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The facial capture Atleti players in FIFA 14 This is the cover of FIFA 14 Electronic Arts has released the cover of FIFA 14. Another year Leo Messi is the star of the same , this time with less and less rage smile . The game is scheduled for release , as usual, for virtually all current generation platforms between September and October , and later for PS4 and Xbox One Yet still no confirmed for WiiU version . Remember that if you are not a fan of Messi you can do with the Club Edition of your favorite club. Estrevista Nick Wlodyka : " FIFA Ultimate Team(cheap fifa 14 coins) is already the most played mode of FIFA " When we visited the offices of EA Sports in Madrid were able to play several hours to FIFA 14 and here is a preview of our feelings , but we also had the opportunity to interview Nick Wlodyka , one of the heads of FIFA Ultimate Team. This mode is now the most played of FIFA and have had the opportunity to ask him about the most noteworthy developments and take direction from now on .

Are you planning to expand or create divisions specific divisions of gold, silver and bronze ?

Number one : we have more tournaments , we have increased the level of requirements and divisions increase from 5 to 10. But we have not included specific divisions in each category. One reason is that we must be sure that there are enough people to fill these categories and matches the flow is constant. It's something we 're looking for, but we must ensure many things before . Can you tell us something about the Ultimate Team in the new generation ? Nor . Discuss this at Gamescom. What are the keys of the Ultimate News Team in regards to web and mobile applications ? For starters, they are compatible with all the new features we have presented today, for example the types of insight . And one of the things that previously could not do was open envelopes from the mobile application , but this year it is possible. This year we have focused on this, that from the mobile applications they can do the same things from the game. Some users may be frustrated by not being able to get to the major players. Will it remain so difficult to get players like Messi or Cristiano this year? Completely change the way if it were easier to find the top players. I think one of the qualities of FUT is that you have to have a Messi or Ronaldo to play at the highest level . Of course it is great to have one of those players , especially if they are in the " In Form " mode , but that is part of FUT players have very difficult to get. The feedback we have on this topic is currently good. So do not think this will change much in FIFA 14.

The facial capture atleti players in fifa 14