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FIFA 14: PlayStation 3 version struggles FIFA 14: PlayStation 3 version struggles with jerky menus and error code 80010514

The release version of the soccer simulation FIFA 14 made by EA Sports seems to cause at least on the PlayStation 3 is not only for pleasure but also places for frustration. As you can currently see numerous reports of PS3 fans in the EA Forums , the implementation for the Sony console as already FIFA seems to suffer from the same error code 13

Currently some PlayStation 3 players have some fun with their purchased copy of the soccer simulation . The 13 known from FIFA Error code 80010514 apparently also occurs in the successor version. The result : The game does not start and the player is prompted to insert the disc from FIFA 14 . The messages in the official forum , judging by the problem is probably connected with the server error.

Confirmed to 100 percent , it is due to lack of Statements by Electronic Arts , not yet , but the probability is high because the error code obviously some players who split their console from the mains, does not appear .

In addition to the annoying error seems the PlayStation 3 conversion to also suffer from disturbing stuttering in the menus that have complained in the forums also some PS3 gamers . Whether the error on the PC and the Xbox 360 occurs is not yet known.

The developer EA Sports has released a few hours ago a fresh update for the PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 14, which brings some improvements and changes. So the makers have continued to optimize the performance of the online matches and also the general playability of the title among others. The patch for the Xbox One is to follow shortly.

According to the developer , among other bugs have been fixed , the saw to , in some cases , that players were no longer able to access certain online features with large friends lists. Also fixes problems that occurred in the inv itation to the online matches . In addition , fixed a bug that made sure that the players in Pro Clubs , a Random list is shown instead of a friends list .

In addition, the developers have accepted the voice commands of Kinect and also the camera settings was filmed. So it should be possible for the goalkeeper in the club mode from now on , to change the camera angle and also some cameras had to be changed at certain stages in order to ensure better playability. In addition, a few problems in FIFA Ultimate Team mode were fixed. The complete patch notes you can look through.

Fifa 14 playstation 3 version struggles  

FIFA 14 PlayStation 3 version struggles

Fifa 14 playstation 3 version struggles  

FIFA 14 PlayStation 3 version struggles