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Advance FIFA 14: recreating the thrill of authentic Bookmarking golazos Last week we attended the presentation of FIFA 14 in which were several of their creators, as Nick Channon or Sebastian Enrique , and explained some of the key changes we will see in terms of gameplay . His main criticism of FIFA 13 is that , over time , have realized that many times end up looking tennis matches : up and down relentlessly. Clearly the fastest players have much advantage over others ; the easiest way to score in FIFA 13 is to combine a couple of times , throw a wall and wait for our front - bullet exceeds the defense and left position to score . To fix it they wanted , first, to reduce the space between defenders and attackers . The pressure will be much more above , will be given less time to maneuver . The defenses , in general, will find it easier . They have also changed the control system and has been assigned a specific role for the left trigger : protect the ball . Now just haggle with the right stick and we will move the ball with the upper left plus right stick button. With this new style of play that is built from midfield have to think a little more on football itself , and will create a lot more variety when it comes to scoring goals. Nick Channon , Producer of FIFA 14 We can protect the ball on offense, on defense and plays divided . I liked the simile they did with car games : accelerate with the right trigger , you brake with the left . We may put the body - and may be in FIFA 13 , but it works pretty bad, and endure the onslaught opponent and then move back, or feint and run, give a heel ... I mean that among the closest pressure and the possibility of putting the body also reward those players who have that extra strength or defense . Busquets or Xabi Alonso are not sufficiently valid, FIFA 13 , because of its low speed : hopefully if matched with others to acquire that role we missed . The same with Drogba , Van Persie or Rooney , which have a fairly high average but , in practice, is not very noticeable.

That protection can also run the ball when the ball is in the air or go shoulder to shoulder with ( race rival . This new option will be combined with changes in AI to try to look more realistic reactions. Defenders no longer take decision in a millisecond : Iran looking to do depending on how the play develops. In FIFA 13 is easy to see how bad someone chooses a label and leave another alone. The front , meanwhile , launched careers and try fintar horizontally with the body, without the ball to fool the defense and get open away. But beware, the defenders also be more ready , and displays and will bring the body to prevent exceeding those more les listillos . We will try to be less and the processing centers that are already lining up for some FIFA makes it look . Nick Channon told us to try these "easy goals " is not marked , those who think they 've already scored a hundred times. You'll need to develop them , cook them and season , as you're about to finish and you can score. There are also substantial changes in the physics of the ball. If you releĂŠis my progress and analysis of the FIFA of years you'll see that it is something that had been demanding : it lacked forcefulness. Yes it is true that many shots are powerful and good golacos are achieved , but most give the feeling of that balloon did not quite convince . EA has partnered with manufacturers and balls , to start finally see drier and stronger chutes . The focus is put on , however , the effects. We explained that FIFA 13 had a single path , which is bottom-up , but the ball always goes straight . In FIFA 14 , as you will see in the examples attached , they will find a lot of effects that will be defined by the characteristics of the player, his position while under pressure ... and leave chutes inside out , twisting or aggressive boats . Driving career will also suffer some key changes ; everyone knows not run the ball stuck to foot, and less skilled players who make mistakes or who control the pull far ahead . According to the characteristics of each see different lines , and will be easier for the defense to anticipate and scrape the ball if we 've thrown too far forward. It will be important , of course, who know a bit to decide how we act. He repeated several times that we enjoy in FIFA 14 when dialing a goal. First, because the plays need to be more elaborate and more passes for any occasion. And then , because the goals are less equal with each other . There will be many more ways to score . And it's

true: FIFA 13 will always mark the same way and appreciate variety in this regard . They also show that in FIFA 13 failures often without knowing exactly why. The game yes I know, though; what happens is that there were not enough animations to clear left unto us . Although it is a purely cosmetic change feedback when shooting will be considerably better and see , for example, how to flounder if chutan off balance , or how to adapt the foot and body to hit each situation properly. As minor changes, also commented that some now also carry through in fact, sometimes , and defenses may make a second reaped from the ground if the first has fallen short . Finally , they gave some interesting facts about the use of FIFA worldwide. Skill Games have been a success, with fifa coins more than 2,300 million games played. In FIFA 14 the expanded and leveraged so that we can play with others and to pose a greater challenge.

Advance fifa 14 recreating the thrill of authentic bookmarking golazos  

Advance FIFA 14 recreating the thrill of authentic Bookmarking golazos

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