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Soon after, the team even if the amount of water, over this is not difficult. Whether this change is to take care of a novice, or connivance speculators are also a bad idea to be seen. Test version of 5.2, and attentive players from the patch to Buy WOW Gold find the battlefield like DOTA guard winemaking estates (Defense of Alehouse), and the play is also very close and DOTA, which caused a sensation. However, due to technical reasons, this map can not be updated in the 5.2 version. 5.2 before Blizzard made the biggest changes to the national dress and the service station, 25 people a total of 10 people from the original copy of the mechanisms of the CD into a separation CD. The move to save a group of 25 gold group is being revived. Several guild leader said that the separation of CD members online market activity has improved, also started after another organization gold group. The gold group appear to solve part of the novice and trumpet lack of equipment a nobody help solve the problem, a novice on-line rate, and also to strengthen the flow of funds to revitalize the economy of World of Warcraft. But such changes, did not see 5.2. In fact, the World of Warcraft is said essentially modify, rather than superficial players shouting everyday is not fun, it changed daily; novice shout the random too difficult to change random ... we should find the crux behind. World of Warcraft players have been very difficult to catch up with the rhythm of the old players. On the one hand, the simple upgrade process without brain, resulting in lack of exercise novice. Full level after the day-to-day tasks, random Runescape Money copies, so the novice not due experience, more isolated and old players. On the other hand, there is no reasonable mechanism to encourage old players to guide and help the novice.