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Australia’s golden girl Stephanie Gilmore became a seven-time world champion. The win came just a few months after the World Surfing League announcement stating it would offer equal prize money for all genders from 2019 onwards.



Mick Fanning surfed his final comp wave at Bells Beach and Coolum talent Julian Wilson did us proud with an impressive 2018 European tour.


But here on the Sunshine Coast, it was an even better year for the sport.


Researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast have been utilising local ‘citizen scientists’ to measure new data as part of a worldwide project to understand the effects of climate change.


The elected surfers have been using Smartfin technology to collect and record data in surf zones, forming the basis for new research to understand the change of sea surface temperatures.

Big things are happening within the Sunny Coast surfing community, and it’s not just surfing dogs and hula dancing mal riders.


Now more than ever is the time to introduce yourself to this thriving community and the Surfing Sunshine Coast magazine is where it all begins.




Each valued at over $1000 E



S opposite page See f store locations. for Promoter is Curl Retail No 1 Pty Ltd ABN: 81 164 631 814. PO Box 743 Helensvale Qld 4212. Winners drawn on December 31st, 2018 at 12pm, at Maroochydore store 57 Aerodrome Rd, and Noosaville store 18/18-36 Thomas St. See instore for full entry details, terms and conditions. *Winners must be present to claim prize.


18-19 22-23

Receive 1 entry for every $20 spent at any of our 7 Sunshine Co R oast stores.





1 x Mick Fanning competition surfboard or 1 x Owen Wright competition surfboard




While Noosa will host the opening event of next year’s world longboard tour.


6 12-13


Homegrown talents like Alister Reginato, Mitchell Peterson, Isabella Nichols and Sasha Baker are getting ready to represent Sunshine Coast surfing in the pro and qualifying series.

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26-27 28 29 30-31

Features sales manager: Jess Watson jessica.watson@scnews.com.au writers: Annie Caughey, Karina Eastway, robbie sherwell, Dane Wilson Cover photo: Alister reginato at the 2017 Dan Thomas Memorial surf competition at Kawana/Photographer: John McCutcheon Design & layout: Pete Coram surfing sunshine Coast is published by news Corp Australia. Those who make advertising placement and/or supply copy material or editorial submissions to the magazine undertake to ensure that all such material does not infringe the Trade Practices Act or other laws, regulations or statutes. further to the above-mentioned, these persons agree to indemnify the publisher and/or its agents against any investigations, claims or judgements.

surfing sunshine coast 2018





By Robbie Sherwell from Xl Surf academy

The waves learning to surf involves so much more than just riding the waves. Numerous conditions and factors must be taken into account before each session. which beach will have waves at which tide? which direction is the swell coming from? How does the wind affect the waves? How can I tell where the rips are? learning to “read the ocean” is an essential skill that will develop with you. But like anything, developing knowledge about an ever-changing environment takes time and experience. the competent surfer has proficient knowledge of the conditions before they enter the water. the conditions such as tide, swell and wind will determine the quality of the waves. the experienced coaches from Xl Surfing academy will help to develop the knowledge you require in becoming a confident surfer.

Offshore winds this is when the wind is coming from the land towards the ocean, making the surf most favourable with clean conditions that aren’t choppy.

Onshore winds this is when the wind is coming from the ocean towards the beach, making the surf wind-affected and choppy. these winds are not pleasurable to surf in, but the right direction onshore wind (east/south-easterly) and weather patterns is what brings the swells onto the coast’s beaches that the more experienced surfers wait upon. Just remember: if you are caught in a rip on a surfboard, stay calm, stay on your board (your float) and signal or call for assistance. It is always a great idea if you are a novice to tackle smaller surf, head out with a mate and look out for each other or surf at a beach where there is a lifeguard.


Surfing is a very popular activity here on the Sunshine coast. often the water can be a busy place with a variety of surf-craft users competing for the same waves. like traffic laws, rules need to be followed by surfers along with some courtesy to ensure the water is a safe and fun environment. By following these basic rules, you’ll save yourself from injury or hurting others:

when catching a wave, let others know which way you are going. Refrain from verbally abusing other surfers. 4. Don’t throw your board

Basically, this means the person closest to the peak of a breaking wave has the right to ride it. wait your turn in the line-up. (as a beginner, avoid the line-up until you are confident you can do controlled take-offs). and don’t catch a wave and then turn straight back around and catch another straight away.

Hang on to your board. learn to duck dive to get under waves. make sure your leg rope is intact. Never throw your board – it could seriously injure someone.

don’t paddle out to the line-up through the impact zone (where

surfing sunshine coast 2018

3. Communicate

1. Don’t drop in

2. Paddle wide


the waves are breaking, and people are surfing) or where others are waiting to catch a wave. when paddling out, a surfer riding the wave always has right of way.

5. Respect the beach, the ocean and others Respect the beach locals, don’t be a wave hog and respect more experienced surfers than yourself. do your bit to keep the beach and ocean clean.

board selection

choosing your first surfboard

Your first surfboard is your first stepping stone towards a great life as a surfer.

When choosing your first surfboard, try these simple tips: Foam is your friend The more volume in a board, the better it floats. The more flotation you have the faster you can paddle. The faster you can paddle the easier it is to catch waves. The more waves you catch, the more fun you will have.


Transport Can you easily carry it under your arm to the water? (No one wants to be that person stumbling about, tripping over their cord and face planting into the sand.) Will your new board fit in your car or on your roof racks? These are important things to consider and common mistakes new surfers can make.


Materials Is the board tough enough to withstand the rigorous treatment of a beginner? Is it easy to repair without any ongoing problems? You are going to nosedive, get barreled and washed away in the waves and your board is going to bear the brunt of that treatment.


Be prepared to beat up your first board, so don’t invest too heavily both emotionally and financially. Be realistic When you walk into a surf shop and see all those pro surfer’s pics all over the walls, remember they started as a beginner on a learner board and so should you.


Your first surfboard is your first stepping stone towards a great life as a surfer. By Dane Wilson, Rip Curl, Noosaville SOFT TOP

Still unsure? Well, just to confuse you even more, those aren’t the only things to consider when buying your first board. You also need to figure out what sort of construction type best suits your need. In general, all surfboard types have their pros and cons. While ones may have greater durability, others will have higher performance. Some are harder to fix, and some are harder to break. Here is a quick breakdown of surfboard constructions. To help you find which one is the best fit for your surfing level and lifestyle.

Soft tops Generally made from polyethylene skin with a smooth bottom. These boards are soft and very safe to use. Similar to what was explained above, this type of board is great for beginners. Durability ranges depending on the manufacturer. Although, be careful where you store these fellas because

soft tops are usually more vulnerable to heat damage. They also have limited performance. Meaning you won’t be pulling off any Mick Fanning tricks on one of these bad boys.

Polyester Polyester is the traditional surfboard construction that has been around for years. These boards are less durable than soft boards and epoxy constructions but have a higher performance. However, they can get damaged easier, so they need a bit of tender loving care. But if you do end up getting a bad ding, don’t worry too much, as they are easy to fix.

Epoxy Epoxy surfboards are generally more durable and lighter than polyester boards. They have less performance than traditional polyester constructions which is important for beginners. They are harder to fix if they get damaged.

General Surfboard Size Guide A guide to funboard minimal size for surfers who will surf more than one day a week. SurFEr WEighT Kg


45 – 63 ...............................................6’8 – 7’2” 64 – 73 ...............................................6’10 – 7’4” 73 – 81 ...............................................7’2 – 7’8’ 81 – 90 ...............................................7’6” – 8’0” 90+........................................................7’10” – 8’4”

surfing sunshine coast 2018



get out there the swell is good, you’ve got your board at hand, rashie on and ready to go; but where’s the best place to catch a wave on the coast? from Noosa to caloundra, the Sunshine coast has a variety of surf breaks that cater from the novice to the more experienced surfer. here a list of the best spots in the region to hit up:

Kings Beach this is the main beach break at caloundra. this spot is great for beginner surfers as the swell is normally small and only a short paddle out to the back. while it can get big on the occasional cyclone swell, it doesn’t happen often.

Moffat Beach located just up from Kings Beach, moffat offers a sectioned headland with swells for both beginners and more experienced riders. there are multiple sections that break along the rocky edge, but surfers are warned about a ‘suckier bowl section’ that is more suited to the experienced rider.

Alexandra headland alexandra Headland is a favoured spot for local surfers as it is relatively protected and caters for all levels. the tip of the point break is the Bluff, which is a preferred spot for many. those looking for a fast wave should stick to the beach breaks further down to the left.

Coolum Beach coolum is renowned for surfing and has produced some of the best surf breaks on the coast. a series of sheltered bays protect the area from all but the most direct onshore winds, so there is always a wave and there are a number of wave types along coolum’s main beach. coolum’s main beach offers a great learner wave and provides a more challenging wave for the more experienced surfer.

Sunshine Beach perfect for intermediate to experienced surfers, Sunshine Beach is located just outside Noosa. It has a lot more size than some of the other point breaks in the region and if the tide is high, it can be open to a fast in-shore wave. Surfers are warned about bigger days where it can break far out and produce strong rip currents that sweep both across the beach and out to sea.

Noosa Noosa has some of the best surf breaks in the country and caters for all levels of riders. If you want the biggest waves head to Granite Bay, whereas the smaller waves are at the open beaches or river mouth. Beware of the crowds as it can get pretty busy and look out for rocks on the inside section, they aren’t always that forgiving. Spots to check out around Noosa include main Beach, first point, little cove, Nationals, tea tree, Granite Bay, a Bay and open beaches. Source: surfmap.com.au 6

surfing sunshine coast 2018

Photo/tourism & Events Queensland


RIP CURL CREW finding boards, accessories or even advice for that matter can be difficult when learning to surf. as passionate surfers with down-to-earth personalities the Rip curl staff at Noosaville and maroochydore are equipped with the best advice to help you whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer.

Simone Schultz Why do you love managing a Rip Curl store? I have been working for Rip curl in australia for three years. Before that, I had been in a family owned and operated surf shop back in california for seven years. how long have you been surfing for and why do you love it? I have been surfing for nearly 20 years. I just love being in or near the ocean. I’m not the best surfer out there, but I just love having fun! I’ll take any type of board out! What’s your favourite Rip Curl product? my favourite product would have to be the wetties. I came from a climate with cold water, so having to put on a wettie for winter can be somewhat of a pain. But with our wetties, it feels like you are wearing nothing. But I also really love the mirage bikinis! It is nice to have a bikini made for surfers that stay on! Photo/Fenna De King fennadeking.com

dane WilSon Why do you love managing a Rip Curl store? working for a company that has been going for 50 years is an honour. It is easy for myself and the rest of the staff to sell products that we all use in our everyday lives as surfers. my job is satisfying in the sense I feel the community is benefitting from a local store offering high quality products. I also love being able to employ my fellow surfers, as they are the best people to have in the store selling our stock. What do you love most about surfing? Surfing is something I share with my family and friends. I look at my dad at 70 years young and he still surfs with the mates he grew up with, and now I watch as my own kids go surfing with their grandfather. this speaks for the culture of surfing, especially in Noosa. the scene I have just described is common for most of the families we have as customers in the shop. What’s your preferred session? Longboard or shortboard? depends on the waves but I will safely say I’d rather it be uncrowded.

surfing sunshine coast 2018 surfing sunshine coast 2018

7 7


Steven lYon Why do you love working at a Rip Curl store? Beers, beers and beers! Haha kidding! love seeing the regulars that come in for a good old chat! What’s your preferred session? Longboard or shortboard? Neither…I prefer bodyboarding… hehe! Naw, love it all!

Phoebe KinG What is your best tip for female surfers? always to have the most fun, never be intimidated by the boys. You should always travel to new places and surf new waves. What is your favourite Rip Curl product? the ladies G-Bomb wetsuit range! they are so comfy and they look great on and perfect for surfing through spring when the water is still a little cooler. What do you love most about the Rip Curl team? It is so awesome to work with a group of rad people who all share the same passion for surfing. Everyone has such a great attitude towards work which makes each shift enjoyable and fun. Photo/@jeffperren


surfing sunshine coast 2018

jordan jaSon What’s your best tip for a beginning surfer? don’t be scared to have a go. You’re never too old to try. how often do you get out for a surf? I try to get out for a surf every morning, depending on the conditions, but still at least go out for a swim. and when I’m not working, I'll surf twice a day. how long have you been working at Rip Curl? I have been with these guys for the last four years now. I really enjoy the crew that I work with.

WooGie how often do you surf? more than my wife thinks I do. I tend to run errands when the surf’s good. Who in town is your biggest surf rival? there’s about a thousand of them every time the points break. there are also a couple of foil boarders I’m not too fond of. What’s your best tip for an intermediate surfer to improve on their skill? Get stronger, ride a board with more volume than what you think you should.

surfing sunshine coast 2018



aliSter reGinato how old were you when you started surfing? Knee high to a grasshopper! how did you find your job working for Rip Curl? …yeah it’s not bad…the guys are pretty cool. What’s your favourite Rip Curl product? I love anything camo! Especially volleys and the sluggos!

harPo halSall how long have you been working for Rip Curl? I have been working here for the last five years. I am an original that helped to set up the store when it first opened. What do you love most about it? I love the crew that I work with and the lifestyle that it gives me. Where is your favourite surf spot on the Coast? Now…that’s a secret. HaHaHa! But anywhere on the northern beaches.


surfing sunshine coast 2018

Laguna | Mirror Black Laguna | Mirror BlackXtal XtalNeon Neon

Cheap Thrills Cheap Thrill| |Matt Matt Blk Blk Orange


Kerbox | Polar TwinTwin Blacks Kerbox | Polar Blacks


new year, new era

this year history was made. the type of history that our successors will look back upon, scratching their heads, wondering why it took us so long to make such a decision.

the news was widely celebrated by surfers, organisers and fans alike, as the step forward was about so much more than money.

But we finally made it.

local upcoming surfer Sasha Baker said the change opens a new door for women to aspire to a career in surfing. whilst also promoting more female athletes to become positive role models for younger generations.

on September 5, 2018, the world Surfing league (wSl) became the first american-based global sports league to offer gender pay equality. the announcement from wSl cEo, Sophie Goldschmidt, sent chills down the spines of female pros like Stephanie Gilmore (seven-time world champ!), Bethany Hamilton and lakey peterson, who were gathered for the annual Surf Ranch pro expecting the ‘usual’ press conference.

In November 2018, Sasha represented australia at the International Surfing association Junior world championships. She was a sure-fire talent that helped the aussie team bring home the bronze medal. currently surfing in the qualifying series with aspirations to one day compete in the championship pro tour, the

Learn to Surf! It’s great fun! Caloundra Surf School will help you to experience the thrill of surfing on the best beaches around Caloundra!

We have the exclusive permit to teach at Happy Valley, probably the best waves on the Sunshine Coast for learning. * Expert & friendly coaches * Best value on the Coast * Gift Vouchers available * Group & Private lessons * All ages welcome!

To receive a 10% DISC OUNT quote vou cher “SURF NO W” !

* Special deals & discounts * Wetsuits when necessary * We also hire boards * Bookings essential

For more info & lesson times contact John:

mob: 0413 381 010 or email: john@caloundrasurfschool.com.au www.caloundrasurfschool.com.au 12

surfing sunshine coast 2018

I’m so proud to be a part of a sport that’s so forward. announcement by wSl makes all her current sacrifices worth it.

“I have split my Year 12 into two years. So, I have time to do the travel I need to do and still get the results I want in school,” Sasha said. Sasha believes the women in the sport are as equally committed to it as their male counterparts, giving up just as much, and working just as hard, and the 16-year-old is stoked to have this formally recognised.

coolum product, Isabella Nichols, also knows the hardships of pursuing a professional career in surfing. She recently uprooted her entire life, moving to the Gold coast to be closer to the Surfing australia High performance centre and to take advantage of the ‘better waves’. for her surfing isn’t about money, it’s simply something she loves so much, she pours her heart and soul into it. But the satisfaction of knowing wSl recognises that she is working just as hard as her male counterparts, is what makes the news so sweet.


Isabella Nichols Photo/John andrews/Surfing Queensland

“I’m so proud to be a part of a sport that’s so forward,” Isabella said. “there are a lot of barriers being broken at the moment. a lot of the girls are surfing better than the guys. the top girls definitely do surf better than a lot of the guys, if not the majority of them.” “It’s still such a male-dominated sport. But now it’s a legitimate career for women to aspire to. I think it’ll encourage heaps of young girls to get involved.” Isabella’s advice to other young women who are just starting out in surfing is to not compare themselves with others. “Everyone develops at their own pace. a lot of girls in this industry always look up what someone else is doing, but you just have to do you. and make sure you are always loving it,” she said. It’s an exciting new sphere for female surfing and 2019 is just the beginning.

Sasha Baker/Photo/Ethan Smith/Surfing NSw

Water proven. www.surfcomposites.com.au

surfing sunshine coast 2018


Surf EvEntS SunShinE CoaSt

EVENTS The Sunshine Coast Surf Film Festival The Sunshine Coast Surf Film Festival began in 2017 with a mission to grow the appreciation of surf culture in the region via film and other art platforms including painting, photography and writing. Last year, the Festival created a pop-up gallery at Moffat Beach which featured paintings, photography and surfboard art. This year, the festival kicked off with a sellout premiere of surf film Breath, based on the Tim Winton novel of the same name. Festival Director Murray Power said the response was overwhelming, with enthusiastic crowds and enormous goodwill. “We sold out two screens very quickly and the social media was phenomenal,” he said. “The nature of the story, with surfing at its core and set in a regional environment, obviously resonates here.” There was also a family-friendly outdoor screening of the animated film Surf’s Up, the award winning documentary Blue, Irish surf film Between Land and Sea, and a screening of Beyond, an African surf documentary. Keep your eye on the Festival’s website for details of next year’s event at scsff.com.au

Rip Curl Grom Search 2018 Having previously discovered surfing legends and current WSL professionals such as Stephanie Gilmore, Gabriel Medina, Jordy Smith, Matt Wilkinson, Owen Wright, Sally Fitzgibbons, Kolohe Andino, Nat Young and Felipe Toledo, the Rip Curl Grom Search is serious about surfing. As a worldwide series of events designed to find the most promising young talent, the series travels through 10 countries and hosts 5,000 competitors worldwide.

Dane Wilson in action at The Noosa Festival of Surfing Photo/Fenna De King. To catch more of Fenna’s snaps visit her website fennadeking.com or follow her on Instagram @fenna.deking

“Twenty eight years is a long time to have continuously held a surf festival. There’s a lot of history to acknowledge, a lot of people to nod respectfully to, a lot of waves ridden, a lot of friendly rivalries, more than a few drinks at the bar and a helluva lot of passersby being swept up in the romance of the living art that is longboarding,” Noosa Festival organisers said. In a change of pace, the 2019 festival will be organised by international surf agency World Surfaris. The changeover from the Noosa Malibu Club to World Surfari represents a ‘handing over of the baton’ moment for the iconic festival, but as long-term sponsors of the event, they are committed to maintaining the festival’s prominent legacy.


surfing sunshine coast 2018

After Pa passed away in 1973, the inaugural contest that followed in 1974 became a memorial to him and his wife. Thirty-seven years later the contest (in Pa’s legacy) is a springboard for young local surfers to move into the professional surfing league. The event is open to all ages from groms to over 55s. To find out more information about the upcoming 2019 contest refer to the WindanSea website after the new year.

Dan Thomas Memorial After celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Dan Thomas memorial competition hosted by the Kawana Boardriders Club is fast establishing its prominence within the region.

The Sunshine Coast leg commences December 14 and runs until December 18. Entries are now open and can be registered at surfingaustralia.com/states/qld/events/ripcurl-gromsearch-2018-queensland

Arguably the region’s most famous surfing event, the Noosa Festival of Surfing is a tribute to its humble beginnings.

The club would host surf contests and trainings to develop many of its members into state and national champions.


The Australian series consists of five separate events as well as a national final. The winner of each event will be guaranteed entry into the national final, joined by other competitors who have had incredible results throughout the series.

Noosa Festival of Surfing March 2019

Pa (Charles Bendall) formed the original “Moffateers” club in 1966 that aimed to promote integrity and sportsmanship in the sport of surfing.

Ma & Pa Bendall Surf Contest The contest that first began in 1974 was named after Charles and Marjory Bendall who were dubbed as the grandparents of surfing on the Sunshine Coast during the 50s. The couple developed the nicknames ‘Ma and Pa’ around Caloundra.

The competition was created as an honourable way to remember the legacy of Kawana Boardrider’s Dan Thomas, who tragically passed away in 2007 after a head-on car collision. The $1,500 prize money offered to the winner of the open male division in 2018 made it one of the biggest prizes offered in local comps. The competition caters for girls 16 and over and boys 14 and over.

there are cash prizes and giveaways to be won across all genders and age groups. to register for the event, visit the Surfing Queensland events page after the new year.

Alex heads Winter Longboard Classic as a headland that has become famous among the longboarding community, it’s no surprise that the local malibu club hosts a comp so big, it attracts competitors from all over the East coast. In 2019, the alexandra Headland winter longboard classic will host its 37th competition. In true vintage style, the winter classic attracts many competitors 65 years and older and even embraces a category for surfboards made before 1967. the charm of this Sunshine coast competition is the tradition it keeps alive of the early style of a sport that is in a state of constant reinvention.

Zane assink in action at Yaroomba for the Yaroomba classic. Photo/John mccutcheon

Yaroomba Classic launched in 1987 as the Rod marshall memorial classic, the event was renamed at his family's request in 1996 and has been known as the Yaroomba classic ever since. In 2019 the event will celebrate its 32nd year of competition and will cater to both male and female divisions from 14-years-old to the over 55s.

Be sure to also keep an eye out for the Alexandra headland Malibu Club’s Old Mal Rally usually held in October.

In 2018 the Yaroomba classic offered equal prize money for both the male and female divisions. It was a progressive move that foreshadowed the announcement from wSl that in 2019 all gender competitions would offer equal prize money.

To follow announcements about registration and event dates for both competitions visit the Alexandra Headland Malibu Club’s Facebook at facebook.com/The-Alexandra-headland-Malibu-Club

The event is usually held in October but keep an eye out for registration announcements on the Coolum Boardriders Club Facebook page: facebook.com/ CoolumBoardridersClub/

Get your kiddies ready for the upcoming Grom comps! whether they are just starting out, developing their skills or looking for a more competitive edge, the Nudie Surf Grom program sponsored by Rip curl will help them stay one paddle ahead. offering weekly or school holiday programs at Noosa, coolum, maroochydore, alexandra Headlands and caloundra, anyone can get involved. To find out more information visit surfgroms.com/school/go-ride-a-wave-sunshine-coast/

Proudly Sponsored by

2019 Surfing Dog Championships First Point, Noosa

3rd March, 2:00pm

surfingdogchampionships.com.au surfing sunshine coast 2018


locAl’S PHoToS

point cartwright Photo/tony marshall

ten over - Noosa festival of Surfing Photo/terry cooper

Noosa Spit Photo/daniel Struwig

david wilson Photo/fenna de King fennadeking.com

a big group of Indigenous kids about to surf at Happy valley/Caloundra Surf School

michele Brittain at Kawana


surfing sunshine coast 2018

coolum Beach Photo/John anderson

locAl’S PHoToS

coolum Beach Photo/John anderson

surfing sunshine coast 2018



In the beginning

The Old Bakery L-R right Brewster Everett, Claw, Terry Goldsworthy, Chagga the dog, Tony Ellis, Gary Crothall.

In march 1969, two surfing friends, doug “claw” warbrick and Brian “Sing ding” Singer, bumped into each other in torquay, victoria.

australian divers, and found a sewing machine – a pffaf 138 zigzag – which worked on thick rubber sourced at clayton in the back-blocks of melbourne.

claw had just finished a summer stint shaping with fred pyke, and Brian was a science teacher. as the conversation progressed, and no doubt thinking about how they could stay surfing at Bells Beach in the months ahead, claw posed the question that started something great.

outsourcing much of the work at first, they soon realised that to keep up with orders and get the quality they wanted, they needed to do it all themselves. So, the wetsuit operation moved into claw's flat at 66 Zeally Bay Road.

“do you want to start making surfboards together?” he asked. Brian immediately figured this would mean a lot more time surfing, so agreed on the spot and resigned from teaching a few days later. the timing was perfect and just like that, Rip curl was born.

The garage while claw could mow foam, Brian’s main attribute was that he had a tail-planer for shaping and a garage on the Great ocean Road to work from. Soon the sound of cold chisels could be heard hammering into the garage’s concrete floor to build stands as they set up over the next month. In april 1969, the first boards were made with claw doing four boards a week for the best surfers in torquay, and Brian doing the “s---tiest job in the world” sanding and making fins in the yard.

The Bakery the pair had enough work to keep them going through the winter, which was one of the best in memory for surf on the reefs, so product testing was free flowing with a lot of time spent in the water at Bells Beach. However, by November they realised they needed a better spot than the garage, so they rented the old torquay Bakery at Boston Road for the princely sum of $10/week and moved on up. Inside they set up a proper shaping bay, glassing and sanding rooms and lifted production to 12 boards a week.

Wetsuits In december 1969 another local surfer, alan Green joined the duo and they started making wetsuits to complement the boards in the basement of a house in Beale Street (behind the torquay pub). “Greeny” had spent some time at a wetsuit dive company,


surfing sunshine coast 2018

Focus change was rampant back then, such was the flower power and anti-establishment mood of the time. Business was no different to life in general, and Greeny left Rip curl in april 1970 to do his own thing, forming Quiksilver, with claw and Brian as equal partners in the new venture. Eventually it was time for them all to focus on one thing or the other and the partnership dissolved. Brian recalls that he swapped his Quiksilver shares for Greeny’s half of the land at the back of Bells Beach, where he still lives today. “there was a bit of a difference in opinion over the value of the land, $5,000 or so,” he recalls. “So, we tossed a coin for it. I don't remember who won, but the deal was done.” claw later sold his Quiksilver shares to Greeny so they could be issued to his new partner, John law. when asked now, claw has no clue how much he got for them.

What was known as the proper glassing room at the Old Bakery.

Along the way pretty soon Rip curl was firing, and the old Bakery was a hive of activity. claw and Brian took over the adjoining house, and that became the wetsuit factory. a new machine, a 1910 Singer up the arm Zig Zag, which had been used to sew flying boots for airmen in world war II, was found. this was used to sew the legs of the new “long john” style the boys were developing, using the comfortable Rubatex neoprene from the uS. at the old Bakery, claw and Brian had created a headquarters of sorts - with surfers naturally gravitating to the scene. “It was a house for all the drop-outs that came down from melbourne surfing, and they'd degenerate further and move to the Krishnas looking for the next thing,” recalls Brian, laughing. “But when that wore off and their final degeneration happened, they came to work at the Rip curl wetsuit factory!”

The Name ‘Rip Curl’ while the company started in 1969, the name Rip curl actually came about in 1967. claw and Brian were agents for danny Keyo at the time selling the Bob mctavish designed “fantastic plastic machine” out of the Bells Beach Surf Shop situated on the side of the old Bp Garage in Bell Street. the shop was owned by Brian, claw and terry wall and they were front and centre during the shortboard revolution of the time. the plastic machine was a hit and they had a lot of orders. demand was high, and supply short, so the pair thought they would do a model of their own and get them made elsewhere. they contacted Shane Stedman in Brookvale, who jumped on the plan. Doug “Claw” Warbrick in an early wetsuit.

The first Rip Curl logo

“I can make those boards,” Shane told them. “But you have to give us a name to sell them under.” one afternoon down in the shop, claw and Brian and another local surfer, Simon Buttonshaw, were sitting around tossing up names for the board. “I had a mctavish plastic machine before that day, and Simon had previously painted the words ‘Rip curl Hot dog’ on it and I liked the name a lot,” claw recounts. Somewhere in the mix that afternoon, and in the ensuing discussion around names and surfing vocabulary, the winning combination of “Rip curl” bubbled to the surface and became the name of the board model.

times were good and with surfing as the catalyst, the company progressed. they eventually moved out of the old Bakery in 1976 into a new facility on Geelong Road, (currently the medical centre), with Quiksilver opening next door soon after. In 1980, the move was made across the road to the current Rip curl HQ at 101 Surfcoast Highway, torquay.

It was good. Real good. and it stuck again when they began the company later in april that year. Brian Singer in the semi finals of the 1967 Bells Easter Contest Australian Titles.

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MITC H PETERSON don’t let size fool you because mitchell peterson is one fierce presence out in the waves. at just 10-years-old, the grom has competed in events on the Gold coast, Sydney, coffs Harbour and next year will head to Bali for the first time to take on some Indonesian swell. Earlier this month alongside his mum, dad and three brothers, he travelled to Hawaii to watch a wSl premiere event – a league he hopes to one day compete in. for mitch, surfing is an everyday ritual, getting up hours before school to make the most of the clean early morning waves. the Noosa-based surfer said he aims to get in at least an hour to an hour and a half session before school everyday, alongside specialised fitness training focussing on his balance and core strength. (and any other surfing he can squeeze in between.) In august 2017, mitch secured his first big-time sponsorship with Rip curl australia, welcoming the youngster to its ranks alongside surfing greats like mick fanning, owen wright and tyler wright. although mitch adores mick fanning, his all-time favourite surfer is local coasty Julian wilson. mitch has been coached by Julian in mentorship programs in the past and admires him as a role model and loves his ‘sick’ surfing style. as the youngest of four boys, mitch is never without a surfing buddy. His brothers will and tom join him for regular surfs and Nick joins when the conditions call for a longboard.

ROBBIE SHERWELL Behind the glory and attention of travelling on the professional surfing circuit, comes a lot of gruelling hardships. But for Robbie Sherwell, his career as a professional athlete and now an elite surf coach has taught him life’s most valuable lesson. “In life (and surfing) you are always going to have your ups and downs and if you focus on your downs, you’re not going to get far. You’ve got to learn from them, wash them off and focus on the positives,” Robbie said. Robbie Sherwell became internationally renowned for knocking out three world champions to win the Quiksilver pro at Burleigh Heads in 1994. He spent 10 years competing in national and world series events and at the peak of his career, was ranked number 5 in the world. But for Robbie, the ultimate highlight of it all was beating Sunny Garcia (an ex-world champion) in the 1994 mauri pro in Japan. Growing up, Robbie’s father was the captain of the maroochydore Surf club, so from as early as he could remember, life was always about the beach. while he was just starting to compete in Nippers, his brother who was seven years older began getting into surfing. this first initiated Robbie’s interest in the sport and at just six years old, he was riding his first waves. “You know how it is because he was doing it, I had to do it,” Robbie said. “I was fortunate that my brother and all my cousins that were older would let me tag along every time they went surfing.” Robbie instantly became obsessed. the clarity he found whilst floating out in the water, contrasted by the difficulty of the sport, kept him returning to the surf day after day.

the four boys were introduced to the sport by their father paul peterson, who is a passionate advocate for the sport and a prominent figure within the Sunshine coast surfing scene.

Now the ex-pro spends his time teaching local upcomers the secrets of the sport at his mooloolaba surf school, Robbie Sherwell’s Xl Surf academy.

mitch’s board of choice is the shortboard because he can take on rougher waves and shred in the surf.

during his time as an elite coach, Robbie has mentored both mitch coleborn and Blake Goodall who both went on to win pro Junior tours. as well as his two sons, Josh and Joel who are accomplished surfers in their own right. with Josh also competing in the pro Junior tour in 2013.

as part of mitch’s sponsorship, he gets all his wetsuits supplied to keep him practising in the water during the cool months. He also gets access to all the brand’s street clothing, which keeps him looking even cooler out of the water. when he’s not in the waves mitch likes to spin a trick on his skateboard on the halfpipe in his backyard or flip about on the trampoline. Keep an eye on this upcoming youngster because he’s most definitely on track to stand beside the big leagues one day.

“I love imparting the knowledge that I got from my tours and the mistakes I made. I basically teach the kids that they have to be very diligent, work really hard and be faithful to the sponsors that they have,” Robbie said. “the reason I started a surf school was because I got hooked on something that was very healthy and has kept me healthy all throughout my life. Seeing children for the first time riding waves and the thrill they get out it and then watching them progress, that’s my passion now.”

Robbie enjoying some free time on a future legends Surf coaching trip with mentawai Surf charters.


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DANE WILSON Rip curl Noosaville store manager, dane wilson, 39, has spent a lifetime understanding the surfing industry inside and out. Enough to know it doesn’t get better than the Sunshine coast, and surfing brands don’t get better than Rip curl. Growing up on Sydney’s southern beaches, dane said he’s been excited by the Rip curl brand since he was a little kid – describing their products as synonymous with quality in the water. But more than that, dane said the brand was ground-breaking for surfing culture, opening up surfing not only for him, but for surfing around the world through the Search program: a formalization of what surfers dream of – exploring new waves, finding new cultures and the age-old philosophy of pure, unplanned adventure into the unknown. “they had a Search program where they’d send some of the best surfers in the world to remote places, and it helped open up the whole world,” dane said. “as a kid, I’d have Rip curl posters up on the wall of empty line-ups (waves) where now there’s a resort right there on the beach. they paved the way for that and inspired the world to travel.” Now a Noosa local, dane comes from strong surfing stock. He’s the son of david wilson who created the pioneering surfboard label Gordon & Smith (G&S) back in the ‘60s and said it was both his parents who inspired his love of the sport.

ALISTER REGINATO alister Reginato has just finished high-school and to celebrate, the 17 year old is taking a year off study and heading down the East coast. the promising young Sunshine coast talent said he is excited to spend the next 12 months “finally putting surfing first.” alongside his older brother Jack 22, the duo has pulled their money together to purchase an old Rv, that will be their new home during “one hell of a surf trip.” the pair will be trying their luck at Qualifying Series and pro Junior events all throughout the country. from Queensland all the way through to victoria and even across to the western coast, taking advantage of larger swell and intimidating waves. as brothers and best mates, surfing has always been what has brought them together. “my brother was the main influence on my surfing growing up,” alister said. “He was always around in comps and I was a bit younger, so I was always there with him. It kind of started the fire, and ever since we’ve never stopped surfing together.” In both 2018 and 2017, alister won the under 18 Queensland State titles and also finished 11th overall in the pro Junior Events in 2017. But 2019 is his year to go at it big. “Surfing is something I have to do every day. I feel like it makes my day better, even if the surf is not that good, it makes it 100 times better. then competing, I just love winning,” he says with a cheeky grin. “I also love the relationships that I’ve had over the years because of surfing.”

“we’d spend our weekends surfing. dad would just give me a board and say off you go,” he said.

Not afraid of a challenge, alister will be chasing big waves, reef breaks and unfamiliar swell, building himself to become an all-round surfer that is comfortable in all kinds of conditions.

“they always encouraged in me that the ocean was somewhere you could go to and just have fun, whether it was surfing or fishing or just swimming. as far as teaching my own kids (Elvis, 6 and Rio, 4), I teach them the same: that the ocean’s there to have fun and just unwind.”

“In australia, we probably have the widest range of good surfers. In each event, you’re not going to get one easy heat. there’s always going to be four guys at a similar level, who are surfing really good,” he said.

the ocean remains a major part of the dane’s family life. from checking surf conditions first thing each morning, to finding a sheltered bay for the kids on the weekend, or just sharing a chat about the waves with his dad, who now splits his time between Sydney and Noosa.

alister’s ultimate inspiration in the sport is Brazilian pro and world champ Gabriel medina. He admires his ‘go hard or go home’ surfing style and believes medina’s skill is unparalleled in the professional circuit.

although he said he’s “been everywhere” searching out the best waves from africa to Europe, central and South america and Indonesia, he says you can’t beat australia. and when the swell’s good here, it’s up there. “You can go a fair way, but home’s always good,” he said.

“You’re also dealing with mother Nature and the ocean, so it’s always unpredictable.”

“my personal opinion is that he’s the best surfer in the world. He’s super aggressive and probably the most explosive surfer in competition and in the free surf,” alister said. “No matter what the conditions are, he’s always got the tricks to win the comp. “I would like to think my style is similar, aggressive and explosive. I like to put an exclamation on each wave I can.”

Photo/Fenna De King fennadeking.com

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the dreggs

Summer calls for spontaneous surf trips, sunset beers on the headland and late-night gigs on Ocean Street. And one band that encompasses all those vibes is indie-folk duo, The Dreggs. Paddy Macrae and Zane Harris have an interesting story. Both growing up on Bribie Island, yet not meeting until their 20s, it didn’t take long for them to discover they shared the same intrinsic outlook on life. Within just one week of meeting, they had written their first song. “Our first song we wrote was Feel Alive. At the time we were both in a very similar wavelength. We wanted to get off the island, we wanted to pursue this career in music and we were sick of the routine that we were in. We were both just really feeling that, and that’s what Feel Alive is about. Getting out,” Paddy said. Soon enough it became one of those indissoluble friendships; you wouldn’t catch Paddy without Zane or see Zane without Paddy. As band mates, housemates and surfing buddies, the two are quite literally joined at the hip. “Yeah and expecting kids soon,” Zane joked. Their sound is a fusion between the soothing strums of Ben Howard backed by the busy notes of City and Colour and polished with the powerful pipes of Matt Corby. But with a Sunshine Coast twist. Moving off the island and relocating to Caloundra about a year ago, the boys admit they had become addicted to the Sunny Coast culture of surfing and care-free living.



Come & Try Outrigging Register your interest at www.noosaoutriggers.com.au oR contact glen via emai: secretary@noosaoutriggers.com.au or call 0410 624 619 Must be 8 years plus and be able to swim 22

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• Kids • social • Fitness • Racing

SURf MUSIc whenever they get the chance, the duo is in their vans, racing down the East coast in search of the best waves. (with a few gig performances in between). It’s a lifestyle that seeps into their music. their sound is the relaxed type of music you’d listen to on a road trip, dripping in coasty vibes, it makes you want to suntan on the beach while drinking an ice-cold beer. But with an upcoming South coast tour in february 2019, they are looking to transform their style. “the new music we are going for is a lot more melodic and dynamic,” paddy said. “It’s more musically challenging for the both us,” Zane said. But making new music isn’t a predictable process and the two are continuing to experiment without making any timelines. “we kind of bank up these random rifts or verses that one of us has made up. and we leave it sitting there at the back of our mind or recorded on our phones, and we don’t find it until two months later,” Zane said. “we just add to each other’s ideas and it sort of just comes together.” It’s been a successful year for the dreggs establishing a prominent name for themselves as musicians in the region. Headlining shows around town at venues like

Solbar, the Zoo in Brisbane and playing at the caloundra music festival. However, Zane and paddy always remain inspired and grounded by the reactions of their fans. “I always make sure I do this spiel when we play. I thank everyone for being there and I thank everyone for following us on Instagram, facebook and all the socials,” Zane said. “It doesn’t even have to be turning up to all our gigs, it’s just the little stuff.” “music is such an emotionally taxing thing and when you’re getting a pretty dismal response from it, it’s easy to take that personally. So, when people are giving you that good feedback and drive to do it, it’s the exact reason we do it,” paddy said. with the release of their new single Gold and more promised to drop within the new year, follow the dreggs on facebook or Instagram to stay in tune with their upcoming gigs. @thedreggsmusic and facebook.com/TheDreggsMusic/

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SURfINg dogS

hot doggin’


founded on the shores of Hawaii, dog surfing was officially launched in australia as the feature attraction at the 2012 Noosa festival of Surfing. Now in its eighth year, the vetShopaustralia Surfing dog championships, co-sponsored by Simparica, is the main attraction of the Noosa festival of Surfing, pulling even larger crowds than the professional surfers! chris de aboitiz, former tandem world surfing champion and professional dog trainer, has been involved in the event since its inception, and believes that dog surfing is a great way to spend quality time with your dog while doing something you both love. for those of you who want to experience the sun, surf and sand with your pooch, here are some simple steps to follow to get your dog on a board and out into the waves. 1. first, put your dog in a ‘sit and stay’ position on the beach. 2. Now invite your dog onto the board. once on the board get them back in the ‘sit and stay’ position. 3. let your dog stay there for a few moments then invite them off the board. use a lead if required. 4. put your board by the water’s edge and invite your dog onto it, then slide your board into the water with your dog staying on the board in a ‘sit’ position. 5. let your dog float around on the board for a few minutes and then bring it back onto the beach. Invite your dog off the board. 6. congratulations! You’re now ready to take your dog for a paddle in the flat water. 7. paddle your dog to a ‘happy place’ – for example, a sandbar where you can run and play with your dog. 8. after one or two trips you’ll have trouble keeping your dog off the board!


surfing sunshine coast 2018

SURfINg dogS

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a l ong history

Photos courtesy of Kevin Annetts

the alexandra Headland malibu club helped ingrain the sport of longboarding in the Sunny coast region, establishing it into its eminent place within our culture.

the Hayden brand introduced the malibu surfboard to Queensland, and its customised boards were carried by many athletes who won championship events.

founded 36 years ago, the club has hosted generations of surfers that stood together watching as trends turned, boards transformed and the sport revolutionised.

Hayden’s relationship with the mal club never disintegrated still holding ties with old-timer members.

the original 1982 winter classic (the first ever competition hosted by the club) celebrated this evolution. the original tournament poster read; “the Hayden 20th anniversary malibu classic - a tribute to the roots of modern day surfing.” that Hayden was none other than Hayden Kenny, father of Grant Kenny and grandfather of Jett Kenny. It was a name that would become ‘legendary’ in sporting history, not only in alexandra Headland but in all of australia. throughout the ’60s, Hayden Kenny surfboards was the premier surfboard builder in Queensland, and one of the most influential surfboard labels in australian surfing history.

over the years, other mal surfers involved with the club also helped to define the surfing identity of the Sunshine coast. the club culture was described by founding member desmondo Nicholson (and designer of the club’s longstanding logo) as: “a community of bronzed aussie surfers effortlessly but purposefully pushing those limits on short and long boards.”

hayden Kenny.

He said the term ‘Bluff’ which the alexandra Headland Surf club bar is named after, originates from the early slang of these mal riders. “the Bluff was to see how close you could get to the end of the rocks (to surfing perfection),” he said. today its president and life member Kevin annetts carries on this legacy, leading the club to adapt alongside an everevolving sport.

hayden Kenny surfing at Noosa National Park as grant Kenny and his mum watch on.

Mal competition at Moffat Beach.


surfing sunshine coast 2018


Kevin Annetts board collection.

Kai Annetts.

surfing sunshine coast 2018



tahiti dreamin’ It’s the ultimate wave, a heavy slab anywhere between two to 30 feet. It’s a long-winded ride through a flawless barrel, with a picturesque volcanic island painted in the background. teahupoo is famous among surfers all throughout the world, outshining the swells of even Hawaii, El Salvador and Jeffreys Bay. Jack mack has chased waves all over the world, growing up in the South coast of New South wales he’s accustomed to a heavy break, and the infamous ‘aussie pipe.’ throughout his early 20s mack travelled the globe following direction from the tip of his board. Bells Beach, Sumatra, mentawai, uluwatu, Hawaii, Baja, mexico, El Salvador and the Golden Gate Bridge. None, however, compare to the teahupoo ‘chopes’, but getting there proves no easy feat. with no direct flights from Queensland, one must fly to auckland before they can transfer to a tahiti directed flight. once landed at papeete, the drive will take about an hour

and a half, winding through dense jungle towards the deserted south of the island, named by locals as ‘the end of the road’. there are no hotels, no highrise buildings, the only option is to home-stay with nearby island dwellers. from there, without a boat, you face a 30-minute paddle towards teahupoo, out and around the reef. Sharing the line-up with boats littered throughout the horizon, it’s time for the main show. “the reef is super sharp and super shallow, so pretty much every time you fall off you can hit the bottom,” mack said. “It’s a hard wave to surf, so, you have to figure it out as quickly as possible, otherwise you’re just getting slammed on the reef.” Situated in the tropics, surfers become susceptible to infection and a reef cut can cause a terrible end to the trip. It’s a long journey but after the first drop, it all comes together.

www.softechsoftboards.com @softech_softboards

SEA DIFFERENTLY Teahupo’o in Tahiti


surfing sunshine coast 2018

Jack Mack in the lineup at Tahiti

“I don’t think there is a wave like it anywhere else in the world. It’s pretty special. You get a really, long, deep barrel that opens wide to the mountain backdrop,” mack said. “I was on my backhand out there, which sometimes can be a bit easier to scoop into the wave. “You kind of just have to put your head down and paddle straight. then once you make the drop, think about doing a bottom turn, pull in and and hope the wave lets you do the rest.”


surfing what ?

Surfdancer academy of Surf isn’t your regular surf school. while the academy offers your usual learn to surf sessions, what it has become famous for are its unique surf dance lessons, aimed at those who are looking for something a bit different.

Surfdancer director Kristy Quirk is an australian longboard champion, recently winning her age division at the whalebone in w.a, Byron malibu classic and Noosa festival of Surfing.

synchronised surfing and the coordination of movements that focus on finding rhythm and flow.” However, Kristy is not the only aussie champion within the Surfdancer ranks.

Hayden Swan shortboarding at Sunshine Beach Photo/Andrew Caruthers

If you’re already a surfer, especially down in the caloundra region, then you’ve most likely heard of ma and pa Bendall. the couple moonlighted the sport of longboarding during the ’50s and their grandson, Hayden Swan is one of the very talented coaches at Surfdancer.

So, to put it bluntly, she sure knows how to shred it. as a level 3 certified surfing coach, Kristy’s passion is now helping others master the craft of longboarding, or for that matter, the craft of ‘surf dance’.

Hayden has made a name for himself among the longboarding community, outside of his ‘legendary’ heritage. winning 10 australian longboard titles and currently sitting as an aussie champion.

“the learn to surf dance lessons improve spatial awareness, strength, flexibility and encourage a full range of body movements on the surfboard,” she said.

So, come and meet the team and make some brand-new surfing pals.

“classes can include yoga, dance, percussion, song,

Hayden Swan winning his age division at Noosa festival of Surfing 2017 Photo/Fenna De King

to find out more visit www.surfdancer.com.au

Both current australian longboard champions Hayden Swan and Kristy Quirk.

Kristy Quirk Photo/Dave gleeson Noosa Surf Shots

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f-liGht Global midniGht

RRp $399.99

RRp $249.99

Swell, wind, track and tide. the Rip curl SearchGpS 2 Surf watch is not only smaller, lighter and more durable than its predecessor, but now also comes with real-time surf conditions and GpS tracking for all of your activities, from surf to snow, run to swim. charger included.

the f-light Global midnight is great travel luggage for men, holding up to 100 litres of content but only weighing 3.6 kgs. also available in cabin size 2.2kg, it fits as a carry on for all flights! lightweight, durable and flexible, it features sandwich construction for total functionality. also detailed with external compression straps, a telescopic handle and in-line skate wheels.

available from your nearest Rip curl outlet.

available from your nearest Rip curl outlet.

circa Gold leather Watch

corPaWatu Wallet

RRp $199.99

RRp $69.99

You won’t want to take this one off! the elegant gold and white case with a classic leather band fits to the wrist comfortably and looks fantastic with any outfit!

the corpawatu 2 In 1 is a 100% leather wallet for men, complete with RfId protection and a pull-out slim wallet. designed with zip coin and note pockets, a twin note area, multiple card slots and an Id window.

available from your nearest Rip curl outlet.

available from your nearest Rip curl outlet.

hYdro flaSK®

GoPro hero 7

RRp $49.95

RRp $599.95

Keep life moving with the 21 oz bottle and Standard flex cap. It stashes easily into a small shoulder bag, your pack’s side pocket, or your car cup holder, and holds enough ice cold goodness to keep you going for hours without weighing you down.

Gimbal-like video that’s insanely smooth. Smart-capture superpowers for the best, most brilliant photos automatically. Battle-tested and waterproof without a housing. the HERo7 Black is the most advanced Gopro yet.

multiple colours and sizes. available from www.hydroflask.com.au


surfing sunshine coast 2018

also comes in white and silver. more info at www.surfcomposites.com.au

PRod dUcTS

PhaSe icon curve PeaK caP RRp $39.99 the phase Icon curve peak cap is a great men's flexfit cap, designed using a melange spandex and made to be one size fits most. detailed with flat Rip curl embroidery on the front. available from your nearest Rip curl outlet.

miraGe 3/2/one ultimate

deSert roSe adjuSter caP

frontline tee

RRp $99.99

RRp $29.99

RRp $49.99

the mirage 3/2/one ultimate is the best boardshort for surfers, designed with a new advanced cordura fabric. the side of these shorts are made of neoprene for ultimate stretch.

the desert Rose adjuster cap is a great summer cap for ladies, made of a cotton twill material and designed with a 5 panel fit and a back leather and buckle adjuster.

vaporcool technology is built to keep you cool. lightweight and moisture-wicking fabrics keep you dry and comfortable. detailed with front and sleeve Rip curl prints with a variety of styles to choice from.

available from your nearest Rip curl outlet.

available from your nearest Rip curl outlet.

available from your nearest Rip curl outlet.

miraGe ultimate one Piece

the G-bomb uv Surf Suit

WomenS lonG Sleeve ziP Surf hood

RRp $119.99

RRp $99.99

RRp $79.99

the mirage ultimate mesh one piece is a great one-piece bikini for women. made of a water repellent microfibre material, this black one-piece bikini is detailed with mesh panels for water drainage, high performance fabric and more. the ultimate surfer’s swimsuit.

the G-Bomb uv Surf Suit is a great alternative to a wetsuit or bikini. It’s the best swimsuit to surf in! Stay sun safe during even the longest sessions with this flattering surf suit, made of durable poly elastane and cut to a performance fit.

Keep the sun off with Rip curl’s range of women’s rash vests, designed for watersports and outdoor activities. crafted from premium lycra fabrics, enjoy ultimate protection from the rays in our independently tested 50+ Spf women’s rashies.

available from your nearest Rip curl outlet.

available from your nearest Rip curl outlet.

available from your nearest Rip curl outlet. surfing sunshine coast 2018





Profile for NRM Custom Publishing

Surfing Sunshine Coast  

Surfing Sunshine Coast

Surfing Sunshine Coast  

Surfing Sunshine Coast

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