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Bridal Guide 2019



Contents 4. Wedding planner 5. Budgeting your wedding 6. Choosing your wedding season 7. Choosing your venue 8. Local venue information 9. Dressing the bridal party 10. Wedding photography 12. Wedding vows and questions to ask your marriage celebrant 13. Roles in the wedding party 14. Narrowing down your guest list and where to seat your guests 15. Finding the perfect gown 16. Dressing the groom 17. Wedding etiquette 18. Don’t forget the bouquet 19. Your invitation options 20. Planning your ceremony and wedding gift registries 21. Eco-friendly weddings and how to shop locally for the occasion 24. Bridal beauty 25. Steps for the perfect wedding make-up 26. Pampering a groom 27. Wedding jewellery styling and engagement rings 28. Your perfect wedding cake 29. Different kinds of wedding catering 30. Ideas for the bachelor party and hen’s night 31. Who should do speeches 32. Accommodation 33. Wedding atmosphere and music 34. Jade and Sean’s wedding story 35. Apps and websites for the modern marriage 36. Travelling to your wedding destination 37. What to pack on your honeymoon 38. Things to do before the big day and taking a moment to relax 39. Notes 40. Top wedding tips 41. Wedding celebrants 42. Brides of the Burnett 43. Wedding directory

The 2019 Burnett Bridal Guide is published by the South Burnett Times, 176 Haly St, Kingaroy, Queensland 4610. Printed by News Corp Australia, 56 Kenilworth St, Warwick, Queensland 4370. Journalist: Elaelah Harley Editor: Marguerite Cuddihy. For advertisement enquiries, contact Melanie Eastaugh on 07 4162 9742. Most of the photos used in this Bridal Guide are from Treasure Pics, A&F Wedding Photography and MRP Images. Page 2.


We hope you draw inspiration from the love and romance in the pages of the 2019 Burnett Bridal Guide code to assign to the big day, or how to write an invitation, we’ve got you covered. Nowadays, people are opting for more personal and unique weddings, and this guide reflects that. Couples are finding more and more ways to create their own traditions while continuing to honour past traditions. It’s an exciting time to plan your nuptials, and the inspiration you draw from the true love and romance in these pages will make it all the more inspiring to craft a blueprint of your perfect day. So whether you’re opting for trendy or traditional, winter or summer, just remember that of all the choices you make about your special day, you have already made the most important one, the day you said “yes”.

— Marguerite Cuddihy


HOW lucky you brides are to be celebrating your forevers here in the beautiful Burnett. Our local wedding industry is vibrant, collaborative and fun. We are surrounded by beautiful locations, talented photographers, and personable celebrants. Our goal for the 2019 Burnett Bridal Guide is to help brides-to-be have the most up-to-date, relevant and simple information as they plan their perfect event. So before you fall in love with a location, set a date or book the photographer, you will want to leaf through these pages for inspiration. We want to give you the answers to help you make a more informed decision and save you some headaches down the road. Whether it’s deciding who should make a speech, what dress

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Your go-to wedding planner 6 MONTHS BEFORE

WHEN you plan a wedding – whether it’s yours, a friend’s or a family member’s – it’s important to check back to a timeline that will cover all bases of the event. Take a look at our generic wedding guide below and try your hardest to stay on track, time-wise.

- Organise your honeymoon and book accommodation - Book in annual leave for the event - Book photographers, musicians and florists - Buy your wedding rings



- Announce your engagement - Introduce families - Create a budget - Book your venue and wedding celebrant - Find a wedding planner - Choose bridesmaids and groomsmen



- Have a hair and/or make-up trial - Create a seating plan for your guests - Organise any speeches - Create a photo list - Plan the wedding rehearsal and order of events - Inform caterers of any dietary requirements and finalise menus


- Pack for the honeymoon - Create a wedding day emergency kit and pack it - Give rings to whoever will present them


- Decide on your wedding’s theme - Visit bridal boutiques and choose a dress - Organise bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits - Decide on accessories and book hair and make-up - Book your caterer - Finalise guest list and order stationery and invitations - Sort out decorations - Book any needed accommodation

- Create plans with your wedding celebrant - Write your vows - Post invitations - Lodge your notice of intended marriage form - Organise wedding events, hen’s/buck’s parties and bridal showers

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Creating your budget

BUDGETING is an imperative step in the wedding planning process, whether you’re aiming for a $200 wedding, $2000 wedding or a $20,000 wedding. This is because with budgeting, you can avoid spending too much on unimportant items and put the money where you’d rather it goes, be it a different wedding item or back into your savings. So how do you implement a budget? It all comes down to the idea of your wedding. The location, number of guests and theme are all important things to consider when planning your dream wedding’s budget. For example, many locations require deposits and fees for hiring them, so that will obviously take priority in your budget if you are set on the location. After considering what’s most important to you – whether it’s splurging on a dress, the location or restaurant tier meals – then you can shape your budget around what the realistic costs will be.

A great step once you have your general idea is to get quotes on any or all costly services. Once you have a good start, continue searching and see if anyone else will do a better deal. After you have a set price in mind, add a few hundred for emergencies and then try your best to stick to it. A great way to do this is through keeping track of everything you spend while following a strict “to buy” list. Tracking your purchases is a great idea that holds you accountable for what you spend and if you’re strict on your budget, it’s important to deduct allocated money from a future purchase if one of your more important purchases becomes pricier than you anticipated. If a general idea of your wedding and a notepad won’t suffice for your budget planning, you’ll be happy to know there are a bunch of phone applications and websites that help you budget for any occasion.

Food & beverage packages available Functions Seated up to 60 Cocktail up to 100 Large range of local wines

Your Wedding Venue

Contact Functions Manager Phone: 4162 3999 Email: pioneerroomrestaurant@gmail.com 100 Kingaroy Street, Kingaroy


Local, family-owned business

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Which season suits you best? SOME people might have a favourite month that they’ve always wanted to marry in and some might pick a random day. Either way, choosing this day or at least time of year, should be a priority when it comes to planning your wedding. After all, without an actual date or timeline chosen, you won’t be able to plan the rest of your event – especially as most planning, such as catering, venues, custom attire and floristry need to be booked in advance. So, a good start to planning your wedding date is choosing which season will suit you best. As well as general preferences, a major impact on this decision comes down to environmental factors. Some areas are more affected by different seasons than others and some people might prefer these different seasons for those factors. For the beautiful South Burnett region, we have an intense summer, filled with hot and dry conditions. This would suit couples who prefer a warm climate and people who don’t want to wear long-sleeved suits or dresses. Despite the dry climate, we also have some severe storms over the span of summer so, if you want to guarantee the weather will be quite stable, you might want to avoid this season on your ‘save the date’ card. As a contrast to this, if you would prefer to be dressed in more conservative clothing, then for comfort you might want to have your wedding in winter. For the in-between seasons — autumn and spring — both are similar in temperature. This means these seasons suit people who want to dress in the middle, with longer clothing, without needing to layer or needing thicker material. Of course, most people don’t plan their wedding to suit their gowns or suits, so if you want scenery to be a focus, autumn offers a nod to a rustic aesthetic, with more yellow and brown tones. Depending on the wedding venue, spring will offer a fresh, lively atmosphere, with all of our blooming native fauna.

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South Burnett wedding venues OUR 10 FAVOURITES INCLUDE:

Weddings at

Mulanah Gardens Picturesque surroundings, delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere

• Award Winning Micro Business • Luxury Accommodation • Wedding & Small Function Venue • Sunday Coffee • The Very Best of Hospitality

Let us help make your special day, the perfect, unique and memorable event you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Ceremonies and receptions at the Bunya Mountains 2. Local gardens or parks that spark nostalgia 3. The shores of the famous dams, waterfalls or water holes 4. Mountains or lookouts 5. Homestead locations that provide a taste of history 6. A breath of fresh air at Yarraman, Blackbutt or Benarkin State Forests 7. Celebrating at one of the South Burnett’s famous wineries 8. Country style bed and breakfasts or farm stays 9. Booking out our authentic Australian pubs 10. Property weddings with your closest friends and families.

Denise Keelan Photography

CHOOSING your wedding venue is an exciting part of your planning and a crucial starting point. This is because your dream wedding destination often sets the mark for your budget. Fortunately for your wallet, there are many affordable and picturesque destinations around the South Burnett that will make for a very memorable event. This is because the location of the South Burnett region spans many different terrains, including our well-known red soils and forestry, while sitting on the doorstep of the scenic Bunya Mountains. Our wedding destinations span a range of wonderful and diverse outdoor wedding destinations, including countryside views, fields and acreage, hills upon hills, state forests and popular dams or waterholes, to a range of impressive indoor venues that will suit any taste. All these options have wonderful photo opportunities, thanks to each venue’s beautiful architecture or surrounding scenery.

www.mulanahgardens.com | kath@mulanahgardens.com 07 4164 3142 | Lindsay - 0408 115 480 or Rhonda - 0427 643142 Page 7


South Burnett wedding destinations IF YOU need help with wedding destination ideas around the South Burnett, here’s a quick list of registered venues that can help you find what you need. Mulanah Gardens This bed and breakfast cottage and restaurant, only 16km from Kingaroy, is the perfect place for a honeymoon getaway, ceremony or reception. With scenic views from its hilltop location, you might want to look into booking this destination. Hillview Cottages Located on the Booie Range, wonderful scenery makes this the perfect place for a private ceremony and reception, with accommodation to follow. Kingsley Grove Estate This vineyard provides a wonderful backdrop for ceremonies and receptions alike, with a wealth of vines active since 1998. They also have a licensed kitchen on site for reception catering. A Wedding Barn Perfect for vintage weddings, this old-style barn with mesmerising views of the Bunya Mountains provides a wonderful atmosphere for your big event. It is also a great destination for photography and the venue will help lend a hand with planning. Pioneer Lodge Motel Offering food service and dining in the centre of Kingaroy, along with a function room for up to 50 people, this could be one of the most seamless, convenient wedding destinations. Bunya Mountains If you love getting back to nature, this is the place to go for your dream wedding. At the Bunya Mountains, there are enough cabins to accommodate many guests, with picturesque ceremony and reception locations. Ringsfield House Nanango’s country estate house is filled with all kinds of preserved modern history and will be a wonderful backdrop for your wedding. Hosting many ceremonies in the past, this experienced location is sure to help you visualise what your big event will look like.

Hillview Cottages on the Booie Range

Let us help you make your special day everything you’ve dreamed about!

297 Birt Road, Kingaroy 4610 • PH: 41621727 • www.hillviewcottages.com.au

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Set on 57 acres with breathtaking views, hillview cottages has space for your ceremony, reception and three historical cottages to accommodate the happy couple plus eight additional guests.


Dressing the bridal party CHOOSING outfits for your bridesmaids or groomsmen can be a big job and it only gets harder the more people you have in the bridal party. This is because there is always a range of different body types that you need to match and be considerate of. As well as body types, there can be cultural or religious preferences on how much skin a bridesmaid will show in contrast to another bridesmaid. There are many ways you can get around this, with alternating styles and matching colour schemes or, if you’re extra lenient, not having matching outfits in the first place. However this isn’t always an available option. The best way to solve this issue before it arises is to check in with your bridesmaids or groomsmen on which styles they feel comfortable wearing, what shapes are flattering to most of them and what they’d like to wear again – especially if they’re paying

for the outfits. On the note of costs, before you do anything, you should identify your budget and decide whether your bridesmaids will be paying for dresses or if you will be. Both of these choices are popular in modern weddings. So how do you define your budget? Consider how many dresses you will be buying or identify the budgets of your bridesmaids if they’re paying. When considering costs in-store, take into account the amount of money it will cost for alterations. Fortunately, some stores include alteration prices, so don’t be afraid to ask the shop assistant or store owner. If the bridesmaids or groomsmen are paying for their clothes, consider the extra costs like shoes, ties and accessories that you would like to have matching and make sure these items fit into their budgets.

beautiful reCeption venue

Specializing in Canape style weddings to embrace the magic of the mountain FULLY LICENCED VENUE



The Bunyas Tavern . BAR . BISTRO . CAFE E: info@the bunyas.com.au W: www.thebunyas.com.au

P: 07 4668 3131 6982963aa

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Capturing memories at your wedding ONE of the most important details of a modern wedding is photography. Be it done by a professional or a friend, you’re going to want to have someone there to document and take photos of the wedding’s expressions. After all, a wedding is often considered one of the biggest events in a person’s life, so you’re going to want to preserve its memories. However the difference between a professional wedding photographer and a family friend with an expensive camera can be stark. When you have a professional photographer, you know that with a simple payment your entire day will be taken care of. You won’t have to worry about what photo opportunities they’ll seize or what angles they’ll shoot. After a short consultation with your wedding photographer beforehand, they’ll be aware of your style and what you want to

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have photos of and what you don’t. Unless your budget is extremely strict, you won’t want to think about choosing the family friend for a price drop. Professional wedding photography has a lot of work involved in it and that’s why it is often an expensive ordeal. Before you refuse a wedding photographer for their quote on your big event, you might want to take note of their tasks they’ll be carrying out to make your day as memorable as possible. Not only will the photographers need to cover their expensive equipment, which they must update regularly, but there’s much more than just attending the event and taking good photos. Photographers will spend hours before the event in preparation and planning with the marrying couple and then many hours editing the photos afterwards. For a gauge of how much work this really is, photographers often don’t return the wedding photos until a month after the event.

0487474686 treasurepicsstudio@gmail.com

Capturing Moments You Treasure


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Questions to ask your marriage celebrant

Wedding vows WRITING your wedding vows can be a daunting thing. They’re a very personal piece that will demonstrate to your partner how much you love them, but you also need to say these vows in front of everyone who attends. To make things even more complex, you also need to meet certain legal wording requirements so that your marriage is officially recognised. Because of this, while the main theme of your vows should be tailored to you and your relationship, you’ll want to mention these specific points to make sure all the official requirements are met. According to Sydney celebrants, the official vows must consist of this quote: “I call upon the people here present to witness that I, AB/CD, take you, CD/AB, to be my lawful wedded wife/husband.” The sentencing does not have to be exact, and can contain words to that effect, however you must say either lawful or wedded, and cannot miss out on both words. The couple’s full names also have to be said somewhere within the ceremony, or then have to be said inside the vows. You can also change the phrase from “I call upon the people here present to witness” to “I ask everyone here to witness.” As always, this must be said in front of two witnesses and a marriage celebrant. Don’t worry too much about mixing up the important phrases, your marriage celebrant or officiant will lend a hand in wording your vows as well as making sure they meet legal requirements.

MARRIAGE celebrants are a very important part of a wedding, as they help you write your vows, write your ceremony, and lodge all of the paperwork that you need to be legally married. To make sure a marriage celebrant is the perfect fit for your wedding, here are some questions you should probably be asking them. 1. What are the fees and inclusions? Depending on the popularity of the celebrant and exactly what they offer, their fee can range from a couple hundred to more than $1000. Find out what is included in the package before just going with the cheaper option. 2. What are their qualifications? To make sure your wedding is legal, your wedding celebrant must be formally qualified and registered and you have every right to make sure they’re meeting the obligations needed before engaging their services. 3. What happens on the wedding day? As the wedding celebrant will be the main author and planner of this ceremony, be sure to ask them what will actually happen in their process. If you like, you can also request a draft so that you can address anything that needs changing. 4. Which churches can you marry at? Some churches will only allow you to marry at their venue if you’re a part of their faith and follow rules of the church. Before booking setting your heart on a venue, you’ll need to know if you can indeed be married there. 5. Is there a back-up plan if the celebrant is sick? Just like performers have an understudy, celebrants might need one too. Otherwise, check to see what they have planned if the event occurs. 6. What will they wear? Though this might seem a bit picky, if you have a certain colour scheme, you don’t want to have any clashes at the front of the wedding, where the most photos will be taken. Most celebrants will either wear muted tones or will make their best effort to match the theme.


Jenno’s Florist - Blackbutt 0400 220 139 • e: jenno89@hotmail.com Page 12.


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Roles in the wedding party IF YOU’RE planning your wedding, one of the first things you will decide is who is going to be in your wedding party. This is because the party consists of your closest friends or family, who will have specific roles to help with your planning journey. Here is a list of traditional roles you may want to appoint and what their roles include: Maid of honour or bride’s attendant This role is for the person closest to the bride, who will hold a significant part in the planning process. The maid of honour traditionally keeps the bridesmaids organised, helps control family concerns and is the bride’s helper on the wedding day. They also often plan bridal showers or hen’s parties. As this is a heavily involved role, when choosing the maid of honour it’s important to consider their current workload and capabilities. Best man or groom’s attendant The best man can work closely with the maid of honour but traditionally they are more focused on supporting the groom. This includes planning the buck’s party, helping with the planning of the wedding on the groom’s side and organising the groomsmen. The best man also holds the wedding rings during the ceremony. Bridesmaids and groomsmen Both roles are mirrored in the way of providing support, organising outfits, helping seat guests at the reception and being in charge of registries. The people in these roles also commonly chip in for some

reasonable expenses, as well as buck’s or hen’s parties. Parents of the bride They are significantly involved with helping choose the wedding attire and are the main helpers with finding the wedding ceremony and reception locations. They will help the bride choose her side of the wedding guest list and will often have the role of reserving hotel rooms for visiting guests. The mother of the bride will also send any outfit pictures or colour swatches to the parents of the groom so they can easily match. The father of the bride will traditionally give the bride away at the ceremony (or this can be done by her next closest family member). Parents of the groom The parents of the groom are traditionally the host of the rehearsal dinner. They are heavily involved in helping choose the guest list, as well as calling and following up with those who are running late with their RSVPs. They also traditionally make a toast at the rehearsal dinner and co-ordinate wedding attire with the parents of the bride. Flower girl and ring bearer These token roles are to bring youth to the ceremony, including the little ones in your big day. They are often close friends or family to the marrying couple and range from four to eight years of age. The flower girl will decorate the aisle with flowers, while the ring bearer will deliver the rings to either the groom or the best man.

A LW AY S A N D F O R E V E R . S M U G M U G . C O M


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Narrowing down your guest list Where to seat your guests SEATING your guests at the wedding reception can be difficult, but there is an art to it. Once you have the basic setting of the tables, you can then start deciding where to put everyone. As this can be quite an important part of wedding planning, and play a part in helping avoid any conflict or clashing, you might want to sort this planning out well in advance and not leave it till the last minute. When it comes to planning where people sit, first you need to know where you and your partner will sit. From here, it’s common for the wedding party to sit with the bride and groom, as they are usually their closest friends and it acknowledges their roles. However, if you would like, it’s also common for the wedding party to be scattered through the room so that no one feels like their table is leftover. It’s tradition to put the marrying couple’s parents together, so that they become well acquainted as family members. If they’re already close, it makes for a more comfortable decision. Often siblings and grandparents will be placed at this table, too. If your parents are separated, you can easily split these tables into two without leaving anyone out. Next, it’s a good idea to group the guests together into categories. This includes parents’ friends, school friends, extended family, sport friends, work friends, etc. Here, it’s always a good idea to make a healthy mix of people who know each other and people who don’t, so that everyone has the chance to meet more people who are special to you. If you’re having a wedding with some children attending, it can be a good idea to make a kids table. This table can be filled with activities to keep the little ones occupied and having fun, while they get to socialise and talk about things with people their own ages. For the younger children, they might prefer to stay with their parents, so try to keep the options open.


WEDDINGS are an expensive ordeal and the more guests you have, the more costs you will have to cover. However you shouldn’t feel the need to invite everyone, just because of guilt or family pressure. So where do you draw the line? An easy start can be with people you haven’t met. This might seem odd but some people want to invite distant friends of family for the comfort of the parents but if they’ve never met you before, you don’t need to go to the effort of including them. However this rule doesn’t transfer if you have allowed plus-ones, as you can’t always decide who your guest will bring. If this is an issue, simply toss the plus-one idea altogether. The next good idea is to consider whether you’ve talked to the potential guest in the past year. Not counting forever friends who live far away, if you haven’t spoken to someone for a year or more, you don’t need to give invites to old, drifted friends and they shouldn’t feel offended either. The next point is whether or not they know your partner – or at least their name. Some people might not have the chance to meet your partner before the wedding but they should be aware of who they are and who will be a part of your life. When it comes to work friends, you can narrow it down based on whether you spend time outside of work with them. If not, don’t feel like you need to invite them to the wedding. However if this is the case, avoid the topic of the wedding at work so you don’t get their hopes up.

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Finding the perfect gown

Bespoke Wedding Services Individual expertise to help create your prefect day Style for any Occasion BRIDAL GOWNS | BRIDESMAIDS FLOWER GIRLS | PAGE BOYS MOTHER OF THE BRIDE FORMAL GOWNS SO MUCH MORE IN STORE Contact us for the full list of services available to get you started on your dream wedding!

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WEDDING dresses play a big role in setting the theme of your wedding. Not only should they have a certain character that embraces your own, they should also have a flattering fit, as well as working in with your wedding’s theme. The six silhouettes When it comes to finding the perfect fit, there are a lot of different style options and silhouettes that suit different themes and flatter different shapes. This includes: 1. Ball gowns 2. Mermaid tails 3. Sheath gowns 4. Trumpet gowns 5. A-line gowns 6. Empire line gowns However decisions don’t just stop at the basic shape and category of the dress – then comes the colouring of the dress, material and more. Behind white wedding dresses There is a lot of tradition behind the white wedding dress and this involves England’s Queen Victoria. At her wedding day on February 10, 1840, she debuted a crisp white dress covered in handmade Honiton lace, in a time when colourful dresses were most popular. Unlike common religious tradition, the colour white was not worn as reference to purity but instead to show good sense and prudence as written in CNN style, in reference to her queenly reign. It then became a followed trend, as the impractical white colour soon represented having money. But when it comes to wedding dresses, the colour white can have many interpretations. “White” wedding dresses can come in shades including natural white, stark white, champagne, ivory, light gold, cream and alabaster. Buying your wedding dress Wedding dresses usually have payment plans available to you in traditional boutiques, while off-the-rack retailers may require standard upfront payments. Either way, it’s important that you try on your wedding dress before purchase, as wedding dress brand sizes may be trickier than standard sizes. By buying in store, you can ensure expert sizing service, styling and a classy atmosphere. However this doesn’t mean you need to leave the South Burnett to find a boutique – we have many retailers that will provide attire to fit any occasion. In a general sense, if you do need to order a dress in, bear in mind that wedding dresses bought from either a boutique or online can take six to 12 weeks to arrive.

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Dressing the groom WHEN it comes to preparing for your wedding, the groom’s suit is as important as the bride’s gown and should represent him just the same. Fortunately, with suits you have a bit more freedom for colour than traditional wedding gowns do, however if an aesthetic wedding is what you’re aiming for, you will still want to match your colouring to your wedding’s theme. It is common for the wedding suit to match the groomsmen and if you wish to stand out, you can do it while wearing a bow-tie in contrast to your groomsmen's standard tie. Of course, it is just as common to wear a suit or jacket that contrasts your groomsmen, just as a bride often does with her bridesmaids. In fact, all of these styles are commonly followed at weddings: 1. Traditional suits 2. Tuxedos 3. Character blazers 4. Mix and match separates 5. Dress shirts – without a blazer 6. Vests

You can choose to have your suit of choice customised or buy it off the rack, depending on your budget and general preferences. As well as these options, it is also common to rent a suit or tuxedo, so you may want to research what is available around you. As well as matching your outfit with either a bow-tie, cravat or traditional tie, there are a couple more accessories you won’t want to forget: 1. Belt 2. Socks – stylish or standard 3. Shoes 4. Suspenders (optional) 5. Cuff links 6. Pocket squares or flower buttonholes 7. Watch 8. Cologne.

Has Something So g To Suitt Your Special Occasion

www.coppards.com.au Page 16.

211-217 Kingaroy Street, Kingaroy

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Know some manners: Wedding etiquette FOR all parties of the wedding, be it the guests, the planners or the marrying couple, it’s important to brush up on your wedding etiquette. There are some key details of which everyone should be aware so that no mistakes are made on the day of the big event, or prior to. Of course, it’s up to the marrying couple if they want to uphold these expectations, but for the guests, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Feel free to research more, but here are three key details for both the guest and couple to follow and be conscious of.


TIP According to wedding etiquette, the ‘cutting the cake’ ceremony is actually a polite indication to the elderly and those wanting to leave that it’s OK to do so without being considered rude.


1. Don’t bring a plus one unless you’ve been allocated one. Children are included in this tally, and on a similar note, even if the couple is close with your child and family, respect their decision if they want an adults-only evening. 2. Be sure to RSVP accurately and on time. Don’t say yes if you’ll end up dropping out, and don’t say yes after the RSVP cut-off. A lot of planning goes around these RSVPs. 3. Don’t post photos of the wedding on social media before the couple does, unless you’ve been given permission by the couple themselves.


1. Be sure to follow all save-the-date letters up with an actual invitation, whether or not the guest can come. You don’t want to make them feel uninvited. 2. Don’t invite someone to a bridal shower, bachelor party or hen’s night unless they’re invited to the actual wedding. It is your wedding, but it’s good to avoid hurting feelings where you can. 3. Be sure to thank the planners, band and venue holders by

preparing enough food for them during the day, and especially at dinner.

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Don’t forget the bouquet FOR the nature-loving couple, or just for those who like following traditions, a floral component of the wedding is a must. Starting with the traditional bridal bouquet, there’s a lot to think about when deciding on what flowers to choose. Unlike wedding cakes, your favourite flowers often take priority when deciding what wedding style or aesthetic to buy into. You might have some sentimental ideas in mind, or you might just want to use whatever is currently popular. If you need help with the second option, according to Shutterfly, the most popular wedding flowers of last year included ranunculus, peonies, roses, gardenias, daisies, baby’s breath, orchids, sweet peas, tulips and even succulents. Each different flower has a different meaning, so if you wanted to choose based on more than just looks, finding the meaning of your favourite flower might be a good idea. But what started the tradition of the wedding bouquet? Not only are flowers objects of beauty, and make for great accessories, the bouquet also has some historical value. For the most part, they were used as a way to mask body odour, as bathing in colder climates was a rarer occurrence. According to Wedding Bee, different flowers and herbs were also used in ancient Greece and Rome, as a way to ward off evil spirits. When it comes to the throwing of the bouquet, that tradition came from the middle ages.

According to Wedding Bee, brides were considered lucky, and so guests would try to take her items as lucky tokens – including her flowers, pieces of her dress, and even her hair. To run away from these guests, the bride would throw away the bouquet as a distraction, which then influenced a worldwide tradition. However, now this tradition is seen as a meaningless but fun wedding activity.

Lisa O’Neill 25 Kingaroy Street, Kingaroy Qld 4610

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What stands between you and your partner for life as you walk down the isle, is your dream floral bouquet. Let the flowers express your individuality and create the romantic atmosphere for your special day. Page 18.




Your invitation options WHEN writing your wedding invitations, there are a few important details that you won’t want to miss out on. While the level of flair is up to you, each wedding invitation should contain the names of the marrying couple, the request to come, the location, dress code, and the date and time. The invitation traditionally has a separate RSVP card, as well as a pre-paid envelope and stamp for its return. However, in the digital age, you’ll find there are more ways to get to the same result. Facebook has given the opportunity for events, and there is always email as another option. For emailing invitations, there are many websites such as Paperless, Vistaprint and Canva.

On websites like these, you have design templates and have the option to customise them too, if not design them from scratch. Some websites cost a membership’s fee, while others have a set price per invitation or can even provide free branded templates. There are also Facebook event invites to have as an option, if you’re wanting to go for convenience over cost. For a time pressing situation, this may be a better option, as well as for those on a budget. However, some people still feel pride in crafting and creating their own cards rather than taking the convenient option. If this is you, then feel free to visit our craft stores around town, including Crittendens and Somethings Country, as well as the many office stores and news agencies found across the South Burnett.

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Planning your ceremony YOUR wedding ceremony is one of the most exciting parts of the day of events, where you officially become a married couple. However, for the sake of marriage legalities and a stress-free time, you want to be sure you go about planning the ceremony the right way. Firstly, it’s always a smart idea to stay in an area close to where you want your reception to be held. Whether you want to prioritise the location of the wedding ceremony or reception, it’s a good idea to keep the reception close by so that your guests don’t have issues travelling between locations. When you decide on your location, if seating areas are outside, you’ll probably need to find a back-up plan if it were to rain. This will solve any worries as cloudy days come and go. Then, you’ll need to figure out who your wedding celebrant will be. Once you have some options, you want to be sure to get to know them, understand their process and values, and be sure that whoever you choose has values that match your own. After all, as a lot of focus will be on the way they host the ceremony, you will want to be sure it’s to your liking. Once your celebrant and location are ready and planned, the celebrant will be taking care of most of the ceremony’s work, however, as it is often a long process, you want to be sure there are plenty of comfortable seating options for all of your guests. With these details covered, you’re sure to have a smooth-sailing wedding reception, for all involved.

Making a wedding registry GIFTS are always a tricky topic at a wedding. Many couples worry about not stressing their guests with the need to buy a gift, or are focusing on being polite. However, even if gifts aren’t expected, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put together a gift registry. It’s absolutely acceptable to have a gift registry if you want one. If you don’t have specific gifts in mind, you still have every right to make a honeymoon fund or raise money for a charity. So, what should you put in your wedding registry? Well, you’d want to find things to put on your list that represent your hobbies and tastes, but also what you might want for building your married home. Many people end up receiving lots of gifts surrounding furniture, decorations and kitchenware for their wedding, as they are seen as practical.

Page 20.

Because of this, to make sure you don’t receive any items or colour schemes you would rather stray from, it’s a good idea to have a good variety of options for people to buy from, all which will give off a theme for your guests to follow. As guests are for the both of you, it’s important to go with your partner when deciding your gift registry items. It’s also a good idea to do more than one registry, allowing people a few options of where to buy from. A tip for when finding items, be sure to add things that will give a range of prices, so that guests of all budgets can get involved. When it comes to mentioning the gift registry, as tradition goes, it’s always best to share it via word of mouth, or to have it available on your wedding website if you plan on making one. This solves the issue of seeming rude by directly telling your guests to get you a gift, and also helps relieve the pressure for those not planning to buy gifts.


How you can shop locally for your wedding

Having an eco-friendly wedding

HOW can you stay environmentally conscious on your wedding day? Well, it might take a bit of planning but it’s not impossible. There are many people across Australia trying to make an effort to keep their environmental impact as low as they can

at their wedding. Starting with the invitations – if you’re hiring some help, it’s as simple as making the request to use recycled paper. This might narrow down some options but if recycling is your priority, you won’t mind the compromise. When it comes to the gift registry – if you decide to have one – you can choose to put environmentally friendly gifts on the list. This can include gifts with minimal plastic and waste potential and, more importantly, gifts you will actually use. Minimising this waste potential can make a big impact as, depending on the guest count, wedding gifts and items can be in the hundreds. On a similar note, if you’re doing wedding or party favours, minimise plastic waste by handing out leftover food as a party favour or little treats. These could be given away in paper bags or napkins to solve the issue of packaging. It’s also becoming common to give away plants as a wedding favour, which can be pricier but a great choice for the environment. The next big impact on helping the environment and also encouraging small-town sustainability is shopping locally. When you source items for your wedding – be it flowers, decorations, food etc – it not only helps the local economy, keeping money in the area, it also minimises the carbon footprint used in comparison to shipping things in. Of course, this depends on the items you buy but for the environmentally conscious, making the effort to shop locally can go a long way.

AS MENTIONED in the eco-friendly wedding section, buying locally is a major help to not only the environment, but also the local economy. So, when you’re looking for wedding decorations or help, what can you find locally? 1. Flowers In the South Burnett region, we are lucky to have a wealth of florists. Be sure to visit some stores and discuss what flowers will best suit your wedding. 2. Rustic knick-knacks In the country region in which we live, there are many artists and woodworkers who like to display their work in some local stores. Next time you’re shopping around, be sure to see our local gift stores, spread through all of the South Burnett CBDs. 3. Wedding dresses, suits and shoes Believe it or not, this little region has some boutiques in its midst that can offer you a range of wedding attire to suit your dream setting. Shop around locally to see what our retailers have. Shopping locally means you can probably also have any necessary alterations done locally, which could save you time, money and hassles down the track. 4. Catering Finding caterers in the Burnett region is as simple as a quick Google search. There are many esteemed chefs and cooks who not only offer impressive local service, they also offer locally sourced produce. 5. Marriage celebrants Perhaps one of the most important pieces in the wedding package, these celebrants are here to make sure you tick off all of the legal boxes. Luckily, you don’t need to bring someone in from metropolitan areas, the Burnett has many suitably qualified celebrants.


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w w w. a w e d d i n g o r e v e

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Your guide to bridal beauty BRIDAL beauty is a technical art, often involving full coverage make-up while trying to keep a natural-looking appearance. This illusion is created by neutral tones that are well-matched to your skin, which focus on amplifying your existing features. If you are bringing a professional in to do your wedding make-up, it is important to do a trial before the big event. This will ensure that you and your make-up artist are on the same page and so they know what you like and, more importantly, what you don’t like. A great start when establishing this synergy is bringing in some photos of style inspiration. Pinterest and other online portals are a great way to gather this information well in advance of your trial. Trials are usually at least a week prior, so that you can schedule a second trial if it doesn’t suit your style. Even if you plan to do your own make-up on the day, it’s still important to try out the styles you are hoping for in advance. This is not only for practising techniques but also for testing out products you might not have used before. You also need to consider whether or not you want some special additions in your make-up routines. This can include a range of products, from false lashes to manicures and pedicures. Whatever you decide, be sure to tell your make-up artist beforehand if it will involve their work or schedule appointments accordingly.


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Steps for the perfect wedding make-up WHEN it comes to your wedding make-up, your method will differ depending on what styles or looks you have planned. This is a basic layout of what traditional wedding make-up will entail, to get that flawless, airbrushed look.

foundation last on your skin. If you have oily skin, you won’t want to use a foundation that is oil-based or moisturising. If you have dry skin, you won’t want to use a foundation that will flake on you and the same idea with combination skin.



Giving your skin a head-start is important if it will be wearing heavy make-up all day long. It will also help reduce the amount of sebum on the skin before make-up goes on.


It’s important to use a primer before your make-up, as it will create an even base when applying foundation and help your make-up stay in place throughout the day. For heavier eye make-up, there are specific primers you can use to keep them in place, however it’s often sufficient to use a generic primer all over your face.


The placement of this step is optional, however if you tend to smear your eye make-up, it might be better to do it before your foundation so it can fix any mistakes. You will also have the freedom to wipe as much away as you wish.


Use a foundation that matches your skin tone and skin type and spread it evenly across your face. Matching your skin type is important as it can help the


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Use concealer after your foundation, so that it doesn’t smear and smudge. The foundation will also help save you from using concealer on smaller spots that will already be covered.


Contouring, highlighting and using blush are the next steps if you fancy these styles. However be sure to only use what you need in fear of going overboard. Eyebrow powder or pencil will also be involved in this step.

Shop 60 Drayton Street, NANANGO Q 4615 p: 4171 0868


AwArd winning

Now that the rest of your face is done, top off the look with some lipstick or gloss (if you’d like). Be sure to use a lip liner first, especially if you are using a red shade.



Once your look is complete, you won’t want to forget sealing it with a powder, especially if you have oily or combination skin. You can find powders that match your skin tone but if you don’t want to dull down your contouring or blush work, then getting your hands on a translucent powder would be ideal.

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Pampering a groom A LITTLE bit of self-care is always suggested for those preparing for a wedding… but it’s not uncommon for the groom to be overlooked. However, there are many important grooming regimes of which our marrying men can be a part.


Getting your nails done is a relaxing treat with results that show. As well as being a great way to take away the stress from the wedding, it’s a job that the grooms don’t have to do themselves. Be sure to book in with a salon, professional or friend a few days prior to the wedding when you have the time.


To avoid any last-minute catastrophes, book in with a barber or hairdresser a week before and touch up your wedding look. This includes shaping your facial hair to where you’d want it to be for the wedding. If you like the look of it, follow tips from your barber to replicate the style during the week.


Some skin needs a bit of tender loving care every now and then, especially before your wedding. But just as with haircuts, you might want to do this a week before. Many face masks are made to bring out the toxins, which in fact bring out breakouts in problem skin. If you have sensitive skin, this will also allow for irritation to heal. If you get the timing right, this toxic cleanse is great for the skin and will help you feel vibrant and fresh.


It’s only natural to want to have a bright smile on your wedding day, especially with so many people taking pictures of you. There are a range of charcoal-based powders that you can buy over the counter if you’re wanting a quick pick-me-up, or you can indulge in some pricier whitening methods, either at home or at the dentist.


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that Lasts a Lifetime


The dos and don’ts of wedding jewellery THERE’S an art to balancing jewellery for occasions and your wedding day is no different. Take a look at some of the key tips to consider when planning your jewellery for both the ceremony and reception. First of all, you want to make sure you stay consistent with your metal choices. It’s a fashion crime to mix gold, silver or rose gold together unless heritage pieces require you to. However, it’s not just about matching the jewellery, there are also some guidelines when matching your metals to your outfit. According to The Knot, rules include pairing ivory coloured clothes with gold, white or pure white dresses should be paired with silver, platinum or pearls. Off-white dresses also look best with yellow gold, rose gold or pearls. If your outfit has metal detailing, you should do your best to match your jewellery to kind on the detailing, as it will maintain a sophisticated consistency. Secondly, don’t feel the need to wear jewellery at all. Some brides don’t wear accessories of any kind on their wedding day and that’s fine too. The key to consider is that less is more, even if you wish to strip back the jewels entirely.

However, this doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to layer. It’s just best to be conscious of using similar colours and not clashing with parts of your outfit. If you’re someone who wants to accessorise but in a different way than jewellery, there are plenty of ways you can do this. There are lots of hair accessories you could use, such as combs and fascinators, or you could incorporate natural crowns and headpieces made from flowers and daisy chains. In saying that, you then need to consider what flowers you want to use for bouquets and wedding decorations, as that can easily clash with your aesthetic.

The rundown on wedding and engagement rings THERE are many different wedding and engagement rings to choose from but choosing which one your partner would want to keep for life can be an exhausting decision. You can find matched sets, straight rings, contoured rings, vintage rings, stackable rings and much more. You then choose what colours and what sort of stones if you’re not opting for a simple band. Many partners still follow the “rule” that states a ring should cost the same amount as three months of your salary but that’s not necessary. The ring is a token of your commitment but you shouldn’t let it burden you. There are rings to suit any budget, it’s just a matter of planning and finding what would suit your significant other. So, if you don’t know much about wedding or engagement rings, how do

you find the perfect one? As well as the specialists at every jewellery store, who can help you with your pricing and give suggestions accordingly, you can also use your partner’s network as a second opinion. This could mean their friends, family or co-workers who know them best. If you want to keep the proposal to yourself, take note of what your partner wears frequently, most notably the style and tones of current favoured jewellery. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Many couples either choose the engagement ring together, or the bride chooses her own ring. Obviously this lessens any surprise element but, as it’s a decision for life, it’s one you may decide to let them in on. Page 27


Choosing the perfect wedding cake WHEN choosing your wedding cake, there are a few key details that you need to consider, and obviously, taste is an important start. After a strong amount of research into who is available to make the cake in your region, you should probably book in your taste testing session, and it’s important that both halves of the wedding couple attend. This is because not only do both parties deserve a say, but they’ll also know important details about their friends and family who will attend the event. Dietary requirements These important details could include how many people have dietary requirements and will determine whether you’ll be altering the actual wedding cake for them, or whether you’ll offer substitutes. These dietary requirements could involve being vegan or lactose intolerant as well as the potential for some gluten-free guests. Of course, allergies are an important thing to consider too. However, one attendee’s intolerance doesn’t mean you should steer clear from your dream wedding cake. If your budget allows it, it’s as simple as supplying a substitute for this guest, otherwise the guest would usually understand missing out. Different types of cakes There are a great range of cakes for all cake-lovers to choose from that will break down into levels of moistness, icing or no icing, design, and cake type in general. Some examples of different cake types include a mud cake, sponge cake, mooncake, cheesecake, fruitcake, tea cake, truffle cake, mousse cake or dessert substitutes such as slices, loaves, cupcakes, muffins, crumbles, etc. For those who don’t care for sweets, there are common cases of tiered meat pies, pizza or sushi stacks served at the wedding instead. However, if you’re wanting to miss the cake entirely, you might want to consider what you will substitute the cake-cutting ceremony for. After all, according to wedding etiquette, guests often use this moment as a sign that they can leave without being rude. If you’re having trouble choosing out of these options, taste-wise, you can always put it down to price, convenience, and decorations. Some cake shapes can only give a certain style, so if you’re more conscious about that, then be sure to make that the tie-breaker. Otherwise, make sure to get some second opinions at your taste-testing sessions.

Before you think about the cake AS THE most delicious part of the planning process, it’s no surprise that many people want to rush into choosing their wedding cake first. However, there are a couple of important details you might need to think about before you start making those cake-tasting appointments. Guest list First of all, you need to have your guest list sorted. This is a priority as without knowing how many people are coming to your big day, you won’t know how many people to cater for. Wedding style As your wedding comes closer, you’ll probably find yourself sorting through Pinterest to find new and exciting decorated cakes. However, you’ll soon realise drooling over these cakes too soon could be harmful to your wedding’s aesthetics. If you haven’t thought of what you want your style to be, these cakes might just lead you in the wrong direction, if it means you’ll be consistent with it later on. So, what should you do? Wait it out. Find some time to think about what style you like and what suits your wedding best, before you commit to a Pinterest-pressured style that you found on an empty stomach. Budget According to Wedding Wire, most couples spend between $300 to $700 on their wedding cake. This of course can run cheaper or more expensive, depending on the size and detailing needed. As weddings are already an expensive ordeal, you’re going to want to focus on what you have available to spend and how you can alter your dream cake to fit into the budget. This might be easy for some but, for others, you may need to shop around at a few different cake making stores before you make up your mind.

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Different kinds of wedding catering ONE of the most memorable parts of a wedding is the food experience and that can provide a bit of pressure to the bride or groom when organising catering. However, there is no template of how your wedding food should be presented. There are actually many ways for you to feed your guests at your wedding, so it’s all up to what you prefer. Here are some popular ideas floating around weddings over the past year. Grazing platters Filling up your table with a variety of fresh produce for your guests is always a win for all. This is also the perfect way to provide enough substitutes without making it obvious that guests have intolerances. They can simply pick at the foods they’re familiar with and know they can eat. Decorations and arrangements also make this a great option, as if you or the caterers have some extra time, they can really help match the foliage or decorations surrounding the food to the wedding’s aesthetic or theme. Buffets Feeding many guests in one hit can be a pricey challenge, especially if the meals are individually set out. If your wedding instead has a buffet, it will be much easier to feed all of your

guests and at a much cheaper rate, as you can buy and cook meals in bulk. The guests will also be able to decide on their own portions too. For outdoor weddings: food trucks Food trucks at many events, including weddings, are becoming more popular. If you’re paying for the ordeal, simply put a tab on the truck and let your guests choose from the menu. These trucks will be equipped with all the cooking equipment they need, so it will be a less stressful option for you. Sit-down meals Lastly, you can have the traditional meals where guests are served by waiters or staff, a typical meal as decided by the couple and caterers. Often in these settings, two meals will be sent out alternating for each guest, so that anyone who has certain taste preferences can swap meals with others.

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Ideas for a bachelor party THE bachelor party is an exciting way for all the groomsmen to bond with the groom, as well as get him ready for the main event. Here are some ideas for either the groom or the groomsmen to use when planning their day or night of fun: 1. GAMES NIGHT If you’re wanting a traditional night of fun, there’s nothing better than acting out a gentleman’s club and occupying a traditional poker night with some bourbon. 2. OUT AT THE BAR Like a bachelorette’s party, going out to your favourite club or pub and booking a table or hiring a venue with your best friends will equal a night to remember for everyone involved. 3. A NIGHT OF SPORTS Be it a night or day event, if the groom has a certain preference

Ideas for the hen’s night

IF YOU are a bride planning your own hen’s night or a maid of honour looking for ideas to surprise the bride-to-be, you’ll be happy to know there are many ways to go about a hen’s party. You don’t need to stick to a scandalous night out as often seen in movies. Here is a list of ideas to suit any bride: 1. GET BACK TO NATURE Especially around the Burnett region, there are many different avenues of how you to get back to nature, whether it be exploring our countryside or spending a night at the Bunya Mountains. With easy accommodation and overlooking a view, this would be the perfect way for you to celebrate with your favourite friends or family. 2. A MEMORABLE MOVIE NIGHT For the bride who’s a bit of a movie buff, hiring out a cinema slot Page 30.

for sports, you’re going to want to plan an event with that as its focus. If it’s the season for it, maybe plan a trip to a local or statewide rugby or soccer game. If the season is over, you can always gather a crowd and make your own day of fun at a local field. 4. HEAD OUT TO THE WATER Our Burnett region might be a bit far from the ocean, but we’re fortunate to have some of the best dams in Queensland. Take a couple of mates out to a dam, camp on the waterside and have a day of fishing or water sports for everyone to enjoy. 5. GO OUT FOR A GRAND DINNER Spend some quality time with your friends and eat your favourite meals. Sometimes simplicity is the key to making a nice, easy going but memorable evening.

and watching her favourite movie would be an amazing way to spend her hen’s night. Plus, then there’s the joys of cinema snacks at your fingertips. 3. GOING OUT ON THE TOWN For the bride who likes to party, it’s as easy as reserving a table at their favourite bar or club. If you’re wanting to have quite a few people show up, you can set out to hire an entire venue if you wish. However often the bride will be happy with a small table surrounded by her closest friends. 4. PAMPER SESSIONS Nothing makes a bride feel as luxurious as a pamper day. Depending on your budget, you can go from having home-made remedies and face masks to a full pamper package paired with massage vouchers. As the wedding planning process can be exhausting, this might be just what the bride needs. 5. HIGH TEA If the bride has always wanted to dress up with her friends in a traditionally classy setting, then a high tea is for you. There are many places around the Burnett region that either hold high teas or have the ingredients and flexibility to create one for the special event.


The toastmasters

Who should be giving a speech? WHEN it comes to the wedding reception, there’s often a lot of people who feel the need to say a few words. This can be a mortifying moment to the bride or groom but it’s come to be something wedding culture has expected, and often can leave some wonderful memories. However, who should be the people who say their piece at the wedding? It should be someone who is close to you or your partner, is fond of you or your partner, and someone who you will cherish what they have to say. It shouldn’t be a plus one or someone you don’t know well but got a pity invite because of them being in close circles.

1. Parent of the bride 2. Parent of the groom 3. Best man 4. Maid of honour 5. Respected family members It is also common for the host of the venue to say some words in the couple’s honour, as well as welcoming people to the location. This is not an entirely necessary speech, as the MC will often also say their welcomes at the beginning of the function. If you are feeling nervous about who is going to speak at the wedding reception, feel free to schedule in who you want to hear from and then give your guests a brief itinerary on an event page or wedding portal after you have received the RSVPs. This structure will stop people from feeling the need to step up to say something and can sometimes be a relief for you both.

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Accommodating your wedding guests IF YOU are bringing your guests to a special location or will have them lodging in a specific area, you’re going to need to think about their accommodation options. This doesn’t mean you have to pay for them but it does mean you need to be conscious of whether you are or are not able to accommodate them on your big day. First, consider the location of your wedding and see whether there are lodgings nearby that can accommodate most of your guests in the one area. However as there may be many coming to the one area, it’s a good idea to suggest a few places and let them choose, as some could be booked out. To really help them out, you could offer transportation to and from these lodging, be it singular trips with someone on car duty or organising a courtesy bus. If you aren’t paying for their accommodation, perhaps it would be a good idea to send welcome and thank-you packages to their hotels before their arrival, if the accommodation permits it. Another way to be polite to your out-of-town guests is by inviting them to the rehearsal dinner. This will make them feel included, which is important if they’ve made the special effort to visit. Also, if you wish to see your family and friends off before you head to your honeymoon, you might want to plan a day-after brunch. This will also ensure your guests are fed before their journey home begins.


Harmonies, infectious rhythms and good old fun and games will have you dancing, laughing and clapping the night away. CEREMONY, RECEPTION, SPECIAL OCCASIONS, PARTIES.

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Ennntert rtaainnm mennt Creating the perfect atmosphere MUSIC isn’t the only thing that can help set the tone of your wedding. By putting a bit of time and effort into lighting and ambience, you can really take your wedding to the next level. When brightening up your venue, the first thing you need to consider is what colour you want your lighting to have. This is because having warm lighting at a predominantly cool-toned wedding will really throw off your theme. Once you’ve decided what colouring you want, move on to how you’d like to light the room. Of course, some lighting choices will depend on what’s available at the venue. Otherwise, for those who might want suggestions, here are some different kinds of lighting types and styles. Uplighting: Also known as mood lighting, this is where you will dim the main lights in the room and rely on less intense bulbs or candles. This creates a very romantic

atmosphere and will be perfect matched with antique or lace decorations. Twinkling lights: This can be executed with a range of light types, including fairy lights and hanging bulbs. All of these create an ethereal touch to your wedding. Suspended lights: Also known as pendant lights, these architectural masterpieces attract a lot of attention. These floating lights will maximise the decorating space of the venue, and naturally lift everyone’s gaze. Lanterns: These are the perfect, bold lights for any non-minimalistic styles, as they are quite bulky but can be bought in many different colours. Chandeliers: This delicate but traditionally eye-catching feature can turn any venue into a classy setting and is perfect for a wedding. However, this detail doesn’t always fit into every budget, so you might want to plan and save ahead of time.

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Dance the night away! 4 PIECE BAND Harmonies Infectious Rhythm Great Music


As it’s a major moment in your life, it makes sense that you might want to mirror the mood with a timely tune. However, you don’t have to bring out the traditional chorus, Here Comes the Bride. There are many people using classical substitutes for this song, but also modern music as well. Just because weddings are a classy occasion doesn’t mean you have to take away your favourite song. Classical music is mainly used as string quartets are easy to place in these ceremony settings. However, if you want a change up, feel free to use a speaker and a flow the music with your favourite, memorable song that will fit the occasion.


There are three main options from which most people choose. 1. A band: This can be whatever kind of band you like, whether they’re a classical band or instrument focused, or a modern band with singers. Bands can be the more

expensive option, but everyone loves live music. Make sure you listen to their work beforehand! 2. A DJ: A DJ is a great way to get people off their feet and enjoy a dance floor. However, you need to think of the space, location and guest demographic. If the guest list is filled with people who don’t enjoy dancing or are older and need to spend more time sitting down, this may not be the best option. Then again, it’s your wedding, so if you want to dance the night away, don’t let anyone stop you. 3. Your own music on a speaker: This is the cheapest option, as you are becoming the DJ. You just need to make sure there are quality speakers at the venue, or if you need to bring them yourself, and prep a quality playlist ahead of time.

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tHe COMPlete PACKAge Angelina & Brett specialize in live entertainment perfect for weddings, special occasions and corporate events.

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A sweet marriage in the South Burnett STORIES about love often have a funny journey, especially for one of the South Burnett’s most recently married couples. Jade and Sean Powne, married on March 2 this year, first met in 2009. They were both away at boarding school when they met each other at a social event. “We got together in 2010, broke up for about six months because we were kids, got back together in 2011 and had been going out ever since,” Jade said. In April 2018, Sean and Jade were officially engaged. “We were doing a walk at Queen Mary Falls because we love camping and he proposed in front of the waterfall,” Jade said. However, because of forgetful nerves, things didn’t go so smoothly for Sean. “I didn’t expect anything but when we were halfway to the falls, Sean actually forgot the ring. He ran back to the car saying he forgot his phone,” Jade said. “There wasn’t any phone service there, so his excuse was that he needed to check the altitude.” After the engagement, it took them just under a year to arrange plans and have their wedding. “Once we started finalising everything, it went very quickly,” she said. The main debate was about where they would have their wedding. “We didn’t know if we wanted a venue or private occasion and in the end had the wedding at my parents’ house and the reception at his parents’ house,” Jade said. “At the start we worried that it would be too stressful for everyone but it was hard to find an available venue that held as many people as we wanted.” The wedding didn’t have a theme as such but featured light pink flowers from Kingaroy business Linard Floral. “They went above and beyond with everything and did such a beautiful job,” Jade said. To match the elegance of the beautiful flowers, Jade wore a simple and form-fitting but elegant dress, with a soft lace skirt over the top. “It was the first one I actually tried and I knew in the moment that I would love to wear it to my wedding,” she said. At the ceremony, Jade said she was really nervous but had one specific memory that lingered. “I remember coming around but because of the nerves I didn’t really look at him until I was facing him down the aisle,” she said. “The whole ceremony is quite public, with everyone watching, but it was such an intimate moment and I didn’t look at anyone else around us.” Page 34.


Apps and websites for the modern marriage THE good thing about being surrounded by technology is that there is so much out there to help navigate a wedding, invite friends to events, connect with friends from afar and more. When you’re busy envisioning your wedding, it’s good to have a place to draw inspiration from and start your planning. If you are looking for some inspiration to get you into the right planning mindset or just need a kickstart on pairing things together, there are many websites you can peruse for exactly that purpose. These websites include Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, We Heart It, Dribbble and DudePins for a male-exclusive market. Fortunately, inspiration isn’t the only help you can find online. If you don’t like lists and lugging around a bunch of planning books, social media guides and applications will be your new best friend when planning your wedding. For universal wedding apps that help plan, budget and more, here are some good ideas to check out: 1. The Knot’s Wedding Planner 2. Joy – wedding app and website 3. Manage My Wedding 4. Easy Wedding Planner 5. Wedding Planner LadyMarry

If you want an easy way for your guests to access a wedding registry, here are a few well-known apps that can lend you a hand: 1. Honeyfund Wedding Registry 2. MyRegistry Universal Registry 3. Giftster 4. The Gift Register.

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Travelling to your wedding destination Burnett school formals, people are more than happy to offer their cars up for a small fee. What size car you should choose will also depend on the size of your bridal party. For example, if you want to bring many people in one car, you might want to look into hiring something like a limousine. Otherwise, there are always options to bring along and hire more than one car to transport your crew to the ceremony or location. If you aren’t too fussed over making an entrance and don’t need an extra prop for photos, if you have a big bridal party it might be worthwhile booking a coach service to transport not only you but any guests from a common pick-up point.

Available for Charters, School Excursions, Winery Tours, Special Occasions, Day trips & Fully escorted Domestic and International tours. 12-57 seat www.purserscoaches.com.au Page 36.

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IF YOU are the type of person who wants to make an entrance, in addition to arrival music and timing, you might want to find a car to suit the occasion. If you have a taste for cars, travelling to the wedding might be just as important to you as walking down the aisle. Your car can also serve as a memorable prop for your photos, allowing you to remember the day more vividly as photos get taken during the day. If you don’t have a favourite car in particular, then you can put your focus into getting your car to match the theme of your wedding. If you have a vintage wedding, you might want to see what vintage cars are available for hire in the region as, like with South


What to pack for your honeymoon WHEN you plan your honeymoon, unless you decide to do an out-of-state destination wedding, you’ll be lucky to see there are plenty of locations close to home to help save on your travel expenses. On average, a honeymoon will last at least eight days, according to Trip Savvy. No matter where you go, you’ll want to make sure you’ve packed the right amount of everything. But what will this include? Here’s a quick list of necessities for your honeymoon that you’ll want to add to your packing list.

1. Any tickets, passports, licences, credit cards etc 2. Reservation confirmations 3. Eight days’ worth of clothes and occasion outfits, presuming there’s no washing machine 4. Reading material 5. Sunglasses and sunscreen (maybe also aloe vera gel) 6. Glasses, contacts and eye drops if needed 7. Prescribed medicines and pain relief for emergencies 8. Phone chargers and adapters 9. Bathroom basics (including deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cosmetics, exfoliants etc) 10. Camera (if wanted) Of course, just because honeymoons are a tradition, doesn’t mean you have to have one. However planning a wedding can be a stressful occasion, so you might want to schedule in the time off work to be with your new spouse regardless, even if it’s just at home.

If you’re looking for the exotic, the romantic or the simply unforgettable, Pursers Travel and Cruise can help you. Let us make your honeymoon a stress free experience you can cherish forever.

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Extra things to do EVEN when following a planner, before your wedding or popular event it’s very common to feel like you might be forgetting something. After all, so much is riding on this event and it means a lot to not only you and your partner but also to your families and friends. Because you might be filled with pressure about pleasing your guests, you might be forgetting certain details regarding yourself in the lead-up to the big day. In times like these, you might want to write your own to-do list to make sure you’re confident and are feeling prepared. Firstly, before you have some time off for the big event, make sure you’ve taken care of any work worries. Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy yourself when you have an upcoming deadline or feel you should have done something for work earlier. Next, you should include trying on your whole outfit. When you give the outfit a test drive, from dresses or suits to

shoes and all accessories you plan to wear on the day, it will be easy to picture what you might be missing. If you have a big dress, it’s the perfect time to practice and execute a plan for when you need to go to the toilet. Lastly, you want to make sure you’ve met with your wedding planner or whoever is helping you organise the event. With more heads going over the final details, you’ll be sure to refresh your memory on anything you might be forgetting. Whoever is helping can also help you organise any last-minute payments before the big day. Once all is done, don’t forget to treat yourself to a pamper session to get you ready and to help de-stress before the occasion.

Take a moment to relax WHEN things get a bit stressful, there’s nothing as refreshing as a pamper evening. So when times get hard, there are some easy activities that will soothe your mind: 1. Face masks When you’ve had a long day and your skin is tired and dry, nothing sets the tone of a pamper evening like putting on a face mask. Fortunately for those who don’t like paste or clay consistencies, they can get their hands on a mess-free sheet mask. 2. Dress in your sloppiest pyjamas On a night like this, you don’t need to impress anyone. Dress in your favourite comfy pair of clothes and find a blanket for a grand night in. 3. Friends are optional For extroverts, you might need a friend handy to fulfil your pamper party. However if you’re more of an introvert, don’t over-extend yourself – having a personal break is OK too. 4. Create the perfect play list Whether you’re in the mood for wintery, soft songs, cry-worthy ballads or some chirpy music, this factor will play a great role in your pamper evening, as music can directly affect your mindset.

5. Food for your mood When you’re feeling a bit low, comfort food is an easy way to feeling instantly better. If you enjoy cooking, create your favourite recipe. Otherwise, feel free to order some takeaway for a well-deserved meal. 6. Light entertainment Putting on your favourite film in the background of your pamper evening, or having a fun movie marathon during a doona day, is bound to relax you. Otherwise, if it suits you better, be sure to snuggle up with a good book and read your worries away.

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Top Tips ps FOR THE BRIDES: 1. Avoid blisters on the day and break in your wedding shoes 2. Pack a touch up kit to fix your make up during any emergencies 3. Only wear waterproof mascara, especially if you have a tendency for happy tears 4. Don’t forget to eat – many brides get distracted during the event, so make to stay hydrated and put someone in charge of feeding you snacks 5. Splurge on a new perfume – every time you smell the fragrance, you’ll remember your special day

FOR THE GROOMS: 1. Get some rest the day before, you’ll be on your feet all day 2. Get rid of some nervous energy by finding time to be active in the morning 3. Track the wedding rings, even if your groomsman says they have it covered 4. Bring spare buttons for you and your groomsmen 5. Don’t let traffic worry you – be ahead of time so that there is no worries of being late

FOR PLANNING: 1. You only need one professional photographer if you have under 150 guests 2. If you need help planning entertainment at your wedding reception, ask the venue hosts for what has worked at past events 3. Give your guests a hashtag for when they post on social media, so that you get to see all the memories in the one area 4. Don’t book your venue if you don’t have a rough idea of your guest list 5. Dodge the tradition to throw your bouquet and give it to the longest married couple


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Jacob and Tegan Bundrock married September 1, 2018. PHOTO: TREASURE PICS

Ryan and Kate Francis married on March 3, 2018. PHOTO: GLENROCK GALLERY

Brides of the Burnett

Take a look at some beautiful wedding photos contributed by some of our Burnett brides.

Hannah and Lorenzo Marabini married on April 5, 2019. PHOTO: LEE BURGESS

Katelyn and Nick Schaffer married on April 21, 2017. PHOTO: CRH PHOTOGRAPHY

Rebecca Ryan married on April 28, 2018. PHOTO: CHELL MORRISON

Clarissa and Justin Reilly married on March 10, 2019. PHOTO: BLACK SHEEP WEDDINGS

Natalee and Geoff Edwards married on September 1, 2018. PHOTO: EMMA FITCH Page 42.

Amber and Matt Allen married on October 18, 2014. PHOTO: CHARMAINE OTTO PHOTOGRAPHY

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Based in the beautiful North Burnett, Queensland, Lynette from Glenrock Gallery has a passion for seeing beauty in everything rural. As a self-taught photographer, she loves to capture the natural beauty of love and happiness of couples and their families and friends in their own setting & space.

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Burnett Bridal Guide 2019  

Burnett Bridal Guide 2019