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Bolas effect player throws Bolas at another player. One thing that Bolas CAN is used for in Pap is as the best process to counter freeze. The reason for this is that Bolas can be spam clicked on an opponent to freeze them the moment they

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an hindrance, while it was to cast a spell, it takes RuneScape ticks for you to cast a freezing spell, effectively making it so you need to get lucky with the timing in order to successfully cast the spell when they come out in the open briefly. With mage you could technically spam click a foe standing out in the open infinitely without casting one time. Head west along the path and you can now climb over the Pile of Rocks guarded by the Guard at the entrance to the camp. He can be found wandering around to the west of the camp in the area just north of the Swaying Tree before you get in view of Rellekka. He doesn't want to go to the Fremennik Village because he fears that he will be killed. Ask if you can persuade him, and then offer to get him an agreement of safe passage. Talk to Brundt the Chieftain in the Hall of the Fremennik Village and ask him about the Mountain Camp. He wants the Ancient RockAncient rock that they

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passage agreement. Once you give him a jug of water, he needs wood to fix the broken cart. Give him a set of logs and then head back to Brother Omad, and party time!