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Blizzard Diablo 3 does not supported on the cross-platform PS3 This concept seems to have gradually got into our lives with the development of science and technology cross-platform games. Recently Blizzard which will be released on the host platform PS3 announced that Blizzard masterpiece "Diablo 3" will not support this feature. Later, Blizzard Diablo 3 community manager, said in the official forum, “coming soon to Sony PS3 platform" Diablo 3 "will not support the interactive nature of the PC platform players.” According to messages posted, Blizzard is not the intention to make the and PlayStation Network links, which also means that the role of the players in will not appear in the PlayStation account. In its response, the community manager said that Blizzard does not allow controlling through a separate controller to the PC version of the "Diablo 3". And the host version of "Diablo 3" uses the controller while the PS3 version does not support a mouse and keyboard. So seemingly cross-platform online is really hopeless for us. Last week at Sony's PlayStation Meeting, Blizzard announced a huge message that its stand-alone masterpiece "Diablo 3" will be landing PS3 and PS4. At the moment they show that the host version of "Diablo 3" will follow the computer version of the core experience. ". Expected Sony PlayStaiton 4 will be on sale at the end of this year. I just wonder if the PlayStation 4 version of the "Diablo 3" support an external mouse and keyboard, and it is possible to achieve the cross-platform game? News from and more info about Diablo 3 Gold will coming soom!

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