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After over 100 years of pollution from distant, expensive

power plants, New Yorkers are taking control of their energy. You want it to be more local, more affordable, more resistant to outages and more sustainable for the next generation. In a word, you want a say in the present and future of your community. But even though most Americans support solar power, fewer than one quarter can actually put it on their roof.



Whether their roof is shaded, they rent their home, or they don’t have the savings to buy panels, they’re out of luck. Until now. Community solar delivers on the promises of solar energy to everyone who stands to gain from lower bills and cleaner air.

How community solar works. Electricity produced by your solar panels allows you to save on your monthly electric bill and helps you support renewable energy.

1. Panels You get allocated a portion of a shared solar garden in your area that will produce clean renewable energy on your behalf, no matter the season. 2. Orange & Rockland The electricity is sent to O&R. You will see a positive credit on your monthly utility bill for the electricity produced by your allocation. 3. You Your lights turn on as always: no installation, extra costs or additional downtime. Congrats, you finally get to benefit from affordable clean energy!

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Rivertown Magazine, April 2019  

Rivertown Magazine, April 2019

Rivertown Magazine, April 2019  

Rivertown Magazine, April 2019