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The Bullet Security Team takes a large bite out of crime in the Tri-State area.

L to R: A Bullet Security Team Meeting with Arthur, Gary Wollman, Owner and his son, Chad Wollman.

basement for more than 20 minutes, turn off lights), smoke detectors (smoke detected, turn off HVAC systems and TVs, turn on all lights, and the alarm is blaring away to get everyone outside). A good automaton system relies on some outside event - whether it’s you disarming your alarm or pulling in to your driveway and the GPS lock registers on your phone. There is some triggering event needed for further action to take place.

Bullet Security Inc. Contact Chad Wollman for the latest security automation installation Office: 845-627-0300 Cell: 845-729-3239

We at Bullet Security are master integrators, taking all systems in the home and making them all work together to a system only imagined in the likes of an episode of The Jetsons. Call Bullet Security today to get the 21st Century Smart Home you deserve!

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Rivertown Magazine February 2019  

Rivertown Magazine February 2019