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I took this image of A few friends out side The main entrance of the college. The camera had to be of a landscape angle. This Image Was one of several Images I took but I decided this was the better of the Medium close ups.

I had no problem with red eye or the background image.

I didn’t edit the original image I cropped it down to size to fit the A4 measurements.

I took the ‘Y’ from I print Screened the image into paint. I then cut out the ‘Y’ from the rest of the web page. I moved the image into Photoshop and used the paint bucket tool to colour the ‘Y’ Yellow which was the theme I wanted for the front cover. I then used the effects outer glow, inner glow, bevel emboss and a colour overlay tool to make the image stand out from the page.

For the selling line I made the text box and filled it red. Again this was in keeping with the yellow and red theme I wanted. I added the text to the sky line, and added the extra effects of outer glow, inner glow and a stroke to highlight the text and the text box.

I put the text ‘College’ into and printed screen I then cropped the imageIn paint and pasted it into Photoshop. I added effects of outer glow, inner glow, bevel and emboss and stroketo the text highlighting the word ‘College.’

The red text is from photoshop I haven’t edited it so I isn’t standing out from the image but is there for a purpose of information to the reader.

I added the ‘our’ from to finish my masthead adding the yellow to flow with the original image.

The cover line text I used Is from photoshop, I edited the text to be filled red and made BOLD text for the main articles to stand out. Using the effects of outer glow and bevel and emboss.

The main cover line text is from the photoshop programme and again I coloured the text outline to make it stand out from the background image of the page. Using the effects of the stroke tool.

My final product is very similar to my research products I found. I made very little cover lines to appeal to my target audience but all of which I produce are relevant to students and their interests. The image of the two students are relevant to college life and represent all kinds of students. The main cover line I used is open ended and doesn’t specify what the students have to say. The masthead I designed is very relevant to what the magazine is about and this simple design will appeal to all kinds of students. All of the information Is located on the left third of the magazine, making the magazine look less busy and less distracting which I found was a common theme of the ‘college magazine’.

College Magazine  

Analysis of college magazine