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Bullet Security uses the latest state-of-the-art technology and automation to meet the increasing security needs of Hudson Valley residents


Now you and your phone are coming home. Automatically the lights outside of the garage and the internal hallway lights click on. It sets the temperature to where you want it, turns on your favorite show on

Imagine the following scenario: you just left for work and all you are

the great room TV, while playing the new podcast in your kitchen. Or

thinking about are your deadlines. As you are driving down the road,

maybe you sit down to watch the new binge-worthy Netflix show, so you

you realize that you’re so preoccupied with your work you don’t even

say “Alexa, turn on Netflix,” and the TV kicks on, goes to the right input,

remember if you did all that you were supposed to before you left your

dims the lights to 20%, and turns on the popcorn maker.

home. Did you remember to turn on your alarm and lock your doors? Did you turn off the lights? How about turning off all the TVs and the

This is all technology that is readily available, and the cost is scalable

thermostat? If no one is home, why keep the house nice and cozy while

to exactly what you are looking to do. This is just one facet of a true

the TVs blare away?

integration and automation system. There is a lot more: from door bells pausing your live cable TV to switching to the front door camera, to

Now imagine before you left your house you simply said, “Alexa, I am

water detectors alerting the system so that an actuated ball valve can

leaving now.” Immediately all your TVs and lights are turned off, and

turn off the water going to your home to save you money in costly water

your alarm exit delay countdown has begun because it is now armed

damage repairs.

for away. Because it’s winter, the thermostat lowers to 62 while no one is home. But if it was summer, it will ensure that the cool set point is now

While the smart home is not necessarily a security feature, a good security

78. After you open your interior garage door from your house, you close

system is the backbone to a truly awe-inspiring automation system. You

it behind you and now the door automatically locks. Finally, you are

are probably thinking that the alarm guy would always say this. But

leaving and because you and your cell phone are leaving your home,

even if I wasn’t the alarm guy, why wouldn’t a system be composed of

you may get an alert if your overhead garage door is still open, with the

multiple sensors to detect human activity (window/door sensors - open

ability to close it right from your phone!

rear door, turn on rear outside lights), motion detectors (no motion in

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Rivertown Magazine February 2019  

Rivertown Magazine February 2019