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FIFA Ultimate Team celebrates five years On 19 March, the fifth anniversary of FIFA Ultimate Team (fifa 14 ultimate team coins)was met, the gameplay more users accumulates in FIFA. EA Sports reveals that when the FUT mode first introduced in FIFA 09 , came to just over a million users , while today that number has increased to more than 10.2 million users. " To celebrate the fifth anniversary of FUT , FIFA Ultimate Team has prepared a series of special events for this week as free for all users on FUT , discounts and special tournaments ," said the company. In addition , we offer this infographic we collect below:

Impressions of EA Sports FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 for PlayStation 3 Besides the unmissable annual event , the years of World Championship and FIFA have a second , holding these competitions for national teams , some dating awaited by football fans , and focus media attention for about a month . This year World plays in Brazil, a country where soccer is almost a religion , and that has produced some of the best players in history, a powerhouse of talent as national team bypasses its best moments. Winners of five world , taken 12 years without conquering it , so this year when playing at home , there is no other goal than victory.

The Brazilian Neymar will have to see the faces of France with Ribery and Benzema, Ozil 's Germany , the Argentina of Messi, Portugal 's Cristiano Ronaldo, the always competitive Italian combined with Pirlo and Balotelli, Van Persie of the Netherlands and Robben , a selection that will surprise and of course, the current champion , Spain , which aims to defend the title ( . A very promising World , with a perfect scenario where the fields will be filled to overflowing and full of color, with the best players in the world willing to prove they are the best . So this FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 to any gamer football and more specifically to the proposed EA Sports , is sure to attract attention. One issue that years has served as a testing ground to try some new playable subsequently been included in the corresponding annual installment , and this year seems more elaborate than ever, with many news about game modes, animations and improvements in everything around to parties, both inside and outside the stadium. Matthew Prior, producer, visited Madrid last week to introduce all these developments, an event where we could also try the game first .

Fifa ultimate team celebrates five years  

FIFA Ultimate Team celebrates five years