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CONTENTS 2. Contents 3. Building and first home buyers 4. LJ Hooker 5. Peter Maddock 6. John Provan Building 7. Michael Chilcott Building and Renovations 8. Organising tips 9. Kingaroy Joinery 10. T&C Painters 11. Crowies Paints 12. Lighting 13. Elecfix Solutions 14. Security and insurance 15. Fiedler Brothers Plumbing

16. Andersens – flooring 17. Supa Cheap Carpets Murgon 18. Flooring and decorating trends 19. Kingaroy Affordable Furniture 20. Jimmy’s Auto Trimming and Upholstery 21. Somethings Country 22. Andersens – awnings 23. Kingaroy Garden Centre 24. Plants and gardens 25. Lawn care and tank maintenance 26. Eco-friendly homes and substitutes 27. Outdoor design and pool regulations 28. Outdoor fires and fire safety 29. Business card directory

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Mike Gilbert Homes.


SEVEN STEPS TO BUILD YOUR HOUSE THERE is an art to both building a home, and having a home built for you. Contracting a build requires a lot of communication and time, budgeting and more. Fortunately, your contracted builder should help you with the process. But there are still a few steps you may want to stick to during the job, and before your builder even comes into the picture. 1. Choose a home design Before you even go looking for your land, having an idea of your needs and wants for your home is important. Having either a brief or design plan is a good idea before you decide how big your property should be, and also before choosing a builder. 2. Find your land See what’s out there, as the foundation of your property is needed before you can involve a builder. Think about what space you need and what properties on the market will suit you. 3. Choose a builder There are many qualified builders in the South Burnett area to help you with the the building process. Booking a consultation and getting quotes from different builders can help you

decide which builder to choose. While this is a few steps in, builders often provide home design services if you’re in need, as well as house templates for you to choose from if you prefer. 4. Apply for a home loan Once you have the quotes you need, financing your home will be a very important next step. You should only go forward with signing a contract with a builder or real estate once you’ve been approved for the loan. 5. Sign the contract Once receiving your financing, you can then sign the contract with your builder. 6. Monitor the build Staying in touch with your builder is important, especially if you have changes. Because of this, your builder will often keep communicating with you about your opinions on the project and try their hardest to make sure you are happy with the result. 7. Complete the handover According to Designing Buildings, the handover will take place when the builder confirms that all the work defined in the contract has been finished. From here you’re free to move into your dream home.

BUYING your first home is both an exciting and stressful experience. After all, it’s one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Because of this, before you start looking to buy your first home, here are a few things you may want to know first. Are you eligible for financial assistance? The Australian Government offer a one-off grant for eligible first home buyers over 18 years old, for homes and land packages valuing under $750,000. Are you looking at properties within your budget? If you plan to finance your home, finding out your budget often depends on how much a bank will lend you. Because of this, it’s a good idea to get pre-approval from your desired bank first, as it will save you time with both house-hunting and getting applications approved. Does the neighbourhood suit you? There’s nothing worse than moving somewhere and finding out the hard way that your neighbours are too noisy or that the area’s traffic doesn’t suit you. Visiting the neighbourhood might help you reduce any last-minute surprises that may make you regret your purchase. Has the property been inspected? According to Macquarie, professionally inspecting the house (for pests and electrical or structural issues, etc) and testing that its appliances work is very necessary before purchasing a home.

BUYING your first home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

Deb Dennien

it all starts with a FRee APPRAiSAL, and ends with a SOLD

Deb Dennien South Burnett Real Estate Agent

0427 685 797




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YOUR NEXT HOME IN THE SOUTH BURNETT I F YO U AR E LO OKING AT BUYING, RENT ING OR IN VESTI NG IN THE SOU TH B URNETT, THE TEAM AT LJ HOO KER HAVE YOU COVERED. WITH professional offices in Kingaroy and Wondai, the LJ Hooker team can use their local knowledge to help you find the best property or rental tailored to your needs. If you visit the Wondai office, you can receive expert help from senior property manager Kayleen Walters. According to LJ Hooker principal Clem Smith, Ms Walters has overseen positive results in Wondai over the past six to eight months, with an increase in the sales market and pressure on rentals. LJ Hooker Kingaroy’s sales manager Helene Wolski believes this is an illustration of different work forces coming to the region. “Lots of people are renting as confidence comes back into the region, thanks to Swickers and the new hospital build,” she said. “It brings investors a great opportunity to get involved in the South Burnett and

make a good income.” Ms Wolski said for the South Burnett in general, the area continues to function no matter what the challenge is. While there is pressure on the market, Ms Wolski said the team is working very efficiently. “This is because the business has two arms with both rental and sales, and our business systems operator Luke liaising between both,” she said. “Communication is key in our industry, and Luke works on both sides to help things function and maintain LJ Hooker’s integrity.” Mr Smith said the team also has great internal communication across their different offices, with property investment manager Chantel Maclaren taking on a senior management role for both Kingaroy and Wondai, while team member Rebecca Freeman spends one day a week in Wondai

Make dreams happen

The team at LJ Hooker South Burnett.

to improve connectivity. According to Ms Wolski, the staff at LJ Hooker South Burnett are well equipped and educated to help you with any real estate questions you might have. “Focusing on assisting clients with mortgage education and the whole buying process is important, especially for first home buyers,” she said. “It’s important they know about finance and valuations as well as different levels of lending criteria. “With Clem’s background in finance and Luke’s background in valuation, as well as the whole team’s knowledge about the local market, our customers know they’re in good hands.”

South Burnett

Sales & Property Management Across the South Burnett

To see all our properties go to

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196 Haly Street KINGAROY 4162 1620

17 Scott Street WONDAI 4169 0033

75 Drayton Street NANANGO 4162 1304


Kingaroy Wondai Nanango

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BUILDING YOUR QUALITY BURNETT HOME W HE N YO U DEAL W IT H EXPE RI ENCED, QUA LITY BUI LDERS, YOU WON’ T H AVE TO WOR RY A BOU T YOU R H O USE MISSING THE MA RK BUSINESS owner Peter Maddock, from Maddock Family Homes, says that unlike other franchise and project builders, he makes sure to keep an eye on the job for you. “I’m on site every time work is done, as a duty of care to our clients. It’s not right to have the client feel they need to supervise their own jobs,” he said. Mr Maddock has been working in construction for over 45 years, and knows that when building your dream home, having an extra set of eyes on the job can do wonders. “Having a good team and good contractors is important too. You need to know the team is reliable when taking care

of your home,” he said. According to Mr Maddock, all his carpenters work on wages and his subcontractors are used regularly, accounting for their quality. “The consistency is important as the team and the client all want to have trust in the job the subcontractors do,” he said. “This really shows in the quality of a job. Our quality is first class,” he said. These homes start as low as $150,000, however Mr Maddock is experienced with million-dollar, large-scale projects too. Mr Maddock and his team have experience with both commercial and domestic builds, as well as renovations and building in-ground, fibreglass

Peter Maddock with one of his prestige homes. PHOTO: MICHAEL NOLAN

swimming pools. “From using the right equipment, I can do pools from about $30,000, which can be up to $15,000 cheaper than the average rate,” he said. Mr Maddock oversaw the previous extension of Kingaroy Shopping World and has continued to help when new store renovations take place. “We’ve been putting up new walls around the shopping centre, and when a new shop comes in, we strip it out bare, ready for the new tenant to come in and fit it out,” he said. “There’s always a need for these jobs, and we’re flexible and able to get it done the way you need it,” he said.

Peter Maddock - Master Builder -

Specialising in individually designed homes and commercial work. • High quality workmanship at a reasonable price. • Deal directly with the builder who’s on site at all tim mes.



House & Land Packages Available

EXCEPTIONAL BLOCKS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE! • Be quick to secure your dream home in a great location!

Phone: 0408 249 259

After hours Phone: 4164 1029 • p.maddock13@gmail.com

QBCC 31373

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H & L 2 019//J O H N P ROVA N B U I LD I N G

GREAT REPUTATION I F YO U AR E B UI LD IN G A H OM E, J O HN P ROVA N B UIL DI NG I S W HO YOU NEED TO CALL. John Provan and his building team have the experience needed to complete all types of building work, including commercial and industrial. Mr Provan has over 30 years’ experience in the building industry, growing strong relationships with local subcontractors along the way. “Working with many of the same local subcontractors for years ensures everyone knows what is expected of them,” he said. Mr Provan’s management of a build has helped provide his business with a great reputation across the South Burnett and sometimes beyond. “We get a lot of return work as well as referrals from previous customers,” he said. “We’ve also had return customers who have moved away from the area that have asked us specifically to do projects for them.”

The team at John Provan Building can take projects up to any value and size, building everything from small, two-bedroom starter homes, up to high-level architectural finish homes. Mr Provan said the range included domestic garages, small workshops, farm sheds, factories, commercial and industrial buildings. “We have computer design software so we can put the shed or building together on the computer with the client,” he said. Mr Provan said with this software, people could go inside the building and look out from it, which helped people visualise their project. To get your project started, all you need is a few ideas and Mr Provan can walk you through the whole process, from planning and designing through to construction and completion.

John Provan Building’s work.

To bring your next home or shed structure to life, contact John Provan Building or visit the website on www.johnprovanbuilding.com.au for more information.

Distributors for the sheD alliance range of premium steel garages, farm &

inDustrial sheDs, carports, Kit homes & patios Manufactured from high quality steel GARAGES Manufactured from high quality galvanised steel C-sections in all sizes from 3m wide to 25m wide clear spans and wall heights to 7m.

planning Your Dream home?


Whether you need a stable for the horses or a machinery shed with big openings for storing the equipment, we have the solution for you. We can provide you with a wide range of strong sheds - either open-sided or fully enclosed for any purpose.

We specialise in building modern and innovative new homes. We can build from your design or customise one of our existing plans.

Whether housing, sheDs or commercial, We offer:Peace of Mind

Quality Workmanship

Competitive Prices

Free Quotes

133 Youngman Street, Kingaroy E: admin@johnprovanbuilding.com.au W: www.johnprovanbuilding.com.au Page 6.

p: 4162 5922 m: 0419 234 814

QBCC: 1039722


call us today, we’ll help you with your building project!


Work done by Michael Chilcott Building and Renovations.

SAFE RENOVATIONS TO SUIT YOUR FAMILY I F YO U AR E T RY IN G TO FIND A MAST ER B UILDER, LOO K N O F URTHER. Michael Chilcott and his team at Michael Chilcott Building and Renovations can help you finish the job, with the expertise to build brilliant bathrooms, smart kitchens and efficient laundries of great quality. The team offers quotations to give you a fully itemised costing of your renovation including all trades, fixtures and fittings,

providing you with the best package deals. Plans can be made to fit into any budget, from entry level prices to high-end fittings, including underfloor heating, heated towel rails, custom fixtures and lighting. The company also carries out insurance and general renovation work indoors and outdoors.

If you’re concerned about asbestos, Mr Chilcott and his team are licensed to remove asbestos and carry out testing before renovations start. This will help to keep you and your family safe during renovations. For more information or to get your build started, contact the team on 0407 141 321.

Looking to renovate? Work with a master builder you can trust

Michael Chilcott Building & Renovations specialise in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. They offer quotations, giving you, the client, a full itemised costing of your renovation including all trades, fixtures and fittings. They work on giving you the package deal.

They also carry out insurance and general renovation work including decks. Michael and his team are licensed to remove asbestos and carry out testing before renovations start, keeping you and your family safe during renovations.



They will fit in with your budget from entry level to high-end fittings, such as underfloor heating, heated towel rails, custom fixtures and lighting.

0407 141 321 Page 7

H & L 2 019//O R G A NI S I N G T I P S

ORGANISE YOUR LIFE IN A JIFFY H I N TS TO CUT CHAOS THERE’S nothing worse than feeling like your home is too cluttered. Fortunately, there are some ways to help you keep your home in an organised state, and they’re not as hard as you might think. Office Making sure to keep a lot of your loose office items contained by either open dividers or individual containers is important when trying to keep your office clean and de-cluttered. Architecture Art Designs writes you can also find DIY ideas such as hanging racks to store scissors, tape and ribbons. Otherwise, for office organisation there are many different kinds of boxes to help reduce costs. Kitchen Compartments are always a good idea. One idea from The Organised House Wife is to bring in some office magazine holders to help store your taller kitchen dishes, such as water bottles or thermos containers. You can also use stationery dividers or storage boxes to store smaller lunch boxes.

IN ORDER: Keeping your pantry organised can be difficult but there are some ways to keep it clean. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

For the pesky food containers getting lost everywhere, House Beautiful suggests buying a food container lid organiser too, for extra container security. Bathroom When organising your bathroom, a sturdy laundry basket will keep clothes off the floor. There are many different cabinet options for vanity basins as well as towel baskets, toothbrush holders and shower racks. A visit to a plumbing or hardware store will

FAMILY FRIENDLY T H I NK I N G O F T HE FUTU RE IS VITAL WHEN choosing or designing a house, it’s important you make sure it suits your needs – both now and in the future. This is especially the case if you’re planning to house a growing family in your new forever home. While deciding room sizes can already relieve a bit of stress from the future, there are also many decisions you can make around the common areas of your home to be more practical for future family plans. It’s important to consider how many children you have, or how many you plan to have in the future, before you decide how many rooms your home should have. This also includes considering your budget, and whether or not your children will be sharing a room or if you’d like extra rooms for guests. The House Designers state that when considering your options, it’s important to question how long you intend to stay in the new house, and what changes will happen in your life until then. Budgets will also determine how many

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bathrooms you can have in your home to facilitate your family, however an average ratio for your home is usually two bedrooms per bathroom. Other than room sizes, there are other decisions you can make to ensure your home will be family friendly. According to Hallmark Homes, these decisions can start with opting for an open plan kitchen with loads of storage. An open plan is more friendly to family homes as parents can keep an eye on their children without barriers in the way. As well as helping make supervision easier, it’s also a great way to allow for open dialogue throughout the home. Hallmark Homes states that saving a nearby study area with space for a computer is also great, instead of forcing kids to be secluded in a faraway office.

FUN TIMES: Kids’ rooms are a place of fun and laughter.

help you get what you need. Laundry Like the bathroom, laundry baskets are required for helping make your laundry tasks easier and more efficient. As the laundry can often store many detergents, softeners and extra linen, it’s important to also consider how you can use the available spaces most effectively, and where boxes or baskets might be more helpful.

K I N G A R OY JO IN ERY// H & L 2 019


install into your kitchen and pantries,” he said. Mr Kefford said by using drawers in your pantry, it makes storing food and other goods a lot easier. “We want to get rid of typical design issues by thinking ahead, including finding the best corner solutions for your cabinets,” he said. Another popular and on trend choice is to use matte finishes, textured laminates or timber grains for your benchtops or doors . “There are many new ranges coming out with a lot of matte laminate colours, they don’t show fingerprints, which is especially popular with families,” Mr Kefford said. “Shadow-lines are also becoming more popular, with people liking the three-dimensional look.” You can see these examples inside the Kingaroy Joinery’s showroom. “We have the largest showroom in the South Burnett region. We’ve got displays where you can come in and open things, mix up colours, and see how it all feels,” Mrs Kefford said. “We’re also constantly updating our showroom so that we have new and

Kingaroy Joinery’s kitchen work found in their showroom.

relevant products. The high-quality customised kitchens at Kingaroy Joinery range in prices to suit any budget, starting from $8,000 to $30,000. “We give free measure and quotes, with which you’ll get a visual of what your kitchen is going to look like,” Mrs Kefford said. “People can bring some ideas in, or they can see some featured projects that we have available on our website.”

Real kitchens with heart

We create spaces you love to live & work in You cook, eat, entertain & connect with loved ones— so the Kingaroy Joinery team design & make beautiful, tough kitchens—to make the most of your modern lifestyle, resist life’s knocks, & impress your friends! • QUALITY, VALUE KITCHENS & CABINETRY • HOME GLASS & ALUMINIUM PRODUCTS


KINGAROY Joinery has everything you need to get the kitchen of your dreams. Co-owned by Amanda and Darrin Kefford, Mrs Kefford believes their joinery can provide customers with all the best available products and installation techniques. “We both remodel kitchens and build them new. We’re there from the design process all the way to finish. We will help them from fit outs or cabinetry, to the smallest handles,” she said. The team at the third-generation, family owned business have the experience required to cater to all their customer’s kitchen needs and are prepared to travel far and wide for their projects. “We go all over the South East Queensland and have even gone as far as Nauru. We will pretty well go anywhere, but we love to keep the work local, too,” Mrs Kefford said. Mr Kefford said he can also help customers by suggesting the most efficient kitchen plans as well as great space saving ideas, and what choices are most popular. “There are a lot of high functionality drawers and systems that are worthwhile to

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H & L 2 019//T&C PA I N T E R S

HOW TO USE PAINT TO KEEP COOL A RE YOU LOO KI NG FOR MORE AFFORDAB LE WAYS TO KEEP YOU R H OU SE COOL ER I N THE SUMMER ? THERE are many ways you can keep your house cool without blowing up your electricity bill, including the use of special paints. Fortunately, the team at T&C Painters are here to help. With over 44 years of experience working as painters and decorators, they can offer great attention to detail as well as fast, reliable and quality painting at competitive prices. They can also offer you a great way to save some electricity costs. T&C Painters are the only accredited Cool Roof installers in the South Burnett, which reflects 95% of the sun’s invisible infrared energy. According to the team at T&C Painters, this product can reduce the temperature in your home by up to 32 per cent with a 10-year lifespan. T&C Painters took on the product

eight years ago after trying it on their own house to ensure its quality and durability. As well as general painting and the use of DULUX’s AcraTex Cool Roof, they also provide anti-graffiti, brush application, clean up, colour consultations, consultation maintenance, restoration, staining and more. These different services are offered throughout the South Burnett and surrounding areas to all residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Whether you are painting your home or your business, make sure to contact the team at T&C Painters, as they would love to discuss your painting or renovation project and provide you with a free competitive quote. Cool Roof can be applied o most types of roofing styles and substrates.

T&C Painters before and after pictures.

With over 44 years experience, painting is our passion!

• Colour Consultations • Consultation Maintenance • Protective Coatings • Re-painting Repairs • Restoration• Anti-Graffiti • Clean-up • Roller or Brush Application • Sponging •DULUX AcraTex Cool Roof with InfraCOOL • Staining •Stripping •Texturing and more! Fast, reliable & quality work

Free Competitive quotes pricing

Phone Dean today for your obligation free quote on QBCC 59917 Page 10.

0448 625 944


SAFTEY is our priority

C R OW I E S PA I N TS// H & L 2 019

QUALITY AT CROWIES LOC AL T EAM HERE TO HELP FOR either internal or external home decorating, from building to renovating, Crowies Paints have what you need. According to Kingaroy franchise owners Simon and Gail Gibson, the local team at Crowies Paints can provide the best quality products, along with both colour and technical advice. Mr Gibson said they have a great range of colours with finishes that will suit any circumstance, making cleaning paint surfaces an easier job for everyone. The team can also use your renovation choices, including samples of your chosen flooring, to help you decide which colour schemes will work best for your home. “We usually get people to select things like flooring before the colour, because our colour choices are endless. We can make anything,” Mr Gibson said. Not only can they help with colours, they

We Know Paint!

Gail and Simon Gibson from Crowies Paints.

can also help accommodate your budget. “We’ll help find out the total quantities of what our customers need so that they get the right amount, rather than buying too much,” Mr Gibson said. Mr Gibson said that customers can bring in room sizes, ceiling heights or even floor plans, and the team will be able to work out what materials they need and how much it will cost them. “It’s up to them if they want to slowly do their renovations, saving up more and doing a couple of rooms over time. We can help them with that,” he said. “Otherwise, we can talk through whether buying in bulk will be cheaper for them in the long run.” Helping plan and budget aren’t the only


ways that Crowies Paints Kingaroy helps you save money, they also have a great Crowies Club membership program. The Crowies Club is free to join, and all members receive 10 per cent off all store products. According to Mrs Gibson, purchases by Crowies Club members also get stored in their database, so years later when customers want a fresh lick of paint, they will know exactly what colour they used. Mrs Gibson said they also hold regular information nights for Crowies Club members. If you want to stay informed of these sessions or other related news, follow the Crowies Paints Kingaroy Facebook page, or visit the team in store for more information.


LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED BY SIMON AND GAIL GIBSON If you're plannIng to paInt, then come along to crowIes. our staff have brushed up on theIr paInt knowledge so you don't have to.



202-204 Haly Street, Kingaroy Ph: 4162 5011 | www.crowiespaints.com.au Email: kingaroy@crowiespaints.com.au

Residential, Automotive and Industrial


Open Mon - Fri 7am to 5pm, Sat 8am to 1pm Closed Public Holidays

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H & L 2 019//L I G HT I N G



HOW LIGHTING CAN TRANSFORM A ROOM HAVE you ever wondered how much lighting can make a difference in your home? While chandeliers and different lighting sets or covers can make your home have a certain style, so can the lights itself. For example, if you’re wanting a room to seem bigger, by using brighter lighting you can open up and use the space effectively. This can be done with fluorescent lighting or windows that let in a lot of natural lighting during the day. According to Interior Design Info, large or powerful fluorescent lighting helps distribute the room’s lighting without too many shows. To contrast this, Interior Design Info suggests using perimeter lighting, which can be achieved by dim lamps or up-lighting. Here, smaller but powerful bulbs are suggested, to create a certain stylish effect. According to Y Lighting, the colour of the bulbs you use also impact how the room

will feel. For example, warmer lighting can often make for a homier feel, while blue or cool lighting will work best for industrial buildings or interior design that is based on monochromatic or cooler tones. While many different lighting styles can help bring both personality and sophistication to your home, you don’t want to over do it, both for fear of clashing and for your electricity bill. If your house is already built and you simply want to use the electrical components already installed, buying a nice cover for your lights or transforming the type of lighting can help freshen up a room entirely. There are many department stores in the South Burnett area that can help supply what you need to jazz up your home, or if you want to take it to the next step with renovations, there are many electricians and builders in the area that can help you achieve the home of your dreams.

WHETHER you’re renovating, buying a new home or wanting to upgrade our furniture and utilities, you might want to put a big focus on the appliances you buy. Having the perfect laundry space or kitchen won’t matter if your appliances aren’t functioning properly, and nowadays there’s more to consider than just if the washing machine or dishwasher runs. Making the effort to be a bit more environmentally friendly is always a good idea, and in regards to water waste, can often help you save money on your water bills too. According to Choice.com, washing machines are among many other appliances that are required to carry a label indicating their energy efficiency ratings. Certified Energy believe that buying a machine with a high energy efficiency rating, with the best being six stars, can help reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Certified Energy state how homes can also be graded for their overall energy efficiency, along the same star system. There are many ways to boost your home’s ratings, simply by employing energy efficient techniques. If you are building your home, Certified Energy point out some ideas to do this, including using high rating appliances, considering the home’s location and solar exposure, making sure to have proper insulation, and in-turn achieving better thermal performance.

How energy-efficient are your appliances? PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED


CEC accreditation with Licence A8033959 Page 12.

Call Now 07 4162 7970


• Local Solar Installers • Free Design & Quote • Dependable Warranties

Electrical Contractors Licence 70907

E L EC F IX SO LU T I O N S// H & L2 019

ELECFIX FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRICAL NEEDS WITH THE HELP OF ELECFIX SOLUT ION S, HI GH -Q UALI TY E LECTRICAL WORK HAS NEVER BEEN E ASIER TO FIND Luke said he and his team have built their business on doing it right the first time. The team at Elecfix Solutions also has impeccable customer service and communication, including an after hours call service for emergencies. “People can reach out to us on social media, over the phone or on our website, and we’ll connect them with a tradesman to discuss their needs and their options,” Luke said. The team can then put together a no obligation, free quote, which can be tailored to your budget. If you need help deciding what electrical work you want, the team at Elecfix Solutions can also provide suggestions of new lighting technology. “We offer a broad range of options for our customers to choose from, making sure it suits their plan for their home,” Luke said. “As a lot of the decision can rely on

Elecfix Solutions owner Luke Medcalf. PHOTO: ELAELAH HARLEY

aesthetics, we have examples for them to see too.” If you have any electrical inquiries, be sure to contact Elecfix Solutions on 07 4162 4417 or for after hours, 0401 620 578.


BASED in the South Burnett, the local electricians of Elecfix Solutions help to cater to your domestic, industrial and commercial contracting needs. Elecfix Solutions owner Luke Medcalf established the business five years ago, when he brought to life the business’s core values of professionalism, compliance and safety. “We strive to make sure our customers get the most professional service we can provide. We do it safely, affordably and within our legal requirements,” he said. Due to the risks of the electrical industry, safety is a big priority for Elecfix Solutions. “Not only for the workers, but for our clients, because we’re dealing with the public and people’s homes,” he said. “When they return to their home, people know they’ve been looked after, that the job has been done properly, and that it’s safe for their families.”

• ElEctrical • air conditioning • tElEphonE & data • tElEvision • tEst & tag • aftEr hours rEpair E: elecfix.solutions@outlook.com ElEctrical lic no. 85925

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H & L 2 019//S E C U R I T Y A N D I N S U R A N C E Extra lighting is one way you can take your home security to the next level. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

KEEPING YOUR HOME SAFE AND SECURE P LE NT Y O F O PT IO NS FO R PEACE OF MIND ESTABLISHING security is a very important part of creating a home. Not only do you want to make sure the items in your house are secure, but you want you and your family to feel comfortable and safe from any outside dangers. Fortunately, there are many ways you can amp your home security to the next level.

Locks Making sure your locks are updated should be a priority for your home security, as they’re one of the first levels of defence for your home. According to Allianz Australia, a door with a deadlock is harder to force through, and worth investing in. Smart locks are also a great way to keep

your home secure, but make sure not to hand out your key codes to too many people. Windows According to Safe Wise, windows are one of the most common entry points for burglars. To add extra security to your windows, you can add heavy duty security screens, updated latches, install security film on the glass, add window panels or shutters, and plant bushes around the windows that will make it more difficult to approach. Lighting More lighting will help reduce hiding places around your home, and according to Home Advisor, will also make your home and neighbourhood less of a target for burglars. Choosing to decorate your home with lamps and especially automated spotlights will do a great job in deterring unwanted guests. Smart security systems There are now many different security systems linked by technology on the market. From regular security cameras with night vision and motion detection, to professionally installed smart home security systems to monitor your home, these are great options when securing your fortress.


Locally owned and operated Your local trusted name in plumbing.



cover people who rent, landlords and more. Getting insurance comes at a regular cost, however in the case of an emergency, it will help to cover any extreme losses that could otherwise drastically change your financial situation. However, according to Understand Insurance, it’s important to make sure the amount of insurance you pay will match any replacement costs if you need to claim it. Getting the right coverage the first time round will save you from any underinsurance issues. Fortunately, insurance providers can tailor their packages to suit you and your budget,

121 Youngman Street Phone 4162 2411 www.kpw.com.au

✔Showroom ✔Sales ✔Plumbers ✔Gas Fitters ✔Fabrication


Understanding your household insurance policy is a must. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

ENSURING your valuables are protected should be one of your priorities after working so hard to get them. This is especially the case when you move into your brand-new house. According to Understanding Insurance, there are a few different types of insurance to cover your home. Home insurance is used to cover any property damage or losses, while there is contents insurance, which helps protect the valuables inside your home. You can get both of these forms of insurance in a bulk package. There are also types of insurance that

F I E D L E R BROTH E R S PLU M B I NG// H & L 2 019

REDUCING WASTE WITH A TREATMENT SYSTEM T H ER E A RE MAN Y WAYS YOU C AN M INI MISE WASTE A RO UN D YOUR HO ME, INCLUDING IMPROVING WATER EFFI CIENCY HAVE you considered a water waste and sewage treatment system? The team at Fiedler Brothers Plumbing recommend, install and service an advanced waste treatment system manufactured by FujiClean. “FujiClean use ground-breaking technology that enables the system to transform wastewater from all parts of the home, into safe and recyclable effluent,” Todd Fiedler said. Mr Fiedler said FujiCleans were designed for Australian conditions and manufactured in south-east Queensland, and installed wherever there was no access to local council infrastructure or on sites that required it. “The quality treatment process, that effectively handles shock loading, is designed to offer peace of mind to the homeowner. They are reliable, with no noise and no odour,” he said of the units.

The system is great for the environment due to its extended service life with minimal environmental impact, as well as the ability to reuse recycled water for garden and lawn irrigation. “It focuses on a natural self-cleaning process, making use of the natural power of micro-organisms which is excellent for energy conservation,” Mr Fiedler said. Fiedler Brothers Plumbing was established to fill a gap in the current local market, as the exclusive supplier, installer and service agent of FujiCleans in the South Burnett. This innovative company can help with all needs in industrial, commercial and domestic plumbing throughout south-east Queensland. “We build relationships through connection and open communication. This allows FBP to deliver impressive and consistent results for our clients,” Mr Fiedler said.

Todd Fiedler speaking with staff member Andrew Burton on site in Kingaroy. PHOTO: PAUL HARRIS

“We are also committed to continual up-skilling and empowering the personal development of our whole team so they can grow with our company.” For more information and free, no obligation quotes, contact their office on 4163 6398.

INNOVATIVE PLUMBING SOLUTIONS • Commercial & domestic Plumbing & drainage Services • Gas fitting

• Blocked drains • Roofing & Guttering Services

• Waste Water management Services • distributor for fuji Clean domestic • General maintenance Plumbing

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Trusted Advice and Personalised Service QBCC 1223957


Phone 4163 6398

info@fbplumbers.com.au • www.fbplumbers.com.au

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H & L 2 019//A N D E R S E N S


Andersens has a range of products to suit all tastes and budgets. PHOTO: ELAELAH HARLEY

MELISSA LEE from Andersens Kingaroy says selecting the right product and colour for your home can be a quite daunting for many customers. The team at Andersens make sure to help the customers find the product that bests suits their circumstances. “We pride ourselves on giving the ultimate sales experience. We want customers to leave our store with knowledge about the different types of flooring and window coverings, advice on colour choices and a feeling that they received true country service,” Ms Lee said. “It all depends on what the areas will be used for, how long you plan on living in the home, what sub-floor they have and so on.” The consultation service can also be provided in your own home, free of charge. “We have a wide range of carpet, vinyl,

hybrid, laminate, blind and awnings samples in our ‘Showroom on Wheels’, with friendly and helpful salesmen ready to help select the right flooring for your home,” she said. They have products to suit all customers in the market, from luxury products for the more upmarket homes to those looking for budget options, new builds and supply only for customers who are handy and would like to give installation a go for themselves. “We have numerous options available to assist customers with affording those upgrades around their homes, with catalogue sales throughout the year, 10 per cent discounts for RACQ members and interest-free finance options,” Ms Lee said. “We also have a wide range of end-of-line, in-stock specials, with tiles starting from $19.90 per square metre and blinds from $10 each.” To see the extensive range at Andersens, make sure to visit their Kingaroy store today.

Andersens Kingaroy is locally owned and operated and has been servicing the area for over 30 years. For a free measure & quote, call 07 4162 4766 or visit 135 Haly Street, Kingaroy CARPET • VINYL • BAMBOO • TIMBER • TILES • BLINDS • SHUTTERS • AWNINGS • RUGS 7064451ab

Page 16.

S U PA C H E A P C A R P ETS M U R G O N// H & L 2 019

FINEST FLOORING JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY M A KI NG YOUR SHOPPIN G EXPER IENCE COM FORTA BLE IS W HAT BUSIN ESS OWNERS JAN I T TA A ND G E OF F KI NGTO N FROM SUPA CHEAP CAR PETS MURGON LIK E TO DO B E ST WHEN it comes to going the distance, Janitta Kington says Supa Cheap Carpets Murgon will do it for you. “Most of our business takes place over the phone, allowing customers to basically have a shop-at-home service,” she said. “We cover a very large area, doing constant trips around the South Burnett, so you don’t need to make your way out to the shop to arrange anything.” Mrs Kington said customer service was a huge focus for them, keeping them prompt and reliable. “When it comes to visits, we give people an hour window, and if you can’t make it in that time, we are always available by phone,” she said. Mrs Kington said Supa Cheap Carpets Murgon offered a full range of carpets from

a basic, hard-wearing rental carpet, right up to pure wools. It also has vinyls, rugs, curtains, blinds and awnings, covering everything inside and outside. “We fit any budget. We are called Supa Cheap because our prices are keener, not because we have cheap quality,” Mrs Kington said. The team, including the product fitters, are made up of South Burnett locals who know what the region’s financial concerns are like, leaving you in good hands. “We’re always trying to keep the prices down and keep things simple for our customers,” Mrs Kington said. “We’ve been at this for a very long time, and we know how to help.”

See what's inside Supa Cheap Carpets Murgon. PHOTO: ELAELAH HARLEY

$upa ♦ Cheap ♦ Carpets your total flooring supa experts


We may have cheap prices but the quality of our flooring products is outstanding. Our store stocks up to date products and specials across our range.

Let us come to you with our mobile shop at home service. Call Geoff and Janita today to arrange a FREE measure and quote.

Vinyl Flooring



Ph 4168 1101 and after hours by appointment Ph 0458 534 777

BusinEss houRs: Mon to Fri 9am to 4.30pm | Cnr Lamb & Macalister Streets, Murgon


Carpet Flooring

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H & L 2 019//F LO O R I N G A N D D E CO R AT I N G T R E N DS

TOP TRENDS FOR HOME DECORATION M A KI NG YOUR HO ME PRETTY CAN EITHE R B E E XT RE ME LY FU N OR SIMPLY EXHAUSTING TRENDS are always changing, and for some people, it’s quite difficult to keep up. Fortunately, there are many decorations over this year that have stayed in the light and are expected to carry into next year too. For example, according to Italian Bark, textile art has been a hit throughout 2019. From artistic pieces to macramé hanging on a wall, it’s the perfect way to either soften a room or give it a more rustic touch. If you’re wanting lights to add to your room, using a neon light is the perfect way

to create a new atmosphere. Coming in whatever colours or shapes you like, the modern neon light can help to transform the look of any space. The next decoration style that won’t become outdated is bringing in more plants. From live, potted plants to dried petals and garlands, you can transform your home to suit any colour palette or overall theme. Another popular choice over this year is choosing furniture or details with texture on it, and according to Italian Bark, this

especially includes corduroy. It will help to add a vintage touch to your room, while still fitting in with modern furniture designs.

HOW TO DECIDE ON FLOORING O NE OF THE M OST EXCITING PARTS A BOUT BUI LDING A H OU SE I S H AV IN G THE FREEDOM TO STYLE IT TO YOUR LI KING extreme moisture, such as bathrooms or laundries. Hybrid flooring is a new innovation mixing both vinyl and laminate structures together, and Carpet Court states it creates a strong, hard-wearing surface. Between these three different types there are endless colours and styles to choose from. If you’re not deciding based on a preconceived idea of what your home will look like, it’s important to think about practicality, wear-and-tear and how easily the flooring can be replaced in the case of inevitable accidents. If you’d like a professional opinion on what type of flooring your home should feature, visit your local carpet or flooring store.

DECIDING on the right flooring for your home is a big part of this exciting process. There are so many kinds of flooring types to choose from, including vinyl, laminate, timber, hybrid, tiles and carpet. According to Floormania, vinyl and laminate flooring are quite similar as they both aim to resemble the look of hardwood floorboards. This is especially the case when they are made into vinyl or laminate planks, going further to imitate the structure of traditional wood floorboards. One of the major differences between these two types is their difference of strengths. According to Realestate.com, both types are water resistant, however laminate flooring is not recommended for areas of

Positano Queen Bed



King size bed also avaialble

Miracoil McKenzie Queen Mattress now

10790 Bunya Hwy, Kingaroy QLD 4610

Phone: (07) 4162 3866 Page 18.


RRP $2099

Ensemble sold separately

3 models


www.furniturecourt.com.au www.bedsrus.com.au



K I N G AR OY A F FO R DA B L E F U R N I T UR E// H & L 2 019

EXPERTS IN FURNITURE . . . A ND C USTO MER S ERVI CE ACCORDING to the team at Kingaroy Affordable Furniture, buying new furniture is a personal experience. The team know that customers often need time to make decisions on items that will suit their home best, and so the team has created a store that allows customers to roam, while providing support when the customers need it. Team members pride themselves on building relationships with their customers that provide a rewarding and stress-free buying experience. As well as offering a relaxed and welcoming in-store experience, Kingaroy Affordable Furniture can offer great prices on a large variety of products. It also provides value-related understanding that the community needs. Whether in-store or at delivery, the team at Kingaroy Affordable Furniture offers outstanding customer service. The team believes this focus ensures the

customer’s satisfaction, trust and understanding, building loyalty. If you’re looking for new, quality furniture at reasonable prices, be sure to visit the store and see the wide variety of products, including outdoor home furnishings. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check out the products in Kingaroy Affordable Furniture’s seasonal catalogues that the team can source for you.



Kingaroy Affordable Furniture stock.





• Beds and mattresses • Occasional furniture • Outdoor furniture • Lounges and recliners • Tables and chairs • Accessories and so much more

07 4162 8200



27 First Avenue, Kingaroy

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H & L 2 019//J I M M Y ’ S AU TO T R I M M I N G A N D U P H O L ST E RY

RESTORE YOUR ANTIQUE FURNITURE IN NANANGO W HE TH ER T HE Y HAVE SENT IMENTAL VALUE O R AR E HIGH-QUALITY PI ECE S, SOME THING S AR E WORTH R EPAIRIN G NO ONE knows the value of repairing better than James “Jimmy” White from Jimmy’s Auto Trimming and Upholstery. Mr White has 40 years of experience in the upholstery industry, gaining a broad skill base that helps him work across a range of different soft trades. He can help to either repair or transform what you need, from contemporary to antique furniture, as well as provide auto trimming services from motorbike seats to shade sails. “I can restore old heirlooms and do a proper job of them without much limit,” he said. Mr White has a range of samples at his workshop in Nanango and has the access to many kinds of materials to do the job. He can also access databases to see which materials will best suit the customer’s piece of work. “People can come in to the store and I’ll

’s y m Jim

talk to them about their repair options, but if they’re happy with the resources I have here, I can get started on it as soon as possible,” he said. Mr White has received many positive responses to showcasing his work on his business’s Facebook page. “People are helping to get the word out there and I’m lucky to keep up with it all,” he said. Mr White started a butchery apprenticeship at 13, before helping his uncle who was an upholster. “My family had a line of tailors in the 1900s, going back to the early settlers from Ireland and England,” he said. According to Mr White, his great grandfather was an expert tailor, and his wife was an amazing seamstress too. “When my uncle asked for help, I found out that I was also good at upholstery, so I stuck with it,” he said.

Mr White said that having a strong heritage from tailors had given him invaluable experience. “It’s probably why I can say yes to most jobs. You can either do this stuff or you can’t,” he said. He has worked on and off around the South Burnett for years, but since moving to his shop in Nanango he was excited to provide his service to the community at full pace. For more information on your restoration, contact Mr White on 0400 637 387 or message his Facebook page.


Call Jimmy’s Auto Trimming & Upholstery. 40 years experience in furniture/ upholstery restoration - 20 years in the South Burnett. Specialising in: • Period & Antique Furniture Upholstery restoration • Vintage & Classic Cars • Industrial Sewing • Verandah Blinds & Shade Options

Ph: 0400 637 387

Shop 3 / 2 Appin Street West, Nanango https://www.facebook.com/jimmystrimming/

Page 20.



S O M E T H IN G S CO U N T RY// H & L 2 019

TO MAKE YOUR HOUSE A HOME F RO M GIFTS TO HOMEWAR ES A ND CRAFT SUP PLIES, SOM ET H I NG S COU NT RY H AS I T AL L SOMETHINGS Country owner Janelle Frohloff knows how to turn a house into a home, with her extensive store variety. “Catering to anybody who is wanting to buy gifts, homewares, any type of home – we’re not just country, our products can suit any house,” she said. “We have the biggest range of clocks in the South Burnett, with over 100 available. “A lot of decor is for people redoing kitchens, and we’re one of the largest quilting and craft supply shops in the South Burnett.” Mrs Frohloff’s products are also in high demand internationally. “We have a lot of items here that are locally sourced and exclusive to us, and we import as well as export,” she said. “We’re not just a South Burnett business, we’re global as well. “We send out daily to the UK, Israel, US and everywhere in between and, of course,

we also post out Australia-wide.” People can purchase from the store’s three websites, as well as other online trading platforms. “We run three websites: one for quilting, one for gifts and homewares, and one for calendars,” Mrs Frohloff said. “We’re the largest supplier of Lang and Legacy calendars in Australia. “We also are on Amazon Australia, Amazon US, Trade Me, eBay and Catch of the Day. We’re on multiple platforms so people can find us and get their hands on our local goods.” Exporting these goods to the world, Mrs Frohloff has a strong commitment to parading local craftsmen. “We have a lot of locally made items, so all our timber homewares are made by Kingaroy people and our signs and hand towels, they’re all made locally and they’re sourced by me personally,” she said.

Somethings Country has a great range of items to make your home more welcoming.

“With the timber products, a craftsman does custom-made small bits and pieces as well, so people can not only request an item but our craftsman can customise what sizes they would want as well.” Focusing on giving the customer what they need, Mrs Frohloff prides herself on customer satisfaction. “We try to go the extra mile to get people what they need and all they have to do is ask,” she said. Having a strong, long-term interest in arts and crafts, store visitors are in Mrs Frohloff’s safe hands. “I’ve been a crafty person since I was 10, so I’ve tried multiple types of craft all my life, so I should hopefully have an idea of what they’re asking for,” she said.




Where you will find an enormous array of country wares, shabby, chic and primitive items. We have something for every budget, taste and decor that will suit everyone.

Website: www.somethingscountry.com



| https://www.facebook.com/somethingscountry/


Where Quality Meets Country...

We stock machines, fabrics, quilting, sewing and craft supplies for all of your crafting needs

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H & L 2 019//A N D E R S E N S

GET YOUR AWNINGS AT ANDERSENS I F YO U AR E LO OKING FOR T HE F IN EST B L I NDS AN D AW NI N GS IN TH E A REA, AN DERSENS HAV E YOU COVERED OFFERING an extensive range of blinds, shutters, awnings and much more, Andersens’ Melissa Lee said they have what you need for both indoor and outdoor areas of your home. Their interior window coverings include roller, vertical, panel glide, venetian and roman blinds, and on-trend systems including verishades, S-folds, sheer visions and curtains. Their shutters come in both timber and white styles to suit your home. “This time of the year people need to start thinking about summer. Blinds and awnings help to reduce heat (and) light, and are also great insulators,” Ms Lee said. “We have thousands of fabrics to select from, from the economical plain fabric to floral patterns, textures and children’s designs as well. We have a great range of displays in store, to show the different systems and fabrics.”

According to Ms Lee, Andersens is a one-stop shop. “Security and storm protection is also something South Burnett residents are concerned with. Roller shutters and security screen are a fantastic way to keep your home secure whilst you are home or away. Our metal awning systems are great to help shield windows and doors from the rain and hail,” she said. Bringing blinds and awnings into the technology age is also something Andersens Kingaroy can help with. They can motorise most blinds and awnings, including solar and battery-powered systems, as well as hard-wired systems. “The future is here with home automation. Being able to open and close your blinds and awnings on an app on your phone from anywhere is extremely convenient. You can also set them up so at

The range of awnings you can find at Andersens. PHOTO: ELAELAH HARLEY

particular times they go up or down, depending on what you are looking for,” Ms Lee said. If you’re looking to choose some window or floor coverings, make sure to visit Andersens Kingaroy and book a free in-home consultation.

Andersens Kingaroy is locally owned and operated and has been servicing the area for over 30 years. For a free measure & quote, call 07 4162 4766 or visit 135 Haly Street, Kingaroy CARPET • VINYL • BAMBOO • TIMBER • TILES • BLINDS • SHUTTERS • AWNINGS • RUGS 7064451aa

Page 22.

K I N G A R OY G A R D E N C E N T R E// H & L 2 019

OUTDOOR HEAVEN H EL P YOU R GARDEN TO GROW LAWN care has never been easier with the help of the team at Kingaroy Garden Centre. Owners Mary and Daryl Schloss have run the Kingaroy Garden Centre for more than 40 years, gaining a wealth of knowledge about gardening within the South Burnett along the way. Not only do they have a great range of plants and seeds to help start or grow your garden, decorative pots to suit any home

The helpful team at Kingaroy Garden Centre. PHOTOS: HELEN DICKFOS

and yard equipment, they also have a great range of fertilisers and products to help your lawn and garden thrive. Boasting a new brand called Lawnporn, the range includes Lawnporn Green Light, Lawnporn Launch+, Lawnport Moist Wetting Agent, Lawnporn Root Builder+, Lawnporn Four Seasons and Lawnporn Insta-Green. These different products are designed to fertilise your turf, encourage deep green colours and help your lawn retain water in the intense, hot and dry climate. Simply by chatting to the staff and asking questions, you can find out what fertilisers and products will suit your home situation the best, as well as discussing with the team about which type of plant is most appropriate. For example, native plants are one of many that are easy to start with as they’re resilient against Queensland’s climate. Depending on what you want, Mary, Daryl and the team can help find you the type of plant you’re looking for, help teach you how to take care of it, and give you general tips to make your gardening life easier.


Lawnporn is the great new range at Kingaroy Garden Centre.

For more information on how to start, grow or maintain your garden, you can visit the Kingaroy Garden Centre from 8.45am to 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday from 8.45am to 3pm.

Garden Centre

Plant Today Enjoy Tomorrow

• Seedlings – Flowers / Vegetables • Shrubs – Natives – Exotic trees • Fruit trees • Ornamentals • Roses, Camelias and Azaleas • Chemicals, fertilizers, mulches • Pots and gift lines

98 Kingaroy Street, Kingaroy (next door to Pioneer Lodge Motel) 4162 2612 • www.kingaroygardencentre.com.au


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H & L 2 019//P L A N TS A N D G A R D E N S Get your hands on these trendy indoor plants. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

TOP FIVE POPULAR PLANTS THIS SUMMER G RE EN ERY GIVES HOME S A DISTIN CTIVE LOO K ONE of the best ways to give your home a fresher feel is by bringing in some plants, either for inside or outside your home. But like many decorations, different plants can either make your house seem dated, or bring a more modern side to the interior

design you’re working with. For those wanting their homes to project a more modern style, here are a list of the top trending plants this year. 1. Banana trees According to Homes to Love, the banana

palm tree’s big leaves can turn any dull space into a tropical paradise. The large height of this tree also makes for a great statement piece if you are having trouble filling up your home. 2. Olive trees Another tree worth admiring is the olive tree, with the darker colours of its branches helping to fit in with any monochromatic or minimalistic theme. Homes to Love state that olive trees are becoming a popular choice for green thumbs. 3. Long-leaf figs Following the theme of unusual shapes, this leaf is a great substitute for the common fiddle leaf fig, which according to Homes to Love has dominated the interior landscape. This plant also follows in the banana palm’s tropical footsteps and will help to brighten up any room. 4. Crocodile ferns This fun-patterned fern brings a hint of extravagance to any home. According to House Beautiful, this is one of many exotic ferns to become popular this coming summer. 5. Snake plants Continuing with the animal theme, snake plants are another very popular plant this season, and has been popular for quite a while. According to House Beautiful, this is because it’s a low-maintenance plant that anyone could care for.


Do you have the tools for your garden? PHOTO: OLGAPONOMARENKO

ONCE you’ve finished landscaping your home, becoming a green thumb to keep your new plants alive might seem like a tricky task for the inexperienced. But once you’ve got yourself decked out with the right equipment, practice will only make you better. Here’s a list of all the things you might want to add to your new gardener’s toolkit. Gloves According to Garden Design, gloves are essential for safely getting around your garden. Gloves are important for keeping clean while digging, as well as guarding you from contact with thorns, splinters,

insects and more. Sun safety Fix.com states that wearing a hat and sunscreen while you’re working outside is very important for your health. Especially under the intense Queensland heat, sun-safety and regular hydration should be your first priority. Tools According to Fix.com, you’ll want to put an array of hand tools in your collection, including a hand pruner, hand rake, a weeder and scissors. For long-handled tools, you’ll want to stock up on a shovel, digging fork, water hose, mattock and pruner.

Locally owned and operated by Brett & Jacqui Irwin


www.olliesmowerservice.com.au Email: admin@olliesmowerservice.com.au


Servicing Kingaroy and the South Burnett for over 40 years

L AW N C A R E A N D TA N K M A I N T E N A NC E// H & L 2019

TAKING CARE OF YOUR LAWN IN A DROUGHT K EE PI NG YOUR GR ASS HE ALTHY IN A DRY AREA LIKE THE SOUTH BU RNETT CA N BE A T RI CKY TASK IF DROUGHT continues there isn’t much you can do, but here are some ideas to get the best out of your lawn while still being water efficient. Water management Bringing in irrigation systems is a great way to keep on top of your water usage, as you can set them to give water only when your lawn truly needs it. Talking to local plumbers that specialise in irrigation is also a great start when looking for advice on keeping your lawn alive. De-thatch According to Popular Mechanics, de-thatching is a great way to stop wasting water on old, dried-out plants or grass cuttings that will waste the water when absorbing it. With a regularly cleaned out lawn, the water can instead go where it’s both needed and wanted. Sharpen your mower Popular Mechanics writes that a sharpened lawn mower leaves cleanly cut grass, compared to blunt blades leaving jagged edges that can further dry out and damage your lawn. Taking your mower to a mechanic semi-regularly is always a good idea, but especially during a drought for this reason. Avoid lawn traffic Driving and walking on the lawn, as well as leaving big pieces of furniture or equipment on the lawn can severely damage the grass and block its necessary intake of sunlight. Making the effort to clean out a garage or shed to store these pieces can really help your lawn get back on its feet.

DJ Fencing Solutions is South Burnett’s fencing specialist; with years of expertise in fencing, we find more efficient, cost-effective and appealing ways to execute your project. Boundary and security fences are among the most visible features of many homes. That’s why the fence you select needs to be strong, durable, attractive and can also add value to your home.

WHEN was the last time you cleaned out your rainwater tank? Rainwater tanks are one of the many forms of water catchment devices that you might rely on to bring fresh water into your home. However, according to the CSIRO, not many people know about the maintenance it requires. Firstly, the cleaning of catchment pipes should be a part of your outdoor cleaning routine. If you don’t do this regularly, and if you don’t have gutter meshing, waste that accumulates in your gutter can slide into your tank and contaminate it without you knowing. It could also block the water flow to your tank, which can result in wasting valuable water in this drought. During summer’s mosquito season, your tank is also at risk of becoming a breeding ground for the critters. Here, adding mesh for your tank can help protect the water from not only mosquitoes, but also other vermin that could contaminate your water. For general cleaning, the CSIRO states that Australian standards recommend a household cleans the tank and removes sediment every two to three years. For more information, call a local professional.



We redefine The


We also supply gates and accessories to suit a full range of fencing profiles. Want to do it your-self? We can provide high quality DIY kits at the most affordable prices in the South Burnett. HOURS Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment

Lifestyle and Security

A Colour for Every Home Cooomprehensive Range of Stock Mobile: 0409 265 276 Email: djfencingsolutions@hotmail.com Web: djfencingsolutions.com.au QBCC Lic No: 150 824 07

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H & L 2 019//G R E E N H O M E S

ECO-FRIENDLY SUBSTITUTES FOR YOUR HOME TO MATCH your water-efficient home, it would only make sense to start thinking about eco-friendly alternatives that your appliances can use for every room. Kitchen There are many different things you can substitute in your kitchen to be more eco-friendly. You can reduce your single-use cloths with long-lasting ones, choosing options made from sustainable resources like bamboo. This choice can also span to reducing your plastic scrubbing brushes with more

natural alternatives. As written on The Independent, you can also implement biodegradable trash bags, rechargeable batteries, re-usable straws and compostable cutlery and bowls for outings. Bathroom According to Peace with the Wild, there are a range of different products you can substitute in your bathroom to lessen waste and have a more natural focus. This includes bamboo toothbrushes that will help stop plastic landfill, organic toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner bars

that won’t leave you with a leftover plastic container, and much more. Laundry Along with having a washing machine with high water efficiency ratings, you can help make more eco-friendly choices in your laundry by being mindful of the products you use. Making sure you choose eco-friendly powders and detergents are a great start, and if you want to help reduce your waste, you can look into different products that come from either cardboard containers or come outside of a box.

THE MAKINGS OF A SUSTAINABLE HOME PUTTING a focus on sustainability is necessary when both saving money and making an effort to preserve the environment. Environmental sustainability often comes down to the choices you make to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment. As well as doing things like taking public transport or carpooling to reduce your carbon footprint, you can also make many choices within your home. Building When building your home, you have the most freedom to make environmentally conscious choices. You can talk with your builder about what designs will improve airflow in the home, which can cut costs on air conditioning in the summer, and make sure you have enough insulation put in to reduce your need for heating in winter.

According to Sanctuary, you can also help to save water by choosing smarter plumbing systems and devices. Energy Installing the right solar energy systems for you will help your home run off the natural fuel from the sun. You can talk to professionals about how many solar panels your home will need to be electrically sound, which can also save you money in the long run. Decorating Even through decorating, you can make the effort to be more environmentally friendly. This can be done by reducing the amount of plastics used as decorations, as well as buying timeless pieces that you won’t feel the need to cycle through when the style of décor begins to date. One way to sustainably bring a pop of colour and fresh air into your home is by decorating with plants.

For prompt and quality service • Bitumen and Asphalt Driveways • Rock Hammer • Hydraulic Grab • Sand - Deco and Gravel Supplies • Laser Levelling • Footings and Drainage Page 26.


Ph. 0419 642 336

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DECORATING and renovating an outdoor space is very similar to indoors yet can make twice the impact in terms of style and functionality. Often starting with the floors, there are many different pavement, slab or tiled options for you to choose from that can amplify the look of your home. Match it with the right lawn sections and gardens, and you’ve got the perfect area to relax and enjoy time with friends or family. However, when it comes to decorating, this is where you want to be more functional. Most outdoor areas have a space to sit, eat and enjoy the scenery, but it’s important to tailor the elements to the space. For large outdoor areas, you can fit in a range of outdoor furniture to fill the space. When dealing with a tight fit, there are many benches that can have drawers and shelving beneath them, acting as both a seat and a unit of storage. If you have a hill to work with, you can always section your yard to have an area overlooking the view below, with a nice space to sit down. Sectioning this away from your general outdoor eating area will help to separate your different outdoor experiences and provide privacy to whoever wants to rest outdoors. If you’re dealing with a smaller outdoor space, there are many ways you can visually enlarge it. According to Apartment Therapy, introducing stylised lighting is a great way to do this, as it will draw your eyes upwards. Good lighting will also help you to use the space during night and day, rather than needing to cut off use in a space of your home each evening. Vertical art, awnings and hanging plants can also help to bring your eyes upwards, again helping the space appear bigger than it is.


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IF YOU are thinking about bringing a pool into your backyard, there are many safety regulations to which you must first adhere. One of the major safety measures is pool barriers, starting with fences. According to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, pool fences must have a minimum height of 1200mm, measured from the ground upwards. QBCC also states that these fences cannot have gaps larger than 100mm from the ground to the fences. By working with an accredited fencer, they will know what rules to follow and will make sure your fence adheres to the safety regulations. Fencing is not the only consideration – a safe pool area must have a compliant gate. According to the QBCC, all pool gates must only open outwards and must self-close and latch from all positions. These latches, hinges and gate heights must also be designed to fit QBCC safety regulations, and a professional fencer should also know how to make sure your job is done properly. QBCC writes that a compliant CPR sign must be attached and displayed on or near the pool fence in case of any emergencies, and your pool must also be registered. Failing to adhere to pool safety standards could result in fines starting from more than $900.

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THE RULES FOR YOUR OUTDOOR FIRE HAVING a fireplace or pit outdoors makes for a great, cosy atmosphere, especially at special events when guests come over. However, before you start lighting a spark in a make-shift pit, you should know about the safety standards that you are required to follow. These safety standards are to avoid risks of fires getting out of control, which is important for dry areas at major risk of bush fires during summer. According to the South Burnett Regional Council, if your fire exceeds two metres in any direction, you are required to have a permit.

This can be granted through the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. If you are having a fire under two metres, SBRC states that you need to contain the fire in an approved incinerator fireplace or establish it in a way where specified precautions will stop it from spreading. You can also light a fire for a short amount of time for the preparation of food or for activities done by approved organisations. After fire risks, the next concern of the council is the issue of smoke. According to the SBRC, the impact of smoke is taken seriously, and all burning

should be carried out so that any smoke does not cause a nuisance for any neighbours. For more information on South Burnett regulations or to issue any concerns, contact the council on 4189 9100.

FIRE SAFETY TIPS FOR YOUR HOME AND PROPERTY BECAUSE OF Australia’s hot climate and dry conditions, there is often a risk for bush fires, especially here in the South Burnett. Because of this, fire safety should be a priority for your home. General house maintenance According to Allianz, keeping your yards tidy, grass mowed and getting rid of any piled-up leaves helps to lower the risk of bringing fuel to your home for bush fires. This is also why it’s advised to store any firewood, crates or paper recycling away from your home, to avoid a build-up of flammable material. If you have wooden decks, you can help safeguard them from lighting up by hosing them down during fire preparation. Smart plant choices Fire and Rescue services state that plants with lower oil content are less likely to ignite. If you’re worrying about bush fires on your property, making the effort to look

into these plants might be a great idea when both decorating your home and giving you some peace of mind. Inside the house Bush fires shouldn’t be your only worries when it comes to fire safety in the home. From kitchen fires to electrical accidents, there are many reasons why you should focus on fire safety at home. The Queensland Government states that by law, all houses should have smoke alarms. They also suggest that each home has a fire escape plan occupants can follow in the case of an emergency. Common sense When a fire ban is in place, it’s because the environmental conditions are hazardous. This is why making sure to obey rules during fire bans are very important, as they exist for your safety. Firstly, it’s important to learn what a fire ban entails, and what it limits you from

doing, as it may include activities like barbecuing that you might not be aware of. During a fire ban, don’t risk your home or the safety of others for the sake of a social bonfire or other fire-related activities. Emergency preparation Knowing who to call in the event of an emergency should be one of your priorities when learning about fire safety. In an emergency, 000 should be your first point of call. Otherwise, if it’s about general enquiries, there are many local brigades around the Burnett that you can check in with. Keeping a first-aid kit handy is also a very important part of your preparation process.


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