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MEDITATING AWAY THE STRESS Learn how to be calm and present

KNOWING EPILEPSY Discover the facts and myths



New Standards in Medical Care and Technology

Specialist MEDICAL and SURGICAL Services S

One lless pain. O i Now more than 680 FREE car parking spaces.



Cardiology Rheumatology Medical Oncology Respiratory Medicine Clinical Haematology General Medicine Psychiatry Renal Paliative Care Neurology

Orthopaedic Plastic & Reconstruction Vascular, Gynaecology Endoscopy/Gastrenterology Urology, General Surgery Dental Oral & Maxillofacial Ophthalmology Neurosurgery ENT Surgery Paediatric Surgery

Diagnostic Services Available On-Site... Ð Radiology Ð PET/CT Ð CT, MRI & Nuclear Medicine Ð Diagnostic Breast Clinic Ð Pathology Services Ð Sleep Studies Unit

Services Supported By... Rapid Access Heart Centre Radiotherapy Services Intensive Care Unit Renal Dialysis Unit 7 Operating Theatres Cardiac Catheter Vascular

Laboratory Diabetes Clinic Palliative Care Cardiac Rehabilitation Robotic Surgery Cardiac Medicine Unit

“Our people do amazing things”

280 North Street, Toowoomba (PO Box 263) To find out more about the services available, visit:

Phone (07) 4646 3000 www.sath.org.au

Health Services Guide 2019


oowoomba is home to countless medical professionals — from the hospitals to the general practitioners, specialists, dentists, physiotherapists, pharmacies, cosmetic practitioners, podiatrists and aged care facilities, to name but a few — all providing exceptional services to our community. With that in mind, welcome to the Health Services Guide 2019. Herein, you will find helpful information on various health–related matters, products and services, as well as a wealth of suppliers to choose from. We take great pleasure in providing this guide to our readers — from start to finish — talking to contributors, sourcing useful information, and designing every page. May you find this guide as helpful and useful as we hoped it to be. Our best, The Chronicle team

AH Diabetes ..........................................................................................................................4 iHear.......................................................................................................................................5 Advanced Vascular...............................................................................................................7 High blood pressure .............................................................................................................8 Be healthy when aging.........................................................................................................8 Brodribb Home ...................................................................................................................10 Hooper Centre Pharmacy ..................................................................................................11 Getting to understand the NDIS........................................................................................12 Meditate away stress..........................................................................................................13 Fiveways New and Used Furniture Sales .........................................................................13 The Leg Vein Doctor ...........................................................................................................14 How to avoid getting food poisoning................................................................................14 Darling Downs Radiology...................................................................................................15 Excess weight impacts early .............................................................................................16 Middle Ridge Family Practice ............................................................................................16 Infinite Aged Care ...............................................................................................................17 St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital....................................................................................18 Discover the benefits of cold–pressed juice ....................................................................20 A chocolate a day ...............................................................................................................21 Hello Hearing.......................................................................................................................21 Cooking with different oils..................................................................................................22 Taking care of teeth ............................................................................................................23 Knowing epilepsy ...............................................................................................................24 Toowoomba Regional Council ..........................................................................................25 Have fit and healthy kids....................................................................................................26 Clifton Community Health Services ..................................................................................27 Keep fit with a busy lifestyle...............................................................................................28 Flu season awaits ...............................................................................................................29 Give your mind the attention it needs...............................................................................30 Balance your health............................................................................................................32



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Health Services Guide 2019

THE MORE YOU KNOW Diabetes education done right

all here for the same reasons — we love our job, we love helping people improve their health outcomes and, honestly, we just enjoy working with and talking to our patients,” she said. And the team’s love, passion and dedication shows. In 2016, Kate Mundy (a CDE with the AH Diabetes team) was awarded the Queensland Credentialed Diabetes Educator of the Year Award, with Lynne receiving the same award two years later (both having been finalists for the national award). And, in 2018, the AH Diabetes team was nominated for the HESTA Award for Team Excellence. “It’s nice to be recognised for our work, but it’s not what motivates us,” Lynne said, adding that their clients are the ones who make their job so rewarding. “It’s exciting to know the Toowoomba community has access to the kind of care that has been recognised as outstanding.” Lynne and her team believe health knowledge is power, so strive to provide their clients with the most up–to–date information on diabetes self–management and to support them in their journey to better health. Contact the team on 4646 2530, or visit their Toowoomba practice at 63A Taylor Street.

Meet the teaM https://ahdiabetes.com.au/meet-the-team/ aH Diabetes

Diabetes – want to know more? Ah Diabetes offers a service that is tailored to the individual; to meeting their goals in a compassionate and empathetic environment, so that they have a better understanding of their condition and self-management. We are committed to providing a high quality, holistic and patient centred service to those with diabetes, their families and the community as a whole. our aim To provide a high quality, holistic and patient centred service to those with diabetes, their families and the community as a whole. With a focus on enhancing quality of life. our team AH Diabetes team consists of five registered nurses (all of whom are credentialled diabetes educators), two dietitians (one of whom is also a credentialled diabetes educator), and a podiatrist. Kate Mundy RN CDE, Ann Kennedy RN CDE, Jaleesa Whitford RN CDE, Lynda Wilkie RN CDE and Lynne McCleary RN CDE, Celia Innerarity dietitian, Rikke Fung dietitian CDE, Franziska Charteris-de Looze podiatrist and Kim Ennor our office manager and receptionist. why see a Credentialled Diabetes educator: All credentialled diabetes educators have a post graduate certificate in diabetes education and management and are registered with the Australia Diabetes Educators Association. They have the knowledge to provided diabetes education using the most up-to-date information. By accessing this information people living with diabetes can then make an informed decision on how they can manage their diabetes.

It’s nice to be recognised for our work, but it’s not what motivates us.” — AH Diabetes director Lynne McCleary

How to book an appointment https://ahdiabetes.com.au/appointment/

Credentialled diabetes work closely with your diabetes team that may include your GP, Endocrinologist, Dietitian, Podiatrist, Optometrist, Exercise Physiologist etc. It is a team approach with the person with diabetes being the main focus. our Service We provide a diabetes service to: Toowoomba, Gatton, Oakey, Warwick, Dalby, Chinchilla and Springfield Lakes A dietetics service to: Toowoomba and Springfield Lakes A podiatry service to: Toowoomba We also provide healthy living group education programs Diabetes education We offer specialised and personal support and education to those living with:

• type 1 Diabetes

• pre-diabetes

• type 2 Diabetes

• insulin pump therapy

• Gestational Diabetes • Continues Glucose monitoring Dietitian AH Diabetes also offers a dietetics service for anyone living with a health condition that would benefit from nutritional therapy, such as: • Diabetes

• kidney stones

• malnutrition

• High cholesterol

• Coeliac

• High blood pressure

• Food allergies and sensitivities

• Gout

• Cardiovascular disease

• metabolic syndrome

• weight Loss

• Gastrointestinal conditions (constipation, diverticular disease etc)

podiatrist AH Diabetes also offers a comprehensive podiatry service for anyone living with a health condition that would benefit from podiatric intervention. Services provided and conditions managed include: • Foot protection program for the high risk and at risk foot (including diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, renal disease, stroke, systemic arthritis and immune compromised [either from medication, chemotherapy or transplant anti-rejection drugs]) • Footwear/medical grade footwear advice • orthotic therapy General podiatry services are also provided for • nail problems (fungal, ingrown, thickened, damaged nails) • Corns and calluses • Heel pain • biomechanical assessments

FaCtS aboUt DiabeteS

• More than 8 people a day develop diabetes in the Darling Downs and West Morton Primary Health Network area. • In the past 12 months there where approx. 106,700 Australians diagnosed with diabetes • 292 Australians develop diabetes every day. That’s one person every 5 min. • There is no such thing as “mild” diabetes or a “touch of sugar”. All types of diabetes are serious and can lead to complication if not well managed For more information on how to access our service, please contact AH Diabetes Ph 0746462530 or visit our website www.ahdiabetes.com.au

For more information on how to access this service, please contact aH Diabetes on (07) 4646 2530 or visit www.ahdiabetes.com.au Page 4



ommitted to a high–quality, patient–centred approach to those living with diabetes, their families, and the community, the team at AH Diabetes have made it their mission to enhance your quality of life. When Medicare Local closed down in 2015, registered nurse (RN) and credentialed diabetes educator (CDE), Lynne McCleary, established AH Diabetes to continue providing a holistic diabetes service to patients. “We provide group and community education, health professional education and individual education for people living with Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. “We also have outreach clinics in Warwick, Oakey, Gatton, Dalby, Chinchilla and Springfield Lakes, and our client–base has grown to almost 3000 in three years,” Lynne said. AH Diabetes is also sub–contracted to St Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba to provide diabetes education, nutrition, and podiatry services, with the latter two services being available to all patients, not just those with diabetes. Lynne firmly believes in the value of teamwork. “Decisions are made collaboratively, because we’re

Health Services Guide 2019




hear audiologist Marguerite Dunstan works to transform lives by providing better hearing to the Toowoomba community. “We provide services to look after the hearing needs of a wide range of locals — including pension and DVA card holders, retirees, workers and children — making better hearing more convenient and accessible than ever,” Marguerite said. Hearing loss is far more prevalent in the community than most people realise, with recent studies showing one in six Australians have a treatable hearing loss. But what may surprise many is that nearly 50 per cent of these are under retirement age. ihear’s range of hearing services include: ■ Complimentary hearing screening ■ Trials of the latest hearing aids ■ Free hearing aids and services for pensioners and veterans (on behalf of the OHS) ■ Hearing aid repairs and batteries ■ Noise protection ■ Diagnostic hearing assessments ■ Paediatric hearing tests (over four years of age) The team at ihear pride themselves on the friendly professional service, and are also excited to have introduced wax removal services. Hearing awareness week is from Sunday, March 3, to Saturday, March 9, and is the perfect time to get your free hearing check. Call ihear on 4638 1277.




** Free hearing check for over 18yr olds

POWERED BY Starkey Hearing Technologies

329 Margaret Street, TOOWOOMBA QLD 4350 PH: 4638 1277 e: Toowoomba@ihear.com.au www.ihear.com.au

Chinchilla l Dalby l Gatton l Goondiwindi l Mactown l Millmerran Oakey l Pittsworth l St George l Toowoomba l 7 Springs

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Concerned about your varicose veins? Talk to us about our range of highly advanced, safe and effective treatment options.

Call or book online to arrange a consultation: p.1300 482 728 www.AdvancedVascular.com.au GPs on Curzon Medici Medical Centre, Cnr Scott & Curzon Sts, East Toowoomba, Qld 4350


Are you concerned about varicose veins? Do your legs feel painful, heavy or swollen? Varicose veins can cause discomfort and embarrassment. While mostly a cosmetic issue, in a small proportion of patients they can also cause health issues such as swelling, itchy and inflamed skin, bleeding, ulceration or blood clots. Advanced Vascular offers a full spectrum of services avoiding the need for multiple appointments at different locations. We offer the latest highly advanced, safe and effective techniques for the assessment and treatment of varicose veins including: • VenaSeal • Radiofrequency Ablation • Injection sclerotherapy The benefits of these non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment options are: • No hospital admission

This enables Dr Aziz to personally diagnose and treat the vascular condition. As a result, patients receive timely and efficient treatment and a highly attentive and professional service in one location. Please visit our website www.AdvancedVascular.com.au or contact Advanced Vascular for an initial consultation on 1300 482 728.

• Performed under local anaesthesia • Minimal time off work – simply walk in, walk out. In addition, private health insurance is not essential and interest-free payment plans are available. This allows you to begin the procedure immediately, then pay over a period of time that suits you. Our founder Dr Maged Aziz is a local, fully qualified Vascular Surgeon, who, as well as offering non-surgical treatments, is highly skilled at performing surgical removal of varicose veins.


Advanced Vascular provides a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art Vascular Diagnostic Imaging Services.

Health Services Guide 2019


Checking for hypertension becomes even more important as you age


Fact The prevalence of hypertension increases with age, with just under half (45.5%) of all people aged 75 years and over reporting having hypertension in 2014–15. — Australian Bureau of Statistics

our blood pressure will change throughout the day — going up or down, depending on what you ate or what you’re doing. However, if you are suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension), the long–term force of your blood against your artery walls is high enough to eventually cause health problems, most commonly heart disease. Hypertension can be a sleeping danger — not showing any symptoms for years, while causing damage to blood vessels and heart. Some people may experience headaches, shortness of breath, or nosebleeds, but these signs don’t usually occur until hypertension has reached a life–threatening stage. Without treatment and management, hypertension increases your risk of serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke. It’s important to have a blood pressure reading taken at least every two years from the age of 18. If you’re over 40 years of age, or you’re under 40 years old with a high risk of hypertension, you should have your blood pressure checked at least once a year. Risk factors include your age, race, family history, being obese or overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol, and stress. Mild hypertension can be treated by making lifestyle changes, like regularly exercising and adjusting your

diet to reduce your intake of salt and fatty foods. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, you will reduce your chances of having high blood pressure. If you’d like to know more, contact your doctor for information on diagnosing and treating hypertension.


B Page 8

ecoming elderly is no excuse for giving up a healthy and active lifestyle. Our mental well–being is as important as our

physical health. If there’s one thing that we need to take very good care of in life, it’s our health. The key to healthy aging, whether you’re male or female, is not only adopting behaviours that keep us physically well, but also to nurture our mental and social well-being. In later life, we start to face a wide range of medical conditions from mild complaints to devastating illnesses. Thankfully, there are new medications and surgical techniques developed each year that allow us to better care for our conditions and lead an enjoyable life. Understanding the impact that a balanced diet and physical activity can have to your health is also very important. A nutritious diet and at least 30 minutes of exercise a day can contribute to a higher quality of life through improved bone and muscle strength, increased mental alertness and improved immunity. While some conditions such as Alzheimer’s are more likely to occur to the elderly, mental illness is not an inevitable part of aging. If you are living with a mental illness, no matter what challenges you face, there are many steps you can take to overcome the symptoms. Maintaining a healthy mind is also just as important as a maintaining a healthy body. Many older Australians each year are affected by depression, anxiety or related disorders due to the loss of a loved one, a change in living arrangements or social isolation.

If there’s one thing that we need to take very good care of in life, it’s our health.

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Health Services Guide 2019


rodribb Home Inc is a local charity that has been quietly providing aged care services to the people of Toowoomba for more than 100 years. In fact, their nursing home — or residential aged care facility as nursing homes are now called — is the oldest in Queensland. Old it may be, but thanks to the tireless work of the committee and staff, particularly the long–serving chief executive officer Pam Chipperfield, it is anything but tired. The building has been thoughtfully maintained, renovated and extended over the years, and today it is a beautiful place that 100 residents call home. Something many people don’t realise is that Brodribb also has a retirement village, and offers Home Care Packages. Under a Home Care Package, care and support services are delivered into a client’s own home, whether that be in a retirement village or in the wider community. Brodribb At Home provides all levels of government subsidised Home Care Packages — from one to four. According to general manager Colleen Stark, what clients appreciate about Brodribb is that it is local and provides a personal service. When you ring you don’t have to make any selections

— you simply talk to a familiar voice who’ll be able to assist you. The other really important thing to Brodribb’s clients is they will regularly see and get to know the same select group of caring staff.

Find out more Phone Colleen Stark on 4602 0290.

Home is more than a place it’s a feeling. Whether you are living in our home or your own, our caring and capable staff will do their best to ensure you feel comfortable and well cared for. We are a true local not-for-profit organisation with over 100 years experience caring for the residents of Toowoomba.

● Approved government subsidised Home Care pprovider

● Housekeeping, maintenance, personal & nursing care, meal preparation, companionship, transport and Allied Health Services

● Home Care Packages at no cost ● Our Home Care clients are to full aged pensioners prioritised for Retirement Village ● Qualified, caring and or Residential placement should consistent home care team the need arise.

No recorded messages or options to select - just talk to someone local who is happy to take the time to listen and understand your needs.

Residential Care, Home Care, Retirement Village For more information, please contact us: 212 Herries Street, Toowoomba P (07) 4602 0290 • E athome@brodhome.org.au • www.brodhome.org.au Page 10

? For more information Please contact us during normal business hours on 4602 0290 or visit us at 212 Herries Street, Toowoomba


Call us today

Health Services Guide 2019


here’s an old proverb that says: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. And that couldn’t be more relevant than when it comes to protecting your health. In this hectic world, we can sometimes forget to look after ourselves and that’s why it’s comforting to know that owners James and Catherine Chiu and Jason Ou of the Hooper Centre Pharmacy are there to help. Whether you’re looking to have a script filled or you’re seeking expert advice on pain or diabetes management (through the NDSS), you’ll get the help you need, instantly. The pharmacy also offers a comprehensive vaccination service (administered on–site by trained professionals) which will counter the debilitating effects of influenza and whooping cough; as well as measles, mumps and rubella (via the MMR vaccine). If you’re ready for a fresh, new you, you’ll love the revitalising make–up service available for seniors — providing effective and practical advice on how best to conceal the inevitable effects of aging. And, no matter how healthy you think you are, it never hurts to lose a few extra kilos where needed. That’s why the Impromy Health and Weight Loss Program (which has been developed with the CSIRO) is an invaluable system to get you on track to better physical and mental health.

A healthy wallet doesn’t hurt either, so sign up for the pharmacy’s Healthy Rewards Card which is a wonderful free loyalty program that will allow you great savings on your everyday in–store purchases (excluding prescriptions). Your wellbeing is vitally important — are you on the path to better health? If not, then why not start today? As a special offer (if you mention this ad) you will also receive a free health check to help identify and monitor any areas of your life in need of improvement.


Health Matters

Find out more Visit the Hooper Centre Pharmacy at 187 Hume Street, email hoopercentrepharmacy @gmail.com or call (07) 4638 2210.

Discover More

At Hooper Centre Pharmacy

Vaccination Service

(have your vaccinations administered by our highly trained pharmacists - including Influenza, Whooping Cough and MMR)

Pain Management

Diabetes Management (NDSS)

Healthy Rewards Card Free Health Checks

(Loyalty Program)

(free on mention of this ad)

Make-up Services for Seniors

(learn how to conceal fine lines flawlessly) Shop 2C, 187 Hume Street, Toowoomba Queensland 4350

Ph: (07) 4638 2210 @HooperCentrepHarmaCy


Impromy Health & Weight Loss Program

(a health & weight loss program developed in collaboration with the CSIRO.Whatever your age, being physically and mentally healthy is important to our quality of life)

E: hoopercentrepharmacy@gmail.com W: facebook.com/HooperCentrePharmacy

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All I want is...

A good nights’ sleep

Not Sleeping? Too tired? No energy? There are many disorders that are known to impact sleep. Untreated sleep disorders that can occur at any age may be affecting your health.

Look after your sleep health. The best way to be really sure about your sleep health is with a sleep study. Talk to your GP about arranging a sleep test. GenesisCare provides access to the most experienced team of sleep specialists in Queensland.

Enjoy a quality sleep. GenesisCare St Andrews Hospital, Toowoomba St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Toowoomba T: 07 4592 6098 E: infosleepqld@genesiscare.com

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he National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a way of providing individualised support for people with disability, their families and carers. The NDIS is the insurance that gives us all peace of mind. Disability could affect anyone and having the right support makes a big difference. The NDIS provides eligible people a flexible, whole–of–life approach to the support needed to pursue their goals and aspirations and participate in daily life. In short, it gives recipients the options to choose where they can receive care, creating jobs and putting the power of your care in your hands, not a government department. Choice and control are at the heart of this scheme — it means people with disabilities can set their own goals, plan their care and coordinate their support services. The NDIS provides all Australians under the age of 65 (who have a permanent and significant disability) with the reasonable and necessary supports they need to enjoy an ordinary life. It helps people with disability achieve their goals. This may include greater independence, community involvement, employment and improved wellbeing. As an insurance scheme, the NDIS takes a lifetime approach, investing in people with disability early to improve their outcomes later in life. The NDIS also provides people with disability, their family and carers with information and referrals to existing support services in the community. By this year, the NDIS is expected to be supporting about 460,000 Australians with a disability.

Health Services Guide 2019 GAIN BETTER HEALTH IN YOUR SLEEP he perfect bed is far more important to your health than simply T getting a good nights’ sleep, as poor sleep can have a negative impact on your health.

MEDITATE AWAY STRESS editation can have many benefits for stress management, having M the potential to build resilience over time and to help you feel less stressed within minutes.

Not everyone has the time for hours of meditation and, sometimes, a stressful situation can arise from nowhere, leaving you feeling like a ticking time bomb. Here’s how to make five minutes of meditation count. Whether you want to make daily meditation a new habit, or whether you just need to step away for a minute, make time to relax. You can set a reminder in your calendar, thereby making it a priority every day (like all your other appointments), or you can simply go to a quiet place when needed. There are many applications available for smart phones that will play soothing music for however long you need to meditate. Find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down and close your eyes, breathing deeply from your diaphragm to release tension in your body. Clear your mind and focus on ‘being’ (don’t try to ‘think about nothing’). Keep doing this — breathing and being — for five minutes, and return to your day refreshed and calm.

Mobility problems?

With over 30 years’ experience providing quality, individualised support services to people of the Darling Downs.

Come in and see our amazing range of quality mattresses in all sizes, Electric Lift beds and lift chairs!

Warrina Services is a registered provider of NDIS services: Supports Coordination / Community Participation


Electric Lift Beds come in 7 sizes.

Household Tasks / Assistance Personal Activities Development / Life Skills

See our Avanté Hi-Lo beds with Electric Adjustable Height, Back and Foot. Move in and out of bed with ease. Avanté has an ENTIRE range of quality mattresses and beds, in King, Queen, Double, King Single and Single.

Registered NDIS provider



Assist Life Stage Transition / Transport

If you would like more information please call 4638 0399 www.warrinaservices.org.au

Graham Beer of Fiveways New and Used Furniture Sales has a sleep solution to suit every budget and need. The Avanté Hi Lo Flex is a mobility–focused adjustable bed that doesn’t look like a traditional hospital bed. With its Hi–Lo mechanism, safety sensors and optional side rails, this bed is a cost–effective solution that won’t compromise your decor, and is adjustable at the touch of a button. This range supports your head, shoulders, and upper and lower back, to ensure a great night’s sleep. Choose from either a pocket spring or Cool Balance mattress to suit your needs. The pocket spring mattress has durable, premium, natural latex comfort layers, covered with a luxurious stretch–knit fabric, combined perfectly to give comfort and support. The Cool Balance mattress is designed to help regulate your body temperature while you sleep, with it’s cool gel–infused memory foam, and will help with pressure–point relief. And, with a 10–year written guarantee on the mattress, base, and motors, you can sleep easy. Fiveways offers a large range of Avanté mattresses in all sizes. They now also stock a variety of electric lift chairs with single and dual motors, as well as some with a massage function. “By keeping up with the current market trends, we can offer quality products at competitive prices,” Mrs Daphne Beer said. The team at Fiveways are proud of a few things, particularly their friendly, experienced, good old–fashioned service. “We always take the time to explain to and show our customers how to operate each product with ease,” Mrs Beer said.

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Health Services Guide 2019

MAKE YOUR VARICOSE VEINS DISAPPEAR he Leg Vein Doctor is a Phlebology practice with the latest in T ultrasound technology, offering modern non–surgical approaches to venous disorders.

We treat varicose veins (including recurrence of varicose veins following stripping), venous ulcers and spider veins. Treatment options include: EndoVenous Laser Ablation, ‘Vein’ Glue, Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy and Micro–sclerotherapy. We only attend to leg veins at our clinic, so you can be assured that your treatment is precise and tailored to your individual condition, providing you with optimal results. Dr Nicholas Kemp has been providing experienced and professional treatment in Toowoomba for the last five years with his main clinic based in Auchenflower, Brisbane. GP referrals are encouraged, but not required. An initial consultation with Dr Kemp (including scans) costs $195.



ost of us, at one time or another, have eaten something that has left us feeling less than comfortable — and not in the “I’ve over–eaten” way. Hopefully you’ve been lucky enough to just have a mild bout of sickness, but for those who have experienced the full effects of food poisoning, it’s something you never want to repeat. Ever. It can be a challenge to avoid food poisoning when eating out as there are certain factors outside the customer’s control, but you’ll soon learn of any establishments to avoid. Here are some key steps to follow, whether eating out or at home: ■ Try to avoid eating meat that’s under-cooked ■ Wash your hands thoroughly before cooking and eating — ideally wash them for at least 15 seconds ■ Keep raw meat, poultry and egg separate from other foods, such as using a different chopping board to prepare each type. ■ Wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly before eating, and use a separate towel to dry them than the one you use for dishes.

The Breast Fit 0424 999 154

What Do We Treat?

• Varicose Veins and Venous Ulcers. • Vein Recurrence Post Surgery. • Spider Veins.

Hi I’m Sharon from The Breast Fit. I provide a personalised service for the fitting of post-mastectomy prosthesis and bra fitting. Every woman is different and that is why it is important to get the right fit for you. I have over 20 years’ experience as a Corsetiere and I am a Certified Amoena Australia Fitter.

Why Choose The Leg Vein Doctor?

• Modern non-surgical techniques. • Minimal discomfort during procedures. • No post-operative downtime. • Personalised treatment plans with no hidden costs. • Treatments available in Toowoomba & Brisbane. • We only treat leg veins!

I use quality Amoena products My services include;

• Medicare Rebate Forms provided with your receipt • Veterans Affairs Claims Welcome

A medical and ultrasound examination is given by Dr Kemp prior to any recommended treatment.

Page 14


Phone: 3720 9912 Email: info@thelegveindoctor.com Website: www.thelegveindoctor.com

I look forward to helping you with all your fitting needs! Hinchliffe Drive Toowoomba | 0424 999 154 thebreastfit@yahoo.com.au | Find me on Facebook


• A Free Mobile Service in the Toowoomba Area • I Can arrange to have pockets sewn into suitable bras

Health Services Guide 2019

THE IMAGING EXPERTS Providing exceptional diagnostic medical imaging services for the Downs

Patients can count on excellent patient care; equipped with the most advanced, state–of–the–art diagnostic imaging technology.


roudly servicing the Darling Downs Community for more than 10 years, Darling Downs Radiology in Toowoomba offers a comprehensive range of imaging services including X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI, CT, Mammography, Nuclear medicine, Cardiac CT imaging, Cardiac nuclear medicine perfusion studies, Dental imaging, musculo–skeletal injections, biopsies of thyroid and breast lesions. As part of South Coast Radiology, a leading provider of medical imaging services in South East Queensland, Darling Downs Radiology employs some of Australia’s leading radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists in a unique medical leadership model that ensures quality patient care, service and access. Darling Downs Radiology is focused on providing convenient customer service such as same–day appointments, acceptance of all referrals, after–hours appointments, free easy access parking, bulk billing for Medicare eligible exams and prompt report turnaround times. Patients can count on having an incredibly talented, compassionate group of individuals dedicated to providing excellent patient care and equipped with the most advanced, state–of–the–art diagnostic imaging technology. Darling Downs Radiology clinical director, Dr Sally

Sojan is available to discuss cases with referrers including offering subspecialty reports. For more details on Darling Downs Radiology and the imaging services offered, call (07) 4632 9533 or visit us online at www.darlingdownsradiology.com.au

For appointments please call our Bookings Centre on

1300 197 297

Darling Downs Radiology • 70 Neil Street, Toowoomba



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Health Services Guide 2019



atients looking for stability and continuing care from a team of supportive, committed GPs who are here to stay. Middle Ridge Family Practice prides itself on providing our patients with the feeling of belonging. From the moment you walk in the door, you will be made to feel welcome by our professional and friendly receptionists. We will strive to know you and your family and will always make sure you receive the absolute best service each time you come to visit. Our waiting room offers a warm, homely atmosphere where you can sit back, relax and do some knitting for charity, complete a puzzle or watch TV. We look forward to seeing you soon.


ere’s a sobering fact, a study led by University of Sydney health experts has found that if you‘re overweight by age two, you are at far greater risk of health issues later on. High cholesterol and high blood pressure were just two of the problems found to occur by the time the children were in their teens, as well as constant weight struggles later in life — whereas children who gained weight between the ages of five to 10 were slightly less impacted later in life. Researcher Professor David Celermajer said the idea is to make sure children are maintaining a healthy weight, especially during the first two years of their life. “Children in general are becoming less active because of screen time and more children are spending time in front of a computer screen. “Also, food choices have become poorer as economic constraints drive families to less healthy choices because it‘s cheaper,“ he said. It is important to encourage healthy eating and physical activity for all family members, as it will also act as an example to younger children.

Don’t need an Ambulance but can’t drive... Cab It!


Your Health Our Priority

• iHail • LIVE Tracking • Rank Locator • Favourites

Call 133 222

Driving Positions Available Now Garden City Cabs, 84 Drayton Road

Phone 4635 7250

www.gardencitycabs.com.au Page 16

Back left to right: Dr Tiana Dall’Osto, Dr Sian Ford, Dr Felicity Constable Front Left to right: Dr Tamara Johansen, Dr Mark Bennett, Dr Jessica McLaren

Shop 7, 156 Spring Street Middle Ridge T: (07) 4635 1688 www.midridge.com.au



Health Services Guide 2019

IT’S TIME TO GET CRAFTY Participating in craft activities brings a wealth of cognitive benefits


Art and craft activities are also just as important…and our residents love a creative activity!

esidential facilities that provide a varied range of lifestyle activities ensure their residents can always find something they enjoy doing, and participating in these group activities ensures a richer and more fulfilling day. Activities like visiting a local shopping centre, a trip to the beach or lunch at the local pub can offer vital stimulation that gives residents a fresh perspective on life. Art and craft activities are also just as important…and our residents love a creative activity! Providing them with welcome stimulation in a low-stress situation, the added health benefits are a bonus, because when crafting you are not only being creative but also using vital cognitive skills. For example, when knitting you are either following a pattern or creating a pattern of your own. Other benefits of craft are: Therapy for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s: as it can lessen feelings of anxiety and isolation. It can also evoke happy childhood memories of engaging in similar activities. Combating depression: A simple activity such as painting, knitting, planting or woodwork can allow the brain to release dopamine, a feel–good natural anti–depressant.

A sense of purpose: as the ability to complete a project can give a real sense of accomplishment. This can be especially important for elderly people who might feel as if they are no longer able to do the things they could in their younger years. Forming friendships: and camaraderie through banter as you work. Finding people who share similar interests can bring feelings of togetherness.

“A breath of fresh air for aged care... Infinite Care offers a range of premium features and services designed to suit our resident’s every need. We aim to ensure quality of life for our residents and encourage them to maintain as much independence as possible, while maintaining their ongoing social and personal interests. Community connectedness through technology is integral in the facility.

NOW OPEN Call 1800 463 468 to make an appointment to tour, or request an enquiry pack.

bringing a new generation of innovative residential care to Toowoomba”.

Come and experience the extended Infinite family.

INFINITE CARE MOUNT LOFTY “It is a pleasure to be in this comfortable nursing home

where everybody is treated the same and we are given excellent care. There is always something to do and many activities to enjoy.” Bruce

Infinite Care Resident

“I love working in aged care. The residents are so special and I love listening to them. It’s a rewarding job, where every day is different.” Araya

Infinite Care Employee

69 Stuart Street, Mount Lofty QLD | 1800 463 468 | seqadmissions@infin8care.com.au | infin8care.com.au Page 17

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The team at St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital provides total service

The St Andrew’s breast cancer team (pictured from left): Dr Sharyn Donaldson, Diagnostic Breast Clinic Dr Peter Storey, Queensland X-Ray Dr Mark Wyche, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Dr Eric Donaldson, Breast Surgeon Dr Natacha Sorour, Toowoomba Oncology Dr Penny McKenzie, Radiation Oncology Clinics CN Mary Kelsey, Breast Care Nurse.


Services: The St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital cancer team offers: ■ Diagnostic Breast Clinic ■ Pathology ■ Radiology ■ Surgical services, including plastic and reconstruction ■ Oncology treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation ■ Wellness and support programs

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rom diagnosis to wellness and every step in between, the St Andrew’s breast cancer care specialist team provides comprehensive breast cancer services to the Toowoomba and Darling Downs community. St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital has attracted a complete team of specialist cancer surgeons and physicians to the Garden City, enabling breast cancer patients to have all their treatment close to home, friends and family. There are now very few patients who will need to travel to Brisbane, with a raft of high–quality services available at the hospital. The purpose–built St Andrew’s Cancer Centre offers a full range of services all under one roof. These services include diagnostic breast services, delivered by an all-female breast physician and nursing team along with highly skilled breast, plastic and reconstructive surgeons performing surgery in the hospital’s state–of–the–art theatre complex. The treatment service is delivered via the onsite Oncology facility, with technology equal to any in the world and operated by highly qualified and experienced cancer specialists in the medical and radiation Oncology fields. The entire Cancer Care service is supported by the St Andrew’s Hospital breast care nurses who co–ordinate the patient’s care along with providing emotional

support, guidance and advice during this difficult time. By providing a consistent source of information and support, the breast care nurses help unscramble and make sense of the medical terminology, explain procedures in layman’s terms and detail what a diagnosis may mean for the patient now and in the future. At any point during the breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, treatment and recovery, patients have access to their breast care nurse. At the end of treatment, free wellness consultations for patients are available to provide follow–up support that may be required and access to services delivered by dieticians, physiotherapists, psychologists and exercise coaches. Regular medical meetings bring St Andrew’s local cancer specialists together from different medical and surgical disciplines, as they discuss individualised treatment plans for patients with cancer. These meetings are classed as best practice in the delivery of high-quality cancer management in Australia and internationally, and are held in the purpose–built multi–disciplinary conference facility at St Andrew’s Hospital. For further information regarding the breast cancer services offered at St Andrew’s Hospital, please call the breast care nurses on 4646 3107 or go to www.sath.org.au

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St Andrew’s Hospital offers urgent heart care services 24/7


he new Rapid Access Heart Centre at St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital provides life–saving emergency cardiac services, including access to fast diagnostic procedures, stents for blocked arteries and insertion of cardiac devices. The region’s first 24/7 Emergency Cardiac Centre at St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital offers a wider choice of cardiac services for the Darling Downs community.

The new service, which has already seen several hundred patients through its doors, has been embraced by the local community for its convenience, affordability and high–quality care. Patients experiencing chest pain, tightness, palpitations, pressure or shortness of breath can present to the Rapid Access Heart Centre via Queensland Ambulance Service or as a walk–in self–referral. St Andrew’s has been offering cardiology services for more than 15 years through a team of highly trained, local onsite cardiologists who have performed more than 8000 complex cardiac procedures in the region’s only dedicated Cardiac Catheter Laboratory. The Rapid Access Heart Centre is also supported by St Andrew’s Hospital’s existing 24–hour Intensive Care Unit and a Cardiac Medical Unit. No referral is required to access the Rapid Access Heart Centre. A facility fee of $180 applies to access the Rapid Access Heart Centre, which is refunded upon a hospital admission.

Find out more For more information, please call 4646 3070 or go to www.sath.org.au

Pictured: Fast assessment and access to high–quality cardiac care is now all available at St Andrew’s Hospital.


St Andrew’s Hospital is building stronger mental health in the community


Find out more For more information on the psychology clinic and mental health services offered at St Andrew’s, please call 4646 3014 or go to www.sath.org.au

new mental health facility offering the latest in equipment, facilities and clinical support is nearing completion at St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital. The purpose–built 20–bed facility will offer patients a range of services, including individual and group–based therapies aimed at improving an individual’s quality of life and recovery from mental health concerns. Staffed by visiting doctors, experienced psychologists and mental health nurses, the facility aims to provide an environment that is supportive, confidential and therapeutic. The facility will also see a range of new services introduced, including an advanced treatment for depression called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). TMS is a mild form of brain stimulation and can be useful for patients who have not responded positively to antidepressant medication. During the TMS treatment, magnetic fields are generated by a simple coil placed on the head and are used to stimulate a small area of the brain. While receiving stimulation, the patient is fully awake (as there is no anaesthetic) and memory is not affected. TMS is not painful and is usually well–tolerated, with minimal side effects. In addition, the hospital’s Psychology Clinic will also be expanding its services. The clinic will now offer clients access to a highly

qualified clinical psychologist, Julie Martin, for one–on–one appointments, along with access to a range of group therapy programs. The group therapy programs offered are on topics such as managing stress, anxiety, depression, self–esteem, mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance and emotion regulation skills.

Pictured: Clinical psychologist, Julie Martin, offers clients a safe and comfortable atmosphere in a supportive environment.

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ou would have noticed the brightly coloured jars of juice providing a welcome colour–pop in the display cabinets of cafes Australia–wide. So, just what is all the fuss about this trend which is clearly settling in for the long run? The difference between ordinary juice, which is extracted using an electric juicer — in which fast speeding metal blades slice up the fruit — creates heat. This heat oxidises the juice, and some vitamins and nutrients are lost in this process. The benefit of cold–pressed juice is the process contains no heat whatsoever: the fruit is simply — you guessed it — pressed. This ensures the maximum vitamins and nutrients are retained in the end product. The other bonus is the amped–up flavour of cold pressed juice as opposed to its less healthy cousin. And, for health hunters or flavour freaks wanting to reap these benefits at home, there are now plenty of cold–press juicers on the market. Ranging anywhere from $70 to $400, these juicers are an investment piece if you are looking to make fresh, cold–pressed juice part of your morning routine. For those on a budget, a simple, handheld device will also yield the same result, though will be a little more labour intensive.

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A CHOCOLATE A DAY it might not keep the doctor away, dark chocolate is not as AInlthough bad for your health as you might think. fact, it’s actually quite nutritious (for a tasty treat).

Bear in mind, this applies to quality dark chocolate with a high–cocoa content (about 70 to 85 per cent). A 100–gram bar of your favourite high–cocoa chocolate contains about 11 grams of fiber, as well as high percentages of iron, magnesium, copper and manganese. Before you freak out — yes, your body needs copper. It is found all throughout your body and is responsible for making red blood cells; as well as maintaining nerve cells and the immune system. Dark chocolate also contains plenty of potassium, phosphorous, zinc and selenium. Potassium is a natural depression fighter. Like dark chocolate, bananas are also high in potassium — the perfect excuse to have a banana split when you’re feeling down. A chocolate a day might not keep the doctor away, but will make seeing the doctor a whole lot easier to deal with.



ur team has launched a new syringe–free ear wax removal service for local Darling Downs residents. This offering complements our existing hearing rehabilitation service, being independent providers of hearing aids, along with hearing implant services. Unlike traditional wax removal techniques which involve flushing wax away using pressurised water, we use a more modern technique which employs a very small suction device to vacuum wax out of the ear, without the use of any water. This approach is safe and gentle on the ear for a more comfortable experience. For bookings, please phone our friendly team at Hello Hearing on 4638 1515, or email us at hello@hellohearing.com.au

Same day appointments available. For online bookings please visit www.peoplefirsthealthgroup.com.au ALL PATIENTS WELCOME

The People First Health Group offers two convenient locations James Neil Medical Centre 119-121 Neil St (Cnr James) Toowoomba QLD 4350 Ph: (07) 4632 4888 Shieldaig Medical Centre Range Shopping Centre, 11 James St Toowoomba QLD 4350 Ph: (07) 4638 0655 6942008aa

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hen you step inside a grocery store, the amount of different cooking oils to choose from can be confronting and a little confusing. Knowing which oil to choose, comes down to your needs and the purpose for which you’re buying oil.


Coconut oil is renowned as one of the most variable oils on the market at the moment. More than 90 per cent of fatty acids within coconut oil is saturated, which makes it very resistant to heat. Because the oil is semi–solid, it can last a very long time as opposed to other oils. It can improve cholesterol, help kill bacteria and other pathogens and boost metabolism. It’s also been known to be very helpful for skin conditions.


One of the most common cooking oils, olive oil is well known for the benefits it holds in maintaining a healthy heart. It can raise good cholesterols such as HDL, and lower oxidised LDL cholesterol.


Known as a super oil, fish oil is full of fantastic Omega–3 fatty acids that everyone needs but many of us are deficient in. Of all the fish oils, cod liver oil is the best because it is very rich in Vitamin D3. But, fish oil shouldn’t be used for cooking as it carries a very high concentration of polyunsaturated fats. It’s best used as a supplement — one tablespoon per day.


Rich in the plant form of Omega–3, Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), flaxseed oil has been used as a laxative for constipation, weight loss and to prevent breast and prostate cancers. Alongside this, people use flaxseed oil to help with conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, anxiety, benign prostatic hyperplasia, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and ADHD. However, it also carries a high amount of polyunsaturated fats and should not be used for cooking.

Smile with confidence Prof Matthias Bickel

Dr med dent (Berne, Switzerland), Phd, Specialist SSRD



98 Margaret Street, East Toowoomba www.bickel.dental | 1300 BICKEL (1300 242 535) Page 22



Specialising in • Comprehensive, natural looking restorations • Crowns • Bridges • Full and partial dentures • Implants and implant based restorations • No Referrals Necessary

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TAKING CARE OF TEETH Know the tips and tricks to make sure your teeth last a whole lifetime


ost people might be shocked to learn they’re not cleaning their teeth properly. But, how this could be (considering you’ve been brushing your teeth for many years and should have the finer points down by now)? Here are some things to think about:


You should brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. But, did you know you shouldn’t leave a gap of more than 12 hours between brushes? This is because of the rate at which mouth bacteria matures — at around 12 hours old, the bacteria in your mouth starts to damage your teeth and should be removed. You should also floss at least once a day (preferably at night) and visit your dentist every six months for an examination and professional cleaning.


According to an analysis of 56 studies published in 2014 by the international research organisation, Cochrane, electric toothbrushes do have an edge over

their manual counterparts. After three months of use, electric toothbrushes were found to reduce dental plaque by 21 per cent and gingivitis by 11 per cent more than manual toothbrushes. Whether you opt for manual or electric, though, you should swap your toothbrush (or its head) every three months.


Fluoride reduces the acid produced by bacteria in your mouth and strengthens the enamel of your teeth, which prevents tooth decay. Although fluoride is a mineral found everywhere in nature, including your water and food, your teeth do need more fluoride than can be found naturally. You should use toothpaste with a fluoride content of at least 1350 to 1500 parts per million (ppm F) for effective protection. The fluoride count of your toothpaste can be found either on the box or tube as one of the ingredients. It’s also important to note that you should not rinse your mouth after brushing — this gets rid of the fluoride — but should merely spit it out, leaving a protective layer behind.

Toowoomba Multi-Service Centre “Your home away from home” Located at: 8 Buckland Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350, open 24hours/7days, encourages wellbeing of both the client and the carer, with expertise in dementia care. Our wellness and reablement philosophy is applied through every day familiar activities to give meaning and enjoyment to those we support.

Services offered through our specifically chosen Queenslanders include: • Specialised Dementia Care • Home Maintenance • 24 hour Respite

• Domestic Assistance

• Home Care Packages for over 65

• Personal Care

• Under 65 services through NDIS

• Carer Support Groups

• Occupational Therapy

• 24 hour Dementia Advice 1800 639 331


• Social Support

For further information please call 1800 639 331 or 07 4635 2966 or visit www.alzheimersonline.org. Page 23

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ccording to the World Health Organisation, epilepsy is one of the world’s most common neurological diseases, with about 50 million people worldwide suffering from it. While epilepsy can hold negative social stigma, a fundamental part of reducing this perception is to raise public awareness of what epilepsy is. The Epilepsy Foundation defines epilepsy as ‘a disorder of brain function that involves recurring seizures...a seizure is a sudden, uncontrolled electrical discharge in a group of brain cells (neurons)...that can cause strange sensations, emotion and behaviour or convulsions and loss of consciousness.’ Here are some facts and statistics from Epilepsy Action Australia: ■ Epilepsy is a condition of the brain — it is not a mental illness. ■ Epilepsy is more common than Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy combined. ■ At present, it is estimated that 250,000 Australians are living with epilepsy, which is more than one per cent of the population. ■ Around the world, about 65 million people have epilespy at any given time. ■ With treatment, up to 70 per cent of people can gain full seizure control. ■ The cause for epilespsy for 50 per cent of people is still unknown.

Toowoomba & Brisbane Sales, Repairs and Servicing

4634 6112

mobilityandyou.com.au Page 24


16 Eyers St, Toowoomba 4350

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Council committed to helping residents get outside and active


oowoomba Regional Council’s award-winning CHANGE Project has more than 100 activities to choose from every week, ranging from free–entry to $5. TRC’s latest directory has just been released, showcasing the full range of what’s available to help keep you healthy and active over the cooler months. Annemarie from Healthy by Numb3rs is one of the many fantastic CHANGE Project providers. She runs a ‘Restorative Circuit class’ — a circuit–style session comprising low- impact, cardio, and strength/resistance exercises. Annemarie has been a qualified trainer for four years, but has been involved in fitness of various kinds for 15+ years. We recently met with her to learn some more about her passion for fitness. What do you love most about your job? I get to impact peoples’ lives and make a difference — whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility, mobility or, what I think is sometimes the greatest transformation of them all, transforming peoples’ minds by improving self–confidence, self–belief, self–respect and self–worth.

Pictured: Trainer Annemarie putting her 15+ years in fitness to good use on the battle rope.

Who can benefit from coming along to your classes? Anyone and everyone can benefit from exercise. Regular exercise can change a person’s life and has so many benefits such as stress relief, lowered blood pressure, reduced risk of many serious illnesses, assistance with weight management, stronger bones, muscles and joints, thereby reducing the risk of injury from falls, a healthier state of mind and a general feeling of well-being, to name a few. Do people need to have any experience to participate? We cater for all ages and stages of fitness. Exercises are low-impact, cardio and weight-bearing exercises which utilise a variety of equipment. Each exercise can be modified dependent on the participant’s ability and fitness level, with full instruction provided.

Find out more Visit Council’s website at www.tr.qld.gov.au/ change

New Healthy & Active Directory out now!

PARKS WEEK www.tr.qld.gov.au/ parksweek

9-17 Mar 2019

Healthy & Active DIRECTORY autumn/winter 2019 Contact 131 872 or email change@tr.qld.gov.au to request a copy, or visit www.tr.qld.gov.au/change to view online

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1. Pick a day you can walk to/from school together— even consider parking the car a little further from the school and walking for 10 minutes. 2. Cut up food so it is easy for little fingers to eat. 3. Select comfortable school shoes that are great for walking, running and riding bicycles. 4. Dairy food is a great snack — choose reduced-fat cheese or a tub of yoghurt. 5. Find some time to do some ‘free range’ activities like exploring your neighbourhood. 6. Include a frozen water bottle — it will help keep lunch cool and provides an icy cold drink. 7. Plan a quick play at the local park on free afternoons.

Downs Nursing Agency


Epoxy Grout Specialist Anti-Slip Floor Treatment Shower Glass Restoration & Protection

Friendly, efficient, professional service

Providing quality care to Toowoomba and South East regions • Aged Care • Critical Care • Intensive Care • Palliative Care • Maternity Care

ABN 77 442 733 114

• Personal Care • Post Hospital Care • Respite Care • Home Care

• Long or short term • Emergency Care • 24 hours – 7 days

Tile & Grout Cleaning Grout Colour Sealing Damaged Tile Repairs Grout Repair & Tile Re-Grouting Tile, Grout & Stone Sealing Silicone Replacement Mould Treating Natural Stone Sealing

Suite 1, 4 Mylne Street, Toowoomba Ph: 4617 8888 Email: admin@downsnursing.com.au


Registered Nurses – Enrolled Nurses Assistants in Nursing

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8. Plan ahead to avoid grabbing pre-packaged foods and involve the kids too. 9. Join your children in an after-school swim, ball game, hopscotch or skip. 10. Choose a good lunch box that insulates well and use ice bricks.

0429 040 791 www.gtsrestorations.com.au


To help keep your kids healthy, it’s always best to get involved and encourage your children to increase their activity.

ith school back in full swing, children are busy keeping their minds active. But, due to the long periods of sitting at desks, they’re also likely to have reduced levels of exercise, which can impact their overall wellbeing. To help keep your kids healthy, it’s always best to get involved and encourage your children to increase their activity. What to put in the kids’ lunchboxes is another dilemma that plagues parents, as they face more than 200 school lunches throughout the year. The Heart Foundation has some easy tips for keeping your child’s lunchbox nutritious and getting young people outside and active.

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OWNED BY THE TOWN An abundance of medical services leaves Clifton in a healthy position


or 70 years, Clifton’s Health Services Cooperative has been there when it was needed most. The stand-alone, not–for–profit organisation has been a cornerstone of the community — harnessing the commitment and expertise of the many doctors, nurses and health administrators who have worked together to

care for the people of Clifton and the surrounding Downs area. Whether it has been through the Clifton Co–Op’s 12–bed private hospital, the Clifton Medical Practice (which employs eight doctors) or the Nirvana Hostel: a 15–bed residential aged–care facility — they have always put the community first. This care and attention is just as evident in the Clifton Nursing Home with its 38 residential aged-care beds which now includes a brand new wing — Sunflower Lodge — a 12–bed, dementia–specific residential memory support unit. And, for independent living, there’s always the welcoming Vedette Villas — which provides eight self–sufficient units operated on a subsidised rental basis. Together, these facilities have been assisting the community since 1949 and the dedication and service of the staff within is assured for many decades to come. With doctors on call and registered nurses on–site for the hospital and nursing home 24 hours a day/seven days a week — you can rest easy that you and your family will be in the safest of hands. For more information on available services, please contact the Clifton Medical Practice on 4697 3097 or the Clifton Hospital on 4697 3735.

Together, these facilities have been assisting the community since 1949 and the dedication and service of the staff within is assured for many decades to come.

Clifton ‘Country Care’ ~ where you are never just a number ~

Residential Aged Care

Private Hospital Services

Incorporating: Clifton Co-Op Private Hospital, Clifton Nursing Home, Nirvana Hostel, Vedette Villas, Clifton Medical Practice

Independent Living Villas

Large General Medical Practice

Allied Health Services available include: Optometrist, Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Podiatrist, Well Women’s Clinic & Child Health Clinic & Dietician Skin Cancer Clinic — We offer skin checks, surgical and non-surgical management — all provided by our Specialist Doctors.

CLIFTON COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES A community owned, not for profit organisation

Ph: 07 4697 3735 20 Norman Street, Clifton www.cliftonhospital.org

Clifton Medical Practice: 07 4697 3097

A bulk billing medical practice

New patients welcome Page 27

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veryone thinks about how much they need to exercise, how they would look if they were to actually begin exercising, and how much they want to have the body of Miranda Kerr or John Cena. However, many people still seem to remain tucked up under a blanket watching Netflix. Let’s be real — not everyone loves exercise. However, staying fit and well is vital. Here are some tips to keep healthy with a busy lifestyle.


Slugging through hours of gym isn’t necessary. Have a look into exercise activities that are intense but effective, such as a quick 10–minute cardio workout such as CrossFit or circuit workout.


If it has been a very long and tiring day, it can be easy to put off that workout for another day.

However, if someone else is in a similar situation, there is an opportunity to motivate each other. This could be as easy as going for a 30-minute walk together with your children in prams. When leading a busy and stressful life, exercise is fantastic for your mental health and spending time with your loved ones while exercising is a perfect combination.


When everyone is going a million miles an hour all day every day, it can be easy to get a greasy take–out meal. Allocate an hour to cook every single week, where you make one massive meal and put it into set portions in takeaway containers, and freeze.

While not everyone loves exercise, staying fit and healthy is vital.

Jeff Hannaford Pty Ltd

Ever met a Chartered Accountant with a sense of humour? With a nickname of “Hairy” Contact Jeff Hannaford who is a community minded Chartered Accountant and doubles as a Trouble Shooter.

What can Jeff and his staff solve?? Anything!! Jeff Hannaford is a Community Chartered Accountant and Trouble Shooter who has been in business since 1978 when he opened up his first office in Inglewood. His business has now grown with another 2 offices in Texas and Millmerran. Jeff supports the AOOB Organisation because they are involved in charity and charity begins at home.

For a free insight into what changes you could make to your Business or life phone Jeff on 0429 894 937 or Millmerran 4695 1477 or Inglewood 4652 1106 or Texas 4653 1155 Page 28


Try Jeff and his staff’s experience in solving your Accountancy, Taxation and Financial worries Don’t delay, contact and enjoy the experience of good old fashioned service.

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here seems no way to avoid it — there on the horizon lies the dreaded flu season, and you can be sure that a work colleague or a student at your child’s school will do you the honour of passing on the germ to someone in your household. However, there are things you can do to prevent the aching head, streaming nose and congestion that are known all too well in the coming months. Remember, when it comes to the flu, prevention is better than cure. While the common cold usually lasts a week, the influenza virus lasts two weeks or more and exhibits more severe symptoms. If your health continues to deteriorate, contact your doctor for a professional opinion. Tip one: keep things clean Keep surfaces in your home wiped downs regularly. When flu season rolls around, check with your child’s daycare or school that frequently touched items such as toys, surfaces and handrails are wiped down regularly.

Tip two: educate your children on hygiene Make sure you and your family know to cover their mouth (preferably with a tissue) when coughing or sneezing. Wash your hands regularly, and especially before touching food. Packing the kids off to school with a pocket-sized hand sanitiser is an easy way to curb germ sharing.

Quick tip Don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose when sneezing (or coughing) with your handkerchief/tissue.

Accepting all New Patients

• $199 new patient special includes comprehensive exam, clean & xrays*. • Preferred providers for NIB, HCF & Westfund. • DVA & no gap Child Dental Benefits Scheme.

Dr Nicola Hulme-Peake

Dedicated and skilled at working with patients of all ages

• Large 2 bedroom air conditioned units • Choice of plans • 24 hour emergency call buttons • Community centre for the residents’ use • Beautiful landscaped gardens • Friendly secure lifestyle • Shops, doctors and large variety of recreational clubs within minutes of the village • Taxi service available • Bus to Toowoomba – leaves from right outside the village


Units Available for inspection from just $210,000

Call to make an appointment today 11 Isabel St, Toowoomba

Ph: (07) 4646 2512



* (valued at $299)

17 Short Street, Pittsworth Call Diane and Doug on 4693 3734 Page 29

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ental health is something that has been brought into public conversation in the last few years, but there is still a long way to go towards de–stigmatising it. Breaking down those barriers of ignorance could help your own state of mental health or help you identify signs that a loved one is struggling. One thing is important to remember when starting the conversation on mental health — it’s exactly that: a state of health. Just like your body, the mind needs care and attention and is susceptible to illnesses. For those going through mental illness in Toowoomba, or worried for someone who is, there are services to help drive away some of the darkness. Headspace Toowoomba provides a myriad of services, including support services for people aged 12 to 25, which are bulk-billed through Medicare. It is important to reach out to those who may be going through mental health issues. The main thing is that people worry about what is the right thing to say, so will then opt not to say anything. Asking if someone is okay lets the person know somebody cares, and may help plant the idea for them to seek help.

Breakaway Toowoomba provides services for people with disabilities and their families through services that develop self-reliance, independence, community inclusion and a life of quality. We provide extensive support and resources designed to enrich the lives of participants through social interactions and involvement in community activities. Our service can be tailored to the needs of individuals and include domestic assistance, vacation care, community participation, emergency support, short term accommodation and social groups. Since 1986 Breakaway have been a leading provider of quality Short Term Accommodation and support services for people with disabilities and their families in the Toowoomba region. Our state of the art modern facilities provide a homely feel, with quality professional staff to cater to all your needs. Our Supported Independent Living provides assistance to those with a disability wanting to move into their own home. We can assist you to find the perfect home, housemates and assist you to develop your independent living skills. Our Support Coordinator can assist you to utlilise your plan to its full potential and build your capacity to maintain, strengthen and support your relationships with providers. We can connect you with Services for Social and Community Access, Personal Care, access Allied Health or secure housing solutions. Breakaway Toowoomba INC ° 27 Mort Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350 Phone: (07) 46 395 100 info@breakawaytmba.org ° www.breakawaytmba.org 6944728ac

Page 30

Services that Newtown DDS provides are: • NDSS – National Diabetes Services Scheme • Blood Pressure monitoring • Blood Sugar monitoring • In-store HbA1c and Cholesterol test – speak to Andy our pharmacist to see if you are eligible

• Flu and whooping cough vaccination • Medication Reviews • Medication packing ie webster packing • Discount Drugstore loyalty club membership • Prescription reminder service – Medadvisor Join the club in store or online today to start receiving the perks that come from being a club member! No need to wait to accumulate points! Receive instant rewards and benefits just for being a member.

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm Saturday 8.30am - 12.00pm Closed all Public Holidays

Hill St

James S


100B Hill Street, Toowoomba Q 4350 Ph: 07 4632 3876 E: newtown@discountdrugstores.com.au www.discountdrugstores.com.au


Newtown Discount Drugstore is your one stop for all healthcare needs. Andy Chong and his team strive to provide you excellent healthcare advice and solutions everyday at low price.

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ealthy eating and drinking is an important part of looking after your health, so it’s vital to follow a healthy, balanced diet. Eat a variety of foods, including vegetables, wholegrains, lean meats, oily fish, fruit, low-, reducedor no-fat dairy, and vegetable and seed oils. Make plant–based foods the main part of each meal and include vegetables, wholegrains, fruit, nuts and seeds every day. Choose wholegrain breads and breakfast cereals, and include pasta, noodles and rice. Try to include legumes and beans in at least two meals a week such as canned beans, dried peas, dried beans, chickpeas or lentils. Fats are an important part of a healthy balanced diet and you should not exclude them, but the type of fats you include is important. Choosing the healthier unsaturated fats instead of saturated and trans fats will reduce your risk of heart disease. Eat two to three serves of oily fish a week, with a serving size of 150 grams or approximately the size of your whole hand.

Select lean meat and poultry and try to limit processed meats and deli meats. Consume reduced-, low- or no-fat milk, yoghurt, and custard, and include small portions of cheese up to four times a week. Try to limit sugary, fatty and salty snack foods to once a week, and choose mainly water to drink. A small glass of fruit or vegetable juice can be consumed occasionally, but should not replace water. Limit sugary drinks, and drink coffee and tea in moderation. And finally, if you drink alcohol, have no more than two standard drinks a day. — Heart Foundation Australia

Quick tips ■ Try to limit take–away foods to once a week and select healthier take–away options like sushi or sashimi, Asian stir–fries, and tomato–based pasta. ■ It’s better not to add salt to food. If you want to add flavour, use herbs and spices instead.

Travelling costs to appointments, mobility difficulties, or simply prefer the convenience of home visit.

In Home Mobile Foot Care for Senior Aged and Disabled

Toowoomba and Surrounding Areas.

Do you have an Aged Care Community Package? You could be eligible to claim your Foot Care Services. • Fungal Care • Callus • Foot Massage • Paraffin Wax Therapy • UV Shoe Sanitization


• General Toenail Care • Thickened Distorted Nails • Dry Cracked Heels / Skin Care • Pressure Care / Padding • Fingernail Care / Cut & File


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Amanda Hunter (Foot Care Hygienist)

0408 412 731


Li fel i ne Darl i n g Do wn s a n d So u t h We st Qu ee ns l and L td pro vid es a p p ro xim a t ely 13 ,000 hours o f h u man s er vic es a c ro s s To o wo o m ba an d th e Darlin g Do wn s ever y y ea r. These programs include: Family Counselling - offering a range of free, professional, general counselling services for individuals, couples and families. Positive Relationships - free, professional counselling focused on strengthening family relationships and emotional resilience in individuals and their families. Supporting Children After Separation Program (SCASP) - providing counselling for children who are adjusting to parental conflict and separation, alternating between households or moving to new schools or neighbourhoods. Creative Coping Program - this 20 week skills building group is designed to assist people with overwhelming thoughts and emotions, reduce suffering and make changes towards a valued life. Rural Family Support (Dalby) - providing support to vulnerable families with children from pre-birth to 18 years of age through assisting them to on how to care for and protect their children. Safe Connections - providing counselling to women and children affected by domestic violence as well as court based support and information to aggrieved respondents who attend court for domestic and family violence. This program works with victims and perpetrators to ensure a holistic approach. NewAccess - a specially designed program to help individuals tackle day-to-day pressures such as employment, financial, education, housing and more. Gambling Help - a free and confidential counselling program for anyone affected by problem gambling or their significant others. Financial Counselling - providing assistance to people in financial difficulty by helping them address their financial problems, make informed choices and build longer term capacity to budget and manage their money. Tracks to Success Indigenous Advancement Strategy - designed for children 0 -18 years who are of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent, this program offers practical hands on support and aims to improve family and parenting support with a focus on increasing school attendance and improved education.

appointment please call 1300 991 visit www.lifelinedarlingdowns.org.au

443 or

Strengthening Communities, Empowering People


For further information or to make an

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Your local optometrist

Grand Central MediCal Centre


95 years of quality eye care in Toowoomba Online AppOintments nOw AvAilAble




STILL AT 455 RUTHVEN ST P 4632 3166

Allied Health

Grand Central Shopping Centre Cnr Victoria & Margaret Sts Shop 0025/25a Pathology services available on site (Mon - Fri 8am to 2:30pm) We Bulk Bill all Children under 15 years, Pension/Healthcare and DVA Card Holders

Horizon Physiotherapy Lisa Seiler Dietitian/Exercise Psychologist

Our surgery hours are as follows:

Mondays to Fridays: 8.30am to 5.00pm, Saturday: 9.00am to 1.00pm



Current doctors Dr Rita Ponce Dr Lakshaman Ellepola Dr Jocelyn Baviera Dr Darshika Ellepola Dr Julius Soriano


WE CAN SUPPORT YOU TO: ✔ Build confidence and life skills ✔ Make social connections

CWA House


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112 Russell Street, Toowoomba (07) 4632 4688




McLean Care


✔ Increase employment opportunities

Health Services Guide 2019


7Springs Health + Dental caters to all your medical needs


ince its opening in 2013, 7Springs Health and Dental has continued to expand and welcome patients. At 7Springs Health + Dental you will find a range of health services, including 7Springs Medical Practice, ME Dental, QML Pathology, Toowoomba Diagnostic Imaging x–ray services, City Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy, Podiatry for Foot Health, Quality Life Psychology Services, Total Exercise Physiology, including a dietician and diabetes educator, Nellie’s Kitchen Café, Malouf Pharmacy, audiology and child psychiatry services. The 7Springs Medical Practice has 20 full–time general practitioner doctors and is open from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and Saturdays from 8am. The 7Springs Medical team do home visits (when clinically indicated) and also attend nursing/ residential aged care homes, hospitals and the hospice. The 7Springs Medical Practice has a dedicated procedure suite to assist patients with women’s health, vasectomy and minor procedures for skin checks and skin cancer removals. In addition to performing your regular skin checks, it is advisable to have a professional skin check once a year. The doctors at 7Springs Medical can perform the check for you and examine any lesions of concern. Melanomas detected early can be treated early, which is important for ongoing treatment.

If you are going on an overseas adventure, 7Springs can also provide for your travel medicine needs. As an accredited training practice, 7Springs Medical provides education to doctors, as well as to medical and nursing students. The centre’s training suite has hosted many events — from corporate meetings to government agency lectures and product information events. The centre is focused on continuing the clinical education of the Darling Downs region and beyond with an open invitation to the public and businesses to enquire about hosting corporate meetings and events.

Find out more Visit the centre at 881 Ruthven Street, call the team on 4529 2777, or email reception@sevensprings .com.au


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Midwifery Continuity of Care... for pregnancy, birth and post birth period

Have your own midwife from early pregnancy until six weeks after baby is born. Know your midwife, birth in hospital, birth centre or home. Comprehensive antenatal education (inc classes), post birth support packages. Medicare and health fund rebates (conditions apply).

331 Margaret St, Toowoomba admin@mymidwives.com.au | www.mymidwives.com.au Phone: Toowoomba (07) 4642 2977 Brisbane (07) 3118 5240 | Melbourne (08) 8388 87025


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Toowoomba Chronicle Health Services Guide 2019  

Toowoomba Chronicle Health Services Guide 2019

Toowoomba Chronicle Health Services Guide 2019  

Toowoomba Chronicle Health Services Guide 2019