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Need help with tax assessments this season? Call O’Donnell and Cullen! Do you suspect that you’re paying too much money in property taxes? If so, you may want to contact the offices of O’Donnell & Cullen. We are experts in helping our clients determine if they are over-assessed and handling their case through the grievance process. Our process is simple. As soon as we are contacted by a potential client, we arrange for a third-party appraiser to give us a preliminary opinion as to the fair market value of their home. Once we have that opinion, it is compared to the assumed value for taxing purposes, and we determine if there is a significant enough discrepancy between these values to warrant a grievance. If there is such a discrepancy, we will file a grievance petition with the town’s Board of Assessment Review on our client’s behalf. We will only file the case if we believe that we can achieve a reduction on the client’s taxes. Property tax grievances in Rockland and Putnam can be filed with the assessor’s office from May 1st until the fourth Tuesday of May. In Westchester the grievances can be filed with the assessor’s office from June 1st until third Tuesday in June.

cuss the outcome with our client and determine how to move forward. Depending on the Board’s decision, we may proceed to the second stage know as Small Claims Assessment Review or (SCAR). Though this process can take up to several months, it will not change your effective date of savings. For most of Rockland and Putnam counties, that savings begins in September of that year. Westchester towns, the savings begins April of the following year.

Richard D. O’Donnell and Mike Cullen of O’Donnell & Cullen Property Tax Consultants

Date to Remember All Rockland towns must submit their grievance by Tues, May 28, 2019.

If you believe you are overpaying on your property taxes, call our office at 914-779-4444 and set up a free consultation. We here at O’Donnell & Cullen are happy to answer any questions you have about: • Translating assessments to full value • Renovations, additions, or new construction • Grievance deadlines and valuation dates • And any other assessment or tax related questions For more information about our practice or other helpful assessment information, find us online at

Once we receive a decision from the Board of Assessment Review, we

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