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Experience the new standard of workforce accommodation in our friendly village.

Phone: 1300 415 667 | Email: 105 Windmill Road, Chinchilla QLD 4413 | Page 3

Specifically DeSigneD for DriverS!

VXi BlueParrott® B450-XT - the Superior Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headset Be heard clearly everywhere with the industry’s best noise cancelling (96%) Talk for 24 hours then make charging easy via the Micro-USB Stream music or GPS directions to the headset Durable, all-day comfort Simpple, one-touch pairing to your phone Parrrott Button™ can be set to your choice of mute, speed dial and more with your smartphone using the BlueeParrott mobile app. | 0437 269 998 Page 4


Various models available to suit every budget

t r a c k s | w in n g s | w h ee e ls s | boats




We Guarantee u ee Attention to Detail


Speed Detailing is your Number 1 choice today, tomorrow and in the future. We cover every facet of detailing imaginable and our work is completely customised for your requirements. No job is too big or too small. From mining and earthmoving machinery and agricultural equipment, to your beloved cherished vehicle or a whole fleet of machinery, we’ve got you covered. We even specialise in detailing for clearing sales and have completed over 100 to date. We’ll guarantee attention to detail making sure your vehicle, equipment and machinery look their absolute best if you are re-selling — adding huge dollar value when it counts. Speed Detailing has many years of experience and knowledge to detail all makes and models of equipment in the mining and earthmoving and agricultural industries. From exteriors, interiors and undercarriages to every detailing requirement you have, Speed Detailing is attention to detail – meticulous and unwavering in everything we do. Every job that Speed Detailing carries out requires a unique process and application to achieve the perfect result. Nothing less then perfection is accepted. Speed detailing will get you more life out of your machinery and equipment. Detailing is a gifted art form and we are the masters at presenting your mining, earthmoving and agricultural machinery and equipment to the best it can be and continually going beyond the extra mile for every client no matter your location. Speed Detailing offers on-site, no obligation quotes and operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week, servicing all the Surat Basin & Maranoa, Qld, NSW, SA & beyond. Speed Detailing continues to set the highest of standards possible within Australia and brings their unique service to your front door step – anytime, anywhere. And we do not charge for travel to and from your location. Call Lyndon 0457 287 192 • All Interior, Exterior & Undercarriage Detailing • Full Machine Cut & Polish, Paint Rejuvenation – Buffing/Scratch Removal • Decals / Sticker / Signage Removal • Pencil Brushing of Stone Chips • All Alloy & Stainless Steel Polishing • Cars, Light Commercials, Trucks & Tractors • Boats (small – luxury) • Planes • Heavy Earth Moving / Mining & Agricultural Machinery • All work is strictly payable on completion


24/7 Mobile Service

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THE LARGEST SUPPLIER OF YOUR FASTENING NEEDS IN DALBY & SURROUNDS • Servicing the engineering, construction & building industries • Products for all your drilling, cutting and grinding needs

• Wide range of stock available • Free delivery within Dalby town boundaries • Bulk discounts available • Technical advice on hand • Locally owned & operated Authorized distributor for

Proud member of

7 Loudoun Rd, Dalby E:

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S. T. Olive & SOnS (DinGO) PTY LTD OVER 50 YEARS OF SAWMILLING - EST. 1963 ABN: 71 168 433 547

QUEENSLAND’S #1 MINING TIMBER SUPPLIER STILL GOING STRONG S. T. Olive & Sons (Dingo) Pty Ltd have been specialising in the supply of mining timbers in Central Queensland for 50 years. We are situated in the ‘heart’ of the Bowen Basin and have developed an extensive range of mining timber products to suit the varied requirements of each coal mine, designed to improve mine safety and reduction in lost time accidents. For the popular ‘longwall’ method of underground mining our sawmill has partnered with an engineering company ‘Strata Products’ to deliver a specialised and unique timber product technology ‘link-n-lock’, for a cost effective, simple and quick to install roof support system. Products: Link-n-lock Chock Timber, Blocks Props Caps, Lids & Wedges Sleepers, Dunnage Pegs & Stakes Made to order timber sizes PH: 07 4935 9144 Fax: 07 4935 9124 Page 8


• • • • • • •

➤ We purchase & sell homes for removal. ➤ Hampton Style Is Now On Trend ➤ We Specialise in Queenslander & Colonial Homes View Our Website for Latest Listings - Renovate to the Latest Hampton Style

Ph: (07) 4669 6162

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Providing all your welding, fabrication & steel supplies • Bull bars • Trays • Trailers • Farming Equipment • Trucks

MOB: 0428 763 721 4662 7101

Cnr North & Colamba Sts, CHINCHILLA Page 10


Call Bern & Matt With their vast knowledge and experience they’ll get the job done 26 GLASS Linear 27 HAULAGE Yorky’s Spraying & Haulage 11 HEALTH SERVICES Cosmetic Elegance 28 Atmos Blue 29 29 INDUSTRIAL Able 30 Jackson parts N Industrial 30 Enzed Toowoomba 30 INDUSTRIAL / RURAL SUPPLIES

CONTACT US Creative: Dom O’Mara, APN Ad Services Advertising: Debbie Phillips (07) 4672 9915 Surat Basin General Manager: Erika Brayshaw (07) 4672 9921 Inquiries: Phone (07) 4672 9900 Fax 3220 6442 Email: Address: 12 Mayne Street, Chinchilla Qld 4413 Publisher Indemnity The Industrial Directory 2019 – your guide to the Mining, Resource, Transportation and Services Industry is published by News Corp Australia in Chinchilla. Those who make advertising placement and/or supply copy material or editorial submissions to the Industrial Directory, undertake to ensure that all such material does not infringe any copywrite, trademark, defamation, libel, slander or title, breach or confidence, does not contain anything obscene or indecent, or does not infringe the trade practices act or other laws, regulations or statues. Further to the above mentioned these persons agree to indemnify the publishers and/or its agents against any investigations, claims or judgements.


Keith Crawley’s Industrial and Rural Supplies 31 INSURANCE / IRRIGATION / WATER SUPPLIES The Pump House 32 LIQUID CARTAGE Global Roto 33 LIQUID WASTE Speciality Services 33 MOTOR VEHICLE REPAIRS / MACHINERY Mounts 34 Chinchilla Mechanical and 34 PARTS / MOTOR REPAIRS Industrial Nuts & 6 Taylor’s Parts 35 PLUMBING / PARTS Glen Thomas 36 JJ 36 PLUMBING / POSTS / PANELS Olive & Sons Sawmill 8 K&R Plumbing 37 37 SMASH REPAIRS Graham Winter Smash 38 SMASH REPAIRS / STEERING Toowoomba Steering 39 Col Wilkie Smash Repairs 39 SKILLS AND TRAINING SWQ 40 TRANSPORT / HAULAGE Lachjack Transport 41 TRANSPORT / TYRES QTR 42 TANKS / WATERPROOFING Garden City Waterproofing 43 Clark Tanks 43 WINDOWS G James 44

Spraying & Haulage

Registered Gravel Pit


For All Your Gravel & Locals Suppo Bulk Haulage Needs Locarltsing

Contact Chris York Today

M: 0427 063 414 | P: 07 4622 5803 | F: 07 4622 5804 E:

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ACCOMMODATION Basecamp Chinchilla 3 Injune Caravan Park 12 Sails Resort on Golden Beach 12 Kings Park 12 ACCOUNTING Jeff Hannaford 13 AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS / PARTS Adaptions Australia 4 Retractable Tarps 14 PTW Auto 15 Maranoa Mobile Workshop 15 BUILDING / CONSTRUCTION P & L Robinson 16 Redsoil 45 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Career Australia 17 CLOTHING / EMBROIDERY Brenorrs Roma 18 Chinchilla Embroidery 18 CRANE HIRE Loughlin Crane 19 DETAILING Speed Detailing Pty 5 DRILLING Johnson Drilling 20 ENGINEERING / EARTHMOVING Baker 21 Dougall Ag & 21 Tribes Plant Hire 22 EARTHMOVING / MACHINERY Pirtek 23 T&W 48 ENERGY AND MINING SERVICES Easternwell Group 2 and 24 General Petroleum Oil 7 FINANCIAL SERVICES Fox & Rynne Accountants 25 25 FUEL SERVICES


RESEARCH YOUR STAY TO ENSURE FUN-FILLED TRIP WHEN you work in the FIFO industry, your chosen accommodation is literally your home away from home. So for employers, choosing accommodation for staff is a serious choice. Not only does the establishment need to provide a comfortable environment to ensure well-rested staff, but it should add to, not take away from, the experience. When deciding, consider factors such as food, whether it is included or not and whether it will be needed, proximity to the work site; along with the other usual factors such as cleanliness and budget. In this day and age, hotel and motel reviews are easy to come across. Do your research through websites such as Trip Advisor to read impartial guest reviews. In the digital age, there really is nowhere to hide and hotels and motels have been extremely

accepting of this. The websites of accommodation providers are up-to-date and provide a good

selection of images and a written overview of their facilities, to help in making your decision. Take the stress out of booking

your staff’s accommodation by doing your research and selecting the right place for them and you.

Family FRiendly holidayapaRtmentS caloundRa

Winner of multiple trip advisor awards

SailS ReSoRt on Golden Beach

P 5492 7888



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Accommodation / Accounting


The right accounting staff could save you OPERATING a business is a constant juggle between keeping costs down and results up, but there are a few places where saving a few dollars can really cost you in the long run. One of the biggest areas in this category is accounting. You or one of your employees may be a whiz with Quickbooks or other accounting software and given how pricey a good accountant is, it can be tempting to look after things yourself to save on that big annual bill. But find the right accountant for your business and they can save you a lot more than you would ever save by doing it yourself. In today’s era of internet and cloud-based business options, you don’t necessarily need to settle for the closest accountant unless face-to-face access is really important to you. That means the first step in finding the right person is

researching to find someone who really specialises in your area. An accountant who specialises in personal and small business accounting may not be the right fit for a large industrial or mining operation, so tap into your business and social networks for recommendations and spend a bit of time researching on the internet. You can also turn to things like your local chamber of commerce for advice, which is often provided for free. Looking to the future is another important aspect. If you choose a quality, chartered accountant who specialises in your area, they can help your business as it grows and expands its footprint, whether your current focus is on the Western Downs of Queensland or in South East Asia. Asking the right questions is a big part of the process.

Jeff Hannaford Pty

You can ask your prospective accountant about their client list including gross revenues and employee numbers to make sure they have the expertise to stay with your business as it kicks goals and expands. If you are looking to save money in the early stages of business growth, rather than choosing to forego having an

accountant, perhaps try doing your own data entry and invest in good accounting software compatible with what your accountant uses so you’re not paying them huge per-hour prices for simple work. Your accountant can then focus on the major elements, saving them time and you money.


Ever met a Chartered Accountant with a sense of humour? With a nickname of “Hairy” Contact Jeff Hannaford who is a community minded Chartered Accountant and doubles as a Trouble Shooter.

What can Jeff and his staff solve??

Anything!! Jeff Hannaford is a Community Chartered Accountant and Trouble Shooter who has been in business since 1978 when he opened up his


first office in Inglewood. His business has now grown with


another 2 offices in Texas and


Millmerran. Jeff supports the AOOB


Organisation because they are involved in charity and charity


begins at home. Try Jeff and his staff’s experience in solving your Accountancy, Taxation and Financial worries


For a free insight into what changes you could make to your Business or life phone Jeff on 0429 894 937 or Millmerran 4695 1477 Inglewood 4652 1106 or Texas 4653 1155

Make yourself at home 48 Park Street, Chinchilla QLD 4413


experience of good old fashioned


Don’t delay, contact and enjoy the

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Automotive repairs / parts

TECH SAVVY MECHANICS IT’S no great surprise that mechanical services for your vehicles is an important component of any gas, mining or industrial business. It can save you a lot of money in the long run, and if you want to upgrade or downsize your fleet it can help immensely with re-sale values. But the more modern your vehicle, the more its systems will be computer controlled, making auto electrical servicing at least as important as mechanical servicing. After all, it’s well and good if the engine is oiled and running smoothly, but still won’t go due to a failure in the computer system. Of course, many auto electrical problems will simply present themselves with a little light on

your vehicle’s dashboard, making it easy enough to treat many issues as they crop up. But there are also plenty of other problems that may even initially present as mechanical issues, when in reality, what needs looking at is the computer or its related components such as sensors. Auto electrical servicing can also help you achieve things like better fuel economy, and when you’re running a large fleet that can save a lot on your bottom line. To show you the importance of quality auto electrical servicing, here’s a run-down of the electrical systems vital to your vehicle’s smooth running: Engine tuning: A well-tuned engine not only runs smoother and has more power when you

need it, but also saves on both fuel and maintenance costs, not to mention emissions. Carbon: Ignore carbon build-up on fuel injectors and other engine components and you could find yourself with a decrease in power, rough idling and higher emissions. Alternator: It might look like you have battery issues, but in reality if your vehicle isn’t efficiently converting mechanical power into electrical power, your batteries will either charge inefficiently or not at all. Starter motor: Your starter motor is at the foundation of every driving experience as it turns your engine over when you turn the key. Ignore it as it begins to fail and you or your workers could find themselves in the middle of

nowhere on a mining site with nothing more than a click when the key is turned. Fuel: Your fuel injection system optimises the amount of fuel going into the engine, which combines with air to create the perfect combustion. If your fuel injectors aren’t working properly or need cleaning, it can directly affect performance. The same goes for fuel pumps. Transmission: You might think your automatic transmission is fine if your vehicle accelerates and changes gears adequately, but it’s often surprising the difference regular transmission servicing makes. Poor servicing can also lead to gears and plates wearing out faster, which can be very expensive to replace or repair.





TO FIT ANY TRUCK Established 1990

Phone: (07) 3889 9611 Fax: (07) 3889 9622

Email: Website: Factory: 28-30 Terrence Rd, Brendale. Q 4500 – Mailing: PO Box 5623, Brendale Q 4500

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LONG BLOCK WATER PROOF SYSTEM • Dual Cable Wind Out Tarps • Single Cable Wind Out Tarps • Pull Out Tarps • Roll Over Tarps • Electric Gear Drive Motors

HOLLOWSHAFT MOTOR • Pivot Arm Systems • Electronic Controllers • Waterproof Systems • Asphalt Tarps • Waste Tarps

ELECTRIC ROLL DUAL ARM Australian Distributors of 6915222ad

Tarping Systems and Components

Automotive repairs / parts

PARTS OF THE PUZZLE Should your fleet go with OEM parts or generic parts?

WHEN it comes to buying auto parts for your fleet of cars, utes or machinery, there is a lot more to consider than meets the eye. If all your servicing and repairs are done off-site at a registered dealership, chances are any replacement parts will be original equipment manufacturer (OEM), which means they will be quite close to the original part supplied with the vehicle and made by the same manufacturer. They do, however, tend to be pricey. If you’re using an independent mechanic or choose to employ someone on-site to service and repair your fleet, there may be a few other options available to you, so it pays to do your research. The other two categories of parts are brand name and generic and it’s important to know the difference, as it can often be a case of “you get what you pay for”. Brand name parts are

generally more expensive than generic parts and even sometimes more expensive than OEM parts. You’re generally paying for a higher standard of manufacture

with a lot of research and development behind it, not to mention warranties or guarantees. If you choose to go with generic you can save some

money, but unless you sit down and do your research and check reviews, you may be in for further replacements a lot sooner than if you chose OEM or brand name parts.



Parts for all tyPes of


stocking a wide range of :

A lt e r n At o r s & s tA rt e r s M o t o r s , B At t e r i e s , B At t e ry C h A r g e r s & J u M p p A C k s , leD s p o t l i g h t s , leD W o r k l i g h t s , i s o l At o r s , e- s t o p s & s W i t C h e s , solAr ChArging CoMponents

94 Charles Street, Roma

(07) 4622 2235


PH: 4622 2752

quality service

Heavy MacHinery, farM equiP, veHicles, trailers, caravans


WORKSHOP 14 George St. Roma


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LOOKING back a few years, tradies were the new elite. No longer blue-collared strugglers, Australian tradies enjoyed a period of high demand and high wages, which saw many swap the clapped-out old Falcon ute for a spanking new XR8. It didn’t last though – the building industry slowed as the mining sector took off, and while not all the XR8s ended up in the trade-in yard, a lot of shine went off the sector. The building sector is experiencing a resurgence, with strong conditions in the new home, apartment and commercial markets creating employment opportunities for construction professionals and tradespeople. In the trades and labour market experienced concrete trades such as form work carpenters, concreters and concrete patchers with high rise building experience are needed. Commercial and residential

estimators, forepersons, project engineers and civil designers are also highly sought-after. This coincides with recent reports that the Western Downs and South Burnett regions are set for a jobs boom, particularly in the construction sector. Renewable projects across the Toowoomba, Western Downs and South Burnett regions will provide opportunities for local businesses for years to come, according to Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise. TSBE general manager – Surat Basin Supply Chain Reagan Parle said opportunities for local businesses were mainly in construction, as most of the specialist equipment such as solar panels or wind turbine blades and generators would be sourced internationally. “Companies in our region providing construction site services or equipment for earthworks, trades, roads and utility maintenance are set to benefit from the projects and will

be in a position to compete for work,” Mr Parle said. “These renewables developments are very new to this region, which means the major contractors for the projects will be new to most of our businesses.” Mr Parle said the Western Downs was “absolutely” experiencing a renewables boom. “We’ve now moved from a low base of investment in renewablesto one that is seeing overwhelming inquiry,” he said. “While our region continues to see approvals for projects across the TSBE footprint, the reality is they will come online at different times. “The early inquiry TSBE has been fielding for two and a half years is resulting in the early construction works beginning at sites like Canadian Solar’s Oakey Solar Farm and APA Group Darling Downs Solar Farm near Dalby.” For school leavers looking to

pursue a career in the construction industry – it seems there’s never been a better time!

P & LA Robinson


• Building New Homes • Renovations and Extensions • Kitchen Renovations • Bathroom Renovations • Store Renovations and Fit-outs • Decking, Verandas and Pergolas • Driveways and Carports • Customised House Designs • Residential & Commercial Carpentry • Concreting for both Residential and Commercial

PH 0417 928 386 4662 8017 Page 16


Building / Construction


CHOOSING a career is just the start of a lifelong journey of development of next week, let alone next decade, but one thing many successful people have in common is clear goals. It often really pays off to have an idea in your mind of where you would like to be in 10 years, whether you end up there or not. The important part is to have a constant picture of growth and development in your mind to prevent career stagnation. Without it, you could find yourself in the same job for years without ever getting off the bottom rung of the career ladder. So in a fast-changing world, how do you go about painting a picture of your future? Once you’ve settled on a career and organised your study, you can look up career opportunities beyond graduate

Career opportunities


employment. Obviously fresh graduates tend to migrate into entry-level roles and it’s important to make sure there are plenty around before starting your studies, but what opportunities exist for specialisation? Next you can create a plan for how you would achieve that specialisation. What extra qualifications might you need? Think about what promotions would help you on your way and how you might convince your boss you’re the best person for the job and set your plans in motion. You might need to do additional courses, professional development or take on a mentor to help you. Networking with other industry professionals is also valuable for opportunities and inspiration.



CEA offer Nationally Recognised Training in several sectors including aged care, disability, community services, business, retail and I/T.

Phone 3457 1234 (or go to website) to register interest


There is also a Year 10 program available. CEA are currently operating in Toowoomba and Dalby, and in Chinchilla from February 2019. CEA training is generally fully-funded (‘no cost’) to eligible clients, with child-friendly hours.

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Clothing / embroidery

RIGHT LOOK IS THE BEST OUTLOOK IT’S easy to think of uniforms for your company as nothing more than what employees dress in before coming to work each day. It can be seen as a small and trivial part of a business, but in reality, your choice of uniform can affect branding, employee happiness and even your company’s credibility. There is plenty to consider, so if your company hasn’t updated its look in years or if you’re starting a new company, it might be time to take a closer look. Your employees will be wearing their uniform all day, most days, year-round. Sloppy, uncomfortable, ill-fitting or impractical uniforms can have an underrated effect on employee happiness and the public’s perception of your quality of service. Outdated or unfashionable uniforms can leave potential


If your company hasn’t updated its look in years ... it might be time to take a closer look. clients with the impression that you’re not forward-thinking or adaptive. Safety and practicality are also major considerations, but in today’s environment that doesn’t have to mean leaving fashion on the sideline. You can keep your branding consistent while also considering the different uniforms required in different sectors of the company. You should also make sure whatever uniform you choose will stand up to repeated washing and wearing, so really consider durability when making your selection.

For more information contact us on 1800 671 702 83 McDowall St, Roma Page 18


Leaders in all your workwear, work boots and PPE needs Onsite workwear can be fully customised with embroidery instore. Now supplying custom made FR anti-static clothing with best prices guaranteed. Situated within the Surat Basin means faster turnaround

1. Follow health and safety guidelines It is extremely important to ensure that any work carried out with the use of a crane complies with health and safety guidelines set out by the governing body. Cranes can be extremely dangerous so being extra cautious is an absolute must. 2. Upgrade your liability insurance Ensuring insurances are up-to-date are a part of life we are all familiar with however, when it comes to operating a crane, up-to-date liability insurance is imperative. In most cases, the hirer will be responsible for the crane as soon as the vehicle leaves the nearest public highway. Therefore, insurance is definitely needed. 3. Plan the lift Planning is key in crane

Crane hire


operation. Plan every aspect of the operation to help avoid accidents and ensure a safe and successful job. Remember, there is no such thing as over-planning. Inspect the ground carefully to ensure complete stability and adequacy, and then carefully measure and weight loads and distances. 4. Check credentials Whoever you have hired your crane through, be sure to check their credentials. Website testimonials are a great place to start, along with a quick search of the internet for independent reviews. If need be, chat to the staff themselves to gauge their knowledge and professionalism as this is always a good indication of a company’s credibility.

YOU NAME IT, WE CAN LIFT IT FRANNAS 15 TO 25 TONNE ALL TERRAINS 35 TONNE TO 100 TONNE Transport available from tilt trays to 65 tonne capacity

07 4634 8777

24 Hour 7 Days

OfďŹ ce & Depot: 29 Carrington Rd Toowoomba Postal Address: PO Box 9127 Wilsonton 4350 | Email:


Travis: 0408 018 509 | FAX 07 46348677 |

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IF YOU’RE debating what career to get into or thinking of a change in career, you could do a lot worse than the drilling industry. Australia is home to a plethora of major drilling companies, types and regions, with our region at the forefront of opportunities for labourers in this sector.

This industry offers plenty of opportunities

While there may have been boom and bust cycles, there is no doubt there is still growth to come in the coal seam gas (CSG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) industries in Queensland. CSG and LNG are a vital

resource for Queensland’s industrial and manufacturing sectors. Continued exploration in the region means there will be plenty of work for years to come, meaning stable and secure

employment for people with the right qualifications. Further growth and continued exploration country-wide also offers choice and salary bargaining power for drilling experts, with every state in the country increasing exploration activities in recent years.

JOHNSON DRILLING Sub Artesian and Artesian bores to 1400m, CSG Make Good Water Bores 07 4622 2543


45609 WARREGO HWY ROMA Email: 36 Bennie St, Dalby Member ADIA Page 20

ENGINEERS design “things” to solve problems. But of course, not just any design satisfies the long list of constraints related to cost, size, time, weight and manufacturability – to name a few. Engineering appears to have a negative image, and it is difficult to say exactly why. There are a number of possible contributing factors as to some of the possible reasons. For a start, university engineering students are put through an initial lengthy period of dull math and science courses before they are allowed to do the “hands on, interesting stuff”. No wonder this initiation loses a high percentage of student enrolments. Also, so much analytical information is required before the creativity and trying to convince

people that the design will be safe and environmentally sound is time consuming and can be frustrating. In recent years, engineering associations, employers, educators and many others have been focusing on expanding the profession’s diversity. With the outcome to create a diverse and welcoming environment for everyone interested in the practice of engineering. Diversity in engineering, not only refers to the representation of women and other under-presented minorities, but also “individual diversity” – the breadth of experience of an engineer. Two very critical factors. LEFT: Mick Crowe, managing director of G&S Engineering.

Dougall ag & Civil

Baker Rossow’s Engineering and design team specialise in footing & earthworks design and structural engineering for your new dwelling. Contact us for a site inspection today!

• Building, Renovating and Maintaining Dams • Bulk Haulage • Contour Banks • Road Construction • Levelling

Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering

Multi Discipline Engineering

• Motels, Units & Houses • Schools & Church Facilities • Shops, Offices & Commercial • Work Camp Design 136 Herries Street PO Box 1382, Toowoomba QlD 4350 Ph hone: (07) 4638 5655 | 37 Archibald Street, Dalby QlD


• Footing Design • Retaining Walls • Building Structural Design

Scraper contractor for any of your Agriculture, Mining and Civil needs. Operating a Caterpillar 623E Scraper to mine specs. Access to complimenting machines including Caterpillar D8T, D8N & Loader 966H, means that any job will be done with efficient machines. Any jobs BIG or small

Please enquire on 0409 016 079


• Urban, Rural and Industrial Sub-divisions • Roads & Car parks • Traffic Studies • Hydraulic Engineering • Stormwater Drainage & Quality Reports • Fire mains, Water reticulation & Sewerage design

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Engineering / earthmoving


WHEN you’ve got a big earthmoving job coming up, the last thing you need is a cowboy contractor doing a terrible job before disappearing into the ether with no intention of fixing their dodgy work. A lot of money can be at stake, not to mention time and inconvenience when you’re

You want the job done right, so do your homework

working in with other contractors, so how do you find the perfect company to carry out your job? The biggest pitfalls are sloppy work, insufficient compaction and incorrect fill materials and often the fastest way to weed

these companies out of your search is through word of mouth and reviews. While not completely foolproof, you can instantly strike off companies from your list if you see more than one or two dissatisfied customers.

Earthmoving and Excavation

Taking a direct interest in what will go into your job will also give you the right questions to ask, and a good contractor will almost always offer to come out and look before quoting. You can also look up or request photos of other similar work the company has completed.

• Bobcat - spreader, borer, trencher • Backhoe • Excavators • Roller • Tippers • Truck & Dog • Low Loader • Water Truck • Civil works • CSG field works • General earthworks - site clearing - slab preparation • Trenching • Post hole boring • Materials Supplied


0427 953 686 | 0429 136 049 | 07 4627 1778 E: | W: Page 22


Engineering / earthmoving








45-47 Cooper Street

(07) 4669 1400 Page 23

Local co ompany supportting local communities 20







78% 41%


empLoyeeS S


ReSIde IN QLd FRom ReGIoNaL aReaS

IN THe e LaST 12 moNTHS coNTRIbUTed

$140M 46% To THe e QLd ecoNomy


oUR commUNITy GRaNTS pRoGRam HaS pRoVIded

>$320K 201 To

commUNITy GRoUpS


IN TooWoomba aNd THe SURaT baSIN ReGIoN Page 24

engage. Prepare a list of questions you’d like to cover and be very wary of interest rates, ongoing fees and administration charges. Look at your own budget before you have any consultation, to make it clear to yourself how much you can comfortably afford as repayments – if it is a loan you are seeking. Nowadays we also have the benefit of social media, in the way of requesting “recommendations”. The feedback provides personal experiences with businesses and will generally be negative or positive and both those responses can help you in your process of elimination. Last but not least, if it is an accountant you are after, make sure they are a member of the Chartered Practising Accountants, Australia.

Financial services

Services Offered Include: ☞ GST Compliance Assistance ☞ Taxation Advice and Planning ☞ Preparation & Electronic Lodgement of Income Tax Returns ☞ Preparation of Annual and Periodical Financial Statements ☞ Estate Planning


THAT’S the nasty four letter word: D-E-B-T. With so many “pop-up” financial service businesses sprouting up around the country, it is a difficult decision to make when we are in need of some financial guidance. Whether it is organising your first car loan, taking out a mortgage or simply arranging your finances for the future, be sure to do your homework. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is! It is your money and your future and money is hard to come by and even harder to save – don’t blow it by using a shonky accountant, financial advisor or broker. Research online, read reviews, talk to friends, but ultimately, don’t rush in. Check the history and portfolio of the business you may opt to

Fox & Rynne Accountants Pty Ltd

Servicing Miles, Taroom, Wandoan, Theodore Areas 45 Marian Street Miles | Ph 4627 1500 | Fax 4627 1878 29 Yaldwyn Street Taroom | Ph 4627 3225 | Fax 4627 3426 Email:

READY . STEADY . SALE We have buyers ready to purchase your business

Are you looking for a professional business broker who can Sell & Buy businesses in Toowoomba and surrounding areas?



Call us today for a confidential appointment: Mobile: 0419 967 882 or email on Page 25


THE LOWDOWN ON FUELS FUEL is one of the most widely-used sources of energy in the world today and by burning fuel we can power vehicles, ships and planes as well as provide electricity for homes and building. Therefore, due to the incredibly high demand for fuel, there are many corporations involved in the business of importing and exporting fuels, especially to remote areas of Australia. In the Western Downs and Surat Basin regions, fuel is important for local businesses as well as the gas and mining industries.

The power that drives the industry out west What makes a good wholesale fuel supplier is the ability to access a bulk fuel supply, products such as oil and lubricants, fuel equipment solutions and fuel delivery to rural, remote and regional areas. One such business is IOR, an Australian family-owned and operated business that is making sure customers across Australia can fuel up. The business began in Eromanga, Queensland in 1984 and has expanded to offer

convenient 24-hour diesel stops to service remote areas of Australia. Many of these regional depots are operated by local community members and distribute bulk fuel to keep transport, farming, councils, mining and oil and gas continuing. United fuel also partners with resellers who offer customers products including premium fuels, diesel, oil and lubricants into the Western Darling Downs and Surat Basin regions.

Lowes Petroleum is another local bulk fuel and lubricants provider with a network of BP Service Stations and depot locations throughout Queensland. Their depot facilities assist wholesale customers that require bulk fuel or lubricants delivered directly to their site. Fuel companies like IOR, as well as United and Lowes Petroleum, understand what fuel means to local communities and will ensure customers get the fuel they need to keep our industries thriving.


Diesel across Australia, providing DieselStop Stopnetwork network across Australia, providing convenient drive-through access, with convenient drive-through access, with many many sites and amenities. sitesproviding providingAdblue Adblue and amenities.


Australian ownedand and operated since Australian owned operated since 19841984

We provide provide complete We completeand andflexible exiblefuel fuel solutions, including supply, storage and solutions, including supply, storage and management, helping your business business management, helping your grow. grow.

BULKFUEL FUELDELIVERY DELIVERY BULK Locally-based drivers, ensuring efďŹ cient Locally-based drivers,ensuring efficient deliveries of diesel, unleaded, unleaded, Avgas deliveries of diesel,premium unleaded, premium and Jet A1 fuels. unleaded, Avgas and Jet A1 fuels. STORAGE TANKS AND FUEL MANAGEMENT STORAGE TANKS AND FUEL MANAGEMENT Fuel storagetanks tanksand andinventory inventorymanagement management Fuel storage systems,allowing allowingyou youtotostay stay control your systems, in in control of of your fuelconsumption. consumption. fuel AVIATION AVIATIONFUEL FUEL Dedicated storage, andand deliveries Dedicated storage,management management deliveries of high-quality Jet A1 and Avgas fuels. of high-quality Jet A1 and Avgas fuels.

1300 457 467 | IOR.COM.AU


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WHILE having your windows tinted is less debated about than it used to be, it’s always good to know why it’s beneficial. So, in order to inform you, a comprehensive list of benefits has been compiled to help you make an informed decision when it comes to the tinting of your windows. Visible Light Transmission Tinting reduces the amount of daylight, making your drive more comfortable with less squinting from the sun. Also you will have more privacy with darker windows. Ultraviolet (UV) Absorption Those nasty UV rays that cause melanomas and cataracts to form find you where you least expect it. Even though you’re under a roof, the rays can sneak through the window and actually cause you to burn. If your windows are tinted, it filters out up to 99 per cent of these rays, drastically reducing health problems for you in the future. Who would’ve thought? Total Heat Rejection Having tinted film on your

windows reduces the levels of visible light and invisible infrared heat, as well as giving your windows the capability to cast-off solar heat. This will cool your vehicle and

actually reduces energy consumption. Scratch Resistant Coating The name is pretty self-explanatory, but having a scratch resistant coating actually



protects the film from normal wear and tear from the natural environment that is hard to avoid. Shatter resistance Depending on the window film that you apply, many will offer shatter resistance. This means that if you were in an accident and your window shattered, the tinting on the window would hold the glass shards together, becoming a barrier between you and the debris from the impact. Style and appearance While we all know that window tinting makes your car more private due to the darkening of the glass, it also offers a higher level of style and a classy appearance. Many different tinting companies offer a wide varieties of shades, all of which keep the vehicle cooler, more comfortable, protected from UV rays and protects upholsteries from fading and cracking. For your vehicle to be roadworthy after having it tinted, it must be free of wrinkles, bubbles, discolouration and scratches to make sure that it doesn’t impair visibility.


132 Campbell St. Toowoomba (Up from the Spotted Cow Hotel)

4632 6488


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OF THE 70,000 Australian men diagnosed each year with cancer, the most common cancers are skin, prostate, bowel and lung. Rather than ignore the fact that cancer may affect you, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk or find it early. TO START ■ Stop smoking. ■ Keep a healthy weight. ■ Protect yourself from sun. ■ Be active every day. ■ Slow down on the alcohol. ■ Eat moderate amounts of lean red meat and limit or avoid processed meats. ■ Enjoy eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. ■ Eat a variety of high-fibre foods. ■ Go low with salt and fat. It’s a good health strategy to visit your GP once a year for a check-up and go any other time you notice a change to your body that isn’t normal. SKIN ■ There are three main types – basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. ■ Keep an eye out for new or

changing skin spots. ■ Use this check list to go top to bottom – check your head, scalp, neck, ears, sides, front of torso, back, arms, hands, fingers and fingernails, and feet. ■ Ask a family member or friend to help check the back of your legs and upper body. ■ Visit your GP if a spot has changed colour, size or shape, has an irregular border or becomes itchy or bleeds. It’s never too late to slip on clothing, slop on SPF30+ or higher, slap on a broad-brimmed hat, seek shade when you can and slide on the sunnies. PROSTATE ■ This is the most commonly diagnosed cancer. ■ The exact cause of this cancer is unknown. ■ Risk increases with age for men 60 and over and for those with family history. ■ Early prostate cancer doesn’t usually cause symptoms. ■ Later-stage urinating symptoms can be feeling an urgent need to go, difficulty starting, a slow or intermittent stream, leaking or dribbling after

urination, pain when urinating, pain in the lower back or pelvis, blood in the urine. ■ Doctors can conduct a prostate specific antigen blood test and may also do a rectal examination. TESTICULAR ■ It’s more common for men aged 18–9 and in men born with an undescended or partially descended testicle or testicles. ■ Most cases are found by accident. ■ It’s easiest to check your testicles after a shower or bath, when they’re warm and relaxed. ■ Look for a hard lump on the front or side, a change in size or shape, a difference in size between testicles, a heavy or dragging feeling in the scrotum, pain or discomfort in the testicle, scrotum or lower abdomen. BOWEL ■ Bowel cancer risks increase with age, with men over 50 the most common to be diagnosed. ■ Risk factors are a history of bowel polyps, ulcerative colitis or Chron’s disease and a family history of the disease. ■ It can be treated if detected

early. ■ Most often there are no early symptoms. ■ If your bowel habits change, see your GP. Take the opportunity to get your bowel checked by completing the free National Bowel Cancer Screening Program. LUNG ■ Smoking causes 90 per cent of lung cancers in men. ■ Other risk factors are being over 60, a family history of lung cancer, having a history of lung disease and exposure to substances such as asbestos, coal gas, diesel fumes and radiation. ■ This cancer can be hard to diagnose early so if you have any of the following symptoms, you should see your GP – a persistent cough that lasts longer than three weeks, a change in a cough or coughing up blood. ■ Need help with quitting smoking? Phone the Quitline on 13 78 48 or go to www. Further details can be found at

Skin Cancer Skin Cancer Checks Dr Eddie Roos & Dr Albert Vermeulen


Cosmetic Elegance Clinic

102 Medici Medical Centre, cnr Scott/Curzon St Toowoomba Page 28



Health services


If you would prefer not to do the request over the phone, the NDIA can send you the appropriate paperwork for you to fill out. Following the initial access process, you may be asked to submit further information regarding your disability. If this is the case, you will be sent a letter and a form to have completed by a health professional. You will be informed within 21 days if your access request has been either approved or denied. If you have not been approved, you can request a review of the decision within three months of the decision being made. If there is a delay in the application approval process, you will be informed. If you are not receiving disability services, but think you may be eligible, phone the NDIS on 1800 800 110 between 8am and 11pm local times, Monday to Friday.



NOW that the NDIS is available to you, you can start your access request – this is where you officially lodge yourself as someone who would like to receive the NDIS. If you are currently receiving disability services, you will receive a letter in the mail prior to a phone call to let you know the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will soon make contact. You will then be phoned by the NDIA or a representative and asked if you’d like to do your request over the phone, or through a paper form. If you choose to proceed over the phone, you will be asked a series of questions, including: ■ Confirmation of your identity and/or a person’s authority to act on your behalf ■ Questions in relation to providing consent to enter the scheme ■ Questions to determine if you meet the NDIS eligibility requirements

Health services


FOR DROUGHT RELIEF THINGS ARE LOOKING UP The air water revolution is here.

Providing premium drinking water, fresh water for farming & agricultural, mining, emergency services, and humanitarian purposes.


Atmos Blue are transforming air to water, up to 10,000 litres per day.

To learn more visit or contact us today at or phone 0408 406 344. Join the air to water revolution today. Page 29




Able Instrument Service has been operating for 27 years

NOW more than ever, the worldwide oil and gas market is looking to technology to meet the needs for energy security, environmental and operational protection, improved installed system efficiency, distribution system reliability and control, economic growth, and clean energy technologies. With this in mind, ensuring you have the most up-to-date technology has never been more important.

Our pressure generation products include everything from pneumatic hand pumps to a precision hydraulic pressure comparator.

Multi function Process Calibrator, we have the tools for your process measurement needs.

With the oil and gas industry imperative elements to our nation’s economy, staying on top of the latest advancements in technology can go a long way to not only helping your business directly, but the further prosperity of the industry as a whole. If in doubt as to whether your technologies are advanced as you think, take some time out to speak with a professional and receive a wrap up of the latest instruments available to market.

We have calibration solutions featuring digital gauges & calibrators.

Ask Paul for a quote, today!

No One Knows Hoses Like Enzed. • Qualified Hose Doctors

• Brass fittings

• Gauges, hydraulic filters

• Hydraulic tube assemblies

• Pneumatic fittings & tube

• Hydraulic Quick Couplers

• Hydraulic Industrial Hoses & Fittings

• Hydraulic Oil

JACKSON’S PARTS N INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES “If we haven’t got it – We’ll get it” Come in and see our range of spare parts and industrial products Hydraulink Hydraulics Hoses & Fittings up to 2” 4 wire – larger sizes over night • Fleetguard & F.S.A. Filters • Elect Cable • Pumps & Compressors • Exhaust Pipe • Hand Cleaners • Hoses • Lights • Radiator Caps • Safety Gear • Seatcovers • Metabo Power Tools • Federal Batteries • Bearings • Belts • Bolts & Nuts • Bulbs • MacNaught • Hoses • Fuchs Oil • Prixmax • Beaver Transport Equipment • Shockies • Stereos • Switches • Terminals • Tools • Toolboxes • Trailer Gear • Truck Parts • WIA Welding Equipment

Plus lots more well known and respected products Servicing Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba & Darling Downs 24 HOUR CALL OUT SERVICE 7 DAYS REASONABLE RATES

13 13 62

07 4634 9911 Page 30

PH 4669 1244



WARREGO HIGHWAY CHINCHILLA After Hours – Brent Jackson Mobile 0439 691 244

ExTENSIvE RaNgE, UNBEaTaBlE SERvICE! * Hose, Poly & Fittings * Fencing Supplies * Cement * Caltex Oils * Nuts & Bolts * Welding Machines & Consumables * Hand & Power Tools * Steel Supplies


Come In and See Us for all your:

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Grundfos has been specialising in solar pumping solutions for more than 30 years. We offer submersible, surface mount and oating solar pumping solutions for a range of applications in rural or remote areas including stock watering, irrigation and agricultural water supply and transfer.

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HERE are the questions to ask before purchasing liquid cartage tanks. 1. What type of tank will fit on your vehicle? Often the vehicle on which you intend to put the tank is the deciding factor in which tank you will buy. 2. What type of liquid do you intend to transport? Different liquids need different tanks. Some fertilisers are denser than other liquids, so tanks built for fertilisers have a different construction to account for the added weight. 3. How much liquid do you need to transport? Let’s say your truck can handle a tank of almost any size. Then how do you narrow it down? Think about how much liquid you need for your job.

4. How do you intend to use the liquid? If you intend to use the tank for firefighting or other high capacity needs, you’ll probably want to look into the Heavy Duty Skid mounted systems that come with a ladder, swivelling hose reel, and firefighter pump. 5. Do you need to change the contents of the tank? If you need to change out the contents of your tank (perhaps from one fertiliser to another), then you will want to buy a sump-based tank. 6. Do you want the tank to be mobile? If you plan to move the tank from one truck to another regularly, you will need to take all the trucks’ capacities and restraints into account when you are deciding on which size and type of tank is the best fit for you.

Liquid cartage











Water mollases

diesel fertiliser


1800 666 333

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Ensure your farming machinery is up-to-date

AS THE old saying goes, a man is only as good as his tools. With that thinking in mind, having the most up-to-date and advanced farming machinery is an absolute must. Not only does adequate machinery boost productivity, but it helps to limit the amount of accidents that can occur in a farming environment. With recent advancements in

technology, the current machinery on the market is state-of-the-art and it would pay to familiarise yourself with the latest offerings. Not just for yourself and your day-to-day activities, but for your hip pocket as the overall savings that can be gained from having the best machinery on the market is immense. Make your you’re up to date.

Tillage, Seeding, Harvesting, Hay Making Equipment, Service, Repair of Trucks, Tractors & Farm Equipment

• New • Used • Service • Spare Parts

Cnr Raglan & Linton Sts, Roma

Ph: 4578 8000 Email:




Motor vehicle repairs / machinery


Hooch Ph: 0429 627 548 37 - 39 Emmerson Street, Chinchilla, Qld 4413 Page 34

FOR more than 30 years Taylor’s Parts Centre has been a part of the Roma community. The company was founded by Peter and Wendy Taylor, even since selling to GPC Asia Pacific in 2016, the business remained a large part of the fabric of life in town. Store manager Daniel Harmon said it wasn’t just a case of selling parts, but also about being involved with local life, sponsoring and donating to local organisations. It was also about the team really knowing about the needs of a huge range of industries from agricultural, trade and industrial, to local government, oil and gas, and transport. Mr Harmon said there was plenty of experience getting around the business and every team member constantly developed their knowledge of the latest industry technology. “We have two salesmen, Michael and Warren, who have 20-plus years of experience each,” he said. “I’ve had about 15 years myself in the spare parts industry, so our team is not new to the game; we

know what’s happening. “It’s just a matter of staying upto-date with the ever-changing industries.” Far from making the business less relevant to locals when it sold, Mr Harmon said being owned by GPC Asia Pacific just made life easier. The GPC Asia Pacific company is Australia’s largest automotive parts supplier, this means Taylor’s Parts Centre have

access to distribution centres in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne as well as some overnight services, moving parts through their huge supplier network. This means people in a community built on transport, agriculture and mining could get what they need and get back to working as quickly as possible. Staff also have a “never say no” culture, with a team determined to find whatever part

Motor vehicle repairs


customers are after and do it quickly. On top of parts, Taylor’s also has a wide range of tools, equipment, oils, batteries and accessories, making it a onestop shop for transport operators as well as farmers, mining companies and the local community. You can find Taylor’s Parts Centre at 49 Quintin Street (Warrego Highway), Roma.


4622 1722 47 Quintin St, Roma oma QLD 4455



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Tackling your own bathroom reno not the handiest option

WE OFTEN hear people say that bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive renovations to undertake. There are so many different designs and “mod cons” we can install to try to keep up with the latest trends. Going to visit a showroom sets the mind racing. It is so exciting seeing all the perfectly finished, sparkly and shiny new displays. When making the decision of which design layout to use and which fittings to put in place, be sure to keep it realistic with the space you have available. You will also need to set yourself a budget and try to stick to it. If sourcing quotes, stick with reputable supply companies and tradesmen and try to keep it local. Injecting money into the local economy is great and if there need to be any follow-ups, or last-minute touch-ups, the travel

tradespeople, don’t be tempted to tackle any plumbing works yourself. Having to call a plumber to “fix-up” your “handy” work, will

time is kept to a minimum, keeping travel expenditures low also. Remember, plumbers are qualified, experienced

be very expensive and somewhat embarrassing. So, bite the bullet and look up your local plumber for a quote before it’s too late!

MINING, INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL & DOMESTIC • Plumbing • Drainage • Gas fitting • Excavator, Skid Steer, Telehandler, Kanga andTipTruck • Drain Machine • Drain Camera • On-site Sewerage Treatment Plants • Solahart Agent • Accredited Backflow Device & Thermostatic Mixing Valve Installer & Tester • Asbestos Removal

Specialising in: • • • • •

0428 134 703

• • • •

Fax. 4627 2263 Ph. 4627 2163 (ah) Email: | Miles

Blocked Drains • Drainage Repairs All Renovation & New Work Stormwater Repairs • Water Leaks Rainwater Installations & Repairs Sewage Treatment Plant Servicing & Installation Septic Maintenance & Repairs Taps & Toilet Repairs Solar & Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Gas Hot Water Systems



QBCC 1209805 Lic. No. 20672

Servicing Maranoa & South West Qld ✔ Family Owned & Operated ✔ Honest, Reliable Service ✔ No Job Too Small

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Call Glen on 0439

909 823




PLUMBER... Say the word and we probably all have different impressions or experiences of the varying tasks the trade covers. Let’s see, the blocked drain pipe, the broken toilet, fitting a shower base, the leak under the bathroom vanity and of course, fixing the kitchen sink! Just to rattle off a few. I don’t think any of us would like to be knee deep in sewage, including the plumber, but the job is so versatile and so “at call” that they wouldn’t know how their next week will pan out or even if

they’ll be in a bathroom, a kitchen or a backyard. On the other hand, plumbers may be working with old renovations or fitting out a new home – either way, I feel plumbing would offer many challenges, together with many rewards. Knowing you have fixed a problem so a household can once again use the taps or seeing the water turned on for the first time in a new home, it must feel good to know that you, through your knowledge and trade, have made this happen.

• Auto Electrical • Auto Air-Conditioning • Resource & Industrial • Mobile Field Unit • Car - Truck - Machinery • Supply- Fit-Repair

Phone: 07 4622 4899 Cnr of Wynham & Bowen Streets, Roma

From Roof to Underground g

Come and see the experts!




Toowoomba, 16 Stradbroke Street, 4634 2955 Bowen Hills, 9 Exhibition Street, 3252 0855 Ipswich, 10 East Street, 3812 0988 Mt Gravatt, 260 Newnham Road, 3422 2499 Chinchilla, 26-28 Carmichael Street, 4669 1300 Gatton, 8 Saleyard Road, 54624488 Look us up on the internet at

Hot water systems, Vanities, Down pipes, Roofing, Toilet suites, Sinks, Bath tubs, Showers, Laundry Tubs, Tapware, Plumbing fittings & Plumbing systems 6915146ao

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A little bit of homework decreases the stress ONE of the most stressful things in life is when you need to get your vehicle fixed after a crash. So for a business with a fleet of vehicles of all types and sizes, it can be a tiring, and not to mention an expensive, occasion. There are hundreds of smash repair companies in Queensland. According to RACQ they alone have more than 300 approved repairers statewide in their network. Sometimes it pays to shop around and there are certain things a company should be looking at when choosing a provider. A good smash repairer will be happy to answer questions and talk about their business to help you make your decision. First of all, look for a business that has a good reputation. Ask around to see what other local businesses use. Check out the location – is it a clean and professional work

environment? Do they have access to the right equipment? What vehicle types do they specialise in? If you have a fleet of heavy vehicles, this is an important distinction as not all smash repairers are created equal. Is there a high level of experience in the team? Check the workshop for currently qualifications displayed and memberships to professional organisations. You should also check to see if the business has any stated guarantees on the work they undertake. Further questions that should be asked include: Do they use of genuine or non-genuine parts? Is the cost estimate tailored to the vehicle? What kind of paints do they use? Avoid a place that uses cheap paints as they can

degrade quickly and can even be dangerous. Is there a replacement vehicle option in case it is needed? Does the company have a truck accident response to include heavy haulage tow trucks and cranes? You should always get at least two written quotes for any repairs and should outline both the


repairs and cost for both parts and labour. Make sure you are aware of your rights under your vehicle’s warranty. Overall, if you find and continue to deal with one reliable repairer you will built up a service history for your vehicle and they can provide you with better advice on upcoming repairs.

Mention this ad to receive a FREE detail car wash with your next crash repair!

We Specialise in • Crash Repairs • Automotive Refinishing • Vehicle Restoration • We comply with the Environment Protection Act • 24-Hour Tilt Slide Towing service • Approved repairer for most insurance companies

• Windscreen replacement • Plastic repairs • Detailing • Computer quoting with digital photo facilities • PDR Paintless Dent Removal • Spoilers and Body kits • Alloy and Polly Roo Bars • 2pk kitchens

PhONE 4662 1645

• 2 Jandowae Road, dalby, Qld 4405

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Smash repairs


IF YOU’VE been in business for 83 years, you know you must be getting something right. When Steve Wilkie bought his smash repairs business from dad Col Wilkie in 2008, he was continuing a long family tradition started by his grandfather, Ben, in 1935. Col Wilkie Body Works in Toowoomba is a true family operation, with Steve’s sister Kerri Crisp and his wife Hannah, also working there among the 16-strong team that prided itself on quality, fast, guaranteed work. And it was that attention to detail with a real customer-focused approach that Mrs Crisp said would continue to keep the business going strong for years to come. “We do anything from small vehicles, 4WDs to light commercial,” she said. “It should be a given that a panel shop can fix your car, but we like to look after the person too. “We try to make it as easy as we possibly can and offer a

COL WILKIE BODY WORKS ■ Panel beating, body works and plastic welding ■ Spray painting ■ Dominator ute tray lining service ■ Extra services including car detailing and car hire the market, just remember that it is your policy, and your choice of repairer. Customers come from far and wide for their service, with many happy to send in cars from right across western Queensland and company estimator Bert Webster did regular quoting trips throughout southwest Queensland. Owner Steve Wilkie said he was committed to staff training

lifetime guarantee on all of our work so people have peace of mind. “We’ve been here for a long time and we wouldn’t have been if we weren’t doing the right thing.” She said the company supported customers through the insurance claims process, helping them to lodge and organise repair times. They work with all insurers on

Get Back on Track

A 3rd generation trusted family business. EST: 1935

WiTh TooWoomba STeering & SuSpenSion



toowoomba Steering & Suspension are Specialists in all aspects of: coil Springs 4x4 Suspension

chassis Parts

Power Steering Racks,

(Ball Joints, tie Rod ends

Pumps and Boxes

and Rack ends)

and had all the latest technology available. These days there was so much more to the business than ironing out dings caused by car accidents and rogue roos, with a full suite of services added to the line-up. One such service was upgrades such as the new Dominator ute tray lining that Mr Wilkie said was growing in popularity for ute owners keen to see their pride and joy last the distance. He said ute trays were often affected by rust and wear and tear, so the perfect solution was Dominator, which resisted chipping, rust, UV exposure and solvent and chemical leaks as well as hiding minor surface imperfections. It could be colour coded to match your vehicle or whatever colour you chose. He said the team at Col Wilkie Body Works believed strongly in providing people with a great customer experience in a one-stop shop.

For expert advise call

Leaf Springs

Lowering Blocks

4638 0011

torsion Bars

Wheel alignments,

For accident towing assistance

Suspension Bushes

Shock absorbers

Rotation & Balancing,

U Bolts

Sway Bars

Fitting of all components

Lift kits

Greasable Pins

Lowering car kits coil cover kits

Greasable Shackles

Ring 24HRS

Mobile: 0437 380 011

phone: 07 4639 2824 8 neil Street, TooWoomba


Fax: 4638 0012 email: 3-5 inSTow STrEET, ToowooMBA Page 39

Smash repairs / steering


(07) 4617 7800 RTO 32199

Training & Assessment services Australia-wide Locally based in Toowoomba & Roma Work at Heights & Confined Space Gas Test Atmospheres Breathing Apparatus Plant Machinery Civil Construction Qualifications Traffic Control & Management 4WD & Light Vehicle Forklift, EWP, Cranes Dogging & Rigging VOCs & Refresher Training First Aid Training Chainsaw & much more!

Quality Training, Confident and Competent People 6915115ai

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Commission assesses major transport reform THE National Transport Commission (NTC) annual report released on October 16 has pointed to two important areas of land transport reform, the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) review and automated vehicle regulation. NTC noted the increase in road freight vehicles in Australia, from 2.44m in 2007, to 3.26m in 2017, with another increase of 26 per cent expected by 2027. A reflection on a year for the NTC, from outgoing chief executive Paul Retter, included: improvements in take-up of high-productivity and safer heavy vehicles; changes to light and heavy vehicle standards; updated load restraint guidance material; and a comparison between a forward-looking cost base and the current pay-as-you-go heavy vehicle charge model. “In more recent times our land transport systems have

increasingly focused on meeting the needs of our national and international markets,” Mr Retter said. “We have been examining the impact of new technologies across the transport and logistics sectors and what this might mean for the way governments regulate in the future. “In particular, we have been identifying and removing regulatory barriers to technological innovation. “NTC has developed a road map of automated vehicle-related reforms designed to address challenging concepts such as who is legally responsible for automated vehicles, what safety assurance measures should be in place for automated vehicle systems, dealing with data protection and what should happen to insurance laws.” The NTC is expected to draft an entire new HVNL after it

finalises its review of the existing law. According to the report, updates or developments in the pipeline are based around the following topics: Heavy vehicle driver fatigue: an analyse team comprising of the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity (Alertness CRC) and the NTC are currently evaluating the impacts of road safety of the HVNL on heavy vehicle driver fatigue. The final report is due at the end of 2018. Safety assurance system for automated vehicles: the Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) for automated vehicle safety self-certification decision is due at the end of November 2018.

Driver reforms to support automated vehicles: currently working with road agencies and transport departments to develop the detailed policy recommendations and legislative analysis necessary to establish the purpose-built national law. Measuring land transport productivity: Australian Bureau of Statistics has an experimental transport satellite account to measure the contribution of the transport sector to Australia’s gross domestic product is being developed and is expected to be released late 2018. The HVNL and automated vehicle program review is expected to result in significant changes to the approaches of Australian land transport regulation.



LACHLAN JACKSON • 0427 617 280


~ ONsite truck ANd trAiler mAiNteNANce~ ~ BrAke reliNes ~ ~ Wheel BeAriNg re-pAck’s/replAce ~ ~ disc BrAke cAliper mAiNteNANce ~ ~ geNerAl mAiNteNANce/serviciNg ~ ~ serviciNg All AreAs ~

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QTR Bridgestone Toowoomba welcomes cars and trucks of all sizes. Being a Bridgestone Service Centre licensed store means that while being independent, they can still provide all the premium products Bridgestone are known for. They also have access to a number of other quality tyre brands. Whether it be tyres for cars, trucks and both small and medium earthmoving machinery, QTR Bridgestone Toowoomba are able to cater for all budgets. A big drawcard is the specifically designed workshop which allows a combination of vehicles on site, ranging from B-doubles through to AB-triples. QTR Bridgestone Toowoomba provides service to local trucks, as well as a number of interstate vehicles and western traffic from areas as far as Darwin in the Northern Territory. QTR Bridgestone Toowoomba also offers car wheel alignments

to help ensure everyone’s safety, and they use nitrogen to inflate tyres. Nitrogen inflation is very beneficial for steer tyres as it allows the tyre to run cooler and

maintain pressure for a lot longer. It’s a very good product, and is extremely beneficial for both truck and passenger vehicles. The QTR Bridgestone Service Centre is located at 35

Carrington Road, Torrington, and is open from 7am-5pm on weekdays, and from 8-11am on Saturdays. Phone (07) 4633 0099 to book an appointment.

Nitroge tyre inflatn ion


FOR QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND TRUSTED BRANDS • Modern, purpose-built facility catering for truck, 4wd, passenger vehicles and agricultural equipment • We can accommodate larger multi-combination configurations • Air-conditioned customer waiting area

• We cater for all budgets with a large range of competitively-priced brands • Computerised car wheel alignments and balances with a quick turn-around time

Bridgestone, Firestone, Bandag Retreads and other quality brand tyres


35 Carrington Road, Torrington Ph: 4633 0099 |


Transport / tyres


Professional construction services right here

GARDEN CITY WATERPROOFING SERVICES “If it can be sealed... We’ve done it successfully”

project will be completed on time, within your budget and to above expectations. ■ Residential projects ■ Commercial projects ■ Industrial projects Don’t settle for less, always expect the best from Garden City Waterproofing – your experts in superior construction services! About us Garden City Waterproofing is proud to offer a variety of professional construction services and advice. We are focused on delivering every project in a timely fashion. We provide superior quality services and long lasting solutions to clients in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Whatever the scale and specific requirements of your project, Garden City Waterproofing will provide cost effective solutions and aim to exceed all expectations.

SPECIAL!! while stock lasts!

Buy 2 x 22700 litre (5000 Gallon) tanks.

New Showers Water features Bathrooms Box gutters

5000 GALLON (22,700


And also receive a CFF45 (45 litre) portable 12v/24v/240v (Waeco) Dometic Fridge Freezer with an insulated cover! (and a 3 Year Warranty) RRP. $899.

Repair Concrete Water Tanks.

Over $6200.00 of value for just $5360.00!


* within 400kms of our Dalby site.

QBSA Lic 819288 Quality Workmanship | Written Guarantee

22700 litre (5000 Gallon) 2x2 tanks for $5360.00 6915209ao

A/H 4630 1786 TOOWOOMBA Email:


Your choice of colour, up to 2”Watermarked fittings, stainless steel strainers, Certified and built to Australian Standards, free delivery* and of course the Clark Tanks 25 Year Warranty for just

$5360.00 ($2680.00 ea) incl GST.

Retaining walls

MOBILE 0412 149 954


NO PROJECT is too big or too small for Garden City Waterproofing! Garden City Waterproofing provides expert, professional construction services you can rely on. Based in Toowoomba, we help customers in all sectors make their visions a reality. Our company provides the expertise that any building or construction project requires. Our skilled professionals are focused on delivering the results you need. No excuses, no delay, we provide specialised construction services you can count on. Our services Every great idea falls short if it is not backed up by great execution. Our experts will assist you in creating your financial plan, choosing the right materials, creating the design and executing your vision, so your

18304 Warrego Highway Better design. Dalby Qld 4405 Better build. 07 4660 6800 Better value. Page 43

Tanks / waterproofing


WINDOWS, be they floor-to-ceiling, bay or lead-light, are among the most important and eye-catching features of the home. Not only do they act as our primary passage for light and air, but they’re decorative features in their own right, and frame our very best views of the world outside. A smudgy, grimy, dirty window can instantly detract from all these positives, which is why it’s super important to be vigilant about cleaning yours. For the best way to clean windows, here’s our favourite recipe for success. First – here’s a couple of basic tips: ■ For best results, avoid spraying solutions onto your windows in direct sunlight ■ When wiping, ensure your ‘wipe’ is lint-free (i.e. use microfibre cloths, paper towels or newspaper) ■ If you’re interested in how to

clean your windows streak free, it’s all about acting quickly. Rinse and dry windows immediately one after the other to avoid any marks. Four steps to clean windows 1. For the best window cleaning solution, mix one part hot water with one part distilled white vinegar 2. Apply with a spray bottle to the window surface 3. Wipe with a microfibre cloth or paper towel 4. Wipe completely dry with a new microfibre cloth TIP: For really grimy windows and the best way to clean outside windows, you may want to try out an extra-strength solution. Simply warm one cup of vinegar and add to your spray bottle, leave on your windows for a couple of minutes, before rinsing off with a water solution and drying with a microfibre cloth, as above.

Add style & value to your home with quality aluminium windows and doors om y ro uar ow an Sh g J 9 w in 01 Ne pen 2 O

Experienced Staff Professional Advice Affordable Service • Windows • Doors • Screens • Glass • Commercial Facades • Showers, Mirrors & Robes “Please ensure your local builder / local supplier is using quality products from G.James Windows & Doors”

Ph: 4690 2111 | 319 Taylor St, Toowoomba Windows & Doors Page 44




We service the: gas • Mining • energy AgriculturAl sectors

We provide excellent service and the best fit solutions from the one-day asset maintenance job to working on long term construction projects.

Red Soil Constructions Pty Ltd is a construction and concrete services company providing quality service that is focussed on mitigating safety and environmental risk on high risk sites. Our QHSE management system is third party certified to ISO international standards.

Our clients receive an end product that is well designed and minimises maintenance for the future resulting in lower long terms costs while protecting infrastructure assets.

If yOu nEEd All types of building construction, maintenance, repairs, retrofits Transportable buildings Any trade services Security fencing Shed construction Concrete works Bunded areas form work Steel work Precast concrete Repair and corrosion protection of your concrete assets 6729544aa

For more information visit our website Email: or phone 0438 501 734 Page 45



Joyce Mayne specialises in household and personal products, such as computers, home appliances, furniture, bedding, homewares and more. Comprehensive security measures have also been carefully implemented and subjected to rigorous independent testing in order to provide a sage and secure shopping environment for its customers.

Scott Brimblecombe

Brown’s Office Choice is Toowoomba’s number one for all your requirement for the office, home office, school supplies, back to school requirements, school text & teacher resources. We pride ourselves in giving you the highest and friendliest customer service, committed to giving you what you require. We have been trading in the Bernoth Centre for years and we look forward to many more years of partnership.

Aquabird Pet Centre



Julianne and Emily

Lesleigh’s Yoga Classes have been at Bernoth Centre for 6 enjoyable years. Barry and Mitchell are quick off the mark to act on any problems arising. It is a fabulous location. For a complimentary class, email me on

Downs Motel is centrally located in the Bernoth Centre, complimentary mini bar, renovated bathrooms and a short walk to shops. Phone Di and mention this ad for your free Continental breakfast (valid until 30th Jan 2019). Phone - 07 4639 3811

Barbeques Galore has been a long time tenant in the Bernoth Centre. Becoming a company store in September 2017 the transition from franchise to company has been easy with the assistance of Mitchell and Barry Bernoth. We are looking forward to continuing the relationship for many years to come.



Jess and Bob


After seeing a need for a baby store in Toowoomba, BubMania was opened in the Bernoth Centre. Family owned and operated, BubMania has all your baby needs covered with exclusive and unique brands. Come to us for outstanding customer service and expert advice.

We love being a local business hiring local people and are very proud to be able to serve our local community all year long and especially at christmas time. It’s very important to keep our economy growing by shopping local, it is also why we chose to have our store in the Bernoth Centre, it’s a way to keep our family business supporting another local family business man.

Aquabird Pet Centre has proudly been operating out of the Bernoth Centre for 7 years. We offer a great selection of pet supplies and a wealth of pet knowledge to share with our customers. We have large variety of live animals specialising in birds and fish, including marine fish and corals.


Kathie Long



Fernwood Fitness Toowoomba is proud to have been part of the Bernoth Centre and the Toowoomba community for 14 years. Locally owned, our mission is to empower women to shine. We are passionate in supporting women to achieve their health and wellness goals through effective, results driven training and nutrition in a caring enviroment.

Abbey’s Cottage Cafe is a hidden gem located in the Bernoth Centre, a great place to get away from your busy work day. We thrieve on our friendly customer service and great coffee. If you haven’t visited us yet we guarantee you will walk away pleased with your experience.

Proud to have worked with Bernoth Properties, to bring Freedom back to Toowoomba at the Bernoth Centre. At Freedom we specialize in everyday low prices on quality furniture and home decor items and are proud to be a supplier of these quality products in Southern Queensland and Darling Downs.

We pride ourselves on giving quality service and tiles and, stocking the larest range of speciality tiles in the region. With Steve’s 20+ years experience he has brought a lot of knowledge to his very helpful team. We have a beautiful showroom that must be seen, and we wouldn’t like to deal with anyone other than Bazza (Bernoth Properties).


Toowoomba BBQ’s and Fireplace and the Weber Store are proud to be part of the Bernoth Centre community, where its growing quickly and we are supported by Landlords who understand our needs. Come in and check out our great quality Weber BBQ’s and our range of heaters.

Lyndell and Emma

Tony, Stephen and Judy

Creative Blinds Toowoomba services Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley and the darling downs regions and specialises in both indoor and outdoor blinds, awnings, screens and shutters for your home or business. We also clean and repair blinds. Happy to be associated with Bernoth Properties who have an excellent tenancy mix.

“We aim for a WIN-WIN result” BERNOTH PROPERTIES

I have successfully operated my Katrina’s Hair & Beauty Studio at the Bernoth Centre for 9 years, which has been a good experience, ease of parking, friendly and professional service. Come and see me at Katrina’s. Katrina

Bernoth Properties congratulate these local businesses on their efforts and their success on services. Why not join our team! For more information on available tenancies contact: Barry 0417 624 428 º Mitchell 0404 026 477 º


We SpecialiSe in the FolloWing: Civil construction services • General earthworks • Re-growth control • Blade Ploughing Fire Breaks • Stick Raking • Dam Construction & Desilting • Heavy Haulage

cURRent MachineRY aVailaBle


12 hours a day, 7 days a week, with fully trained, experienced staff

Brothers Tim & Wayne Collie established the business in 2000. They have built up their business employing local staff, supporting community events and using local businesses. Their Head office is in Condamine Qld and now expanding with a new Industrial yard in Roma Qld. From Condamine to Surat to Roma to Wallumbilla, we can meet your earthmoving needs.

• Excavators • Dozers • Graders • Scrapers • Rollers • Float Hire • 4-in-1 Skid Steer • Prime Movers • Body Tippers • Water Trucks • Loader with Stickrake

• Safety & Environmental Compliant • Communication is the Essence of Production C

p: (07) 4627 7115 14 Wambo St, condamine, QlD 4416

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