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Final Fantasy XIV 2.1 update details The update 2.1 of Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn added customizable homes , new dungeons and PvP arena , among other things. SegĂşninforma website Siliconera , during a panel at the Tokyo Game Show 2013 , the game's director , Naoki Yoshida , revealed these new features that will soon reach the MMORPG from Square Enix. The new dungeons added to the game , including one called Crystal Tower ( Crystal Tower ) which is based on the same area of Final Fantasy III . To succeed and get out of there alive , it takes 24 players with powerful skills and coordination. The player housing, a system that allows players to have a home and decorate it , is available in three city -states of Eorzea and will feature 380 decorative objects to customize them. In cuantto the PvP arena , will be called The Wolves ' Den and pits two teams of four players . Other new features that come with the patch are a new special boss battle , treasure hunts alone or in groups , primary missions day and a beauty salon for a new hair . Final Fantasy XIV is available on PS3 and PC since last August 27 . PS4 's version hit the market in 2014 an unknown date , but fortunately for the impatient since February 22 may be due to its beta test . Remember that those who have the game on PS3 will not have to pay any additional amount to upgrade to the version of PS4 and enjoy well into the new machine from Sony. Furthermore, data may be transferred without problem. Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn shows a gallery of images to susdioses wild beasts accompanied by his men . Square Enix did not want to miss your appointment so usual with a new set of new screens.The images published by Japanese publisher this time mixed catch of the game with a series of arts appearing in several of the characters that come with the title along

this year. All screens can see them in the gallery of the game , which you can access by clicking on this link, or through that found later in this text. Square Enix , as mentioned, has not yet determined date for the game, although they will be a new event this summer beta . During the past weeks have appeared several new images of Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn and a new trailer . We get new information from the client of Alpha in Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix reveals the first item to show the renewed creation feature Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. When compared to the original creation, we conclude that it is much more improved especially in the aspect. It's here one of the most complete on the market publishers, it seems that Final Fantasy XIV finally can not only show off their graphics since now also the optimization of it is amazing. Naoki Yoshida presents new advances in the game options and all his followers. This time it's the character creation, making a big change to keep up with all MMORPG in the world. This has got to give it a major facelift, and match the known Square Enix. Hopefully this franchise achieved the position it deserves within the MMO. We leave some screenshots of Square Enix development team performing tests on new raids, showing how the new system is capable of maintaining multiple characters on your PC screen without freezing the image.

Final fantasy xiv 2 1 update details  

Final Fantasy XIV 2.1 update details

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