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Analysis of Diablo 3 If you are interested in this game can you like our Diablo 3 Guide . There you will find solutions to most problems will arise. Take a look . There are games that living in a parallel universe, games that do not understand genres or fads. The recent Max Payne 3 is one of them. It's been many years since the second half and despite this, it has not changed one iota from its essence and mechanics. Rockstar 's intention was to make a Max Payne, not trying to improve the series, take a step forward or anything like that , you know, that kind of phrases that slip us developers and make headlines in all the magazines . What touching a formula that sells and equally like ? Why do well even if it has not exploited enough to get tiresome ?

This is the case of Diablo III. About 12 years ago his predecessor , a title that quickly became a timeless game, a mass phenomenon achieved engage in a massive amount of players with a seemingly simple, repetitive game appeared . But what has that makes Diablo lay aside our life and put it into the hands of a battered PC ? How can a game that seemingly gender , as directed to a specific audience , be able to unite people of all ages , heights, colors and planets? Because surely other planets also play Diablo . I really do not know , all I know is that I have five days without releasing the mouse , and even having finished the game , the body calls me , more bugs to squash , to acquire more weapons , more levels to climb , more Diablo . Diablo is summarized in two concepts : killing and trade ( capitalism? ) . The game primarily focuses on dungeon crawling where we discover the map as we destroying countless hordes of enemies of all kinds, from small flying insects to giant demons that explode leaving thousands of worms that will attack us relentlessly. The reward for the player are the objects that leave enemies. As someone said in Anaitgames , Diablo 's enemies are like a Kinder egg surprise you never know what you have inside , and it is this

uncertainty of not knowing what you're gonna get what keeps you hooked to the game. "Blizzard Devil you know what is and what users want , and that's what sells " The object list is endless, almost literally . You always find a new item that improves some aspect of your current computer , or if you can not work to sell the merchant of the day, or better than that , put it up for auction among the other online players. The online auctions are one of the biggest attractions of the title, may buy or sell any type of item by checking the amount of output and a price increment for immediate purchase , but still not happy with these possibilities gives you the possibility of even trading with real money. We were unable to test this market because it is not yet available , but imagine the possibilities , with users creating packs of weapons and selling them at the price they want as if they were DLC. Blizzard Devil you know what is and what users want , and that's what sells. Forget a deep history , a charismatic supporting characters and mini - games to make the adventure more enjoyable . Diablo 's combat and trade. So the argument is just a cheap excuse to take us by a route full of demons who are willing to receive their deserved world. As mentioned before, why change something that works ? So without thinking twice , Blizzard has again offered us five character classes : barbarian, wizard, demon hunter , monk and witch doctor . The Demon Hunter is the latest , by the monk. The first focuses on ranged attack with crossbows and others, while the monk style focuses on melee and agility , being able to teleport , perform lightning fast combos or throwing flying kicks . While not bad, the truth is a little disappointed to find only five classes - and truth be told, so unoriginal . The most loyal fans of Diablo II and will see that everything looks as before. How much has simplified the development of skills , which now works with stones representing different levels within each skill, and that esbloquean arrived at a certain level . Otherwise everything remains the same , for better and for worse. We can combine different types of attack or administering powers turn particular bar every hero energy. Despite being simple and repetitive remains every bit as satisfying than twelve years. Diablo knows his stuff , knows his strengths and exploited to the maximum. It is a title that leaves aside the whole haystack based beaten side and

events with other games try to complete their adventures. Blizzard cuts to the chase and leaves only what is really important and fun , however there are some aspects that could have been a little more careful . It is unfortunate that the launch has been marred by problems with servers that are leaving thousands of users without enjoying the game who have paid religiously . Obviously this topic is more than remarkable , but hopefully just a blip try to be cleared in a few days . The technical section with a comic style that does not quite convince , slightly cartoon has a touch that reminds slightly or style games Warcraft , although in general line yields to a good level , it makes no revolution. The villages and teach the brightest areas of the game and the shame if we bring the camera to see how character is not going crazy when put polygons. Fortunately , dungeons and other combat areas look much better thanks to lighting or fog effects to give life to a more detailed and comprehensive scenarios. As we say , is technically correct but does not protrude too compared to games like Dungeon Mow 3 . Perhaps the technical section has been limited to enable a wide range of computers can run the game smoothly , but anyway the differences between playing the minimum and maximum performance is not as visually striking as one might think .

Analysis of diablo 3