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Marvel Heroes delays its early access Access anticipated Marvel Heroes , the free to play MMO Diablo creator David Brevik , has delayed its launch . A publication of the Brevik own game website explained that a number of problems have caused this delay, although those interested in enjoying the game early have had to pay the amount of $ 199.99 ( about 155 euros) for the privilege. "We are in the process of getting ready to have the game, but it's going slower than expected ," writes Brevik . " At the end of last week we found some serious problems that we did see we could not launch the game with them." " The entire team of Marvel Heroes is working for the last 96 hours continuously to get the game ready . The process is nearing completion so we ask your patience . Always want to find such potential errors , so we are proud to corrected before launch. " "We will not leave this study until you can play the game. Expect it to be a matter of hours." The game has official release date June 4 , although you could adquirirvarios packages offered , among other things , early access to the game. The prices of these packs ranged from $ 19.99 the cheapest to the most expensive of 199.99 . The latter , as we have said , offered to play the title seven days before the rest of us , something that , so far, has failed , and we are within those seven days before . Gazillion Entertainment brings us a present mode trailer showing the new superheroes come to Marvel Heroes . The new trailer announces 3 new playable in the game heroes : Daredevil , Punisher and Squirrel Girl.

Gazillion 's President David Brevik ( one of the creators of Diablo ) , legendary Marvel writer Brian Michael ( known for the stories of Ultimate Spider -Man or Avengers to X -Men ) presented in the past PAX 2012 a trailer that will delight us with a free action adventure that we can not show you to put you long teeth . Punisher : A picnic in the park will become a tragedy when Frank Castle 's family is in the midst of a gangster shootout . Being the only survivor of this brutal execution , Castle decides to take justice into their own hands thanks to its complete military training. DareDevil : When young Matt Murdock saves a blind pedestrian being hit by a truck carrying radioactive isotopes fall on him from the vehicle. The substance leaves Matt blind but you will soon realize that his other senses were amplified in a superhuman . Develops a radar sense that allows you to view everything around you without relying on sight and thanks to the training that taught him the ninja master Stick fighting the injustices that the law protects . Squirrel Girl: Although at first glance the mutant Doreen Green may seem fragile and adorable do not be fooled by appearances , all you have to have it in superpowers lovely . Its semi prehensile tail gives incredible agility with which you can defeat your enemies . Do not look like much right? As she could only handedly defeat more Dr. Doom , Mandarin , MODOK and Thanos . It can be very cute but it is also deadly . Marvel Heroes is a free action MMO created by David Brevik , one of the creative visionaries behind Diablo and Diablo 2 . Set in the iconic Marvel Universe, Marvel Heroes combines the classic hack- and-slash MMO and the extensive library of Marvel Universe heroes in a game where users can take the role of Iron Man , Thor , Wolverine , Hulk , Spider -Man , Captain America and many more .

Marvel heroes delays its early access