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2 South Burnett Touring Guide

South Burnett Touring Guide 3

Index 05 :: Mayoral welcome 06 :: Home to the South Burnett 10 :: Peanuts, peanuts, peanuts 11 :: South Burnett Sunsets 12 :: South Burnett Rail Trails 14 :: Our beautiful wine region 15 :: Fruits of the South Burnett – Robert Schablon 16 :: Eating in the South Burnett 17 :: Meet our Food Ambassador – Jason Ford 18 :: Bask in the beauty of the Bunya Mountains 20 :: Events to look forward to 22 :: BaconFest 23 :: Goomeri Pumpkin Festival 24 :: Wondai Street Sprints 25 :: Country music destinations 26 :: Bjelke-Petersen Dam 27 :: Lake Boondooma Dam 28 :: Places to stay 30 :: Where will you stay? 31 :: List of accommodation options 38 :: Map of the South Burnett 40 :: Resting in the region 42 ::Things to do 44 :: Mountains around the South Burnett 45 :: Live life on the water – Matthew Langford 46 :: South Burnett Visitor Information Centres 48 :: A taste of South Burnett history

54 :: Off to the races in the South Burnett 55 :: Painting the South Burnett – Paul van Vegchel 56 :: State forests 58 :: Looking for something to do? 59 :: Learning culture through art – Niketa Law

50 :: Culture of the Ration Shed

60 :: Things to do

51 :: South Burnett Men’s Sheds

66 :: Places to eat

52 :: Art Galleries in the South Burnett

68 :: Places to eat options

53 :: Markets around the region

73 :: Pubs in the South Burnett

4 South Burnett Touring Guide

Mayor Keith Campbell welcomes you to the South Burnett LOCATED on the edge of the Great Dividing Range and set against a backdrop of the Bunya Mountains, the South Burnett is a unique blend of vibrant country towns and laid-back living. Situated an easy 2.5-hour drive northwest of Brisbane and directly west of the Sunshine Coast, it’s a great place to visit or make home. With our lively local events

and welcoming people, it’s a friendly place to be. Stop by the quaint timber towns of Blackbutt and Benarkin, discover historical Nanango, browse the eclectic antique stores of Wondai or savour fresh produce and matched

local wines at one of the many cellar doors surrounding Murgon. Kingaroy is the business centre of the South Burnett and is home to the peanut and pork industries. There are plenty of things to do and see in the South Burnett.

If you’d like to know more about what is happening in our region be sure to visit www.southburnett.qld.gov.au or call 07 4189 9100. South Burnett Touring Guide 5

Home to the South Burnett Kingaroy Well known as the Peanut Capital of Australia, while also boasting a large shopping centre, cinema and observatory, Kingaroy is a main destination for visitors in the South Burnett. It is also well known for being home to former Premier of Queensland, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen. Booie Range With high altitude scenic views, while being home to the well-known Crane Winery, the Booie range is quickly becoming known as a great tourist destination.

Kumbia This town is home to many of the farms that yield the region’s fine quality produce, while also being known to host the popular Kumbia Races alongside the Melbourne Cup. The Burrandowan Picnic Races and Bunya Mountains are also close by, both bringing thousands to the region. Maidenwell Nearby the Bunya Mountains, with Coomba Falls on its doorstep, Maidenwell is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is also home to the highly regarded Maidenwell Trading Post, and is now a destination for the Maidenwell Country Muster. 6 South Burnett Touring Guide

Get back to nature Nanango Sitting along the D’Aguilar and Burnett highways, this easily-accessible town is perfect for tourists. There are a great range of restaurants and activities to explore, as well as their heritage-listed Butter Factory Building, Ringsfield House and Nanango Court House.

Benarkin On the edge of Blackbutt and the Benarkin State Forest, this quiet town is known for its wonderful natural scenery. It is also in line with the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

Blackbutt Chosen as Queensland’s friendliest town in 2008, Blackbutt’s community continues to wow tourists with their great service, as well as their annual Avocado Festival.

Yarraman Located between the Darling Downs and the South Burnett, Yarraman is a special town with a range of activities for tourists, from a visit to the Yarraman Heritage Museum to strolling down the Yarraman State Forest. South Burnett Touring Guide 7

Red soil country Memerambi and Crawford Located on the way to Wooroolin, Memerambi and Crawford are attractive little towns, with Memerambi being well known for its unique ‘Stop Shop’. There are also many produce processing companies nearby. Wooroolin This town has recently come on to the international map

8 South Burnett Touring Guide

thanks to Danger Close, a movie filmed in the Wooroolin area. It also has great cafes and the iconic Grand Hotel. Tingoora Home to the famous Tingoora Pub, where Jimmy Barnes would previously frequent on regional tours, Tingoora is the perfect Australian destination for nostalgic tourists.

Wondai Another main town in the South Burnett, with many attractions for tourists. There’s the South Burnett Region Timber Industry Museum, Wondai Shire Regional Art Gallery and the Wondai Heritage Museum. It is also home to the two-day, annual Wondai Garden Festival.

Experience our region Cherbourg This town proudly promotes Aboriginal culture within its community, offering many tourism facilities, including the Ration Shed Museum, a local art gallery, and the Cherbourg Men’s Shed.

known Aboriginal reserve, Murgon has a lot of culture to share around. Be sure to check out their visitor information centre, as well as their blast-from-thepast Queensland Dairy Industry Museum.

Murgon Being the closest to Cherbourg, the region’s well

Moffatdale This town is located on the northern end of

Queensland’s newest wine region. Moffatdale is home to many of the South Burnett’s wineries, including Moffatdale Ridge, Clovely Estate, Tipperary Estate and Dusty Hill. Proston & Hivesville Proston and Hivesville boast scenic hill-filled terrain, providing excellent views of the region, making it a highlight for tourists in the South Burnett. Boondooma’s homestead is also the home of the popular tourist destination, the Boondooma Dam. Durong This small town is home to the Burrandowan Station Homestead, one of Queensland’s heritage listed sites. There is also a school and public library in the town vicinity. South Burnett Touring Guide 9

Peanuts, peanuts, peanuts THERE’S no better way to familiarise yourself with a region than to try their local produce… and when you’re in the South Burnett, you just have to try our peanuts. Our highly regarded peanut produce has classed Kingaroy the Peanut Capital of Australia, and our products can be found in supermarkets across Australia. In 1973, they were also spotted overseas for the first 10 South Burnett Touring Guide

time, in a Canadian grocery store. This national and international exposure is all thanks to the South Burnett’s fantastic growing conditions. The South Burnett region has the perfect red soil and dry conditions for peanut farms to prosper. As tribute to our success, like a large trophy, concrete peanut silos tower over Kingaroy, right across from the Kingaroy

Visitor Information Centre. In 2018, Kingaroy was also considered as an option for the iconic ‘next big thing’, joining the likes of the Sunshine Coast’s Big Pineapple. Unfortunately for Kingaroy, Chinchilla was chosen and granted their own Big Watermelon, however our town’s recognition was an honour in itself.

Best sunset spots THE South Burnett spans across kilometres of beautiful country land, up and down a range of hills and forest lines. Not only do these hills provide a great opportunity for a wonderful view, but

they’re also the perfect place to spot a sunset or sunrise, for the early birds. Here’s a quick list of places to find those wonderful, picturesque views.

Mulanah Gardens Address: 736 Deep Creek Rd, Benair QLD 4610 Phone: (07) 4164 3142 Mount Wooroolin Lookout Address: Mount Wooroolin Rd, Kingaroy QLD 4610 Bunya Mountains Address: Bunya Ave, Bunya Mountains QLD 4405 Yarraman State Forest Address: D’Aguilar Highway, 2km north of Yarraman

South Burnett Touring Guide 11

South Burnett Rail Trails A FUN way to tour through the South Burnett region is by exploring our iconic rail trails. Rail trails are former railway tracks that are now multi-use paths for the public to access when they please. Through funding from the Queensland Government, a rail trail from Kingaroy to Kilkivan was developed in June 2017, allowing tourists and locals to enjoy the scenery while promoting a healthy lifestyle. In fact, you can often see people walking, biking and sometimes horse riding down these trails. The South Burnett also hosts part of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, that spans all the way to Australia’s Great Dividing Range. This includes local towns like Blackbutt, Linville and Benarkin. To comfortably cater to visitors, there are toilet facilities located in Bernarkin and at MacNamara’s Camp. Some trail distances you might want to keep in mind are: Moore to Blackbutt is 33.5 kilometres, Moore to Linville Station is 7 kilometres, Linville Station to Bernarkin is 18 kilometres, Benarkin to Blackbutt is 4.5 kilometres and Blackbutt to Nukku Overhead Bridge is 3.9 kilometres. If you want to find out more information about where the rail trails span, check out the South Burnett Regional Council website.

Our beautiful wine region THE South Burnett is famous for its wonderful wineries, thanks to the region’s warm, sub-tropical climate. The region’s variety of rich soils including clay red, brown and black clays are also optimum for growing. Vineyard farmers took advantage of these conditions, and industrial production began in 1993. South Burnett wineries offer a great range of locally made Verdelho, Semillon, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Chardonnay. Regional wines such as Shiraz, Verdelho and Semillon are often mixed with fruity flavours, including berry and citrus blends. 14 South Burnett Touring Guide

The South Burnett’s wine trail has been a necessary attraction for tourists to see. Running from Nanango

through to Moffatdale, the wine trail is a great way to spend your days exploring our wonderful country region.

The fruits of the South Burnett SOUTH Burnett tourism gravitates around our local food produce, and we have many events that showcase this produce, too. This includes the Avocado Festival, BaconFest, Wine and Food in the Park and more. Local caterer Roberta Schablon, owner of The Saucy Fork, is an advocate for our region’s fresh, locally sourced produce. Mrs Schablon has a strong background in food and family culture, nurtured by her Italian roots, and has always had a love for cooking as a result. After being inspired by Italy’s slow food movement, she wanted to bring the focus back to Australia. In 2008, Mrs Schablon bought a farm in the South Burnett with her husband to get the project started. “I got our kitchen renovated for a commercial standard, and started The Saucy Fork in 2010,” she said. As her catering company focuses on the community’s produce, she has found some special foods that she would recommend to both locals and tourists. “There’s some fantastic free-range pork in our area, which I use all the time. I purchase it from Bottle Tree Hill Organics, and the lady who runs it has been producing free-range and

organic foods for 28 years,” she said. “I love using Just Aus garlic, too, because it lasts so long. Food miles make food produce die so quickly, so it’s very important to shop locally if you want the freshest food you can find. “You can also find great vegetables at A Taste of

Tingoora. Their champagne melons are the sweetest melons you can come across.” According to Mrs Schablon, she is noticing a difference in attitude around local food produce. “Many people are now using the pork that’s local and making sure to regularly use produce from their regional community,” she said.

South Burnett Touring Guide 15

Eating in the South Burnett EVERY town in the South Burnett has something special to offer in terms of good food. From a range of cafes and restaurants, to famous produce and recipes, everyone who visits is sure to find something that makes them remember the region. Our produce consists of locally produced pork jerky, relish, jams, sauces, shortbread and Anzac 16 South Burnett Touring Guide

biscuits, and as Kingaroy is the Peanut Capital of Australia, a whole lot of peanuts. There is also highly requested smoking hot chilli, paprika and peanut butters being sold at the local information centres. As far as restaurants go, there are options for all occasions around the South Burnett. Whether you are wanting a

pub meal with friends or family, or a lavish night out at one of our esteemed restaurants, the South Burnett food opportunities are endless.

Meet our Food Ambassador JASON Ford, the South Burnett’s very own food ambassador, has always been drawn to the culinary arts. Starting his cooking journey at a coffee shop 30 years ago, his interests were inspired by his co-workers. “When I first left school, I basically grabbed the first job I could find, which happened to be washing dishes,” he said. “Once I was working I got really fascinated about what the chefs around me were doing. I thought I’d like to learn more about it, so I enrolled in a TAFE course.” Once Mr Ford got his certificate, he became an apprentice chef. “I loved the creative side of it, but also the technical aspects of it too. They both fascinated me, and I’ve never done anything else. I just feel completely comfortable being in the kitchen,” he said. Mr Ford has lived in the South Burnett for 20 years now, and even before being a food ambassador, he admired our local produce. “I became interested in our basic regional products, like peanuts, pork and oils very early on,” he said. “It was the quality that caught my attention, not just because they were regional, but because it was the best I’d ever had. “The first time I tried local

olive oil, it was sweet and fruity, and a really bright green colour. I’d never seen that before. The processed stuff you’d find in metropolitan areas don’t have that kind of quality.” Mr Ford said he has been trying to showcase what the region has to offer for the past 20 years and believes these last five years have been very successful. “People are now recognising the region and are not strangers to the South Burnett,” he said. As the official South Burnett Food Ambassador, Mr Ford has performed cooking demonstrations at the

Pumpkin Festival, Avocado Festival, BaconFest as well as Wine and Food in the Park in previous years. This year, he is looking forward to showcasing local produce for a cooking demonstration at the Big Rosella Festival in Woolooga in May. Mr Ford will also showcase our region in July at Brisbane’s Regional Flavours festival. “About 100,000 people come, or more, over two days, and I’m on stage there with the MasterChef judges and Miguel from The Living Room, so it’s a really exciting time,” he said.

South Burnett Touring Guide 17

Bask in the beauty of the Bunya Mountains THE Bunya Mountains National Rainforest is the perfect tourist destination if you’re wanting to escape to the countryside and get back to nature. Home to an abundance of wildlife, including wallabies and approximately 215 species of birds, it can be regarded a natural sanctuary. These mountains are a key part of the South Burnett’s tourism landscape. Co-owned with the Darling Downs, the Bunya Mountains covers almost 12,000 hectares of land, all which you can view from Fishers Lookout. It’s also a great place to appreciate the Wakka Wakka land, as indigenous tribes used to gather in the rainforest for meetings from all around Queensland. If you are touring the Bunya Mountains, you have the opportunity to freely walk

18 South Burnett Touring Guide

the rainforest tracks and trails, hear the coo of the birds while birdwatching, and also enjoy some great cafes and accommodation options at the mountain’s peak. If you’re feeling like a bit of fun, you can also book in a horse and cart ride while being guided around the mountain top. Otherwise, you can book to use a tennis court during your stay or play your game of choice in the free open space. With the purchase of a camping permit, you can stay up to 14 days in one of the three camping destinations, Dandabah, Burtons Well and Wescott. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more homely experience, contact the Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre and book a luxurious cabin to suit your holiday needs.

South Burnett Touring Guide 19

Events to look forward to THERE’S a lot going on in the South Burnett this year, so make sure to put these events in your calendars. Wine and Food in the Park When: March 9, 2019 Celebrating 20 years since the event’s inauguration, this year expects to bring a lot of excitement and live entertainment, held annually at the Kingaroy Show Grounds. Burrandowan Races When: May 11, 2019 The Burrandowan Picnic Races are always an exciting time for the South Burnett. Come along and see people dressed up in their finest racewear while punters place their best bets.

20 South Burnett Touring Guide

Reconciliation Run When: May 19, 2019 To celebrate the community, Cherbourg will give a friendly welcome to Murgon and the South Burnett at their fun run, with prizes for run winners. There will also be stalls and entertainment.

Wondai Country Running Festival When: June 22-23, 2019 With entries opening in January 2019, everyone is welcome to sign up and get active this winter, while racing along the South Burnett rail trail.

Great Kilkivan Horse Ride When: September 6-8, 2019 An expected 1100 horses will march in a grand parade through Kilkivan, drawing in horse lovers from across the region.

Blackbutt Avocado Festival When: September 14, 2019 Featuring cooking demonstrations, entertainment and a great bunch of market stalls, you won’t want to miss this year’s avocado-loving event.

Waterhole Rocks When: October 16-20, 2019 Growing bigger every year, this showcases both Rock ‘n’ Roll and vintage cars, in conjunction with The South Burnett Gas Guzzlers. Come along, dress up while enjoying live entertainment.

Local show dates: Proston March 8 and 9, 2019 Murgon March 15 and 16, 2019 Nanango April 13, 2019 Kingaroy May 4 and 5, 2019 Blackbutt May 18, 2019 Wondai August 18, 2019 South Burnett Touring Guide 21

See the return of BaconFest THE KINGAROY BaconFest took the state by storm last year, as its first ever festival attracted the crowds. In fact, the inaugural event brought in 8000 people, all of whom recognised the importance of Australian pork produce. It was also the perfect way to appreciate the economic boost that Swickers brings to town, being one of Australia’s largest pork processing plants. Bacon lovers also treasured the idea, as the pilot event brought $370,000 into the Kingaroy economy. The huge success spanned from a wide range of activities that got passionate locals and tourists involved for all three days. There were smoke-offs, meat competitions, Pin-Up Pageants, whip cracking, bacon eating competitions, and a great range of food for all to enjoy. We also can’t forget the festival mascot, Bacon Man. After being seen as a great accomplishment, the event will return this year, and tourists are encouraged to book their accommodation as soon as possible. In saying that, we’ll see you back here for the second BaconFest, from August 23 to 25.

22 South Burnett Touring Guide

Goomeri Pumpkin Festival THE Goomeri Pumpkin Festival is an event that celebrates the local produce of the area, while letting both farmers and tourists both have a bit of fun. The festival is also home to the Great Australian Pumpkin Roll, where originally 71 pumpkin rollers made their mark. After a successful inaugural event in 1997, the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival has been held every year, growing to the point of international recognition. In fact, in 2018, the event had a record attendance of 17,000 people. As well as the Great Australian Pumpkin Roll, there are also other competitions revolving around the iconic

produce, including the largest pumpkin, best decorated pumpkin, the pumpkin pageant, pumpkin shot put, and much more. The 2019 event is held from May 24 to 26, with organisers

preparing for another widely successful turnout. The organisers have also released new, exciting tents for this year, so if you don’t want to miss the fun, book your tent now.

South Burnett Touring Guide 23

Wondai Street Sprints IF YOU’RE a car and racing fan, this is the event for you. Bringing in a range of drivers from inside and outside the South Burnett, everyone gets a chance to show what they’ve got to an excited crowd. Since the annual event started up in 2016, it has improved annually, with this year said to be the biggest yet. A new council-supplied asphalt track on Burrows St is sure to deliver a good time. With races starting at 8.30am on Saturday and Sunday on April 13 and 14, the full day of entertainment will want you coming back for more next year, too. 24 South Burnett Touring Guide

Tickets cost $15 for one day or $25 for the weekend, with children under 14 years free. Check out their website on www.sbmotorsinmotion.com for more information.

Country music destinations THE South Burnett is quickly gathering a wealth of entertainment for country music lovers across Queensland, with events bringing esteemed talents to our beautiful region.

well as stalls for fish and chips, potatoes and wood-fired pizzas. The Maidenwell Country Muster organisers hope their muster will be recognised as a Destination Queensland event.

Maidenwell Country Muster When: May 11 - 12, 2019 Where: Maidenwell Sportsground Tickets: $100 at the gate or $80 for online pre-purchase. The Maidenwell Country Muster is having its inaugural event this year, and organisers John Whitley and Nigel Squibb promise to deliver the entire country experience, from music, to food and camping. At the event, visitors can expect over 30 food trucks, as

Murgon Music Muster When: October 29 November 3, 2019 Where: PCYC Murgon Showgrounds Tickets: Events pass $65. Running for the ninth year in a row, organised by the Rotary Club of Murgon, the Murgon Music Muster is another country music event providing sought after live music and entertainment, dancing and more. Visitors are welcome to camp

at the showgrounds and buses to local attractions are available to the public on the Thursday. Nanango Country Muster When: September 12 - 15, 2019 Where: Nanango Showgrounds Tickets: Friday $20, Saturday $35 and Sunday free. Full pass = $50 Founded in 2003, the Heritage Nanango Country Muster has continued to provide the true bush and country atmosphere. Over the four days, guests can expect a fantastic sum of country music, poetry and dancing, with camping opportunities for those who book in early at the showgrounds.

South Burnett Touring Guide 25

BjelkePetersen Dam COMPLETED in 1988, the Bjelke-Petersen Dam has been a place of joy for many families in the South Burnett. It spans 2500ha and is filled with over a million megalitres of water. Locals and tourists frequent the dam to enjoy a range of water activities, including freshwater fishing, waterskiing, boating and camping. Many fishing competitions take place at the Bjelke-Petersen Dam, including the BP Dam Inland Fishing Classic. In the dam, fishers are likely to find an abundance of bass and yellow belly. There is lots of space at the dam, including picnic and barbecue areas. It’s the perfect place in rural Queensland to have a holiday by the water. As well as an abundance of fish, there are a lot of other species of wildlife inhabiting the grounds, making it a perfect way to get back to nature. You can spot wallabies, koalas, pelicans and swans on a regular basis.

If you are interested in visiting the Bjelke-Petersen Dam, be sure to check out the surrounding accommodation options. 26 South Burnett Touring Guide

Lake Boondooma Dam BUILT in 1983 to supply water to the Tarong Power Station, the Boondooma Dam has evolved into being a popular recreational destination. With modern camping grounds, park grounds and cabins on site, the Boondooma Dam is the perfect destination for either day trips or holidays. With the ability to facilitate guests, the Boondooma Dam also hosts regular events for the community, including Australia Day and New Year’s Eve celebrations. People can come to the Boondooma Dam for a range of sporting activities, too. There’s space for sailing, waterskiing, swimming and a

lot of fishing opportunities. On a fishing day at Lake Boondooma Dam, you can expect to see the regular Australian bass and yellow belly, as well as saratoga. Fishing competitions such as Basstastic, Australian Bass Tournament and some amateur series are held at Boondooma Dam, drawing both competitors and tourists from many different coastal regions. If you’re considering making a visit, be sure to check out their on-site camping and accommodation options. South Burnett Touring Guide 27

Places to stay 28 South Burnett Touring Guide

South Burnett Touring Guide 29

Where will you stay? EACH town in the South Burnett has so many different things to offer, especially in terms of accommodation. Tourists and locals wanting a change of scenery or weekend away can book into one of our many accommodation destinations, each with a focus that caters to different needs. Not only do we have sought after quiet country roads, we also have many cottages for hire across the South Burnett that are sure to cater to the needs of a country getaway. There are also a range of accommodation options for those wanting a taste of our 30 South Burnett Touring Guide

fantastic scenery around the region. Especially on the way to the Bunya Mountains, there are cottages, villas and other accommodation options that overlook the South Burnett’s picturesque hills and forestry. If visitors prefer to stick to

the town’s centres, there’s also a great range of accommodation options right nearby our CBDs. Some within walking access to shopping centres and grocery stores, while others are just a few minutes’ drive away.

Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre OFFERING the largest variety of accommodation at the Bunya Mountains National Park. There is something to suit all styles, group sizes and budgets. From cosy timber cottages and family-friendly chalets to architecturally-designed houses with stunning rainforest or mountain vistas. Large groups are welcome too. Guests can self-cater or dine at the local cafes, bar and restaurant. Website: www.bunyamountains.com.au Phone: 4668 3126 Address: Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre, Bunya Ave, Bunya Mountains Email: info@bunyamountains.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/bunyamountains Instagram: @bunyamountains

Hillview Cottages POUR a glass of local wine or make a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the views that go on forever. Choose from three self-contained spa cottages – all locally historic buildings with verandas, fireplaces and barbecues. Wander the gardens, enjoy the stars and visit the many attractions the picturesque region has to offer.

Website: www.hillviewcottages.com.au Phone: 4162 1727 Address: 297 Birt Rd, Kingaroy Email: info@hillviewcottages.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/Hillview-Cottages

South Burnett Touring Guide 31

Bethany Cottages BASK in the peaceful atmosphere and spectacular views at the most famous property in the South Burnett. With a range of pet-friendly cottages, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom and an open-plan spa cottage, it’s the perfect retreat. Their famous pumpkin scones are also available on request. Website: bethany.net.au Phone: 4162 7046 Address: 218 Peterson Dr, Coolabunia via Kingaroy Email: info@bethany.net.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/BethanyCottagesKingaroy Instagram: @bethanycottages

Kingaroy Country Motel EXPERIENCE a country lifestyle in the South Burnett at the Kingaroy Country Motel. With 20 air-conditioned ground floor units and undercover parking, the motel can cater to many. Visitors also have access to internet, Foxtel TV, a pool and barbecue area, and licensed dining. Website: kingaroycountrymotel.com.au Phone: 4162 1966 Address: 38 Knight St, Kingaroy Email: reservations@kingaroycountrymotel.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kingaroy-Country-Motel

Pepper Tree Cabins PEPPER Tree Cabins offers a peaceful park filled with modern, affordable, self-contained cabins. Set in a safe security-gated community, it’s a great place to have a family holiday. Each cabin also has airconditioning, free Wi-Fi and undercover parking for your convenience. Website: www.peppertreecabins.com.au Phone: 4162 8008 Address: 7 Evelyn Street, Kingaroy Email: stay@peppertreecabins.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/PepperTreeCabins

Lee Farmstay OFFERING spacious accommodation in a cottage or Queenslander, with breakfast baskets available and general facilities including a sauna, pool and barbecue area, sit back and enjoy the luxury at Lee Farmstay. Based on 62 hectares of farmland, guests also have the opportunity of fishing, feeding farm animals and horse riding. Website: www.leefarmstay.com.au Phone: 4162 5103 Address: 27 Harchs Road, Kingaroy Email: info@leefarmstay.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/Lee-Farmstay-and-Cottages 32 South Burnett Touring Guide

Wiikirri Bed and Breakfast Retreat LOCATED on a picturesque property in Blackbutt on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, Wiikirri is a bed and breakfast retreat that offers accommodation in a cottage, guest house or glamping tent. They also host weddings and functions, as well as art workshops. With its name meaning to sit, stay and live, it’s a relaxing haven you’ll want to visit again and again.

Website: wiikirriretreat.com.au Phone: 4170 0395 or 0409 479 023 Address: 15 Bowman Rd, Blackbutt Email: julie_terry@wiikirriretreat.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/ pg/Wiikirri-BB-Retreat

Redrock on Booie STYLISH, intimate, self-contained private cottages with wood fires and spa baths, on the edge of the Booie Range. Each cottage offers panoramic views, peace and seclusion. Within a leisurely drive to attractions, including excellent wineries and the Bunya Mountains, Redrock on Booie is the ideal retreat in the glorious South Burnett. Website: www.redrockonbooie.com.au Phone: 4162 4943 Address: 45 Millers Rd, Booie Range via Kingaroy Email your experience: testimonials@redrockonbooie.com.au

Mulanah Gardens B&B Cottages MULANAH Gardens’ caters for both your dining and accommodation needs. With two award-winning, self- contained luxury cottages, offering morning and evening meals. Set in immaculate lovely country gardens overlooking Bunya Mountains. Open for weddings, small functions and Sunday coffee. Website: www.mulanahgardens.com Phone: 4164 3142 Address: 736 Deep Creek Rd, Inverlaw via Kingaroy Email: kath@mulanahgardens.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/mulanahgardens Instagram: @mulanah_gardens South Burnett Touring Guide 33

Nanango Star Motel COME as a guest and leave as a friend at the Nanango Star Motel. Visitors are offered great service as well as a range of utilities, including free use of the local gym and swimming pool, as well as easy-access parking. And with no steps, the motel is all-inclusive. Call the motel to find the best deals when booking in advance.

Website: www.starmotel.com.au Phone: 4163 1666 Address: 43 Drayton St, Nanango Email: info@starmotel.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/starmotelnanango/

Barambah Bush Caravan Park THE Barambah Bush Caravan Park is a great place to set up camp while touring the South Burnett. They have powered and unpowered slab and grass sites, cabins, clean amenities on-site, a camp kitchen, laundry, free Wi-Fi, TV reception, a nine-hole golf course and a mountain bike track, all located on the Barambah Wine Trail.

Website: www.barambahbush.com.au Phone: 4168 1085 Address: 332 Borcherts Hill Rd, Murgon Email: barambahbush@burnett.net.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/ barambahbushcaravanpark

34 South Burnett Touring Guide

Wondai Colonial Motel THIS motel has a range of accommodation options to best suit your needs, from twin rooms to family units and executive suites. Guests can also enjoy a beautiful plunge pool with a walk-in beach, as well as daily room service breakfasts. Their on-site restaurant is open from Monday to Thursday, with delicious menus that’ll help any food lover enjoy their stay.

Website: www.wondaicolonialmotel.com.au Phone: 4168 5633 Address: 125 Haly Street, Bunya Highway, Wondai Email: mail@wondaicolonialmotel.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/WondaiColonialMotel

Pioneer Lodge Motel IF YOU’RE looking for a place to stay in the centre of town, the Pioneer Hotel is the place to go. They have 20 clean, refurbished rooms with parking on site, as well as room service available for dinner and breakfast. Their restaurant is also open six days a week, offering delicious meals and a large selection of local and Australian wine. Website: pioneerlodgemotel.com.au Phone: 4162 3999 Address: 100 Kingaroy Street, Kingaroy Email: pioneerkingaroy@yahoo.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/thepioneerroomrestaurant

Wondai Accommodation Units and Villas WONDAI Accommodation Units and Villas offer a range of rooms that work with any budget, from single-bed studios and twin bunks, to three-bedroom villas. They also have pool and barbecue facilities on site, with outdoor seating for those who want to enjoy the natural scenery. Website: www.wondaiaccommodationunitsandvillas.com Phone: 4169 0593 Address: 9-17 Hodge Street, Wondai Email: wondaiunitsandvillas@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/wondaiunitsandvillas/ South Burnett Touring Guide 35

Room Motels ROOM Motels are a highly regarded 4-star motel located in the heart of Kingaroy, as well as Gatton and Gympie. They are pet friendly and can accommodate the entire family, while offering in-room dining options for breakfast, packed lunches and dinner. They offer the warmth of country hospitality in a contemporary setting and have received guest review awards from Booking.com and Hotels.com.

Website: roommotels.com.au Phone: 4162 5115 Address: 76 Youngman Street, Kingaroy Email: kingaroy@roommotels.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/roommotelskingaroy

36 South Burnett Touring Guide

Nanango RV Park SITUATED in the business part of town is the Nanango RV Park. A neat park recently renovated with modern facilities. If you are self-contained, it’s only $10 a night with toilet, slab and water. An extra $5 will give you power, and another $5 for showers. You can park here and walk to the shops and hotels.

Phone: 4163 1677 Address: 72 Fitzroy Street, Nanango

Yarraman Caravan Park WITH a range of cabins, drive thru sites, as well as powered and unpowered sites, the Yarraman Caravan Park is a great base to explore the region. Pets are welcome in the park, and guests can enjoy a hot day by the swimming pool. There are also big rig options, a dump point, and discounts available for groups. Website: www.yarramancp.com.au Phone: 1800 288 560 Address: 12121 D'Aguilar Highway, Yarraman Email: yarramancp@telstra.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/YarramanCaravanPark

Kingaroy Holiday Park WITH options of hiring an affordable cabin, or using their caravan or camping sites, the Kingaroy Holiday Park caters for any budget. Guests have access to a swimming pool, camp kitchen and barbecue, laundry and dump point. The staff are also very helpful and friendly, and pets are welcomed. Website: www.kingaroyholidaypark.com.au Phone: 4162 1808 Address: 48 Walter Road (D'Aguilar Highway), Kingaroy Email: reception@kingaroyholidaypark.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/kingaroyholidaypark/

South Burnett Touring Guide 37








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38 South Burnett Touring Guide ➔

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South Burnett Touring Guide 39



Resting in the region FOR those who are fond caravan campers, there are many rest areas and caravan parks across the South Burnett that you would want to stop at. Day use rest areas: Goomeri L. E. Dickinson Park Rest Area Kingaroy Lions Park Rest Area Wondai Wondai North Rest Area Dingo Creek Bicentennial Park Tingoora Tingoora Rest Area

40 South Burnett Touring Guide

South Burnett Touring Guide 41

Things to do 42 South Burnett Touring Guide

South Burnett Touring Guide 43

Mountains around the South Burnett IF YOU truly want to see the South Burnett, why not see it through a fantastic view? There are a lot of mountain tops and lookouts just waiting to be visited at no expense, so if you’re visiting the area, be sure to check out the fantastic destinations listed below. Bunya Mountains Inside the Bunya Mountains, there are a few different mountain tops on premises. Two worth mentioning are Mount Kiangarow at 1136 metres high, and Mount Mowbullan at 1086 metres high. If you’re up for an adventure, you would 44 South Burnett Touring Guide

definitely want to walk the Mount Kiangarow trail. By walking a 2.3 kilometre circuit, you can find a worthwhile natural lookout that sees over the national park. Boat Mountain Regarded as a local landmark in the Murgon area, at 589 metres high, it’s the perfect place to go for some outdoor exercise. Visitors can walk to two different lookouts to catch breath-taking country views. Braithwaites Lookout has the shortest trail, taking 20 minutes to walk, while the walk to Daniels Lookout takes 45 minutes.

Mount Wooroolin Standing at 550 metres tall, it’s Kingaroy’s closest lookout. It’s often used as a recreational space to walk and hike and boasts a lookout with 360-degree views of the wider region.

Live life on the water OUR beautiful South Burnett dams have brought many people to the region, including champion angler Matthew Langford. Ever since moving to Kingaroy in 2013, Mr Langford has been very active in our local boating and fishing community. Growing up, Mr Langford always enjoyed the outdoors, spending time hunting and fishing out west with his family. Immediately drawn to Kingaroy for its location, being surrounded by dams, it didn’t take long for him to fall in love with the location.

Not only was he excited about the many options for fishing, but also by the challenges the different dams provide. It didn’t take long for him to get involved in the South Burnett’s many competitions. He particularly likes the challenge of catching Australian bass over the different seasons. “They can be targeted so many different ways, you can use so many different techniques, and when the seasons change you have to completely change the way you fish for them,” he said. “I love it because you

always have to evolve, adapt and take notice of the changes.” Mr Langford also likes that you can fish in any South Burnett climate. “Summer is the biggest for touring, because everyone is on holidays and it’s refreshing, but any time of the year is a good time,” he said.

Be sure to catch wave of his fishing guide if you’re wanting more information on our South Burnett fishing opportunities.

South Burnett Touring Guide 45

South Burnett Visitor Information Centres WHEN you visit a town for the first time, it’s always a wise idea to go to the closest Visitor Information Centre and get insider knowledge on what the community offers. Luckily, in the South Burnett, there are five information centres spread across our major towns. Whether you are a local or tourist, go to one of the Visitor Information Centres below and see what the South Burnett has to offer. Kingaroy VIC Where: 128 Haly Street, Kingaroy Contact: (07) 4189 9172 Located across from the iconic peanut silos, found within the

Kingaroy Information Art and Heritage Precinct. This Visitor Information Centre is in the perfect location to learn about the history of Kingaroy, see the work of local artists, and find a great range of local produce. Blackbutt VIC Where: 69 Hart Street, Blackbutt Contact: (07) 4163 0633 This Visitor Information Centre has the answers to all your Blackbutt-related questions. The friendly staff will supply you with standard travel information, as well as insider knowledge on local hotspots. It’s also the place to go for information on how to access the local Rail Trail. Murgon VIC Where: 63 Lamb Street, Murgon Contact: (07) 4189 9387 This centre specialises in helping tourists find local accommodation, while providing an insight into Murgon’s activities and upcoming attractions. Not only can visitors gather some handy information, they can also find souvenirs and browse through local indigenous art up for sale.

46 South Burnett Touring Guide

Nanango VIC Where: 41 Henry Street, Nanango Contact: (07) 4189 9446 Nanango’s Visitor Information Centre boasts a lot of town pride. Found at the old South Burnett Energy Centre, created for use in 1933, it showcases both the town’s past and present. At the old centre, you can find a modern gift shop and a Sports Wall of Fame. It is also the place to go when seeking recreational permits and licences.

Wondai VIC Where: 80 Haly Street, Wondai Contact: (07) 4189 9251 The Wondai Visitor Information Centre is recognised as one of the top things to see on Australia’s Country Way. It is not only a

great source for tourist information, but it is also linked to the South Burnett Region Timber Industry Museum Complex, providing some historical context on the town’s values, as well as its growth and development.

All South Burnett Visitor Information Centres are open from 9am to 4pm on weekdays, and 9am to 1pm on weekends and public holidays. All Visitor Information Centres are closed on Good Friday, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. South Burnett Touring Guide 47

A taste of South Burnett history THE SOUTH Burnett has a wealth of museums within its borders. If you have the time, be sure to check out one, two or a few from the list below. Boondooma Homestead Where: 8262 Durong-Mundubbera Rd, Proston Opening hours: 9am to 4.30pm, but booking is advised Fees: $5 guided tours Through guidance from the National Trust, buildings from over 150 years ago have been restored and preserved so that tourists and locals can visit a true representation of history. The homestead showcases an isolated station, Stone Store and a post office. Kingaroy Heritage Museum Where: 126 Haly St, Kingaroy Opening hours: 9am to 4pm on weekdays and 9am to 1pm 48 South Burnett Touring Guide

on weekends Fees: None. As part of the Kingaroy Information Centre, the heritage museum gives the community a great view into what Kingaroy and the South Burnett was like in the past. With a range of old machinery and precious photographs, it captures the essence of Kingaroy’s peanut-filled history. Murgon Dairy & Heritage Museum Where: Sommerville St, Murgon Opening hours: 9.30am to 12.30pm Fees: Free tours, but butter making sessions and meals have a nominal fee From the first look at the ‘Cavalcade of Cows’ on their fence-line, the Murgon Dairy & Heritage

Museum offers an insight into the significance of dairying in the early stages of developing Queensland and making Murgon’s mark. Tourists can come along for butter-making for a small fee. Ringsfield House Where: 41/45 Alfred St, Nanango Opening hours: 8am to 4pm, everyday but Monday. Fees: Food and booking the venue Ringsfield House serves as both a cafe and restaurant as well as a museum and popular ceremony and function venue. Come see the friendly staff and take a step back in time at their museum. Roy Emerson Museum Where: Bowman Rd, Blackbutt Opening Hours: 9.30am to 3.30pm

Fees: Gold coin donation This museum is located in the building of the original school where tennis legend Roy Emerson studied in. Here, you can find many photos and stories, as well as a life-sized bronze statue of him. South Burnett Regional Timber Museum Where: 80 Haly St, Wondai Opening hours: 9am to 4pm on weekdays and 9am to 1pm on weekends Fees: None Also part of the Wondai Visitor Information Centre, the Timber Museum sheds light on the South Burnett’s timber history. Showcasing sculptures, water wells and wagon camp dioramas, you can take a step back in time to the South Burnett’s early settlement.

Wondai Heritage Centre Where: 80 Mackenzie St, Wondai Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 9am to 4pm, weekends by booking Fees: Gold coin donation The Wondai Heritage Centre is made up of different themes that represent the South Burnett’s historical

milestones. These themes include a Formal Museum, Hospital Complex, Machinery Shed, Slab Barn, the Oddfellows Hall and the Promenade. If you’re looking for a fun way to learn about the history of the South Burnett over different decades, make sure to check out this heritage centre. South Burnett Touring Guide 49

Culture of the Ration Shed Museum THE RATION Shed Museum is a valuable part of the Cherbourg and South Burnett community. It is also known as Cherbourg’s Historical Cultural Precinct, a place that lets people visit and see what 20th century life was like under the Aboriginal Protection Act. The Ration Shed offers educational tours for schools and visitors. These usually last up to two-and-a-half hours, and the volunteers and staff will help cater their teachings to what you want to learn about. They also offer museum exhibitions, an art gallery and 50 South Burnett Touring Guide

a range of cultural awareness programs. You can interpret the aboriginal art on show at the mural, you can join art and pottery workshops, and learn the local Wakka Wakka dances. For some more traditional fun, visitors can paint and throw a Boomerang. As well as arts, the Ration Shed also places a great importance on history through different programs. With the ‘Boys from

Barambah’ program, visitors have the opportunity to learn about Barambah’s heroes from the First World War. With the ‘Strong Women Shadow Boxes’, you can also learn about impressive women from the past and present. With so much quality at the vicinity, it’s no wonder Cherbourg’s Ration Shed Museum won the Government’s Queensland Reconciliation Awards title.

If you want to learn about the South Burnett and Wakka Wakka traditions, be sure to make a visit to the Ration Shed Museum. Entry to the Ration Shed is $15 each, however Cherbourg residents can enter free of charge.

South Burnett Men’s Sheds LIKE many other tourist attractions, the local Men’s Shed accommodates anyone who wants an activity, a cup of tea or coffee, or someone to talk to.

Visiting a town’s Men’s Shed can be the perfect way to meet the local community members and draw connective ties to the community.

Find out what sheds we have available to visit in our South Burnett region.

Kingaroy Men’s Shed Address: Geoff Ralph Drive, Taabinga Open: Wednesday and Saturday from 8am to 11.30am Nanango Community Men’s Shed Address: Mount Stanley Road, Nanango Open: Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays from 8.30am to 12.30pm Cherbourg Men’s Shed Address: Murray Rd, Cherbourg Open: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 2pm Murgon Men’s Shed Address: 75 MacAlister Street, Murgon Open: Wednesday from 8am to 3.30pm and Thursday and Saturday from 8am to 12pm Proston Men’s Shed Inc Address: 21 Rodney Street, Proston Open: Tuesday and Saturday from 9am to 12pm South Burnett Touring Guide 51

Art Galleries in the South Burnett THERE are two main art galleries in the South Burnett region that showcase local talents.

content makes the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery a top destination when visiting the South Burnett.

1. Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery This gallery is found right next door to Kingaroy’s Visitor Information Centre, held in the 1913 Council Chambers. Many local artists showcase their work in this gallery, making it a great location to see what the region has to offer. However, local exhibitions aren’t all the gallery offers. The Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery also hosts exhibitions from a lot of artists outside the region. This constant flow of new

2. Wondai Regional Art Gallery Hosting new exhibitions every moth, this highly regarded gallery gives a reliably fresh feel to the South Burnett region. Not only does it showcase local talent, it also offers many workshops to help both adults and children develop their artistic skills. If you’re visiting the region and looking for some inclusive activities, visit the Wondai Regional Art Gallery and book an art class or two.

52 South Burnett Touring Guide

Markets around the region IF YOU’RE looking for a fun way to see our local produce, then we have a range of markets across the region for you to enjoy. Blackbutt Country Markets When: Third Sunday of the month Where: Council Park Times: 9am to noon Bunya Mountains Markets When: Last Sunday of the month Where: Bunya Mountains Times: 9am to 2pm Hivesville Country Markets When: Fourth Sunday of the month Where: Hivesville Times: 7am to noon

Nanango Country Markets When: First Saturday of the month Where: Nanango Showgrounds Times: 6am to noon Tablelands Markets When: Fifth Sunday of the month Where: Tableland Hall Times: 7am to noon Wondai Markets When: Fourth Saturday of the month Where: Coronation Park Times: 7am to noon

Wooroolin Community Markets When: Second Saturday of the month Where: Wooroolin QCWA building Times: 6am to noon Yarraman Markets When: Second Saturday of the month Where: Errol Munt Oval Times: 6am to noon

Kingaroy Friendship Markets When: Third Sunday of the month Where: Kingaroy Showgrounds Times: 6:30am to noon Kumbia Markets When: Fifth Saturday of the month Where: Bell Street Times: 7am to noon Murgon Markets When: Second Sunday of the month Where: Murgon Main Street Times: 7am to noon South Burnett Touring Guide 53

Off to the races in the South Burnett FOR those who love to dress up and have a punt, there’s no need to leave the South Burnett. Our region has a great number of local race days, with dress-up themes so everyone can have fun participating. It all comes from our rich racing culture, with the first 54 South Burnett Touring Guide

reported meet dating back to 1859. This was held at the Nanango Showgrounds, before Wondai followed suit in 1907. Kingaroy briefly hosted race days at the Kingaroy Showgrounds, however they ran their course by World War II. The Kumbia Races began in

1922, as well as the grand Burrandowan Picnic Races. If you’re interested in finding out which race events are on near you, or would like to place a bet, check out the Racing Queensland website for more information. If you’re in town on the day of an event, come and join in the fun-filled fanfare.

Painting the South Burnett THE South Burnett region has many impressive artists. One worthy of a mention is Paul van Vegchel, a star in the region’s art scene. Paul is a regular exhibitor at the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery and has been painting and sculpting for 54 years. “I went to art school when I was 16 and I’m 70 now. I paint the Australian landscape, which is a passion of mine, particularly with the first people, the Aboriginal people,” he said. “I get inspired by the nature in the South Burnett. I go in the landscape, I do some drawings and take photos

then, when I come back, I collate the experience mentally and it hits the canvas. “This is what I do and I’ve done it all my life. I started off as a teacher then ran the Kingaroy Art Gallery for 15 years but now my paintings and sculptures are all over the world.” Mr van Vegchel’s gallery operated for 15 years before the new volunteer one took its place. “It started up in 1994 and finished in 2009. My wife used to help me run the gallery when it was on a contract basis to the council,” he said. “My wife, Fran, is now the

president of the Kingaroy Arts Team which operates the council’s volunteer gallery. “It’s becoming pretty successful and I’m really impressed with how people are coming here from Brisbane to exhibit too.” Mr van Vegchel also does his part in promoting the South Burnett region at his out-of-town exhibits. “I’ve had five exhibitions in Sydney since 2000. My last exhibition in Sydney was called the Bunya Mountains and Beyond, and people bought from New Zealand and all over the place,” he said.

South Burnett Touring Guide 55

State forests Benarkin State Forest As well as being home to a previous hoop pine plantation, it was also considered one of the best ironbark stands in Queensland. Among the scenery, you could spot ducks, kingfishers and waterbirds close to the creek line. There are also lizards, water dragons, freshwater turtles and the occasional platypus. Cushnie State Forest Spanning across 6800 hectares near Proston and Wondai, visitors can see a range of wildlife including birds and reptiles. East Nanango State Forest Near the Yarraman State Forest, covering an area of 4200 hectares, the East Nanango State Forest is considered a good place for birdwatching, home to the eastern whipbird and the tawny frogmouth, biking and bushwalking. McEuen State Forest Covering 440 hectares next to Wondai, it’s a popular destination for mountain biking in the region after a series of trails were developed in the past few years. South Nanango State Forest The South Nanango State Forest covers 690 hectares of land, separated from the East Nanango State Forest and 56 South Burnett Touring Guide

Yarraman State Forest, offering similar wildlife spotting opportunities. Wigton State Forest In this forest, over an area of 5900 hectares, you can find the Boyne River, Geer Creek, Canoe Creek and Jondarby Creek. It was a popular resource in history for the old Wondai Sawmill, as it was known to produce impressively large logs. Wondai State Forest This covers approximately 13,000 hectares alongside Wondai and Cherbourg, making it a great area to see a diverse range of birds and wildlife. It also accommodates tourists with its visitor friendly facilities, including a barbecue area. Woroon State Forests Starting from the Woroon National Park, there are also two divided Woroon State Forests. Together, both forests cover around 4500 hectares of land close to Proston. These forests are known to be good for mountain biking. Yarraman State Forest Yarraman is also considered a destination of a previous hoop pine plantation. When visiting, you can find brush turkey, bandicoots, a range of birds, and at night some owls and the near-threatened golden-tipped bat.

South Burnett Touring Guide 57

Looking for something to do? THINGS TO DO ON A RAINY DAY THERE are always things to do in the South Burnett, whether it’s good or bad weather. With a range of options for recreational activities, you’re sure to enjoy a fun, family or friend focused experience. Kingaroy Tenpin Bowling From Wednesday to Sunday enjoy a morning, lunch or evening of fun at the Kingaroy Tenpin Bowl and Leisure Centre. With Mini Putt-Putt on site, and bumpers to help the little ones, you’re sure to have a great time. Kingaroy Cinema Visiting a local cinema is the perfect way to relax on a holiday, while enjoying popcorn and the latest piece of entertainment. But watching movies isn’t the only thing the Kingaroy Cinema has to offer. It also operates a squash court, so if you’re wanting a fix of the sport, you might want to make a visit. Go out for lunch We have a great range of cafes and restaurants for all budgets here in the South Burnett. If you’re wanting to have a bit of time outside of the house or motel, come and check out our great food opportunities, no matter what the weather is like. 58 South Burnett Touring Guide

THINGS TO DO ON A SUNNY DAY When the weather is good, the South Burnett has a range of quirky activities or sports events to get you out and about. South Burnett Kart Hire Nanango is home to a great go-karting track with competitive prices. With single karting, twin seats and kids karts available, a quick visit is guaranteed to provide fun for the whole family. Golf For those involved with the sport, or for those just

wanting to try it out, there’s no better way to de-stress while remaining active, than playing golf. With three options of golf in the region, in Kingaroy, Nanango and Murgon, you’ll have easy access no matter where you stay. Lawn bowls There are many bowls clubs scattered across the South Burnett region, for anyone to enjoy. If you want to play a few rounds, or just have a meal and a drink, head along to any of our clubs located from Kingaroy to Murgon.

Learning culture through art THERE’S something so necessary about seeing the art and culture of the area you travel to. Niketa Law is a local artist who expresses both herself and her heritage through art. “I did art in school in Murgon and I really enjoyed when we learned about aboriginal art,” she said. “My technique is derived from common Aboriginal Artworks and stories that I witnessed in my earlier years, and with this knowledge I have transformed into my own unique style, a new style of Contemporary Traditional Aboriginal Art. “My paintings aren’t usually

based on Dreamtime stories, but rather a spiritual representation of my own story telling built on feelings, values, circumstances, and that of stories that have been passed down over the years.” Ms Law has just had her first exhibition in 2018 at the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery. “Last year was my first exhibition. It was incredibly important to me to have my first exhibition on the country of my ancestors, the Wakka Wakka people,” she said. “I didn’t think I was going to be successful in getting an exhibition at Kingaroy Art Gallery. The Wakka Wakka tribal land is quite large so I

think it is great anytime local artists are given a chance to showcase our art.” This exhibition was called Yungi, which is the nickname Ms Law’s family calls her. “I had 36 paintings which were all a combination of paintings about myself. My life, my story and my journey are first and foremost the basis of what inspires a lot of my art,” she said. “I took this opportunity to honour influential people in my life as well. As a young Aboriginal woman I have always been influenced, inspired and incredibly proud of the art component of my culture.” South Burnett Touring Guide 59

Brisbane Valley Heritage Trails Inc. THIS organisation is responsible for many trails spanning across and around the South Burnett, focusing on heritage buildings, railways, timber, churches, cemeteries and memorials. Tourists are also encouraged to attend their meetings on the first Thursday of every month, from Fernvale to Nanango. Website: www.brisbanevalleyheritage.org.au Phone: 4171 0100 Address: Visitor Information Centres from Fernvale to Nanango Email: blackbutt@southburnett.qld.gov.au or nanangovic@southburnett.qld.gov.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/brisbanevalleyheritage.org.au

Queensland Dairy & Heritage Museum MURGON’S Queensland Dairy and Heritage Museum shows its guests the past progress of the South Burnett’s dairy industry. They also have a chapel and three cottages displaying items of the era. Visitors are welcome seven days a week, from 9.30am to 12.30pm, with catering and butter making available for groups on request. Website: www.qlddairyheritagemuseum-murgon.com.au Phone: 4169 5001 Address: 2 Sommerville Street, Murgon Email: dairymuseummurgon@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/dairymuseummurgon

Yarraman Heritage Museum COME experience life in the early 1900s at the Yarraman Heritage Museum. Formerly a convent school run by the Sisters of Mercy, it’s now a museum that provides interest for the whole family. There are also historical buildings on site, including the Yarraman railway station and a 1930s farmer’s cottage. Phone: 4163 8111 Address: 26 Millar St, Yarraman Email: heritagecentre@bigpond.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Yarraman-Heritage-Museum

Kingaroy Observatory EXPERIENCE a green laser guided tour of the night skies by a professional astronomer. View stars, nebulas, galaxies, planets and the Moon up close with large, powerful telescopes. Kingaroy Observatory is located at the airport, just a few minutes drive from the town’s CBD. Bookings are essential. Website: www.kingaroyobservatory.com Phone: 4164 6194 Address: 45 Geoff Raph Dr, Taabinga Email: mao123@bigpond.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kingaroy-Observatory 60 South Burnett Touring Guide

Nanango Country Muster THE Nanango Country Muster from September 12 to 15 is going to bring a good time for everyone. As well as a range of concert experiences with walk-up artists, paid artists and bush poets, there will also be stalls, old time dancing and much more. Camping is also available with a canteen and bar. Website: www.nanangoshowsociety.net Phone: 4163 1273 Address: 129 Drayton Street, Nanango Email: nanangoshowsociety@bigpond.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nanango-Show-Society

Nanango Show THE Nanango Show, held on April 13, is a day packed with loads of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Their entertainment and attractions include monster trucks, rock climbing, racing pigs, snake shows, sideshow alley, ring events, a rodeo, harness racing and so much more. Website: www.nanangoshowsociety.net Phone: 4163 1273 Address: 129 Drayton Street, Nanango Email: nanangoshowsociety@bigpond.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nanango-Show-Society

Wondai Garden Expo DISCOVER the diversity of gardening in Queensland’s best backyard at the Wondai Garden Expo. With the Autumn Expo to be held on April 20 and 21, and the Spring Expo on September 21 and 22, be sure to come and visit the family friendly event at the Wondai Sports Grounds. Website: http://wondaigardenexpo.com Phone: 4168 9297 Address: Wondai Sports Grounds, Wondai Email: info@wondaigardenexpo.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Wondai-Garden-Expo

Waterhole Rocks ROCK ’n’ roll back to the 50s and 60s with this exciting event. Four days of live entertainment from October 17 to 18 will include a fashion competition, stalls, hair and make-up artists, the Show and Shine attractions, rock ’n’ roll music and dancing as well as custom cars and hot rods. Camping is available, as is a canteen and bar. Website: www.nanangoshowsociety.net Phone: 4163 1273 Address: 129 Drayton Street, Nanango Email: nanangoshowsociety@bigpond.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nanango-Show-Society South Burnett Touring Guide 61

Pursers Coaches WITH only a week’s notice, Pursers Coaches will provide a personalised, professional service while helping you navigate to, from and around the South Burnett with ease. With a great range of tours for any occasion, including wine tours, group tours and out of town transportation, you’ll be sure to enjoy your visit to the South Burnett region.

Website: www.purserscoaches.com.au Phone: 4168 1533 Address: 40 Gore Street, Murgon Email: purserscoaches@bigpond.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/purserscoaches

JGM Direct IF YOU are travelling in a caravan or motorhome, or have a standalone solar system, JGM Direct is a must visit. It is Nanango’s family-owned one-stop shop for 12 Volt Accessories including solar, lighting and associated products. They also offer good old-fashioned service combined with quality advice for all. Website: www.jgmdirect.com Phone: 4163 3109 Address: Shop 1, 13912 D’Aguilar Highway, Nanango Email: bev@jgmdirect.com or jamie@jgmdirect.com

Ryke Fuel THIS family-owned local service station is the place to visit when you are on a long road trip. Not only do they offer diesel fuel, unleaded and gas, but they are also a convenience store offering an array of snacks and barista coffee. Drop by for a treat, or to refuel on your journey.

Phone: 4162 5200 Address: 1 Youngman St, Kingaroy 62 South Burnett Touring Guide

The Peanut Van CELEBRATING 50 years, Kingaroy’s iconic Peanut Van offers all natural peanut paste and the largest range of peanut flavours in Australia. Their friendly staff operate the van from 8.30am to 5pm, seven days a week, to cater to tourists from regional, national and international destinations. As Kingaroy is the Peanut Capital of Australia, visiting The Peanut Van is a must.

Website: peanutvan.com.au Phone: 4163 6444 Address: 77 Kingaroy Street, Kingaroy Email: info@peanutvan.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/thepeanutvan Instagram: www.instagram.com/peanutvan

Somethings Country Gifts and Homewares THERE’S something special about buying gifts and homeware at Somethings Country. With a large range of both imported and locally made products being available in store, they have something that will make any house a home. Make sure to visit this specialty store on your next Kingaroy visit. Website: somethingscountry.com Phone: 4162 2040 Address: 180 Kingaroy St, Kingaroy Email: somethingscountry@bigpond.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/somethingscountry/

Somethings Country Quilting COME and visit the largest quilting range in the South Burnett at Somethings Country. Offering both sewing machine repairs and the Brother and Husqvarna sewing machine dealerships for the region, Somethings Country has all your sewing needs covered. They also stock over 1000 bolts of rare, unique and beautiful fabrics in store. Website: somethingscountry.com Phone: 4162 2040 Address: 180 Kingaroy Street, Kingaroy Email: somethingscountry@bigpond.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/somethingscountrymyquiltingshop South Burnett Touring Guide 63

Avocado Festival BLACKBUTT has Australia’s only Avocado Festival on the east coast. On Saturday, September 14, lovers of this bumpy fruit will flock to Blackbutt for all things avocado. This year will bring activities, including the now famous Avocado Roll, The Avocado Toss and avocado cooking demonstrations with Jason Ford. There will also be live entertainment and lots of fun for the family.

Website: www.avofest.com.au Phone: 0448 946 702 Address: Coulson Street, Blackbutt Email: admin@avofest.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/BBBAvoFest

Pursers Travel and Cruise THE team of personalised travel consultants at Pursers Travel and Cruise can help you book domestic and international flights, cruises, and travel holiday packages, ranging from both inside and outside the South Burnett region. Contact them now for any booking enquiries. Website: www.purserscoaches.com.au Phone: 4168 1533 Address: 25 Alford Street, Kingaroy Email: info@purserstravelandcruise.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/purserstravel Instragram: @purserstravel

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Maidenwell Trading Post AS THE “Home of The Sauce Man”, customers can find pickled vegetables, onions, eggs, sauces, relishes, chutneys, jams, chilli products, cordials, pies, baking, frozen meals and much more, all made fresh on site. There’s also a range of fresh produce including fruits and vegetables, grocery lines, ice, all-day breakfast and dining. Plus, customers can get their hands on diesel, petrol and gas bottles on site.

Phone: 4164 6166 Address: 3-7 Pool Street, Maidenwell Email: thesaucemanqld@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/thesaucemanqld

South Burnett Wine Industry Association THE South Burnett has developed an amazing reputation for producing award winning Boutique wines. The region is dotted with vineyards and cellar doors, each with their own personalities and hidden secrets, a region where you are still greeted by the growers and winemakers themselves, with all wineries still family owned, we are truly one region with many stories. Website: www.southburnettwine.com.au Phone: 4168 4797 Address: 681 Barambah Road, Moffatdale Email: sbwia@southburnettwine.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/southburnettwine

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Glendon Street Café GLENDON Street Cafe is situated in Kingaroy’s CBD, trading seven days a week for your convenience. The cafe offers customers a fresh choice of high-quality, natural and locally sourced foods, including homemade meat patties, which give a great taste to a large variety of hamburgers. For their steak burgers and sandwiches, they use juicy fresh rib fillets. If chicken is more your taste, they can use freshly cooked chicken breasts for salads, rolls, sandwiches and wraps. They also have grilled, crumbed or battered fish available. This cafe offers a

mouth-watering all-day breakfast menu for those late risers, which can be paired with the South Burnett’s only fabulous exclusive organic Puro coffee and Tea Drop

Website: glendon-street-cafe.business.site Phone: 4162 1297 Address: 3/30 Glendon St, Kingaroy Facebook: www.facebook.com/GlendonStCafe 68 South Burnett Touring Guide

fresh tea or a delicious juice, smoothie or frappe, with gluten-free options. They also cater for functions large or small and business or private.

Jamaica Blue JAMAICA Blue’s wide range of hot and cold coffee and beverage options accommodate any customer’s tastes. They also have a great range of meals to choose from, with an extensive breakfast menu and a variety of lunch options and treats displayed at the counter. The cafe is also in Kingaroy Shoppingworld, making it the best place to rest after a day of shopping.

Website: jamaicablue.com.au Phone: 4162 4611 Address: Kingaroy Shoppingworld, Corner Youngman & Alford Street, Kingaroy Facebook: www.facebook.com/JamaicaBlueCafes Instagram: @jamaicablue

Muffin Break BASED in the entrance of Kingaroy Shoppingworld, Muffin Break’s easily accessible location makes it the ideal store to get a carefully crafted coffee, a tasty treat, or a healthy meal. Their affordable prices welcome any demographic, and they also have a lot of seating to accommodate your visit. Website: muffinbreak.com.au Phone: 4162 2204 Address: Kingaroy Shoppingworld, Youngman Street & Alford Street, Kingaroy Instagram: @muffinbreak

Yarraman Bakery IF YOU need a break after a day of touring the South Burnett, stop in at the Yarraman Bakery. Their friendly staff will make you feel more than welcome, and all their produce is baked fresh in-store, from fresh rolls, bread and burgers, to a variety of delicious slices and treats.

Phone: 4163 8466 Address: 4 Margaret Street, Yarraman Facebook: www.facebook.com/YarrmanBakery South Burnett Touring Guide 69

Clovely Estate Wines DISCOVER why Clovely Estate is one of Queensland’s most-awarded wineries. Their range captures the perfect regional terroir and the passion of a local family who established their artisan winery here two decades ago. The estate also has olive groves and produces signature oils, cold-pressed at Murgon. Taste the difference our region makes at their vineyard cellar door. Website: clovely.com.au Phone: 4168 4788 Address: Steinhardts Road, Moffatdale Email: moffatdale@clovely.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/ClovelyEstate Instagram: @clovelyestate

Crane Wines A VISIT to Crane Winery will let you enjoy a most luxurious tourist experience. Guests can enjoy traditional bed-and-breakfast accommodation, wine tasting and fantastic scenery. If you have a love of animals, you’ll also be pleased to meet Dylan, the winery’s friendly greeting dog. Website: cranewines.com.au Phone: 4162 7647 Address: 162 Haydens Road, Booie via Kingaroy Email: info@cranewines.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/Crane-Wines-Boutique-Winery-and-BB

Kingsley Grove Estate OPEN all week for wine tasting, and with weekends and public holidays filled with wood-fired pizzas and wine ice-cream, the Kingsley Grove Estate is the place to be. Call to book in group functions, weddings and events, or to enjoy free, self-contained camping on site. Website: www.kingsleygrove.com Phone: 0414 230 128 Address: 49 Stuart Valley Drive, Kingaroy Email: contact@kingsleygrove.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/kingsleygrove 70 South Burnett Touring Guide

Maidenwell Hotel IF YOU’RE looking for a South Burnett-based pub with an excellent food menu, then the Maidenwell Hotel has you covered. They are open from 10am ’til late, with live music at weekends, a pig-on-the-spit on the last Saturday of every month from 6-8pm, and an all-you-can-eat Thai buffet every second Saturday of the month.

Website: http://www.maidenwellhotel.com.au Phone: 4164 6133 Address: 18 Maidenwell-Bunya Mountains Road, Maidenwell Email: info@maidenwellhotel.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/MaidenwellHotel.com.au

Murgon and District Services Club WITH a courtesy bus and tasty bistro, open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, the Murgon and District Services Club is the place to go for everyone. If you’re in the area, be sure to visit. They are open Monday to Thursday from 10am to 10pm, on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 11.45pm, and on Sundays from 10am to 8pm.

Website: murgonservicesclub.com.au Phone: 4168 1819 Address: 70 Gore Street Murgon, Queensland Email: manager@murgonservicesclub.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/Murgon-Services-Club

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Bunya Nut Cafe OPEN seven days a week from 6am, come and experience the licensed bistro and what it has to offer. As well as their high-quality food and drinks, they also have Blackbutt’s best kept secret: a unique garden area and a woodhenge deck, made from recycled timber. You truly have to see it to believe it. Website: bunyanutcafe.com.au Phone: 4163 0375 Address: 39 Coulson St, Blackbutt Facebook: www.facebook.com/Bunyanut-Cafe

Hotel Radnor MAKE a stop at this Blackbutt pub for their refreshing cold beer and great variety of excellent meals. They also have 15 pokie machines on site for those wanting some entertainment, and if you’re looking to stay the night, they can accommodate you. Club and group bookings are also welcome. Website: www.hotelradnor.com.au Phone: 4163 0203 Address: Corner of Hart & Coulson St, Blackbutt Email: sean@radnorblackbutt.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/hotelradnor

Cooyar Hotel COME to the Cooyar Hotel and find yourself a cold beer and good meal in their friendly country pub atmosphere. If you’re looking for a special night out, they hold two-course spit roasts every month, Friday night raffles, accommodation and undercover outdoor entertainment, perfect for functions. Website: cooyarhotel.com.au Phone: 4692 6185 Address: 14 Munro Street, Cooyar Email: cooyarpub@hotmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Cooyar-Hotel

Dimities Cottage Cafe OPEN seven days a week, offering a range of treats from elegant high teas to seafood smorgasbords, this restaurant has everything you need for a memorable holiday experience. They also have local art and craft for purchase. Bookings are essential for any evening events, as they operate from 9am until close. Website: www.dimities.com.au Phone: 4168 5744 Address: 49 Haly Street, Wondai Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/Dimities-Cottage-Cafe 72 South Burnett Touring Guide

Pubs in the South Burnett OUR South Burnett pubs exude a sense of both community and history, while also being the perfect way to make friends with the locals. To get the true Aussie experience, check out the pub closest to you on the list below: Blackbutt Hotel Radnor Accommodation & Meals Contact: 4163 0203

Kingaroy Hotel-Motel Contact: 4162 1677 Kingaroy RSL Contact: 4162 1755 Kingaroy Bowls Club Contact: 4162 1404 Club Hotel Contact: 4162 4460 Kilkivan Kilkivan Hotel-Motel Contact: 5484 1125 Kumbia Kumbia Hotel Contact: 4164 4111

Goomeri Grand Hotel Contact: 4168 4131 Hivesville Hotel Contact: 4168 9873

Maidenwell Maidenwell Hotel Contact: 4164 6133

Kingaroy Carollee Hotel Contact: 4162 1055 Commercial Hotel Contact: 4162 1380

Murgon Australian Hotel Contact: 4168 1095 Royal Hotel Contact: 4168 1799

Nanango Commercial Hotel Contact: 4163 1208 Fitzroy Hotel Contact: 4163 1506 Nanango RSL Contact: 4163 1375 Palace Hotel Contact: 4163 1287 Proston Golden Spurs Hotel Contact: 4168 9272 Tingoora Tingoora Hotel Contact: 4168 5150 Wondai Hotel Cecil Contact: 4168 5460 Wondai Hotel Contact: 4168 5274 Warana Hotel / Motel Eatery Contact: 4169 0245 Wondai Colonial Motel Contact: 4168 5633 Wondai Diggers & Memorial Club Contact: 4168 5297 Wooroolin Grand Hotel Contact: 4164 2261 Yarraman Royal Hotel Yarraman Contact: 4163 8219

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