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This is the provisional cover of FIFA 14 EA has posted on his Facebook the " provisional title " FIFA 14. Do not know how to eat this, yet , for sure that will eventually change, but there you have it . Messi goes again back with a beautiful dark background. You like ? The 3DS version of FIFA 14 just updated templates and kits EA Sports has released a new video for FIFA 14. It's not exactly short : more than half an hour , includes plenty of gameplay, comments and more professional players . FIFA 14 will be available in Europe from September 26 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC , 3DS, Vita , Wii and PS2. Later versions also come new generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the latter free of charge to users who were booked Console Microsoft .

The Nintendo 3DS version of FIFA 14 does not include any change in gameplay or modes with respect to last year's . In a press release sent by the specialized media Nintendo specifies that " FIFA 14 Legacy Edition provides unparalleled authenticity that reflects current season soccer jerseys and updated templates , but no updates to the gameplay or game modes ." Electronic Arts and was widely criticized in previous years for this practice with the Wii version , which in its latest updated editions only aesthetic elements but kept intact the core playable despite paid for it full price for a new release. This is now repeated with the 3DS version of FIFA 14, which hit stores with a price to be around 35 â‚Ź (49 â‚Ź in the eShop ) despite not include weight changes It's here the new edition of FIFA. Once again this year we are at the wheel of the best indoor soccer and we tell all his secrets. This

year's new focus on ball possession , use of the body to protect it, scouting new opportunities in career mode and chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team. In this guide we will make sure you will not miss not one : I will reveal the most promising and bargains for career mode , I will reveal the secrets of the new FIFA Ultimate Team and (fifa 14 coins), of course, we will explain how the new turns are made and celebrations goals .

This is the provisional cover of fifa 14