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The story of my life

Live for the moment not the past. Live each day like it was your last By


Table of contents Prologue Letter of introduction …………………….1 What’s in my name ………………………. 2 Personal Alphabet……………………….…3 Likes/ Dislike ………………………………….4 Metaphorical Definition …………..….. 5 Sensory Experience ……………………….6 A Quality Personality …………………… 7 Color your world …………………………..8 Room sweet room ……………………….9 Personal symbol ………………………...10 Extended Metaphors …………………...11 Symbol Recipe ……………………………..12 Ultimate excuse………………………….. 13 Telling Tales …………………………………14

Metamorphosis……………………………28 Picture This……………………………….….29 Look Who Look Up To …………..….…30 Remembering the child…………….....31 One Medium Suitcase………….……….32 The Perfect Present…………..…………33 Memorable Events ………………….…34 How to …………………....…………..……. 35 Always Say Never………………………… 36 Are you Hungry …………………………… 37 Where I’m From …………………………. 38 Deck of 52 ……..……………….………….39 The Examined Life ……………..…...…. 40 Annual Life ……………………..…………..41

Unfinished Sentence …………………...15 Personal Symbol …………………………..16

Ekphrasis ………………………………….…42 Visually Speaking ……………………...…43

Map of life ……………………………………17 A Mysterious place …………….………. 18 Synectics……………………………………….19 A Day in life ……………………….………...20 These word belong to……………....... 21 In other words………………………….. …22 Flashback …………………..………………. 23 Remembrance of things present … 24 As time goes bye bye ………………..….25 My own list of lists………………………..26

Cheer Yourself up! ………………………27 Lessons I Learned Too Late……………44 The Door ……………………………………..45 Advice to the Young …………………… 46 Who I Am ? ………………………………... 47 Rewarding Experience………………….48 Valuable Lessons…………………………. 49 Futures- Fantasy and facts ……..…… 50 Epilogue


Hi my name is Armani I live in the beautiful Island of Guam. I am a senior attending Gorge Washington High school. I am eighteen years old; I have two siblings named Sonja and Isabella who are very good and smart girls. Also wonderful parents named Sonja and Roger. Even a super awesome Nina named Nadine Valino who is very supporting. I have a dog named Snowball I had him for about five years. My goals in life is to be an art teacher and inspire students to express their self’s. Secondly I would like to be a Cosmetologist I’m surely going to be attending GCC in the Fall of 2014. I’m honestly ready for the changes in life and becoming adult by taking responsible. I love to help students and teacher by asking students if they need help and help correcting papers! Give me a reason to hate then I will. My family and friends is what makes me happy. Honesty is one of my most important values, It can either breaks or make a relationship. It was a great experience just knowing things about my self ! It makes me wonder what I’m a going to be doing the future, how is life going to be! In the end I am going to say I made it because it true, its happiness for me maybe for you.

My motto : ‘’Better myself each day I live’’. ByArmaniOlalia

What is in my name ? Hi my name is Armani Aneies Aguon Olalia. I would like to share with you my past, present and future of who I am who I want to be. Born on November 8, 1995 to proud parents of Sonja and Rogelio Olalia on the beautiful island of Guam. I am the first born child and my mom named me after her favorite perfumes Giorgo Armani Acqua Di Gio and Anais Anais. My mom said when she first looked at me it reminded her of flowers touch by an ocean breeze, sweet and beautiful.

Personal alphabet The name Armani is of Persian origin. The meaning of Armani is "desire, goal". It is also of African origin, where its meaning is "faith". It can be used for both sexes male or female. I love my name Armani because I am Artistic, Respectful, Majestic, Amazing, Nice, Intelligent and at times can be Zany that means crazy in a fun and funny way. Soft spoken and would never choose any other name.

Likes Music Art twitter Nina dresses lip stick mascara liquid eye liner eyelashes nail art polish chocolate singing babies air con shoes

Dislikes sun be told what to do gossip cat low battery allergies dirty shoes Nino talking cheap shampoo sunburn sitting in class not doing anything vocabulary test sat10 not having drivers permit

Sensory Experiences There always a time you can remember because it is special to everyone who has family or friends I recall new years day January 1st of 2014, I see the sparklers glowing and hearing my family counting down A hug from my grandma greeting me ‘’Happy New Year’’ and every ones kissing their sweet hearts except me, so I go to the table and tasted the sweet coconut rice cake. The music was playing by Bruno Mars. I totally remember my Nino dressed in a yellow t-shirt and a jeans jumper, he looked like a minion. That night turn into morning sing karaoke outside in my grandparent’s house its fun. The feeling made me feel like a little kid. So that morning I slept like a baby no one bothered me and it was very memorable.

The thing I will never forget is waking up about six o’clock am getting ready for school in the morning while I’m headed to the shower I smell the coffee my grandpa makes every morning. I taste toothpaste, touch the soap, smell the avocado shampoo and conditioner from Fruitusse . So after the cold shower, I go outside and I see the tree’s, looking like a sunny day and some rainy day also listening to the birds. Headed back to my house to get my cloths. My grandma drops me to school every day to school and pick me up, so as I get into her van preferably maroon. I feel the cold air con in my face as I put on makeup on my face. Being thankful for everything she does for me

Metaphors Definition Love is sweet as chocolate. Anger is a rough wind. Eagerness is a roller coaster. Sadness is a lost treasure. Happiness is a song. Adulthood is like responsibility. My room my space is a privacy place. Life is a job you have to work for it in order to survive. Ice cream is warmth smile on a Childs face. Money is evil as along with a need.

A Quality Personality

As I walk my dog named Snowball through Mangilao streets .I start to think about the responsibilities of taking care of him. Snowball is very loyal, smart and happy dog .He is a friend with a great heart! I shower, feed, sing and talk to Snowball. He sleeps with me at my grandma’s house, he a miracle, a buddy and a friend to me. Reflecting back at all the things I do for Snowball. I describe myself as someone who loves and cares for animals and people. I am loyal, respectful, honest, easy going, and creative, love to draw, write poems, rap and listen to music. I recall this one day sitting on the top of the trunk of my mom’s car rapping away .Snowball jumped up and sat down next to me , placed his paws on my leg and just listened to me rap and right then is when I felt his love and know that he is my best friend . Snowball and I till the end.

Color your world

I would describe my world as vivid and black and white you can see things like a dog . Mainly because I’m growing and understanding things in life. As I grow I start to see the colors and things changing for me. Red for love and also for family up above. Blue for The skies to capture the people’s lies. Pink was never my color but insanely say it stinks. Green reminds me of the tree. Fruits and vegetables orange, yellow, green and red it’s nice to know there’s a table of bread.

Butterflies start to off with co cones seeing every color view. Flower start to open seeing everything blown. When it starts to rain is coffee or the pain. The corn soup is the cure to all the rainy days not played , I can’t say it a rush for me because it is true I surely don’t know if I love the rain or sun so I’m blue . My favorite color would be maroon because it’s a dark red which look super cute with beige. Alive jet that can fly, always had a thing for the skies it’s so small in my eyes.

White picked it fence olden day throwback. Dad barbequing on the side of the house sun setting its about noon . Mom’s inside baking pie, kids running around the yard, but now a day’s ordering fast food calling friends if to come out side. Self respect jumping to detect shorts like panties, pants like nets .What happen to the fantasy dress. Males with nice hair, taking out their women to a romantic dinner or walk in the park. Sorry to bring up the past, I know it is not dark. Living like that is having a huge heart.

Room sweet room

My right now my room is being renovated and so far what I have done was installed shelving’s colored apple green, because it’s the color of nature and the trees. The next step I am going to do is paint it maroon because it’s is my favorite color and it reminds me of red lipsticks, nail polishes and roses. With a strip of brown paint align throughout my walls to get the two tone earth feel. Once I’m finish painting my room, I am going to install my queen size bed and purchase black silk bed sheets and pillowcases with zebra black and white comforter. I will also purchase earth tone green curtains to install and dress my windows.

In my room there is a beige carpet with a dark chocolate brown desk. On that desk I will place my pink lava lamp, laptop, books, lotions, perfume, lipsticks and make ups. Along my walls I will place my art work. On the left side is my closet where my clothes are hung and folded. On the right side is the window where I will place my black shoe shelf on of it is my Tv. I’m so excited to finish my room because it is my space and a place of my own. This room displays the person I am creative based on my artwork , mysterious on the dark colors I love, free spirited because of the earth tone greens, and loves shoes for my shoe rack.

Personal metaphors


car article of clothing Friday FOOD Color Movie fragrance type building plants musical instrument geometric shape pieces of furniture song season of the year television character cartoon or comic character Machinery natural phenomenon Word

Scorpion because it’s my zodiac sign. and my personality is loyal, passionate, jealous, fiercely independent, able to accomplish anything if I just put my mind to it . Bugatti because I feel like I am elegant, extraordinary and have great passion. Dress because its sexy, show curves makes me feel special Holiday, getting ready to relax, looking forward to the weekend no classes the next day , get to sleep in. Chocolate because it’s sweet it’s a good feeling. Blue because it reminds me of the ocean the skies and it relaxes me. Action Armani & Victoria secret because its clean, sweet floral smell skyscraper because it reminds me to aim high follow your dream and to think out of the box. redwood because its big and lives long and when you cut it down it will tell you how old the tree is Guitar because it was hard to learn the first time. cone it reminds me of an ice cream and papa John’s pizza slices desk because it’s a place where you get thing done. Yadda yadda by Amkidd talks about love Thanksgiving and christmas because FOOD and family and friends. Mario Lopez from abdc because his hot Betty boop because she vintage, classic and red lip stick refrigerator because it keep the ice frozen red tides it’s the gathering of microorganisms in the coastal area from the mouth water, sea or river water and make the water purple and red it’s about the colors . Honestly because you making a point of telling the truth.

Extended metaphor Scorpion little harsh at first glance. inner beauty and complexity of what this animal symbolizes. expresses protection and isolation and are quite solitary. ability to adapt to below freezing to desert heat. tremendous regenerative powers Scorpios’ ultimate control of their destiny. accomplish anything if just put mind to it emotions kept undercover passionate, determined, motivated person. Dress

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Bugatti rid-jitted headlight sleek like my eyes exoctic black aluminum panels able to reach speed of more than 400 kilometers 16-cylinder engine aerodynamically sound out of sight ground affects commonly seen on formula one cars supremely sophisticated force belts out 1001 horsepower, or 736kw at 6000 rpm


Mac Dug gal fiery red prom dress taffeta key hole bust long sleeve beaded Chiffon breakaway gown Lace and illusion longsleeve Jersey halter or pageant crossover gown satin or lace corset red sequin and jeweled

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

No classes tomorrow, sleeping in the six day of the week countdown to the weekend thank god it Friday day off holiday parents pay day

Chocolate sweet and tasty chewy and bitter nutty and creamy melts in your mouth completely satisfies smile on my face

Symbol Recipe As I tell you the secret ingredient you might know the recipe. For a trust, don’t make lust, with a need don’t plead. You get to know me, you know that I am creative the colors are more than vivid. I’m a taste of sweet, smell the spice I am mean and nice. Humble is the realest of me, I can be patient depends if you push the limits, yes I have gimmicks. The measurement is as you look and you feel that you need a little of love add it, I say it doesn’t have to be that accurate you taste and you see the company of me. I’m 20 cups of care, 10 boxes of kindness , To see that 25% of empathy blends with the 5% negativity . 10 chocolate bars for the positive advice. I mean the chocolate, inspiration and my peace makes that hundred (hunit) percent. So what you made here was a red velvet cake with a three tier 2 cherries whip cream on the top with melted chocolate side to side type thing.

Though I didn’t mention about the knife it’s only if you mess with my trust. It will only go down if we cut the cake together. The best part would be the crust like a cheese cake, let me get back to the topic here’s a plate for you and me and enjoy the luxury company. Cheers to the greatest cake my birthdays on November 8 .

The ultimate all purpose excuse No drama Dear, Ms. Griffin Please excuses I, Armani Olalia for being late due to the homework I have done for your class I high knowledge that it’s a very reasonable due to the fact it’s for you class. Ps. Armani Gecko any questions please call 911

drama Ms.Griffin Today I had a rough morning and I’m up with a cold, my pet cat just died and I haven’t slept in two days.

I’m really depressed about everything the whole week was just harsh and hectic. My mom just got off work and she super tired, I’m sorry for coming in late just sitting down only now writing this note. If you have any question just talk to me, don’t call my mom she tried. I just walk to school and I don’t want be yelled at right now. Can you make me a pass to the nurses office thanks for your time and cooperation.

Telling tales I’m reminiscing back on the great memories that family and friends have shared with me. I remember everyone telling me how I’m super observative about everything. Every morning I would get up and stand by the side of my house, on the side of it would be my grandparents’ house. My father had to build a little gate for me so I wouldn't go anywhere, I was told that I couldn't climb over it. Every morning, when I was a kid, I would yell for my nino (god father), who lived at my grandparents’ house, to come and get me. “Nino!” I would scream every morning until he picked me up and carried me. Odie, my nino, would carry me to my nina, Nadine. We would wake her up, or I would lay with her until she woke up. When she wakes up, we go to the bathroom and start brushing our teeth. I would always imitate the way she gagged, I’m such a copycat! Later, I would go out and bother my nino, who is usually underneath some car considering the fact that he’s a

mechanic. “Nino, what are you doing?,” I would always ask. I would look under the car and my nino would scream for my nina to come and get me, so that I don’t get dirty. The other memory I remember is being the line leader in elementary. I was very bossy and would always tell people to get in line. I was always yelling, telling my classmates what you should and shouldn't do, it was very fun!

Unfinished sentences 1) I usually worry about my dog named Snowball, he’s my baby puppy. Sometimes I don’t come home, I wonder who feeds him, joking my mother does. He’s my friend, my walking buddy, my homie to the very end. I worry when I need to do my homework. I worry when things are not done. Why? Because it’s going to be an issue in the end. 2) I feel angry when I know I’m right and there saying I’m wrong. Even when the grade go low and needs to get high, I think that’s a worry though. Arguing makes me angry just going at each other puts frustration in the picture. Taking picture of me when I’m sleeping, not cool, which mainly makes me angry .

3)I’m moody when I’m hungry, mainly cause I can’t concentrate and I can’t keep still and just start to yell. When I’m sleeping when don’t wake me up only for food. Honestly I get super moody when people are silly a lot, because it just annoying how something so little be so big. I personally get away cause dramas is not for me, honestly show the real person there are.

4) I’m happiest when I spend time with my family and friends. Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old. As a young person we should take advantage of the time. Like they say like the good times roll.

5) I feel confident when I have good grades, do my own thing and just being proud of myself. I feel super confident if my family supports me for sports , something different from before. As a confident person you have responsibilities, to look good to feel good. I see confident as pride. Achieving something you do should make you feel confident 6) I feel frustrated when I have to worry about other people’s problems when I have my own. When someone say’’don’t worry’’ it’s makes me over think so, I get frustrated. When I think about the work instead of doing it make me frustrated. Struggle is frustrating. 7) I feel depressed when there’s no attention. When I’m put down. When there’s no power, when my electronics is low battery. When life would be boring. If one friend is going through something bad. 8) I am comfortable when there’s air con, a nice bed, and good food. No place like home. I am comfortable with family and friends, if not then things are award. I am comfortable in my own skin. Lastly I am comfortable lazy.

9) I nervous when there’s a person you like and they walk or when your next, talking in front the class. It’s like singing with no clothes on. I am nervous when I see my grades, take a test. I am nervous to be going out in the real world. Why? It’s a feeling. 10) I feel sentimental when someone gets emotional and just cry and then you know. When there’s death, funerals and just time when I’m feeling low. When the thing you do isn’t enough. I’ll feel sentimental if I get married and leave my family and friends.

Personal symbol As a Scorpio you have to watch out I’m a predictor of my heart and family. Throw harm to my families, watch it come back, see I am not predator just learning to fight back. Like a Scorpio I have a heart and I can poison they say that Scorpio’s can do anything if the put there mind to it. A Scorpio I see myself motivated reptile. Scorpio in the work industry is very adaptable to change, always improving. Lastly flexible in completing task. Also I’m a flower because I smell sweet and like a flower I grow and spread my arms and see doors open. I also pick the coconut tree (Trongok Niyok) because it represents life. As a coconut tree you have to be stable with all the

responsibilities. The coconut tree grows as I learn and understand .Yes there is going to be rainy and stormy day instead of sunny summer’s days. All of the living things I brought up made me like I am.

Map of life more like pictures of my life

November 8,1995 8 pounds 2 ounces 19 inches Five Month got my ear pierced Started to talk, dress kind of brand names. do things for myself. years old my year. Oh how much I my parents. I was crying and also was had to go. My ninth birthday was in class with

me up with all Learning how to The age of six kindergarten couldn’t let go of upset, that they

Ms.Settlemire rip

though. As you see I had my birthday in class. I stood out. That little party was fun, what can I ask for. Remembering I was the line leader it felt good. It was all about making friends with food right. The ages seven to ten were my elementary years which I like school, It was alright . I got promoted twelve through summer to go to middle school; grandpa at his boat . grandpa the summer even after footer boat that had an inside way his name is Paul. Going to high school, fast but aye let the to get out and be living life. Making things

to middle school. The age of fifteen after elementary, the spent the summer with my Construction helping my school. He owned a 40 cabin, it was cool. by the

freshmen to senior year was super moment last. I’m here a senior ready involved. Right now I’m 18 years old right.

Mysterious place My mysterious place would be under the sea, the color blue with a little green. I love the sea it has colorful fish, starfishes. My favorite reptile is colored dark green, which are turtles. You can say I’m Jazzel from Enchanted, but underwater like. My list go on with all the sea animals like gray and pink dolphins, killer whales, sperm whales, Humpback whales blue whales, and the beluga whales that’s a lot of whales! There the awesome cops in my place, they have those police cop hats, what they carry around is bats. In my mysterious place there’s also a donut place, they always have specials called dirty birdy Thursday. On Thursdays

the penguins come in and do a little dance.

Mumble from ‘’Happy feet’’ he always makes everyone happy. In the mysterious place, I see myself as a mermaid Ariel, one of my friends is also here, his name is SpongeBob, his best friends name is Patrick, and he’s a starfish. SpongeBob and I been working at the Krusty Krab, I almost forgot to mention our co worker squid ward his super lazy but life goes on. Last Thursday I met Aquamarine she’s cool, we went together to land and our nails change color. We were super excited, we meet these two girls named Hailey and Claire they were funny, we went shopping its super fun. She met the a boy and she really loves him, his name is Arthur but we had to go back, because SpongeBob invited us to catch some Jellyfish.

Synectics 1 which is wiser? Pen or Pencil ? - Pen because It’s like life you can’t erase it but its optional if you want to scratch out the mistake! 2 Which is more fearful? New or old ? - New sometime you don’t know what to expect 3 which is more difficult? A dream or a nightmare - I say both why ? because you can’t remember that great dream, and at the same time you can remember that scary dream. 4 which is happier? Art or music? Both can relate and it’s all about the emotions colors and sayings

5 which is braver? an hour or a year -an hour, make mistakes, take risks. 6 which is more suspenseful? rain or snow ? -Rain because there always a scary movie when it raining Snow is like rain I say it’s the same because both are water. 7 which is more useful? friend or enemy ? - I say both honestly there’s great reason, for a friend who is , there for you and lastly an enemy who are motivator. 8 which coast more? a home or a house ? - Home coast more because its filled with love, a house is just a material things. 9 Which is easier to teach? a question or an answer - Honestly it’s both what’s a question without an answer, what’s rice without Stafou ! :) 10 which has more pride? entrance or exit ? - I would say entrance is more pride. the reason why, I feel entrance has more pride because you have to have confidence in yourself, meet new people, and also first impression would be lasting which tells you the person you are.( HI, smile )

A day in your life, more like the story of my life. Armani Olalia was born on November 8, she likes new kicks and brand names. Sorry forgot to mention she’s eighteen years old. She’s graduating this year and feeling pretty old. Joining paddling this year that something on her bucket list, skydiving, scuba diving and being a art teacher. The music she’s into is rap, R&B and reggae. Mainly her purpose was to achieve her goals in life. Right now she wants to start on her permit to get on track, and not letting people tell her how to act. Being an adult and treated like a kid is the saddest feeling. Sometimes it’s best to grow apart. Having a big heart is painful but drawing and rapping it out is relaxful. There’s a lot of respect just not it’s just not hitting coming back.

By the way she has a dog named Snowball, he is golden retriever, his white he has yellow, greyish eyes. Armani had him four years. He's a strong dog , he is a miracle . She really loves him because he was always there for when she was down. Has two brothers that are army strong .Armani’s full name is Armani Aneise Aguon Olalia. She likes playing football, going to the beach and hanging out with friends. Also love to see her family. She has two sisters named Isabella and Sonja Her motto ‘’To better myself each day I live.’’ She wanted to start on new topics but it has to end. She loves to draw, and play guitar and one day you might see her as a star. The way you have to remember her is by being a better person as you here and then.

These words belong to me - Family: a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household (related to another by blood or marriage) I honestly believe family is that thing you need to keep you going, the people you have to deal with is always there to support you and push you harder. - Charisma : a special personal quality making them capable of influencing or inspiring a large number of people. My faith in Jesus, he has the power to influence and inspire people to live a Christian life.

- Enchanting: charming, captivating. An enchanting smile can easily change a person’s mood, if you were to smile they would smile back at you. - weird: fantastic, bizarre Some people think swirling my hair is weird but it’s a habit I do when I’m think or when I’m bored. - wonderful : excellent, great and marvelous I had a wonderful weekend because I got my nails done. Life all about wonders. -mesmerize: to hypnotize I am so mesmerize by Amkidd because his rap which talks about love., that real good music. -mystic: the nature a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect. I believe in the power in prayer. How does it connect to me, honestly it helps me a better person than before. -natural: existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind I like to paddle because i like the ocean and its close to nature, I like flowers to and spring colors. -unworldly :(of a person) not having much awareness of the realities of life, in particular, not motivated by material or practical considerations. I don’t like people who unworldly because they have no values and they don’t care for anything in this world.

In other words 1) ‘’children act in the village as they have learned at home.’’ By Sue dish Proverb - People can change the way you act and vic versa 2) ‘’ To err is human, to forgive is divine’’ By Alexander Pope - Being human is to make mistake and forgive what they have done. 3) ‘’ You can’t unscramble eggs’’. By John Pierpont Morgan - You can’t undo what’s done.

4) ‘’ Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle’’ By John Watson - Don’t judge people because you don’t know what they been through, and where they come 5) ‘’ If you fail to plan, plan to fail ‘’ By unknown - Don’t catch yourself to fail or fail will catch you. 6)’’You children need your presence more than presences needs you’’ By Jesse Jackson - If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here, it’s about the time they spent. 7)’’ A friend who lies for you may also lie against you’’ By Unknown - In other words be careful who you trust they might lie to you. 8) ‘’Genius is one percent inspiration 99% perspiration.’’ By Thomas Edison - 99% you working other 1% you have an idea. 9) You can encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated’’ By Maya Angelous - In other words you can’t afford to give up on what you been through, yes you sometimes have to lose. 10) ‘’Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probable reason why a few engage in it.’’ By: Henry Ford Having problems and dealing with it, also not running away from it

Flashback 23 I was born blind with holidays in my head and waves are rough, and rainy days sleeping in bed. It was so simple getting anything I wanted. Riding bikes in the summer around my block, playing with the dogs on the yard. Taking them to the beach with a packed car, stopping by the store for some snacks and food. Living life never knowing what the past done. It’s like mystery of packed lunch, coming home from school on the last bus. Damn it was all about laughs, kicking back and making time past. I looked back it’s moving so fast, It’s like I’m moving at light speed, slow down! Now I join paddling, not that much of a straight A person. Living life made me want to rewind to the beginning when I was born, I think I would do that again, I honestly miss the old days not

worry about homework like this, but dancing at the parties, hearing your family members yell your name and just not listening. It was fun being small getting away with things. I remember going to the store and buying ice cream with my grandma, she was the bomb dot com. At the time my uncle but his really my nino I just call him that anyways we were close his name is John is older than me. Maybe like a brother to me, we sometimes get along. So that day when I got ice cream he took it from me and my grandma was there flushing the garage from the party we had the day before, I looked at her and she notice that he (John) took my ice cream I honestly cried and was upset. If I were to rewind to the day I would of show him what I got, but it was a long time ago.

So let’s jump to another event, so on the weekends I kick with my nina. Her name is Nadine, she’s very caring, wanting to know what’s up. Well she likes a mom to me, who has the only child which is great but all the weekends that were spent was good went out to go get our nails done, all the girly things. I’m not that much of a shopper but I tagged along. She bought me new shoes, Ipod and socks black ones. Nadine is fun and has OCD sometimes but I really respect her, she helps me out and help me understand things in life. She getting me started on my drivers permit, better late than never. My nino on the other hand he’s getting pretty old, lord I help him. Right now his in the PI for his mom who is in the hospital she hardly can’t breathe. Looking back in my life I would never change any events or memories because it allows me to be a stronger person and be thankful for what I have.

Remembrance of things presents

The things that matter to me now is what’s my next step after high school. What I want to be? An art teacher, or my second choice is a cosmetologist. I’m looking forward to a vocation on the summers, but back to what matters now. School it’s my future, which is relative but all the material things would sometimes matter, like shoes or the nicest dress. Then, big word ‘’LOVE’’ everyone remembers their ex’s and all the good things. I see that in time things will change. My younger sister Isabella she does anything for me. Which should be the other way around. My second older sister Sonja she’s in her teenage years the know it all type of

thing. My mother Sonja going to work, remembering my grandma pick me up from school, walking to dominos. Having the leggiest weekends spent with my nina. Having the best bus driver ,and the favorite teacher out of the year. People who has past in our lives, who gave me a big impact that made me the person that I am now. Remembering all the clubs I been in, in high school glee club, art club bible club, Now I’m in KGW ‘’ From the halls to the wall its your girl Armani, if you have any shout out or birthday request, hit us up.’’ I think I’m honestly going to miss saying that. In twenty years I’m only going to remember that I graduated, join clubs and a bit of paddling. Having friends and family, a lot of experience through high school. Graduating is a big change everyone moving on with our lives, and going off island or going to college. In twenty years I’m going to take this experience that I just written above and share with the younger generation and mostly my children.

Time goes bye- bye

So then by the age of thirty five I see myself with a house, a car, and a family. I want a stable job, I have too much ideas for this one thing, mainly if I’m still interested in that subject. So my first thing I want to do is become a certified cosmetologist because I have a thing for makeup, hair. Then, work at a regular salon for nails. The next thing I would love to do is be a art teacher, because I also draw and paint. Help students pursue what they what to do in life, also looking forward to the school vacation and breaks. It’s honestly nice to see creative students do a great job on art work. What can be sad is

that they would take long, or procrastinating on homework I assign to them. The next thing I would like to do if I’m still interested is be a professional scuba diver, and show everyone how Guam looks like underwater. I, very much love the water because my grandpa is a fisherman, sad thing is that I can’t eat fish, but I love to catch them. In the ending the only thing that matters would be priorities, like my children and their homework, bills and family.

These are some of the other things: Learn how to fly an airplane, I love airplanes and also never been on a big one. Go skydiving because it sounds like fun, life about taking risks. Record music from a studio, and show family members a piece of me, show the love. I want to own a piano, and teach myself if I have to, because the sound is just so nice and soft. Lastly I was thinking of a physical education, become a gym teacher. I’m totally not sure what I want to be maybe you might see me in the future, if you don’t leave.

My own list of lists So my first topic would be people who influence me. My favorite artists Amkidd (Arnold Morales ) his music and the lyrics are great, it’s really good. My nina Nadine my second mother. I appreciate her because she listens to what I have to say. Well she’s independent and hardworking, neat straight out. She influence me to get out there and do me . My grandma named Sonja she always there for me, even when there’s nothing to say. Things in people which I like you have to smell good, be yourself, clean, trusting thoughtful people. Caring is like thoughtful but anyways those are the qualities. Why clean! because sloppy is my enemy, neat because if you had trash on your desk ill throw it to you just joking I like neat. Trusting because what is friendship without it, also things wouldn’t work out!

Thoughtful is like common sense or a surprise, people would like to have a good time, not being negative about all the things in their life. Things in people I dislike I really hate when I ask my parents to take me somewhere and they're like ‘’no’’ when you didn’t even finish what you had to say. People who judge, yeah only god can judge me also we don’t know where they stand and what happen in their past. When I’m not taken seriously about what I want to do. Drama what I don’t like, thank god my friends are the realest. Jokes are taken cool; all love no hate. I honestly hate it when people like parents repeat the same thing over and when I’m doing what they ask already. Mostly when people say can I ask you a question or a favor, I’m like what’s up, there like never mind, think before you talk that my advice. Places I would like to go. First the heavens, people that past. I want to see them and say what’s up. Great people left rip in though. Secondly the beach that honestly relaxes my mind make me reminisce about life, if it was easy. Thirdly go to a studio make some music, to keep my mind running, I would like to make beats. Rap some instrumentals. Then when I’m old I’d like to go back in time and go through high school again, because high school is flying by faster than light speed. Things I would like to know how to do. Honestly my eye caught airplanes, once I thought I can be pilot but that can’t happen. 20 /20 vision is what I need. I wear glass and heard that I can’t fly planes, swish to the trash. I not sure but, I believe that everyone can do what they want to try. The next thing I love is the ocean, sea whatever you call it beach. I would like to know how to be a professional scuba diver, dive with tours show them Guam is beautiful inside and out. Settle down and design t-shirts , clothes, shoes and sandals then work for education and be gym teacher or maybe on the weekends have class for physical fitness at pools , gyms. I think It would be fun to burn some calories with people who are committed. Cosmologist a person who does makeup, nails , all the good stuff, like hair. It’s a big maybe I might accomplish it, by going to GCC. When I get certified I would be working on the weekends. For me it’s a big benefit because I love doing nails, hair and makeup. I’m a hands on type of person. Lastly maybe a firewoman I would like to help out Guam and those who are in danger.

Cheer yourself up!

Friends Twitter Homework

my circle getting smaller instead of studying sometimes sleeping


not helping out family members

parties , gatherings , yard work

Sometime not there, which is sad

room sports

renovation I need my room so bad transportation

So these are some problems of mine, but I live for the life of time. I will start off with friends, my circle is getting smaller, the kind of people who are real to me is what I call friends. No drama just the truth, friends I can rely on. Twitter I have one, I like to read quotes and real talk, sometimes I caught myself on twitter then studying for a test. For homework I will alway find something else to do so I don’t have to do homework, then sometimes my mom asks me did I do my homework. Back to square one, then again I want to thank my mother for reminding me to do homework. Tv sometimes I’m so into that episode that when someone asks me to do something for them I’m not there. Parties, there’s always a time when I’m in the mood when I want to go or just stay home and do something else important with my life. My room it’s being renovated right now, and privacy is important to myself and everyone. Transportation is sad for me I can’t join sports, because my bicycle is not working right at the moment. What sport am I talking about? its paddling ! I went there for a couple of days it was honestly fun, when times are rough, but better to say I did a bit of what I wanted to do. Distraction, it’s more like attraction, getting out, going with friends. Which leads to procrastination but needs to see the destination. That there's a problem. The problem is that everything is distracting from homework, twitter, Facebook, and movies. I see there’s no trouble going out and sleeping when you get home because you’re tired. Then the next day when you need to turn in work that ‘’ oh I forgot moment. What I like to procrastinate on is going to shower I love to make everyone wait because I take long it’s a girl thing. Honestly everything’s distracting Tv, when I doing homework, a nice movie wants to distract me. Then I end up doing my homework, and repeat it again.

Metamorphosis It was just my imagination, something like a daydream; sit in class thinking how I would say things. Everything going through my mind, family and acquaintances think I used to be naughty but I am just outspoken. Love came in the picture, so my heart so I told myself that I wouldn’t go back to this thing again. I froze my heart because I need to start focusing on my life. Going back to doing me, senior day slowly fades, friends start to go away. The person I used to be had piercings but now I am done with that, why? The thought was scary, but it’s crazy to say I love pain. The other me now hates needles, it freaks me out now. To myself I thought its art it’s sexy. So let’s jump to shoes the symbol would be laces. I love shoes with laces anyways I used to rock all stars converses now I’m up in Nikes and Adidas, I always had had a thing for shoes. I’m super choosy for shoes, It has to be comfortable, stylish and a bit of blue, which is my favorite color. A place I rather be at home then the movies. Instead of the beach, don’t get me wrong, I love the beach, but I rather be at home doing homework. Home is a place where you can get lazy and clean at the same time. What beats the distraction of me not being home is chilling with family and friends at parties or also spin and play a video store that sales bubbly shakes. I like

bubbly shakes! The thing I love to do is draw and play guitar, but I got lot of homework so I let it go. What’s super crazy is that I used to be a good person with bad grades now I am a bad person with good grades. I don’t know how to say that but it’s pretty strange.

Picture this

This capture moment is located at the Agana boat Basen in the afternoon! The sun is

setting and the tree with a bit of breeze! The reflection from the sun to the water is like a painting! I would say that in Guam has the best sunset than in the city that don’t sleep. Contrast is either to dark like the tree and the rocks unlike the sun and a bit of the bridge!

Look who I look up to

Amkidd, Oprah, and Michelle Obama are the people who I admire in my life. Arnold Morales also known as Amkidd, he inspires me through music. Yes he is a rap and R&B artist and started out with nothing. He was a troubled kid, who dropped out of high school. Worked his way in the music industry through his song writing abilities. The reason why I admire Amkidd is because his words of music speak the truth of love and the real world. Honestly his music inspires me to write my own song lyrics.

Oprah Winfrey world has changed she started at the bottom, but she picked up herself and started to open and share things with people. She owned a book club. I want to say this lady is been through it all, she touched a lot of people’s hearts, also she’s one of the most admired and respected figure. Oprah accomplished things like be a philanthropist, global media leader, host and the producer even had her own talk show called ‘’ The Oprah Winfrey Show.’’ Which was the highest rated program of its kind in history. She has been ranked the richest African American women of the twentieth century. Why Oprah inspires me is because she is a very influential women who speaks the truth and helps us understand the importance of sisterhood.

Michelle Obama is the wife of the 44 and current is the first African American first lady. She attended Princeton University Harvard law school, and work at the law of Sidley Austin where she met husband Barack Obama. She is a mother and has become a fashion icon and role model for women and advocate for poverty awareness, nutrition and healthy eating. During her early months of 1st lady she visited homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Michelle hosted a white house reception for women's rights advocates in celebration enactment of the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act of 2009 which is a quality law. Why Michelle inspires me is because she college educated women who became a public figure for all and who give a helping hand to the community.

Remembering the children When I was little my dad brought a pink bike, the tires were foam. Honestly it was pretty small by the way my father’s name is Roger. It took me a long time to ride bike because there was no training wheels. Even roller skates were in at the time, my father got me

pink ones. I myself was at the process learning, trying to do things myself. Everything was very memorable, at the time my grandpa named Paul owned a boat. I would always want to caught fish and shrimp, I met lots of people. So there was just that one day me and grandpa went to the store and brought sandwich went to the boat with my grandpa blue truck GMC’92 anyways we went to the boat to chill there was tourist they had a fishing pole so they asked me if I wanted to try , so I did it honestly was fun. The couples were very nice, they began to fish on my grandpas dock. The next day they me and my grandpa went to the boat they came back about the same time, but this time they were going jet skiing. So they asked me if I wanted to go, I looked at my grandpa , he told me to call my grandma and see if it’s okay . I asked my grandma, she went ballistic, the word ‘’No’’ didn’t even have to be said. Swish to the trash can, the day ended. I remember dad bringing home two puppies one was a boy who had white fluffy fur and , the other puppy it was a girl dark brown and had black spots on her fur. They grew up, then I started to have a thing for dogs. Unexpectedly, I was at home and my grandma and grandpa call me over to their house. It was about good ten o’clock, when I was little I was very curious about almost everything. So I went inside their house and headed to their room, then they told me to massage them and I was like but what was it you wanted me to show see. So I saw this white little furry puppy had a pink nose and grayish a little bit of yellow in its eyes. I was very surprised; I loved puppies after that and till this day, I still call him my puppy his name is Snowball.

One medium suitcase

Honestly there’s a lot of thing I would want to put in this medium size suitcase! Like everything in my room. The first thing I would bring is a picture of my family, mom named

Sonja, my dad named Roger, siblings named Sonja and Isabella most of all my Nina named Nadine. The reason why I would bring their pictures is because it will remind me of who I am and where I came from, and that family always matter in life. The next item I would bring is a camera, of course to take pictures and send to family and friends, but most of all to capture moments of all my adventures in life. Change of clothes which consist of jeans, shorts, t-shirts, my favorite black and white strip dress, pajamas and under garments. My laptop so I can communicate with family and friends via Facebook, Skype, and Email and to keep me connected to the World Wide Web, which comes with my pocket Wi-Fi. I would bring shampoo, conditioner soap, deodorant, Victoria secret lotion, toothpaste, and lastly perfume. To ensure that I am kept clean and presentable at all times. A variety of nail polish colors, a nail clipper and a brush to keep my nails and hair tame. All of the above items I bring with me cannot complete everything I left behind at home, and no matter how big or small the suitcase will be I can never bring everything in my room. Just as if I were to compare it to my Journey in life we will always have to give or leave something behind in order to pursue our dreams.

The perfect present

The gift is patience, because in the future. It would do me good as a teacher, mother and also a person who can’t get my order right, to calm down. For the future arguments. Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Being patient is understanding to see someone point of view I myself influence people to be patient to understand the other side of the story. In time I’ll learn to be patience with others likewise other being patient with me. Like a relationships you have to be patient just don’t rush into relationships and not know what you're getting yourself into. Sometimes people are so in a hurry, rushing with the day to day life and not slowly down to see what is really going on around you. Just like learning a new sport some people don’t know the rules of the game and how it’s played. Like myself, learning how to paddle it takes practice and patience to learn the sport or learning how to play guitar, ukulele tie a shoe or riding a bike it’s the littlest things, but it is a huge part of being patience. Patience’s allows you to listen and accept something new.

Memorable event

High school would be most memorable to me, I join clubs like bible club, glee, art and now I’m in Kgw radio. Meeting new people was fun. The commitment they put in the clubs, its either too big or a little which is nothing. I’m honestly glad I join clubs, made me an open person and also a better one. So in bible club, what I did was talk about god and how It change people lives. Having a closing prayer, to me I felt hope, that there is a god and he helps people. Glee club there were a lot of seniors I join glee when I was a freshman. Of course met new people, it was a great experience, what we did was sing songs in a classroom Mr. Clement own, like bible club they were open and kind. The next thing I join was art club it was honestly great, what I did was make cards, like Valentine’s day or even to soldiers who are in the war, to thank them. The art club fundraised on Christmas by wrapping gifts. I join art club because I love art.

How to How to make a person smile Calling your friend just to say Hi. Writing a corny poem to the person you love. Clean the house for my mom

Give a flower to someone and call him beautiful. Wear a horse mask and wave at people Have a notepad write nice words to people you might not know and put on there car Like : smile , you are nice , have a wonderful day etc also give notes to people you see. Setting the table for family to eat Singing a song Showing them a funny face Just smile Telling them a joke How to make someone laugh Make faces to your friend and your teacher catching you . Asking your friend to get you drink when their parents are home, there are like ‘’mom Jessica wants a drink’’ Telling your friend to pull the car over cussing just so you can pee. Laughing in the car no reason super loud Lip sync a song you don’t really know How to know get adhd Talk to your friend and forget what you are about to say Meet someone and forget their name Read pages of several different stories and stare cluelessly at the book. While sitting tap your leg and nod your head without any music playing or play with something that is currently in your hands Remind yourself to smile because your friends are talking, while thinking to yourself. When you are on the phone with someone keep yourself busy by looking for your phone or just walking around. Don’t procrastinate but be productive when you have to. You can’t decide what you want at a restaurant Going outside forgetting what you suppose to get. Looking for your phone when you on the phone. Texting someone when someone talking to you and making no sense. Always say never Try to never Fight with my sister Procrastinate on homework

Never eat Balut Never smoke Wear a jacket in gym class outside. Cough , fart at the same time. Eat a gallon of ice cream Eat fish Get stung by a bee Run from cops Tell a deep secret to a stranger Drinking Ride in a car with a stranger Walk naked to school Walk to school barefooted Never leave my house without undergarments Never tell a lie Never disrespect myself Public bathroom using the restroom without toilet paper

Are you hungry ? Ahu is what make me lick my lips it is sweet and creamy. Can I say dreamy, my mother Sonja makes it, don’t need to bake it. It is young shredded coconut,

Mochi powder, and stir in purified water. Bring it to boil as the juice thickens my mouth beings to water. This Chamorro dessert is served hot and warms my tummy while my mind sings yummy. It is real easy to make but when you eat this treat it will hit you in that spot.

Where I’m from Born on Guam Family Food

Chamorro / Filipino Respect Novena’s / Rosaries

Beaches Grandparents

Religion Parents

I am from the beautiful island of Guam, a place I call home. Warm breeze, white sandy beaches a tropical Island where I was born. My mother is from here Chamorro, German and my father is Filipino from the Philippines. But I am really close to my mom side of the family, Familian Aguon. We are a large family. My grandfather has eighteen siblings and are set in the old traditional ways of always being respectful, attending Sunday mass, saying novenas, and just gathering every weekend just to be together. Likewise with my grandmother, she has ten siblings and they are very close bond but are not so traditional but open minded, outspoken and just tells you like it is. But overall I love being around them. When the family get together on weekends we always bless the aunties and uncles, give hugs to my first and second cousins. Blessing is a symbol of respect for our elderly. We hang out and talk. Every year, around this time my family say the Santa Cruz Novena. This novena was passed down to my grandfather from his father from his fathers, father. It is an old wooden holy cross that was passed down from generations to generations. What I like about the novena is we sing old Chamorro and Latin songs and on the last day we have a big party and the family get together, potluck and have a feast. But to wrap it up my family is who I am they taught me to be respectful, do good at what I do, be humble, always put god and family first. Without them I would not be who I am today. They have instilled in me my personal values that I will pass on to my children and ensure my children pass it on to their children, children’s.

Deck of 52 52 Cheap Romantic date 1) Gaze at the star 2) Take a nature hike 3) Take a walk on the beach 4) Go bird watching 5) Build a sand man

6) Go to Mcdonald buy them the dollar sandwich 7) Make Smores 8) Take you date to a fiesta for dinner 9) Fly kites 10) Collect leaves 11) Buy ice cream 12) Go to the park 13) Go for a bike ride 14) Watch the sunset together 15) Having a campout in your living room 16) Go to the carnival 17) Go to the Wednesday night market for Dancing 18) 20 questions! 19) Bake a cake together 20) Play Frisbee 21) Shoot some hoops 22) Rent video or dvds 23) Watch kids 24) Make sushi 25) Go snorkeling 26) Eat ice cream 27) Go to a football game 28) Stroll together 29) Make donuts 30) Go to the Dededo pool 31) Make pizza together 32) Go dancing 33) Play games like cards or board games 34) Go to a movie in the park sponsored by PDN 35) Listen to Malafunksion on the radio 36) Buy hats 37) Take a selfies of each other 38) go to Taco Bell 39) Get frosties at Wendys 40) Read poems together 41) Paint together 42) Go to the cemetery visit your relative and tell family stories 43) Visit your grandparents and have tea with them and of course the date

42) Go for coffee 43) Eat at the hospital cafeteria together. 44) Pick flowers together 45) Play dart together 45) Shoot pool together 46) Buy soda , lollipops together 47) Make a song 48) Go rock climbing 49) Hangout friends house 50) Go dirt bike racing 51) Make videos 52) Watch Youtube videos

The examined life. Best Caring kind understanding proud hair

fault caring Mean Ingoing Boo stem body

Life Shoes art Nina homework full battery guitar paper talker opening the door dresses sports imagination honest

choices Slippers Handwriting Nino test low battery drums not having a pencil for school listener not reading the sign prom transportation Blank liar

Annual Report So a year ago I was a junior, not thinking what is needed to be done, no I did pass my classes! I meant was I never would be starting to drive, having commitment on the things that matter to me like Kgw the radio club, I’m in sports that mainly didn’t hang with me like paddling, I was honestly looking forward to do things just to keep me going, although it had to stop because transportation was the problem. So homework was my priority just getting through what is needed to be done, before I use to leave homework to go outside play football or go to my friend’s house just to chill and talk about life. Through the year I see myself improving, although at times it just gets frustrating in life I try to do my best. I hope to be a cosmetologist I love doing makeup, nails and hair, also to be a art teacher. So this wonderful lady called my grandma, named Sonja was my eye opener. I started just randomly styling my grandmas hair, polishing her nails and trying to put on makeup her. I remember her asking me to have a salon so she can go to it, I really made me think what I want to be in life. The reason why I want to be a art teacher is to inspire students in the future to be like me, or to see a creative side in their self. I expect myself to be better over the years that has passes me by. I am a better person today than a year ago, I also believe that change can

happen if it is accepted. I wouldn’t change anything in life, I see it as a lesson learn and just challenge in life. What is progression without struggle?!


This famous artwork made the artist named Vincent Van Gogh by oil painting. In June 1989 this beautiful artwork was created. The starry night is what they called it. Here is rhyming zone of my own. Called ’’ Is the stars being blown’’ It began in the living night, post impressionism is what they call it in time. Before they were many critics, this French art is making me think of Mozart music part. This vivid color is awesome, mainly I wouldn't see this outside, if I go out in the night. This great artwork made me think to myself ‘’ You should be a art teacher’’. The features of the stars makes me want to say look at Mars. Is that suppose to be a tree next to their looks like the sea, the blue is mostly the view. The night makes want to dream of a color scheme see, I would be adding things like a little purple and green. It feels like a dream, what sounds so good right now is vanilla ice cream. The art work painting makes me want to dream. By Armani Olalia

Visually speaking

‘’Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.’’ John Lennon

These words mean a lot there are Strength, Power, Respect, Skill, Hope, Determination, Heart and lastly Confident! Each word makes me a better person every day I live. The hello kitty is the nice person I am! Padding made me more determine in life, it made me open and want to get out and have fun. By the way I made this collage. The maze on the top of the heart mean there’s a struggle when getting in to love and just people in general having a heart! Lastly the quote means a lot, like’’ Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old’’ by Anonymous! This quote is true and a bit blue. Lesson I learn after it was too late : Don’t worry about what other people think about you, really their opinions don’t matter. Drama! When family members or friends have problems with someone its best to stay out of it sometime because you were never involved. The past can’t hurt you anymore, not unless you let it. Through experience its true, also a risk. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. Things can happen so fast you may not understand what you’re putting yourself into! If a person wants to be a part of your life, they

will make an obvious effort to do so. Don’t bother reserving a space in your heart for people who do not make an effort to stay. Never let one bad day make you feel like you never had a bad life. Sometimes having just one bad day feel like it’s the end of the world, mainly we will get over it! Tell the truth or eventually someone will tell it for you. Mainly its important in a relationship to be telling the truth! Surround yourself with positive people who are going to push you toward greatness, eliminate those who are trying to keep you from it. It’s honestly hard to do but hang with friends can help! Bad ideas are best value brainstorming which leads the other person to have a great idea than the first two wrongs can make a right sometimes we get stuck, maybe its the regular routine. I’m one of those wrong people and also right one, depending on what subject. Lastly don’t take everything seriously, life is not fun when you overwhelm yourself. If you are having a bad day don’t put it on people that didn’t do anything to you. Seriously it’s not cool!

The door Sitting in English class daydreaming, the sound of Mrs. Griffin voice started to fade away. All of sudden there was silence so silent that you can even hear a pin drop. All of the students stared up to the ceiling and were in a trance. I opened my mouth to speak and the words came out in slow motion, Mrs. G..r..i..f..f..i..n.. what… is ….going...on... Mrs. Griffin did not even respond just raised her head up and stared up to the ceiling. I started to question myself what should I do?

I thought to myself if I walk out that door, I will get help. I will run to a school aide and tell them something strange is going on in my class. Yell please.. please.. please come and help us. If there are no school aides in sight I will seek help from anyone a student, a teacher, a principal, a parent. Then I thought to myself, “what if when I walk out that door; there is none to help us. What if the students and teacher are all looking up to the ceiling, being all weird, and non responsive; whom shall I go to for help? My heart began to beat faster and faster. Thumping louder and louder. I started to breakout with a sweat. My hand and knees shaking, feeling so nervous. Then all of a sudden I heard a loud noise Mrs. Griffin yelling “ Armani.. Armani. wake up; wake up; you are sleeping again. “

Advice to the young

Being in the wrong crowd, I see things in a different way now. I mean it’s not bad to try new things. You need to be with good friends that you can trust and people who are there for you when the time is needed! Another thing is don’t just get into a relationship with anyone just because you like them! Have you ever heard of that saying’’ opposites attract’’, I figured! My point is that sometime you don’t know where you are going at the point you tried

everything. Take it slow! Don’t ever waste your time, live life it to the fullest! Pertaining to procrastinating on homework, studying, washing clothes, dancing when the parties almost over, going to school late. ‘’ live each day like your last’ ‘. Too my little sister be yourself! Do what you always do and don’t give up on what ever come your way, like guys or even play sports. Just go to your the room and just do all your homework, keep on writing till you hand hurts, also keep on fighting till you don’t hurt. Lastly don’t ever give up on anything if you want it then go for it! Be strong!

Who I am I’m the oldest of three sisters it’s an important role to set an example for the young. I’m a student my role is to learn and see the right and wrong, also learn from mistakes. I’m a daughter of a single mother who raised me to be independent and strong. I’m a friend my role is to support, listen, and give the best advice possible. I’m a music lover, I love rap sometimes I write rap lyrics which express my happiness and sorrows.

I surround myself with all these relationship these important people and the lovely sound that keeps me going. These nouns relate to me because that’s who I am! The little things keep me going everyday! I won’t change anything for the world. Lastly my name is Armani Olalia this is who I am!

Rewarding experience 1.

Having sisters made me more protective and more mean.


I was given a puppy that was rewarding because he made me be more responsible, by the way his name is Snowball. He a great Dog!


I am happy to say I have a family and friends that are there for me.


Life is very rewarding because living is the experience!


The island of Guam where the sun sets and beaches also it’s a relaxful place that just calms the mind. It’s nice just to listen to the sound of waves crashing and maybe birds chirping!


The life line of a tree would be a result of growth. I see that as life for me every year I get older!


Palms (hands) because I am a creative person. Color is everything, it honestly show how you feel!


Promoted to middle school is nice, made me open and I started going with friends was a big experience!


Promoted to High school is awesome, the feeling that you want to do things in yourself! Start to drive helping out family! Thing get hard but just got to keep up and don’t hold back!


Lastly When I graduate High school, I am doing this for myself! It’s a great experience to go through in life! What is progress without the struggle!

Valuable lesson 1.

Cherish what you got, like family and friends that support you which makes show you what you have who is there and not there!


Respecting people is a big part in life, how do you want to be treated!?


Time can’t not alter love! You love someone tell them before it’s too late.


Appreciate people in life, because you might not get the chance to say sorry!


Going to school on time, it’s better to be awake and focus.


Study for a test. Procrastinating is not good.


Be a head a bit so that you understand what you are going to do next.


Homework letting it pass you by is bad not going to do you any good.


Don’t waste time! Live each day like you last.

10. Education is a privilege! Take advantage of the time to learn things in life and go out

and have a great time!

Future- Fantasy and facts So there was this lady named Armani Olalia, she was 28 years old. Seven years ago she graduated college. She owned a Mansion, a maroon Jeep, also in the back of her mansion was a hot tub and a pool. Armani was a great art teacher! For high school she wanted to inspire students to express how they are feeling inside! She fell in love with Cosmetology before she was art teacher that was her first goal. She love to do her grandmothers Sonja’s hair, makeup

and also her nails it was her passion. In college she meet this handsome guy he was tall, has black hair and love to make music, and just love brand name shoes. I meet him in class, he sat behind me and said’’ hi’’ what’s your name? Then she got married and had beautiful kids.

Armani went out with this guy to dinner and they began to like each other and know each other more, they went on boat trips and they ran 5’k and just love to be with family and friends. Life was fun, and they had their ups and downs but it made them better. Sometime’s Armani had to leave off island to see her family and he had to go for business for his music career. Few years later she and had dinner with him it was there eight year anniversary, he said ‘’ babe do you remember when I took you to dinner here I relied and said yes He said look at the couple over there in the side that can be us! I said yes it can be us but like you and me we have to learn how to trust! As you see it will be very difficult to have a relationship while going to college. My goal is to finish college first. Not be distracted by boys, or relationships and focus on my priorities. Trying to pursue a cosmetology certification and a bachelor’s degree will take up too much of my time. My goal is to finish school within three in a half years which means attending school fall, spring, and summer. After carefully reviewing both stories above the only thing that can be achievable and realistic is my education. Finding the right person will take some time and if it is meant to be I will marry him. As long, as we have the same morale values, a successful career, and are financially secured. Then we can focus on having children and raising good productive, respectful children.

Epilogue One day there was a guy went driving he stopped by Gw’s track and field and decide to go for a run. He put on his ear phones turned up his music listening to Mgk and put on his shoes. So he ran two laps then he took out his I pod and started to walk change his music he put the Ipod in his pocket and jog. He found a

back pack in that was a book so he flip through the page there were stories about a girl he took it to his truck weeks pass. He forgot about it until he was cleaning his truck, he paused for a moment open the book and started to read! He was interested he read the whole book, he was amazed about her personality. So he decided to go on Facebook he added her and messaged her to meet at mall in Coffee Beanery. So they meet and that’s when their friendship began


The story of Armani Olalia  

This book represents me, further more my life. '' don't be something your not'' Memories an wished love and kisses. Things about me!

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