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Loved Ones Loss

By: Arman Balian

Have you ever had a loved one die? Well now get a loved one from a file in your head, and think about him or her. Imagine that person from Uncle to brother die. Well my piano teacher said seven very bad words that changed my life forever. “C minor” said my piano teacher “and fingers up” “Ok, OK” I said sarcastically, I am not big on piano… “No that is C major” My piano teacher shouted “And get your---“ “Nelly”…… I heard my mom say in a very, very kind of crying voice. Then she spoke something in Armenian, and the cool thing with my piano teacher, is that she spoke Armenian like my mom. So she could speak Armenian with her and I think my mom said can we go? “Why?” I asked my mom, but still she spoke very fast in Armenian, and I did not understand. But by this time my mom and brother Emil were crying and weeping. The really bad thing was that I did not know what was going on. “Mom what is wrong?” I asked . My piano teacher hugged me and said seven very very bad words that changed my life forever “I cried when my grandfather died too”, So I started to cry and cry and cry. For three reasons, one he was the last grandfather on my dads side, and my grandmother had died from a car crash before I was born, three he was gone forever On my car ride back home I started to understand two things that you can not truly love something unless it is gone, and that they all have to go some day, but the bad part was that now we visit his grave more then we did visit when he was alive, then we rode in silence the rest of the ride. When we got home my dad was there and I saw that he was not crying. I was both angry and sad because I knew his dad just died and he was not even weeping! But then I went and hugged him. That was a life changing day for me. After some time my mom told me that my grandfather was not feeling well so he went to the hospital and fainted, but never woke up. This was hard for me because I had never experienced the horror of having a loved one go.

The End

The Loved Ones Loss  
The Loved Ones Loss  

Sad but a great book