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Torlinientechnik could come sooner The Torlinientechnik could come as soon as next season in the Bundesliga - a year earlier than originally planned. Not quite innocent of it is the Phantomtor by Stefan Kiessling .

The Phantomtor by Stefan Kiessling has the Bundesliga bosses made legs and could accelerate the introduction of Torlinientechnik . The 36 professional clubs will still make a policy decision on this issue in the current season . If the clubs decide at their meeting in March 2014 for the use of technology, they can be introduced at the beginning of the next season - a year earlier than of the German Football League (DFL ) originally planned.

This is the result of the General Assembly of the League Association , which was held in Frankfurt / Main on Thursday . The clubs bend so the pressure exerted by the non- goal from Sinsheim of 18 October has emerged. There are four licensed already and probably two not yet licensed Torlinientechnik systems. In March , the question is discussed whether the technology only in the Bundesliga or even in the second To be used in the League and DFB Cup .

. " We will now prepare with high pressure as a decision support for the clubs The clubs have to pay it at the end and deal with it - that's why it should have a clear vote ," said DFL managing director Andreas Rettig overlooking the meeting in the spring : "If we have made a decision , we will inform us as to the Cup with the DFB . There are indeed eligible mobile devices if you do not want to install it permanently. "

Experts want to evaluate experiences A DFL group of experts will evaluate experience from other leagues and the upcoming Club World Cup to March. Should there already in the next season for the introduction of technology , it can only be a camera system like the " Hawk-Eye " due to the shortness of time. The " Hawk - Eye" is used in tennis and since summer also in the English Premier League.

The representatives of the professional clubs and interv iewed experts have also spoken with a two-thirds majority against the introduction of the calendar year season. Only 24 percent were in a survey , which includes representatives from the fields of media , sponsorship , safety and Fanwesen have participated , for the introduction .

The discussion of a season from March to November had come especially in the wake of the debate about a relocation of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to winter. " The national leagues are not the repair operation of a questionable decision by F IFA - it was clear," said League President Reinhard Rauball .

Torlinientechnik could come sooner  

Torlinientechnik Could Come Sooner

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