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EA Sports Announces FIFA 14 soundtrack Electronic Arts has announced the complete list of songs that will be part of the soundtrack of FIFA 14. Here a total of thirty-seven fifa 14 coins groups of thirteen different countries , among which Bloc Party , Crystal Fighters , Foals , Nine Inch Nails , The Naked and Famous or Vampire Weekend, for example appear . FIFA 14 will be available in Spain from next September 27. Then you have the complete list of artists and songs of the soundtrack :                              

American Authors - Hit It Amplify Dot - Get Down Bloc Party - Ratchet Chinza Dopeness - T.U.B.E. CHVRCHES - We Sink Crystal Fighters - Natural Love Dan Croll - Compliment Your Soul David Dallas - Runnin De Staat - Down Town Disclosure - F For You Empire Of The Sun - Alive Foals - My Number ( Trophy Wife Remix ) Grouplove - I'm With You Guards - I Know Its You Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas - Funky Futuristic Jamie N Commons - Marathon John Newman - Love Me Again Karol Conka - Boa Noite Los Rakas - Hot Marcelo D2 - That Voce Diz O Amor Nao Doi Miles Kane - Do not Forget Who You Are Nine Inch Nails - Copy Of A OK KID - Am Ende Oliver - Mechanical Olympic Ayers - Magic Portugal. The Man - Purple Yellow Red And Blue Robert DeLong - Here Rock Mafia feat. Wyclef Jean and David Correy - I Am Smallpools - Dreaming The 1975 - The City

      

The Chain Gang Of 1974 - Miko The Colourist - Little Games ( St. Lucia Remix ) The Naked And Famous - Hearts Like Ours The Royal Concept - On Our Way Vampire Weekend - Worship You Wretch 32-24 Hours You Me At Six - Lived A Lie

FIFA 14: Ultimate Team, player types , new formations , make money Types of players We can find 3 basic types of players : bronze , silver and gold level by half . But also throughout the season will be appearing as special stickers Players Team of the Week, for example. But players blinded by gold , as many competitions and others, you require equipment silver, bronze or other characteristics so have trading cards of all categories is very important. These are the types of trading cards of players who will find : Bronze : up to 64 players on average ( less than 100 coins discard ) Silver : up to 74 players on average ( around 100 coins discard ) Golden : Players over 74 on average ( between 300 and 600 coins for discarding ) In addition , within each category we can find unique fifa 14 ultimate team coins cards, those that have a brightness and a different way than the others. These stickers represent players who have certain unique attributes and, of course , are more expensive. Team of the Week Every week EA Sports select 22 players from around the world who have performed at a high level in their clubs. But there are always the media players , sometimes we will find minor leaguers or lower divisions . These players with stickers of black color, available in Envelopes FIFA Team Ultimate all week and basically are enhanced versions of the original stickers so that besides having better attributes, have a market value much more higher than the original because once the week has passed will no longer appear on the envelopes so what you have will be left in the market. New formations

FUT This year we have a lot of new formations. Also, one of the great innovations is the elimination of the favorite training players and coaches so this year we will have many more opportunities to try out new formations and mix players from different templates. -4-1-2-1-2 ( 2) -4-1-4-1 -4-2-3-1 ( 2) -4-3-3 ( 3) -4-3-3 (4 ) -4-3-3 (5) -4-2-2 ( 2) -4-5-1 ( 2) How to make money in FIFA Ultimate Team To play FUT do not need to spend real money, if you are patient and put into practice some of the tricks that I discuss below will be able to be playing FUT without spending a euro more . 1. Make sure that we sign players at least possible price . FIFA 14 Now we have a new option that we can buy the market price of a player quickly. Thus we can see if we are buying a player to the market price or are we wasting coins . ALWAYS Dealers Used the new option to compare prices. 2 . Similarly use this option to sell off players. Before placing a sticker to a sale make sure you 're selling at the market price . In addition , this year's training but no matter the type of chemistry itself , so look before you sell a player , may be worth much more than you think. 3 . We can also speculate with cheap players. Although this year not all players are worth discarding , we can keep doing this tactic with those who do have . If you are quick on the auction market pordemos buy players for something less than their discard value and then we can rule directly and automatically earn a few coins . So gradually we accumulate a lot of coins.

4 . This Wednesday is the best time to look for bargains as supply increases greatly due to the appearance of the Team of the Week so it will be easy to find bargains. 5 . We can also try to find auctions that are about to end and have eluded others. With patience and luck we can save many thousands of coins in some operations. 6. Finally we can take advantage of the ignorance of some . Often other players undersell silver players thinking they do not have much value. However some of these cards, especially the ones , can have a great value. It is worthwhile to take a look at the silver market trading cards can make money 7. In the catalog of EAS FC in t1he Ultimate Team section you can buy bonuses for a certain number of matches . If we have the amount of coins needed to unlock able , for example, earn an extra 1,000 coins per game for 15 games. These enhancers come in handy especially when beginning a template, because in a few games able to get a good amount of coins. Return to guide FIFA 14.

Ea sports announces fifa 14 soundtrack  

Ea sports announces fifa 14 soundtrack