special RTJ and bespoke solid metal gaskets for topside and subsea blow-out preventers.

SOFT CUT cOMpresseD fiBre, graphite & pOlyMer sheet SiLs range of compressed sheet fibre, graphite and polymer sheet are designed for a wide range of applications where sealing performance and specification are essential. These include a comprehensive range of grades, covering a wide spectrum of applications, chemical compatibility and sealing performance. Sheet Jointing can be supplied in sheet form or as cut gaskets, either to standard or nonstandard dimensions.


• Mechanical Seal Lapping • Pump Repair • Welding Bay • 100 Tonne Hydraulic press • Circle Cutter • Lathe • Milling Machine • Drilling • Hydro Testing • Fully stocked warehouse –Spiral wound gaskets, Ring type joints, CNAF material, Flange Insulation Kits, Mechanical Seals, Orings, Hydraulic and rotary Seals

seal innovations

18 Malduf Street Chinchilla Qld 4413 www.sealinnovations.com.au • 07 4665 5355


A breakthrough in both heat and chemical resistance, Thermiculite® high temperature gasket materials are rated for temperatures up to 1000°C and have passed the API 607 fire test. Thermiculite® sealing materials withstand high temperatures in critical service, corrosive environments and are free from oxidation.

sigMa ptfe sheet Sigma® pairs outstanding chemical resistance of PTFE with enhanced dimensional stability. Developed for processes ranging from cryogenic temperatures to 260°C and suitable for sealing virtually every chemical medium across the entire pH range (0-14). The Sigma® range of materials contain non-stick properties making it easy to remove after usage, dramatically reducing downtime on shutdown. All components in the Sigma® range are FDA compliant. The material’s clean nature makes it ideal for use in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and electronics where product contamination is a concern.


chinchilla capaBility





The Spiral Wound Gasket is a precision engineered solution for flanged joints, heat exchangers, boiler handholes, manholes and other high temperature, high pressure applications — providing resistance to virtually every known corrosive and toxic element.

Corriculite® is a spiral wound gasket filler material, designed to provide optimum sealing performance and corrosion resistance in seawater and hydrocarbon services. Using Thermiculite® technology, it provides a cost-effective, innovative sealing solution for proactive prevention and flange corrosion management. Comparative tests have shown this non-conductive material combination provides sealing reliability in corrosion-sensitive conditions.

KAMMPROFILE GASKET The Kammprofile gasket Flexpro™ has the compressibility of a sheet gasket for low sealing stress, along with the bolt tightness of a spiral wound gasket—plus the handling ease of a solid metal gasket and its resistance to buckling. This gasket fights against flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation and creep including extreme pressure and temperature fluctuations.

CHANGE™ GASKET Originally developed in direct response to customers’ long-term heat exchanger sealing problems. Change™ is a highly-resilient metal-wound gasket, designed to deliver best in class dynamic static sealing technology. Manufactured using proprietary equipment, Change™ has a proven track-record outperforming conventional gasket technology in challenging environments, especially in applications with mechanical and thermal cycling conditions.

FLANGE RESCUE GASKET (FRG) When corrosion or damage occurs to flange faces, impact on operating costs due to downtime repairs can be significant. Easy to install, the FRG can be used for remedial repairs on corroded equipment and as a preventative solution on new equipment to prolong its life and avoid costly shutdowns.

ISOLATION KIT The I-Flex isolation system, is an insulation gasket providing electrical & cathodic insulation in pipeline systems and has passed the stringent API 6FB Fire Safety test. SiL provides a complete product range which limits corrosion in pipeline systems, utilising modified PTFE material Sigma® and unique high temperature material Thermiculite®.

Keeping industry moving. Mechanical seals are used as a method of containing fluid within a vessel (typically pumps, mixers etc.) where a rotating shaft passes through a stationary housing commonly known as a stuffing box or seal chamber. The challenge is providing a sealing arrangement that is suitable and compatible with the media being pumped / sealed preventing large volumes of pressurised fluid to escape from the sealed area to atmosphere. To address this challenge, a mechanical seal is positioned between the shaft and the pump housing that can contain the pressure of the process being pumped and withstand the friction caused by the shaft rotating. SiL provides customers with a full mechanical seals range for every industry application.




SiL’s RB Sealing range specialises in all mechanical seals. These range from large variety of standard seals to custom made seals, manufactured to suit individual requirements and include:

SiL delivers a cost-effective, as-new, refurbishment service for virtually any mechanical seal, whether our own or our competitors’ products. Our as-new refurbishment process restores customers’ seals to their original functionality, saving the cost of replacement hardware. Available at our service centres and supported by our highly skilled technical specialists, our refurbishment service offers a costeffective and environmentally sound alternative to purchasing new seals. Also available is our comprehensive precision machining, servicing, modification and rebuild service to extend the life of your mechanical seals at our workshop. This includes: • Supply/Repair to all makes of seals • All seal spares • Seals Testing • Rotating equipment repair • On site evaluation of seals, machinery & pumps • Site Surveys • On site monitoring • Trouble shooting • Reliability improvement • Laser alignments

SiL workshops provide professional pump repairs, refurbishment, and overhaul by recognised pump specialists. Available at our workshops these services deliver longevity of industrial pumping equipment. Our experienced and skilled technicians save time and money with our comprehensive precision machining, servicing, modification and rebuild services that include: • Supply/Repair to all makes of pumps including; centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, PD pumps, blowers • All pump spares • Submersible pump and seal spares and repairs • Rotating equipment repair • On site evaluation of seals, machinery & pumps • Site Surveys • Full pump repair service • Pump base fabrication • Steam turbine repairs • On site monitoring • Trouble shooting • Reliability improvement • Laser alignments

• Welded metal bellows • High temperature metal bellows • Low cost fully balanced cartridge seals • Pusher cartridge designs • Rubber bellows seals • High pressure cartridges • Stationary single spring slurry seals • Dual cartridge seals • Tandem cartridge seals • Seals for reactors • Mixer seals • Dry running seals • Seal support systems and • Environmental sealing systems

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Taking bookings now for 2020 edition. Phone 4672 9900 for more info

2019 editioN EDITION 4 2019



SALES INSIDE OVER 150 STUD STOCK AUSTRALIA 100 YEARS OF ANGUSpages 10 – 21 Angus through the Ages




reedersway www.chinchillanews.com.au/b

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HOME AWAY FROM HOME Making worker’s accommodation as comfortable as possible is paramount to overall success. WHEN you work in the FIFO industry, your chosen accommodation is literally your home away from home. So for employers, choosing accommodation for staff is a

serious choice. Not only does the establishment need to provide a comfortable environment to ensure well-rested staff, but it should add to, not take away

from, the experience. When deciding, consider factors such as food, whether it is included or not and whether it will be needed, proximity to the work site; along with the other

usual factors such as cleanliness and budget. In this day and age, hotel and motel reviews are easy to come CONTINUED ON PAGE 13

Give yourself a break


We have 180 accommodation options from only $420/wk


We’re ready to find you a great place now! FREECALL 1800 817 346 78 Bulcock Street, Caloundra www.caloundraholidaycentre.com.au


accommodation providers are up-to-date and provide a good selection of images and a written overview of their facilities, to help in making your decision. Take the stress out of booking your staff’s accommodation by doing your research and selecting the right place for them and you, it will pay off in the long run!

“The Best Value for Miles Around”

• 22 modern serviced rooms • Meal packages to suit your staff for overnight or extended stays • Free generous WiFi & Foxtel • Secure off street parking for larger vehicles, trailers & equipment • Located in epicentre of gasfields Obtain a quote, or our capability statement please email Sharon at starlinemotorinn@bigpond.com.au



across. Do your research through websites such as Trip Advisor to read impartial guest reviews. In the digital age, there really is nowhere to hide and hotels and motels have been extremely accepting of this. The websites of

97-99 Murilla Street Miles QLD 4415 Phone

(07) 4627 1322 www.starlinemotorinn.com.au

Are you in the Busin ess of providing accommo dation for the Mining and Gas Industry???? We are taking bookings now for our 2020/2021 edition of the Resource Industrial Directory

Want More Information?

Email Rachel Doyle: rachel.doyle@dalbyherald.com.au 7095193ag



MAKE SMART ACCOUNTING DECISIONS Every business, big or small, needs to hire an accountant to protect the financial integrity of the organisation. Many business owners think that with the assistance of handy software such as QuickBooks, they can personally handle the accounting, and truth be told, that is the biggest mistake a business owner can make. When business owners decide not to hire an accountant, they are usually motivated by the savings they think they will achieve, but fact of the matter is a good accountant can be one of the most worthwhile investments made in the business, and in the end can actually end up saving the company money. Hiring the right accountant can be a valuable asset to your business, no matter how small, and can provide many benefits at various stages of growth, such as described below.

Start-up phase During the all-important start-up phase of a company a great accountant can be beneficial in providing advice as to what type of company is best suited for the business model, as well as assist in making decisions in regards to

maximising profit. The right accountant will also be able to advise and guide you through the financial section of a business plan, allowing you a more professional outlook on what’s to come.

Day-to-day operations When it comes to the daily operations of a business there are many services an accountant can provide. These services include managing the recording of financial transactions and ensuring compliance with the

Are you in the Accounting Business for the Mining And gAs industry?

Want more information Email Rachel Doyle rachel.doyle@dalbyherald.com.au 14


We are taking bookings now for our 2020/2021 edition of the Resource Industrial Directory.

During periods of growth A good accountant is critical to a company during periods of growth, and businesses are able to benefit from their expertise in several ways. An account will provide valuable advice, in addition to financial reports to indicate how growth should be handled, as well as provide insight as to opportunity. They will also help with every aspect of business including planning for expansion, opening a new location or even selling if need be.

Using an accredited accountant safeguards a business from having to experience an audit, or can help work through the process of an audit with you should one occur.


law, overseeing payroll and helping to find cost savings from various vendors, and from within operating costs. In addition, an accountant will handle all aspects of tax preparation, such as payroll deductions, financial reports and necessary deductions. Choosing the right accountant will ensure that a business is able to properly plan for changes in expenses and growth, creating a financial safety net so the business never faces hardship.

During financial hardship If a company is experiencing times of financial difficulty an accountant can help to manage the situation by helping to identify problems within the business, and developing new plans to bring the finances under control. They can also be useful in working with creditors to organise payment arrangements, handle any liens and negotiate interest rates, directly affecting the financial situation of the company. A great accountant will offer the flexibility needed to meet the needs of individual owners, whether it is on a full or part time basis, steering the business towards success and financial stability.

Hairy does the Job A Chartered Accountant with a sense of humour

EnVision Partners is a Chinchilla based business consulting and accountancy firm servicing the Western Downs. We firmly believe in our Mission, Vision and Values and see them as the core around which our business is built.

Jeff Hannaford is a Community Chartered Accountant and Trouble Shooter who has been in business since 1978 when he opened up his first office in Inglewood. His business has now grown with another 2 offices in Texas and Millmerran. Don’t delay, contact and enjoy the experience of good old fashioned service.

Please contact one of our friendly team to see how we can help your business.

Some services we can assist you with include... AGRI-BUSINESS

For a free insight into what changes you could make to your business, call Jeff on 0429 894 937


OfďŹ ce Contacts: Millmerran 07 4695 1477 Inglewood 07 4652 1106 Texas 07 4653 1155 7095193ak

EnVision Insurance Services CONTACT US Chinchilla Office 07 4662 8700 Open Mon-Fri, 8:00am - 5:00pm


Automotive parts / Repairs


Ensure your vehicle goes the distance with this handy checklist for reference. 1. Never miss an oil change This one's easy, but no doubt one of the most important things you can do to ensure a long life for your truck (or any vehicle for that matter). Ford recommends you do this every 12,000 kilometres or six months. 2.Rotate your tyres Changing your oil is a good time to check up on other types of routine maintenance too. Rotating your tyres each time








wheels are out of whack, you'll cause higher wear and tear on tyres and experience poor handling.

3. Alignment is key If around the time of your oil change, your truck is pulling to one side or the other it's probably time for a wheel alignment. Driving over rough roads at high speeds and aggressive driving can both increase the likelihood of misalignment. If your

4. Check your lights It's easy to get complacent, so that you're only thinking about maintenance around oil changes, but monthly checks on a few basic components are worth the minimal time investment they require. For instance, check that all of your interior and exterior

• Wind-Out Hood Tarp • Electric Roll Front Arm • Electric Roll Dual Arm • Waste Tarps • Long Block Waterproof System

Retractable Tarps (07) 3889 9611 I www.retractabletarps.com.au 28-30 Terrence Rd, Brendale, Qld


you change your oil helps ensure an even wear—because tyres wear unevenly according to the drivetrain of your truck.

• Hollowshaft Motor • Dual Cable Wind-Out Tarps • Single Cable Wind-Out Tarps • Roll-Over Tarps

• Pivot Arm Systems AustrAliA’ • Electric Gear Drive #1 tArp s Motors speciAli sts • Electronic Controllers • Waterproof Systems • Asphalt Tarps


WHEN it comes to relying on your vehicle for your income, keeping up-to-date with maintenance is paramount. As with most things in life, you get out what you put in, so investing the time in your beloved truck will help ensure it goes the distance and never fails when you need it to perform. To ensure your truck is living up to its true potential, keep the below check-list handy and undertake all steps.

Proud Australian Distributors of

Automotive parts / Repairs

lights are working properly. This will get you into a routine and save pennies down the track. 5. Radiator The radiator helps remove coolant heat to maintain the engine working at operating temperature. Too much heat can melt pistons, crack the engine, or warp the cylinder head. Thus, the radiator plays a key role in the efficiency and long service life of your engine. Although it doesn't have moving components, any of the radiator's simple parts can fail and cause serious engine trouble. Staying on top of coolant levels is imperative to a machine that runs well.

Repairing your vehicles from LITTLE Engines to BIG Engines and all parts in between

* Engine Reconditioning * * Cylinder Head & Fly Wheel Repairs* Engine Kits * Filters* * Lubricants * Tools * Electrical ... and much much more Our workshop operates using state-of-the-art equipment and practices with machinery to handle the largest of diesel and petrol engines. Our workshop is backed by a large range of spare parts and accessories to suit most passenger, commercial, truck, agricultural and heavy earthmoving machinery.

07 4672 5100

15 Loudoun Road, Dalby


Miles Engineering We stock the largest range of Agricultural and Industrial Equipment in our Region . . . the Surat Basin • We also specialize in safety wear, clothing and footwear • View our Catalogue online


28-46 Murilla Street, Miles, Queensland 4415

Phone: (07) 4627 1488

Fax: (07) 4627 1205

Email: sales@milesengineering.com.au













• Mechanical Repairs on Heavy Machinery and Trucks • AIS, HAVRAS Inspections • Garden Products (sand, loam, garden soil, Chip Bark, Stone, Mulch) • Road Base Gravel, Cement mix and Aggregate

• Body Trucks • Semi side Tippers • Road Trains

• Water Trucks • Semi Tankers






• Quad Axle Float • Low loader Hire


• Graders, • Excavator with Blade • Pozzie Tracks


DIG IT • • • •

Excavators Bobcats Loaders Backhoes

DEMOLISH IT • Licenced Demolisher

NO JOB TOO BIG OR SMALL CALL DOM 0427 620 144 OR DAN 0407 099 867




Building / Construction


Queensland hospitals, aged care homes and shopping centres will receive a boost to safety standards as the Palaszczuk Government updates Queensland’s mechanical services industry, which are set to take effect in the New Year. Housing and Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni said the Palaszczuk Government was continuing to provide confidence to Queensland’s built environment. "These new licensing requirements will ensure people installing medical gas and commercial air-conditioning systems are appropriately qualified and regulated. "This will save lives," Mr de Brenni said. "We know that in worst case scenarios, legionella bacteria can grow and spread through air-conditioning systems found in buildings such as aged care, hospitals and shopping centres." Mr de Brenni said the Government had sought input from industry to help draft the new regulations.

Gary O’Hollarhan, Secretary of the Plumbers Union said these reforms will strengthen the high standards of Queensland’s plumbing and drainage industry and recognise the specialist skills required for those who deliver mechanical service works. "We’re pleased at this outcome for mechanical services workers, it’s good for the industry and great for Queenslanders." Graham MacKrill, Queensland Executive Director of the Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA) said that this outcome would uphold the high standards their members set in the industry. "This announcement is a great boost to the industry that will reinforce the important work our members do in Queensland’s public buildings. "We’ve worked closely with the Palaszcuk Government to make sure the great work our members do is not undermined by unqualified, unlicensed tradies who jeopardise public safety."

We service the: gas • Mining • energy AgriculturAl sectors We provide excellent service and the best fit solutions from the one-day asset maintenance job to working on long term construction projects.

Our clients receive an end product that is well designed and minimises maintenance for the future resulting in lower long terms costs while protecting infrastructure assets.

If yOu nEEd


• Transportable buildings • Any trade services • Security fencing • Shed construction • Concrete works • Bunded areas • form work • Steel work • Precast concrete • Repair and corrosion protection of your concrete assets

For more information visit our website www.redsoil.com.au Email: estimator@redsoil.com.au or

phone 0438 501 734


Red Soil Constructions Pty Ltd is a construction and concrete services company providing quality service that is focussed on mitigating safety and environmental risk on high risk sites. Our QHSE management system is third party certified to ISO international standards.

• All types of building construction, maintenance, repairs, retrofits

Clothing / embroidery & Building and construction

STAND OUT FROM CROWD Make your mark with business uniforms

Although it may often be overlooked as a powerful branding tool — your business’s uniform is one of the best forms of advertising for your company. Regardless of the size of your work force, staff members who are out and about in the community dressed in their business uniform are doing more for your company’s presence and notoriety than you probably think. Therefore, with it comes to deciding on a uniform and more importantly, where you’ll have it embodied, selecting the highest

quality workmanship is paramount. Choosing an embroidery company who can offer a service which is long lasting and smart looking will pay dividends for your business’s brand and overall community presence in the long term. Consider the image and reputation you want for your company and hire an embroidery service who can help you share that vision through one of your most powerful advertising tools —your business uniform.

Quick Unroll Erosion Control

Quick to Install Cost Efficient Eco- Friendly Supports Rehabilitation

Easy to Maintain

www.ConcreteMats.com.au M t

For more info call 0414 280 009




Cranes / Detailing / Drilling

DRILLING INTO THE FUTURE There is work on the horizon for the drilling industry and now is the time to seize it. opportunities for labourers in this sector. While there may have been boom and bust cycles, there is no doubt there is still growth to come in the coal seam gas (CSG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) industries in Queensland. CSG and LNG are a vital


Locals Supporting Locals


IF YOU’RE debating what career to get into or thinking of a change in career, you could do a lot worse than the drilling industry. Australia is home to a plethora of major drilling companies, types and regions, with our region at the forefront of

resource for Queensland’s industrial and manufacturing sectors. Continued exploration in the region means there will be plenty of work for years to come, meaning stable and secure employment for people with the right qualifications.

Further growth and continued exploration country-wide also offers choice and salary bargaining power for drilling experts, with every state in the country increasing exploration activities in recent years.

We provide water bore drilling services to landholders and gas companies throughout SW Queensland....


• Stock and Domestic Bores • Irrigation Bores • Quality Workmanship • Competitive Rates

0418 452 448


www.darrdrilling.com.au - Miles Qld 4415 Hydrating the Community

Water bore drilling to 1400 metres Provide production casing up to ten inches if required We will research and provide accurate information on ground water in your area prior to quoting Performing the groundwork in quality drilling since 1977 Dynamic Drilling (Aust) Pty Ltd 9-15 Cooper Street, Chinchilla QLD Admin 4672 9400; John 0428 780 913 admin@dynamicdrilling.com.au


The world of drilling offers ample opportunity for anyone enthusiastic and hardworking

Careers in the drilling industry are well suited to people who like to work outdoors and prefer working with their hands. There are several types of employment in a drilling operation, the most obvious being the drill crew itself. However, the drill rig needs to be supported with maintenance and service repairs, supply chain necessities such as fuel and drilling consumables, HR and EH&S and so on. A drill crew will normally include a driller with a

minimum of several years' operational experience. Other tasks around the drill site are performed by the driller's offsider and there can be more than one offsider, depending on the scope of the work. Many offsiders have the ambition to become drillers themselves. They achieve this by gaining a level of formal qualifications and by demonstrating learned skills and experience gained on the job. Depending on the size of the

drilling project, and if there are multiple rigs, then there may also be a site supervisor. This is a management role and is the key interface between the drilling contractor and the client. The supervisor's role is to ensure that all equipment is being utilised to the best of its capabilities by solving any operational problems, ensuring repairs are done promptly, making sure manning levels are sufficient, reports are correct and submitted on time and there is no



shortage of supplies. For an entry level person wanting to come into the drilling industry, start by looking for employment with a drilling contractor as an offsider trainee. Contractors will often help with the necessary training and certifications needed as an offsider. Alternatively, it is possible to study the DICAT course (drilling industry certificate and training) before looking for work. This can enhance job prospects.



Sub Artesian and Artesian bores to 1400m, CSG Make Good Water Bores

07 4622 2543 • 45609 WARREGO HIGHWAY, ROMA 36 Bennie Street, Dalby • Member ADIA www.johnsondrilling.com.au 21



Considering a career in the resources sector is an appealing prospect in Queensland in 2020.

Do you need safety eyewear at your workplace? We have been providing our community with a wide range of safety eyewear for over 20 years. We ensure that our products meet Australian safety standards.

EMPLOYMENT in Queensland’s resources sector has added an extra 5,730 jobs over the last 12 months – the equivalent of one new job every 90 minutes according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) labour force data. Queensland Resources Council Deputy Chief Executive Judy Bertram said the data reaffirmed the resources sector’s role as a key Queensland employer with new jobs in mining regions and Australia’s biggest mining town – Brisbane. "This is good news for people working in the resources sector and more importantly people looking for work especially in regional Queensland," he said. "The resources sector has hundreds of vacancies looking for men and women to fill.

"Queensland’s resources sector supports more than 315,000 direct and indirect jobs. Resource jobs are long-term, well paid jobs and can provide education and training to advance employees into the next stage of their careers. "We want to keep employing more Queenslanders and supporting more regional communities through local investment. To do that, it’s essential that we have clear and transparent rules and regulations. The Queensland resources sector provides one in every six dollars in the Queensland economy, sustains one in eight Queensland jobs, and supports more than 16,400 businesses and community organisations across the State, all from 0.1 per cent of Queensland’s land mass.



4622 3000


4982 4450

4982 0712



4632 3166

4638 4836




SII MINE INDUCTION COURSES • Full 2 Day SII Inductions Every week • SII Mine Induction Refresher Course DAILY • REGISTER NOW - Servicing Toowoomba, Ipswich & the Surat Basin

www.eeat.com.au 3282 1351 22


Demand is Now growing in the Mining Sector Email for more information enquiry@eeat.com.au or call 0434 054 559 Haul Truck Training available

Compliant earth works must not be overlooked WHETHER it be trenching, earthmoving, paving preparation, site clearing, soil removal, post and auger hole drilling, site cuts, bulk excavations, swimming pools, civil work, footings, basement excavation or site levelling, choosing the right company to complete your Earthworks needs is not something to be taken lightly. Obviously, experience is key in this area but there are few other things to check off before employing a company to complete your job. Firstly, ensure they are a licensed and insured operator. This is a must as it will not leave you open to any legal

mishaps should they arise as a result of the company’s practices. Looking for a company that is versatile and flexible is also another important factor to consider. If you have a relatively small job you need completed, you do not want to be charged for a team. Ensure whoever you employ has team members who can work independently, or in a team if and when required. Lastly, it is imperative the company has on hand the equipment you need. If you are in a tight spot and think a mini excavator will be required to gain access to your site — do your research and ensure the company you are hiring have specialists on hand in this specific area of Earthworks.

Engineering / Earthmoving


earthmoving & civil constructions specialists




• • • •

Red ridge gravel White ridge gravel Decorative stone Road base

Crusher dust Flood rock Sand Loam

SERVICES • Maintenance & Construction for Roads & Dams • Culverts & Drainage • Bulk Earthworks • Trenching

• • • •

Pier Holes Stick Raking & Seeding Gravel Pads & Yards Rural Maintenance Grading

EQUIPMENT Scrapers Dozers Excavators Graders

• • • •

Skid Steers Screening & Crushing Body & Side Tippers Front End Loaders

Andrew Stansbie 0447 004 020 www.dmacroma.com.au Email Us admin@dmacroma.com.au


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Baker Rossow’s Engineering and design team specialise in footing & earthworks design and structural engineering for your new dwelling. Contact us for a site inspection today! Civil Engineering

• Urban, Rural and Industrial Sub-divisions • Roads & Car parks • Traffic Studies • Hydraulic Engineering • Stormwater Drainage & Quality Reports • Fire mains, Water reticulation & Sewerage design

• Footing Design • Retaining Walls • Building Structural Design Multi Discipline Engineering • Motels, Units & Houses • Schools & Church Facilities • Shops, Offices & Commercial • Work Camp Design

136 Herries Street PO Box 1382, Toowoomba Qld 4350 Phone: (07) 4638 5655 | www.bakerrossow.com.au


Structural Engineering

37 Archibald Street Dalby QLD 23

Finding the right financial planner is a process one must thoroughly consider FINDING the right person to get financial advice from can be tricky and many people are just relying on family members for monetary guidance. There’s no denying many Australians have been left dudded by supposed “experts” who have given them shoddy advice and left them worse off. Banking giant National Australia Bank recently revealed it would set aside $1.2 billion to compensate victims including those who received dodgy advice from planners linked to the bank. Rrival bank ANZ set aside $559 million for customer related remediation, including poor advice. The big banks were hauled over the coals in the financial services’ royal commission for disgraceful acts such as charging fees for no service,

billing dead people and mischarging customers. Nnew research by financial comparison website ‘Finder’ quizzed 1000 Australians and found when it comes to seeking advice: •42per cent receive financial advice from parents, grandparents and relatives. • 26per cent do an online search. • 24per cent use financial comparison websites. Financial advisers in Australia must be licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission or be an authorised representative of an Australian Financial Services Licensee. Before using an adviser, people should check the ASIC register to ensure the person is registered.

Fox & Rynne Accountants Pty Ltd

Save yourself the time Let us take the hassle out of arranging your General Insurance

☞ GST Compliance Assistance ☞ Taxation Advice and Planning ☞ Preparation & Electronic Lodgement of Income Tax Returns


☞ Preparation of Annual and Periodical Financial Statements

Servicing Miles, Taroom, Wandoan, Theodore Areas 45 Marian Street Miles | Ph 4627 1500 | Fax 4627 1878 29 Yaldwyn Street Taroom | Ph 4627 3225 | Fax 4627 3426 Email: admin@foxrynne.com.au 24

by their licensed financial planner or adviser –was about $2500. Finder.com.au’s spokeswoman,Bessie Hassan, said it was important when seeking financial advice – whether professionally or from family or friends – to ensure it was from someone trustworthy. “However, keep in mind that both your personal financial situation as well as the current economic climate are likely vastly different to what they may have experienced,so proceed with caution,”she said. A recent ASIC report into financial advice found the biggest barriers to getting advice were the cost(35 per cent), a person’s financial circumstances being too limited (29 per cent), self-managing finances(26 per cent) and not trusting financial advisers(19 per cent).


Services Offered Include:

☞ Estate Planning

The Financial Planning Association of Australia’s chief executive officer,Dante De Gori, admitted planners’ reputations had taken a hit. “You can find a planner by referrals or going onto the FPA website or using our dating app for consumers to find their perfect match for financial planning .It’s called Match My Planner,”he said. “It’s just certified financial planners that enables you to have a non-committal conversation and interaction with a human being that could potentially be your planner in a safe environment.” But cost has remained a barrier for many people seeking professional financial advice. Mr DeGori said the average charge for a statement of advice – a document that sets out the advice given to a consumer

We have access to a wide range of insurance options for Personal, Business, Commercial, Farm and Crop insurance Our experienced and qualified staff are able to tailor insurance solutions for your needs. Bryan Fitzgerald Holly Dunlop

Joel Wilson

Tim Hart

Natalie Manley

43 Patrick Street, Dalby 4669 8300 dib@dalbyib.com.au


Financial Services


Fuel Services


Make a smart decision when it comes to supplier

FUEL is one of the most widely-used sources of energy in the world today and by burning fuel we can power vehicles, ships and planes as well as provide electricity for homes and building. Therefore, due to the incredibly high demand for fuel, there are many corporations involved in the business of importing and exporting fuels, especially to remote areas of Australia. In the Western Downs and Surat Basin regions, fuel is important for local businesses as well as the gas and mining industries. What makes a good wholesale fuel supplier is the ability to access a bulk fuel supply, products such as oil and lubricants, fuel equipment solutions and fuel delivery to rural, remote and regional areas. Choosing a reputable

supplier will reflect the overall experience you have with your fuel company. Not all fuel companies are created equally. Whether you’re an avid bargain hunter looking for the cheapest deal on the market, focused on great customer service, or your concern lies in matters of renewable energy there’s always reason to shop around. When researching fuel providers, you may be

overwhelmed by the amount of industry jargon and marketing. Make sure you extensively research and wade through the, at times, confusing and detailed information to ensure you make the best decision. It is also important to be mindful of your budget. However, as with everything, the cheapest possible options does not necessarily translate to happy customers and great service, so once again - look into reviews and reputations

before settling on a supplier. Outlining your specific requirements and fuel delivery options of the suppliers are two other areas which are also important to look into when doing your research. Lastly, ensure you are choosing a company which understands what fuel means to local communities and one who will ensure customers get the fuel they need to keep our industries thriving.


Diesel across Australia, providing DieselStop Stopnetwork network across Australia, providing convenient convenient drive-through drive-throughaccess, access,with with many many sites providing Adblue and amenities. sites providing Adblue and amenities.


Australian ownedand and operated since Australian owned operated since 19841984 We provide provide complete We completeand andflexible flexiblefuel fuel solutions, including supply, storage and solutions, including supply, storage and management, helping your business business management, helping your grow. grow.

BULKFUEL FUELDELIVERY DELIVERY BULK Locally-based drivers, ensuring efficient Locally-based drivers,ensuring efficient deliveries of diesel, unleaded, unleaded, Avgas deliveries of diesel,premium unleaded, premium and Jet A1 fuels. unleaded, Avgas and Jet A1 fuels. STORAGE TANKS AND FUEL MANAGEMENT STORAGE TANKS AND FUEL MANAGEMENT Fuel storagetanks tanksand andinventory inventorymanagement management Fuel storage systems, allowing you to stay in control your systems, allowing you to stay in control of of your fuelconsumption. consumption. fuel AVIATION AVIATIONFUEL FUEL Dedicated andand deliveries Dedicatedstorage, storage,management management deliveries of high-quality Jet A1 and Avgas fuels. of high-quality Jet A1 and Avgas fuels.

1300 457 467 | IOR.COM.AU



Health Services

HEALTH KEY Mindfulness in the workplace needs to be a key focus moving forward for employers. EMPLOYERS and employees alike should keep on top of staff wellbeing year round with deliberate use of language and mindfulness activities. The Australian Workplace Mental Health Institute finds one in four suicides are linked to workplace issues and chief executive Peter Diaz says the topic needs ongoing attention, rather than just at specific times such as on R U OK? Day. Diaz, co-author of Mental Wealth: An Essential Guide to Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing, says it is more important than ever that every business, organisation and manager across the country is positioned to deal with mental health issues and understand the warning signs. “We all need to step up and ensure we are taking care of people,” he says. Typically, older workers are less likely to talk about mental health with bosses and

colleagues, whereas younger workers have normalised the topic. Bespoke HR managing director Paulette Kolarz says the difference between generations has become clearer as more diverse age groups work together. “People are not retiring as early and we have Generation Z in the workplace now,” she says. “The younger ones – under 30 – are now more likely to engage in a mental health service and seek help so more likely to potentially talk about it, versus the 45-plus, older age bracket where it is a bit of a taboo.” Kolarz says it is good to have more people openly discussing mental illness. However, it is important to use the correct language to avoid confusing this with a worker having a single bad day or a large workload, thus trivialising diagnosed illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

“(In some instances) it’s as simple as saying, ‘I need to take personal leave’, as opposed to, ‘I have to take mental health days’,” she says. Clinical psychologist and Smiling Mind chief executive Dr Addie Wootten recommends employers and employees take a proactive approach. She says mindfulness exercises – such as focusing on breathing – can help workers manage their mental health, stress and emotions in the

workplace. “By being more mindful at work, there are many benefits to the team, the business and the individual person,” she says. “Mindfulness in the workplace is a simple tool that can allow us to connect to the here and now, it is a tool that can help us to wake up, show up and live all of our moments with greater sense of calm and clarity.”

Think you’re safe from Skin Cancer? Think again.

DON’T RISK IT! Have a skin check with Dr Eddie Roos or Dr Albert Vermeulen

Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70


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Able Instrument Service has been operating for 28 years

Keep on top of new technologies for success

Multi function Process Calibrator, we have the tools for your process measurement needs.

We have calibration solutions featuring digital gauges & calibrators

Our pressure generation products include everything from pneumatic hand pumps to a precision hydraulic pressure comparator

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NOW more than ever, the worldwide oil and gas market is looking to technology to meet the needs for energy security, environmental and operational protection, improved installed system efficiency, distribution system reliability and control, economic growth, and clean energy technologies. With this in mind, ensuring you have the most up-to-date technology has never been more important. With the oil and gas industry imperative elements to our nation’s economy, staying on top of the latest advancements in technology can go a long way to not only helping your business directly, but the further prosperity of the industry as a whole. If in doubt as to whether your technologies are advanced as you think, take some time out to speak with a professional and receive a wrap up of the latest instruments available to market.




CHINCHILLA 45-47 Cooper Street



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Take your time to research and make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a plumber Selecting a plumber can be a confusing process. However, if you know what to look for, the decision can be made much easier for you. Below are some things you should be looking for when it comes to sourcing a plumber.

1. Accreditations and certifications. This should be your first port of call to ensure a safe and up-to-standard job is complete. 2. Are they a registered tradesperson or an employee of a large company? In this day and age, being too

trusting can land you is some incredibly difficult situations. Ensuring your tradesperson is registered or the employee of a large company offers the assurance you need. 3. Are they insured? This one is self-explanatory however, incredibly important!

4. Are they a local or national company? 5. Are they available 24 hours? Check your plumbers 24-hour availability. 6. Do they guarantee customer satisfaction and have testimonials to back this up? Follow up how your plumber rates in the public domain. 7.Are their online reviews more positive or negative? 8. Do they have an up-to-date and reputable website? Websites are a great place to start for information and first impressions. 9.Do they offer the option of 24 Hour Emergency Engineers. 10. Are they transparent about their rates? Once you find a plumber who ticks all these boxes, go ahead and book them in!

From Roof to Underground g

Come and see the experts!

Toowoomba, 16 Stradbroke Street, 4634 2955 Bowen Hills, 9 Exhibition Street, 3252 0855 Ipswich, 10 East Street, 3812 0988 Mt Gravatt, 260 Newnham Road, 3422 2499 Chinchilla, 26-28 Carmichael Street, 4669 1300 Gatton, 8 Saleyard Road, 54624488 Look us up on the internet at www.kandrplumbing.com.au

Hot water systems, Vanities, Down pipes, RooďŹ ng, Toilet suites, Sinks, Bath tubs, Showers, Laundry Tubs, Tapware, Plumbing ďŹ ttings & Plumbing systems 6915146ao


Rural Supplies

CHOOSING A PUMP Make the right decision for best efficiency

Today there are pumps for every farm job involving water. Knowing the job requirements and the power source available will help when it comes to choosing the right one. PUMPS FOR HOUSEHOLD USE Pumps for homes are usually mains powered and provide constant pressure for taps, showers and other household needs and appliances when mains water is not available. The "constant" pressure is maintained via a pressure reservoir, which contains an air-filled bladder allowing pressure to be stored to even out variations in flow as the pump starts and stops. It's best to buy the biggest domestic unit your budget will allow. PORTABLE PUMPS It is hard to beat a portable, petrol-powered pump, particularly for firefighting. In this situation, compatible fittings on

water-tank valves and hoses are vital, so connections can be made quickly. If pumping from a dam, a suction hose equipped with a foot valve is needed, and a bucket kept handy to prime the pump. Portable pumps are suitable for filling tanks or transferring water from one dam to another. A double impeller model can pump useful volumes through an elevation of up to 100m. They can also be used for irrigation but be sure to open valves before starting the pump because once the engine is running, they begin pumping and can blow apart fittings and hoses if the water has nowhere to go. STATIONARY PUMPS A farm-water reticulation system generally needs a stationary pump to either pump water directly on demand when a valve is opened - or to keep a header tank filled, which,

in turn, charges a gravity-fed system. Such a system can provide water to garden taps, deliver drip or sprinkler irrigation to crops and orchards and keep livestock water troughs with automatic float valves full. The source of water could be a dam or a rainwater tank and should always include a well-ventilated shelter to protect the pump from rain and direct sun. Once the required pump capacity is determined, choose the model with the most suitable power source. PETROL

Small, portable petrol-powered impeller pumps are satisfactory as stationary pumps. Instead of being fitted with a carrying frame, they can be bolted directly to a sturdy base. A disadvantage of small petrol-powered pumps is that they are not equipped with automatic start, so must be started by hand each time. They are therefore best used to fill header tanks. Larger petrol-powered pumps, often with automatic ignition systems, can deliver much higher CONTINUED ON PAGE 30

ExtEnsivE RangE, UnbEatablE sERvicE!

07 4662 7415 www.keithcrawleys.com.au


* Hose, Poly & Fittings * Fencing Supplies * Cement * Caltex Oils * Nuts & Bolts * Welding Machines & Consumables * Hand & Power Tools * Steel Supplies


Rural Supplies


volumes of water, but can be expensive. DIESEL As volumes to be pumped become larger and are required over longer periods with automatic starting, diesel-powered pumps are a better choice, being more economical and reliable. SOLAR These are useful when pumping is required some distance from power and farm buildings. An ideal application is lifting water from a dam to a header tank where water demand is not high or erratic. When there is abundant sunlight in summer they operate for longer each day and pump more water, while in cooler months they do less work, generally matching water demand. Solar pumps are low maintenance and have extremely low running costs but are expensive to set up. They are normally not chosen where large daily volumes can be required, such as in horticulture. ELECTRIC Electric pumps can have single or three-phase motors with the latter capable of much higher output.

Despite the ever-increasing rise in tariffs, they are usually cheaper to run than petrol pumps of equivalent output. Substantial savings are possible by running pumps during off-peak periods, easily achieved with weatherproof timers. Electric pumps have the added advantage of easily starting automatically from a pressure switch. They are the best choice to deliver water on demand for a variety of farm needs, in a similar way to a domestic house pump. Another advantage of electric pumps is their low-maintenance requirement, provided they are adequately protected from the elements. They have two disadvantages - installation of electric power supply over any distance is expensive, and they are only as reliable as the local power supply. Electric pumps should not be relied on for firefighting purposes. PUMP PRIMING Where a pump is above the level of water being pumped, priming consists of removing a plug and pouring water in. Where the pump is below the water level, for example when water is pumped from a tank, it's only necessary to open the

pump outlet before starting to let water flow through the pump by gravity. In this case the pump is said to be flood-primed. PRESSURE The way pump pressure is expressed can be a stumbling block for many. The most common unit used for pumping is "metres of head", or just "metres head". It is the weight of a column of a given height of water. Head pressure can also be expressed in other units, such as kilopascal- kPa or pounds per square inch- psi. GET A START ON PUMPS

Small petrol engines that power pumps can be frustrating for some to start, especially if you don't understand small motors and how a carburettor can easily become flooded. The best advice is to ensure motors are well maintained and, silly as it may sound, practise starting them. Where pumps are for firefighting purposes, it is important all members of the family practise starting and running pumps regularly throughout the fire season. This improves starting skills and ensures pumps remain in good working order.


Large Variety of SteeL for ProjectS Big & SmaLL

THE ULTIMATE CHOICE FOR OUTDOOR AREAS, SHEDS, PATIOS... ANYWHERE! Insulated Panels Australian Made for an Australian Lifestyle

SHOWROOM NOW OPEN IN DALBY! All Kinds of Steel for Your Next Project ALL AT COMPETITIVE PRICES! Plate • Cattle Rail • RHS • Angle • Flat Bar Round & Square Bar • Channel Plasma Cutting Available

Completely Fire Rated duct for Commercial Product & Residentiall Construction Use se




Hospital Road, Dalby

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Technical Data Available to Anyone interested. Give us a call

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Research will save you in the long run Undoubtedly, one of the most stressful periods in life can be the months following a car accident. Sourcing the right business to

undertake your smash repairs is difficult enough and if looking to secure a company to undertake works on a fleet of vehicles, the challenge is once again ramped up a notch. There are hundreds of smash repair companies in Queensland. According to RACQ they alone

have more than 300 approved repairers statewide in their network. Sometimes it pays to shop around and there are certain things a company should be looking at when choosing a provider. A good smash repairer will be

A 3rd generation trusted family business. EST: 1935

Smash Repairs


happy to answer questions and talk about their business to help you make your decision. First of all, look for a business that has a good reputation. Ask around to see who other local businesses use. Check out CONTINUED ON PAGE 32

Ring 24HRS For accident towing assistance



3-5 Instow Street, Toowoomba QLD



• FREE quotes - same day bookings • Private and all insurance work • Great hire car rates for our customers • Need help with an insurance claim? Let us help! • Windscreen repairs and replacements

Mobile: 0437 380 011 | Fax: 4638 0012 email: shop@colwilkiebodyworks.com.au |

www.colwilkiebodyworks.com.au 31

Smash Repairs


the location – is it a clean and professional work environment? Do they have access to the right equipment? What vehicle types do they specialise in? If you have a fleet of heavy vehicles, this is an important distinction as not all smash repairers are created equal. Is there a high level of experience in the team? Check the workshop for currently qualifications displayed and memberships to professional organisations. You should also check to see if the business has any stated guarantees on the work they undertake. Further questions that should be asked include: Do they use of genuine or non-genuine parts? Is the cost estimate tailored to the vehicle? What kind of paints do they use? Avoid a place that uses cheap paints as they can degrade quickly and can even be dangerous. Is there a replacement vehicle option in case it is needed?


Does the company have a truck accident response to include heavy haulage tow trucks and cranes? You should always get at least two written quotes for any repairs and should outline both the repairs and cost for both parts and labour. Make sure you are aware of your rights under your vehicle’s warranty. Overall, if you find and continue to deal with one reliable repairer you will built up a service history for your vehicle and they can provide you with better advice on upcoming repairs.

Skills and Training

UPSKILLING A NECESSITY Staying on top of your grame is paramount WORKERS and employers need to keep pace with changes in the industry, so training and up skilling is vital. According to industry experts, the below factors are important to consider to ensure you are reaching your full potential in today's market. 1. Short courses A huge range of courses may be studied for free, or subsidised, thanks to government or industry funding. 2. Skills assessment and gap training Through Skills Assessment and Gap Training programs, experienced workers can attain a formal qualification if needed.

4. Mentoring A mentor can provide your career with new direction.

3. Apprenticeships They can offer great pathways for high school leavers and workers.

5. Industry events Government bodies, companies and industry associations offer great

networking and learning opportunities at their events. 6. University courses After gaining experience in a trade, many workers will study a university degree part time to further their career.

7. Vendor training With rapid technological advancements taking place and technology adoption rates increasing, vendor training has become more important.

NO COST TRAINING AVAILABLE Real-life, industry specific and legislatively compliant education and training to the mining, oil and gas, energy, maritime and critical infrastructure industries.

• WHS for Supervisors and Leaders • Drilling Oil/Gas (onshore) • Wellsite Permit to Work • Drug and Alcohol Test and Screen • Public Safety (Fire Fighting Operations) • Emergency Medical Technician • Security Operations

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CEA offer Nationally Recognised Training in several sectors including aged care, disability, community services, business, retail and I/T.

. . . and various other courses to meet your required needs.

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www.baselinetraining.com Baseline Training is part of the Corporate Protection Australia Group and is a registered training organisation (RTO 110029). Under the umbrella of the VET Quality Framework, Baseline Training ensure that all courses are in full compliance with all national and state legislative requirements and in accordance with relevant Australian standards.

There is also a Year 10 program available. CEA are currently operating in Toowoomba and Dalby, and in Chinchilla from February 2019. CEA training is generally fully-funded (‘no cost’) to eligible clients, with child-friendly hours. Phone 3457 1234 (or go to website) to register interest www.cealtd.org.au

7095226ai 6915146ac

• Safe Working at Heights • Operate and Maintain a 4WD • Safe Working in a Confined Space • Port Facility Security Officer • Apply First Aid • Fire Extinguisher Use • Low Voltage Rescue and CPR • Chief Warden and Emergency Warden



HELP FOR TRUCKIES Canberra has united to help our truckies TO SUPPORT and promote Australia’s trucking industry, more than two dozen Members and Senators from across the Federal Parliament have come together to form the Parliamentary Friends of Trucks, Trailers, Transport and Logistics. This bipartisan group, Co-Chaired by Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Territories Nola Marino and Shadow Assistant Minister for Road Safety Senator Glenn Sterle, aims to increase awareness of the industry and deepen its engagement with the Australian Parliament. Senator Sterle said that this new bipartisan Friendship Group is going to play an important role in creating more awareness of the importance of the trucking

and heavy vehicle industry in the Parliament. “Trucking is in my blood,” Senator Sterle said. “My dad was a truck driver, I followed after him and my son is a long distance truck driver as well. “As a result, road safety for transport families and all road users as well as the sustainability, profitability, viability and safety of the trucking and heavy vehicle industry has been at the forefront of my mind for many years. It is great that we now have this friendship group which will act as a forum, providing Members of Parliament with an opportunity to engage with transport organisations and workers to learn more about this incredibly important industry.” When it was requested to outline who specifically was on the new group, a media representative stated that the chairs have discretion over


• Are your vehicles within manufacturer’s specified weight limits? • Is the trailer’s chassis safe to carry the loads imposed on it? • Full written reports. IT’S ALL ABOUT SAFETY!!

Rod Bailey 0407 240 702 • rod@gvmcheck.com.au • www.gvmcheck.com.au 34




whether to release the full membership list, and Nola Marino had chosen not to. Meanwhile, the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) have welcomed news of the new forum. “The trucking industry is essential to Australia’s economy and day-to-day life. We are the ones who put food on the supermarket shelves and fuel in the service station bowser,” ATA Chair Geoff Crouch said. HVIA President John Drake said it was very encouraging to see Australia’s politicians understand the importance of the trucking industry and their willingness to engage on important issues. “This is an unrivalled opportunity for the industry to speak with a shared voice and to raise the profile of our amazing industry with decision-makers in the Federal Parliament,” Mr Drake said. “We thank and acknowledge Chairs Marino and Sterle for their hard work in establishing the PFTTTL and look forward to working with all of the members of the group to ensure a positive result and improvements in heavy vehicle safety and productivity,” he said

Are you in the trAnsporting Business for the Mining And gAs industry? We are taking bookings now for our 2020/2021 edition of the Resource Industrial Directory

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When it comes to your tyre’s longevity, implementing a few easy tips can have a great impact

Prolonging the life of your tyres is so much more than ensuring return on your investment. It is about ensuring the safest of driving experiences. But, have you every considered that one of the biggest factors that affects your tyres’ performance has nothing to do with its price tag or brand. It’s got a lot to do with the

person behind the steering wheel – YOU! As you can appreciate, your driving style will directly influence the life of your tyres, so here are a few things to avoid where possible: ABRUPT BRAKING: It’s one thing to have a ‘lead foot’ when accelerating but being a

heavy braker can be just as detrimental to your vehicle. If you brake at the last minute, the force is likely to cause your vehicle to skid as it comes to a halt. This will continually wear your tyre tread unevenly because of the extra friction.

manufacturers undertake is for a reason – so, adhere to their recommendations. The load capacity of your tyres can be found on the tyre’s sidewall and will prove a very accurate guide. You mightn’t think ‘a few kilos here and there’ will make a difference, but overloaded tyres build up excessive heat and that can lead to rapid deterioration.

OVERLOADING: The exhaustive testing car

No matter the horsepower, We have the tyres to suit your vehicle! • Wheel Alignments • Electronic Wheel Balancing • Nitrogen Inflation • Battery Replacement on all types of vehicles • Large range of tyres to suit all makes and models.

Wilsonton Heights



hw ay

Car r




Roa d Hursley



admin@qtrbsc.com www.bridgestonetyres.com.au 36


Ph: 4633 0099

Troys Road

Bridgestone Service Centre 35 Carrington Rd, Torrington


QTR Toowoomba Bridgestone Cottswold Hills Service Centre

Transport / Tyres

HARD CORNERING: The laws of physics are pretty simple – if you take a corner at high speed, your car (and its tyres) have to work so much harder to keep you on the road. Proper inflation of your tyres can help protect them, but approaching corners at too high a speed is not only dangerous but it will very quickly develop ‘rounding’ on the tyres shoulders as the extra velocity impacts the tread pattern. RAPID ACCELERATION: Many of us have taken off from a standing start a little too aggressively and, as a result, have inadvertently spun our wheels. Police attention aside, obviously this isn’t a good thing. A tyre will spin in place as it waits for traction to engage (and that will dramatically wear your tread) – do it too often and you’ll be reaching for your wallet a lot sooner than you expected. Always remember, look after your tyres and they’ll look after you in return. Safe driving


from gerrybrowns.com.au




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Tanks / Waterproofing


Ensure you have all bases covered before purchasing the right tank for you. HERE are the questions to ask before purchasing liquid cartage tanks. 1. What type of tank will fit on your vehicle? Often the vehicle on which you intend to put the tank is the deciding factor in which tank you will buy. 2. What type of liquid do you intend to transport? Different liquids need different tanks. Some fertilisers are denser than other liquids, so tanks built for fertilisers have a different construction to account for the added weight. 3. How much liquid do you need to transport? Let’s say your truck can handle a tank of almost any size. Then how do you narrow it down? Think about how much liquid you need for your job.

4. How do you intend to use the liquid? If you intend to use the tank for firefighting or other high capacity needs, you’ll probably want to look into the Heavy Duty Skid mounted systems that come with a ladder, swivelling hose reel, and firefighter pump. 5. Do you need to change the contents of the tank? If you need to change out the contents of your tank (perhaps from one fertiliser to another), then you will want to buy a sump-based tank. 6. Do you want the tank to be mobile? If you plan to move the tank from one truck to another regularly, you will need to take all the trucks’ capacities and restraints into account when you are deciding on which size and type of tank is the best fit for you.

We All Rely On WateR • Aquaculture • Cartage • Diesel • Industrial Chemical Storage • Molasses • Water Troughs • Vehicle Accessories


• Rain Water Tanks To Suit

s 6 Month t Interes w Free no ble a il a v a

All Applications


From 1000 Ltr to 25000 Ltr


All tanks are provided with leaff strainer, light guard overflow


and outlet fittings

DelIVe R availa y ble

To ensure a constant water supply, install a water tank and make a positive impact on the environment, and your future.



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Phone 1800 666 333

14 Nan’s Road, Helidon Spa 4344 (Toowoomba) Open M-F 8 to 5 | www.globalwater.com.au





Add style & value to your home with quality aluminium windows and doors om y ro uar w o an Sh g J 9 n w i 01 Ne pen 2 O


Experienced Staff | Professional Advice | Affordable Service • Windows • Doors • Screens • Glass • Commercial Facades • Showers, Mirrors & Robes




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“Please ensure your local builder / local supplier is using quality products from G.James Windows & Doors”


We SpecialiSe in the FolloWing: Civil construction services • General earthworks • Re-growth control • Blade Ploughing Fire Breaks • Stick Raking • Dam Construction & Desilting • Heavy Haulage

cURRent MachineRY aVailaBle


12 hours a day, 7 days a week, with fully trained, experienced staff

Brothers Tim & Wayne Collie established the business in 2000. They have built up their business employing local staff, supporting community events and using local businesses. Their Head office is in Condamine Qld and now expanding with a new Industrial yard in Roma Qld. From Condamine to Surat to Roma to Wallumbilla, we can meet your earthmoving needs.

• Excavators • Dozers • Graders • Scrapers • Rollers • Float Hire • 4-in-1 Skid Steer • Prime Movers • Body Tippers • Water Trucks • Loader with Stickrake

• Safety & Environmental Compliant • Communication is the Essence of Production C

p: (07) 4627 7115 14 Wambo St, condamine, QlD 4416 www.twearthmoving.com.au

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