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Diablo 3 - Patch Preview 1.0.4 systems Blizzard starts giving us progress Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4 with this official message systems changes . We approached the 1.0.4 patch , and although there are a few weeks , we will begin each day with bombardearos publications that will detail the changes that are coming. To begin , I wanted to offer an overview of some of the major systems changes and major improvements in the game . Let's start ! Close together in harmony Although there are many people playing in cooperative mode, these items are still a minority . Ideally, players who want to play alone could do it, and those who want to play co-op could do it too , but for now the clear choice is the solo game , even for those who prefer to do so in cooperation with friends. The change we made in 1.0.3 to remove the extra damage from monsters per additional player was a great first step , but it is clear that we can go a little further. The first change we will make in 1.0.4 for the cooperative mode is stop performing the average of the values of magic find and gold find of all players in multiplayer games . Ye beneficiarĂŠis magic of your statistical finding, independently of other players. What we did at first was to add the average magic to prevent finding optimal play consisted in accumulating what we call " adventure stats " to the detriment of the group. Although this may lead to problems in the future , we believe that this solution is more penalty than anything else, and does more harm than good.

Similar to what we did with the change in 1.0.3, we will reduce the health multiplier for monsters per additional player cooperative play . In 1.0.4 it will be fixed at 75% for all difficulty levels, instead of the current gradual increase 75/85/95/110 %. This result makes enemies much more manageable in cooperative play , and rewards coordinated with greater efficiency in collecting objects with respect to solo players group. Narrowing the gap We know that many people are you feel very frustrated with the difficulty of some of the rare monsters or groups of champions , so in 1.0.4 we will reduce the gap between groups of normal and elite monsters ( champions and rare ) . The design idea of groups of rare monsters and champions is to provide a timely increase in difficulty , but overall it seems that the gap is too large. Normal monsters die quickly and are usually cannon fodder , while the champions are as rare and stamped into a wall. Our overall aim is to raise the level a pinch of normal enemies and lower the champions and rare . So , in 1.0.4 we will increase the health of normal monsters about 5% -10 % in Inferno , but also multiply by four the likelihood they drop magic or rare items. Likewise , we will reduce health champions or rare between 10 and 25% , and edit specific affixes to reduce the difference in difficulty. We are still working on the numbers, but that's about what we have in mind. To further reduce the gap between normal and elite monsters, we will adjust some of the most frustrating monster affixes , such as fire

and Coat chains * . Obviously there are some monsters that pose a strong increase in difficulty, and they will carry out these adjustments, such as reducing the damage of the skeletons with twohanded weapons , such as partecrรกneos . Master of Arms One of the general improvements that we would like to apply to the question of the objects is the difference between the uncertainty of whether an object could be good and certain that it will not be good even before identification. In other words , there is a world of difference between an object that has no chance algunade be good, and you have some chance to be. It is something that we will be able to fully address in 1.0.4, but give each object the possibility of being dropped is a good long term goal . One aspect that we thought could be subject to immediate improvements in 1.0.4 is the weapons . The weapon damage is the most important stat of a weapon . It is disappointing that many weapons fall and know , before even looking at them , it is impossible that they will be good . To help make the weapons have any chance of being useful in combat , the gross value of the damage on all guns level 61 and 62 may be worth it reaches to a level comparable to 63 maximum . We also want to close the gap between wield a weapon in each hand and brandishing a two-handed weapon , and for that we will improve the melee weapons in both hands creating a new set of stronger affixes to compensate for the loss of statistics that may occur due to hand weapon . And speaking of two-handed weapons , we will also change the way the damage is estimated at a few damage skills over time. The wording of some descriptions of skills could be confusing because they could be interpreted in several ways. Which further complicated the assessment of skills , especially those of long duration or with a prolonged reuse. We will change many of these skills to say " X % weapon damage over Y seconds." There are already many skills that follow this format, and with which it is clear what they are. With the conversion of the skills an additional opportunity presents itself : when converted to this format , choosing a value for X depends on the speed of your weapon . So what we have done in most cases lead to a high rate of attack ( at least 2.0 attacks per second) , choose a value of X , and in many cases, further increase the value. A skill that inflicts currently 75% weapon damage for 5 seconds, with a 2.0 speed weapon will have at least 750% weapon damage for 5 seconds. The

ability and easier to understand , is a small benefit to most configurations of a hand and is a great benefit to the two hands. Efficiency against challenge Rather than focusing on if they can not defeat or an enemy , many players prefer to find out how quickly they can defeat them. We will eliminate the time and infuriating behavior " total cure " group of champions and rare monsters. We do not believe that fit in the general philosophy of the game , which will try to get over objects in the most efficient way possible. You are already incentivized to kill enemies quickly , if it turns out that a group takes you a long time can not be fair they are angry , and then kills you heal completely. The original intent was infuriating time to produce a few meetings to serve as a "proof of DPS " added further tension and excitement . Given the random monsters and champions are rare , and combining that with the general philosophy of effective collection , it is evident that we were wrong with this approach. Times infuriating seem more appropriate for the chiefs, whose configuration , predictability and fighting mechanics contributed the necessary context for the time limit . We can not leave the discussion of efficiency against challenge without talking about the death penalty . 1.0.3 When we increase the cost of repair was to death mattered. Efficiency is not just about how fast you kill , but what it costs to do so. Death should be a factor taken into account in the efficiency as well stay alive is a challenge not only for how you play , but the importance of how you design your character. That said, we believe that repair costs are passed somewhat high , so in 1.0.4 we areducir 25% repair costs of high-end items . Even more legendary We will make improvements to the legendary items also seems a topic important enough to devote a separate publication. Stay tuned , as Andrew Chambers , senior game designer , inform us all over the next couple of weeks or so. As a reminder , however , the existing objects are not changing . Improvements to be legendary items for back-off or for forged after the 1.0.4 patch is activated. There are still classes

We will apply a host of changes to the classes , so blog posts will present different for each. But let's take a general look at the less popular skills and us ask a few questions : Do you have the ability control problems of interpretation do not be as rewarding to use? In that case, further refine the ability . A good example of this is the ability of the barbaric dismembering : many people do not use it because you can not always distinguish which enemies are affected by the bleeding and what not. Do you have a similar ability to function extremely popular skill? In that case, we push the ability to be competitive with popular skill. For example , rounder could be a very good skill , but compared to hungry Arrow does not inflict the same raw damage , so will enhance Boleadora to be competitive . Do you have a dominant skill rune ? In that case, can we strengthen underused runes to increase their competitiveness ? A good example of this is the Hydra skill of the magician. The poisonous Hydra is by far the most popular rune, and rightly so will enhance the other runes to make them more competitive with her. Do you use the skill resource ? In general we have observed that many of the most resource consuming enough to do what they cost. This example would light wave , which spends a considerable amount of spirit , which does not always seem worthwhile . Many of those who consume resources and are intended to damage received benefits in 1.0.4 The fact increase the ability to enhance or reduce diversity in the settings ? Some skills , being enhanced , cause other skills obsolete , so it produces a clear decrease in the variety of configurations , with those we care. Other skills , once empowered , are a contribution to the total attractive skills , which increases the diversity of settings. The most obvious example of this are the zombies and Giant Dogs witch doctor , both with significant improvements in 1.0.4 . We hope you have fun , and do not forget to visit us often to see specific items in each class over the next two weeks. colophon These are just some of the major changes in the systems that carry out in 1.0.4, and hope you do as we are so excited . Obviously,

during the next few weeks we will offer much more information about the legendary items , classes and more , plus interviews and a live chat with developers here in . And all this just before activation patch , which , incidentally, is scheduled for the fourth week of August. See you at the game! * P. D : Let's cut the affix of Invulnerability Minion monsters . Wyatt Cheng is Senior Technical Game Designer of Diablo III , and as a member of the club Blizzard Beef Jerky , this month you like to ask jalapeno jerky , habanero and ghost chili .

Diablo 3 patch preview 1 0 4 systems  

Diablo 3 patch preview 1 0 4 systems

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