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Romanian Youth Leadership Forum is the biggest national conference on the topic of leadership, organized by AIESEC Romania for youth. Imagine yourself meeting more than 600 people in only 5 days, together with alumni who back in the days were just like you, some students with big dreams, that wanted to change the world.

What is RYLF?

Through this conference you will experience 5 unforgettable days. You will start a journey that will help you fulfill your dreams. During these days you will find out how you can become a trendsetter, how you can empower someone else’s dream and also how you can make people smile. You can also experience the thrill of being awarded in front of a national plenary together with your local committee. Romanian Youth Leadership Forum is a conference that a true AIESECer cannot miss.

„Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” - Lao Tzu In our journey as AIESECers we may choose our own path, be it to discover the world or discover ourselves, be it to lead or follow, be it to put the setting stones for our career or a business.

Conference Theme

This year the paths of the AIESECers in Romania will forge a highway and no matter our destination, we will cross this milestone together!

The theme of this year’s conference will surely take us on a ride we’ll never forget!

Conference Theme

“Work hard, party harder!� -Random AIESECer Call it tradition, call it an excuse to take a break, call it whatever you want, but the truth is, there is no real AIESEC conference without wild parties.

Party Themes

This conference is no exception! The nights will look like this:

Haven’t you ever dreamed of getting a tattoo but were too afraid to do it? Well, this is your chance to try it and see which one suits you best. Express yourself by getting a tattoo that represents you!

Tattoo Party

“What can you use to draw?” You can use an eyeliner, because you can wash it afterwards. Don’t use markers unless you want to take the tattoo home with you.

On the second night we’ll let you decide what party you want. The theme of this party will be decided by voting it on the Facebook group. So what will it be?

Where’s the party?

The last night is the night no one sleeps. We thought it’d be better if we made it shine like it was daytime.

Glow Mania Party

Bring a white T-shirt that you will never use again and dress confortable because this party will see sunlight!

We can’t have a conference just with parties (unfortunately). The team that will set the learning environment looks like this:

The Faci Team

Newbies Track

Francesca Teșcan Home LC: AIESEC Austria Current Position: oGIP Manager, NST AIESEC Austria

Mihaela Popa Home LC: Constanta Current Position: member

Newbies Track

Mihaela Secara Home LC: Iasi Current Position: H4TF member, Faci for FallCo

Alex Omoreanu Home LC: Timisoara Current position: OCP Events; NST iGCDP member: National Projects Coordinator

Victor Slejuc Home LC: Timisoara Current Position: NST AD - H4TF Officer; Matching Maniac in oGIP recruitment

Anda Radu Home LC: Bucharest Current Position: Team Leader ReBranders

Paula Avram Home LC: Timisoara Current Position: NTT member in AIESEC Romania; LTT in AIESEC Timisoara

Newbies Track

Marko Džidid Home LC: AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina Current Position: MCP, AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina

Raluca Pacurar Home LC: Timisoara Current position: TL Raising; International Partnership Manager NST

André Lauer Home LC: Vienna Current Position: Process Optimization, NST AIESEC Belgium

Daniela Dandes Home LC: Bucharest Current Position: NTT member, AIESEC Romania

Camelia Sofian Home LC: Timisoara Current Position: LTT member AIESEC Timisoara, NTT member NTT AIESEC Romania

Newbies Track

Mihai Vilcu Home LC: Craiova Current Position: Alumnus of AIESEC Craiova and AIESEC Norway

Stefania Demeter Home LC: Cluj-Napoca Current position: LTT member in AIESEC Cluj-Napoca; oGIP, NST of AIESEC Czech Republic

Matei Popilian Home LC: Bucharest Current Position: member

Adi Andreescu Home LC: Timisoara Current Position: NTTC

Vlad Hilitanu Home LC: Iasi Current Position: ATT member

Oldies Track

Dani Plesa Home LC: Timisoara Current Position: MCVP Talent Development, AIESEC Romania

Bianca Presada Home LC: Brasov Current position: MCVP Finance, AIESEC Romania

Catalina Zbirn Home LC: Iasi Current Position: MCVP Alumni Development, AIESEC Romania

Adrian Rusnac Home LC: Bucharest Current Position: MCVP Outgoing GIP, AIESEC Romania

Roxana Caragea Home LC: Timisoara Current Position: MCVP oGCDP, AIESEC Romania

Oldies Track

Adi Dinu Home LC: Bucharest Current Position: MCVP Organizational Development, AIESEC Romania

Bogdan Manea Home LC: Timisoara Current position: MCVP Corporate Development, AIESEC Romani

Eduard Till Home LC: Craiova Current Position: MCP, AIESEC Romania

Cosmin Sandu Home LC: Craiova Current Position: MCVP External Relations, AIESEC Romania

Luiza Marcu Home LC: Craiova Current Position: MCVP iGCDP, AIESEC Romania

To get a glimpse at what you will learn from these people, take a look at the agenda. Don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize it. You will have it hanging around your neck in the conference.

RYLF Agenda

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

The OC

Andra Baban Home LC: Craiova Position: Team Leader

Andrei Mihalache Home LC: Craiova Position: HR and Reception Coordinator

Organizing Committee

Adriana Marin Home LC: Craiova Position: Finance Responsible

Roxana Badea Home LC: Craiova Current position: Sales Coordinator

Nicusor Firu Home LC: Craiova Position: Communication Coordinator

Alexandra Pitigoi Home LC: Craiova Current Position: Reception & Events Responsible

Armand Ilie Home LC: Craiova Current Position: Reception & Events Responsible

Organizing Committee

Adrian Adam Home LC: Craiova Position: Sales Responsible

Alina Stefanescu Home LC: Craiova Current position: Sales Responsible

Anghel Lupu Home LC: Galati Position: Sales Responsible

Alexandru Croitoru Home LC: Brasov Current Position: Sales Responsible

Georgiana Sandu Home LC: Craiova Current Position: Materials Responsible

Organizing Committee

Iulia Albu Home LC: Craiova Current position: Media Materials Responsible

Alin Muresan Home LC: Tg. Mures Current Position: Logistics & Online Media Responsible

Diana Filip Home LC: Bucharest Position: Sales & Events Responsible

Youth to Business it is an event organized by AIESEC International which happens for the first time in Romania. The event represents DAY 0 of the conference Romanian Youth Leadership Forum.

Youth to Business Forum

This year the event will be externalized to debate together with other young volunteers on the theme of innovation, to transmit ideas and innovative solutions towards a bigger number of people and communities, and also to raise the visibility of our NGO.

The event will take place at Crystal Palace Hotel**** in Bucharest on the 27th of November. The Speakers for this event are representing the following companies and organizations:

Youth to Business Forum

BRD – Adela Jansen Google – Elisabeta Moraru Intel – Adrian Cioroianu AIESEC – Eduard Till Renania – Orlando Szasz (Business Angel) Indygen Accenture

The location for Youth to Business Forum is in Bucharest, and that of Romanian Youth Leadership Forum in Amara. For the delegates that will come for Y2B we will provide transport from Bucharest to Amara on the 27th. The delegates that will come only for RYLF will have to find their own means of transportation to Amara.

Location and details

The fee for RYLF is 210 RON (3 nights and 3 meals/day) The fee for Y2B is 50 RON (includes transportation from Bucharest to Amara, accommodation for the 27th and lunch on the 28th).

Our website: Here you can find the T-shirt and bracelet templates, the application form and other useful info about the conference Our Facebook group:

Useful Links

This is where you will find the latest news about the conference, contests and where you can ask questions.

Booklet RYLF 2013  

Romanian Youth Leadership Forum 2013 Booklet