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The Perfect Savings For Summertime

Summer means 5–6 extra hours of daytime. It means getting out of work and still having enough daylight to go for a walk. It means a healthy dose of vitamin D that’s proven to make you happier. It also means that solar panels are working even longer to give us all the energy we need, at a lower price than traditional power. Solar farms in our area are thriving this summer, opening up opportunities for more and more people to join in. You might be surprised at just how easily you can become one of those people! If you join a community-shared solar farm, going solar won’t be burdensome. Instead, it’s this simple: 62 / Rivertown Magazine June 2019

1. You sign up for a solar share in the farm that matches your home’s energy use. Your solar share costs you nothing and will produce energy on your behalf all year round. 2. You get credits on your electric bill for the energy your solar share produces, bringing down your monthly costs. 3. You pay separately for your solar share’s energy production, but, due to friendly state policy and the efficiency of solar, you pay for that power at a 10% discount. You won’t ever end up paying more for energy; you’ll always pay less.

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Rivertown Magazine June 2019