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In his early days in Dalaran, he was a stubborn, willful, difficult mess of a mage UN agency bucked against the leadership of Kirin Tor and what

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delineated. Long when his

exploits in the Second War, Rhonin was approached by the Kirin Tor for that terribly reason he delineated a brand new approach of thinking, and quite possibly a brand new direction for Dalaran and therefore the Kirin Tor to require. And whereas he wasn't notably happy about the concept of being a pacesetter, he took the position. Dalaran couldn't stay leaderless, not once there were still individuals trying to Dalaran for steerage. Rhonin brought the Kirin Tor together again, and it thrived under his rule. However there were 2 things that fazed the mages of the city - initial, the Lich King had yet again reared his head and presented a right away threat to Azeroth from his icy throne in Northrend. Second and perhaps a lot of importantly, Malygos, facet of Magic and leader of the Blue Dragonflight had regained his "sanity. " In doing thus, he determined that the source of the world's issues lay in the mortals that abused magic and therefore the esoteric arts on the face of it at whim. To Malygos, this was associate degree absolute affront, and he not solely declared war on the Kirin Tor, he began redirecting

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in an effort to assert all magic for himself. this might not be allowed to square - and Dalaran lifted from its hiding place in northern Hillsbrad, and stirred to Northrend as a result.