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LET’S ASK CANDICE Simple solutions for all your decorating needs Dear Candice, I have a major dilemma. My husband

To decorate your bedroom, use a deeper

Over the toilet, add a contemporary piece

and I plan to update our master bedroom

color gray comforter. Purchase the same

of artwork with red accents. If you use a

and bath. We plan to paint and decorate.

color for euro shams, and add white pillow

shower curtain, use a tailored stripe in gray

The problem is I love the color red, and my

shams on top of the euro shams. Bring in

and white. Use white bath towels and layer

husband does not. However, he has agreed

your red, gray, and white together by getting

with red hand towels.

that I can use red but not to overdo it. Our

toss pillows in a print. Windows treatments

look is contemporary. We are keeping our

should be simple on white.

design wishes granted.

furniture in our bedroom, which we purchased two years ago. It is white-washed wood. Our

For a splash of red, include a red throw at

bathroom fixtures are white. I appreciate

the end of the bed. Over the bed add a

any suggestions.

painting with touches of red. Also, tabletop

Maggie, Pearl River

Dear Maggie,

Now you and your husband both get your

Enjoy and have fun with your project.

accessories can have your desired red color.

Prominent interior designer Candice A. Boyle,

Now for your bathroom. Paint the walls the

Decorator for a Day, writes every month to

same color as your bedroom but two shades

help readers with their design and decorating

darker. Making the bathroom a little darker

problems. You can call her at 845-358-6567

brings in a little space definition.

or email her at

I have some great suggestions to update your master bedroom and bath. It is great

For the bathroom accessories, I suggest

that you are starting with a white palette.

polished chrome for your tissue box cover,

The color gray is the new neutral. I suggest

waste basket, and soap dispenser. On top of

you use a soft light gray on the walls.

the toilet tank, add a small floral arrangement.

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Rivertown Magazine February 2019  

Rivertown Magazine February 2019