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Genia : Brain Storm promotes intelligence True, the computer players are considered quite skilled with the controls , but to play Genia : Brain Storm takes another skill that requires using the gray matter. In the bonus game intelligence over brute strength or reflexes developed . Another feature to note is that the game needs to be reset every month. Are you willing to play ? If your answer is yes , then you are ready for beta testing Genia : Brain Storm. Genia : Brain Storm challenges its participants to work in various construction projects, making use of the best real-world skills to the maximum delay their opponents. Players must put all the attention and mostly played as a team, as four eyes are better than two and two heads are better than one . Clearly, the title encourages teamwork and collective skills will be critical to their development. In this way the mother of invention , adding a new dimension to this type of game and getting the most fun result . The title appears to be a MMORTS that will have about 5000 players per game and end every 30 days to allow a fresh start.Genia Inc. His company has been working over the last four years and are looking for beta testers for their upcoming closed. You can access your company's website and sign up to the tests if you're interested in the game. Guild Wars 2 premiere league tables Like many racing enthusiasts were waiting , Guild Wars 2 presents the leaderboards , which are a tool to understand more just game management and our role in it . There are three main categories in the tables: player

vs. player ( PvP ) , world against world ( WvW ) and achievements. It begins with the hundred best players in PvP and achievements and gradually will increase the figure . The PvP leaderboards allow players to see their position in the hierarchy. PvP data are based on a single round tournaments . Will need to participate in ten bouts to be on the table, which is updated several times a day . Then we put the main parameters that will calculate the position . The classification table shows all worlds WvW the game and are ordered by ranking WvW . This section will be updated once a week to see the results of the fighting. Range: The current position in the classification based on the classification of the world. Rating: Based on our own implementation of the algorithm Glicko -2. Deviation : Degree of certainty to the current . Volatility : The degree of expected fluctuation in the rankings. In the future we will be adding more features in the league tables of Guild Wars 2. The game team is interested in hearing the opinions of their players on the tables , so if you want to review them , you can do it on the official forums .

Genia brain storm promotes intelligence