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Dresden fans riot The fans of Dynamo Dresden are once again disengaged . As part of the second league game at Arminia Bielefeld the Chaotic injured 17 policemen , two of them seriously .

When riots in front of the second division soccer match between Arminia Bielefeld and Dynamo Dresden (1-1) guests rampaging fans have injured 17 police officers , two of them seriously . This was announced by the Bielefeld with police on Friday night. There had been two arrests.

On the way from the station to the stadium about 250 of the 3,000 who traveled Dresden supporters had tried to leave the assigned route . In addition, had been trying to storm the station concourse . Only with the use of pepper spray and batons had managed to prevent this and to bring the partially heavily intoxicated and aggressive fans on the intended path , said a police spokesman .

900 police on duty

Security forces had been attacked and there was property damage , among other cars. The police were initially 800 , later even with 900 officers in use .

The second half of the match started late because of the Dresden block massive fireworks had been ignited. The return of the fans to the train station was the first evidence suggests that quiet.

Most fans celebrated peacefully , but some rioted . Hunting and beatings overshadowed the return of Dynamo Dresden in the second Bundesliga.

The Relegation return match at VfL Osnabrück stood in the meantime before the crash , for safety whistle referee Thorsten Kinhöfer the game even close to 15 seconds before the end of the extension from: The police at that time was already on the lawn to stop Dresdner trailer.

"I 'm glad it's gone off lightly across the stage ," said Dynamo coach Ralf Loose on the rampage . The fast and furious comeback to earn a 3-1 win after extra time and the longed-for second league return after five years got by violent scenes a bad connotation . " Lightly " - as Loose called the kicks and punches against police officers , folders and photographers - was the situation probably primarily due to the successful ascent. In case of defeat, the situation would probably escalate further . Although the majority of Dynamo fans peacefully celebrated : The frightened violence of the minority. She revealed the ugly side of football and once again showed the very special fan problem of Dresden . "I can only promise that the club is working on it ," said the coach.

"I can not say much about it ," commented Loose, " I focus on the sport. " After an hour, the referee had the game for one and a half minutes interrupted because Dynamo supporters burned down in the stands fireworks and flags set fire . Dresdner players had to calm down a few times the rioters among fans .

The referee had the match shortly before the end of 120 minutes also can break because fans stormed the court and the police depwoyed on the lawn. Kinhöfer did not. He decided , in view of the unique savegame for the safe variant - and taught himself after his untimely final whistle with a sprint to safety.

"This is a factual decision . Only the clock of the arbitrator shall prevail , "said Herbert Fandel , chairman of the DFB referee commission. An early whistle for safety is not actually provided , but was given the game state a reasonable solution. A " scandalous end ," commented the " New Osnabrück newspaper ."

14 arrests and 16 criminal charges the police reported that " prevented more rioting " by its own account . Policemen , folders and photographers were attacked. Tha t seats were ripped out , was one of the smaller side issues .

"This is with the Dresden audience too much, because something has to happen ," said Osnabr端ck playmaker Sebastian Tyrala : " I am sorry for the Dresden team. " In fact, the Dynamo professionals delivered an impressive final sprint, also brought in the return game a 0: 1, and then proved that with some of the fans is also to celebrate peacefully .

Around 2,000 Dresdner sang and danced after midnight in the Osnabr端ck Stadium . In the capital of Saxony some 10 000 fans had cheered at the public viewing . Many then went to the airport where the team against 2.45 clock landed . The great ascent party stood on the Old Market Square on Wednesday afternoon.

Dresden fans riot  
Dresden fans riot  

Dresden fans riot