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Welcome to the seventh edition o2 Prams to Prep. Sunshine Coast parents this is the only magazine you need i2 youwve got; picky eaters, an upcoming birthday, kids that get bored way too easily or a soon to be preppie.

Draw inspiration 2rom other local parents who, like many o2 you, are working so hard to raise their little ones whilst keeping the world spinning. Inside therews expert advice and tips and tricks 2rom preschool teachers themselves. There are 2un recipes to get your kids happily involved in the kitchen and a step3by3step guide to introduce your children to environmentally 2riendly practices such as home composting. This is a 2ree magazine, so take it home with you and enjoy this guide 2or many months to come+

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March/2 019


Preparing for Prep? We asked Prep teachers around the Coast for some advice and tips on how to help your preppie overcome any issues they may be experiencing.

by Pamela Allen, Nick Bland and Aaron Blabey, teaches how our language works.

Jodie ProWd

Buderim Mountain State School

It helps the child notice and work with sounds within words.

Are there any resources (books, dvds etc.) that you would recommend for parents of children starting prep?

Singing songs such as ‘Down by the bay,’ ‘This old man’ and ‘Ten in the Bed’ also promotes rhyming.

Starting school is an exciting time 2or both parent and child.

Playing games like ‘I spy with my little eye something that rhymes with or begins withw helps to increase vocabulary.

One o2 the most important things you can do to prepare your child 2or Prep is to continue to read to them every night.

Talk about letters and numbers.

When reading, talk about the book with your child and ask “What do you think this book might be about?” “What can you see in the pictures?” “What do you think will happen next?”

Talk about which letters are in their own name and ask them to locate those letters in other contexts, such as on street signs, in books, on 2ood packaging when walking around the supermarket.

This helps them to be actively engaged in the story rather than passive listeners.

Learning about language and providing reading experiences 2or learning will certainly give your child a wonder2ul start to their learning journey.

Reading rhyming books such as ‘Oi Frogw series by Kes °ray, books written

2020 Prep Enrolments

Open on Tuesday April 23, 2019 and close Friday September 20, 2019 Parents of children born 1 July 2014 - 30 June 2015 are invited to enrol for Prep 2020. Enrolment forms may be collected from the School Office or downloaded from the School Website. Please book for the Following Prep Tours Each Monday at 9:30am - 10:30 until 28th October 2019 Prep Parent Information and Induction Session Monday 11th November 2019 @ 9:30 - 11:00am Tuesday 12th November 2019 @ 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Please contact the school office for Tour Bookings and Enrolment Information 8-42 Main Street, Buderim Q 4556 Phone (07) 5477 2777 4

March/2 019


Uniform Shop Tuesday: 2.00pm - 3.15pm Friday: 8.15am - 10.00am

How can you get your child excited about starting their first day at prep? °et them excited by visiting the school and having a look at the Prep learning environment.

lindsey snaith

Caloundra Christian College

What advice do you have for first-time prep parents? Prep can be daunting 2or some students and challenging 2or parents.

I2 you seem anxious and unsure about leaving your child, theywll associate school with being an anxious place.

Remember that Prep is the place where your child will learn an amazing amount in their Zrst year o2 schooling.

Allow 2or extra time to get ready to eliminate the stress 2rom running late.

By helping them become more independent, youwll be giving your child a great 2oundation to build upon.

@ Letting them carry their own bags and putting them away @ Put their lunch or snacks into containers that they can open and shut themselves

Even i2 tears start, know that teachers are experts in com2orting children but can only do so once parents have le2t.

ashleigh Bennett

Make sure you say goodbye, as “sneaking out” o2ten makes them panic a 2ew minutes later and may make separation more di2Zcult the next day.

What advice do you have for first-time prep parents?

Most importantly, set aside some quiet time every a2ternoon 2or just you and your new Prep student to chat about their day so they donwt 2eel they are missing your attention.

Caloundra City Private School

@ Encouraging them to dress themselves @ Being able to use scissors and glue

When the school day starts with the bell, be ready to say goodbye and reassure them youwll see them again in the a2ternoon.

Itws important to remember that most children who cry when parents leave are happily involved in an educational activity and making 2riends be2ore the parent has even made it home.

This can be achieved by;

@ Recognising their name

Itws important to remember to act conZdent yoursel2.

Start practicing writing their name, drawing pictures and talking about new experiences.

It is important there2ore, 2or parents to help improve their childws independence.

@ °etting a drink o2 water or going to the toilet on their own

This is a new beginning 2or both you and your Prep child and a child going to school 2or the Zrst time can leave a huge gap in your li2e.

March/2 019


good 2riend and how they can be a good 2riend. The ability to share, take turns and to communicate in a polite way during play, are learned social skills.

gemma o’Brien

Sunshine Coast Grammar School

How can parents encourage their children to make friends with other students? Possibly one o2 the most pain2ul statements a parent can hear 2rom their child when they start school is “Mum I have no 2riends. No one wants to play with me+” As parents, the number one thing we want 2or our child is to love school, and we know that a healthy social circle contributes to their wellbeing at school. Parents o2ten ask me “How can I help my child to make 2riends?” My advice is to start in the home and 2or parents to model how to be a good and caring 2riend. Talk to your child about what makes a

Parents may want to organise a 2ew small, short play dates 2or their child at the beginning o2 the year. Children could be encouraged to join cooperative play activities where the children are working to a common goal. O2ten enrolment in non3school sporting activities can result in diversiZed 2riendships, outside o2 just the children in their class. We o2ten encourage parents to embrace a 2ad/passion such as Pokmon cards or Bay Blades. These passions can create great bonding experiences 2or children based on common interests. Finally, i2 your child is experiencing intense shyness or di2Zculty making, or maintaining 2riendships, then make the time to talk to the class teacher. Their observations and assistance with developing social skills are invaluable.

naomi rogers

Immanuel Lutheran College

Should parents start getting their children into a routine before starting Prep? Starting Prep is an important time 2or children and 2amilies. Children who have a positive start to school are more likely to: @ Feel excited and ready to learn @ Feel valued and sa2e @ Develop good relationships with peers and teachers @ Develop a sense o2 belonging within the

Anything is Possible

The early years are so important in a child’s life and a great start to their education will set them on a path of lifelong learning. At Immanuel Lutheran College, we give students the abilty to explore and discover not only in the classroom, but also with nature. 6

March/2 019


@ Write a story with your child about their new school and what happens during the day.

school community Families play an important role in supporting children to manage the transition to primary school. With the support o2 your childws early childhood educator and school teacher, you can help them to cope with the new challenges by developing their social, emotional and learning skills.

@ Arrange opportunities 2or your child to play with other children who will be starting at the same school.

Every time you encourage your child to share, take turns, and play respect2ully alongside siblings or 2riends while at home, you help to prepare your child 2or school.

Supporting your childws skills in these areas contributes to their mental health and wellbeing.

“Modelling good listening at home and expecting your child to listen in return is also a help2ul way to practise this essential skill 2or learning.”

Children who are mentally healthy are better learners, have stronger relationships and are better able to meet li2ews challenges. You can practice what going to school will be like for your child using some of the following ideas: @ Practice the school day routine. @ Setting up a regular bedtime routine will allow your child to wake up 2resh and ready 2or the day. @ Practice lunch time routines. Help your child practice getting their lunchbox out o2 their school bag and guide them to open it by themselves. @ Create a visual checklist with your child.

Chris Curtain

Practical ways 2or parents to prepare 2or Prep includeó

How can parents prepare themselves for sending their children to Prep?

@ €isiting your childws school and 2amiliarising your child with school routines

Matthew Flinders Anglican College

Early home experiences could inYuence a conZdent, success2ul start to Prep.

@ Developing home routines with set times 2or your child to eat, play and sleep

The values and skills that parents model and teach in the home environment help to prepare their children to make positive, sa2e and kind choices in the Prep setting.

@ Teaching your child sel23help skills such as dressing themselves and toileting independently.

Prep is a big step... Make it with a community that will help your family flourish. Choosing the school community you and your child will join is an exciting step. Why should you choose Pacific Lutheran College? At Pacific we are aware that young people are preparing for a very different world to the one we know. They will need to be innovators, entrepreneurs, lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. Pacific Foundation College engages students through stimulating activities in a vibrant environment inspiring creativity to foster confidence, collaboration and independence. Prep students are encouraged and supported to develop lifelong skills.

Core focus on relationships

K-12 learning community

Flexible learning spaces

Focus on problem solving

Contact Chris Henschke, College Registrar P 5436 7321 A Woodlands Boulevard, Meridan Plains 4551

Visit to learn more March/2 019


@ Did my child eat? How much sleep did they get? @ Have there been any changes to routine or too much happening at once? @ Is there a big event coming up?

anna maher

Pacific Lutheran College

What to do if your child refuses to go to school? I2 your child re2uses to go to school, the Zrst thing to remember is your child 2eels that whatever is bothering or worrying them is very valid. They just might not have the words to tell you, which can sometimes lead to unruly behaviour. Take some time to slow down, get on your childws level and let them know you are there 2or them when they are ready. Some strategies include: Identi2ying any underlying physical problems that could be causing your child to not want to go to school; @ Is my child sick?


March/2 019

Identifying any external factors that could be causing your child worry: @ Is my child sa2e? @ Is my child having trouble with school subjects?

dr Jasmine green

@ Are there issues with 2riendship groups?

St Andrews Anglican School

Using the following phrases when speaking with your child:

How can parent’s deal with a child who has separation anxiety?

@ Letws take a minute“ @ Whatws your biggest worry“ @ What was great today at school? @ Letws make a plan together“ @ Always make sure your Znal words are, ‘I love you.w Once your child is at school, they will always have a great time. Know that they are well looked a2ter and cared 2or.

In my role as College Psychologist at St Andrewws Anglican School, I am o2ten asked by parents “How can I support my child when they 2eel anxious about going to childcare or school?” I like to encourage 2amilies to view separation anxiety not as an event to ‘cure,w but rather a ‘processw that requires understanding, empathy and calmness to best manage those situations where separation is necessary.

Below are the 4 Cws o2 Parenting that matter most to children who experience separation anxiety (these apply 2or most cases o2 anxiety6.

the story.

Connection; Parents are at the centre o2 a childws existence 3 there2ore, children look to their parents to help them manage big 2eelings like separation anxiety. Calmness; Try not to take your childws behaviours or emotions personally. Rather, see this moment as an opportunity to connect with your child (instead o2 something to avoid or Zx6. Consistency; I2 your child is having a hard time getting ready in the morning, try to re2rame your perspective about the morning routine. What i2 the morning could be seen as an opportunity 2or emotional connection 3 to genuinely Zll your childws emotional cup. Care; In order to be calm, loving and empathetic, parents need to take care o2 and nurture themselves too. This means recognising your own ‘big 2eelingsw and seeking support and the time you need to restore your own mental and physical balance.

During discussion, talk about the important parts o2 the story 3 e.g. the characters, setting, problem, actions and resolution.

Kelly mulCahy Unity College

What can parents do at home to help their child learn at school? Supporting reading development at home is a wonder2ul way to elevate your childws learning at school. Not only does reading enhance a childws vocabulary and help them to understand how to read and write; reading aloud to children also helps them to understand di22erent topics about the world and everyday li2e. One tip is to pause during reading to talk about the story and what interests your child. This provides them with lots o2 opportunities to think and discuss what is happening in

This makes it easier 2or children to make sense o2 the story and it prepares them 2or understanding the stories they will read later. To be prepared to read, children must understand that words can be broken down into smaller sounds and that letters correspond to certain words. For this reason, we encourage you to talk about and practice the sounds that di22erent letters make. Other reading strategies to build with your child include; going back and re3reading pages, pointing out pictures, sounding words out letter by letter and highlighting the mouth movement used 2or each word. But most o2 all, have 2un+ Home learning should be enjoyable 2or both the child and the parent as this is where a li2elong love o2 reading has the potential to begin+


Not just child care but an experience


• Qld Govt Approved Kindergarten Program • 40 Place Long Day Care Centre • Children aged from 18 months to school age • Curriculum based on the Early Years Learning Framework • Natural Outdoor Playspace • Japanese Language Program • Smaller class sizes • Hats and sunscreen provided

Adeona Noosaville 3 Anchor Street, Noosaville


2019 Kindergarten Positions Available For enquiries or to view the centre contact Aimee T: 5449 0039 E: W:

March/2 019


Ask an expert Q&A Kerri Abbott naturopath, nutritionist and herbal medicine practitioner of Sunshine Coast Naturopathy Are there foods pregnant mothers should avoid eating, if so what are they? Yes, there are a 2ew I recommend you avoid. Mostly because o2 bacteria such as listeria and salmonella that can damage your baby in utero, sometimes without you even showing signs o2 illness yoursel2. Caffeine: limit to two cups o2 co22ee daily and avoid energy drinks with ca22eine. Alcohol: even small amounts can a22ect your babyws brain development. Raw or lightly cooked meat or fish: including sushi and pate. Soft cheeses and unpasteurised dairy: brie, camembert.


March/2 019

Raw or undercooked eggs: hollandaise sauce, homemade mayo, poached or scrambled eggs. Leftovers: should be eaten within 24hours and reheated thoroughly. Pre-made salads: the longer they have been sitting the more chance o2 bacteria. Tuna, Shark, Swordfish: They contain high amounts o2 mercury which can damage your babyws brain. Junk Food: low in nutrients, high in sugar, salt and calories. Artificial Sweeteners: experts are divided about the sa2ety during pregnancy o2 artiZcial sweeteners, like aspartame and sucralose. With this in mind, I recommend the use o2 sugar or honey whenever possible.

Why do women experience food cravings while pregnant? Itws common to have 2ood cravings during your Zrst and second trimester. However just because you have 2ood cravings doesnwt mean you always have to give in to them. O2 course, the odd ice3cream or chocolate bar is OK but too many is not. °iving in to cravings can contribute to unwanted weight gain which can lead to gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. At some stage post pregnancy, you want to Zt back into your 2avourite jeans. We don’t really know what causes food cravings but the most obvious reason is your body's craving the nutrients in those foods for example: Chocolate – magnesium Better option – nuts, lea2y greens, bananas

Sugar – chromium and energy Better option – 2ruits, cheese, broccoli, protein and good 2ats °reasy 2oods – calcium Better options – cheese, lea2y greens, nuts and seeds, good 2ats Just as common is 2ood aversion. ‡uite o2ten pregnant women, particularly in their Zrst trimester, will develop an aversion to certain 2oods because the smell or taste makes them more nauseous. Meat is a common one. I2 this is the case, it is important to replace meat protein with plant3based protein such as chickpeas, lentils, legumes in your diet to ensure adequate protein 2or the growth o2 your baby and maintenance o2 your own body. Sometimes pregnant women get cravings 2or dirt or clay. This is known as pica. It can be a mineral deZciency sign. Ensure you are consuming plenty o2 vegetables and that your pregnancy multi has all the recommended amounts o2 minerals included.

Dr Linda King Moffat Beach Vets What are some of the advantages of a child having a pet?

are many things you need to consider be2ore making your Znal choice. Pets need lots o2 care and attention, and not all animals make suitable pets.

When children have pets they learn to express love by petting, being gentle and hugging. Feeding and caring 2or a pet encourages responsibility, compassion and cooperation. Children with pets have improved social skills and sel23esteem. Pets help to connect our children to nature and teach them respect 2or other living things. Not to mention, pets make great playmates+

When choosing a pet consider the time you have available to care 2or, exercise and play with your pet. How much money can you a22ord to spend on 2ood and veterinary care? Do you have the space in your home 2or the pet o2 your dreams?

What are some strategies to introduce a long-term pet to a newborn baby?

Dogs need more time 2or play and training. Even small dogs need to be able to run and explore their outdoor environment.

The birth o2 a new baby is an exciting time 2or you and your 2amily. It is important that you prepare your pets 2or the arrival o2 your new baby. Make sure you have someone who can walk, 2eed and spend time with your pet when your baby is born. °radually change routines well in advance to avoid stress. I2 you have any concerns about your dogws behaviour seek help 2rom a pro2essional dog trainer. They can help you to train your dog to be calm and polite around your baby. Slowly introduce your pet to your baby under close supervision. Remember to reward good behaviour with yummy treats. Do you have any tips for families who are trying to find what pet best suits them? Choosing a pet is a very big decision. There

A cat, a mouse or rat, a guinea pig, a budgerigar or a Zsh would make suitable pets i2 your 2amily is busy or live in a small home and have less space 2or your pet to play.

Joanne Wilson Neuropsychotherapist The Confidante Counselling What are some warning signs that my child is not coping with the split between their parents? Dependent upon their age, children cannot always communicate with words. Their responses to their parentws separation may be expressed in behaviour. Some children become very withdrawn. They lack knowledge o2 the importance o2 talking about separation change, or missing the absent parent. Younger children may become very 'clingy' 2or 2ear o2 losing their remaining parent. Others may 'regress' in behaviour and toilet training. Some act younger than they did be2ore the

separation. Nightmares are not uncommon, as well as rebellious or aggressive reactions to other children or their parents. Whilst the separating parents are grappling with their own di2Zcult emotions, itws imperative to remember the children might be reacting with distress and need your special attention. With time and attentiveness, these behavioural problems disappear. I2 there has been abuse or their reactions persist over a long period, it is best to seek some pro2essional help. How should I introduce my child to my new partner? °ive the children an age3appropriate honest account o2 any change as you strive to create a constant sa2e and stable environment. Children need time to adjust to their parentsw split and it can o2ten take over a year to get over possible anger, sadness and 2ear 2rom grie2 or loss. I2 you introduce your children to someone who you are dating casually, this may complicate their adjustment to your divorce. Keep in mind that just because you are smitten with your new partner, your children might not be as positive about it. Keep to the child's routine as much as possible throughout the transition to introducing a new partner to support normality and security. A2Zrm your child how much you still love them despite the distraction o2 a new person around. I2 your child is o2 su2Zcient age, you can even ask them how they would like to be introduced+ A special treat o2 an outing to a neutral place such as a 2avourite restaurant, park or activity can be a 2un idea.

March/2 019


Rockabye Baby Words: Claire Haiek

How much should your child sleep?

A win 2or children and their mums.

Itws an age old, heavily debated question

°rowing up in Australiaó The Longitudinal

in parenthood. You may be a tad twitchy with talk o2 bedtime, but we promise wewve got good news.

Study o2 Australian Children is a major study which has been 2ollowing the development o2 10,000 young people and

A recent study into the e22ects o2 childhood sleep on parents has revealed that children who go to bed earlier have healthier mothers. We know... it seems pretty obvious, right? And youwre correct – more sleep 2or kids means more sleep 2or their parents, so theywd be healthier, yes? Correct. But therews actually scientiZc backing which means we now have a mission which Zts in per2ectly with our Friday night plans.

their 2amilies 2rom all parts o2 Australia. It commenced in 2003 and covers a wide array o2 topics relating to education, child care, parenting and health (among others6. The same 2amilies were revisited every two years and data was collected 2rom a variety o2 sources, such as their medical history 2rom Medicare, NAPLAN scores and ABS statistics. Results revealed in2ormation relating to many di22erent areas such as health and

education, but there was one that stood out 2or us. A summary o2 some o2 the more interesting discoveries states “data collected suggested that children who had earlier bedtimes were not only healthier themselves, but their mothers were also both mentally and physically healthier.” Not only is an earlier bedtime 2or kids better 2or their own health but putting them to bed earlier can lead to better mental health outcomes 2or mums too. How much is enough sleep? As babies grow into toddlers and then young children and onto teenagers, their sleep

needs evolve.

So how much sleep is enough for your little ones? Wewve put together a simple guide to give you a rough idea o2 how much sleep your child needs per nightó ■ Toddlers: 11314 hours ■ Preschoolers: 10313 hours ■ School aged kids: 9311 hours ■ Teenagers: 8310 hours ‡uick, itws not too late to banish them to their beds now Sourced 2rom


9am till 12pm

Enrol now for Prep 2020

Entry $2 Kids Free

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Last Sunday of the Month - see website for locations

Since 1925, St Joseph’s has been committed to providing a quality curriculum - with a focus on literacy and numeracy – that nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social-emotional and creative development of each learner. We value and encourage the different gifts, interests and abilities of our students as we aim to instill in them a zest for learning for life. We can help your children shine. 6963503aa

My first day Words: Annie Caughey

There were tears, there were nerves and there were afternoon naps collapsed on the couch because it was the very first day of school for Lukas Maddick. Every parent remembers their preppiews Zrst day o2 school. The emotions are high, the camera roll is exhausted and sometimes itws hard to let go. But itws an essential step 2orward in your childws development. Lukasw mum Holly Harrison said in preparation 2or her sonws Zrst day shewd been slowly easing him into the routine. “On the days he had o22 2rom kindy wewd ride down that way, so he had a little bit o2 an idea o2 where it was,” Holly said. “Therews a skate park right next to his school, so wewd go and hang out there. He would see the other kids leaving school at 3pm and it was just giving him an idea that it would be him soon. “ Holly explained that starting school at the Baringa State Primary School wasnwt all too stress2ul 2or young Lukas. Blessed with an

adaptive personality the 2our3and3a3hal23 year3old mainly just 2ound the new li2estyle exhausting. “Hewd been at kindy three days a week and he was deZnitely ready to take the bigger step. So, I wasnwt as worried as mothers who maybe didnwt have their kids in daycare be2ore school,” she said. For Holly, who has been a working mum since Lukas was six months old, the Zrst 2ew weeks were the hardest, she said. “He was a bit scared when it was time to say goodbye to the parents. You could see the 2ear in his 2ace when I had to walk away,” she said. “Those days where he was crying, and I had to walk o22 and go to work were really hard. But once I picked him up at the end o2 the day he was really happy and thatws what made me 2eel better about it. Knowing that he still had a good day even though it started with tears.” Speaking 2rom experience, Holly believes

Lukas with his mum Holly on his first day of school.

creating an easy transition into starting school is about making sure they are aware o2 whatws going to happen. See i2 your kindy will organise some excursions to the local preschool. And above all maintain open and honest communication with your childws teacher about their progress. “The teachers are great. They are all well trained to know our preppies are still babies, so they hal2 treat them like babies, theywre deZnitely in good hands.”

March/2 019


Joanne Wilson

Taking a breather

and adds thickness to the pre2rontal cortex and insula.

Words: Joanne Wilson

Parental self-care is about nurturing your body and mind so you have the energy needed to raise your children in the best possible way. Well done parents and carers o2 school aged children+ Youwve survived another week o2 school lunch boxes and routine. Now itws time to discuss something rather beZtting 3 parental sel23care+ Iwm sure youwd agree, itwd be ludicrous to commence strategising be2ore wewve ensured we are the best version o2 ourselves. That is, well balanced with appropriate attention to our own spiritual, physical, psychological, social selves. Itws time to 2ocus on an upward spiral o2 continued growth and change by learning to take care o2 you+ Why not spend time considering what your values are and how much time you

Pay attention to your breathing, heart rate, muscles, 2eelings and desires and the le2t hemisphere o2 your pre32rontal cortex turns on and prevents your right hemisphere 2rom obscuring with negativity.

dedicate to nurturing your spirituality? There is power in silence, meditation and prayer. Even just a 2ew minutes a day can make a di22erence+ When we meditate, our mind naturally begins to relax and "sink" into deeper levels o2 rest.

This encourages you to approach li2e with greater clarity and 2ervour versus becoming easily overwhelmed and anxious by challenging tasks such as“taming lions in a circus or parenting. Same thing really.

Iwll “sink” deeper into explaining why.

Isnwt that a great reason to dedicate time to engaging with your spiritual sel2?

In the white matter o2 the brain, therews a 2atty substance called myelin. It is a “sheath” that protects nerve Zbres, inhibits energy loss, and helps in2ormation move along neural pathways. When you repeat an activity, the myelin coating thickens and in2ormation travels 2aster along those neural highways.

They probably have similar listening skills to your children anyway+

In the same way, meditation, prayer and mind2ulness that involves attending to the sensations in the here and now, energises certain layers o2 the neocortex in your brain

Joanne is a neuropsychotherapist and relationship specialist of TheConfidante Counselling. Contact Jo at

Moving 2orward you dedicated, hard3 working parents give your brain some peace by sitting on the rocks by the beauti2ul ocean and talking.


1300 788 028

Also Touring Brisbane, Gold Coast & Toowoomba


March/2 019

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It’s Play School LIVE IN CONCERT

Money in the bank Words: Annie Caughey

School uniforms, education fees, kids sport, groceries, weekend activities and bills. The expenses seem to pile up faster than our bank accounts can recover. Therews no doubt that 2amily li2e is Znancially stress2ul, and it can be particularly harsh 2or single parents and low3income earners. (Seriously, where were the classes in school teaching us how to secure a mortgage or capitalise on our tax return?6 As kids grow older, they too will have to learn how to budget money, handle stress and save. These are skills that should be ingrained into them 2rom as young as possible. But how do we kick3start the good habit? Dan Crotty is the national manager o2 the Saver Plus program and he believes hews got the answer. Saver Plus is a 103month Znancial education and matched savings program that assists 2amilies to Zne3tune their money management skills. Through the program parents can receive a matched saving o2 up to $500 donated 2rom ANf to use 2or educational costs 2or their children. “We Znd parents are inspired to join the campaign with the incentive to have $500 o2 their savings matched but most discover other major beneZts. They learn how to build a savings habit, how to budget, and importantly, theywre encouraged to talk to their children about money 2rom a young age,” Dan said. “When parents role model good money behaviours and have open conversations about the household budget, we see that participantws children are better equipped to manage their money as they grow. This will help establish good money habits 2or li2e.”


Explore, experience, excel

So, i2 being open with our children about money is the best policy, how do we do it without overwhelming or stressing them?

What should kids know?

Dan suggests introducing budgeting literacy to children 2rom as young as Zve, and slowly building their knowledge through practical techniques rein2orced at home.


These can be things as simple as playing games where the exchanging o2 2ake money is used or allowing your kids some pocket money. When your kids want to spend their money, make them physically take the money out o2 their savings jar, take it to the shop and hand it over to the cashier. This physical process will help them understand the concept o2 ‘paying 2or thingsw much more e22ectively than just telling them.

Primary School

As your children move into high school start to place more responsibility on them. Itws also important to rein2orce the idea o2 children ‘earningw money throughout their development. By introducing the concept o2 working 2or money earlier, they are more likely to develop a resilient work ethic. While the Saver Plus program is only available to low3income 2amilies that Zt a certain criterion, Dan said all 2amilies can beneZt 2rom online resources such as moneysmart. To Znd out i2 you are eligible 2or the Saver Plus program call 1300 610 355 or email

@ You need money to buy things @ Money includes notes and coins @ You earn money by working

@ Comparing prices and shopping around be2ore you buy something is a good habit @ You need to be patient when saving up @ You can choose how to spend your money @ Let your kids pay 2or small expenses with their pocket or birthday money. This helps them work out how 2ar money goes @ Introduce the concept o2 electronic money and compare it to tangible money. This will help them understand it is still the same as cash and will rein2orce the idea they still have to ‘work 2or itw High School @ Doing a budget helps you work out how you should spend your money @ Credit is money that you borrow and have to pay back with interest @ It is good to have savings in case o2 a money emergency @ Keep track o2 mobile phone data and expenses to make sure you don't run out o2 credit or get a larger bill than you expected

Table in2ormationó Sourceó ASIC MoneySmart

As one of Queensland’s leading schools, Flinders is dedicated to educating for excellence in learning and life. Find out how we inspire our Prep to Year 12 students to learn, to lead and to serve at one of our upcoming events: • Principal’s Tour of the Primary School Tuesday, 21 May • Prep 2021 Information Evening Tuesday, 28 May For more information, please visit

Stringybark Road, Buderim | 07 5477 3260

find us on

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Fun free (or dirt cheap) adventures for Sunny Coast kids Words: Annie Caughey

Snorkelling The ocean o22ers an endless list o2 activities to keep even the most restless o2 kids occupied. And one o2 the best ways to explore it is by whipping out the trusty old snorkel, mask and Yippers. Coral ree2s, Zsh species, turtles, crabs and the occasional harmless angel shark are just some o2 the creatures you and your kids can check out whilst exploring the regionws underwater playgrounds. The Sunshine Coast has a bunch o2 great rock pools and ree2 drop3o22s that are close enough to shore 2or kids to swim out to. Try some o2 these spots 2or your next adventureó Shelley Beach Rock Pools, Neil Street peak at the rocks between Mo22at Beach and Dicky Beach, Mudjimba Island (the western end o2 the island6, Moreton Island Wrecks (try going with a tour company 2or this one, as sometimes the currents between the shore and the wrecks can be quite strong6 and Raper Shoal. Raper Shoal is about hal2 a kilometre o22 the beach at Currimundi, so perhaps itws better suited 2or older children with strong swimming abilities. The site is a large rocky 2ormation surrounded by plenty o2 sand. The top o2 the rock is covered in some great coral and interesting marine creatures are always exploring around the edges o2 the drop3o22. Like any swimming activity, ensure all children are accompanied by a responsible adult and be sure to take extra care whilst swimming in the ocean, as currents and marine li2e can be unpredictable.

Botanic Gardens I2 you need a break 2rom the sun, sand and sur2 why not retreat to a nearby jungle sanctuary? The Sunshine Coast has three spectacular botanical gardens 2or local and visiting 2amilies to explore. Each o2 the sites o22ers a distinct landscape and unique attractions. The largest o2 the three, the Maroochy Botanic °ardens stretches across a whopping 823hectare property. Itws home to an abundance o2 wild animal and showcases some o2 the regionws most spectacular native plants. You can expect to see a creek3side rain2orest, lagoons, water 2eatures, rock and palm Zlled gullies, the headwaters o2 Mountain Creek and an open eucalypt 2orest – where you might spot a sleepy koala hanging about. I2 youwre located 2urther north then you most deZnitely need to check out the Noosa Botanical °ardens. Here your 2amily can explore lily ponds, childrenws playgrounds, the 2ern house, large lawn areas and then Znish o22 the day with a game o2 charades at the °reek style amphitheatre overlooking Lake Macdonald. Splendid+ Over in another corner o2 the Sunshine Coast lays the iconic Maleny Botanical °ardens. These gardens are just that extra bit special (without playing 2avourites too much6. Because not only do they open up to stunning views o2 the °lass House Mountains, but the site also hosts three separate walk through bird aviaries. From Znches, cockatoos and lorikeets to exotic parrots and mawcaws, there are more than 700 birds that call these aviaries home. Please note: Entry to the walk3in aviary is through guided tour only departing at 10.30am and 11.30am daily. Kids get free entry to the Maleny Botanic Gardens (fee applies to avairy) however entry fee applies to adults.


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Sand Tobogganing While we donwt see snow during the winter months, wewve got the next best thing – sand. As it begins to get colder, spending hours in the water a2ter school or work becomes a little less appealing, so why not utilise the other hal2 o2 the beach? °rab your boogie board and head to the Carlo Sand Blow at Rainbow Beach. You can slip and slide all day long and tumble roll down the sand hills. Itws almost guaranteed that you and your kids will be in stitches a2ter one o2 you stacks mid3ride and 2ace plants into the sand. However, be care2ul not to take on any old hill. Sand dunes throughout the region such as at Point Cartwright are precious nesting spots 2or turtles and are in re3vegetation stages.

Hiking °et out in the great outdoors and Zll those lungs with some cleansing 2resh air. Sometimes getting kids excited about hiking can be a mountainous e22ort in itsel2, but have you ever walked the trail at Emu Mountain? Itws located just South o2 Mt Coolum and o22ers a Yatter, shorter track, that doesnwt skimp on the views. At the top o2 the mountain there is several rocky outcrops that children love to climb. So, itws per2ect 2or the younger ones and it may even bring out their inner explorer. Mt Emu: Havana Road East, Coolum Beach

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CEO mum Words: Annie Caughey

By day, she’s the director of Home Care Assistance, overseeing all aspects of the award-wining business. From sta22 management, Znance and marketing to compliance, payroll and business development. And by night, shews a loving mum to 2our beauti2ul children aged between three and nine. Itws sa2e to say Kendall Mortonws plate is well and truly 2ull. So, what does it take to work 2ull3time running your own rapidly3expanding

business whilst still being an amazing mum? A whole lot o2 organisation, really great 2riends and a bit o2 luck. “You need to be really organised. Not necessarily clean and tidy, but organised. You need to know who needs to be dropped o22 when and where. So, you can put the dance uni2orms in the car that morning in case you donwt get to come home in3between,” Kendall said. “You need to have good 2riends around you that you can say, ‘hey can you take that child to soccer training with your son and then Iwll take them on the weekend.”

You need to have good friends around you that you can say, ‘hey can you take that child to soccer training with your son and then I’ll take them on the weekend’

The hard3working business mum said itws important to accept the 2act that no parent is going to be per2ect, whether they work 2ull3time, part3time or stay at home. So, mums and dads need to work out whatws particularly important to them and learn to let the other things go. “Be2ore I had children everything o2 mine was per2ectly ironed. Now I couldnwt even tell you i2 we had an iron in the house,” Kendall joked. “By letting go you can still enjoy the craziness o2 work, kids and li2e.” Kids grow up so 2ast – the clich rings true and almost every parent can attest to it. This is why Kendall believes establishing a healthy work3li2e balance is imperative 2or working parents. Whilst coming home 2rom a long day to 2ace the battles o2 cooking dinner, homework and bedtime can sometimes seem harrowing, Kendall said itws important to pause, settle yoursel2 in the moment and Znd gratitude 2or your 2amily li2e. “I2 you just take a deep breath and spend


March/2 019

10 minutes with each one o2 your children, talking about their day and whatws on 2or tomorrow and have that really nice one3on3 one time, then youwre already going to 2eel a lot better. Because really, everything else can wait,” she said.

Previously having worked as a teacher be2ore going on to study accounting and eventually starting her business, Kendall has worked in an array o2 di22erent roles throughout her childrenws lives both at home, 2ull3time and part3time.

“I2 youwre Znding youwre super busy and things arenwt getting done. Well I think thatws time to get the kids involved. You know, packing their own lunches and unpacking their school bags because therews nothing wrong with having expectations o2 our children.”

She admits society has somewhat progressed in creating ‘2amily32riendlyw workplaces but believes there was a lot more work to be done.

Another secret to Kendallws success stems 2rom a stable state o2 mind. She believes parents should never compare themselves to other parents. “Donwt ever 2eel like youwve got to justi2y your decisions to anyone else but yoursel2 and the people that you love,” Kendall said. “Our kids are little 2or such a short amount o2 time and we all will look back one day and wish we could hold on to these years. So, keep that in mind when itws two owclock in the morning and itws someonews birthday the next day and youwre up making a cake.”

“I was very passionate about breast2eeding and I 2ound mysel2 breast2eeding children in 173minute lunchbreaks in carparks. And we are talking about organisations that label themselves as ‘2amily 2riendlyw,” Kendall said. “So, wewve deZnitely got a long way to go. But as a mum you end up with great skills to o22er the work2orce. I2 you show your employer just how great you are, then your employer will naturally bend over backwards to keep you because trust me, itws really hard to Znd great sta22.” For this mum, she believes shews hit the absolute jackpot. Shews working her dream job and still relishes in every special moment shared with her children.

In 2018 Kendall Morton was named the region’s Outstanding Business Woman of the Year.

Her advice to other mums is to not get caught up in the myth that they are trapped or locked into their current li2estyle 2orever, as there is always opportunity 2or change. “Therews always a lot o2 pathways to change things that arenwt working out so well,” she said. “Working a job you love is great but above all Iwm always a mum Zrst.”


CONSIDERING A CAREER IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE? A pictorial memento of our Sunshine Coast prep classses es s Don’t mis the in y p o c r you ily Coast Da Sunshine sday w e d n e h 27 c r a m

QLD Government funding through Higher Level Skills and Certificate 3 Guarantee Program.

We have been delivering Quality Training for over 22 Years! We are an award Winning and Industry Recommend Training College. Our courses will provide you a career pathway into Childhood Education. Study Options Include: Class - Full Time or Part Time External Study - Self paced. Certificate III in Early Certificate III or Diploma of Early Childhood Education IV in Education Childhood Education and Care Support and Care Cost: $540 or $270*

Cost: $510 or $255*


(CHC30213 & CHC40213)

Diploma of School Age Education and Care

Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management

Cost: $1000 or $500*

Cost: $520 or $260*


Cost: $1260 or $630* (CHC50113)



FEE FREE TRAINING FOR YEAR 12 GRADUATES. CALL TODAY! Supported through the Queensland Government. *Concession rates. Eligibility and subsidy criteria apply.

Contact us on 1300 139 406 National Provider Code: 5404

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A guide to composting with the kids Words: Sarah Dionysius

Getting your children outside is one of the best ways to teach them about caring for the environment and how they can make a positive impact.

Here are some tips on how you can get composting at home today;

There are numerous ways to get them involved with projects that help promote sustainability and reduce landZll.


Creating a compost system with the kids is a 2un and easy way to get them excited about recycling. Although composting is a simple process it is also a great introduction into the world o2 science, especially biology, chemistry and physics.

Steps to creating your compost Build or purchase a compost bin 2rom your local hardware store or contact your local council 2or one. Children will get more 2rom the experience i2 they can help choose their own composting container.

Two Think about where your compost bin will be located.

There may be some 2unky smells coming 2rom your bin so you donwt want it too close to areas where you and your kids hangout.

Three The best compost is made using a variety o2 materials. It's important to use 2ood scraps and small amounts o2 grass clippings (which are usually high in nitrogen6 together with lots o2 dry leaves, shredded paper and cardboard (which is high in carbon6. It's also a good idea to add a 2ew hand2uls o2 a pelletised chicken manure (such as Yates Dynamic Li2ter6 to each new batch o2 compost, which provides 2ood 2or the composting microorganisms.

neXt edition sePtemBer, 2019


March/2 019

Four Regularly sprinkle the compost with water to help keep it moist.

Five An aerated compost pile or bin, where air has access to the organic matter, will decompose much 2aster and have less odour than compost which is starved o2 air. Aeration can be done by regularly turning a compost tumbler or mixing the material in the compost pile or bin with a garden 2ork. Alternatively, you can place garden stakes or pipes through the pile to help air reach inside.


What can be recycled?

What not to use

Food scraps, garden waste and shredded paper and cardboard can all be composted.

Keep these materials out of the compost pile;

X Diseased plants

Items that can be chucked in the compost include;

X Dog, cat, pig, and reptile manures

✓ °rass clippings

X °ypsum board scraps

✓ Tree prunings, dead Yowers, weeds and

X Materials 2rom the side o2 the road,


✓ Food scraps (excluding meat and dairy6 ✓ Tea leaves, co22ee grounds, egg shells ✓ Paper products (including torn paper, old newpapers, cardboard, egg cartons and paper towels6

including grass clippings and leaves

X Coal Ash X Coloured Paper X Inorganic Materials X Meat, Bones, Fish, Fats, Dairy X Synthetic Chemicals

At Kuluin Early Learning Centre we pride ourselves on providing an atmosphere thatt is inviting, welcoming, safe and nurturing

Call us today to enquire about our Early Learning Centre or Kindergarten Program

• • • • •

Open from 6:30am-6:30pm • Established in 2007 Education and Care from Nursery through to Kindergarten River Kindy held each week for Kindergarten children Customised curriculum to suit each age and stage of development Private, locally owned centre operated by long term highly qualified Educators

5445 1192 | 23 Indiana Pl, Kuluin | 6937239aa

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€isit 2or more great recipes

ChiCKen mayo nori rolls Serves 2 Ingredients ☻ 1 cup BB‡ chicken (2inely chopped6 ☻ 3 tbs Japanese mayonnaise ☻ 1 tbs 2resh mixed herbs (chopped6 ☻ 1 sheet sushi nori seaweed ☻  carrot (julienned6 ☻  Lebanese cucumber (julienned6 ☻  avocado (sliced into strips6 ☻ 30g baby spinach Method STEP 1 Combine 2inely chopped chicken with mayonnaise and herbs. Season well with salt and pepper. STEP 2 Place a nori sheet shiny side down on a bamboo sushi rolling mat. Spread hal2 o2 the chicken in a thin layer along hal2 o2 the nori. STEP 3 Place vegetables evenly on top o2 the chicken. STEP 4 Roll sushi, using the bamboo mat to press 2irmly. Brush edge o2 nori with water and continue rolling so that the edges seal shut. Slice sushi and place in lunch box.




Take a peekk


at what’s happening at a

Love. Lear

g nin


Enquiries: Jane elle Appo on 5451 3600 or K Krystlle Cullen on 5451 3648 22

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Suncoast Christian College, Cnr Schu ubert & Kiels Mtn Road, Woombye

riCe CaKe oWl Ingredients ☻ 1 slice meat o2 your choice (chicken, ham, etc.6 ☻ 1 rice cake ☻ 1 boiled egg ☻ 2 sultanas ☻ 1 slice o2 cheese ☻ 2 slices o2 cucumber ☻ 1 carrot stick Method STEP 1 Lay meat on top o2 rice cake. STEP 2 Care2ully slice your boiled egg and use the two middle slices as eyes, place sultanas on 2or eyeballs. STEP 3 ‚sing a kni2e cut a small triangle 2or the beak and 2ashion 2eet out o2 cheese, as shown in picture. STEP 4 Cut one cucumber slice in hal2 and use as wings, then with another slice make ears. STEP 5 Once positioned on a plate, place a carrot lengthways underneath the owl to serve as a tree branch.

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Kids parties Words: Sarah Dionysius

Gone are the days of party bags, fairy bread, pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey. Now throwing a childrenws birthday party is all about going the extra mile to ensure the rugrats have the time o2 their little lives. From themed a22airs, pamper parties to adventure activities; parents are opting 2or extravagance when it comes to celebrating their youngstersw milestones. I2 you are looking 2or some help on how to plan out the per2ect childrenws party on the Sunshine Coast here are a 2ew businesses that are all about putting the

leave out 2or you to step on? Well you can hire out a whole heap o2 them and throw your child a LE°O extravaganza. Bricks 4 Kidz hosts di22erent LE°O3themed events 2or kids, with all the bricks provided, a range o2 activities and games and a guide to help them along the way.

Fairy-tale sleepovers °oing to a sleepover at 2riendws place has been made even more special with the help o2 a duo who host organised slumber parties.

LEGO-themed parties

The team at Slumber Sisters set up teepees, bring in themed decorations, matching pyjamas, candles and candy and anything else needed to add that extra touch to a slumber party.

You know those little bricks that kids love to

Children can choose to have a night in with

Amusement hires To add an extra element o2 2un to the backyard party, why not hire out an inYatable castle or a bunch o2 mini Jeeps? °et the kids burning o22 their sugar high and hire out a jumping castle, blow3up obstacle course or inYatable slide. The guys 2rom Pumped ‚p Fun have a whole range o2 2un, adventure3packed amusements and rides to bring that element o2 excitement to the party.

Mobile play equipment I2 youwre wanting to throw a party 2or your little one that gets them playing in ball


2un in to the process and taking out the stress;

their bestie or invite their whole tribe over and parents donwt have to worry about setting up a thing.


March/2 019

pits, tumbling over obstacles and walking balancing beams, then consider hiring out some so2t play equipment. Cheeky Little Monkeys is a so2t play hire business that caters 2or children 0 3 Zve year old's 2or all types o2 events and parties.

Fairy tea parties What better way to celebrate your childws birthday then to bring their 2antasy to li2e in your own backyard. The team at The Fairy Toadstool provide everything you need to throw your very own 2airy tea party, complete with toadstools and 2airy dust. There will be 2airy 2ace3painting, bubbles, dancing and cups o2 tea paired with a 2airy party3cookie; everything needed to have a magical birthday.

Tips for parties at home For those adventurous parents who have committed to hosting their child’s party all on their own, here are five tips to ensure everyone has a good time;

Food Itws o2ten the thing that can make or break a party, so you want to make sure you get it right. Not enough 2ood and you will have some hangry youngsters on your hands and i2 itws not catered to the right crowd you will have a bunch o2 2uss pots re2using to eat your hand3made gluten3 2ree, sugar32ree, dairy32ree cucumber sandwiches. Keep it simple with 2amiliar snacks like pizza or sandwiches, which can be turned into special party 2ood by using cookie cutters. Try making star3shaped sandwiches or heart3shaped pizza. I2 parents are dropping o22 children at the party, be sure you know about any 2ood allergies.

Invitations These are important as the little tikes arenwt going to get to your party i2 they donwt receive an invite Zrst. Make sure you order personalised invitations six weeks be2ore the party. Send out invitations at least three weeks ahead to ensure guests get back to you in time and you can plan 2or the right numbers. You can also download and print invitation templates online to save money and minimise e22ort.

Games As well as 2ood, games are just as crucial to ensure 2un times are had at a childrenws party.


I2 your child is old enough, sit down with them and o22er a 2ew suggestions 2or the birthday party theme. That way you avoid any disappointment i2 they really wanted a dinosaur theme, but you went with a 2airy picnic3inspired event instead.

Timing Weekend parties are better 2or younger children and 2amily can attend too, while older children will enjoy an a2ter school party, i2 you can manage it. The time o2 day you choose to start your

Think ahead and cater 2or your crowd; so age3speciZc games.

child's party depends on whether you want to serve a party meal or cut straight to birthday cake.

It's best to avoid anything with nuts (including peanut butter sandwiches6 because so many children are allergic to

Get your child involved

Toddlers arenwt as likely to engage in the same level o2 games as the older children so make sure you have all bases covered.

I2 serving a meal, start the party between 11.00am 312.30pm or 5.00pm 3 ø.30pm.

March/2 019



for kids!




f e


h g



a Oh Deer RRP $25 Available 2rom b Croc pull along RRP $24 Available 2rom c WildYower Pina2ore RRP $55 Available 2rom d Indian Elephant Romper Dress RRP $40 Available 2rom e SunYower รป ButterYy Romper RRP $50 Available 2rom f Knee High Socks RRP $7 Available 2rom g Thread Society Midsummer Midi Dress RRP $59 Available 2rom h Thread Society Moroccan hat RRP $29.95 Available 2rom i Little School Desk, American oak RRP $795 Available 2rom j Personalised Plush Toy starting 2rom RRP $30 Available 2rom 26

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hoW to raise an adult Itws one thing to help guide your child through li2e and another to over3parent. Otherwise known as ‘helicopter parentingw Julie Lythcott3 Haims uses research, conversations with experts, and her own insights as a mum to highlight just how this type o2 parenting can actually do more harm than good.

for parents!

Write to me BaBy Journal, First year oF you RRP $59.95 Available 2rom

oh CraP! Potty training Worried about toilet training? Let Jamie °lowacki show you how itws done. Her six step proven process to get your toddler out o2 diapers and onto the toilet has already worked 2or tens o2 thousands o2 kids and their parents.

ovia PregnanCy Are you expecting? Watch your baby grow with Ovia Pregnancy. Ovia's personalised approach to tracking gives you an app as unique as your pregnancy. From pea size to 2ootball size, you can choose a theme that helps you keep track o2 your babyws growth in a 2un interactive way.

haPPiFy: stress and Worry

White PePPer

Happi2yws science3based activities and games can help reduce stress, overcome negative thoughts and improve overall health by providing tools and programs to enhance your mental wellbeing.

Enhance your spaceó Your home is your sanctuary and sometimes adding subtle changes to a roomws dcor can completely trans2orm it.

With a wide array o2 activities, participants will never get bored they can be played, anytime, anywhere, even at your o2Zce desk+

Treat yoursel2 (and your bedroom6 to a re2reshing new space by introducing these beach inspired 2urnishings. Available 2rom

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club !


28 28 Page

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jokes ••


It’s n e game ws, fun s and for Join kIds. the

Q: Why did the banana go to the doctor? A: Because it wasn’t peeling well Q: What kind of dinosaur loves to sleep? A: A stega-snore-us


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