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No player has died from playing Diablo 3 NEW: We already have a Diablo 3 Guide in our help section . Worth sure if you get stranded ... Last week, several websites specialized eco news that Shirley Russel claimed that a 32- year-old had died suddenly after playing Diablo III 72 hours were followed . However it seems that the news was not entirely true . The website that released the information has apologized for the incident and readers Russel family and acknowledged that published the news based on the information available in a blog , and never to contrast . The blog is now closed and is apparently true that Shirley Russel died , but never played a marathon three-day session to Diablo III : the boy suffered a serious health problem that has increased in recent days, although this information has not been confirmed by their relatives. The causes of death remain to be elucidated , but it seems that contrary to what many insist on wanting to say video games had nothing to do with the fatal outcome. You have spent Diablo 3 on high difficulty and " hardcore mode" The feat was not easy : it took one month and five days to finish the game on the hardest difficulty and Hardcore mode . To get to play on Inferno difficulty should have ended the game in all others. Remember also that the hardcore mode is one in which if you die you run the game. A Diablo III community manager , Bashiok has confirmed the feat on Twitter. The user has done is called Kripparrian and carries a

barbarian. He also notes that it has received the help of a magician in parts of the trip . There is also a video of the epic battle, but beware! that you can consider spoilers . Moreover, focusing on the game itself , we can find a number of details that do not match the weight of the title and that are responsible for the title does not reach perfection, I at least expected. Are details that another game could be forgiven , but coming from a long awaited game like this, involving small disappointments . Every character has a fighting style but not a single weapon type adheres , for example, a mage can equip swords. However, the character does not fit the equipped weapon and keep attacking with the same animation regardless of the team , so we are a wizard with two swords that only serve as decoration and we will not see him take even a saber , or the monk, who continue linking punches and legs although he equipe with sabers. More about Diablo III Input: Press Start to Pause Strip Game Over Interview: The Mythology of Diablo Chris Metzen talks about the Book of Cain and the origins of the darker world of Blizzard . First Impressions: Diablo III The beta , thoroughly. Video : Video: Diablo III for beginners in Spanish Getting Started with Diablo III. The wait ends tomorrow . Images : First screenshots of Diablo 3 : Reaper of SoulsOtro aspect to improve is the difficulty setting . As we have already said the game may be more or less difficult depending on the character and not only that, but we also found some skills that are more useful than others possible , leading to desbloqueemos a powerful skill and not use the other as they are lower objectively . Maybe you should have

better skills set all characters to encourage the player to try them all , or find your own style of combat, not push the player to use the more devastating power at all times. In addition , the inclusion of the hearts of life not just materialize because if we equip with objects that enhance the appearance of these objects and their value, the adventure can turn into a walk which need not use healing potions or healing abilities because at all times we will be picking up the free health we " give away " the enemy . To close the section on possible improvements, we have a fairly simple bosses , who defeated is a matter over time skill . No other state would provide these enemies of more complex mechanical or a more powerful and colorful attacks also are not very numerous. There are already several days I've been hooked on Diablo III , and despite some details that could have completed a full round title, the game still will be as fun and addictive as ever. Each item becomes a new adventure thanks to the random generation of dungeons, find unique items is cause for euphoria and assuming the auction house constantly encourages us to throw to collect new objects. Diablo III is one of those few games that manages to have you sitting at the computer for weeks, months , or years , and that is something available to a few.

No player has died from playing diablo 3  

No player has died from playing Diablo 3

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