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Anise Drop Cress

Basil Cress

Borage Cress

Broccoli Cress

China Radish Cress

Aniseed, fine liquorice

Mild, a sweet bite of basil

Mild, pleasant cucumber

Sweet, mild cabbage

Sweet, peppery

Citrus Balm Cress

Citrus Cress

Coriander Cress

Daikon Cress

Flat Parsley Cressss

Fresh lemon

Lemony and spicy

Warm, nutty, a hint of fresh citrus

Spicy radish

Sharp parsley

Garlic Chives

Lime Cress

Mizuna Cress

Musterd Cress

Purple Basil Cress

Garlic, onion

Fresh lime

Spicy, mild mustard

Spicy mustard kick

Spicy, fruity

Red Amaranth Cress

Red Cabbage Cress

Red Mosterd Cress

Red Radish Cress

Red Vein Sorrel Cress

Sweet beetroot, spinach

Sweet cabbage

Fiery mustard

Seasonable, peppery, radish

Lime, sharp apples

Rucola Cress

Shiso Green Cress

Snow Pea Leaves

Sun Cress

Wheat Grass


Aniseed, citrus (Japanese Mint)

Fresh sweet pea

Sweet, nutty


Open your eyes to our possibilities

Thaise Basil Cress

Thyme Cress

Toona Sinensis Cress

Garden Cress

Shiso Purper Cress

Punchy aniseed, liquorice

Very soft thyme


Fresh, peppery, mustard

Aniseed, cumin (Japanese Mint)

Edible Flowers

Aphrodite Blossom

ABC Button

Aztec Sweet Buttons

BlackCurrant Sage

Sharp apple


Aromatic, honey

Blackcurrant, bitter sage

Borage Flowers

Butterfly Flowers

Capucine Blossom

Dill Crown

Fresh cucumber

Sour lemon

Sweet, spicy, watercress

Dill, mint, aniseed

Fleur the Cucumber

Mini Violetta

Pea-Bean Flowers


Sweet cucumber

Sweet citrus

Sweet pea


Tagetus Anijs Blossom Anise terragon

A mixture of flowers A blend of flavours

Taste of the Sea


Oyster leaf

Sea Beets

Sea Buckshorn

Peppery at first, then salty

Sweet and salty

Salty spinach, mild beetroot

Slightly peppery, nutty, salty bite

Oyster Leaf and Flower

Ice Lettuce

Sea Purslane

Rock Sea Fennel Blossom

Slightly oily, briny sea salt

Fennel, aniseed


Boost of freshness, refreshing lemon

Sea Rosemary

Sea Nibbels

Sea Fennel


Aromatic stalks, hint of sea salt

Soft and smooth, hint of sea salt

Fennel, aniseed


Taste of the Sea Micro Mix Contains several products from the Taste of the Sea collection

Micro Leaves

Micro Flat Parsley

Micro Greek Cress

Micro Celery

Micro Coriander

Punchy parsley


Celery, lemon

Strong, zestful lemon

Micro Thyme

Micro Red Amaranth

Micro Red Chard

Micro Red Mustard Frills

Very soft thyme

Mild beetroot

Bitter beetroot

Potato with fiery mustard

Micro Red Pak Choi

Micro Red Vein Sorrel

Micro Salad Fennel

Micro Salad Rocket

Mild cabbage

Sharp lime, apples


Peppery, nutty

Interested in our total Micro collection? This is a selection of our Micro range. Ask your distributor for more information. Sun Shoots

Tendrill Pea


Sweet pea

Micro Oriental Mix

Micro Salad Mix

Chef Blend Mix

Tempting mix of oriental Micro Leaves

Combination of Micro Salad Leaves

Combination of Micro Salad Leaves and Edible Flowers

Special Leaves

Alaskan Nastrium

Ananas Munt

Aztec Sweet Leaves

Bleu Pepe Nastrium

Bronze Fennel


Fresh pineapple, mint

Spicy, honey

Extra peppery

Star anise

Buckler Sorrel Leaves

Champi Leaves

Citrus Leaves

Mushroom, slightly nutty

Chocolate Mint Leaves

Citrus Verbena


Sweet, vibrant lime

Fresh, citrus, mint

Chocolate with a hint of mint

Cucumber Mouse Melon

Curry Leaves

Lucky Clover

Olive Tops

Pelar Leaves

Curry, warm, aromatic

Crisp, sour


Mint, apple

Purple Butterfly Sorrel

Radish Tadpoles

Shiso Green/Purple

Wild Garlic

Fresh cucumber, slightly sour

Popcorn Shoots Lovely sweet, liquorice

Spicy, peppery radish



Very strong garlic

Spicy mint (Japanese mint)

Herbs Leaves

Sea Leaves

Cress Leaves




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