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The Beginners Guide in Runscape to get started Now that you have an active account, you’ll need to create an avatar that represents you when you adventure across Gielinor! Our easy-to-use character creation interface lets you get incredibly hands-on with your avatar, allowing you to choose features such as skin colour, hairstyle, facial hair and more. You can also dress up your avatar in a variety of costumes and outfits, giving you the opportunity to create an entirely unique character, ready to make its mark across Gielinor. Happy with how he or she looks? Clicking ‘Confirm’ will take you to a screen where you can name yourself (within reason, of course). Once you’ve decided on a name, others will be able to see it as you wander the plains, and you’ll be able to see theirs in return. You’ll be able to carry out a huge variety of tasks throughout Gielinor, but this depends on how proficient you are at certain skills. For example, the Woodcutting skill lets you chop down trees and turn the wood into logs. Other skills complement each other: the Firemaking skill will let you turn those logs into a warm campfire to cook from. Practicing these skills is essential to gaining experience in them and improving their levels. There are 25 skills in all in RuneScape, all of which can be trained to level 99. Only by improving your skills can you truly be considered a powerful warrior, and tackle the larger challenges that lie ahead. There are a huge range of skills available for your character to learn. Mastering these skills will not make your life travelling across Gielinor a whole lot easier, but some of them are necessary requirements to completing quests and advancing further in the game. There are 16 skills for non-members to master, with those that subscribe able to access a further nine. Performing actions related to the skill helps to hone and develop it, and certain skills are able to complement each other as you progress throughout RuneScape. Chopping down a tree with the Woodcutting skill makes logs, ready for use when you want to start a fire with the Firemaking skill, and so forth. Mastering these skills is essential to becoming the complete, all-round RuneScape adventurer. Quests are an incredible way to spend your time in RuneScape, gaining you experience and more insight into the workings of the world around you.

Quests allow you to meet new characters and develop your skills, with different story arcs giving you new, amazing adventures. Free players are able to participate in 20 quests, while members are able to access more than 150. Quests can range from helping castle officials to gathering ingredients for a royal feast, to leading bands of warriors against savage vampyres and hulking beasts. Members can also discover more about the gods of Gielinor, and learn the secrets they left behind after the God Wars that scarred the very surface of RuneScape. More info at

The Beginners Guide in Runscape to get started  
The Beginners Guide in Runscape to get started  

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