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Marvin Armando Alvrez Cortez.

WORKBOOK: Liliana Angélica Ponce Martínez. Units 6-7

Marvin was born in san salvador on November 16th on 1994, I’m 19 years old. I live in soyapango, I live with my mother, my grandparents, aunts and uncle, I don’t have brother I’m the only child. I like to play video games. I´m study at Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador, I study languages, I love my career. I hope to have a nice job like an English’teacher.

Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador English Basic 1 Lic. Mauricio Alvarado IBH-06

UNIT 6 How often do you exercise? 1. Complete de chart. Used words from the box. (Some of the words can be both individual sports and exercise.) aerobics baseball basketball bicycling

Football Jogging Stretching Soccer

Swimming Tennis Volleyball Yoga Individual sport

Team sport

team sport

Individual sports


Baseball Bicycling Basketball Swimming Football Tennis Soccer Volleyball

Aerobics Jogging Yoga

2. Arrange these words to make sentences or questions. 1. go never I almost bicycling I almost never go bicycling. 2. hardly they tennis play ever They hardly ever play tennis. 3. go do often jogging how you How often do you go jogging? 4. Often mornings do on we yoga Sunday Do we often yoga on mornings Sunday.


5. ever Charlie do does aerobics Do Charlie ever does aerobics? 6. do on you what usually Saturdays do What do you usually on Saturdays?

3. Use these questions to complete the conversations. How often do you...? Do you ever...? What do you usually...? A. Do you ever exercise? B. Yes, I often exercise on weekends. A. What do you usually on Saturdays or Sundays? B. Well, I usually do Karate on Saturdays and yoga on Sundays. A. Do you ever go to the gym after work? B. No, I never go to the gym after work. A. How often do you exercise? B. I don’t exercise very often at all. A. What do you usually on weekends? B. Yes, I sometimes play sport son weekends-usually baseball. A. How often do you play tennis? B. I usually play tennis in my free time.

4. Keeping fit? A. Check (√)how often you do each of the things in the chart.

Every day

do aerobics play basketball exercise go jogging do karate Play soccer Go swimming do weight training


Not very often


√ □

Once or twice a week □ □

□ □

□ √

□ □

√ □ □ □ □ □

□ √ □ □ □ □

□ □ □ □ √ □

□ □ □ √ □ √

□ □ √ □ □ □

B. Write about yourself using the information in the chart. I love to play softball, on weekends afternoon I go to play with my team. I usually play soccer too but I dont like a lot than softball. I would like to do karate but I think that is a kind of dangerous sport… I like to play basketball too but I get angry when someone of the other team push me.

5. Complete this conversation. Write the correct prepositions in the correct places. Susan: What time do you go jogging in the morning? Jerry: I always go jogging at 7:00. How about you, Susan? Susan: I usually go jogging around noon. I jog for about an hour. Jerry: And do you also play sports in your free time? Susan: No, I usually go out with my classmates. What about you? Jerry: I go the gym on Mondays and Wednesdays. And sometimes I go bicycling on weekends. Susan: Wow! You really like to stay in shape.

6. Complete the crossword puzzle. Acroos 4. Pierre never exercise. He’s a real couch potato. 6. how often do you do yoga? 7. I like to stay in shape. I play sports every day. 8. Jeft does weight training every evening. He lifts weights of 40 kilos. 10. Diana goes jogging twice a week. She usually runs about three miles.

ᶦf ⁴e x e ⁵ f


Down 1. Andrew always watches TV in his free time. 2. Kate has regular program. 3. I do aerobics at the gym three times a week. The teacher plays great music! 5. Paul is on the football team at his high school. 7. Marie never goes swimming when the wáter is cold. 9. Amy often goes bicycling on weekends.











a p




²s c












n ⁹g














n ᶦᵒj o






7. Fun activities A. Read these ads. How can someone get more information about the programs in each ad? Hiking Club At Adult Education Program picking up their brochure ay any star supermarket or the public library Community Center call them at 888-555-9916


Do you enjoy the outdoors? Do you need exercise? Do you like walking and meeting new people? See us We go on a different Hike every weekend Sometimes w ego on A two-day hike and Camp over night!


Join us the first of every month for volunteer trail cleanup!

Adult Education Program at Monroe High School Mondays and Tuesdays, 6:00-9:00 P.M.

Fall clases: social networking; buying and selling online; cooking; salsa dancing; Spanish, Arabic. And Italian lenguaje clases For more information, pick up our brochure at any Star Supermaket or the public library.

Come to the Community Center! Check out our new activities! Aerobics, table tennis, and yoga! Friday night, Teen disco. Saturday night, Seniors night.

Singles, couples, and families welcome. For anyone From 9 to 90!

Call us at 888-555-9916.

B. Where can you do these activities? Check (√) the answers.

Hiking club

Adult education program

Community center

Play indoor sports

Do outdoor activities

Take evening clases

Go dancing

Learn to cook

Meet new people

8. Choose the correct responses.

A: How often do you go swimming, Linda? B: Once a week.

A: And how well do you swim? B: I’m about average.

A:How long do you spend in the pool? B: About 45 minutes ago.

A:How good are you at other sports? B: Pretty well, I guess.

9. Look at the answer. Write questions using how. A: How long do you spend exercising? B: I don`t spend any time at all. In fact, I don’t exercise. A: How long do you go for a walk? B: Almost every day. I really enjoy it. A: How long do you spend jogging? B: I spend about an hour jogging. A: How good are you at soccer? B: I’m pretty good at it. I’m on the school team. A: How well do you play basketball? B: Basketball? Pretty well, I guess. I like it a lot.

10. Rewrite these sentences. Find another way to say each sentence using the words given. 1. I don’t watch TV very much. I hardly ever watch TV. 2. Tom exercises twice a month. Tom does not exercise very often. 3. Philip tries to keep fit. Philip tries to stay in shape. 4. Jill often exercises at the gym. Jill work out the gym. 5. How good are you at tennis? How good are you playing tennis?


What do you think about sports? Answer these questions.

1. Do you like to exercise for a short time or a long time? I like to exercise for a short time. 2. Do you prefer exercising in the morning or in the evening? I prefer to exercising in the evening. 3. Which do you like better, walking or jogging? I like walking better. 4. Do you like to watch sport sor play sports? I like to play sports. 5. Which do you like better, team sport sor individual sports? I like team sports better. 6. How good are you at games like basketball or tennis? I’m pretty good, I guess. 7. What sport or game don’t you like? I don’t like football.

UNIT 7 We had a great time! 1. Past tense. A. Write the simple past of these regular verbs. 1. Cook cooked loved

7. visit visited

2. Enjoy enjoyed

5.Study studied

8. wash washed

3. Invite invited

6.Try watched


B. Write the simple form of these irregular simple past verbs. 1. Buy bought

5.sleep slept

2. Give gave

6.spend spent

3. Meet met

7.take took

4. Sawed saw

8.Go went

C. Use two the verbs above and write sentences about the past. Example: We went to a rock concert last night. 1. He gaves her a present a last Friday. 2. I bought a blouse last Saturday. 2. Use the cues to answer these questions. 1. Where did you go this weekend? I went to a party. 2. Who did you meet at the party? I met someone very interesting. 3. What time did a you and Eva get home? We got home a Little after 1:00 4. How did you and Bob like the art exhibition? We liked the art exhibition a lot

5. What did you buy? I bought some new leather boots. 6. Where did Jeff and Joyce spend their vacation? They spent their vacation in the country. 3. What do you like to alone? With other people? Complete the chart with activities from the box. Then add one more activity to each list.

Cook dinner Do homework Exercise Go shopping Go to a sports event Go to the movies Have a picnic Play video games Take a vacation Wacth TV

Activities I like to do alone

Activities I like to do with other people

Cook dinner Play video games Exercise Take a vacation Wacth TV Have a picnic

Do homework Go shopping Go to a sports event Go to the movies

4. Complete the questions in this conversation. A: How did you spend your weekend? B: I spent the wekeend with Joe And Kathy. A: What did you do on Saturday? B: Well, on Saturday, went shopping. A: And what did you do in the evening? B: No, nothing special. A: Where did you go on Sunday? B: We went to the amusement park. A: How long were you there? B: We had a great time. In fact, we stayed there all day. A: Really? What time did you get home? B: We got home very late, around midnight.

5. Answer these questions with negative statements. Then add a positive statement using the information in the box. √ Have a boring time □ watch i ton TV

□ Finish our homework on Saturday □ work all day until six o’ clok

√ go out with friens □ take the bus

A: We had a great time at Carrie’s party. Did you and Jane enjoy it? B: No, we didn’t. We had a boring time. A: I stayed home from work all day yesterday. Did you take the day off, too? B: No, I didn’t. I worked all day until six o’clock. A: I worked all weekend on my research paper. Did you spend the weekend at home, too? B: No, I didn’t. i went out with friends. A: I studied all weekend. Did you and John have a lot of homework, too? B: No, we didn’t. We finished our homework on Saturday. A: Carl drove me to work yesterday morning. Did you drive to work? B: No, I didn’t. I took the bus. A: Kathy went to the baseball game last night. Did you and Bob go to the game? B: No, we didn’t. We watched it on TV.

6. Read about Andy’s week. Match the sentences that have a similar meaning. A

B 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

He has broke last week. He didn’t work on Friday. He worked around the house. He didn’t wash the clothes. He invited Friends for dinner. He had a lot aof fun.


a. b. c. d. e. f.

He had people over. He had a good time. He didn’t do the laundry. He look a day off. He did housework. He spent all his money.

7. Did we take the same trip? A. Read the postings. Who went to Bankok for the first time? William We went to Thailand for our summer vacation. We spent a week in Bangkok and did something every day. We went to the floating market very early one morning. We didn’t buy anything therewe just looked. Another day, we went to Wat Phra Kaew, the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Check out my pic!

Then we saw two more temples nearby. We also went on a river trip somewhere outside Bangkok. The best thing about the trip was the food. The next time we have Friends over for dinner, I ‘m going to cook Thai food.

Sue Last summer, we spent our vacation in Thailand. We were very excited-it was oue first trip there. We spent two days in Bangkok. Of course, we got a river taxi to the floating market. We bought some delicious fruit there. I’m posting a picture.

The next day went to a very interesting templed called the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. We didn’t have time to visit any other temples. However, we went to two historic cities- Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. Both have really interestin ruins. Everything was great. It¡s imposible to say what the best thing about the trip.

B. Who did these things on their? Check (√) the answers.

1. Stayed for two days in Bangkok. 2. Visited the floating market. 3. Bought fruit. 4. Saw some historic ruins. 5. Traveled on the river. 6. Loved the food the most. 7. Enjoyed everything 8. A. B. A. B. A. B. A. B.

William □

Sue √

□ □

√ √

√ √

□ □

Complete this conversation with was, wasn’t, were, or weren’t. How was your vacation in Peru, Julia? It was great. I really enjoyed it. How long were you there? We were there for two weeks. Were you in Lima all the time? No, we weren’t. We were in the mountains for a few days. And how was the weather? Was it good? No, it wasn’t good at all! In fact, it was terrible. The city was very hot, and the mountains were really cold.

9. Choose the correct questions to complete this conversation.

□ And what was the best part? □ How long were you in South Africa? √ How was your vacation in Africa? □ And how long were you in

Namibia? □How was the weather? A. B. A. B. A. B. A. B. A. B.

How was your vacation in Africa? It was a great trip. I really enjoyed Souht Africa and Namibia. How long where you in Souht Africa? For ten days. And low long were you in Namibia? I was in Namibia for about five days. Wow, that’s a long time! How was the weather? It was hot and sunny the whole time. And what was the best part? It was definitely the national parks and wildlife in Namibia. And we saw some meerkats! 10. Choose the correct words or phrases. 1. I’m sorry I was late. I had to make a pone call. 2. My Friends and really enjoyed your party. We all had a good time. 3. I stayed home last night and did the laundry. 4. We didn’t see very much in the mountains. The weather was pretty foggy. 5. I worked really hard in Switzerland last week. I was there on business.

11. My kind of vacation A what do you loke to do on vacation? Rank these activities from 1 ( you like it the most) to 6 (you like it the least).

1 go to the beach 6 look at historical buildings

2 go shopping 5 visit museums

3 spend time at home 4 have good food.

B Answer these quetions about vacations. 1. How often do you go on vacation? Every six months, we are going for a walk in Guatemala. 2. How long do you spend on vacation? At least a few hundred dollars, you are going the family. 3. Who do you usually go with? We are going for a walk where an uncle of my husband. 4. Where do you usually go? We are going to the Puerto San Jose, specifically to swim to the beach 5. What do you usually on vacation? Usually, we go to enjoy with your family, take a few delicious atoles preparing as the famous ' atol blanco'.

Marvin cortez  
Marvin cortez