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pathways and opportunities

eduCation for a PurPose:

Pathways and OPPOrtunities

Education Sunshine Coast brings together the region’s diverse education providers, enabling the peak body to showcase the vast opportunities offered to all students in our unique region. Education is a major contributor to industry on the Sunshine Coast, and through our students and their futures, extensive growth continues to be experienced across the economic and business sectors. By providing Sunshine Coast students with clear and concise pathway options offered in the region, families are afforded opportunities to forward plan through the sharing of information. Students are encouraged to attend Open Days at University of the Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland University, TAFE (Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Nambour), and speak with staff and student ambassadors. This provides an opportunity to hear from students who are currently studying in these locations and enables visiting students to gather additional information to assist them in researching their visions, passions, and future pathways. Local Sunshine Coast businesses provide support for students seeking work experience, internships and paid part-time and full-time employment whilst studying, and this support often leads to future careers, career development and guidance from mentors in the Business Community. Thank you to the Education Sunshine Coast Committee Members for their dedication to education and to promoting the vast educational opportunities afforded to students on the Sunshine Coast.

Committee members Don Maconachie, Director, Office of the Vice Chancellor and President, Office of the VCP, University Sunshine Coast, and Chair, Education Sunshine Coast Inc










16 –17



Ana Rodger, General Manager, TAFE Queensland East Coast



Duncan Thompson, Manager, Strat Govt Relations and Enterprise Project Management Office, Office of the VCP, University Sunshine Coast





Teressa Schmidt, Associate Vice-Chancellor (Sunshine Coast Region), CQUniversity Bevan Brennan, Regional Director, Department of Education, North Coast Region Paul Martins, Head of Economic Development, Sunshine Coast Council Tim McGee, Industry Investment Facilitator, Education & Research, Economic Development Branch, Sunshine Coast Council Matthew Traynor, Queensland State Executive Officer, ACPET (Australian Council for Private Education & Training) Paul Blundell, Area Supervisor, Brisbane Catholic Education Maria Woods, Principal, Sunshine Coast Grammar School Tony Wellington, Noosa Council Mayor

Education Sunshine Coast is published by News Corp Australia. Those who make advertising placement and/or supply copy material or editorial submissions to the magazine undertake to ensure that all such material does not infringe the Trade Practices Act or other laws, regulations or statutes. Further to the above-mentioned, these persons agree to indemnify the publisher and/or its agents against any investigations, claims or judgements.

Sharon Mahony, Project Officer, Education Sunshine Coast Inc.

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Pathways and OPPOrtunities The earlier you think about the future pathways and opportunities available to you, the better prepared you will be to start your journey towards a positive and fulfilling future in a job or career that makes you proud of your achievements, and of your potential to contribute to your community. You should be proactive and accountable for your own research and be inspired to participate in YOUR future. You will no doubt be interested in several career options, therefore, the more knowledge you gain, the more empowered you become, and the less confusing the process will be. Please ask yourself the questions below and instigate discussions with a parent/guardian, mentor, School Vocational Education and Training Co-ordinator, Careers Counsellor, Teacher or several of these people, so that you are fully equipped to research the future pathway options you wish to pursue: 1.

What are my passions and interests?

2. What motivates me to be committed? 3.

What study options could I pursue, based on my passions and interests?

4. How will I stay motivated? 5.

When and how will I get there?

6. Who is involved in the decisions regarding my future pathway options? 7.

Can I remain on the Sunshine Coast to pursue my study pathway and future career options?

australian QualifiCations framework The following link connects you to information for each of the ten AQF levels of educational achievement, from Certificate I through to a Doctorate Degree as listed below: www.aqf.edu.au/aqf-levels

Years 10 -12 Level 1: Certificate I Level 2: Certificate II Level 3: Certificate III Level 4: Certificate IV Level 5: Diploma

Post-seCondarY Level 6: Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree Level 7: Bachelor Degree Level 8: Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma Level 9: Masters Degree Level 10: Doctorate Degree


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start thinkinG abOut the future Pathways and OPPOrtunities available tO yOu

educatiOn PrOviders universitY of the sunshine Coast USC’s programs offer the choice and flexibility you need to get started on any career goal and include a strong focus on the core skills you’ll need in the future workplace. No matter what you study, you’ll learn to communicate well, solve problems and think creatively. All programs include hands-on training, practical experience and internships. No matter what kind of future you’re looking for, you can find it at USC.

studY areas Business, IT and Tourism

system, students can still choose from lots of subjects and courses that suit their work and study goals. Assessment will change in Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) subjects. There will also be a new way to rank students who wish to apply for university after school. From 2020, the new rank will be called the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). The new systems include a model that uses school-based assessment and external assessment processes that strengthen the quality and comparability of school-based assessment and the introduction of the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). USC Parent Lounge: www.usc.edu.au/parents Parents can easily access the following information anytime they wish to research entry requirements. Parents keep updated: www.usc.edu.au/updateme Sign up via the above link to receive the latest updates and news from USC.

Creative Industries, Design and Communication Education

Scholarships: www.usc.edu.au/scholarships USC scholarships aren’t just for high achievers. Scholarships and bursaries are also awarded to students who might need financial assistance or who demonstrate other achievements, such as sporting excellence or community activities, like volunteering or fundraising. Visit the above link for application information.

Engineering and Science Health, Nursing and Sport Sciences Humanities, Psychology and Social Sciences Law and Criminology

New Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and tertiary entrance systems for students entering Year 11, 2019 who will be studying Year 12 in 2020 Senior schooling in Queensland is changing to help give students the skills for success in work and life in the future. Across senior subjects, students will acquire 21st century skills to support them as lifelong learners, valued employees, innovators and engaged global citizens. Under the new QCE

ContaCt details Ground Floor, Building C, Sippy Downs Campus Opening hours: Monday–Thursday: 8.30am – 5.00pm, Wednesday: 10.00am – 5.00pm, Friday: 8.30am – 4.30pm Phone: 5430 2890 Fax: 5430 2882 Email: information@usc.edu.au www.usc.edu.au

Sunshine Beach State High School A successful team beats with one heart. Passionate and experienced teachers delivering quality education.

- The Sunshine Way.

Surfing Excellence Program Music Excellence Program CREST Program

*available for students excelling in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Limited places.

Young CREST Scholars Program

Students in years 4, 5 and 6 are eligible to apply at the start of each academic year to attend four days of excellence focussed on STEM

Purpose • Respect • Innovation • Diligence • Enthusiasm

45 Ben Lexcen Drive, Sunshine Beach Qld 4567 Independent Public School CRICOS no. 00608A T: (07) 5440 4222 F: (07) 5440 4200 W: www.sunshinebeachhigh.eq.edu.au • International Student Program education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018


For further information please contact admin@sunshinebeachhigh.eq.edu.au



Do you identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person? You may be eligible for direct entry to a USC program based on your potential to succeed, under USC's Indigenous Direct Entry and Access Scheme (IDEAS). It's for people who didn't nish school, didn't get an OP or whose OP doesn't meet the minimum selection threshold for their chosen program.


WHAT YEAR ARE YOU IN? NO Year 11 or 12

There's more than one way to get into USC. No matter what your situation is, if you're keen to get started we can help you nd a way.


Year 12

Ha e you o pleted Year e en if it s been a ile ? Study uni courses while you complete Year 11 and 12 with USC's Headstart program. Start working towards your degree and, if you successfully complete two Headstart courses, get a selection rank that you could use to get into uni. usc.edu.au/headstart

Do you a e TA E ET ualifi ations? Do you a e rele ant

or e perien e?

Or a e you studied at anot er uni?

Doing really well at school? Got what it takes to succeed at uni? You can get your place at USC sorted by November with an Early Of er Guarantee. You still submit a QTAC application, but there's no need to wait for your Year 12 results. usc.edu.au/earlyofer

Need to o plete sub e t prere uisites ant to i pro e your eligibility or brus up on your study s ills?

YES NO Your previous study or work experience may give you a selection rank, which can help you get into uni. You may also be eligible for credit towards a USC quali cation, which can shorten the length of your degree.


USC's Tertiary Preparation Pathway is a great way to brush up on your academic skills, complete courses to meet subject prerequisites, or get a taste of uni life before you commit to a full degree. Complete TPP and you may gain entry to most USC degrees. Apply for TPP via QTAC. usc.edu.au/tpp


YOU'RE READY TO APPLY! Most domestic applicants for a USC undergraduate program or TPP apply online through the



university of the sunshine coast | cricos provider number: 01595d

education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018

Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC). This includes current Year 12 students, and applicants who have been out of school for a while. Current USC students may be able to apply directly to USC.

usc.edu.au | Rise, and shine.





WHAT TO ST DY AT S If you're unsure about which program to choose, the table below will help guide you through the programs that meet your study interests. If you like these subjects Accounting usiness studies conomics nglish Geography anguages egal studies Maths A, or C Media studies Studies of society

Consider these programs

achelor of usiness

usiness analyst manager, data analyst (with Information Systems electives), entrepreneur, exporter importer, hotel resort manager, network administrator, manager, project manager, restaurant catering manager, retail manager, systems analyst designer (with Information Systems electives)

achelor of usiness (Human esource Management)

usiness analyst manager, employment services o cer, entrepreneur, health hospital administrator, human resources o cer, industrial relations o cer, manager, mediator

achelor of usiness (International usiness)

usiness analyst manager, entrepreneur, exporter importer, international business relations consultant, manager, tourism specialist operator

achelor of usiness (Management)

usiness analyst manager, entrepreneur, health hospital administrator, hotel resort manager, logistics manager, human resources professional, manager, project manager, restaurant catering manager, retail manager

achelor of usiness (Marketing)

Advertising executive, business analyst manager, digital marketing executive, entrepreneur, marketing professional, market research analyst, manager, retail manager

achelor of usiness (Tourism, eisure and vent Management)

Adventure tourism operator guide, business analyst manager, ecotourism o cer guide, event manager, hotel resort manager, manager, restaurant catering manager, tourism specialist operator

achelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Accountant auditor, insurance advisor, investment banker corporate nancial advisor, stockbroker

achelor of Information and Communications Technology

App developer, business analyst manager, computer programmer, data analyst, database administrator, network administrator, systems analyst designer

achelor of usiness (Accounting) achelor of usiness Art Drama nglish anguages Media studies Music

And be on your way to a career as a

achelor of Commerce

See achelor of usiness and achelor of Commerce (Accounting) careers

achelor of Science

See achelor of usiness and achelor of Science careers

Business, IT and Tourism

achelor of Communication

Depending on major chosen advertising executive, corporate communications specialist, creative writer, event manager, journalist, professional writer, public relations o cer, web editor, web content curator

achelor of Communication ( ournalism)

ournalist photojournalist, communications o cer media liaison o cer, news producer, speech writer, writer editor, video journalist, digital content producer

achelor of Communication (Professional Communication)

Advertising executive, communications o cer, media liaison o cer, digital marketing executive, journalist photojournalist, public relations specialist, speech writer, writer editor

achelor of Communication (Social Media)

Advertising executive, communications o cer, media liaison o cer, digital marketing executive, journalist photojournalist, public relations specialist, writer editor, social media manager, online community manager, digital content producer, digital strategist

achelor of Creative Industries

Depending on major chosen performance creation, author, actor, producer, editor, screen industries, music industry, fashion industry, video game and digital design, social media, creative communications and management, marketing, visual design, photography

achelor of Creative Industries (Creative and Publishing)


Author, editor, publisher, educator, professional writer, journalist

Creative Industries, Design and Communication

achelor of Creative Industries (Screen Media)

Screen editor, documentary lmmaker, screenwriter, cinematographer, producer, transmedia content creator, lm and television critic, media policy advisor, program researcher

achelor of Creative Industries (Theatre and Performance)

Director, actor, playwright, producer, educator, performer, community arts worker

achelor of Design

Depending on major chosen advertising, animation, information visualisation, special e fects ( ), packaging, publishing, visual communication or 2D and D visualisation, interactive design, user experience design, video, graphic, fashion designer, photography, web design, web app developer, multimedia, games design, game programming, game artist, gami cation consultant, game developer, mixed reality designer, augmented and virtual reality developer, mobile game developer, video editor

achelor of Design (Game Design)

App developer, computer programmer, systems analyst, digital designer, games designer developer, multimedia designer, programmer, so tware developer, web designer developer, mixed reality designer, augmented and virtual reality developer, video artist, video editor

achelor of Design (Interactive and U Design)

ront end web designer, back end web developer, user interface designer and developer, web project manager, advertising executive, app developer, art director, digital designer, digital marketing executive, multimedia designer, web app developer, photographer, so tware developer, web designer developer, mixed reality designer, augmented virtual reality developer, video artist, video editor

achelor of Design ( isual Communication)

Graphic designer, advertising executive, creative director, illustrator, book designer, product designer, communications o cer, digital designer, digital marketing executive, photographer, photographic editor, video artist, video editor, multimedia designer, photographer

university of the sunshine coast | cricos provider number: 01595d

usc.edu.au | Rise, and shine.

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WHAT TO ST DY AT S If you like these subjects Art Drama nglish Geography History Health and physical education anguages egal studies Maths A, or C Media studies Music Sciences Agricultural science iology usiness studies Chemistry arth science nglish Geography Information technology Marine science Maths A or Physics

Consider these programs

achelor of ducation ( arly Childhood) achelor of Primary ducation

achelor of Arts

Secondary school teacher, also see achelor of Arts careers Secondary school teacher, also see achelor of ecreation and Outdoor nvironmental Studies careers

achelor of ducation (Secondary)

Secondary school teacher, also see achelor of Science careers

achelor of Science


achelor of Animal cology

cologist, parks and wildlife o cer, tourism specialist operator, wildlife biologist, animal ecologist, ecologist

achelor of ngineering (Civil) (Honours)

uilding and construction manager, construction engineer project manager, engineer (automotive, aviation, civil, environmental, manufacturing, mechanical, mining, oil and gas), environmental planner, environmental protection o cer policy o cer, land and water management consultant, natural resources manager, project manager, sustainability consultant, water waste management o cer engineer

achelor of ngineering (Mechanical) (Honours)

ngineer (automotive, aviation, civil, environmental, manufacturing, mechanical, mining, oil and gas), project manager

achelor of nvironmental Management

nvironmental conservation o cer, environmental consultant advocate educator, environmental planner, environmental protection o cer policy o cer, geographical information system (GIS) geospatial analyst, land and water management consultant, pollution control o cer, sustainability consultant

achelor of nvironmental Science

iologist, ecologist, ecotourism o cer, environmental conservation o cer, environmental consultant advocate educator, environmental planner protection o cer policy o cer, geographical information system (GIS) geospatial analyst, land and water management consultant, natural resources manager, parks and wildlife o cer, pollution control o cer, scientist, sustainability consultant, water waste management o cer

achelor of Science

Depending on major chosen biologist, biotechnologist, forensic scientist, scientist

ngineering and cience

See achelor of Animal cology and achelor of usiness (Tourism, eisure and vent Management) careers

achelor of ngineering (Civil) (Honours) achelor of nvironmental Science

See achelor of ngineering (Civil) (Honours) and achelor of nvironmental Science careers

achelor of iomedical Science

iomedical researcher educator, biotechnologist, clinical technician (cardiac, sleep, respiratory diagnostics), clinical trials manager, medical practitioner (with further studies in medicine), medical sales and marketing o cer, medical scientist, microbiologist, pharmaceutical and drug registration o cer, pharmacist (with further studies in pharmacy)

achelor of Clinical xercise Physiology

xercise physiologist scientist, exercise therapist, health science o cer, personal trainer, scientist

achelor of Dietetics

Dietitian (clinical or private practice), food scientist technologist, nutritionist nutrition educator, sports nutritionist

achelor of Health Science

Allied health assistant, community health o cer (with major in Applied Health Promotion), environmental health o cer, health hospital administrator, health information manager, health promoter educator marketer, health science o cer, Indigenous health promoter, orthotist orthotic technician (with major in Prosthetics and Orthotics), prosthetist prosthetic technician (with major in Prosthetics and Orthotics), public health o cer

achelor of Medical Science

Medical practitioner (with further studies in medicine), medical scientist

achelor of Midwifery


achelor of Nursing Science

Nurse (acute care, community health, mental health, rural remote care)

achelor of Nutrition achelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)


Adventure tourism operator guide, ecotourism o cer guide, environmental interpretation guide, outdoor recreation o cer guide, sports administrator coach

achelor of ducation (Secondary) achelor of ecreation and Outdoor nvironmental Studies

achelor of Animal cology achelor of usiness (Tourism, eisure and vent Management)

iology usiness studies Chemistry Health and physical education Maths A, or C Physics Studies of society

Childcare worker, early childhood teacher Primary school teacher

achelor of ecreation and Outdoor nvironmental Studies achelor of ducation (Secondary)

And be on your way to a career as a

university of the sunshine coast | cricos provider number: 01595d

education sunshine coast â „ august 2018

ea t , nursing and s ort sciences

ood scientist technologist, health science o cer, nutritionist nutrition, educator, public health o cer Occupational therapist rehabilitator, aged care worker, disability assessor, hand therapist, rehabilitation consultant

usc.edu.au | Rise, and shine.





WHAT TO ST DY AT S If you like these subjects iology usiness studies Chemistry Health and physical education Maths A, or C Physics Studies of society nglish Geography History anguages egal studies Philosophy Politics Psychology eligion Studies of society

Consider these programs

achelor of Paramedic Science

Paramedic, aeromedic, disaster and emergency worker, remote and rural health carer, rescue and retrieval specialist

achelor of Sport and xercise Science

xercise physiologist scientist, health promoter educator marketer, health science o cer, personal trainer, sports administrator coach, sports scientist

Diploma in Sport and itness

Personal trainer, tness trainer, sports administrator

achelor of Sports Studies

vent manager, personal trainer, outdoor recreation o cer guide, sport development o cer, sport business manager, sport administrator

achelor of Nursing Science (Graduate ntry)

Nurse (acute care, community health, mental health, rural remote care)

achelor of Arts

Arts and culture reviewer critic, interpreter (with major in a language), linguist (depending on subjects chosen), philosopher, political analyst (with major in Politics and International elations), writer editor

achelor of Counselling

Counsellor, community worker, aged care worker, disability services o cer, disaster and emergency worker, employment services o cer, family welfare o cer, guidance o cer careers adviser, mediator, welfare o cer

achelor of Human Services

Human services o cer, community health o cer, community worker, welfare o cer, youth worker, child protection o cer, aged care worker, corrective services o cer, disability services o cer, employment services o cer, family welfare o cer, guidance o cer careers adviser, health hospital administrator, mediator, multicultural services o cer, police o cer

achelor of International Studies

International business relations consultant, diplomat, interpreter, multicultural services o cer, linguist (depending on subjects chosen), political analyst

achelor of Psychology (Honours)

Psychologist (with further studies), mental health professional, welfare o cer, youth worker, child protection o cer, community health o cer, community worker community services o cer, aged care worker, corrective services o cer, disability services o cer, disaster and emergency worker, employment services o cer, family welfare o cer, guidance o cer careers adviser

achelor of Urban Design and Town Planning (Honours)

Town planner, urban planner, regional planner, developer development planner, environmental planner, environmental protection o cer policy o cer

achelor of Social Science

Social researcher, social policy analyst, community organiser, industrial relations o cer, political analyst, welfare o cer, youth worker

achelor of Social Science (Psychology)

Psychologist (with further studies), mental health professional, welfare o cer, youth worker, child protection o cer, community health o cer, community worker community services o cer, aged care worker, corrective services o cer, disability services o cer, disaster and emergency worker, employment services o cer, family welfare o cer, guidance o cer careers adviser

achelor of Social

Social worker, youth worker, welfare o cer, mental health professional, child protection o cer, corrective services o cer, disability services o cer, community health o cer, community worker community services o cer, employment services o cer, family welfare o cer, aged care worker, health hospital administrator, multicultural services o cer


achelor of Counselling

Accounting usiness studies conomics nglish Geography egal studies Maths A, or C Studies of society

And be on your way to a career as a

achelor of Human Services

ea t , nursing and s ort sciences

See achelor of Counselling and achelor of Human Services careers

umanities, s c o og and socia sciences

achelor of Social Science (Psychology) achelor of Counselling

See achelor of Social Science (Psychology) and achelor of Counselling careers

achelor of Social Science (Psychology) achelor of Criminology and ustice

See achelor of Social Science (Psychology) and achelor of Criminology and ustice careers

achelor of Social ork achelor of Criminology and ustice

See achelor of Social ork and achelor of Criminology and ustice careers

achelor of Criminology and ustice

Criminologist, corrective services o cer, police o cer, legal policy o cer, legal advisor, paralegal, community health o cer

achelor of aws

awyer, solicitor, barrister (with further studies), legal adviser, legal aid o cer, policy o cer

achelor of aws

achelor of Arts

See achelor of aws and achelor of Arts careers

achelor of aws

achelor of usiness

See achelor of aws and achelor of usiness careers

achelor of aws

achelor of Commerce (Accounting)

See achelor of aws and achelor of Commerce (Accounting) careers

achelor of aws achelor of Creative Industries (Creative riting and Publishing) achelor of aws

achelor of Criminology and ustice

See achelor of aws and achelor of Creative Industries (Creative riting and Publishing) careers


See achelor of aws and achelor of Criminology and ustice careers

achelor of aws achelor of nvironmental Management

See achelor of aws and achelor of nvironmental Management careers

achelor of aws achelor of Communication ( ournalism)

See achelor of aws and achelor of Communication ( ournalism) careers

achelor of aws

achelor of Science

See achelor of aws and achelor of Science careers

achelor of aws

achelor of Social Science

See achelor of aws and achelor of Social Science careers ote

university of the sunshine coast | cricos provider number: 01595d

and Crimino og

ot all career options are a ailable with only a

undergraduate degree further study may be re uired at

or another institution.

usc.edu.au | Rise, and shine.

education sunshine coast â „ august 2018


educatiOn PrOviders

apprenTiCeShipS anD TraineeShipS

Central Queensland universitY, noosa CamPus

The steps to becoming an apprentice or trainee are different to becoming a student at university or TAFE. Generally, you will be required to find an employer who is willing to employ you as an apprentice or trainee. During your apprenticeship or traineeship, your employer or Private Provider may arrange for you to undertake vocational education and training at CQUniversity. Please visit the following link for course information: www.cqu.edu.au/apprenticeships

As a dual-sector university, CQUniversity is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive range of both TAFE and university qualifications, as well as pathways between the two. These pathways between certificates and diplomas, through to undergraduate, postgraduate and research higher degrees, mean students move from vocational to tertiary study in line with educational and career goals. www.cqu.edu.au/crossinstitutional

SkillS For TerTiary eDUCaTion preparaTory STUDieS (STepS) STEPS is a Centrelink-approved enabling program that will assist you in gaining entry to university and is tailored to you and your unique study goals. STEPS is designed to give you the confidence and skills to successfully enter and undertake university study or to assist you to complete prerequisite subjects for entry into your chosen degree. For more information visit: www.cqu.edu.au/steps

If you want to update or expand your knowledge in a specific area, without committing to an entire course, then you can apply to study a single non-award unit. Visit the following link for more information: www.cqu.edu.au/non-award. There are short courses available, accredited and nonaccredited, in a wide variety of interest areas as well. Please go to the following website for further information: www.cqu.edu.au/shortcourses

TerTiary enTry proGraM (Tep)

The CQUniversity Noosa campus offers modern facilities, including: clinical nursing laboratories, library, student resource centre and state-of-the-art collaborative learning spaces. www.cqu.edu.au/about-us/locations/noosa

TEP is an enabling course designed to cater to students of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage. TEP can assist you to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to undertake university study. For further information visit: www.cqu.edu.au/tep

studY areas

Business, Accounting and Law Creative, Performing and Visual Arts Education and Humanities Engineering and Built Environment Engineering Trades Health Information Technology and Digital Media Psychology, Social Work and Community Services Science and Environment Service Industries Transport and Safety Sciences English, Work and Study Preparation

CoUrSe DireCTorieS www.cqu.edu.au/courses/study-areas www.cqu.edu.au/courses/study-areas/brochures

SCholarShip appliCaTionS www.cqu.edu.au/courses/scholarships CQUniversity, along with industry and community partners and the Australian Government, offer a range of scholarships that students may be eligible to apply for to assist in managing the cost of study.

ContaCt details for students CQUniversity noosa Campus Monday to Friday 8.45am – 4.45pm 90 Goodchap Street, Noosaville Phone: 13 27 86 / 5440 7092 www.cqu.edu.au

If you are in high school, CQUniversity provides opportunities for students to study Vocational Education and Training (VET) or higher education units while still at school, meaning students may be able to graduate from CQUniversity earlier.


UniverSiTy anD TaFe COMBINATION PATHWAYS AND BRIDGING THE GAP Pathways can be flexible to enable students to achieve all required attributes for course outcomes or occupations that may require a combination of e.g. TAFE plus University, or vice versa, where some practical or additional subject material may not be offered in the one institution.

IS YOUR CAREER GOAL TO BECOME A QBCC REGISTERED BUILDER or CONTRACTOR? There are different ways available for you to gain the necessary qualification to apply to become a QBCC Registered Builder or Contractor

CALL NOW to arrange your FREE / NO OBLIGATION consultation with an experienced assessor

0488 767 604

68 6845469aa

STarT UniT noW (SUn)

SUN offers Year 10, 11 and 12 students the opportunity to study CQUniversity units from degree-level courses while still in secondary school as part of their QCE. Year 10 students are eligible for Term 3 enrolment only. You can enrol in a range of units either on campus or online and combine them with your regular schoolwork. You may access more information in this regard via the following link: www.cqu.edu.au/sun

e: info@aaatrainingservicesau.com A ents and Training Services Australia Pty Ltd ACN 615 792 544 (RTO 45210) www.aaatsau.com AAA Training Services AU is the registered trading name of Able Assessme Assessme


education sunshine coast â „ august 2018

admissiOn Pathways if You enjoY subjeCts like

think about these studY oPtions

for the following Career oPPortunities


TAFE Diploma of Digital Media

Digital agency junior, design/studio intern, digital media designer, social media specialists, sound and video editor, web content administrator, production assistant.

Undergraduate Associate Degree of Digital Media Bachelor of Digital Media

Web designer, graphic designer, publisher, photographer, illustrator, animator, game and software designer, audio producer, director, film maker, post-production editor, visual effects supervisor, creative director, marketing manager, journalist, or corporate communications manager.

TAFE Diploma of Information Technology (Online Delivery)

IT support, database development, programming and web development in small to medium enterprises.

TAFE Bachelor of Information Technology (Online Delivery)

Analyst, programmer, computer network systems engineer, database administrator, developer, IT technical support officer, web designer, information and communications technology (ICT) specialist.

TAFE Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (Online Delivery)

Qualified early childhood educator, pathway into further study (Bachelor of Education)

Undergraduate Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Childcare worker, registered early childhood teacher (Preparatory level to Year 6).

Undergraduate Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Registered primary school teacher (Year 1 to Year 6).

Undergraduate Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Registered secondary school teacher (Year 7 to Year 12).

TAFE Diploma of Nursing

Enrolled Nurse.

Undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing

Registered Nurse (acute care, community health, mental health, infection control, intensive care, occupational health, rehabilitation, rural/remote care).

Undergraduate Bachelor of Midwifery – Graduate Entry (Online Delivery)

Registered midwife in the public or private sector.

Undergraduate Bachelor of Oral Health (Mixed Mode Delivery)

Oral health therapist, dental therapist and dental hygienist.

Undergraduate Bachelor of Paramedic Science (Online Delivery)

Patient transport officer, first responder, industrial paramedic, accredited paramedic.

Undergraduate Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Online Delivery)

Medical Laboratory Scientist, medical scientist in the public or private sector, pathologist.

Undergraduate Bachelor of Health Science – Allied Health (Online Delivery)

Advanced Allied Health Assistant in health promotion, public health, health research, health education.

Art Computer Science English Film and Television Graphic Design Media Studies

Art Drama English Geography History Health and physical education Languages Legal studies Maths A, B or C Media studies Music Sciences

Biology Chemistry Health and physical education Maths A, B or C Physics Studies of society

▲ education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018


admissiOn Pathways if You enjoY subjeCts like

think about these studY oPtions

for the following Career oPPortunities


TAFE Certificate III in Individual Support

Nursing assistant, personal care attendant, community care worker, support worker.

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Social Work – Honours (Online Delivery)

Social worker, family support worker, guidance officer, counsellor, youth worker.

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Psychological Science (Online Delivery)

Psychologist, counsellor, case manager.

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Business (Online Delivery)

Accountant, administrator, finance officer, human resource officer, manager, marketing manager.

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Accounting (Online Delivery)

Budget analysist, financial accountant, tax accountant, insolvency accountant, business advisor.

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Professional Communication (Online Delivery)

Public relations consultant, communications officer, event manager, media and marketing officer, promotions and publicity officer, management consultant, promotional writer/editor, speechwriter, professional communicator, community relations officer, media liaison, media practitioner, journalist.

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Law (Online Delivery)

Solicitor, barrister, lawyer, in-house counsel.

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Law / Bachelor of Business (Online Delivery)

Lawyer, solicitor, barrister, in-house counsel, accountant, administrator, finance officer, human resource officer, manager, marketing manager.

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Criminology) (Online Delivery)

Criminal justice officer, law enforcement officer, police, customs, correction services, human resource management, rehabilitation psychologist, business management, teaching, school guidance counsellor, scientific researcher, public health worker, special education worker.

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Agriculture (Online Delivery)

Agricultural consultant, farm manager, fish farm manager, plant breeder/geneticist, rural practice surveyor, soil scientist.

Health Studies of society Social Work

Accounting Business studies Economics English Geography Legal studies Maths A, B or C Studies of society

Agricultural science Biology Business studies Chemistry Earth science English Geography

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Aviation – Flight Operations (Online Delivery) UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Accident Forensics (Online Delivery)

Professional airline pilot, airport operations manager, air traffic controller, aviation maintenance technician, quality control personnel. Accident forensic investigator, occupational health and safety manager.

Information technology science Maths A or B Physics Woodshop/Industrial Arts



education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Building Design (Online Delivery)

Building designer or planner in engineering firms, government departments, private sector (home design), and commercial buildings (multi-storey).

UNDERgRADUATE Bachelor of Engineering (Online Delivery)

Engineer, mechanical engineer, mechatronic engineer, manufacturing engineer, maintenance engineer, welder, fabricator, workshop assistant, mechanic.

be what you want to be

A UNI THAT KNOWS THE SUNSHINE COAST At CQUniversity Australia, we know that Sunshine Coast locals want access to convenient, flexible and quality study options. As Australia’s largest regional University with more than 20 locations across the country, we provide students on the Sunshine Coast with a conveniently located CQUniversity campus in Noosa. You’ll benefit from smaller class sizes, expert teaching staff, access to support and facilities and the confidence of knowing you’ve chosen a world-class education from a university ranked in the top two per cent of unis worldwide*.

“I did a lot of my nursing degree online from the Noosa campus with local residential schools and practice. The flexibility at CQUniversity is excellent and the course is very practical.” – Elliot, CQUni nursing graduate.

Choose from a wide range of courses right on your doorstep, plus plenty more available online via our renowned distance education mode. Find the course that’s right for you with local on-campus options including: » creative industries » digital media » education » nursing and midwifery » research higher degrees » vocational education and training (VET) courses » Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) » plus many more available online.


*Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2017-2018. Visit www.cqu.edu.au/reputation.

CRICOS: 00219C | RTO: 40939 | J_AD_180333

Whether you’re interested in a certificate, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate or research higher degree – on campus or online, full or part time – CQUni can help you be what you want to be.

educatiOn PrOviders tafe Queensland TAFE Queensland is Queensland’s largest, most-experienced training provider and has been delivering quality, hands-on training to students across the state for over 135 years. Committed to offering practical, industry-standard training in line with current local and national skill demands, TAFE Queensland offers hundreds of courses across a range of qualifications, from entry level certificates to bachelor degrees. With local campuses at Mooloolaba, Nambour and the Sunshine Coast Health Institute, Sunshine Coast residents have extensive choices, with study areas ranging from business, hospitality, events, tourism, child care, health, fitness and community services, through to trades, resources, beauty, hairdressing, creative industries and digital skills, including a course in information, digital media and technology that has a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. TAFE Queensland also offers a variety of flexible study options and delivery modes, including online courses, allowing students to tailor the perfect path to suit their lifestyle. Among these is TAFE at School, where high school students can get a head start in their future career by developing skills and knowledge in their chosen industry while gaining points towards their QCE. Available for free to eligible students under the Queensland Government’s Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) funding, TAFE at School provides students with a clearer pathway to higher VET qualifications or university, and their chosen career. Maintaining valuable partnerships with Sunshine Coast businesses that enables it to provide the most current, industry-relevant programs, TAFE Queensland delivers practical experience through placements and simulated work environments, allowing students to graduate as confident and capable workers, ready to seamlessly transition into the workforce. TAFE Queensland is the leading training provider among Sunshine Coast employers, and its reputation even extends internationally, with over 100 students from overseas choosing to study at the Mooloolaba campus every year. All this, combined with the knowledge and experience of their highly dedicated, industry-recognised trainers, makes TAFE Queensland the premier training provider of the Sunshine Coast.

studY areas Agriculture and Horticulture Animal Care Automotive Beauty and Hairdressing Building and Construction Business, Justice and Management Childcare Community Services Creative Electrotechnology and Utilities Engineering General Education and Training Hospitality and Cookery Manufacture and Design Maritime Meat Processing Nursing and Health Resources and Mining Sports and Fitness ICT, Information and Networking Tourism and Events Transport, Logistics and Aviation


education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018

ContaCt details TAFE Queensland Sunshine Coast locations: MoUnTain Creek (Mooloolaba campus) 34 Lady Musgrave Drive naMBoUr 91 Windsor Road Phone: 1300 656 188 Monday to Friday 8.00am – 4.30pm (Thursday 9.00am – 4.30pm) www.tafeqld.edu.au/home Information for parents to access tafeqld.edu.au/information-for/parent-and-advisors Qualification levels www.tafeqld.edu.au/news-events/news-blogs/2017/qualification-levels-explained User Choice Program – assisted funding www.training.qld.gov.au/training/incentives/userchoice Scholarships scholarships.tafeqld.edu.au

tafe at sChool If you are a Year 11 or 12 student, you are eligible to participate in the TAFE At School program. Choose from a list of exciting and varied Certificate II and Certificate III courses, which can be achieved in conjunction with your senior studies and can count towards your Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). www.tafeeastcoast.edu.au/study-with-us/school-students/tafe-at-school www.qld.gov.au/education/apprenticeships/school-based With a TAFE Queensland East Coast region schools program, you typically attend school four days per week and TAFE Queensland one day per week. Completing a TAFE at School course is also a great

way to open up new pathways to university. Many of the courses are free from fees through the Queensland Government Vocational Education Training in Schools program (VETiS). www.education.qld.gov.au/students/placement/vet

tafe after sChool Whether it’s a short course to get you working now, a certificate, diploma or dual university qualification to launch your career, an apprenticeship or traineeship to get you earning while learning, or pathways to and from university, there is something for everyone. www.tafeeastcoast.edu.au/study-with-us/school-students/tafe-after-school If you haven’t had the opportunity to enter university direct, TAFE Queensland can help you on your way to a bachelor degree. Likewise, if you have completed part or all of your university education but need practical hands-on training to secure the perfect job, a qualification from TAFE Queensland will complement your degree.

expert teaching staff who understand that each learner is different, students are provided with the support and guidance they need to complete their studies. Please visit the Skills for Early Employment (SEE) section of the TAFE Queensland website. www.tafeqld.edu.au Throughout their training, students will develop basic skills in learning, reading, writing, speaking and listening, and numeracy and gain confidence to become more involved in the community. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have developed reading, writing, numeracy, oral communication and learning skills at Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) Pre-Level 1.


voCational eduCation and training in sChool (vetis) VET in School diploma courses and Certificate II, III and IV courses are conducted through Vocational Education and Training (VET) and private providers who are Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Courses offered to students in Years 10, 11 and 12 through VET, or through private providers who are Registered Training Organisations, vary from school to school. Diploma and certificate courses are offered in many schools, and your Vocational Education Liaison Officer or Careers Counsellor will assist you with pathways and options for your individual journey. Additional year level curriculum and course specifics can be accessed on your school website and within the following Queensland and Federal Government information sources: www.qtac.edu.au www.education.qld.gov.au/students/higher-education www.skillsgateway.training.qld.gov.au

tafe for earlY sChool leavers For many different reasons, there are instances whereby students and young adults may not always possess the literacy and numeracy skills needed to participate fully in their studies. Facilitated by

education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018


pathways and o ▼








education suns nshine ine coas co st ⁄ august 2018



d oppo t n t s WORK





ROFESSIONAL EVELOPMENT education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018



were so much fun involving removing patients from cars, treating patients on the beach and being involved in multi-casualty incidents. The trips also led to some amazing friendships that have given me support throughout my degree. Another opportunity I have been offered is the ability to complete an overseas placement. During my final semester I will be traveling to Nepal with eight other students to run rural healthcare clinics, go on the road with the Nepal Ambulance Service and experience health care in a very different environment to Australia. The month-long trip, that is being partially funded by a University grant, will surely be a fantastic experience.

hannah emery USC

During my final years of high school, I felt overwhelmed by the decision of what university to attend and what to study. There was an abundance of information and what felt like a very limited time to take it all in. I ended up focusing on subjects such as biology, chemistry and mathematics as I found these areas interesting although I left high school still unsure of where my tertiary education would take me. This uncertainty led me to taking a year to work full-time following graduation which gave me the time I needed to make a decision I was confident in. I knew I always had an interest in medicine but couldn’t see myself turning that interest into a career as my perception of medicine as a field was limited to that of doctors and surgeons. This perception changed for me as I started to consider other areas of health care. Luckily, I had two members of my family working as paramedics with the Queensland Ambulance Service who I was able to gain insight from which led me to consider this path based on experiences they had shared. I began to understand Paramedicine as a highly engaging, practical and challenging field valued within a community and my mind was made up. I applied through QTAC to study a three-year Bachelor of Paramedic Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast at the end of my gap year. Throughout my degree, I have only grown more passionate about this career choice. Paramedic Science is a highly practical course offering hands on experience through engaging tutorials. These tutorials allowed me to practice skills and be involved in weekly simulations which I could then translate to real experience through placement. I have completed multiple placements with the Queensland Ambulance Service along with gaining experience in disability and aged care. This has been one of my favourite things about the degree. I have also had the opportunity of attending trips to Fraser Island through the Sunshine Coast University Paramedics Association. During both my second and third year, I got to spend a weekend on the Island participating in social activities, information sessions and scenarios. These scenarios

Despite the amazing opportunities, there have been a number of struggles. The workload of studying full-time can be difficult to cope with especially while working. Studying on the Sunshine Coast meant I could stay living at home and working casual hours, however, during my second year I decided the time investment of working was placing too much strain on me and I left my job to focus on my degree. While placements are a fantastic experience, there was often a need to travel long distances or find accommodation away from home during them which also made working difficult. Looking towards the future, I am currently in the midst of applying to Australian ambulance services and attending interviews and assessments. I am hoping to gain employment within Queensland leading to a six-month graduate program but as positions are becoming competitive I am thankful that this degree offers me the chance to work all over the world. I am so excited to complete my final placements and enter the workforce. My advice for anyone interested in healthcare is to look into paramedicine, as it offers such a rewarding and dynamic field. I would also advise anyone in school who is unsure of what tertiary education could hold for them to take time and do your research. If I hadn’t taken a year following school to consider my options, I may have rushed into a degree I was unsure of.


“A qualification in Early Childhood Education and Care is not just a piece of paper but the key to unlocking a child’s future potential.” Narelle Cossettini, principal, ACCCO AUSTRALIAN Child Care Career Options (ACCCO) offers a range of courses for careers working with children, in Early Childhood Education and Care, School Age Education and Care, Education Support and First Aid. Established over 22 years ago, the college was nominated in 2001 to deliver training for the first Australian Children’s Services Apprenticeship and has since won numerous awards. STUDENTS from Australian Child Care Career Options (ACCCO) have higher employment outcomes than all other training providers across Australia, a recently released National Centre for Vocational Education (NCVER) Student Outcomes Survey revealed, ACCCO graduates sit at an 84.9 per cent employment rate, which is

We have been delivering Quality Training for over 22 Years! Award Winning and Industry Recommend Training College Our courses will provide you a career pathway into Childhood Education Study Options Include: Class - Full Time or Part Time External Study - Self paced

ACCCO principal, Narelle Cossettini said, “Our philosophy is the provision of quality training, with particular emphasis on meeting the practical requirements of a range of educational services and a special effort to acknowledge each student, personally, in order to provide a service which best suits their individual needs.” “We place particular emphasis on maintaining meaningful contact with the Industry, enabling ACCCO to provide students with the most up to date, practical and theoretical industry perspective.”

Principal Narelle Cossettini said the courses are nationally recognised and accredited, with full time, part time and external study options with local trainers in regional areas. “ACCCO has received praise for its internal and external practical-based courses, which include first-aid. Students have found it a great way to learn – those who started with little confidence have developed into confident professionals.” ACCCO offers payment plans and in some states and territories, government subsidised and/or funded courses. In QLD ACCCO holds a current contract under the Queensland VET Investment and User Choice. For additional information and funding eligibility please contact our office on 1300 139 406 or visit our website www.accco.com.au ACCCO Fortitude Valley campus is open 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

QLD Government funding through Higher Level Skills and Certificate 3 Guarantee Program. Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113) Cost: $540 or $270*

Diploma of School Age Education and Care (CHC50213) Cost: $1000 or $500*

Certificate III or IV in Education Support (CHC30213 & CHC40213) Cost: $510 or $255*

Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management (CHC62015) Cost: $520 or $260*

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113) Cost: $1260 or $630*


Supported through the Queensland Government. Concession rates available. *Eligibility and subsidy criteria apply.

Contact us on 1300 139 406 18

considerably higher than the 77.7 per cent from all other Australian VET providers and of those students employed after training with ACCCO, 94.4 per cent found the training provided was relevant to their current job, compared to 79 per cent elsewhere. ACCCO is passionate and striving to increase this percentage for this year.

education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018

www.accco.com.au info@accco.com.au

National Provider Code: 5404

usC ParamediC Program fraser island Paramedic students from the University of the Sunshine Coast undertake an elective activity each year on Fraser Island that is designed to develop skills in the assessment and management of patients experiencing injuries in a remote environment. A series of ‘real life’ accident scenarios are used to enable clinical decision making, teamwork and communications skills in an environment with limited health resources. The recent training event held June 22-24 included a simulated vehicle accident, snakebite, a scuba diving mishap and a patient with burns. USC teaching staff, including staff employed by the Queensland Ambulance Service, assess the students’ performance in these simulations. In addition, a range of workshops aim to develop clinical skills needed to manage cases of major injury. Associate Professor of Paramedic Science Bill Lord said Fraser Island was an ideal training location. “Fraser Island is a very challenging work environment, as you are trying to deliver emergency health care in areas where there is only four-wheel-drive access that is dependent on the tides. For many students, this was their first experience in providing emergency care in such an austere environment. On Fraser Island immediate back-up isn’t available, so paramedics have to be resourceful and may have to provide extended care until they can arrange to ferry or airlift patients off the island.” Students and staff were based at USC’s Fraser Island Research and Training Centre at Dilli Village during the event.

education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018


james burt ChanCellor state College James took a traditional OP course pathway at school after he dabbled in some Year 10 Certificate courses and look where he ended up!! Graduating from Chancellor State College in 2014 with an OP 4 after studying English, Maths B, Maths C, Physics and Information Technology in Senior, James knew early on that flying was for him after completing his Year 10 work experience with a local aviation engineering company. He quickly progressed through his Certificate II in Aeroskills while at school, then a Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilots License) with Airways Aviation Sunshine Coast after graduating. His Air Transport Pilot Licence Theory was done through AFT (Advance Flight Theory, Marcoola) before starting his employment with Air Fraser Island, flying in, out and around the World Heritage Fraser Island. James recently completed his Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and had to travel further afield to Innisfail to accomplish this, where he was coupled with a very experienced and reputable instructor. This last qualification enables him to fly at night and in poor weather conditions, so he is now set for the outback and remote regions.

James in year 10 on work experience, 2012.

Taking some backpackers on a scenic flight, 2017.

James on Horn Island flying the Torres Straits, 2018.

After living the dream life of flying tourists up and down and around Fraser Island, and in and around Cairns, Innisfail and Far North Queensland for the past three years, James has just moved on to bigger and better aircraft on Horn Island, flying the Torres Strait. He now flies twin engines on his way to progressing to the airlines where he could be based anywhere in the world. James also managed to squeeze in both a Certificate I and Certificate II in Information Technology & Digital Media, and a Certificate III in Hospitality, just to ensure he was not idle during his school years! All this and he is just 21 years of age! James recently commented that mixing pleasure and work is so easy with his lifestyle as he tucked into a self-cooked delicacy that was swimming in the ocean an hour prior. The competitive nature of the Aviation Industry is well known however, this has not daunted James. Goal-focused and driven to achieve his target of flying for the big guys was always his dream. Seeing him realise these aspirations and turn them into a reality, not only characterised this young Chancellor Student from an early age, additionally, he was a popular, well-liked and extremely polite young man from when he joined Chancellor State College in Year 9.

sCarlett grainger siena CatholiC College Scarlett is completing Year 12 this year and studies Maths B, Chemistry, Biology, Graphics, English, Religion and Ethics, and completed a Cert III Laboratory Skills traineeship in August 2017. Completing Year 10 work experience with Coastal Pathology started her interest in working in the health/science field. After a career’s information session at Siena, a VET officer suggested that she complete a traineeship. Further work experience was arranged and because this was so successful the organisation decided to take on a school based traineeship in Cert III Laboratory Skills for the first time. Glenn Hopper, her supervisor was very impressed with Scarlett’s potential and has continued to be a mentor in training and educating her about the work that Coastal Pathology do. Given his knowledge of bio-medical science, he has also

been able to advise her of applicable university courses. Scarlett has a preference for science subjects which helps her to enjoy the work environment at Coastal Pathology which involves the preparation of histological samples. From the samples prepared, diagnosis and treatment of various health conditions can then be applied. Lab assistants need to work independently as well as collaboratively so time management and prioritising tasks is important, and can sometimes be challenging. Scarlett was surprised about how hands-on the work is and the number of individual processes that the samples go through before diagnosis can be determined. The future occupation is uncertain at the stage for Scarlett, but it will involve something to do with biomedical science. She will be investigating and considering studying next year at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Scarlett also hopes to maintain casual employment in this organisation whilst completing her studies.


The Australian 4WD Academy is a trusted Registered Training Organisation, based on the Cooloola Coast. First established in Broken Hill over 20 years ago, we have a proven record of delivering quality 4WD training to clients across a number of States.

We offer Nationally Accredited 4WD, ATV and Outdoor Recreation courses and also offer Low Risk Driver Training for Corporate, Government and private clients. Our highly qualified trainers include former Police Driving instructors. We are happy to travel to your location to provide training for group courses.

Our aim is tO:

• Make drivers more aware of the risks of driving • Minimise or negate those risks • Learn required driving skills and correct use of equipment • Learn how to use a 4WD or AWD effectively • Increase confidence and ability in various conditions and terrains Our extensive list of repeat clients is testament to the quality of our training.

To book a course Call 0418 646016 (Michael) or 0427 646016 (Joanne)

Email mjmcculkin@gmail.com | www.australian4wdacademy.com.au | RTO Provider # 91225 6848672aa


education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018

james thomPson tafe Queensland For as long as he could remember, 23-year-old East Coast Apprenticeships Carpentry Apprentice James Thompson wanted to be a builder. On his ninth birthday, his father gifted James his very first nail bag – a momentous occasion in a family of builders, and set him to task helping put up pergolas, build verandas, form gardens and archways and numerous other DIY projects around the home. “Dad’s been a draftsman and builder for around 40 years and growing up I wanted to be just like him – designing, building and creating things with my hands,” James said. “In my school holidays, Dad would take me out with him on job sites and I’d help build frames, lift beams and lintels, and pitch rafters – it was the best.” Growing up, James’ parents stressed the importance of education, supporting and challenging him to set goals and reach his potential. “Foundations are the most important part of any build and like foundations, education and knowledge is the most important part of life,” he said. After school James wanted to pursue his passion for building while exploring ways in which he could learn skills to solve problems and design and create new things to help make life easier for others. With this in mind, he enrolled in a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at university. “At that stage of my life I thought I was doing the right thing, but after two years at uni I decided to defer my studies and do something a little more hands-on,” James said. “I’m more of a visual and hands-on learner. I learn best through doing and, for me, an apprenticeship offered the best of both worlds, theory combined with on-the-job practical training,” he said. Optimistic, James took to the streets and spoke to a variety of group training organisations in the hope that they’d help him find a carpentry apprenticeship. “East Coast Apprenticeships were amazing. They called me back within an hour of handing them my resume and told me they’d organised an interview with a host employer in two days’ time. I couldn’t believe it, it all happened so quickly,” James said. Throughout the duration of his apprenticeship James thrived, earning recognition for his hard work and polished skills. In 2016, he was selected for a month-long work and study scholarship in Vancouver as the East Coast Apprenticeships Canada Apprentice Exchange Ambassador, during which he

worked with acclaimed group training organisation SkillSource British Columbia, participated in a nation-wide apprenticeship forum delivered by the Canadian Government, spent time at major vocational education training provider British Columbia Institute of Technology, and undertook two weeks of handson practical training at premium Canadian framing company Dalmore Constructions. After returning to Australia, James then went on to win the 2016 Construction Skills Queensland Apprentice of the Year, the 2016 Master Builders Sunshine Coast Apprentice of the Year, the 2016 Housing Industry Australia (HIA) Sunshine Coast and Queensland Apprentice of the Year, was a 2016 WorldSkills Queensland Gold Medallist and went on to compete in the finals of the 2016 WorldSkills National Competition in Melbourne. In 2017, James completed his apprenticeship with TAFE Queensland and though he is now working full-time in his chosen industry, he has resumed his university studies part-time undertaking a Dual Bachelor of Civil Engineering / Bachelor of Environmental Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). It’s an unconventional path he has taken, starting uni, leaving it to complete an apprenticeship, and returning to higher study. For James, this has been the right path for him. “I won’t be able to do carpentry forever,” James said. “Being on the tools is taxing and physically demanding. It takes its toll on your body. “Growing up on the Sunshine Coast I’ve always had a close affinity with the ocean, our waterways and unique coastal environment and as a civil engineer, my work will influence where people work, relax, learn and live. “I plan to combine all of this with my carpentry skills and experiences in building and construction to make life a little easier for others for years to come,” he said.

Preparing our students for a globalised world

Engaging in collaborative partnerships

Celebrating and creating cultural rituals that unite us

Excellence Through Diversity

A proud tradition of sporting excellence education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018


aPril Cunningham CQu

As well as working at the local kindergarten and juggling motherhood duties, April also studies a fulltime load.

CQUniversity student April Cunningham is a woman with a strong desire to share her cultural knowledge, both inside and outside the classroom.

“I am currently studying via distance education as this allows me the flexibility of listening to online recordings which is very helpful especially when you have outside commitments,” April explained.

The Sunshine Coast local and Caloundra High School graduate is not only studying a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) in which she’s in her third year, she’s also captivating the young minds of Pelican Waters Golden Beach Kindergarten where she is the Bush and Beach Coordinator and Cultural Leader.

“In addition, this provides the flexibility to learn in my own home environment, which I feel very comfortable in, and the ability to concentrate more effectively. I do, however, feel blessed to have such a supportive close campus (Noosa) that I can visit at any time for support and they have staff that continuously go above-and-beyond to help out their students.”

“I love how children have the most creative and imaginative minds who are incredibly talented and smart,” April said. “They bring such joy, purity, love and light into my life,” she said. “I work with such a beautiful team of people who are extremely valuable and important to me and I would not have ended up where I am without their support. The owner/director and educational leader Sue Inglis has been an extremely major influence in my journey, has never given up on me, encouraged and supported me every step, and has been my guiding light.”

April is the CQUniversity Noosa campus Indigenous Student Representative where she is piloting a program to support the campus’ Indigenous Australian students. The CQUni student was also a recent recipient of a Global Voices scholarship where she recently represented the University and Australia at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) World Forum in Paris in May 2018.

Born in Brisbane, the 29 year-old was raised in Caloundra and has lived and breathed the Sunshine Coast air since she was one.

April is also a member for the Australian Education and Care Professional Body (ECW) where she facilitates/consults workshops throughout the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane teaching Aboriginal ways of ‘knowing, doing and learning’.

A proud descendant of the Noonuccal people of the Quandamooka nation from North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah), the mum-of-one has a strong desire to share her cultural knowledge with the next generation of learners.

The CQUni student was also a recent recipient of a Global Voices scholarship where she recently represented the university and Australia at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) World Forum in Paris.

“I love being a part of the children’s journey, sharing my Indigenous culture to the many children that have gone through the centre while I’ve been there,” April said. “Through managing the centre’s Bush and Beach program the children, myself and my colleagues can immerse ourselves in nature, share stories of the local land and create art.”

nathan bahr sunshine Coast grammar sChool Nathan has a history of tinkering in his family shed with his father from an early age. He particularly finds working with wood interesting and has made a range of products over the years under the guidance of his father. “I just love making stuff,” Nathan says. Nathan’s progression into an apprenticeship was textbook. When asked to find a placement for Year 10 Work Experience, Nathan completed his own research into trades and shortlisted cabinet makers in his local area. While his mum sat in the car, Nathan approached his first preference, Aspect Cabinetmakers in Caboolture, and was successful in gaining a placement. With a steely determination to prove himself, Nathan worked hard and demonstrated that he would be a good candidate for an apprenticeship. Aspect Cabinetmakers valued his skill set and quiet passion for the job and signed him on not long after. “We liked that Nathan approached us, not the school or his parents,” stated Nathan’s boss Steve. Nathan successfully combines his senior school studies with his work placement one day a week. He independently balances the rigors and demands of a physical job, with his school work, trade training, sport trainings, family and social life, and usually volunteers to work additional hours at Aspect in the school holidays.

CHC33015 Certificate III Individual Support Ageing & Home Community Care

A complete training program to kick start your career

• Induction to career opportunities, aged care, home care • Two qualifications under the one banner training in Aged Care/Home Care • Preparation for the learning environment, expectations, timetables, support, adult learning • Practical experience • Small class sizes for optimal learning and support • Weekly class participation with current industry THE KEY TO YOUR CAREER STARTS HERE LIMITED experienced trainers

Call today to enrol 1300 130 487 dptraining.com.au | RTO 31888 22

education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018




“My trade training complements my work back at school, as I study Industrial Technology. Although

I have considered going full-time, I still want to finish Year 12, obtain my Queensland Certificate of Education, and graduate with my cohort.” When Nathan graduates from Grammar he will roll into a full-time apprenticeship. “My big tip for other students is not to procrastinate, use your free lessons at school wisely, and keep on top of your work and trade training.”

olivia mCCluskeY - Past student PaCifiC lutheran College Pic (L-R): Pacific Lutheran College principal Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Olivia McCluskey, and her mother Robyn McCluskey.

Being one of only 20 students accepted into the University of the Sunshine Coast’s inaugural Bachelor of Medical Science program in 2018, Olivia McCluskey is thrilled that she can undertake her further studies whilst continuing to live on the Sunshine Coast. With a passion for swimming and a keen involvement with her local surf lifesaving club, the Pacific Lutheran College (PLC) graduate believes the opportunity she has received to balance her studies and her lifestyle is outstanding. The Bachelor of Medical Science degree offered at USC provides provisional direct entry into Griffith University’s Doctor of Medicine program at the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital at Birtinya. For Olivia, this means the chance to continue living and learning in her hometown. Ever since she commenced her schooling at PLC, Olivia has had an ambition to become a doctor. At the College, this passion was supported, as Olivia was provided with opportunities to attend local hospitals and interact with medical professionals. As the senior phase of schooling approached, she then researched the medical pathways available to her through various Australian universities and, following this, selected the University of the Sunshine Coast as her first study preference. Having just completed her first semester of university study, Olivia said she found the teaching staff and smaller class sizes at the University of the Sunshine Coast had made her feel very welcome and academically supported. She is now mentoring current PLC students by sharing her story with those who have similar ambitions. Olivia is featured in this video during the first days of her program: www.usc.edu.au/learn/coursesand-programs/health-nursing-and-sport-sciences/study-medicine-on-the-sunshine-coast

education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018


jarod webster siena CatholiC College

bradY mCgregor usC, gYmPie CamPus

Jarod is a Year 11 student studying Chemistry, Maths A, Geography, English, Information, Technology and Processing, Religion and Ethics. His love of coding and Information Technology has encouraged him to commence a Headstart course, Introduction to Systems Design at the University of the Sunshine Coast. The future occupation is uncertain for Jarod but he will be continuing his studies at the Sunshine Coast University in the Information, Communication and Technology faculty when he completes Year 12. Paul Dionysius, the Information Processing and Technology teacher at Siena is inspiring Jarod and other students to study in the growing technology employment field on the Sunshine Coast.

rebeCCa burrell ChanCellor state College Bec Burrell did not take the ‘normal route’ to achieve her double degree from USC! Graduating from Chancellor State College in 2012 with A’s and B’s in all of her subjects (English, Maths, BCT, Drama and Visual Art) she collected a number of Certificates along the way in her Vocational Pathway. Her three Certificate IIs were in Retail, Business and Information Digital Media & Technology. She also managed to complete her Diploma of Management before graduating from school through undertaking a school-based Traineeship Certificate III in Business Administration with Bartercard, picking up Vocational Student of the Year at the Chancellor State College annual Awards Night in 2012. Bec was highly successful in school and now boasts a double degree from USC with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) / Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management). Not one to sit around, Bec undertook a job at BCC Cinemas, Maroochydore while still at school and continues to work there today in her management role. She is not finished yet as Bec has just completed the first semester of her Honours Degree in Psychology at USC proving that she really is Superwoman! Bec is content to remain on the Sunshine Coast as she bought her first block of land in November last year! She hopes to use her love of Psychology and work in either Policing or Child Services. When asked what’s next, Bec was clear that building her own home then perhaps embarking on her Masters in Psychology were clearly on her radar. Bec’s drive and enthusiasm have been evident from Day one at Chancellor College and what a remarkable success story this highly accomplished young lady is. Never one to miss an opportunity, Rebecca Burrell is one of Chancellor College’s proud graduands and demonstrates that not all students need to obtain an OP to establish a career and high level of study whilst staying on the Coast.

Born and bred in Gympie, I graduated from James Nash State High School in 2009 with average grades and a less than ideal OP. I had always toyed with the idea of university but never felt intelligent enough. By chance I found that USC had a campus in Gympie, so I enrolled in the TPP program in 2014, as a refresher. TPP taught me the essential skills to head into an undergraduate degree, confident and comfortable. After swapping through a variety of undergraduate degrees and majors, I set my sights on a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree. Business always appealed to me, as we deal with business aspects daily and procuring a job would be easier with a business degree in this sector. Additionally, I found the content relevant and applicable to several areas of my life. I have worked part-time as a night-filler in Coles Supermarket and most of the marketing content I have learned, has been included in the context of my workplace, which has made it more interesting and enjoyable. The Gympie campus is a special place as the small class sizes facilitate a greater sense of understanding and community. Plus, not having to travel to the Coast is always a great benefit, albeit the shuttle bus is definitely convenient. I have not faced many challenges while studying my degree, but I have certainly learned how to better manage my time, to delegate and to meet my responsibilities. My motivation for going to university has always been to gain a degree so I could teach English in Japan, which is something I still plan to do. Several courses at USC have allowed me to explore this goal of mine in assignments. These assignments have helped me flesh out an idea for using virtual/augmented reality technologies to create an immersive language learning experience. This is something that several lecturers, notably Dr Wendy Spinks, have encouraged me to continue. As I finish my four-year journey at USC Gympie, not only will I have gained a degree but I have also gained many skills, new friends and the confidence in myself that I never thought existed. I will soon be spending up to three months in Beijing, China, teaching a family how to speak English. Many of the skills I’ve gained at USC have helped me prepare for this unique and exciting experience.

joanna dell CQu CQUniversity graduate Joanna Dell’s educational journey began with a bridging course and concluded with a degree in Social Work with first class honours. Ms Dell completed both the enabling course STEPS that provided the pathway into her degree, as well as her Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) while living and working on the Sunshine Coast. Just months after graduating, she landed a career job in social work and continues to be based in Noosa. Ms Bell explained how it all began. “I remember talking to a mum at my daughter’s school who was studying at CQUni. She had a large family and I just thought, if she can fit in study with her busy lifestyle, then I can too,” Ms Bell said.

“I went into the Noosa Campus and was told about the STEPS course which would help me back into study and prepare me for my undergraduate degree. I was one of the students in the inaugural STEPS program at Noosa Campus. Doing the course before my undergrad was definitely the best decision


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I ever made and I would recommend it to anyone enrolling in university - even if they come straight from high school,” she continued.

isaaC Carnell siena CatholiC College

“The teaching staff were incredibly encouraging and supportive as I learnt how to research and write an academic assignment, I updated my computer skills and I gained a confidence in my capability. The course made the transition to a bachelor degree so much easier and far less daunting than it would have otherwise been.

Isaac is a current Year 12 student studying English Communication, Certificate III Fitness, Religion and Ethics, Maths A. During Year 11 and 12 he has completed Certificate I in Construction, Certificate II Plumbing and a Certificate II Horticulture traineeship.

“It has been over 25 years since I undertook study, so I needed to know if I could actually do it! Juggling work and family life meant that I was very busy, so I needed to know if I could fit it all in.”

He enjoys hands-on work so Isaac began work experience in carpentry during Year 10. In Year 11 he decided to try plumbing. After a few weeks of work Isaac decided that this would be his future pathway. Because it was difficult to secure a school-based apprenticeship at the time, he completed a Certificate II Plumbing course. During Year 11 Isaac was offered a traineeship in horticulture with Adam Crawley from Maintenance Company who became a mentor for Isaac. Even though horticulture was not his passion, he has completed the traineeship and remains an employee with the Maintenance Company.

And indeed she did. Upon completion of her STEPS course, Ms Dell gained direct entry into the Bachelor of Social Work course. “I chose CQUni because I needed a university that offered me flexibility. My daughter was still very young and had just started primary school and I needed to be there for her. Financially I also had to work which meant I couldn’t travel to a campus for lectures so I needed a university that delivered my degree online,” Ms Dell said. CQUni was one of the few universities that offered Social Work study via distance. “Plus, I am lucky enough to live only 10 minutes from the beautiful Noosa Campus and this meant I had access to all its facilities including the library, the computers and wi-fi. Studying online can feel isolating at times, but having the campus on my doorstep meant I was able to connect with staff and students when I needed to.”

Work experience was a major factor in deciding that Isaac wanted to become a plumber and completing the course and further work experience has confirmed this. The career counsellor and Vocational Pathways staff have assisted Isaac; however, through his great determination and work ethic he has, and will be, successful. Isaac finds sitting in a classroom, five days a week a challenge so the school has allowed him to have a flexible timetable to work with the maintenance company one day per week and one day a week work experience with a plumber. Isaac enjoys being part of the sports teams at Siena and being outdoors doing physical work. Horticulture wasn’t planned but he was surprised to find he really enjoyed it.

Originally from the UK, Ms Dell and her partner Tom have been living in Noosa for over 15 years and she said she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Isaac’s dream is to secure a full time plumbing apprenticeship by the end of Year 12 and he continues to undertake unpaid work in order to fulfil his future goal.

“We live here with our gorgeous daughter Molly who is now 12 and has started her first year at high school and our spoodle Charlie who just loves his walks on the beach.”

For details on enrolments & tour dates please contact the school Phone: 07 5471 0199 Email: enrolments@noosasteiner.qld.edu.au Or visit: www.noosasteiner.qld.edu.au https://www.facebook.com/ NoosaSteinerSchool/ 86 Nyell Road, Doonan, QLD 4562 “Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, set them forth in freedom.” Rudolf Steiner


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stePs PathwaYs College Making a difference to the young people with a disability learning to live independently. STEPS Pathways College provides a flexible learning environment for all students and offers the opportunity to study as a boarding student living on campus or as a part of the day program. STEPS Pathways College is the first college of its kind in Australia where people with a disability can develop the skills they need to live independently in a campus style environment. Students gain practical life-long skills in combination with actual independent living experience while they reside on campus in purpose-built units. During their stay, students are provided with a safe and supportive environment where they learn at a pace best suited to their needs.

areas of studY inClude • Healthy living skills for physical and mental wellbeing • Technology, literacy and numeracy for tasks like banking and budgeting • Domestic skills such as shopping, cooking and cleaning • Effectively accessing and interacting in the community – including weekend recreational activities • Communication and social skills • How to maintain residency, rights and responsibilities • Pathways to training and employment • Taking referrals Australia wide

9 George Street, Caloundra Capacity: 11 Boarding College students / Unlimited day program students program Duration: 12 – 18 months (45 weeks/year) Day program hours: 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday phone: 5458 3000 Web: www.stepsgroup.com.au/charity/steps-pathways-college

For the last 12 months, Ariana has been attending STEPS Pathways College located on the Sunshine Coast. She has made significant inroads towards her goal of independence. During her intensive study schedule, Ariana has been learning practical day to day living skills in combination with actual independent living experience while she resides at Murphy House located on the campus. She has made new friends, enjoys cooking, shopping and accessing the community just like any young woman her age. As graduation approaches, Ariana is confident about her plans to move into an apartment with her roommate Alana, and experience true independence for the first time.

Academy Programs

Extension Programs

• Wind Symphony

• Academic Learning Program for High Achievers (ALPHA) – travelling to NASA in 2020

• Basketball • Surfing

• Award-winning Debating Team

• Touch Football

• Brilliant Musicians


New Senior Subjects

• New Smart Futures Centre • Innovative Design Studios and Science Labs

Coolum State High School, Havana Road East, Coolum Beach


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• Master Plan incorporating


Performance Hall

• Certificate III Aviation • Aerospace Studies • Building & Construction • Digital Design


• Cheerleading

Brisbane Catholic Education teaching • challenging • transforming

ausPaC business advantage

blake ison ChanCellor state College

Auspac Business Advantage engages with clients ranging from school leavers, individuals, teams, CEOs and the like, to build confidence and courage through soft skills, which the company believes is the hardcore training that goes along with degrees and certificates to create the skills, knowledge and heart for life and business. Auspac delivers workshops throughout Australia and internationally, in China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and the Middle East, and plans to incorporate England later in 2018.

Splitting his Year 11 and 12 studies over three years (called Variable Progression Rate), Blake took on a traditional OP / university-bound pathway throughout his senior studies at Chancellor College. He has completed 1½ years of his Bachelor of Social Science degree at USC but has recently put that on hold whilst he travels the world in his new full-time work role.

Auspac Business Advantage was created with the main emphasis on providing clients and students with not just a learning environment, but to provide an avenue in which to experience life skills and to be able to interact both socially and in the business/work environment. Auspac takes pride in its achievements in these areas, as well as the work they do with young people.

“I help in terms of magnification software and other products for those who have lost (or never had) their vision to see the world the way they wish.” Blake said.

What makes this young man remarkable is not that he achieved Sound Achievements and a High Achievement in all of his six subjects, not that he achieved his Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) but that he did all this and more, with no eyes! Yes, that’s right, Blake was born with no eyes and he has gone on to conquer even more incredible achievements. Blake travels at least 56 times each year as one of his Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to New Zealand, Asia, and all over Australia, unassisted and with total visual impairment. Blake is now the face of the private company, HumanWare Australia, in his capacity as Blindness Product Specialist where he provides solutions for those with low vision and blindness.

What an amazing young man to be assisting others in this capacity. Blake absolutely loves his job and sells equipment which utilises Braille, including technical support, radio interviews, etc to get the messages and life-changing products out there. Being a lovable larrikin throughout his schooling, Blake has never been one to be shy or to miss an opportunity. From his early secondary school days he was well-known on the Mooloolaba Surf Club radio frequency as he maned the patrol radio responding to all sorts of emergencies and establishing quite a reputation for himself as the ‘GO TO’ man.

A high percentage of students obtain employment after attending Auspac workshops. These workshops are specialised soft skill programs which give students the finishing touches to a positive mindset for success. First Impressions Lasting Results, Go the Extra Mile, Mastering Communication and Difficult Conversations, and Mindset for Success, are just a few of the workshops offered, and these complement the structured classes with excellent outcomes for students.

This has expanded into a key role where he currently co-ordinates the radio communications for every patrol, every weekend during the summer, all on the characteristic life-saver voluntary model. Completing well over 2000 patrol hours since starting in September 2007 as a Year 9 student, Blake has given so much to his community. If resources are needed in an emergency or liaison with Emergency Services is required, most likely it will be Blake behind the scenes co-ordinating this and keeping the community safe.

Angelina Cahill approached Auspac after leaving midway through Year 11. School was a struggle, communication between her and the teachers was not productive, and she did not cope well with the structure of school life. Angelina’s focus changed at Auspac, and she was a bright bubbly and beautiful student with a willingness to learn in a different environment.

With his heart of gold, Blake has also managed to squeeze in a mentoring role back at Chancellor College with other visually impaired students with his admirable “give it a go” attitude to everything.

She blossomed through the Mastering Communication and Difficult Conversations workshops and the Mastering Mindset and Body Language boot camp. Angelina began to understand what life was about and that we are much happier when time is spent focusing on other people’s needs rather than just focusing on the negatives in life. Angelina was employed at a local bistro restaurant in Maroochydore and currently still works there. Auspac has a life skills program for Year 11 and 12 students, and first year university/TAFE students, which encompasses skills that most students do not learn at school, and through this program, Angelina has acquired self-confidence and coping mechanisms to enable her to take life in her stride. She has enrolled in a bridging course at the University of the Sunshine Coast and looks towards a nursing career, studying at USC from February 2019. Within the structured and soft skill courses, Auspac works with many supportive Sunshine Coast businesses, including the Sunshine Coast Council, accountants, retail and small business owners who provide their expertise with the students, by conducting live interviews, as well as face to face and written feedback. The Sunshine Coast is one of the most supportive communities in which to live. Auspac pathways assist students and adults of all ages and training programs go hand in hand with all courses, to assist students to be the best they can be. Catherine Molloy owns and operates Auspac Business Advantage and the company was born right here on the Sunshine Coast.

ContaCt details Director: Catherine Molloy phone: 0449 584 240 email: education@auspacba.com.au Website: www.auspacba.com.au


education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018

Inspirational, realistic and humble are things often heard about Blake around the corridors of Chancellor College. He will always remain one of their favourite sons!

morgan bellero siena CatholiC College

raku burton usC

Morgan successfully completed Year 12 in 2017 and studied English Communication, Maths A, Religion and Ethics, Certificate III Fitness, Physical Education as well as a Cert III in Business (Medical) traineeship with Medical Business Management.

It was an easy choice to list USC as my first preference, and I was thrilled to accept my enrolment. I had known since Year 10 that I wanted to continue my studies in drama and film, so I spent a long time looking through various university courses to find what the course that best suited my aspirations.

The traineeship was advertised by the Careers Department at school and Morgan was successful. During her traineeship, she learned that the administration side of the medical field was very interesting and was the skills she has gained have been very valuable and transferable to other work and study environments. Going through patient medical history and gaining a greater understanding of medical terminology encouraged her to learn more about the medical field.

USC’s Bachelor of Creative Industries allowed me to choose two majors, or a major and two minors. Within those majors, I selected subjects that would refine and focus on areas for my chosen career. I was also provided the opportunity to attend a third-year drama presentation from the course DRA302 Trends in twentieth-century theatre, now DRA102, and Orientation, or ‘O’ week, where I spoke to course coordinators in my field of interest.

After completing the traineeship, Morgan discussed pathways as part of the Year 12 counselling process and the Diploma in Nursing at TAFE, based at the Kawana Hospital, interested her. She was a little apprehensive at first because she was worried about working with blood and needles. After going through the course content, she was encouraged to pursue this course by family and school personnel. Morgan has completed first semester and has been successful in her course work and has thoroughly enjoyed the study and work placement. She has particularly enjoyed understanding how the body works and the medical terminology.

When I began university, I felt very comfortable at USC. My lectures and tutors were extremely supportive and passionate and very keen for their students to succeed. My cohort was small, which ensured we were a cohesive and friendly group. University life certainly is extremely busy and the time flies by very quickly.

The work experience in an aged care facility was challenging for Morgan, particularly adapting to the different emotional and physical well-being of the patients. She had to rely on her training as well as her personal qualities to be successful in this placement. Morgan has found that understanding medical terminology has been interesting and well as knowing how the body works. Morgan has been surprised how well she has coped with study and the practical aspects of handling blood and bandaging injuries.


There have been several commissioned projects I have worked on through opportunities presented to me by tutors, and through assignments which have allowed me to demonstrate my skills. I secured my first two film assignments from jobs posted by Joanna McIntyre, Lecturer, Screen & Media Studies, on the USC Screen & Media Facebook page. I secured my third film position purely through my lecturer suggesting me to a colleague of hers at the university. I currently work at a local theatre as an assistant stage manager. The owners of the theatre approached me after I had performed the role of stage manager in the production ‘Cosi’ within the course DRA204, Theatre Production.

Morgan’s goal is to complete her Diploma in Nursing to become an enrolled nurse and then continue her studies to work as a registered nurse. Her dream is to do further study to work as a midwife on the Sunshine Coast.

My courses presented opportunities for me to perform in front of audiences and to practice film production and ultimately, to engage and participate in ‘real-world’ activities that I aspire to pursue when I graduate. As well as my two majors, I studied photography and creative writing electives that I felt would be interesting and that would provide vast experience for my desired employment in the future.

Prep Enrolments for 2019 NOW OPEN

The Brightwater State School Preparatory Curriculum is an exciting and nurturing program supporting children to experience a positive entry to the school community by offering: • A supportive transition process allowing children to acclimatise to the schooling environment whilst valuing links between pre-prep and prep programs. • Personalised Learning providing every child with the tools necessary to engage in their world at their own pace in order to reach their full potential. • Inquiry Based Learning encouraging opportunities for children to discover the wonder in their world and explore new possibilities. • Playfulness as a vehicle to encourage humour, fun and a love of learning. • Dynamic Learning Environments that are responsive and ever changing to meet the needs of our children. • Meaningful Partnerships between school and families embracing opportunities for families to be a part the learning journey.


For further information and to register your interest in enrolling your child, please contact: Brightwater State School E: office@brightwaterss.eq.edu.au 20 Dianella Drive, Mountain Creek W: www.brightwaterss.eq.edu.au P: (07) 5438 3111 education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018


Later this year I will be doing an internship with a Brisbane-based director to refine my film-making skills. My advice to high school students would be to embrace any opportunities that will assist you in your career pathway, and to challenge yourself with any external work or projects that will enhance your abilities. USC has provided me with exceptional knowledge in my field and has supported and assisted me to gain vast experience within the industry. I’m so glad that I chose USC to be ‘my university.’

thomas frenCh, soPhie emPson, john redd PaCifiC lutheran College Thomas French, Sophie Empson and John Redd are eagerly deepening their understanding of the workings of the human body, bionics, prosthetics and the use of technology, in preparation for their future academic study in the fields of engineering, medical science and biomedical science, all of which are open to them through the University of the Sunshine Coast. The three Year 10 students from Pacific Lutheran College are collaborating in their research using student-led, project-based learning that challenges their thinking and spans their interest areas and future career aspirations. “We have investigated the similarities between mind-controlled bionics and myoelectric prosthetics as part of a research question. We have also developed problem-solving abilities and worked collaboratively to develop a 3D-printed and sensor-controlled prototype of a bionic hand, which was coded by the Arduino program,” Thomas said. The trio of students have also gained further insight into the fields of bionics and engineering when Pacific Lutheran College STEM teacher Mrs Marnie Whittaker invited guest speaker Tim Mahoney, a medical engineer, to talk with them at the school. Tim spoke of the benefits of having a local university offering study in prosthetics through their Health Science programs, as previously students could only conduct this tertiary study in Melbourne.

amber gorman siena CatholiC College Amber is a Year 11 student who came to Siena this year. She is studying English Communication, Maths A, Health, Religion and Ethics, Certificate III in Fitness and Home Economics. Amber and her mum talked to the Career Counsellor at Siena about her future plans to become a Dermal Therapist so after investigating pathways, it was determined that she needed to complete a Diploma in Beauty. Dermal Therapy has always interested Amber because she would like to help people with various skin conditions. It is also a growing employment industry on the Sunshine Coast.

After completing her Diploma in Beauty at Demi International one day a week during Year 11 and 12, Amber will be able to apply for a Graduate Diploma in Dermal Therapies/Dermal Science course in order to gain employment in this field. As part of her assessment in English Communication, Amber took part in an interview with an apprenticeship centre staff member who was so impressed by her that the staff member has put Amber’s name forward for a traineeship in beauty.

The future looks very bright for Amber and it seems that her dream job in Dermal Therapy will be achieved.

marlene Paine tafe Queensland

“Tim explained the engineering process he undertook when building his own bionic hand, and expanded our thinking as to how much further we could take our design ideas,” Sophie said. “We only spent 10 weeks on our project, but he spent a whole year putting his prototype together, and as a result it was so much more elaborate.” Having the opportunity to design and create their prototype has reinforced the students’ future career aspirations. Sophie says that her ideal would be to advance her study through the University of the Sunshine Coast, to take advantage not only of the local lifestyle but of the tertiary and employment opportunities right at her doorstep.

Marlene Paine has discovered her dream career after completing a Certificate III in Individual Support under the Queensland Government’s Year 12 Fee-free training initiative in 2017. Less than a year after completing her training with TAFE Queensland at the Sunshine Coast Health Institute and just one year since graduating from high school, the 19-year-old has gained a qualification and landed a job as a personal carer at a local aged care facility without the accumulating the financial burden usually associated with tertiary study. Marlene was drawn to the health care industry from a young age thanks to her desire to help others, and when she came across TAFE Queensland’s Certificate III in Individual Support, it ticked all the boxes. “It gave me a chance to find out what a career in the industry would be like, and the way the program was set out was great; the theory really prepared you for the job but putting it into practice was completely different to what I was expecting, so it was great to have that practical experience.” After completing her vocational placement in the aged care facility, Marlene knew she’d found the right career for her, and when she saw a job opening she was able to use her experience to get the role. “I initially started out wanting to work as a personal carer while I continued studying to become a nurse, but this course taught me a lot about myself and what I really wanted to do. Helping others do things that most of us take for granted each day, has made me realise how lucky we are, and I feel honoured that I now get to help make life a little easier for them.”


education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018

Pic (L-R): Sophie Empson, Thomas French and John Redd

Under the State Government initiative, Year 12 graduates who enrol in a high priority qualification within 12 months of leaving school are eligible to receive their course free. Certificate III qualifications in high priority industries such as engineering, early childhood, aged care and electro technology were among the list of options available to school-leavers. TAFE Queensland East Coast Region Executive Director Education and Training, Mark Reilly, said the

health care sector was currently experiencing a shortage and that with reports showing areas such as hospitality, retail and construction are also forecast to grow over the next five years, the Sunshine Coast will require skilled workers to fill the vacant positions. “The beauty of this initiative is that it provides a great pathway into further study and employment,” said Mr Reilly. “It gives students a chance to get a feel for their future career and gain valuable experience without getting stuck studying something they don’t feel passionate about for three or four years.” Year 12 Fee-free Training is available through the Certificate III Guarantee and User Choice training programs. Students are advised to consider training options carefully before committing to a particular course as this may exhaust entitlements to further subsidised training. For further information visit tafeqld.edu.au and search for Year 12 Fee-free or call 1300 656 188.

jemma-lee mCdougall usC I am 22 years old and am in my final semester for my Bachelor of Business (Tourism, Leisure and Event Management) at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Throughout this article I will reflect on the pathway that brought me to where I am today including the decisions I had to make and the opportunities that were presented to me. Reflecting on my journey at Chancellor State College, it was my involvement in my first school musical with my best friend, that assisted me with my decision to choose drama from Years 10-12 and I loved every moment of it. With encouragement from my drama teacher, I became involved in stage management which I really enjoyed and realised I was good at, and I developed organisation and planning skills. I looked at event management and tourism management courses on the Coast, but decided not to study at USC, given I had walked through the grounds for many years on my way to Chancellor State College, and it was time to spread my wings.

After comparing the course structure from Swinburne to what USC offered, I realised that USC had more of what I wanted to learn about, more that would be relevant to my future. During a visit home to the Sunshine Coast I visited USC and spoke with staff about a possible transfer. I was expecting for it to be nearly impossible, given it was mid-semester break, but they made it happen then and there. USC was a 15-minute walk from my home, I got my old job back and again spent socialising and having fun with all my friends. I have been at USC for four years and have two courses left to complete my degree. I have gained exceptional theoretical knowledge to prepare me for my career and my lecturers and tutors have

I moved to Victoria in 2014 to study a Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management) at Swinburne University. I was able to live with my father, but other than that I had to start fresh. I had to catch three trains for two hours to get to and from university every day, but it was worth it, right? I left my job, my

friends, my car and my dog behind but I was determined for this to work because I thought it was right for my future and my career. I started doubting my decision as the months rolled by. I couldn’t find a job, I had no money and it was hard to make friends when you lived two hours from campus.

The Sunshine Coast’s newest college will truly encourage individual excellence, whatever your child’s talents. Blessed with a compassionate team, we will unreservedly set high expectations, be united in our dedication to excellence in teaching, and seek pathways for your child which engage and challenge.

Opening with Prep to Year 3 and Year 7 | Enrol today

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equipped me with vast practical knowledge. During my journey I was told to volunteer as much as possible, and that is exactly what I did. One piece of advice that will always stay with me, was to treat every day like a job interview as you never know who you may meet that day, and that is exactly what I have done. The lecturers assist you by providing information about opportunities including volunteering, job prospects, internships and ways to be involved in the community. I have volunteered all over the Sunshine Coast and have gained countless networking links throughout our community. My lecturer offered me the opportunity of a three-month internship with Visit Sunshine Coast last December. Through that internship I learned crucial skills to assist with my future and I’ve met several key members of our tourism and events network on the Sunshine Coast. At the end of last semester my lecturer gave me the opportunity to apply for a casual role with council working on a local festival. I was lucky enough to secure the role, without my lecturer’s recommendation I would not have been granted this opportunity. I admit I thought the grass was greener when I thought of a big university in a big city, and I underestimated how lucky I was to have such an excellent University right on my door step. USC has allowed me to learn in an excellent environment surrounded by my friends and family, with lecturers who want the best for you and your future and provide you with countless opportunities. I am excited to see where all the knowledge and opportunities that USC have granted me will take me in the future.

zoe zroPf sunshine Coast grammar sChool For Zoe Zropf, Year 12 student at Grammar, it really could be ‘New York New York’. Determination and focus, combined with methodical organisation sees Zoe studying five Authority subjects, using her sixth subject line to complete her Certificate IV in Dance and Teaching Management. Zoe started singing as a 7 year old, dancing at 12, and combining the two in theatre performances throughout her senior school studies. “I love being in theatre, I love being surrounded by like-minded people. I love the quote from Billy Elliot, “I suppose it’s like forgetting, losing who you are, and at the same time something makes you whole.” Zoe completes her Cert IV at her local dance school Dance 3D in Maroochydore, dancing and teaching most nights of the week. Her weekly routine includes two hours of singing tutoring, 12 hours of dancing, two hours of acting, and four hours of teaching, including Babies Ballet and Junior Jazz, and Junior and Senior Musical Theatre. “If I could have the versatility of Sutton Foster, the vocals to belt it like Idina Menzel, and freestyle like Lin-Manuel Miranda, I would be a happy girl,” Zoey states. With an OP prediction of under 5, Zoe is soon to graduate from Grammar. She intends to study Musical Theatre in London or New York. She is in the process of creating her portfolio, with the intent to travel to London to audition in September. Her heart is set on Broadway, and her dream shows include Anastasia, Bonnie and Clyde and Cinderella. “Studying VET gave me a gateway into achieving a qualification, and a job beyond school that I am passionate about, rather than doing retail or hospitality. It will allow me to work, live and breathe my passion.”

Noosaville oosaville State School has no enrolment catchment are area.


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jake williamson siena CatholiC College Jake Williamson completed senior in 2015 at Siena Catholic College. He studied English Communication, Religion and Ethics, Prevocational Maths, Drama and completed a Cert III Business traineeship with our Library. Jake’s love of reading and creative writing led him to do some work experience in the Library and he quickly became a competent member of the team. His work experience turned into a school based Certificate III in Business traineeship. Jake has always loved creative writing since primary school and so he was able to use his Certificate III rank to gain entry into the University of the Sunshine Coast Creative Writing course. There were many people who assisted Jake in his career pathway including: learning support staff, teachers, VET ad career staff members. Jake has been extremely successful in overcoming the many challenges of Asperger’s Syndrome and he is now a very independent learner and is successfully managing his study workload at the University of the Sunshine Coast as well as a part time job at Kmart. He found that University studies were much easier than he thought as there is a lot of support at USC. Jake would like to be a screen writer, journalist or action and adventure writer. His dream would be to write and publish a series of novels consisting of multiple narratives within their own genre. His novels would feature narratives based on the past, present and future action genre.

mason hoPe tafe Queensland At just 18 years of age, singer/songwriter Mason Hope is already making waves in the Sunshine Coast music scene, and with a voice likened to the great Elvis Presley, it’s easy to see why. But while Mason’s talent is undeniable, his successful career is a result of years of hard work and dedication to his craft. Mason is truly a unique performer who is looking to pursue a unique career in music and is doing school differently in order to achieve his dreams.

“I realise that homework, and the stress and pressure of exams is part and parcel of growing up, but it isn’t really my thing. I’d rather be writing songs, playing my guitar and performing,” Mason said. “University didn’t offer a pathway that best suited me or my skills. Thankfully, I found an alternative and less stressful pathway into the music industry at TAFE. I’m complementing my Year 11 and 12 high school studies by undertaking a Certificate IV in Music at TAFE Queensland East Coast. I not only receive 8 QCE credit points for studying TAFE at school, but I’ve also been able to hone my skills and acquire qualifications at the same time as pursuing my passion for music. Even if I don’t make it big, music will always be a strong part of my life and TAFE is helping me form the building blocks I need to be successful long into the future,” he said. A born performer, 18-year-old singer/songwriter Mason Hope has found the perfect arrangement for a successful career in music and is completing his Year 12 studies differently from most other students. Mason is a gifted musician and has been performing at local venues across the Sunshine Coast while completing his senior schooling at Maroochydore State High School. He’s grown up juggling music lessons, playing gigs, performing with the Buderim Youth Theatre of Excellence (BYTES), and rehearsing for festivals like the renowned Caloundra Music Festival. In 2016 Mason featured in Triple J Unearthed, won the iconic Gympie Music Muster Talent Search competition, was crowned the ‘Voice of Urban’ at the Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival, was selected as a top four finalist in the Coca-Cola Tamworth Music Festival Rising Star competition, and featured in the Queensland-wide talent show, Creative Generation – State Schools Onstage where he performed in four arena style stage shows at the Brisbane Convention Centre which aired on Channel Ten. “Songs are like recipes handed down through generations. In the same way recipes are tweaked to find the best flavour, songs can be tweaked to find the best composition and sound,” Mason said. “I use beats, rhythms and melodies like ‘ingredients’ to connect with people and tell my story through music,” he said. Mindful not to pigeonhole himself into any particular musical genre, Mason’s songs express his thoughts, feelings and emotions about life and events around him. “It’s important to show people that life has its ups and downs, just like music,” Mason said. “Life is a series of moments and it’s important to cherish each one before they pass you by. You can be cool just by being you,” he said. Follow Mason’s adventures at MasonhopeMusic.com

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australian industrY trade College sunshine Coast CamPus: oPened julY 2018 The AITC is an independent Senior College which takes young people on a three-year journey from Year 10 to the end of Year 12, through senior education and employment. This College provides technically intelligent young people the opportunity to get started in a trade career of their choice and still complete their schooling to the end of Year 12. It is exciting for students to have a school created by industry for industry outcomes where graduating students are competent and confident young people, ready to pursue their career pathways. The AITC offers an innovative curriculum and extensive real-world experience which inspires learning and a passion for work. The Sunshine Coast Campus commenced with a Year 10 cohort in July 2018 and will grow to a Year 10 – 12 cohort by January 2020, with intake points as follows:


ContaCt details principal: Tracie Warry location: 170 Horton Parade, Maroochydore phone: 5357 8600 Website: www.aitc.qld.edu.au/sunshine-coast-campus

zarsha merlo sunshine Coast grammar sChool With determination and dedication beyond her years, 2017 School Captain Zarsha Merlo is steadily making her mark on the world. Zarsha studied a Diploma of Business and Headstart Business subjects while completing her senior studies. The Diploma in Business is a VET qualification which provides a minimum tertiary rank of 81, which is equivalent to an OP 9. Thus, Zarsha was able to use the Diploma as the vehicle for university entry and she received credit for her Diploma and Headstart subjects.

2018 – Year 10 in July 2019 – Years 10 and 11 in January and July 2020 – Years 10 and 11 in January and July and Year 12 in January Young people complete their Year 10, 11 and 12 requirements for their Queensland Certificate of Education in the on-campus learning environment, supported by a passionate and professional team of teachers, trainers, employment consultants and mentors.

Students Neisha Luck and Connor Ingram with Tracie Warry, Principal.

While currently undertaking full-time studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast, she is also working five days a week and gaining valuable experience in the business world. In her first year of studying a double degree of Business and Journalism during the evenings, Zarsha said “She’s really loving USC, it is a wonderful campus and she meets so many new people every day. Zarsha’s goal is to

Pre-employment training will be provided by AITC partner TAFE Queensland. Once signed into a school-based apprenticeship, the young people receive

vocational training in a trade of their choice, delivered in partnership with industry partners with whom we nurture close relationships. For an A – Z list of apprenticeships or traineeships and more details on your chosen occupation, visit the following link:

Pic (L-R): Zoe Sparks, Zarsha Merlo.

A SENIOR SCHOOL WITH A TRADE FOCUS FOR YEARS 10, 11 & 12 OF AITC STUDENTS GRADUATE WITH A FULL-TIME APPRENTICESHIP Complete your senior schooling AND start your trade career at Australia’s most progressive Trade College. Be part of the next generation of successfully employed graduates from the AITC. Year 12 enrolments accepted for 2020 AITC Sunshine Coast Campus 170 Horton Parade Maroochydore. Visit our website for detailed information AITC5779


education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018

aitc.qld.edu.au Ph: 5357 8600



work within the business industry where her passion lies, and to bring her love of writing into her work.

and also finding the confidence to be able to contribute to the local campus community.

“I believe that good writing skills and the ability to convey information succinctly is essential in today’s world.”

I am currently a representative on the Gympie campus Student Liaison Group (SLG) and have been a substantive member on the Student Representative Council (SRC) representing the Gympie campus SLG. I am also a paid member of the Student IT Helpdesk at the Gympie campus.

As she continues her studies, Zarsha is concurrently developing an impressive resume of career skills with two part-time jobs. She is employed three days a week as Personal Assistant to Tony Kelly, Company Director of Rice Boi, and two days a week works as Personal Assistant to Zoe Sparks, Director/Owner of Spectacular World Travel and Founder/CEO of SHINE Business Women. “I absolutely love my jobs and I am learning so much from both Tony and Zoe.” Zarsha’s personal goal is to purchase her first investment property by the time she graduates from University in three years’ time. She loves spending time with family and they recently travelled to Vietnam for a five-week motorbike riding holiday.

With two fellow students I am currently working towards establishing an Active Minds group at the Gympie Campus as an extension to the Sippy Downs Active Minds Group. Active Minds is a studentrun, not for profit support group, that aims to remove the stigma associated with mental health issues on university and college campuses. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the campus community, there is so much to be involved with, and many opportunities to contribute to life at USC.

“Travelling has really added adventure and perspective to my life,” said Zarsha “I will always be grateful for the opportunities that my parents have given me to travel.”

roger marrington usC, gYmPie CamPus I am a mature age student (married with three young children) studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at the USC Gympie campus. Having previously completed a Bachelor of Engineering Technology and worked in engineering and sales roles at a local manufacturing company, I chose the business and marketing degree as I have an interest in promotion of quality product and building customer and supplier relationships. I chose to study in Gympie particularly as our two oldest children are established in school with friends and support networks, so it was important to me that this was not interrupted. For me the most challenging element of returning to study was the fact that it had been so long since I had studied so my confidence was not high. For this reason, I began with a tertiary preparation pathway course at the Gympie campus, which enabled me to ‘find my feet’ and get back into a study routine. The interest and support demonstrated by academic and support staff at the university helped make this process much easier than expected. The most enjoyable and rewarding part of the experience has been meeting and working with other students and staff from diverse backgrounds with diverse goals,

education sunshine coast ⁄ august 2018


shOOtinG academic success

Captaining an Australian sports team at the Commonwealth Games whilst playing in the Suncorp Super Netball League, juggling university study and a part time job may seem like an impossible task, but then again, with the right support, maybe not? Caitlin Basset is the superstar shooter for the Sunshine Coast Lightning (who have recently battled their way into the finals). On top of that the 30-year-old has also swished her way into the big leagues, winning a spot on the Australian Diamonds as team captain. But for Caittlin having a passion and life outside of sport ortant to her and that’s why she chooses to is very impo study a Bacchelor of Journalism at the University of the Sunshine Coast. C Caitlin was first intrigued by a career in journalism when living in Perrth and working part-time as a promo girl for the Nova raadio station. She said the fun environment and hands-on nature of the job had herr interested in taking a similar career path to

journalism, “ With there are so many

pathways you can go down.

her mates tthat presented the breakfast show. “I really enjoyed it and thought it looked so fun, not like a proper job, so I really thought it was something I would want to com mmit to after netball,” she said. Caitlin first commenced her degree while she was living in Perth but when an opportunity came up to live and play netball on the Sunshine Coast, she just couldn’t resist. “One of thee parameters of me moving was that I could continue m my study because as an athlete I think it is so important tto have something outside of sport.”


• Provide CPR • Provide First Aid • First Aid in a childcare & education setting • Advance CPR & First Aid • Low Voltage Rescue

“It’s also such a beautiful campus, I just love coming out of class and seeing the kangaroos just casually hop past the oval or quads.” Caitlin said she loves the practical approach to the academics of her course. Last semester as part of one of her units, she was working for the ABC creating content, publishing stories and establishing broadcaster contacts. She also said the media experience she has gained through her sporting career has helped her excel in the classroom. “Being comfortable in front of the camera is very helpful when I’m the one behind it. I don’t feel intimidated and I know the right questions to ask.” With only one unit to go, Caitlin is hoping to utilise her sporting career and infuse it with her media studies. While she said for now she wants to focus on sport, she is one day excited to explore where a career in media can take her.

And it is a d decision that she has never looked back on.

“With journalism, there are so many pathways you can go down,” she said.

“The univerrsity’s elite athlete program that it commenceed last year has really helped make the transition eeasier,” she said.

“I’ve been working part time at Hot 91.1 but there is also TV and so many other opportunities that I can take later down the track.”


• • • •

“The lecturers are so amazing and helpful, last semester I had Peter English for two units and he was incredible in helping me balance the workload with my sport.

White Card Health & Safety Representatives Cert IV WHS Upcoming Safety Officer training

FIRE • • • •

Fire Safety Adviser Wardens First response including fire extinguishers General evacuation

1300 662 156 | www.safetywave.com.au 36

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multiPle career OPPOrtunities under One rOOf The Sunshine Coast Daily Careers Expo is held annually in July and has just completed its 16th year. It provides career seekers with the latest information on employment, study and training opportunities. With many jobs facing extinction and new career opportunities arising, it is important to keep up to date with the skills demands in the future. It is a unique opportunity for anyone seeking further study, apprenticeship or traineeship opportunities, employment options and businesses looking for staff training choices all under the one roof. More than 95 organisations are represented at the expo, giving visitors plenty to discover with hundreds of courses and career pathways on show. Each year they have a “JobShop� which has a variety of local and interstate positions vacant ranging from full-time, part-time to casual as well as apprenticeships and traineeships. Career seekers can meet directly with potential employers and submit resumes for consideration. This is a community-based event staged by tertiary and vocational course providers, employers and supports agencies for the benefit of not only high school students and their parents but for career seekers of all ages. Visit www.careersevent.com for more information.

Growing people to make a difference. Pacific Lutheran College is a supportive learning community, with a strong academic focus and exceptional sporting, cultural and outdoor programs. Our curriculum is designed to support a seamless transition from Kindergarten to Year 12, and then to life beyond school. Fostering thinking skills, curiosity and deep understanding, Pacific helps each child develop their own passion for learning. Core focus on relationships

K-12 learning community

Flexible learning spaces

Focus on literacy, numeracy and problem solving

Visit us on any week day! Contact Chris Henschke, College Registrar P 5436 7321 A Woodlands Boulevard, Meridan Plains 4551 pacificlutheran.qld.edu.au

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internshiPs at the sunshine cOast daily BY SHIRLEY SINCLAIR

The TV screen showed the chaos in the aftermath of the Lombok earthquake and the ramifications to travellers camped out in the Bali airport terminal, trying to get home to Australia. My sympathy went out to them but at the same time, I couldn’t help a slight smile creeping on to my face. The female journalist reporting from the scene to Channel Nine’s Today Show was Renae Henry, a University of the Sunshine Coast Journalism graduate. Renae had been among my first six interns when I took over the role as Intern Co-ordinator at the Sunshine Coast Daily in 2006. I remember this “Energiser Bunny” of a student, in a rush, keen to learn as much as possible, eager to grab her career by the horns. The late USC Journalism Head of Department and former respected News Corp journalist Stephen Lamble had been keen for a formal internship program to be set up between USC and the Daily. And since that first intake of interns, I’ve supervised hundreds of young and mature-age writers from USC, plus other universities and tertiary colleges in south-east Queensland, and helped them complete their stint in our newsroom environment.

interns have their foot in the “..once door and use the opportunity to their best advantage, they shine.

As third-year students nearing completion of their courses, they have spent 90 to 104 hours seeing how a real-world newsroom operates. They’ve soaked up the mechanics of how a story idea germinates, takes shape, gets on to a page and lands on the front lawn in a newspaper or online on our website. They’ve fine-tuned their writing and interviewing skills with the help of senior staff and immersed themselves in current affairs and local events. They’ve been given the space to show initiative and work independently and, importantly, have been treated like a working journalist. They’ve had to research topics and do telephone and face-to-face interviews to complete 10 or more sizeable news stories and feature articles. They’ve conducted street polls and celebrity and music interviews, gone out with photographers on their daily round of news photos, written their own travel articles and page lead stories, created

Sunshine Coast Daily night editor Erin Long was among the first cohort of formal University of the Sunshine Coast Journalism interns at the Daily in 2006, and meets our latest third-year USC intern Justin Sayson.

wedding write-ups and market stallholder profiles, prepared business features, attended press conferences and told of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They’ve offered news tips and story leads, listened in to morning news meetings, been photographed at times for Daily promotions and been in the thick of the controlled chaos that is a daily newspaper. They have never once been asked to make coffee, do the filing or answer phones. It is a sink or swim situation but after the initial “what have I got myself into?,” just about every intern is amazed at how quickly they gain confidence after completing their first story and soon realise “I can do this!.” A high percentage of those interns have then gone on to work at the Daily in print or online, or with our former APN News and Media mastheads and new parent company News Corp. Our interns also have secured jobs with other newspaper groups, on specialist magazines and periodicals, in TV and radio, and even as marketing and PR consultants to corporations and charity organisations. That’s because once interns have their foot in the door and use the opportunity to their best advantage, they shine. They prove to everyone, including themselves, that they can do the work: they have gained strong skills in their courses and can put that into practice. Changes in our industry in the past 12 years since Renae’s internship days also have meant a reporter is multi-skilled: not only interviewing and writing stories, but also taking photos and videos, self-editing their work and writing headlines to create packages for print and online, being adept in writing social media posts for Twitter and Facebook, and being familiar with online analytics such as Chartbeat.

“State Schools are Great Schools”

In 2017: • Over 95% of parents indicated they understood how computers and technologies are used to enhance student learning • Over 99% of students indicated that they can access technology to enhance their learning • Over 97% of students indicated that teachers expect them to do their best • 100% of staff have indicated that they enjoy working at Burnside State High School.


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Phone 5459 7333 | Fax 5441 7353 Blaxland Road, Nambour www.burnsideshs.eq.edu.au | burnsideshs@eq.edu.au


• Over 95% of parents indicated that their child’s teachers expects him or her to do her best.

aCknowledgements We acknowledge the Sunshine Coast Council through and its Study Sunshine Coast initiative and for the contribution the Council makes to the Region and to future business development. Please visit the following links to gain additional information: Sunshine Coast Council: www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au

Study Sunshine Coast: www.studysunshinecoast.com.au

We acknowledge the support provided by the Sunshine Coast Daily and Staff to produce this Pathways and Opportunities publication, and for their support of the education industry in our Region. The Sunshine Coast Daily Careers Expo is held on an annual basis in July and provides students and their families the opportunity to discuss study and career options with staff representatives from a vast number of onsite exhibitors. Education Sunshine Coast wishes to thank its members, staff and students from the education institutions who contributed to the publication by providing student articles, course details, and contact information. The education industry continues to develop, evolve and greatly contribute to future growth of the sector and the Sunshine Coast Region in general.

education sunshine coast â „ august 2018


Profile for NRM Custom Publishing

Education Sunshine Coast - Pathways and Opportunities  

Education Sunshine Coast - Pathways and Opportunities

Education Sunshine Coast - Pathways and Opportunities  

Education Sunshine Coast - Pathways and Opportunities

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