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I used to get a scream in my ear while I was sleeping and wake thinking it was only a dream or maybe my mind dismisses it as one so I can relax. My problem was telling my therapists about it and a few other things like feeling like something is wrapped around me almost cuddling with me at night just before the deep sleep kicks in. I started drinking to sleep at night, my body and mind got so used to alcohol talking over the function that when I tried to stop I would go through bad withdrawals which lead to rehabs losing jobs being a loner. I felt betrayed by my therapist so I clammed up about things. I don't have the answers to why something needs my attention or maybe just wants me to suffer. after sobering up I started drinking in moderation always making sure I had something to knock me out so I wouldn't want to make a mad dash before 2 am (when they stopped selling alcohol), I used Nyquil as soon as I opened my last beer. Now I don't do any of that anymore.

the sleep paralysis and strange touches like you mentioned have started again. I took a salt bath tonight because its suppose to ward off any spiritual attachments it has worked I guess in the past but they always return. I used to get a scream in my ear while I was sleeping and wake thinking it was only a dream or maybe my mind dismisses it as one so I can relax.

I know this sounds very depressing and it is but it is the reason I don't really talk about it but it is also the reason I got into the paranormal and found my way to this forum because I think maybe something will open my eyes to how to live a normal life someday I get to thinking it's getting too late for answers I am getting older and more tired of things like that as each day passes to try and keep a chin up and find what ever makes you happy even if its just for a moment or two. Jokes and sarcasm work sometimes but others get tired of that and start thinking I need to grow up and do the right thing (w/e that may be) I really don't know but I try and keep karma and God on my side by not getting too prideful of things and try really hard not to start anything I cant get off my chest.

Enter the relationship problem, I got the feeling of loneliness when I started feeling better about life in general now I have two dysfunctional people to deal with me and my significant other. I can only speek to her through the experiences I have gone through but she also has deemed me a psychopath so I am guessing my thoughts of not telling what I go through would be better but to late... when you trust someone you let your guard down thinking they won't throw it back in your face first chance they get but she has no belief in these things but I see her slowly killing herself for some reason each day and I know there is something she isn't telling me. Maybe she thinks I will use it against her in an argument like she does me.

To make an even longer story short only you can decide if you belong here as crazy as it sounds, I am not a lunatic. My religouse The Arch Angel Michael is more powerful than a Saint a Saint is someone that sacrificed their worldly ambitions for God. He (Micheal) never had them. His name is Actually a Question.

It means Who is like unto God? He was deemed that name because that is what he asked Lucifer when he (Lucifer) decided to try and take over Gods throne, at that time Lucifer was given the name Satan which means (Advasary) because it is the very moment he became the arch rival of Micheal and it became Micheals name to get an answer and when that answer is given than the war for heaven and earth will end. One more thing, Lucifer was a charibem not an arch angel. A charibem is an angel who gives glory to God, so imagine the punishment for re-negging on such a task. Well, guess what... We all will! Even Christians at times forget to give all glory to God. Have you ever had a prayer answered? Something really cool and you took all the pride and egotism you had jarred up and you told the world how awesome you were in your own way. Well, Lucifer knows what happenes when you take ownership of something that doesnt belong to him, that is the reason you keep falling (as it were deemed) You owe more to God than you know; this isnt a pride thing this is about you forgetting about him, God will have your attention if he wants it. I was told I didnt know Jesus and I was going to hell. What do they meen when they say that? I recognise Jesus and I recognise the Father when he wants me to, there is no shame in loving God. Yes, I do know. (The Lord as you call

him) I call him father and I sometimes call him brother. The holy spirit is in me. Every thing above this line is non-fiction everything from here untill I say FIN.

I was burned at the stake when I was 17 years old from practicing "deayvol worship" as they say it "yehaw" The things they didnt understand scared them. They made acusations about me in a time of becoming a man and I still had that cockyness about me so I allowed them to avoid me for any reason. The year was 1453 I was a barins son so I was called "Barinsson" by the townsfolk because they couldnt read so we didnt bother puting out a paper if we wanted them to know something we would call a town meeting and assemble in the court yard.

This is what our old villgae courtyard looks like today. Not that we lived so domestic. Wild beasts and wanderers would come in and rob or try and rob an unsuspecting

family in their slumber. I rarley felt bad for them when they were almost welcomed to break in a house just so the residents would have a christian moral about killing them. I heard one of your comedians say "He needed killin law" That really happened at one time.

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In a nutshell  

My life as an Empath is lonely but I do communicate to something.

In a nutshell  

My life as an Empath is lonely but I do communicate to something.