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☻ Colouring competition ...and much more!

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PREPOPEN OPEN MORNING PREP MORNING Thursday 12 October | 9:00am - 10:30am Thursday 12 October | 9:00am - 10:30am Experience Prep at Suncoast | Meet the Teachers

Experience Prep at Suncoast | Meet the Teachers Tour our facilities | Free activities & Morning tea Tour our facilities | 5451 Free 3600 activities & Morning tea RSVP: 5 October via Janelle Appo on or RSVP: 5 October via Janelle Appo on 5451 3600 or Cnr Schubert & Kiel Mtn Rds, Woombye

Cnr Schubert & Kiel Mtn Rds, Woombye


As the days get warmer, now is the perfect time to throw a kid’s party. Take the stress out of party planning and check out our handy guide including a party checklist, tips, theme ideas and inspiration as well as party food recipes from savoury snacks to healthier treats. After throwing an awesome party, you’ll be sure to take out the parent of the year award… however the pressures of modern-day parenting can still cause havoc. Neuropsychotherapist and relationship specialist, Joanne Wilson, shares her advice on how to deal with parent shaming and other common parenthood problems which may be sabotaging your relationship. We also discover some handy tips on dealing with sibling rivalry, raising more independent children, how to take better photos of kids and how to get out the door on time, every day. (It’s harder than it sounds). For the crafty kids, see our guide on DIY toys plus some fun science experiments for the up-and-coming scientists. Plus, don’t miss our Ask and Expert Q&A with a variety of local professionals sharing their expert knowledge on some frequently asked questions.

Preparing for Prep ...............................................................4–7 Family Day Care vs Child Care Centre ..................... 8–9 Ask a professional ......................................................... 10–12 Kid friendly dining ................................................................... 13 Great recipes for kids parties .................................. 14–15 Kids party ideas ............................................................. 16–17 Parenting in today's society.....................................18 –19 How to raise more independent children................... 20 DVD, book and app reviews................................... 22–23 Getting out the door with kids .......................................... 24 Dealing with sibling rivalry................................................... 25 Spring products ............................................................. 26–27 How to take better kids photos ........................................ 28 Super easy toys you can make at home .................... 29 The Sunshine Club colouring in activity ........................ 30 Displaying you kids art and fun science ...................... 31

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Kawana Dental


5444 7111


CALL US TODAY September/2 017


The Family Friendly Dentistss

❝We focus on creating happy non-fearful patients❞


What happens in Prep?


Prep Teachers not only start your child’s learning journey, they also help them adjust to the new routine. We asked them a few questions. What should my child wear on their first day of Prep? What should I pack for my child’s first day at Prep? Here’s what they had to say.

deniSe Purdon

Sunshine Coast Grammar School On the first day of Prep, our students wear the Grammar Prep uniform, consisting of Prep polo shirt, green shorts, Grammar socks, black velcro strap runners and blue Grammar play hat. This uniform is worn each day and is designed for ease of movement and independence as children play, learn and manage routines. Make sure you name everything, including shoes, socks, and especially hats!

Growing people

to make a difference

Pacific Lutheran College’s early childhood program provides a strong foundation for your child. The Foundation College, from Kindergarten to Year 2, provides a stimulating and vibrant learning environment where your child’s creativity is nurtured and acknowledged, to foster their confidence and independence.

Strong parent partnerships

Specialist early childhood teachers and assistants

Flexible learning spaces

VISIT US ON ANY WEEK DAY! CONTACT Chris Henschke, College Registrar on 5436 7321 Woodlands Boulevard, Meridan Plains 4551


September/2 017

Focus on literacy, numeracy and problem solving

The Grammar Uniform Shop, located in the school grounds, supplies all our students’ uniform requirements. The black runners with velcro straps can be purchased from specialty retailers that stock school shoes. Prep students will also require a Grammar school bag, which is an easy trundle style on wheels with a pull up handle, also available from the Uniform Shop.

further information is distributed. This will ensure a smooth transition into their first year of school at Sunshine Coast Grammar School.

If your child is anxious maybe give them a small item belonging to you that will give them comfort and reassurance...

Your child will need a healthy morning tea and lunch that you could plan together the day before. Students will also need their own water bottle. To encourage independence, teach your child how to open lunch boxes and containers. Ensure everything is clearly named. Our classes also enjoy a separate brain-food snack, consisting of a small serving of either fruit or vegetables.

LYnette BArtLett

It is also a good idea to pack spare underwear and a spare pair of shorts and shirt, just in case!

To make getting dressed on the first day

A class party is held in the week prior to school commencing. This gives the children the opportunity to meet their teacher and their fellow students and become familiar with their classroom. Class teachers will inform families of any other specific requirements for the first days at this time. The teachers also host a Parent Information Session following the class party where



shoes and socks on can be hard for young children, practice this at home so they become confident with the task. Also, wear new shoes in by wearing them around the house before school starts.

Suncoast Christian College

of Prep easier, place the clothes that they will be wearing out the night before. Most schools require a school uniform to be worn. Make sure your child has practiced putting their clothes on and off before the big day. Can they manage their clothing for toileting? To help your child identify items of clothing, name everything and show them where you have written their name. Putting

Most schools will have a list of requirements for the first day of Prep. This will include lunch and snacks, water and maybe a spare change of clothing. Make sure your child can open their food containers and they know what to eat at snack and lunch times. Some children may need to take a small comfort toy for security, check with the school first to make sure this is acceptable. If your child is anxious maybe give them a small item belonging to you that will give them comfort and reassurance that you will return at the end of the day.

Enrol Now for 2019 cceed u s , e r i p s Unite, in ere... h s n i g e b it all

47 Lomond Cres, Caloundra West Qld 4551 -


Prep at Unity College is a full time educational program which is specifically designed to meet the needs of students in the early years within a Prep to Year 12 setting. Our play based curriculum provides a broad range of opportunities for learning which focus on the development of each child as a whole, their spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical qualities. Children participate in a variety of activities which encompass the five contexts of learning - play, focused learning and teaching, routines and transitions, investigations and real life experiences. September/2 017



If they don’t eat celery sticks at home, don’t pack them for school lunch...

tAnYA SkiLLer (L) And SArAh turner (r) Mooloolaba State School Their full school uniform. This helps them understand about uniforms and why we wear one, but more importantly, it makes the children feel extra excited about going to school as they have special clothes that lets everyone know that they are now in ‘big school.’ Food: healthy food options that they already eat at home, nothing new (e.g. if they don’t eat celery sticks at home, don’t pack them for school lunch). Include fruit or vegies that they eat at home, to snack on in the morning. Use a lunchbox that is easy for your child to open and maybe

include a cooler brick.

LornA rodwAY

Clothes: include a change of clothes. Water bottle: choose one that your child can use easily and is not too big. Let them practice opening, closing and drinking from it. Hat: especially important for our Prep children that get lots of opportunities to play and learn in the outdoors. Parent teacher communication pad or notebook: this is a great way for teachers to communicate with parents not just on the first day, but during the year.

YOU ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG... to enrol in Prep at GCC for 2019

Waiting lists exist in many year levels and there are only a few places left for Prep 2018 so enrol now for Prep 2019 to secure your child’s future.

Unity College

Unity College’s Preps wear the College polo shirt, shorts with a Unity College hat, white sports socks, white runners, sunscreen and come on their first day with a big smile. Mums and dads need to pack a healthy snack, morning tea, lunch and a bit of extra food, bring a full water bottle and the teacher will provide you with additional information when you arrive.

Kuluin Early Learning Centre

caring Committed to

foor your child

• Caters from 6 weeks to Kindergarten • Open 6.30am – 6.30pm • River Kindy facilitated @ Chambers Island weekly • Dedicated passionate qualified educators • Rich, educational programs throughout the service • Private Family Owned


At Kuluin Early Learning Centre we pride ourselves on providing an atmosphere that is inviting, welcoming, safe and nurturing.

Call us today to enquire about our Early Learning Centre or Kindergarten Program

58 Roberts Road Beerwah | 5439 0033 | 6

September/2 017

5445 1192 | 23 Indiana Pl, Kuluin |


A smile on their face and a happy, excited heart!


SheLLeY hogAn

Pacific Lutheran College

On the first day of Prep, children wear their brand-new school uniforms, including a hat, eager and ready for the learning adventures ahead. On the first day of Prep, your child will need a healthy morning tea and lunch to ensure they keep their energy levels up for the big day. They will also need their school hat and water bottle. At Pacific, we invite all families to visit before school commences so they can drop off their book packs and meet the teacher. This is a great way for children to familiarise themselves with their classroom and explore the play equipment together.

nAomi rogerS

Immanuel Lutheran College The Immanuel sports uniform as we want our Preppies to be as comfortable as possible and be able to play easily during break times. A smile on their face and a happy, excited heart! Also, their new Immanuel school bag, school hat, drink bottle, lunch box with fruit snack, morning tea and lunch – please include an ice brick!

Lin Smith

Glasshouse Christian College A smile, a hat and Velcro secured shoes. Pack in lots of positive preparation for the whole new experience. Then pack a lunch box that they can open and close themselves, with a healthy selection of foods they usually eat at home (and perhaps a little treat).

Growing confident and inquisitive learners through...

You see outdoor play...



Expansive outdoor PLAY AREAS


An initiative of the


A Service of the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association

FOREST GLEN 07 5453 7077 372 Mons Road, Forest Glen ALEXANDRA HEADLAND 07 5479 2222 43-45 Okinja Road, Alexandra Headland

Book your to u today! r September/2 017


Family Day Care or Child Care Centre


Until you need to find care for your child, you may not even realise there’s a few different options to choose from. It’s a difficult decision at the best of times, let alone when there are time pressures due to work, illness or other commitments. While both family day care and centre-based care provide formally-qualified staff and government compliance (in the form of policies, procedures and safety requirements) there are some differences to consider. Either way, it’s important to find the care option which suits your family situation best, and one where you’ll feel most comfortable. We’ve provided a quick checklist to get you started.








September/2 017

Family Day Care

Child Care Centre

Run by home educators who are approved by Family Day Care Association.

Run by private companies, local councils, community organisations, individuals, non-profit organisations or by employers for their staff.

Child care is provided in the educator’s home.

Centre-based care which may be purpose built, or a re-purposed building.

The home base provides a natural and nurturing environment. The small group facilitates strong, long-lasting bonds with both the carer and other children which facilitates effective early learning and social development.

Standard hours, evenings, before/after school, weekends, overnight and during school holidays.

Small mixed age groups. Children can remain with their siblings during the day.

Based on National Quality Framework (NQF) as with other forms of child care; incorporating National Regulations, National Quality Standards educational frameworks and an assessment and ratings process.

A larger group of children provides more socialisation options across a wider age group, languages and cultures. Learning may also be more targeted to specific age groups. There are also more staff available if one carer takes leave.

Standard hours, evenings, before/after school and during school holidays.

Age group levels so activities are targeted, while also providing socialising within a wider group. Can mean children are more prepared for larger school groups.

Under the Education and Care Services National Regulations centre-based services must engage or have access to an early childhood teacher based on the number and age of children at the service.





Fees are up to the child care provider and may include extras such as food, transport and nappies. Parents are eligible for Federal Government Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate subsidies.

Approved Providers are responsible for setting fees and charges. Parents are eligible for Federal Government Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate subsidies.

Priority of Access Guidelines apply (

Priority of Access Guidelines apply (

Typically, small groups of no more than four children under school age at any one time (plus up to three additional school age children outside of school hours).

Babies and children up to 12 years of age; offering the possibility for siblings to be cared for together.


Birth to 24 months: one educator to four children. Two years to three years: one educator to five children. Three years or over (not including children over preschool age): one educator to 11 children.

Babies up to and including school age.

Find more information at: â– â–

Mooloolaba State School provides a supportive and nurturing learning environment, with proven results from our innovative Early Years programs. The school has a proud history of excellence in the arts, sport, and Early Years education. We build outstanding relationships with our local Early Learning Centres thereby ensuring successful transitions for students entering their first year of primary school. Contemporary information communication technologies also support the needs and expectations of our 21st century learners.


15 Meta Street, Mooloolaba September/2 017




When it comes to your child’s health and safety, there are some things Dr. Google simply cannot answer. So we have asked some local professionals ranging from dentists to swim teachers to share their expertise on frequently asked parenthood questions.

its support with any challenges that arise and building her confidence to enjoying this very special time. In a nutshell seek professional assistance after discharge, it can be the difference between a week of breastfeeding or a year.

• Use donor milk • Use formula • Use a combination of any or all of the above.

Q: What are the benefits of breastfeeding, for the mother and the baby? There are many but here are a few: ◗ Breastmilk is the normal food for babies ◗ Designed by nature for human infants ◗ It is a complete food containing all your baby's nutritional needs for the first six months of life ◗ It satisfies both hunger and thirst

Brigid Feely │ Midwife

◗ It increases baby’s resistance to infections

Midwife & Lactation Care, Minyama

◗ Breastfeeding is important for mothers too

Q: What are the most common problems mothers’ experience with breastfeeding? Breastfeeding is an exciting but challenging time for new mums. Problems experienced by mothers include low breastmilk supply, a delay in the milk arriving on day three, difficult or painful latch, poor infant weight gain to name just a few.

Q: How can they overcome these issues? There are challenges along the way that benefit from professional support. Getting to know what’s normal before birth is a great help. An ante natal visit before birth with a Lactation Consultant prepares the mother for the early challenges in hospital of correct and comfortable latch, appropriate supply, and the big one which is ‘How do I know how much is enough?’ Setting up the mother for hospital prepares her for the first week. After that 10

September/2 017

◗ It's convenient, cheap and always there when you need it. ◗ It's always fresh, clean and safe ◗ It quickly soothes a fussy, unhappy baby ◗ It helps your uterus return to its normal size after childbirth ◗ It gives you a chance to sit down during the day and rest ◗ Mothers who don't breastfeed have increased risks of cancer of the breast and ovaries ◗ Breastfeeding helps create a close and loving bond between you and your baby and can be a deeply satisfying experience for you both. (ABA)

Q: What are the best alternatives? Babies under 12 months require breastmilk or formula to grow and develop. If you are not breastfeeding your baby, you can: • Express breastmilk

Vivianne Dawalibi Caloundra Bulk Billing Surgery Doctors

Q: What are some simple strategies to minimize the risk of my child getting a cold or the flu? 1. Hand washing Hand washing is the easiest way to get rid of germs and bacteria. Soap and warm water will work well to keep your child protected when they come back from the day care or the playground, for instance. This is a good habit for parents and caregivers too, when it comes to minimizing the risk of infection. Check if your school or day care has an internal policy for hand washing. 2. School policy Take a look to your school policy. Check if the school is making a reasonable effort in keeping sick children far from the healthy ones. If this is not happening then you can talk with caregivers asking to better enforce the rules or, if necessary to advocate for a new policy.

3. Hands away from eyes and nose

(NHMRC) and consists of:

Our children’s eyes and nose are the perfect gateway for germs and bacteria. An effective way to prevent cold and flu is just not touching this body parts with our hands, and this is a valid suggestion for adults too.

• Height, weight and BMI check

4. Vaccinations

• Fine and gross motor skills

Vaccination is one of the most effective public health interventions to tackle several diseases, including flu. Be sure your child is up to date with the flu jab for your peace of mind.

• Emotional maturity, sleeping pattern

5. Improve their natural barriers Healthy food, physical activity and the right number of hours sleep per night may help to improve your child's natural barriers to viruses and bacteria. If not sure about what to do, ask your GP.

Q: Why is the four-year-old health check important? The four-year-old health check is an important assessment of your child’s health recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia


• Eye check • Dental check • Suspected allergies • Speech and language development

• General wellbeing and behaviour This is an essential health check for your child, as it will assess their ‘readiness’ for school which is one the main child development milestones and is a fundamental tool for parents and GPs to address any possible issues before a child begins school. This health assessment might attract a fee as the Government cut the funds for this activity.

Q: What can I be doing with my child before they start Prep to ensure they are fit and healthy for school? Family and day care environment play a fundamental role in influencing children’s readiness for schools. There are several

different ways to support your child's physical, mental and social health before they start prep, for example: • Encouraging them to draw and write • Reading something to them to foster their imagination • Letting them socialise with other children • Teaching them about dressing or toileting • Encouraging independence at home • Talking about school in a positive, constructive way, and asking what they think about starting school • Fostering your child’s health, ensuring they are up to date with their immunisation and have regular health and dental checks • Health professionals like Occupational therapists and Speech Pathologists can be the ideal support for you kids, when needed.

September/2 017



Dr Ernie Young B.V.SC │ Vet Battery Hill Vet

Q: What are the benefits of having a family pet with young children? Growing up with pets can be one of the greatest gifts a family can receive. There are major health benefits. In general, children with pets tend to walk, talk and play more than children without pets. Children with pets tend to have less allergies and lower anxiety levels. Pets help with early learning. Many children talk to their pets helping early speech. They also converse with other children about their pets. Pets teach children the idea of companionship. Pets are comforting and are something to cuddle and care for. Pets improve confidence and self-esteem. Many children feeling afraid sad or angry find they can turn to their pets with their secrets. Finally, pets help to build a strong family bond or body.

Q: What do animals/pets teach children?

gentle and how to communicate. The children learn empathy and show more responsibility. Pets help children to learn about feeding and cleaning. Pets teach children to be calm and have a gentle caring nature.

Q: We only have a small courtyard but would like to get a family pet. What animal would you recommend? In this case I would recommend a small dog that can be walked regularly. Other suggestions would include a cat or a guinea pig. The pet should not take up too

Pets have a beneficial effect on the general harmony of the family. The family tends to spend more time interacting with each other. Children learn empathy and show more responsibility when owning pets.

much room and should be easy to look after.

Pets help teach young children to be

Breed selection basically comes down to

“Passion to



through their Pregnancy, birth journey and beyond”

Brigid Feely, Midwife in private practice and Lactation Consultant, offers women a model of continuity of midwifery care for ante natal, birth and post natal care. Continuity of midwifery care with a known midwife is good for women, their babies, and families. Women are more likely to experience a positive normal birth and successfully breast feed her baby. Midwifery care with your own midwife is available for women in both the public and private hospitals.

Q: What are the best breeds of dogs suited for children under five?

the family home and family lifestyle. For younger children, I would prefer to see a small breed of dog that is not too large and boisterous. Personal preferences would be Maltese or Maltese crossbreds, Cavoodles, Jack Russell or Dachshunds. Young children do not have the ability to control their aggressive and impulsive behaviour. Hence you need a fairly strong-willed dog. Large dogs and aggressive dogs can be a major problem in some families. The choice of dog will basically come down to size, temperament and physical nature of the dog to fit into the environment of the family home.

Brigid’s services include: • Promotion & support of normal birth • Water birthing • Medicare rebate eligible • Use of aromatherapy & music in labour • Supporting women in the post natal period • Lactation consultant • Skilled support for successful breastfeeding • Assessment of ankyloglossia (tongue tie) lactation and treatment of • Providing support to assist mother to establish lactation and problem solve when things are difficult Words from a mother who experienced this model of care… “Having my own midwife for my birth was the best EVER! This model gave me confidence, support, knowledge, education and peace of mind. I was really excited about going into labour and giving birth to my beautiful boy. The entire experience was beautiful… the calming environment…just perfect…I am truly grateful” See the website for a range of maternity items for mothers. Face to face and skype consultations available. Phone or email to make your appointment. P: (07) 5478 4364 | M: 0419 729 621 E:



September/2 017

brIghtwater hoteL

Kid-friendly dining on the Coast Ever been to a restaurant and felt a not-so warm welcome for bringing the kids? While some places are suited for an 18+ crowd, others welcome the littlies with arms wide open. We’ve picked seven family-friendly places to eat out on the Coast so you can enjoy some great food and a glass of wine, whine free.

aPoLLonIan hoteL

19 Laguna St, Boreen Point. This colonial-style hotel will take the whole family on a journey back in time. Let the kids join in impromptu games of backyard cricket and other lawn sports on the large grassy area while the parents spectate from the charming wide veranda.

15 Freshwater St, Mountain Creek. With six PlayStations, four skill test machines, a large LCD screen showing the latest kids movies and TV channels plus free kids entertainment including face painting from 12noon on Sundays… the little one’s won’t want to leave this place. Lucky for the parents, kids eat free with any main meal purchased every Sunday from 5.30pm.

nambour rsL

Mathew St, Nambour. It’s games galore at the Nambour RSL’s playroom with puzzles, toys, TV, video games and arcade style games. Kids also eat free with every adult that purchases a main meal worth $15 or more.

kawana waters hoteL

Nicklin Way, Kawana Waters. Mini explorers will love the outdoor playground while the big kids can stay cool inside the air-conditioned playroom. There’s PlayStations, a mini cinema playing kids movies, fun activities every Sunday from 12noon and face painting on Friday and Saturdays from 6pm. There’s also plenty of yummy kid’s meals available from the bistro and kids eat free on Mondays.

the bohemIan bungaLow

69 Memorial Dr, Eumundi. Infused with whimsical ornaments sure to captivate little imaginations, the Bohemian Bungalow is a wonder for the whole family.


The outdoor courtyard provides plenty of space for active kids to burn off some energy before refuelling with a healthy and delicious meal from their extensive kids’ menu.

chanceLLors tavern

20 Chancellor Village Bvd, Sippy Downs. Suzy the face painter drops into Chancellors Tavern every Saturday from 5:30pm delivering some fun entertainment for the kids. Kids also eat for $3 including an ice cream and a drink with the purchase of an adult’s meal.

caLounDra rsL 19 West Tce, Caloundra.

There’s so much to keep the little ones entertained from colouring, arts and crafts, Nintendo, Playstation, non-stop ABC for Kids, kids movies on the big screen, a huge selection of toys and a great variety of arcade games. Suitable for ages 3 to 17, it’s free entry for RSL members or when a kids’ meal is purchased, otherwise $3 for non-members. Open Monday to Friday from 4-11pm, Saturdays 9:30am-11pm and Sundays 10:30am-11pm.

Anything is Possible Connect@Immanuel

Open Morning

19 October

We understand that each child is unique Our focus is on discovering what makes each child special, and encouraging them to develop their own personality. We surround them with an environment that embraces their individuality and allows them to explore new and innovative ways to look at the world. September/2 017


mini QuiChe Makes 12




☻ 12 wonton wrappers

Makes 22 - 26

☻ 1 teaspoon olive oil ☻ 100g shortcut bacon, chopped


☻ 100g button mushrooms, sliced

☻ 2 large carrots, peeled and cut into smaller chunks

☻ 1 medium tomato, chopped ☻ 1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley leaves

☻ 2 cups medjool dates, seeds removed

☻ 2 eggs ☻ ½ cup milk

☻ 1½ cups almond meal

☻ ¼ cup grated cheese

☻ ½ cup walnuts


☻ ½ teaspoon cinnamon

STEP 1 Preheat oven to 200°C/180° fan-forced. Lightly grease two ¹/³ cup-capacity, 6-hole muffin pans.

☻ Shredded (or desiccated)

STEP 2 Place 1 wonton wrapper in each hole. Press down firmly to line base and sides.


STEP 3 Heat oil in a medium non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat. Add bacon and mushrooms. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 to 7 minutes or until bacon is crisp and mushrooms tender. Transfer to a bowl. Set aside to cool. STEP 4 Add tomato and parsley to bacon mixture. Whisk eggs and milk together in a jug. Divide bacon mixture between muffin holes. Pour over egg mixture. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes or until egg is set. Cool in pan for 3 to 4 minutes. Serve

Method: STEP 1 Add all the ingredients minus the desiccated coconut to a high speed blender or food processor. Process until well combined and the mixture sticks together. STEP 2 Roll the mixture into small balls and place on a lined baking tray and place in the freezer for 30 minutes. STEP 3 Remove from the freezer and roll in the coconut. Place back in the freezer until ready to eat.

Sunshine Coast’s 1st Cloth nappy service with FREE pick-up & delivery to your door. Easy...

Looking for a Quality Kindergarten Program?

Perfect for a Baby Shower

Delivered Cloth Nappies or Newborn Laundry Service Gift Certificates Available

1 Register We will book a consultation with you and nappy kit before your first delivery

• 40 Place Long Day Care Centre

2 Deliver

A FULL SERVICE KIT will be delivered to your door at $35 per week

3 Pick-Up

• Children aged between 18 months and 5 years

We will schedule a pick up of the used nappies and swap with a fresh-laundered supply for the next week

• Curriculum based on the Early Years Learning Framework • Queensland Govt Approved Kindergarten Program • Japanese Language Program

For enquiries or to view the centre contact Aimee T: 5449 0039 Adeona Noosaville, 3 Anchor Street, Noosaville E: | W: 14

September/2 017

07 5443 8849 Members of Australian Nappy Association (ANA) Commercially laundered at Cotton Tree Laundry Service kit includes 50 x CottonTail Modern Cloth Nappies, Bamboo Inserts, Bamboo Liners, Nappy Pail, Pail Liners, Travel Wet Bag


• Hats and Sunscreen Provided


• Smaller Class Sizes

hAm And CheeSe PinwheeL Serves 6-8


heALthier ChoCoLAte CAke



☻ 16 slices deli ham

☻ 3 bananas, ripe ☻ ½ cup greek yogurt (vanilla or plain) ☻ ¹/³ cup honey ☻ 1 teaspoon vanilla ☻ 2 tablespoons creamy peanut butter ☻ 1 egg ☻ 1½ cups all-purpose flour ☻ ¹/³ cup cocoa powder ☻ 1½ teaspoon baking soda ☻ ½ cup chocolate chips ☻ Mini chocolate chips for sprinkling on top

☻ 2 cups grated cheese ☻ 8 large tortillas ☻ 100gm cream cheese – softened ☻ ¼ cup mayonnaise ☻ ½ teaspoon dill weed ☻ ½ teaspoon garlic powder ☻ ½ teaspoon onion powder Method: STEP 1 In a medium sized bowl, combine cream cheese, mayonnaise, dill weed, garlic powder, and onion powder. Mix until blended well. STEP 2 Spread a thin layer of cream cheese mixture on your tortilla. Spread it out well so that the whole tortilla has a thin layer. STEP 3 Down the middle of the tortilla, place a two slices of deli ham to cover the width of the tortilla. On top of the ham, sprinkle a layer of grated cheese to cover the width of the tortilla. This ensures that each pinwheel has meat and cheese. STEP 4 Roll up the tortilla tightly. Cut off a small portion of each end and discard, then cut the remaining rolled tortilla into 6-8 slices, about 1 inch thick. Place the olive halves on top to look like eyes.

Method: STEP 1 Preheat the oven to 180ºC. Spray an 8-inch square pan with cooking spray. STEP 2 In a blender, combine the bananas, Greek yogurt, honey, vanilla, and peanut butter. Blend until smooth, 1-2 minutes. STEP 3 Pour the blended mixture into a mixing bowl. Add the egg and mix in. Add the flour, cocoa powder, and baking soda, mix until incorporated. Add the ½ cup of chocolate chips, mix. STEP 4 Pour the cake into the prepared pan. Sprinkle additional chocolate chips on top of the cake if desired. Bake for 27-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean.


• To develop a supportive learning community that works in collaboration and partnership to promote children’s optimal development in all areas. • To provide a rich play-based learning environment that stimulates imagination, creativity, investigation and a life-long love of learning. • To provide opportunities that enable children to learn meaningfully through play. • To intentionally facilitate learning experiences that encourage and extend learning and development, curiosity and wonder. • To holistically nurture and support children’s growth and individual development at their own development pace. HEALTHY NUTRITIOUS MEALS PROVIDED

Beerwah 5494 0833

Aroona 5438 1414

Chancellor Pk 5476 9777

Brightwater 5493 9797 6658915aa

September/2 017


A guide to throwing a kids party Words Layne Whitburn

It’s party time. While cake, balloons, presents and confetti galore sounds like a fun time, being head party planner (aka mum and dad) can be a nightmare. Take the stress out of planning your little one’s birthday bash with our handy checklist of tips plus some party theme inspiration.

PARTY CHECKLIST AND TIPS: venue – First things first, choose a venue. This will determine everything from the theme to permitting guest numbers. Throwing a party at the beach? Don’t forget towels and sunscreen. Perhaps a


September/2 017

backyard bash? Ensure you have a spare gas bottle for the BBQ. Also, whatever you decide, keep in mind a wet weather backup plan.

InvItatIons – Facebook is an easy and cost effective way to send out save-the-dates, however, don’t overlook the power of paper invites. Guests will

feel extra special receiving a hardcopy invitation over a Facebook notification. Make your own either on the computer or get the kids involved with some arts and crafts inspired cards.


DecoratIons – Once you’ve decided on a theme, start searching for decorations. No need to spend a fortune, you’ll be surprised how much a few balloons and streamers will transform an area into a party playground.

cake – Do a practice bake the week prior. Bake the base the night before to avoid mayhem in the kitchen the day of. Also, let parents know what’s in the cake if any children have allergies.

Party fooD – Prepare what you can the day before. Ensure a mix of savoury vs sweet options and be wary of allergies. Write out a list of ingredients next to each plate of food and make sure the food is on a high, sturdy table so children can’t reach for things they shouldn’t be eating. For party food inspiration, see pages 14 and 15 for recipes.

LoLLy bags – To avoid a sugar overload, add toys to bulk up lolly bags. Ensure each bag has the same amount of goodies to avoid tantrums! games – Prepare party games suitable for the venue and space provided. Small courtyard? Opt for pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel or the limbo. If you’ve got the space, give musical chairs or bull rush a go. Don’t forget to pack any toys you may have such as Frisbees, balls or hula hoops.

tabLes anD seatIng – Spare trestle tables always come in handy while picnic blankets are great for children to sit on sparing up a few seats for the adults.

bottoms uP – Keep the big kids happy with an 18+ punch. Just makes sure you store it out of reach from the children!


While it may help, it can also be a tad overwhelming. We’ve scrolled through and handpicked five of the most popular kids party themes trending for 2017 and adjusted them to suit the Coast lifestyle.

Donut theme Who would have thought peoples love for donuts would go to this extreme? Turns out donut parties are a thing. Hang donuts from string off the clothes line and see who can eat a donut the fastest with their hands tied behind their back. Hang up donut balloons and stack donuts to make a cake.

unIcorn theme For a 2017 take on a princess party, unicorns are taking the reins. Play pin the horn on the unicorn, wear unicorn headbands and sprinkle glitter around like confetti.

froZen theme

Search ‘kids party ideas’ on Pinterest and you’ve got a web of inspiration.

If Disney’s ‘Let it Go’ has been on repeat in your household, turn it up a notch and


throw a Frozen party. Bake snowflake cookies and serve up snow cones. Create a wintery feel with a sea of white and baby blue balloons.

Lego theme Lego may not be new to 2017, but this theme will never get old. Stick to the base colours for all decorations: red, blue, green, yellow. Bake Lego brownies by icing each rectangle with one of these base colours and adding six smarties of the same colour on top. Short for game ideas? Lay out some Lego and you’ll keep the kids entertained for hours.

moana theme It’s the latest version of a tropical party. Bring out your Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts. Decorate with palm leaves and hibiscus flowers, serve drinks in coconut cups and make fruit salad skewers. Mahalo!

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Modern day parenting


Parenthood. It’s one of the most rewarding yet difficult jobs you will ever do. While almost everyone will share their two cents on what you’re doing right and more often what you’re doing wrong, it’s difficult not to get caught up in parent shaming. We caught up with Neuropsychotherapist and Relationship Specialist Joanne Wilson of The Confidante Counselling to talk all things parenting, relationships and how to deal with life’s speedbumps.

My partner and I are separating. How can I make this as less stressful for the children as possible?

I am getting a few nasty comments from other mothers about my parenting. How do I deal with this?

The greatest gift you can give your children during this tenuous time is ensure they feel absolutely loved and connected to both partners where possible during the separation. Many grown children of divorced parents reflect they appreciated being prioritised when living arrangements changed and normalised they weren’t the only children who don’t live with both parents. Other tips to help minimise stress for your children:

Keep in mind, how those mothers treat others is often a reflection of themselves, so they may well be struggling!

▪ Offer age appropriate data throughout the process. Consider their individual personalities, fragilities and fears as you deliver information about up-coming changes. ▪ Explain emotions in that tears of sadness help mummy or daddy get better and it won’t be forever. ▪ Help them express feelings through joining in on play. Be patient with unusual behaviours as dependent upon age, and children haven’t learnt the words to explain their confusion and grief. ▪ Advise other caregivers such as kindergarten or school to help understand and support them. ▪ Avoid speaking negatively about your partner in front of the children. Tempting as it may be during your own emotional rollercoaster, you are still both your children’s heroes! They are half of both of you, need and love you. Avoid a toxic atmosphere from harsh words that are confusing and can lead to insecure attachment styles in the future. Be selfless so your choices benefit them. ▪ Set fun goals and be creative with exciting activities for the children to look forward to. ▪ Talk! Children often react in accordance with the atmosphere you create so ensure you have a regular outlet with a trusted friend, family or counsellor. 18

September/2 017

Surround yourself with inspiring and uplifting friends. If you find yourself compromised in a judgemental crowd, be courageous enough to find a new tribe! The cyber world has opened various opportunities for support if you live remotely, but otherwise, be brave and join a new playgroup or activity. There are so many to choose from here on the Sunshine Coast. You have the right to parent in a way that honours your values, so go for it! If the nasty comments are online, disengage from that chat group and take a break from the screens. Check in with your self-talk as resulting negative discussions with yourself for too long will compound your hurt. I’ve observed some very savvy mothers pursue further study or courses about their parenting style to ensure they speak and parent with educated self-assurance. (As assured as one ever gets on this challenging parenting journey!) My partner works full-time, and doesn’t get the chance to take the kids to school or help at school activities etc. They are feeling like they are missing out. How can I make them feel more involved? Thankfully we have the benefit of the huge variety of phone Apps to keep working partners in touch with their family. It certainly doesn’t replace touch, but a quick “Face Time” at the soccer match is a wonderful tool. Other ideas are: ▪ Plan ahead with class teachers to invite the working parent in for a “Show and Share” about their job. You can engineer any job to sound exciting! ▪ Exchange drawings or notes in lunch boxes. ▪ Plan regular one-on-one breakfast dates

with the working parent before school if you have multiple children. ▪ Arrange for a spontaneous school pickup by the working partner. It might be infrequent but avoid being too rigid in your roles as these surprises will be memorable. ▪ Create a special regular ritual such as Saturday morning pancake cook up when the working parent is home that creates a special connection. ▪ Create an online shared photo album or scrap book of events to share important achievements such as awards or exciting things to share with the working parent. ▪ Draw up a special calendar featuring input from the children on days when a travelling parent arrives home. ▪ Importantly, ensure both parents are understanding of hectic times during their schedule such as meetings and evening bath/meal times! My husband and I share a few differences when it comes to disciplining the kids. How can we unify our parenting? To ensure you are both presenting as a “united front” to your children, it is helpful to have a discussion with your partner around these questions: 1. Do you appreciate how you were disciplined? 2. If anything, what would you change about your childhood? 3. How close did you feel to your family and if not, why not? 4. Do you remember how bed and meal times were handled? 5. What were the consequences for poor choices when you were a child? 6. Do you desire to mirror your parents’ methods? 7. How are your respective answers to the above similar or different?

Whilst you cannot anticipate every scenario, I encourage couples to conduct regular behind the scenes discussions to determine your disciplinary style. It is natural to discover you have inconsistent approaches. Importantly, back each other in front of the children then discuss it later. Your children will be quick to work around the parent who is more flexible! My husband and family are concerned I may have postnatal depression. What are some of the symptoms and what can I do about it? It’s useful to understand the varied terms relating to postnatal depression. Antenatal depression is when you experience depression during pregnancy. Beyond Blue state it affects up to one in 10 women (9 per cent) in Australia. Up to one in seven women (almost 16 per cent) of women experience postnatal depression, which develops between one month and up to one year after the birth. Depression can start before or during pregnancy and continue after childbirth. The term, “perinatal depression” covers the whole period from conception until your baby is 12 months old. It is so normal to experience the initial “baby blues” as your mind and body adjusts to the incredible change of creating and caring for a baby. Particularly from day three to 10, it is important to become familiar with the natural stages of being tearful, exhausted and anxious along with mood fluctuations. Aside from experiencing this, I personally found the mechanical aspects of the logic required to insert the baby into the pouch and operate the breast pump ridiculously challenging. I drove home a few times with the pram wedged into the car unfolded as couldn’t work it out! Whilst eating and sleeping patterns are naturally experiencing an overhaul, it can be difficult to notice the symptoms. Your


chatting to other mums to find out their babies preferred not to sleep when it was dark and they had chunks of vomit in their hair as well. Ew!

husband and family should be concerned if you experience some of these: ▪ Persistent sadness and crying ▪ Dread when spending time with the baby ▪ Tightening sensation in the chest and rising panic ▪ Feeling devastated, hopeless or incapable ▪ Inability to find joy or repress a negative self-perception Here’s what you can do: ▪ Start talking: often for long periods of time, and loudly with your safe support people. ▪ Find safe support people: which can include your partner, trusted family, maternity nurse, GP, a mother’s group or playgroup. Basically, you need anyone who won’t judge you for mentioning you want your old life or body back! Gosh I loved

▪ Dress up: whilst comfortable, avoid staying in the tracky dacks with uncombed locks for too long. Summon up the energy to put your nice clothes on, even if you’re not going anywhere so you feel more empowered and confident. ▪ Get professional help: there are some incredible support services here on the Sunshine Coast such as the specialist PND Centre. The statistics prove you’re not alone, so the services are here if you need them. ▪ Talk some more: don’t underestimate the power of unleashing those words to relieve the pressure of whirring emotions in your mind. Many Sunshine Coast new parents don’t have families close by. Be brave to start up a conversation with another new mum, initiate a phone call or catch up. Minimise the adverse symptoms with specialist help if needed so you can enjoy your little miracle sooner!

JOANNE WILSON/The Confidante Counselling M: 0409 909 933 1/81 Sixth Ave, Cotton Tree Maroochydore; and Immanuel Lutheran Church Office, Forest Drive Buderim. Download Joanne’s free app: Conveniently book online at: Have you liked?


Creating precious memories in a fun-filled environment with an experienced and dedicated team at Beerwah Prep. Primary classes Prep to Year 6

Strive to Excel

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Words Karina Eastway

raIsIng InDePenDent chILDren

While raising independent children might sound great in theory, the reality is that it involves a lot of letting go: something that can sound scary to even the most robust of parents. But doing some groundwork now can pay off big time when your little ones reach adulthood. Clinical Psychologist and Director of The Parenting Centre Maleny, Dr Bob Jacobs (affectionately known as Dr Bob), says there are a few qualities we want to encourage when it comes to raising independent children. “It’s an adaptive behaviour we’re nurturing for their adult life, but the onus is on us as parents to be walking the walk,” Dr Bob says. He explains that first we must come to terms with our own reservations: are we happy to accept that independence means they’ll

be less under our control and, as a result, making their own decisions? While the ‘punishment and reward’ parenting model makes for a more compliant child, it doesn’t help to create independent adults. “The goal is getting rid of any dependency on us – that’s there from day dot. From the time they’re 16 or 17 they shouldn’t be dependent on us at all: that’s where the ship is ultimately heading and it’s destined to set sail.” Dr Bob suggests the more independence we can give our children the better, within the confines of appropriate safety measures of course, both physically and emotionally. But allow children to make mistakes and look for every opportunity to allow autonomy.

Here’s Dr Bob’s top tips:

resPectfuL coLLaboratIon

Let chILDren make theIr own DecIsIons

As adults we have equal power so we discuss things appropriately to find solutions. A family is its own little community, even though as adults we’re taller. Talk to your kids rather than getting into a power struggles with them which don’t need to happen. Instead, set aside the power and the rules: discuss what’s going on for you and get them to assist with finding a better

Ask “what can they take over that I don’t really need to control?” Look to encourage autonomy in their choices – for example, does it really matter what time the kids brush their teeth if they’re wanting to do it at another time?

solution. Kids mental decision making skills are enhanced by having a collaborative approach. Try giving them a few days to come up with a solution on their own - they may even surprise you with solutions you hadn’t event thought of. Err on the side of independence (as long as it’s consistent with safety) If it’s a grey area for you, then go with the independent option. Kids need both the ability to be able to make decisions for themselves and also to be comfortable in what they’re doing without adult supervision.

PermIssIon to feeL Give your children the freedom to experience feelings without having to explain them. When someone’s upset (especially children) we usually want to know why and to try and fix it for them. But sometimes they don’t know actually what’s wrong and just need to sit with their feelings and work it though. “Even babies cry sometimes for no reason,” Dr Bob says. “It’s a beautiful thing to see a parent holding the baby and loving it while it’s crying. The baby still knows it’s secure and loved but it’s a great lesson to learn: you don’t have to change the way you feel to make someone else feel better.” Give these little tips and tricks a go. As a result, you’ll have capable and confident adults functioning in the real world in no time.

Laugh & Learn

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Gift your child with the love of learning Caloundra 07 5405 3621 4 Lomond Crescent Caloundra West

We care for children aged 6 weeks – 5 years. Dedicated Before and After School Care Studio catering for children 5-12 years. Centre benefits included with your daily fee: Healthy, nutritious meals Secure electronic sign in and sign out system Access to Storypark – your child’s online learning portfolio Purpose built natural environments for exploration and play Nappies and wipes Hat and bag on enrolment Kindergarten Program Holistic perspective of learning and play


A mermAidS tALe roCk dog ■ 1 hr 30 min ■ Rating: PG

■ 1 hr 33 min ■ Rating: G

For the Tibetan Mastiffs on Snow Mountain, a dog's life has a simple riff - guard a peaceful village of sheep from the thuggish wolf pack.

Twelve-year-old Ryan is downhearted about moving to a dying seacoast village, that is until she forms an unlikely friendship with a quirky mermaid.

AmeriCAno ■ 1 hr 38 min ■ Rating: G Cuco the parrot heads to Hollywood to ask TV superhero El Americano for help as a gang of bully birds threaten his father and take over their circus.

the going-to-Bed Book ChiCkA ChiCkA Boom Boom

■ By Giles Andreae

■ By Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault

Giraffes Can’t Dance is a great story about Gerald the giraffe who simply cannot dance due to his long legs and neck, therefore not fitting into the animal kingdom. Gerald soon discovers the benefit of individuality and passes on valuable lessons on how children can fit in despite being different.

How do you teach the letters of the alphabet in a fun and engaging way? Enter Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. This clever and creative educational book connects letters in string of rhymes as they all race towards the top of the coconut tree. Your little one will be singing the alphabet chant in no time.

■ By Sandra Boynton Establishing bedtime routines is easier said than done. The solution? Combine goofy yet lovable animals with simple yet effective rhymes to get kids excited about going to bed. This musically pleasing and visually entertaining book provides a fun take on the different activities we do before calling it a night, allowing for a more pleasant sleep for bub and in turn, mum.

Vision problems affect 1 in 4 children, and many go undiagnosed.

If your child hasn’t been examined in the last three years, please call us now.


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girAffeS CAn't dAnCe

Eyecare Plus Mooloolaba

Wayne Derrick

Eyecare Plus Mooloolaba

BApplSc(Optom), GradCertOcTherap Shop 11, Cnr Brisbane Road and Tarcoola Avenue P: 5452 5022


Apps available for download and purchase from the iTunes app store or Google Play. 2017

hoPSter An ideal app for preschoolers, Hopster combines awardwinning kid’s TV shows, fun and educational games and classic nursery rhymes.

tooniA CoLourBook

Phone for kidS Phone for Kids includes intuitive and child-friendly educational materials about colours, numbers, letters, shapes, directions, days of the week, animals, drawing and much more over more than 30 fun-filled educational games and activities.

Toonia Colourbook helps kids develop concentration skills, motor skills and eyehand coordination as well as creative thinking, all without making a mess.

for the big kids

Apps available for download and purchase from the iTunes app store or Google Play.

dVd: PASSengerS

dVd: the PromiSe

■ 1 hr 56 min

■ 2 hr 14 min

On a routine journey through space to a new home, two passengers, sleeping in suspended animation, are awakened 90 years too early when their ship malfunctions. As Jim and Aurora face living the rest of their lives on board, they begin to fall for each other, unable to deny their intense attraction until they discover the ship is in grave danger.

Brilliant medical student Michael meets a beautiful dance instructor Ana in late 1914. Their shared Armenian heritage sparks an attraction that explodes into a romantic rivalry between Michael and Ana's boyfriend, an American photojournalist who's dedicated to exposing the truth.

CALm: meditAtion to reLAX, foCuS & SLeeP Better Parenthood can be stressful. Take some time out for you with some guided meditation, breathing programs and sleep stories. Calm is the perfect meditation app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users.

grAndmA'S tiPS Are you the cook, cleaner and general person in charge of the household? Get some help from the woman who knows best, grandma. With more than 1200 tips how to cook super tasty meals, handle things around the kitchen, do housework and gardening, deal with small health and cosmetic problems, or make decorations and small repairs, Grandma’s Tips will help you become housewife of the year.

At Helen’s Home Early Learning we provide; • A unique nature play environment • Nurturing and inspiring care and education • School readiness program – provided by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher • Childcare benefit and Childcare rebate available to approved families

Helen Wells Bachelor Education (Early Childhood) Bachelor Human Services Face Book: Helens Home Early Learning Email:

Mobile: 0439 495 364


Are you looking for an inspiring and nurturing homebased education and care environment for your children?

Holistic Approach Family Day Care is licensed under the Education and Care Services National Regulation (2011). We are required to comply with the National Quality Framework.

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Getting out the door Words Karina Eastway

How hard can it be? Have breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth and you’re out the door – easy peasy. But as every parent knows, mornings can be the most testing time of all.

Be organised – get what you need

for the day organised the night before, including lunch, permission forms, banking and homework. This could even include uniforms for after school sport activities. There are also some brilliant visual checklists available online so even if your child can’t read, they can tick off each picture. Brush teeth? Check!

Train ‘em up – teach your kids how to get their own cereal or school lunches but prepare in advance for challenges. For example, place cereal into easy pour containers and buy a small size milk container they can handle. Give your children age appropriate jobs they can assist with, like helping to feed the pets.

Set the alarm early – even if it’s

just to get dressed and fully organised yourself before the chaos hits.

Stay focussed – Give kids small but

specific tasks to keep them focussed. Separate siblings who you know are going to create their own distractions. Send one to get dressed while the other brushes their teeth, for example.

Stay calm – Not every morning is going to go smoothly, but take a deep breath, make small adjustments and remember that tomorrow is another day.

Brookes Street Nambour Community Kindergarten


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Wednesday 25th October & Wednesday 8th November 9 to 11am 8:30am to 4pm Taking enrolments now for 2018 in both Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday groups

For more inFormation please contact sandy

Phone 5441 1750 | 24

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See page 30 for a colouring in activity!


Sibling rivalry


Words Layne Whitburn

A childhood without a few shoves, pushes and tears between siblings may sound perfect, but a perfect world is boring (nor does it exist). Let’s face it, sibling rivalry is a normal part of family-life. Here’s five tips on how to deal with sibling rivalry to ensure it doesn’t damage family relationships.

Don’t PLay referee Stop resolving your children’s conflicts by playing referee on who’s right and who’s wrong. Not only does this add more stress to your life, but your children won’t learn problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. Instead, encourage and suggest ways your

InDIvIDuaL tIme

children could work it out themselves.

hoLD famILy ‘Debates’

It’s important to give each child some oneon-one attention. For working parents, this can be difficult finding the time for each child rather than combining playtime into one session, however all it takes is a small chat and cuddle at the end of the day for each child.

Sharing different views and opinions is only natural. Let your children express their views in a healthy way by holding family meetings or debates. This will give them the chance to express themselves hence making them feel heard and their feelings understood.


PosItIve reInforcement

While we love all our children equally, sometimes parents will find a child who is similar to them easier to handle, suggesting hints of favouritism. This is where sibling jealousy starts as they fight for your attention. It’s important to show your children they are all equal by treating them with the same love, consideration and respect.

It’s a no-brainer, but complimenting your child for good behaviour is vital. No need to spoil them with treats, but a simple “I’m really happy you did that” or “It’s very nice to see you do this” is all it takes to reward your child and boost their attitude towards ongoing good behaviour.









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spring babe


You'll fall in love with these spring products.


Mum, Dad - are you too busy to shop? We DELIVER! Feed your kids ORGANIC MEATS and watch them THRIVE.

Sunshine Coast Organic Meats - your supplier for the largest selection of certified organic and free range meats on the Coast.

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Organic Island – Certified organic skin care range for babies and adults. Visit

Milkmaid Mumma - Reusable bamboo nursing pads for pregnant, breastfeeding and pumping mothers. Ecofriendly and sustainable products for earth conscious families. Visit

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Five Tips for Taking Better Kids Photos


appropriate pose or even get to crack a smile. Some of your favourite photos will be the ones the kids never saw coming. Hang in the background and catch them in their natural environment - you’ll treasure the photo even more because it reflects their true personality.

Words Karina Eastway

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know how difficult it is to snap a great photo (unless they’re asleep of course!). We’ve put some ideas together to make the most of your photo opportunities while keeping your sanity.


As with all photography, it’s all about the light. Before you go to the trouble of taking a shot, make a quick note of which direction the light is coming from and (try) to ensure the kids are facing the source. There’s often no point in even taking a photo if the light is behind the subject matter - it will just appear dark and lacking in any detail. Time of day is also important: try to photograph in the morning or later in the day when the light is softer and


has a warmth to it. Try to photograph in diffused light rather than full shadow or full sun. Flash photography requires practice and knowledge of your camera settings to prevent red eyes and startled looks.


It’s a numbers game. The days of expensive film and processing costs are behind us so take more shots than you need. Even if you only get one great shot from the whole shoot it’s super easy to delete, delete, delete.


Be an opportunist. We all know that kids are hard to keep still, let alone follow photography direction, strike an




September/2 017

looking through the viewfinder but before you take the photo, look to see what else is in the frame and what’s in the background. A beautiful photo of the kids will be ruined once you notice the tree growing out of your child’s head.


Mix it up. Try taking the photograph from a different level – at child’s height for example. It will make the photographs more interesting and provide variety in the backgrounds too. Oftentimes floors can add an interesting background if they’re timber, tiled or polished concrete - even a grassy area works well.


visit Maroochydore 50 Plaza Parade Ph: 5479 2844 28

FOUR It’s in the detail. When you’re

Helping you capture life


Super easy toys (you can make at home)

Words Karina Eastway

Marble run • Pool noodle – cut in half longways • Marbles or small balls Get the kids to place the open pool noodle side by side to create a racing ‘track’ for marbles. If they’re feeling crafty, they can decorate the track with start and finish lines, even overhead signage and bridges made from paddle pop sticks or toothpicks.

Outdoor hula hoop fort • 1 x hula hoop • 1 x sheet • Safety pins • Twine or string (for attaching to a tree branch) Pin the top edge of a sheet around the hula hoop. Use twine or string to attach hula hoop to a tree branch so the sheet falls down to the ground forming a tepee shaped tent. Place cushions inside for a super comfy hideout.

Crazy Sacks Ocean in a bottle

• Play-Doh • 12″ latex balloons • Permanent marker

• 1 x plastic bottle with child safe lid • Water • Vegetable oil • Blue food colouring

1. Roll out your play dough into a long, thin line. (I use one tub of dough per balloon)

Fill 1/3 of the bottle with water and add a few drops of the blue food colouring. Completely fill the remainder of the bottle with oil and tip upside down to create waves of colour through the oil. Kids will love watching these ‘ocean waves’.

2. Stretch your balloon as wide as you can and stuff the play dough inside. (Adults can do this themselves, but kids will need help with this part.) 3. Press the filled balloon to make it flat and get as much air out as possible. Tie it off with a knot. 4. Add a face using your marker.

September/2 017





30 30

September/2 017 September/2 017

jokes ••



Q: Why was school easier for cave people? A: Because there was no history to study! Q: Why did the M&M go to school? A: Because he really wanted to be a Smartie!



Make sure you check with mum or dad first!

run away PePPer This is a great science demonstration and, dare we say, child’s play. Sprinkle pepper over the top of a bowl with water in it. Put a dab of soap on your finger and then touch the centre of the sprinkled pepper. The soap breaks the surface tension of the water and pulls the floating pepper away from the soap.

raInbow mILk

Clever, no fuss ways to display your kids artwork

Words Karina Eastway

Displaying kid’s artwork with ease means you can rotate the masterpieces more often! We’ve got easy display options which they (and your walls) will love.  Hang colourful, empty frames on the wall and then use Blue-tak to add and change artwork inside the frame.  Place a simple bulldog clip on any spare nail/hook in the wall.  Place a kid’s art easel in the loungeroom and clip their larger artwork pieces.  Hang some string (ribbon, wire or even a skipping rope) between two hooks. Grab some pegs and artwork is easy to clip on and off.  For smaller masterpieces, glue magnets onto some pegs and place on the fridge.  Use a wooden trouser coat hanger (they come with two clips) and place

wherever there’s a hanging point. Get kids to decorate the hanger for extra fun.

Drip food colouring into a bowl of milk and then dip a soapy finger into the milk to get magic patterns.

benDIng water All you need for this experiment is a plastic comb and a tap. Comb your hair to charge the comb with electricity. Turn on the tap to get a thin stream of water then place the comb near the water. It should move away from the comb.

Ice magIc Fill a glass with water and add an ice cube. Now get your child to lay a piece of string across the ice and try to pick it up. Next sprinkle a little salt over the ice cube, count to 10 and try again. The salt melts the ice just enough to bond it to the string.

 Hang a clipboard on the wall and you’ve got an instant place for display.  Make some different sized frames from cardboard. Place on the back of doors around the home and use Bluetak to arrange artwork inside.  Hang a shower curtain rod (or curtain rail) which includes clips.  Create a ‘web’ of string to hold artwork. Place random adhesive hooks on a section of wall and weave the string between the hooks in all different directions until it creates a web effect. Insert art here! September/2 017 September/2017




Studies have shown that young children can ask between 25-50 questions an hour before they enter Prep. The research from psychologist, author and lecturer, Susan Engel, has also shown that this decreases to two questions an hour in less engaging Prep environments. As we prepare children for school, one of the greatest tools we can equip children with is the ability to ask questions, and let curiosity fuel their learning. At Sunshine Coast Grammar School, our research based Early Years program, nurtures a learning environment where questioning and wondering is celebrated, and curiosity flourishes.



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Prams to Prep September 2017  
Prams to Prep September 2017  

Prams to Prep September 2017