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Steven Connolly is relatively new to the Rockland/Bergen music scene, having moved to New Jersey four years ago from Brooklyn. But he is no stranger to music. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 12 and has since been performing at various venues throughout Manhattan before crossing the river with his wife and four kids. Connolly’s approachable personality and easy-going demeanor is indicative of the type of music he likes to play: popular classic cover songs ranging from rock, country, bluegrass and Latin that bring back happy memories and get people moving. He also loves to write his own original music. “I want to get better and learn different styles,” said Connolly who has recently gotten into “chicken pickin” after a recent trip to Texas. Rivertown hopes to see Steven at a future Rivertown Exchange before he becomes too famous! —Angeline Sheridan / 109

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